Male Idol V12c8

Volume 12 Chapter 8 Bulletin Board, Heaven’s Sword Reopening!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[My Mom Said] Heaven’s Sword live commentary thread, main thread [reopening from today!!]
4 Anonymous
Waiting for the reopening of Heaven’s Sword
7 Anonymous
Come, come, come!
9 Anonymous
As a feeling, I’ve been waiting for about a year
11 Anonymous
I understand
12 Anonymous
I understand
14 Anonymous
During that time, I reviewed it from the beginning once again
17 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Waiting with Nak*d formal attire
19 Anonymous
What is Nak*d formal attire?
21 Anonymous
Everyone from SYUKUJYO, Chijo is here!
24 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I had accumulated too much laundry and had no clothes to wear, so I’m waiting with Nak*d
I didn’t even have spare pants
28 Anonymous
The verification team has properly finished
30 Anonymous
You’re probably going to get scolded by the boss again. Your life is so sloppy
33 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
After a long time, I came back to my parents’ house and found that the washing machine is broken, so I’m rummaging through the closet with nothing to wear..
37 Anonymous
Are you kidding me!?
38 Anonymous
Even Nee-san!?
40 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is it a real-life Deka-onna!?
44 Anonymous
Oh, this guy is dead
45 Anonymous
You’re such a pervert
46 Anonymous
You’re the busty Deka-onna, right?
50 Anonymous
Probably in this thread, the ratio of busty Deka-onna is high. Big-breasted women are perverts, after all
53 Anonymous
Is it safe to assume that people like Shumi and Chinposuki, who are here even though they don’t have big breasts, are perverts?
58 Anonymous
They sure are perverts. Women who aren’t perverts wouldn’t bother getting certified as a “ochinchin sommelier” or anything like that. And as for Shumi, she may be hiding it well, but she’s actually quite a pervert too, just like Hagetoru
62 Anonymous
That’s true
66 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I came here for a reporting trip, but everything got ruined by the rain. I’m also Na**d
70 Anonymous
As expected of a regular on this bulletin board! Only the super perverted ones are here
72 Anonymous
You can just stick with Na**d as your formal attire. If you’re a regular on a bulletin board, you don’t need clothes
75 Anonymous
Agreed! I couldn’t admit that I’m Na**d either
76 Anonymous
When humans are born, they are Na**d. Actually, it’s wrong to wear clothes!!
We are forced to wear clothes!! Now, let’s set ourselves free!!
79 Anonymous
Stop it! You’ll get caught, idiot
80 Anonymous
And thus, a new revolution was born
84 Verification Team *010meTA473
Everyone, stop fooling around. It’s about to start soon
87 Anonymous
88 Anonymous
Hey, you’ve been calmer lately, almost like a mom
89 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Haha, Mamanami-san, are you Na**d too?
93 Anonymous
It’s over
94 Anonymous
You should be scolded once!
98 Anonymous
Oh, it’s about time!
102 Anonymous
It’s here!!
103 Anonymous
I’ve been waiting!!
104 Anonymous
It’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here!
109 Anonymous
Awashima-san is here!!
111 Anonymous
Awashima-san, if I remember correctly, is Tora-uma
114 Anonymous
It’s been two weeks since Tachibana-san last came!
116 Anonymous
The staff knows what they’re doing, starting with a close-up of the butt. Truly Tachibana
118 Anonymous
The wrinkles on the suit are amazing
119 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun is starting to show some sex appeal!
122 Anonymous
Tachibana-san made the coffee!?
124 Anonymous
Wowww. That’s sooo nice!
126 Anonymous
I want to drink Tachibana-san’s milk coffee too!!
130 Anonymous
Yes, out!!
131 Anonymous
What kind of milk is that huh?
135 Anonymous
Then stay here for a while!?
137 Anonymous
139 Anonymous
I’m gonna lose my memory for a bit!
140 Anonymous
I’m gonna hit my head on a pole!!
143 Anonymous
Stop it idiot!
145 Anonymous
Hey! Don’t bother people on Sunday!!
147 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I see, this was the trick…
So, you mean to get closer to Aqua-sama by losing your memory!?
150 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
You’re a genius, man!
154 Verification Team *010meTA473
Don’t cause too much trouble for people around you. And if you lose your memory, don’t forget about Aqua-sama too, okay?
155 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Stop being silly
159 Anonymous
161 Anonymous
This is Mary. Hey, Hagetoru and Chinposuki, you guys are also Mary’s classmates, right?
164 Anonymous
Hi, Tsukiko-chan!
166 Anonymous
Is Shintaro-kun the one who named her?
168 Anonymous
If Aqua-sama were selling the right to name a child, I wonder how much it would cost
170 Anonymous
I bet Aa-sama would give her a weird name
173 Anonymous
Tachibana Tsukiko!?
174 Anonymous
177 Anonymous
179 Anonymous
This is how the Chijo do it!!
182 Anonymous
Wow! She legally married Tachibana-san!!
She’s really Tora-uma. She’s not a Chijo leader for nothing
She’s different from us mobs
184 Anonymous
She’s his wife now. His wife!!
186 Anonymous
Maybe I’ll change my name to Shirogane tomorrow
Can’t I change my surname somehow?
189 Anonymous
If there was someone with the surname Shirogane, they would be popular
192 Anonymous
If that happens, 90% of the people will become Shirogane-san
Maybe, we’re going back to the era of Genji…?
195 Anonymous
Finally, the opening of the final version is done, but that’s not the point…
Tora-uma, you’re awesome!!
198 Anonymous
Listen up? We shouldn’t aim for Kanon-sama!!
No normal girl can become Kanon-sama even if she spins 100 times!!
But, Tora-uma maybe!! There’s a chance, Tora-uma has a chance!!
That’s why I’m losing my memory a bit!
201 Anonymous
There’s no chance!!
203 Anonymous
Tora-uma is the one who can’t be imitated by ordinary people
She actually managed to legally marry Tachibana-san from that situation!!
She’s the only one who’s having too much fun!
206 Anonymous
Tora-uma is irrelevant, but Awashima-san has a lot of cool roles, so this development is surprisingly interesting
208 Anonymous
After the opening, TENGA appeared!
210 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword has a high TENGA rate at the beginning
213 Anonymous
Kamishiro’s menu is all finished
215 Anonymous
The heavenly pancake looks delicious as usual
The heavenly parfait is becoming more common lately
217 Anonymous
Isn’t the color of the heavenly curry weird?
219 Anonymous
Why is the color of the heavenly curry white?
222 Anonymous
The heavenly curry is amazing. It only looks like white stew
225 Anonymous
Heavenly Neapolitan LMAO
228 Anonymous
Mistaken heavenly Neapolitan
Correct heavenly udon
230 Anonymous
That’s totally fried noodles, no matter how you look at it!
233 Anonymous
Bing! Is this the ketchup-flavored noodles that Aqua-sama ate on social media!!
236 Anonymous
Ladies, I ordered the heavenly noodles…
240 Anonymous
They’re not heavenly noodles, they’re heavenly spaghetti
244 Anonymous
Huh, you’re like a family already
246 Anonymous
This, is family
249 Anonymous
Haruka-san and Hajime-kun are totally doing it, right?
There’s no way he wouldn’t make a move on such a kid living with him
252 Anonymous
Haruka-san is so lucky
Living under the same roof with a boy who’s younger than her by a decade while supporting him, that’s every girl’s dream
255 Anonymous
Kana-chan is a female. She’s already locked on to him
257 Anonymous
Kana probably hasn’t started her period yet, but since she’s in the entertainment industry, she’s already fully awakened as a female. When she looks at Hajime Onii-chan, she looks like a female leopard, desu~wa
260 Anonymous
Night Shadow~!
263 Anonymous
Misa-chan is completely blown away
265 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Kobayakawa-san’s braless tank top makes her n**les pop!
Ah, I wonder if Aqua-sama’s T-shirt n**les are transparent
268 Anonymous
There’s no way that’s true!
269 ​​Anonymous
You should get caught at least once!
270 Anonymous
I’ve been trying to stream something since morning
273 Verification Team *010meTA473
274 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
275 Anonymous
276 Anonymous
277 Anonymous
279 Anonymous
Hey, what!?
280 Anonymous
281 Anonymous
282 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
Yes, out!
284 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
288 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m going to pick some flowers, byeeeeeeeee!
289 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Boxing is cool, but most females are not interested in that
290 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
As expected of Heaven’s Sword! They do unbelievable things that us ordinary people can’t even imagine!!
294 Anonymous
This one is faster than the machine, LOL
295 Anonymous
You’re amazing, Shumi. You’re the only monster who can beat the machine
297 Anonymous
This one is the most perverted, right? I just realized it, LOL
300 Anonymous
303 Anonymous
Sensei, don’t lose!!
305 Anonymous
Sensei, go beyond
308 Anonymous
Next time, let’s put some real scenes in Norin too!!
311 Anonymous
This one LMAO
312 Anonymous
Editor, come on LOL
314 Anonymous
social media got killed
316 Anonymous
social media ran out of things
319 Anonymous
Forum “social media?”
Beryl official “They are the weakest of our four heavenly kings!”
Streaming site “We are still fine!!”
322 Anonymous
People who expect something from social media are dumb
Social media’s instant-fail tricks are the same as the prime minister’s apology tricks
324 Anonymous
There’s no way you can beat Aqua-sama’s ni*ples!
326 Anonymous
Toa-chan and half-naked Aqua-sama!?
330 Anonymous
Jingle jingle jingle!
331 Anonymous
Rattle rattle rattle!
335 Anonymous
Stop it. It’s bad for your health!
336 Anonymous
Lol, I can tell what you’re doing just by the sound effects
337 Anonymous
Actoa and Toaqua are scarce, so don’t waste them by drinking
340 Anonymous
They said they’re building factories in Japan at a fast pace
The other day, there was a job posting for living in the factory at Emily Works
344 Anonymous
Seriously lol
349 Anonymous
Fully equipped dormitory, furniture and appliances included, of course, free of charge. Moving expenses covered in full. Gift money available
Short-term or long-term contracts to choose from. Applicants will be hired as regular employees. A minimum of 2 days off per week is guaranteed
Seibaku Newspaper can be read for free. You can also get Morinaga biscuits for snacks and cup udon noodles for late night snacks!
There are also plenty of recreational facilities such as hot springs, saunas, sports facilities, karaoke, and bowling
You can watch Beryl’s live performances, Heaven’s Sword, Yuu-onii, etc. as much as you like in the movie theater room!!
Acta, Toaqua all-you-can-drink!!
355 Anonymous
Isn’t it the best!
356 Anonymous
I’m intrigued by all-you-can-drink
358 Anonymous
I think I’ll get a job again
360 Anonymous
Hey hey hey!
362 Anonymous
365 Anonymous
This is “Tachibana” Tsukiko!
367 Anonymous
I see. So this is Tora-uma’s way!
369 Anonymous
I’m back, Tsukiko!
371 Anonymous
374 Anonymous
There’s a guy here who has become a total mess because of Tora-uma, lol
377 Anonymous
They’re definitely a couple
379 Anonymous
Did they have s*x during that month of silence?
381 Anonymous
Our Tachibana-san!
383 Anonymous
Is it true that Tachibana-san’s virginity is gone?
385 Anonymous
So this is the way of Tora-uma!
388 Anonymous
I will never forgive you, Tora-uma!
390 Anonymous
Tora-uma is awesome!!
394 Anonymous
Let me call you Tora-uma sis!!
399 Anonymous
402 Anonymous
This one here!!
404 Anonymous
Kamishiro already has a kid, right!!
407 Anonymous
Kenzaki and Kagami-chan -> lovers
Tachibana-san and Tsukiko -> married
Kamishiro and Minami-san -> family
Director Hongou is hurting us from the morning
410 Anonymous
Night Shadow-senpai who is alone -> don’t forget us!!
413 Anonymous
Daddy! Can I have a banana for snack?
415 Anonymous
Can I have daddy’s banana for snack!?
418 Anonymous
Yes, there is a cutie here
420 Anonymous
Wow, this board is awesome, social media can’t compare
423 Anonymous
Kagami-chan is working hard
426 Anonymous
Toa-chan is alone on the night road!?
428 Anonymous
Hehehe, this is a juicy case!
431 Anonymous
He’s gonna get attacked, right?
433 Anonymous
This smells like a crime
435 Anonymous
Kagami-chan, don’t walk around alone at night
A big sister will take you home
438 Anonymous
Boys shouldn’t go out alone at night
The only one who can do that safely is Aa-sama
442 Anonymous
445 Anonymous
447 Anonymous
I’ve heard this voice somewhere before lol
451 Anonymous
This is Morikawa’s voice, right?
453 Anonymous
I knew it was Morikawa when I heard her dumb voice
455 Anonymous
Whoever is inside, I don’t know, but they are good at sounding stupid!!
458 Anonymous
Butterfly Mask is awesome
460 Anonymous
I want a Butterfly Mask figure!
463 Anonymous
Wow, his special move!
466 Anonymous
468 Anonymous
470 Anonymous
The Chijou smells like a loser
473 Anonymous
This is a weakling
475 Anonymous
Definitely the weakest of all the chijoos I’ve seen
478 Anonymous
Hey, don’t run away – gotcha!
480 Anonymous
Toa-chan is cute
483 Anonymous
It became a fluffy atmosphere
485 Anonymous
What is this lol
488 Anonymous
Kagami-chan is cute
The Chijo is a jerk
That makes it a comical atmosphere lol
490 Anonymous
The fight has no tension at all lol
493 Anonymous
Get outta here!
496 Verification Team *07218KADO6
D*mn it!
500 Anonymous
He can’t follow them into the sewer, huh?
504 Anonymous
506 Anonymous
Kunka Kunker!
511 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Our Ro-Schutz-Marr and Kunka Kunker are back!
513 Anonymous
CM here, huh
516 Anonymous
Didn’t they (chijos) become enlightened?
519 Verification Team *010meTA473
If the defeated Chijo appeared, what happened to the Chijo sealed in the card?
522 Anonymous
Is the Verification Team verifying it!?
525 Anonymous
Did you eat something bad and have an upset stomach?
527 Anonymous
If you’re tired, take a rest, okay?
529 Anonymous
It suddenly got quiet after the CM, you guys are probably enjoying the ni*ple footage from earlier LOL
530 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how everyone is worried once the Verification Team starts verifying LOL
533 Anonymous
Shumi seems to be sulking LOL
535 Anonymous
CM is starting
Those who are going to the bathroom, come back!
538 Anonymous
Hey, those who are taking their time in the bathroom, hurry back!
It’s starting now!
541 Anonymous
543 Anonymous
Tsukiko’s moves are totally like that of a bride, desu~wa!!
545 Anonymous
Tora-uma-san is doing what we want, it’s awesome!
547 Anonymous
It’s here!
548 Anonymous
Tora-uma-san is here!
553 Anonymous
Tora-uma’s shadow is flickering, huh!
555 Anonymous
Deka-onna is hereeeee!
557 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Nee-san is hereeeee!
559 Anonymous
Deka-onna is back for real!?
562 Anonymous
You need to get scolded once
564 Anonymous
Nee-san, this is the guy
566 Anonymous
568 Anonymous
What’s up with you today, Tachibana-san? He’s acting like Kenzaki!!
571 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you for the suit look of Mayushin-kun
573 Anonymous
575 Anonymous
Tachibana-san is different after two weeks!
No more jokes about Tachibana!!
578 Anonymous
But, they still show his butt when he transforms and when he appears!!
The staff knows what they’re doing
581 Anonymous
Tachibana-san suddenly became manly..
Hey, Tora-uma! You, switch places with me!!
583 Anonymous
Who would have guessed?
Tora-uma is the heroine, grrrrr!
585 Anonymous
Tsukiko is so lucky. I want Mayushin to protect me too!
587 Anonymous
Darn, a reliable Lightning Hopper is not a Lightning Hopper!
590 Anonymous
Go Lightning Hopper! You are called the weakest Driver in the game, but I believe in you!!
Now is the time to give up your honor and clear your bad name!!
593 Anonymous
Hey, board people, that’s the opposite!
596 Anonymous
Shotgun Rising!?
599 Anonymous
The trick with the shotgun is so cool!
602 Anonymous
This, the gacha people will be happy
605 Anonymous
The shotgun from the foot is simply awesome
608 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is grumbling from behind the scenes!
610 Anonymous
The sound of Gacha Gacha is so satisfying
613 Anonymous
Lightning Hopper, another new figure, right?
616 Anonymous
It’s unfair that Lightning Hopper, which used to only have long-range attacks, is now strong even at close range
619 Anonymous
Is this the Wednesday update? Looks like Lightning Hopper is getting more moves in the fighting game
621 Anonymous
I’m using Lightning Hopper in the fighting game, and I’m ecstatic!
624 Anonymous
After this, I’ll practice using Lightning Hopper in the fighting game in preparation for the update. I haven’t used it much before, but if it can go in close range, the meta will change
627 Anonymous
The current meta is dominated by Heaven’s Sword, from competitive players to casual gamers. Pros mainly use Butterfly Mask for countering Heaven’s Sword, and some use the durable Baycorn Beetle. However, they still can’t match up to Heaven’s Sword. There are also some skilled players who can adapt to any situation and use Poison Chalice. Lightning Hopper is not used by anyone in the competitive scene, so let’s see what changes this update brings
631 Anonymous
I saw the player ranking of Driver’s fighting game and I found someone I know..
The top of Heaven’s League, the highest Driver points
1st DP3333crazy_biscuit
Characters used: 1st Heaven’s Sword, 2nd Ego-Ist, 3rd Ro-Schutz-Marr
2nd DP2022i_am_QUEEN
Characters used: 1st Heaven’s Sword, 2nd Poison Chalice, 3rd Prototype Heaven’s Sword
3rd DP2006TA4NAM1
Characters used: 1st Heaven’s Sword (use rate amazing 100% lol)
Characters used: 1st Bicorn Beetle, 2nd Heaven’s Sword, 3rd Kunka Kunker
5th DP1993Eraser
Characters used: 1st Butterfly Mask, 2nd Heaven’s Sword, 3rd Deka-onna
634 Anonymous
Shumi LMAO
Usage rate 100% is too heavy with love..
636 Anonymous
Just so you know, the 5th place is Nee-san!! Shumi is hilarious lol
639 Anonymous
You’re gonna get deleted!!
642 Anonymous
If anything, 2nd place is Mary-sama and 4th place is Prime Minister Habu. And yet, this girl named Shumi is unwavering in her love..
645 Anonymous
The points for 1st place are too buggy lol, cheater? Also, Nee-san’s 1st is not Heaven’s Sword, it’s Butterfly Mask
647 Anonymous
The person in 1st place is the advertising pillar of the Holy Aqua Religion
649 Anonymous
Nee-san used to use Heaven’s Sword, but in terms of playstyle, Butterfly Mask suits her better
652 Anonymous
There were acquaintances here..
Character used: 1st Kunka Kunker, 2nd Ro-Schutz-Marr, 3rd Men-Heller
Character used: 1st Ro-Schutz-Marr, 2nd Kunka Kunker, 3rd Yan-de-Rue
656 Anonymous
Mas**bateHagetoru, Oinarisommelier
They should be banned once, lol
658 Anonymous
I understand why Shumi wants to pretend to be someone else
The characters are finished
661 Anonymous
Oh, it’s those two who were exposed on the official bulletin board for rubbing their bodies excessively when using Heaven’s Sword!
663 Anonymous
If you say such things, the real Kunka Kunker will come!
666 Anonymous
To Tachibana-san, Deka-onna, towards Kamishiro, Kunka Kunker, huh? It reminds me of episodes 2 and 3
668 Anonymous
Still as perverted as ever
670 Anonymous
Somehow, because of that Hagetoru, Kunka Kunker started to look like Hagetoru
674 Anonymous
675 Anonymous
As expected, Kamishiro’s transformation is cool! I think it’s even better because of Poison Chalice’s design
678 Anonymous
That’s a line from episode 2!!
681 Anonymous
Kamishiro remembers the line from episode 2!!
684 Anonymous
Shadow Cyclone is so strong
687 Anonymous
If this Shadow Cyclone is implemented, then Poison Chalice will be there too!
689 Anonymous
Shadow Cyclone, it looks weak in fighting games because its head is completely defenseless… It may look flashy, though. Poison Chalice has some weaknesses in its moves
693 Anonymous
Heartbreak Arrow! I have been pierced by your heart!!
696 Anonymous
It’s the same move as back then. That’s where the kindness can be seen. It has a proper name now
700 Verification Team *07218KADO6
703 Anonymous
Ah, Kunka Kunker is dead
705 Anonymous
Kunka Kunker too. May she rest in peace
707 Verification Team *010meTA473
710 Anonymous
Well done, Shumi
711 Anonymous
You’re always on the losing side, huh. It’s good to get some revenge once in a while. Go for it!
714 Anonymous
Why!? Ego-Ist coming back is bad news!!
She was super strong!!
717 Anonymous
Hurry, up, and play, game, Inko!
721 Anonymous
723 Anonymous
There’s a Chijou here too lol
726 Anonymous
Tachyon Punch is awesome
It’s a romantic move in fighting games because it has a windup
728 Anonymous
Night Shadow-chan noticed well!
730 Anonymous
Yeah, right
They don’t remember any of them, do they
733 Anonymous
What are they anyway?
Clones? Or mass-produced models?
Ego-Ist mass-produced models are bad news
737 Anonymous
Ego-Ist is so fast at running away lol
739 Anonymous
Ego-Ist is always talking big, but she attacks Kenzaki from behind or runs away when things get tough. What a coward
742 Anonymous
Who’s next?
745 Verification Team *07218KADO6
748 Anonymous
Ro-Schutz-Marr is here!
751 Anonymous
And so is this!
753 Anonymous
“My Mom said” is here toooooooo!
755 Anonymous
I can’t start my Sunday morning without listening to this!!
758 Anonymous
Mom, you’re so right
759 Anonymous
I wish I had a mom like Kenzaki’s mom
762 Anonymous
I wanna be Kenzaki’s mom
764 Verification Team *010meTA473
767Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
769 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
The suit actor, thank you so much for your hard work
You are so amazing to do your job calmly even when people say things like this
771 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is bad, I have a bad feeling!
774 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Kenzaki, you are too cool
How do you say things like that?
778 Anonymous
I’m always watching you!?
780 Anonymous
Ro-Schutz-Marr, this is a sure win to a sure lose
785 Anonymous
Are you winning or losing? Make up your mind LOL
790 Anonymous
If you see the comment, Chijo’s winning. If Kenzaki shows up, they’re losing
793 Anonymous
Don’t tell me to only look at you. I’ve been looking at you from the start!!
796 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m always looking
799 Verification Team *07218KADO6
The words of a heavy woman with 100% love usage rate are so heavy!
802 Anonymous
803 Anonymous
She’s so easy to tease, isn’t she?
805 Anonymous
808 Anonymous
Ro-Schutz-Marr is also..
811 Verification Team *07218KADO6
After Kunka Kunker, my Ro-Schutz-Marr is also aaaaaaaah!
815 Anonymous
Hagetoru, please be purified together
817 Anonymous
You should get kicked by Kenzaki once too
822 Anonymous
This guy would probably enjoy it, so it’s not allowed
825 Anonymous
827 Anonymous
A new Chijou has arrived!
830 Anonymous
Seems like a strong character
832 Anonymous
Seems like a new executive member
That means this person is also fast on their feet!
834 Anonymous
Sister, Mi Lane!
838 Anonymous
Seems like a bad personality
840 Anonymous
The executives of Chijou really give off a scumbag vibe
843 Anonymous
Kenzaki’s past!?
845 Anonymous
Kenzaki’s past!?
848 Anonymous
Finally, is mom coming out?
851 Anonymous
Mom’s here!
852 Anonymous
854 Anonymous
856 Anonymous
859 Anonymous
Who is it? This acting is freaking awesome!!
862 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari!?
863 Anonymous
864 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, LMAO
865 Anonymous
Wait a minute!
866 Anonymous
Hey, you staff!!
867 Anonymous
Don’t mess around, staff!!
868 Anonymous
Come out, Director Hongou!!
869 Anonymous
Damn, those countless famous lines are from Kohina Yukari!?
871 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is tweeting on the revived social media like what!? LMAO
876 Anonymous
He doesn’t even know it’s too funny lol
877 Anonymous
Well, that’s what happens lol
879 Anonymous
Kenzaki’s mom should have been Mikuni-sama
Kohina Yukari has no motherly vibes at all lol
882 Anonymous
Watch the movie idiot
884 Anonymous
There are still people who haven’t watched the movie?
You’ll lose your face?
887 Anonymous
Aqu-tan will lose his face too
890 Anonymous
Second time of “My Mom said” here!!
892 Anonymous
Damn, it’s supposed to be “My Mom said” but it’s kinda lame when I think it’s Kohina Yukari’s line lol
894 Anonymous
Heaven’s Caliburn is so cool!
897 Anonymous
Caliburn is totally Heaven Sword’s now
900 Anonymous
“My Mom p-p-promised”!?
902 Anonymous
His Mom promised!?
905 Anonymous
Is this a new pattern here!?
908 Anonymous
Director Hongou, you’re playing with the viewers, right? lol
913 Anonymous
Heaven Sword’s hyper form is still not here
Bicorn Beetle and Hell Beetle are not equipped yet
Is it bad to have only two hyper forms first?
917 Anonymous
Sad news, Mi-Lane is gone
919 Anonymous
As expected of Chijo’s executive, fast runner!!
921 Anonymous
This week was awesome
924 Anonymous
Aa-sama and KY-senpai, fighting on social media is hilarious
928 Anonymous
Bruh, Kohina Yukari is mom!?
It’s not about the acting or whatever!
930 Anonymous
Mom change is hilarious lol
933 Anonymous
Mom change ROFL
935 Anonymous
If Mom change, I’ll do it
938 Anonymous
Same. I wanna be Kenzaki’s mom too!!
940 Anonymous
They were in the staff roll for sure
Mystery woman (small fry): Morikawa Kaede
Sister Mi Lane: Rividoa Roi’tseveria
Mystery woman (Kenzaki’s mom): Kohina Yukari
943 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede was there huh
945 Verification Team *07218KADO6
small fry lmao
948 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Huh? Announcer Morikawa’s isn’t a boss?
951 Anonymous
Loser is mean lol
954 Anonymous
Rividoa Roi’tseveria is a newbie?
She was so good
957 Anonymous
Yeah, duh. She’s an actress who used to be in Stars
Not very famous though
I think she likes sake and moved to Japan
962 Anonymous
Oh, really. I didn’t know that thanks!
966 Anonymous
Director Hongou has a good eye for talent
She puts the best people in the right places
970 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and Kohina Yukari are always fighting on social media ROFL
974 Anonymous
It looks like a parent-child fight, lololol!
976 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is the best position ever. She can be your senior, your mom, and your sister
Switch with me
980 Verification Team *010meTA473
From the official explanation
>No child will be born from Chijo
It says, but what does Kenzaki’s mom mean?
Does that mean she gave birth when she was a human? Or does that mean she’s not the birth parent but the foster parent?
984 Anonymous
As expected, Shumi is a shitty geek. She’s paying attention to the good points
987 Anonymous
I think it’s amazing how you find things like that, or rather how you remember them
991 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, it’s a one-shot, but is there a possibility it’s fake?
994 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to next week
998 Anonymous
This will make me work hard on Monday!
It was tough without Heaven’s Sword for a week
1000 Anonymous
If I’m 1000, I’ll change to Kenzaki’s mom lol!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hehehe, Aqua-sama’s ni*ples, hehehe..
It was crazy in the middle, but Saba-chan is the strongest of the four heavenly kings!!

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