Male Idol V12c7

Volume 12 Chapter 7 Kokucho Agewa, Where Can I Complain If My Neighbor Is Bothering Me?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”I’m tired…”

 I wiped away the sweat and looked around the whole room to check that I had cleaned it. Yes, it’s very clean now. The layout of the small six-tatami room felt lively. It might be smaller than my old house, but it’s very comfortable for me. After losing everything as the head of the Kokucho family, I wandered without a specific place to go. That’s when Aqua-sama came to help me.

 ’Sorry. It might be a bit small, but it’s the only available and flexible place I can offer.’

 Aqua-sama heard that I had given up all my assets and quickly arranged a place for me to live. He is such a kind person. Even though I am Emily-chan’s friend and Kujaku-kun’s mother, he didn’t have to do all this for me…

 ’No, just finding a place to live is already appreciated. Are you sure it’s okay for you to do so much for me? I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.’

 ’Please don’t worry about that. I’ve arranged the things you need for everyday life, so… Oh, I’ll give you this just in case.’

 Aqua-sama takes an envelope from his pocket and gives it to me.

 I wonder what’s inside? I open the envelope to check, and it has money.

 ’I, I can’t accept this!’

 ’No, no, it’s better to have some money for things like meals and everyday items, at least for now. And I have to go to work soon, so let’s talk about this later.’


 Aqua-sama hurries to the entrance and puts on his shoes.

 Seeing that, I also follow him and go to the entrance.

 ’Um, when I have time, I’ll check on you again! Remember to eat properly every day, okay?’

 ’Oh, um, I’m sorry for everything!!’

 Since then, Aqua-sama arranged for me to live in an apartment.

 Is it really okay for me to have something like this?

 There’s nothing I can do to repay Aqua-sama….

 ’Agewa-oneechan, are you serious about that?’

 The first person to visit the apartment was Emily-chan, who lived next door.

 It seems like Emily-chan also arranged for this apartment. Thank you, Emily-chan.

 ’Look, you can repay him in many ways, like with these breasts and these breasts and these breasts!’

 Emily-chan… You keep mentioning there are many ways, but all I hear is the word “breasts.” Why is that?

 Also, I don’t think Aqua-sama is interested in gifts from an older lady. S-so, for a housewarming gift, a devil’s big bang bra like that, um, well, that’s still fine, but it’s impossible for me, as an older lady, to wear an angelic airy bra. I think it would be better for someone like Emily-chan or a young girl to wear something cute with frills and ribbons. I’m sure even boys would be happy with that.

 ’I think Agewa-oneechan is stupid.’

 After that, Kukuri-chan came to visit my house. She bought the whole apartment here because she wanted to experience the life of a normal person.

 ’Well, no one is watching anymore, so it’s okay. Look, Agewa-oneechan, you like this kind of stuff, right?’

 With a sneaky smile, Kukuri-chan filled my closet with cute clothes and left. There were dresses that young girls would wear, shirts with frills, skirts… Wow, these look like idol costumes already! But why would I need Otomezaki’s school uniform? Who would even want this?


 I shouldn’t be thinking about these things. I sat in front of the TV, turned it on, and changed the channel.

 ”It’s starting!”

 Today is the day when “Heaven’s Sword” continues. I was worried about what would happen since it stopped at an exciting part last time.


 A woman lying on the bed opened her eyes. She is the woman who Tachibana Zanki-san, played by Shintaro-kun, helped last time.

 ’Where am I…’

 The woman with empty eyes sat up in bed and looked around.

 ’You’re awake?’


 Tachibana-san, in a suit jacket with a loosened tie, came from the back of the kitchen holding a mug in each hand. After turning on the room’s lights, Tachibana-san gave one of the mugs to the lady.


 Despite his direct manner, Tachibana-san’s kindness is clear. Women are sensitive to this kind of thing, after all. The woman looked at the mug she received, then cautiously took a sip.


 ’What’s wrong? Was it too bitter? I added milk and sugar just in case, but if it wasn’t enough…’

 ’It tastes sweet and delicious.’

 Tachibana-san looked worried, but when he saw the woman’s smile, he sighed and relaxed. Oh my, Shintaro-kun, you’re getting really good at acting… Auntie is impressed.

 ’Um… I mean, what’s your name?’

 ’Uh, um, my name…?’

 The woman looked like she was thinking, then shook her head.

 Does she not have any memories?

 ’I can’t remember anything… I really don’t remember anything.’

 ’I see…’

 Tachibana-san quickly drank the coffee from his mug.

 ’In that case, why don’t you stay here for a while?’


 Huh!? I accidentally spoke at the same time as the woman. Th-th-th-that means… living together… n-no, it’s not good. It’s not that easy to live with a woman like that!!

 ’If you don’t mind, it would be nice if you could stay here until you calm down.’

 I wonder if it’s okay? If he says something like this, will a girl come out and say, “I’ll lose my memory right away”? At least, if Aqua-sama were to say something like this, Emily-chan would go and bump her head on that telephone pole.

 ’Ah, thank you… um’

 ’Tachibana, Tachibana Zanki.’

 Tachibana-san took out a business card holder from his pocket and handed the business card inside to the woman. Hehe, it’s so like Tachibana-san to hand a business card for self-introduction to a woman.

 ’Well then, nice to meet you. Um… it’s a hassle to just be called “woman” or remain anonymous. Let’s say, hypothetically. The day I picked you up was a beautiful day with a lovely moon. So how about the name Tsukiko? Uh, well, if you don’t like it, that’s fine. It doesn’t have to be… any other name. Yeah.’

 Oh dear, well, this is nice. Hehe. It’s nice to think this way.

 ’Tsukiko…. Yes, I, Tsukiko, like that.’

 ’Is, is that right.’

 Tachibana-san coughs softly and extends his hand towards Tsukiko.

 ’Well then, cough… It’s nice to meet you again, Tsukiko.’

 ’Nice to meet you again… I, Tsukiko… Tachibana Tsukiko?’

 Saying that, Tsukiko places her index finger on her lips and tilts her head. Wait a moment! That… Tachibana all of a sudden, isn’t it practically like they legally got married because they have the same last name!? By now, there are many, no, countless women standing up and saying, “Oh, so there was such a way!” while holding their heads!

 As a precaution, I send a message to Emily-chan, telling her it would be better to stop pretending to have amnesia and trying to get close to Aqua-sama by hitting my head on a telephone pole.

 Then I quickly receive a reply from Emily-chan, “How did you find out!? Kanon and Manager Kirika just stopped me earlier.” Phew… It seems like there were people who were genuinely worried about Emily-chan nearby. I’m glad.

 ”Ah, Kobayakawa-san.”

 The scene starts with a change to the 5-person version that was used in the previous ending. It seems like it’s officially being adopted as the opening from now on. Oh, and if I look closely, Tsukiko-san has also been added with a new hairstyle. Does this mean she’s going to become regular actress?

 ’Hahaha, guess who’s here!’

 As the opening continues, Tenga Akira-san, wearing a café uniform, also known as Kamishiro Hajime-san, is shown serving customers.

 ’The menu I recommend includes my amazing god curry, or maybe the heavenly Neapolitan, heavenly parfait, or heavenly pancake!’

 The curry looks delicious, but it makes me really anxious when I think about beryl&beryl. And while the 20-layered heavenly pancake seems alright, the heavenly parfait is overflowing from the glass and dripping onto the plate below. Huh? I thought the heavenly Neapolitan was the only good one, but upon closer look, the noodles have turned into udon. It’s like ketchup-flavored fried udon… Wait, can people actually eat that?

 ’I recommend the divine Napolitan, what do you think?’

 ’Oh, then let’s get four orders of the divine Napolitan.’

 They ordered it… the divine Napolitan…

 Well, everyone seems happy, so I guess it’s alright.

 ’Hajime-kun, thank you.’

 ’Hajime-oniichan, thank you.’

 The owner of the café where Kamishiro-san is staying, Minami Haruka-san, and her daughter, Minami Kana-chan, are smiling. After the intense battles they had until now, it feels heartwarming to see such a peaceful atmosphere.

 ’One, two, one, two! Come on, you guys! Focus!’

 Night Shadow Misa, played by Kobayakawa Yuki-san, leads the SYUKUJYO team members in running on the field under the watchful eye of Commander Tajima, played by Abe Akiko-san. It’s good to see that both Commander Tajima and Night Shadow-san are doing well. Huh? It seems like Kagami is not here, I wonder where he went?

 ’Huh, ha!’

 Huh…? I stop and stare at the TV screen. If I were a mom with a young daughter, I would cover her eyes right away. A-A-A-Aqua-sama, um, um, his upper body is, uh, boxing without a shirt. His arm veins are sticking out, he has a perfectly divided six-pack abs, sweat is dripping on his skin, and I can see his armpits when he wipes his sweat. His breath is white, huh… isn’t this too sexual? Shouldn’t it be banned from being shown on TV!? And, uh, his nipples are completely exposed!! Um, should I complain to the TV station? Because, um, this is definitely not good for young girls’ education. I heard a loud voice from the next room. Ah, Emily-chan, she’s here today.

 ’What’s the matter?’

 A-a-a-also, his lower body is visible with boxing shorts up to his thighs, it’s almost like he’s naked!! As expected of Heaven’s Sword, they have been giving us shocking scenes since the first episode of their return. It seems like Kenzaki-san is telling us not to let our guard down, even in peaceful scenes.

 ’Yes, this.’

 Ah… Kagami Natsuki-san, played by Nekoyama Toa-san, gives a bottle to Kenzaki Tsukasa-san, played by Aqua-sama. What is this… the feeling just now feels really lovey-dovey, or maybe… no, no, this must be my imagination. It must be, right?

 ’It’s been a month since Chijou disappeared… seems like nothing has changed on your end.’

 Oh, so it has been peaceful for a month since the last time. It may be brief, but I thought it was good for the heroes to have some resting time. I suddenly remember the Prime Minister.

 The Prime Minister may seem like she’s fooling around a lot, but she works harder than anyone else. Sometimes they get scolded for fooling around, but that’s also their charm. I heard that the Prime Minister aims for a society where everyone can live comfortably, where there is a certain level of tolerance in everything. I know that her essence is a serious person, so maybe that fooling around is intentional… no, recently, seeing her enjoying herself while fooling around, I think that’s the real Prime Minister. She’s an endearing person, including that aspect, and I thought she was quite a charmer. Maybe Aqua-sama is the one closest to the Prime Minister’s essence, but that must be my imagination. Yes, it must be my imagination…

 ’Oh, I need to stay alert so I’m prepared for whatever comes next. And…’

 Kenzaki goes back in time. New Chijo members come out from another world. The fight is not over yet. It gives the audience a feeling of calmness before something big happens.

 Hmm? Emily’s room sounds noisy. I wonder if something happened. Maybe I should check on her after this.

 ’But don’t push yourself too much.’

 ’I know. You too.’

 Kenzaki pats Kagami on the head. Ha~~~ Ah, for a moment, I felt like I was losing consciousness. Thinking that this is what a married couple is like is probably just a momentary mistake. The scene changes again, and Tsukiko-san, standing in the kitchen, appears on the screen.

 ’Hmm hmm hmmm’

 Awashima Chigiri-san, who plays Tsukiko-san, gives the impression of being tall with slim legs and very cool. But this time, the Tsukiko she plays has a gentle expression and a sense of being like home, which makes me feel a big difference from her previous roles.

 ’I’m back, Tsukiko.’

 Shintaro-kun!? Tachibana-san brings his face closer with a sense of distance as if he’s about to embrace Tsukiko-san from behind. Wait… Are you trying to confuse the viewers even in scenes that don’t involve Aqua-sama or Toa-chan!?

 On the internet, Shintaro-kun has been gaining more fans by providing a sense of security compared to Aqua-sama and not surprising them too much. But I think even the shy Mayushin fans are really surprised by this scene.

 Moreover, Shintaro-kun is almost the same height as Aqua-sama, about 180cm tall!! So even Awashima-san, who is around 170cm, is slightly shorter than Shintaro-kun, and that… um, it makes me really excited. Director Hongou is being too bold since the resumption! Even though it’s not the time for ovulation, if you keep showing these exciting scenes one after another, ovulation will start!! Please include more heartwarming scenes that make the viewers feel like protectors, like that amazing Neapolitan, instead of the thrilling scenes from earlier!!

 ’Welcome back!’

 Ah… these two are definitely married. I’ve never been in a relationship with a man or gotten married myself, but there’s something about them that gives off a vibe of a man and a woman who have gone beyond friendship. Is it because Shintaro-kun is acting so mature as Tachibana-san? O-or, could it be that he’s actually dating Awashima-san in real life!? I quickly check social media. Oh no. Aqua-sama’s kickboxing page has completely disappeared. It doesn’t exist anymore…

 ’How was your day?’

 ’Oh. Well, today… um, this Tamagoyaki is really delicious.’

 ’Really? Hehe, thank you.’

 They’re happily chatting at the same table while having a meal!? These unexpected scenes on a Sunday morning are turning everything I thought I knew upside down. And then, there are scenes of Tachibana-san and Tsukiko-san being affectionate. If it were just two women, it would be a normal conversation, but when it’s a man and a woman, it looks like they’re being lovey-dovey.

 ’Oh, it’s a shop for sweets!’

 ’Hey, don’t run too fast.’

 ’Hehe, it looks like you’re having a lot of fun going out with Hajime-san.’

 Are they doing the same thing here!?

 A picture is shown with Kamishiro-san and Minami-san, holding hands and happily walking together as a family of three. Earlier, Kamishiro-san said it was comforting, but that was not true at all. Huh? But this is already a complete family, right? They have a child, don’t they? Phew~! Our fixed idea of family is being changed.

 ’The snacks only cost up to 300 yen.’


 Is this already Daddy TENGA… No, I mean, Daddy is Kamishiro-san, um, um.

 Ahem! My mind was disturbed by what I said, but I was surprised by three consecutive scenes of married couples (including the Toa Aqua).

 ’It’s safe here too.’

 The scene changes and Kagami-san is shown walking alone on the night street. It seems like he’s patrolling the city, hoping that Chijo won’t appear. If Toa-chan were patrolling the night streets alone in the real world, he would definitely be attacked by the older girls in seconds… But with Kagami-san, who can transform, is it safe?


 Agent Kagami quickly responds to the scream and runs towards the sound.


 This rough voice definitely belongs to Chijo. By the way, sometimes I hear a similar voice coming from Emily-chan’s room, but maybe I misheard?

 ’Chijo! So you were here in a place like this!’

 When Agent Kagami rushes to the scene, Chijo, with his face buried in a trash can, is standing in front of a woman. What is he doing?

 ’Huh? Who, are you? A woman… no! A man!!’

 Is this a new Chijo? They don’t seem to be very smart. As Agent Kagami reaches out his hand, a butterfly lands on his palm. Butterfly Mask’s transformation is a little different compared to the other four in situations like this.


 Butterfly Mask’s transformation scene is the most clever and graceful among the five Drivers. Heaven’s Sword is also clever, but it has a dignified and manly feel. It makes my heart race in the lower abdomen area.


 When Chijo realized that the opponent was Driver, they ran away quickly like a not very good villain. Seeing that, Butterfly Mask lowered his body and pointed his long weapon at the target.

 ’Wing Slash!’

 Butterfly Mask charged towards Chijo, his cape fluttering in the wind. He used this move when he first transformed, but it seems that’s the name of the technique.


 When Chijo saw Butterfly Mask coming from behind, they turned at a right angle and jumped, climbing up the wall. Butterfly Mask gracefully spun in the air, flipping their cape, and jumped off the wall, floating in the sky. Wow, even though it’s the same jump, one is clumsy while the other is graceful.

 ’Aerial Raid!’

 Butterfly Mask swung their long weapon in the air and unleashed an attack that turned into blades of wind towards the escaping Chijo. However, they were confused by the opponent’s unpredictable and funny movements, and their attacks missed.

 ’Hey, don’t run away!’

 Oops, sorry. Even though this is an exciting fight scene, because of Toa-chan’s voice, it feels kinda heartwarming.

 ’Hissutakorassassa!!’ (T/N: ‘ヒーッスタコラサッサ!!’)


 Chijo ran away and hid in the manhole when it was opened. Butterfly Mask landed near the manhole and looked inside.

 ’Uuu… I might not be able to chase them any further.’

 Butterfly Mask transforms back into Kagami. The battle in the dark sewer is not good for Butterfly Mask because his bright colors make him easy to spot. Also, fighting in such a small space is hard for Butterfly Mask, who is good at being agile. So, I think it was the right choice to retreat from here.

 ’Ugh! What’s up with that Chijo!’

 Kagami pouts.

 Hehe, cute.

 ’Hmm? Misa-senpai?’

 Kagami’s communicator received a response. When he checked the sender’s name, it said “Night Shadow Misa.”

 ’This is Night Shadow, Chijou has appeared.’

 ’I know. In that case, I’ve just encountered…’

 It seems like Night Shadow is in the middle of a battle, with sounds of fighting in the background.

 ’What!? Ro-Schutz-Marr and Kunka Kunker have appeared over there!?’

 ’Huh? Ro-Schutz-Marr!? Kunka Kunker!?’

 The scene changes, and Chijou and the others, whom we are familiar with, are shown. Oh… it was just getting exciting, and then there’s a break for commercials. From the next room, I hear someone say, “Here we go. It’s Kunka Kunker!” with a mischievous laugh, “Guhehe.” Oh, that must be Emily-chan. Earlier, I heard a strange voice laughing. I wonder if she broughts Chijou as a pet. I mean, Noel-san told her not to pick up strange pets. She’s going to be scolded, you know? I take a bathroom break during the commercial break and refill my drink for the second half.

 ”Hey, Emily, you’ve been making a lot of noise since earlier. I can hear everything even though I live two houses away.”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry about that.”

 Hm…? I think I can hear Kukuri-chan and Emily-chan talking right now. Maybe they’re watching something together? They’re so lucky. I wonder if I can join them. While I was thinking about that, the second half of the show started.

 ’Hum hum’

 The second half scene begins with Tsukiko-san coming back from shopping. Tsukiko-san is humming happily. Then, someone sneaks up from behind.


 Images of Tora-uma flash in her mind. Ah… right, I just remembered. Tsukiko-san is actually Tora-uma in the show, right? Wait, if that’s true, does Tachibana-san live with Tora-uma without knowing anything!? Tsukiko-san feels overwhelmed, drops the shopping bag she was holding, and kneels down on the spot.

 ’Are you, a woman?’

 Tsukiko-san looked towards the voice and saw Deka-onna standing there. What!? Ro-Schutz-Marr, Kunka Kunker, I’m sure they defeated them, right!? Why are they still alive!?

 ’A… a…’

 Tsukiko-san sat on the ground and moved backwards. Deka-onna’s punch hit her mercilessly. But the attack was blocked by Grasshopper mecha jumping out from the grass.


 Tachibana-san in a suit rushed to Tsukiko-san, breathing heavily. Shintaro-kun, you’re so cool!

 ’Deka-onna… I don’t know why you’re here, but if you plan to harm Tsukiko, I’ll fight you.’

 Tachibana-san took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie. Wow, is Shintaro-kun showing maximum masculinity today!?

 ’Come on! Lightning Hopper!!’

 Tachibana-san caught Lightning Hopper and put it on the belt he took out.


 He transformed into Lightning Hopper and aimed his gun at Deka-onna without hesitation. Somehow, today’s Lightning Hopper feels completely different from before.

 ’Damn, it! It’s, irritating! But…!!’

 Deka-onna realized that Lightning Hopper is good at long-range attacks and tries to bring the fight into close combat. However, Tachibana-san had prepared countermeasures for close combat, which he was not good at, in the past month! Deka-onna leaps towards him. In response, the side of Lightning Hopper’s legs opens up, revealing a new gun.

 ’Shotgun Rising!’

 A new weapon at this point!? Lightning Hopper switches from a pistol to a shotgun-type gun for close combat and overwhelms Deka-onna. I can’t believe it… Tachibana, who was known as the jokester Tachibana, has become a reliable man on par with Kenzaki in the two weeks we haven’t seen him… I can even hear voices from the next room saying “Go for it, Tachibana!”

 ’What the heck!?’

 ’Well, I’m not the same person I used to be.’

 Lightning Hopper aims his gun at Deka-onna.

 ’My name is Tachibana Zanki, Masked Driver, Lightning Hopper!’

 Phew, I’m sure Tachibana-san’s fans will increase. I-I have to protect Shintaro-kun! I wonder if Beryl’s security is okay? It’s so unreliable that I can’t tell if there are guards or not, as if saying there’s no one who can beat Aqua-sama anymore, it worries me.



 Tachibana-san looks at the struggling Tsukiko. Taking advantage of that moment, Deka-onna uses a dazzling move to escape.

 ’Darn! I missed… No, there’s something more important now. Tsukiko!!’

 Tachibana-san quickly went to Tsukiko, who had fainted and lost hen, the scene changed, and Kamishiro-san appeared in front of the Minami family, like he was protecting them from something.

 ’Kunka Kunker. I’m sure you were there at that time…’

 ’Sniff, sniff! This smell, is a man! It’s, a man!’

 Kamishiro-san caught a bee flying in the sky. From the next room, a voice could be heard saying, “Kunka Kunker is really pervert.”


 Kamishiro-san made a big arm movement and transformed into Poison Chalice, striking a cool and unnecessary pose.

 ’I promised you that I would bear your punishment. So, I won’t let you commit any more sins!’

 Ah, ah, ah, these were the lines that Kamishiro-san said to Kunka Kunker in Episode 2. It’s cool. Maybe this is their role, but I thought the boys from BERYL were really cool. Yamada-kun, who teams up with Kujaku-kun, will also become cool like them when they sees their backs, right? Just like they became cool after seeing Aqua-sama’s back…

 ’Shadow Cyclone!’

 Poison Chalice, holding weapons in both hands after putting away the bow, runs towards the enemy while spinning. It’s a really powerful attack. Kunka Kunker can’t do anything to stop it. Everyone has really become strong. I can see it in how all three of them are beating the enemy without even using Overclock. They’ve definitely improved.

 ’This is the end.’

 Poison Chalice puts the weapons back together and changes them back into a bow.

 ’Heartbreak Arrow!’

 Poison Chalice’s arrow goes through Kunka Kunker’s chest. In the next moment, with a cry of death, Kunka Kunker disappears. At the same time, from the room next door, “Is this real!? My Kunka Kunker, gone so fast!? Ugyaaaaa,” a cry like Chijo’s death cry is heard. Emily-chan? Chijo lives in your room, right?


 Kamishiro, who had changed back to his normal form, felt uneasy as if there was no response. When the scene changed again, Night Shadow Misa was rolling on the ground.

 ’Huh, why… why are you still alive!!’

 No way… right? In front of Night Shadow Misa stood the Ego-Ist that they had defeated for sure.

 ’Driver, do henshin. It’s useless to stay in your human form.’

 Ego-Ist pointed their sword at Night Shadow Misa. Night Shadow Misa caught the flying stag beetle and attached it to their belt.


 Night Shadow Misa transformed into the Bycorn Beetle and launched a rush attack towards Ego-Ist. The appearance of Night Shadow Misa, who had lost her confidence, was no longer the same.

 ’Tachyon Punch!!’

 A strong punch that is faster than light pushes away Ego-Ist. It seems like everyone has learned new moves in just one month.

 ’Well done. You’re very impressive!’

 Night Shadow Misa looks confused. It seems like they have the same question as us viewers.

 [What’s happening…? Could it be that this person doesn’t remember me?]

 An uncomfortable feeling that started earlier. Even though Toa-chan confronted them with a new Chijo, neither Kunka Kunker nor Deka-onna showed any signs of remembering Poison Chalice or Lightning Hopper.


 As reinforcements for Night Shadow Misa, the SYUKUJYO unit quickly arrives. Upon seeing that, Ego-Ist puts away the sword they were holding.

 ’It seems like it has come to this.’

 ’Wait! Don’t run away!!’

 This guy is one of the top executives and has the fastest escape speed. When Ego-Ist realized that the situation was not in their favor, they quickly scattered.


 The scene changes to people running away from Chijou. It’s easy to recognize their distinctive coat. It’s Ro-Schutz-Marr.

 ’Look, at me!!’

 From the next room, a voice is heard saying, “Great job! With Kunka Kunker gone, you are our last hope.” Emily-chan, are you supporting Chijou? That’s not good. If you continue to do that, one day even you, Emily-chan, will end up like Chijou and get rejected by Driver from Kenzaki-san.

 ’My mom said…’


 Just hearing that voice sends shivers down my spine. Everyone is certain that he has arrived.

 ’If a friend, a loved one, or someone close to you tells you they are going to commit a crime, stopping them is the true way to show love…’

 Kenzaki-san catches the flying beetle from behind with a different grip.

 ’Ro-Schutz-Marr, I’m always watching you. So…you should only look at me too.’

 Wow, the voices of Emily-chan, Kukuri-chan, and me in the next room are mixed together. Huh? Is the person inside Ro-Schutz-Marr okay? Doesn’t she want to see anything other than Aqua for the rest of her life? I think the person inside is Takano Mai-san. This line is just Aqua-sama’s improvisation, right? Then he has to take responsibility…


 Oh, Heaven’s Sword is still the coolest. Even though Shintaro-kun was looking cool, Aqua-sama shows even more generosity. It didn’t seem like a criticism or anything like that, but rather like Aqua-sama was showing Shintaro-kun what comes next, setting an example for him.

 ’What, are you?’

 ’Hmph, I knew it. You…’

 Heaven’s Sword steps back from Ro-Schutz-Marr and looks at the card in his hand. Ah… now that I think about it, after Chijo died, everything was supposed to turn into cards. So, if Heaven’s Sword has Ro-Schutz-Marr’s card in his possession… Heaven’s Sword places his hand on the horn of the beetle attached to their belt.

 ’Driver… Kick!’

 A simple and unavoidable ultimate attack. The perfectly honed Driver Kick launches Ro-Schutz-Marr flying. Ro-Schutz-Marr, lying on the ground, dissipates into tiny particles.

 ’It was a fake after all…’

 Heaven’s Sword clenches his fist tightly.

 Kenzaki-san’s anger seeps through, as this act is akin to disrespecting the dead.

 ’Impressive. Heaven’s Sword… I mean, Kenzaki Souji.’

 Kenzaki looked at the woman who spoke and saw that she was holding a metal stick. She wore a long veil that reached the ground, and for a moment, I thought she might be the leader of the Chijo, Seijo Midara (Lewd Saint), but it turns out she’s someone else.

 ’Who are you?’

 ’Oops… I’m sorry for not introducing myself properly. My name is Mi Lane, one of the executives of Chijo, the sister who governs death, Mi Lane.’

 Mi Lane politely bowed her head to Heaven’s Sword. She was clearly different from the other Chijo.

 ’Now, Kenzaki Souji, let’s look into your lingering regrets! Let’s reveal them! Let’s expose them for everyone to see!!’

 It seems like this Chijo isn’t very nice. As Mi Lane rang her metal stick, Heaven’s Sword held its head and knelt on the ground. What could be happening? Kenzaki’s pained expression inside Heaven’s Sword was visible.

 The Heaven’s Sword looked all twisted, and then Mi-Rein turned into another Chijou. She made a gesture towards Kenzaki-san, and I felt a strong sense of motherhood. Chijo was covered in special makeup and armor, but her smile made me feel calm. Who was this person? Even I, just a beginner, could tell she was really good at acting.


 What? Could it be that Chijo is Kenzaki-san’s mom?

 ’Souji, you should go the right way. This is where we say goodbye.’

 Wait, this voice…!

 ””Kohina Yukari-paisen has arrived!””

 The next room got really noisy. Chijo is Kenzaki’s mom and Kohina Yukari-san!?


 Kenzaki-san shouted loudly and hit the ground with force. The Heaven’s Sword caused a crack in the ground, breaking Mi Lane’s concentration and interrupting her spell.

 ’Haa… Haa…’

 The Heaven’s Sword panted heavily. There was a strong sense of anger coming from his back. It was probably a past that Kenzaki-san cherished, a past he didn’t want anyone to see.

 ’I understand, I understand. So that’s how it was. This is interesting. And the image that came to your mind earlier… hehehe, I remember that person.’


 Mi Lane reached out her hand towards the Heaven’s Sword.

 ’Take my hand, Heaven’s Sword. Then I will arrange a meeting with your mother.’

 It’s definitely a trap! Heaven’s Sword, don’t take her hand!! From the room next door, a voice similar to what I’m thinking can be heard.

 ’…My mom said.’

 The Heaven’s Sword slowly gets up. Today, surprisingly, I also got up for breakfast for the second time.

 ’Don’t trust people who take advantage of others’ weaknesses!’

 As the Heaven’s Sword extends his hand, Kamishiro’s Caliburn appears in that hand.

 ’Change the Form, Hyper Mode!’

 I can hear a voice saying “Hyper Form is arrivedddd” from the next room. I can even hear the soft voice of the greengrocer’s sister who lives three houses away, and the friendly voice of the fishmonger’s grandmother who lives five houses away. Is the wall thin? It feels like being in a movie theater, so immersive.

 ’Masked Driver, Heaven’s Caliburn!!’

 Mi Lane swings her hand down, and Chijou and the others who suddenly appeared attack the Heaven’s Sword. In response, the Heaven’s Sword raises a sword covered in flames.

 ’My mom promised’

 Just when I thought the third comeback was coming, a new pattern emerges here!

 ’No matter how much my heart hurts, even if my soul is about to break, I will complete everything!’

 I don’t know what was promised, but I can feel that determination from Kenzaki-san’s expression.

 ’Caliburn, give me your power. Bring peaceful sleep to the souls of all Chijou.’

 Heaven’s Sword swings Caliburn vigorously. It’s a beautiful dance, like flames swirling gently around Chijou, purifying everything with a gentle touch. Chijou rises to the sky. After everything is done, there is no trace of Mi Lane. It’s not like he defeated her with the previous attack. Surely, she must have escaped somewhere in the meantime. Chijou is as agile as a leader.


 As Heaven’s Sword looks up at the sky, rain starts to fall from the dark sky, one drop at a time. The screen darkens, and only the sound of rain can be heard, with the words “to be continued…” appearing in the bottom right corner. As I stare at the screen absentmindedly, only the sound of rain remains, and the staff credits scroll on a black background.

 ”I had a week off, so I let my guard down, but this week was also amazing…”

 After some time had passed, I checked the internet on my phone and found a word I didn’t know in the trending rankings. I see… It seems that Kohina Yukari-san was a separate character, and Aqua-sama didn’t know until today that Kohina Yukari-san was playing the role of her mother. In response to Aqua-sama’s message about the mom change, Kohina Yukari-san replied, “Why!? Be more excited!!” and everyone found it amusing.


 Oh, I wonder who it is? Is it Emily-chan from the next room or Kukuri-chan coming to play?


 As I went to the entrance and opened the door, there stood Aqua-sama. I almost froze at the suddenness of it.

 ”Good morning. I had some things to do nearby and I came by. Were you busy?”

 ”No, not at all.”

 I never thought Aqua-sama would actually come to check on me.

 ”How are you? Is there something bothering you?”

 Oh my, the real Aqua-sama is so kind. I invite Aqua-sama into the house to talk.

 ”Oh, by the way, I have a small request for Agewa-san…”

 ”A request for me? What is it?”

 Princess Finus and Princess Hermie, who passed the audition, are living under Emily-chan’s room? Is it okay for two young children to share a house?

 ”Both of them seem to have a dream of living alone, and Emily-san, who was listening to their story, said she would take care of them when she’s here.”

 I see, that’s very kind of Emily-chan. I told Aqua-sama that if that’s the case, I leave it to her.

 ”Oh, by the way, is Emily-san here today? I should go say hi. Want to come with me, Agewa-san?”

 ”Sure, I’ll come with you…”

 I left and went to Emily-chan’s room with Aqua. Then, Kukuri-chan and Emily-chan were by my room’s wall, listening. What are you guys doing…

 ”I-I was just worried about Agewa-oneechan, hehe, hehe, hehe…”

 ”Emily-san, could that be an impersonation of Chijo who appeared today?”

 Hehe, Emily-chan’s Chijo impersonation is so good, I couldn’t help but laugh. Everyone else smiled too. I never expected to have such a peaceful and fun day.

 ”Since we are all here, should we go and eat together?”

 ”I agree, Aqua-senpai!”

 At Aqua-sama’s suggestion, we went to a nearby restaurant that is suitable for families. I am excited about it. It has been a long time since I last went to a family restaurant. With a feeling of excitement, I went to the restaurant with everyone.

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