Male Idol V12c6

Volume 12 Chapter 6 Bulletin Board, Panic Panic Panic

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Yuu-onii Loss] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 4883 [Monday without Aqua-sama]
7 Anonymous
Oh no, Mondays are so annoying
I can’t enjoy my usual Yuu-onii Monday 9 PM show anymore
But hey, on Mondays I can go home early and catch up on Heaven’s Sword when I get back
10 Anonymous
The new Monday 9 PM show starting today has Tsuwabuki-san as the star
12 Anonymous
Oh, so Tsuwabuki-san is giving his best
15 Anonymous
Collection of Yuu-onii Legends
– All employees refused to work overtime to go home by 9 PM → No more overtime from Mondays
– Still, the company forced overtime on them → Many employees quit and the company collapsed
– The Prime Minister casually suggests taking it easy on Monday nights → Even convenience stores and restaurants start closing
– As a result, a new habit of relaxing together on Monday nights emerged
This led to the elimination of the concept of overtime
– On the other hand, a new system was created where those who want to earn more money can work longer hours if they want
– In companies that operate 24 hours in shifts, the hourly wage doubles when Aqua-sama appears. Full-time employees receive an Aqua-sama bonus
18 Anonymous
It’s really funny!! I want to say that, but it’s actually true, you know? LOL
20 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has gotten rid of bad companies from this world. But, Aqua-sama himself is a bad company, huhuhuhu
24 Anonymous
25 Anonymous
That’s so true
28 Anonymous
I hope Aqua-sama would take it easy, why does he keep pushing himself like that?
31 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, is he actually M…? I heard that people who do muscle training actually enjoy tormenting themselves, they have a masochistic personality
34 Anonymous
So, he’s M…?
38 Anonymous
You’re gonna get in trouble, you know…?
42 Anonymous
By the way, when I passed by the Kokucho family’s place earlier, the police restrictions were lifted. I didn’t feel anyone’s presence, I wonder what’s going to happen
45 Anonymous
They say they want to clear the place, thinking about the people who were stuck in the basement before. They haven’t figured out the next steps yet, but if they sell it, they plan to use the money to help those who suffered
48 Anonymous
I’m curious about what Kokucho Agewa will do. She has given up all the businesses and used everything she has to compensate victims and make donations. I don’t know where she is living right now
53 Anonymous
Why not go to Aqua-sama and take responsibility? Aqua-sama might take responsibility
56 Anonymous
Her chest is big, so maybe he’ll agree to it
57 Anonymous
She has a big chest, so maybe he’ll do it
59 Anonymous
You guys, LOL
62 Anonymous
Aqua-sama will probably find a way to help
65 Anonymous
No way, right? Haha
Wait!? Seriously, there isn’t, right?
67 Anonymous
I’m really anxious, LOL
70 Anonymous
Aqua-sama got married to Shumi so quickly, it’s like Kenzaki’s speed. He might exceed our expectations
74 Anonymous
What Kokucho did is not forgivable, but I hope Agewa-san finds happiness. She’s also a victim of Kokucho based on the coverage so far. You should watch the video of the solo interview by Morikawa Kaede, the national broadcaster, and the detailed article written by Emily Snow White, the talented rookie journalist from Seibaku Newspaper
77 Anonymous
The part-timer at the press conference is now a full-fledged journalist, LOL
79 Anonymous
I’ve reconsidered Morikawa. Congressman Agewa appeared on various TV stations, but Morikawa’s flat and fact-based interview was by far the best. That guy could be really good if she took things seriously, but why is she always fooling around!!
81 Anonymous
It’s definitely because of Morikawa, right?
82 Anonymous
To be serious, Morikawa isn’t joking around
She’s actually doing it seriously, but it just looks like she’s joking
85 Anonymous
86 Anonymous
I understand. She’s really doing it seriously
But her seriousness only looks like she’s joking..
90 Anonymous
Kanon-sama seems to be suited for jobs like being a writer or an interviewer
Even though she’s hiding it from Aqua-sama, if she’s already been exposed as the queen of doujin, she shouldn’t hide that she’s an otaku
The impressions of the live tours that she contributes to as Shumi the Maiden were really great
94 Anonymous
What’s that!?
97 Anonymous
Check out the Seibaku Newspaper
Starting from this month’s issue, there’s a serialization of the otaku activity diary of Shumi the Maiden
100 Anonymous
Is this real!?
101 Anonymous
Are you joking LOL
What is that person doing LMAO
104 Anonymous
Starting next month, there will also be a serialized recommendation article for BerylGoods by 9n2-neesan. And Aqua-kun’s exclusive interview article after the end of his live tour is scheduled to be published next week
108 Anonymous
109 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper has started
112 Anonymous
There is also a section called “Chinposuki’s P**is Fortune-telling”
115 Anonymous
We don’t need that
116 Anonymous
I don’t really care about that
120 Anonymous
What are those idiot doing…?
By the way, it’s unusual that they’re not here today, right?
123 Anonymous
It’s Monday, so Shumi School and Nee-san are working. Hagetoru is probably just being lazy since morning
125 Anonymous
Hagetoru LOL
128 Anonymous
I’m curious about Shumi’s Chiba Prefecture live tour column. What’s it like?
133 Anonymous
You can still get it at the nearby Holy Aqua Religion branch. Shumi’s column has like 10 pages, but don’t be too shocked
137 Anonymous
That’s ridiculous!!
139 Anonymous
Shumi LMAO
140 Anonymous
Even though this guy’s married, where does she get the energy for Aqua-sama? LOL
141 Anonymous
So the Verification Team is really just a gathering of weird people, huh?
144 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper – A brief summary of Shumi’s column
It details the setlist used in all 4 live performances and 2 parades down to the second. It covers every detail such as who sang what, minor changes, talk content, costumes, choreography, fan service performances, all of which only hardcore fans would understand. It’s a complete databook, the essence of Shumi’s data
There’s a precise analysis of Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai’s growth since the beginning. It also acknowledges the efforts of Kokucho-kun and Yamada-kun in minor roles
It discusses the future prospects of Beryl Entertainment and BERYL, as well as Shirogane Aqua. And then, the remaining 8 pages are filled with her detailed praises for Aqua-sama, leaving no room for blank spaces in this text jam-packed with characters
148 Anonymous
Hey? Can it be that the worst person became the legal wife…?
149 Anonymous
Awawawa, everything feels like Shumi
150 Anonymous
153 Anonymous
Instead, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the person who should have become the wife became the legal wife, right? Check the small writing all over page 8. I’m glad I’m the legal wife. But I can’t help but feel sorry
156 Anonymous
You should buy this because the setlist is amazing. Normally, it would cost thousands of yen in a fanbook, but you can get it for 100 yen at a convenience store. By the way, if you get it at the branch or headquarters of the Holy Aqua Religion, it’s a free paper, so it’s zero yen. You can compare it later and it’s more fun to review it while reading the columns
Regarding the discussion about Aqua-sama in Panel 8, it’s just an extra. I can only think, “I’m lucky to be married with him.”
159 Anonymous
When she was a pinch-hitter on the radio for the coming-of-age ceremony, she was decent… By the way, there was a photo she took together on Aqua-sama’s social media at that time. She looked cute with blonde hair in a ponytail and glasses
162 Anonymous
Her face is the only good thing about her. Wait, could it be that Shumi is deceiving us with her good looks too?
165 Anonymous
That’s true
166 Anonymous
Did you just realize it now?
169 Anonymous
I just thought of something now
*However, limited to Aqua-sama
*However, limited to Kanon-sama
I think there’s something like that
172 Anonymous
True, lol
174 Anonymous
177 Anonymous
Huh? Breaking news?
180 Anonymous
Big news! What happened?
182 Anonymous
Aa-sama probably did something again, right?
185 Anonymous
189 Anonymous
194 Anonymous
201 Anonymous
Huh? What’s happening!?
204 Anonymous
I can’t see. What happened!?
210 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua-san, who works with Beryl Entertainment, hasn’t been to school because he’s not feeling well. We’re gathering more info, so, everyone, just keep doing your usual stuff and stay calm. That’s what it seems to be
215 Anonymous
218 Anonymous
What? Is he okay?
221 Anonymous
I’m going to go pray for a bit
226 Anonymous
I’ll go pray too
229 Anonymous
I work at a certain commercial radio station, and everyone has been asked to come to work. I’m going
232 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey, everyone calm down. I, too, need to calm down
237 Anonymous
So, this is why the main headquarters of the Holy Aqua Religion was buzzing. It seems like they knew the information even before the broadcast
243 Anonymous
Ugyaa. When I heard that Aqua-sama collapsed, my mom collapsed too
248 Anonymous
My school classes have temporarily stopped! After sensei said to calm down, I went to the staff room to check for information
255 Anonymous
Our school is the same. Every classroom is restless, and it’s impossible to focus on classes. Moreover, there’s a continuous outbreak of students fainting
258 Anonymous
On social media, it fell within a minute after the news. I came here, but is there any information?
261 774 *Hi-P3erver
Shifting the server to low-load mode, Alleviating the Burden on E-server, transitioning to ABE mode
269 Anonymous
Abe mode LMAO
Making me laugh at a time like this! But, thank you
270 Anonymous
It’s Abe Akiko-san’s website!!
275 Anonymous
My company’s operations also came to a halt
Everyone is glued to the TV
278 Verification Team *010meTA473
I don’t know where the information leaked from, but for now, it’s okay, so calm down
I’m going to school normally, catching a cold normally, I’ve caught a cold before, and I often have days with a slight fever
Aqua has a low body fat percentage, so it seems he’s prone to getting a fever or catching a cold
I think someone is supposed to watch over things while I’m not there, so I think it’s okay
287 Anonymous
Thanks, Shumi!!
290 Anonymous
The most reliable source in the world for anything related to Aa-sama has arrived
293 Anonymous
Thank you, Shumi
301 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
President Atori is with Aqua-san, so everything is okay. Don’t worry. The doctor has checked and Aqua-san is fine
309 Anonymous
You’re really good, Nee-san
312 Anonymous
Nee-san, you saved the day
317 Anonymous
Phew, I can relax now that President Atori is there!
320 Verification Team *07218KADO6
A while ago, Kohina Yukari-san sent me a photo of Aqua-sama looking in pain after having a bunch of green onions wrapped around his neck, and she’s dashing towards the scene. President Atori seems to be back to work. That woman wants to harm Aqua-sama with leeks!!
328 Anonymous
330 Anonymous
Are you serious!? Oh, now I remember, Kohina Yukari and Hagetoru knew each other. I recall, during the game stream, Kohina Yukari was the one who called Hagetoru
333 Verification Team *010meTA473
What!? Why is it happening like that!?
336 Anonymous
Bringing Hagetoru closer to Aqua-sama is dangerous, but leaving it as it is now is not good. Whether being killed by Kohina Yukari with leeks or being devoured by Hagetoru, it’s a difficult situation
339 Anonymous
Hey, never commit a s*xual crime, okay!!
342 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Hagetoru-san, please. Do your best. Right now, you are the only one who can save Aqua-san
346 Anonymous
Taking care of Kohina Yukari? That’s definitely impossible, LOL
350 Anonymous
Never thought the day would come when Aqua-sama’s fate would be entrusted to Hagetoru, LOL
353 Anonymous
Hang in there, Hagetoru! But, don’t s*xually harass the sick person!!
359 Anonymous
It looks like Announcer Morikawa will be temporarily released from the punishment cell because something urgent happened at the national station
364 Anonymous
What’s a punishment cell? LOL!
365 Anonymous
What’s a punishment cell!?
371 Anonymous
I’ll tell you. Morikawa’s exclusive punishment cell at the national station is a place where they put her for a bit when she accidentally breaks stuff with her special abilities. In the first place, it’s like a joke, and in fact, they call the room where Morikawa does her regular work or takes a nap
But then, they started calling it that because they originally used iron bars to handle Morikawa’s powers. But those bars got all twisted and smashed with her strong abilities. So now, they have a super heavy door made of tungsten, like the ones on the doors that protect important stuff, such as nuclear missile rooms in big banks for important people. This door is tough enough to handle Morikawa’s powers. It seems Morikawa has a bit of a hard time controlling her powers when she wakes up
This info is from Morikawa Sommelier who works at the national station
375 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede was a powerful person who came too early for humanity
380 Anonymous
The day when the power unit becomes 1 Morikawa or 0.5 Morikawa is getting closer
385 Anonymous
If we were to fight with any country right now, I feel like we could win as long as Morikawa and Aqua-sama are there. Nuclear missiles are already old-fashioned. Japan has the deadly weapon Morikawa and the Heavenly Sword Aqua-sama. With Morikawa, we could catch and throw back the missiles before they even land
388 Anonymous
Morikawa is so impressive. I might become a fan too
If you imagine the situation, she’s like the final boss that appears in a movie
392 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I have an important message for all of you
400 Anonymous
What happened!?
403 Anonymous
Don’t use such a scary way
406 Anonymous
Everything’s gonna be a useless 100 Beryl
408 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Um, Aqua-sama’s underwear is mostly black boxers
412 Anonymous
What are you doing!! But, thanks!!
413 Anonymous
Don’t joke. Thank you!
416 Anonymous
No, no, that’s important, but not the time for it now!
417 Anonymous
Oh no, I got a nosebleed
420 Anonymous
Because of Hagetoru, the classroom is getting even more panicky with anemia!
423 Verification Team *010meTA473
Should I seriously call the police for you?
428 Anonymous
It’s better to do so
429 Anonymous
431 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Don’t hurry, Shumi!! It’s not like that at all!
I just opened the drawer to get a new towel, and, by chance, there were underwear in there!!
So, I got excited and made the post!!
436 Anonymous
Honesty is appreciated
437 Anonymous
I understand the feeling
439 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I promise, I didn’t touch or smell anything. Please trust me on this
We were just in the same room for work, and I only looked around a little, that’s all!
445 Anonymous
Police officer, it was this one
447 Anonymous
Chijou is here
451 Anonymous
Well, I mean, it’s better than physically attacking him or doing it in front of him, right?
If I put myself in the same situation, I’d say it’s admirable to refrain from acting out physically
Think about it. Hagetoru managed to resist doing anything with Aa-sama right in front of him. That’s quite an achievement, isn’t it?
456 Anonymous
458 Anonymous
I’m not sure if I can handle it
But maybe I’ll take his boxer home
462 Verification Team *07218KADO6
For the time being, Kohina Yukari-senpai could get in the way and become a murderer, so rest assured that I have expelled her
I mean, she apparently tried to kill him with a water towel
467 Anonymous
469 Anonymous
I think that’s a good choice
473 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thanks. Really appreciate it
He won’t let me get close because I’m pregnant, but maybe I should have stayed there too
475 Anonymous
People from the Holy Aqua Religion are gathering and praying in the square in front of the station
480 Anonymous
I live relatively close to Aqua-sama’s house, but people are gathering for some reason
Everyone, calm down. You can’t do anything even if you’re nearby! Also, I’ve parked an ambulance in front of the apartment just in case it needs to be dispatched anytime!
487 Anonymous
Even though I’m really far away, I live on the same street. Right now, a Self-Defense Force vehicles are going to the scene behind the police cars. They might be stopping people from going there
493 Anonymous
Is it really like that at the scene? Thanks!
498 Anonymous
Now, both schools and work have stopped completely. It’s like all of Japan is not moving. Everyone is standing still in front of the TV at the nearby electronics store
501 Anonymous
Even in other countries, there’s news about it. The usual shows on TV are not there anymore; they are showing special news reports
507 Anonymous
The national channel for the whole country is also there!
509 Anonymous
Morikawa is there too!
512 Anonymous
The real Morikawa is there!
516 Anonymous
Today’s Morikawa is very serious
520 Anonymous
It’s really good that there’s video available
525 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s home area was shown!!
529 Anonymous
Wow, this is amazing..
533 Anonymous
It’s surpassing my imagination, lol. There are so many people; no wonder the police and self-defense forces are mobilizing. Hagetoru really managed to sneak in during all this
538 Anonymous
Hey, calm down, there might be an accident happening
542 Anonymous
The Prime Minister isn’t joking!?
545 Anonymous
This is a serious-mode Prime Minister
548 Anonymous
Because it’s an emergency in Japan
551 Anonymous
Now, let’s gather information. Even if we know Shumi’s true identity, we can’t use the bulletin board as a source
557 Anonymous
Praying in groups, LMAO
559 Anonymous
The national broadcaster, you shouldn’t show that organization!
563 Anonymous
Just because Aqua-sama caught a cold, the whole of Japan is in a frenzy
568 Anonymous
Don’t let your guard down just because it’s a cold. People can die from a cold, you know
574 Anonymous
Aa-sama, feel better soon!
579 Anonymous
581 Anonymous
Someone who looks like Toa-chan appeared
584 Anonymous
My child!?
587 Anonymous
My baby is here!
591 Anonymous
What’s happening?
595 Anonymous
Morikawa, what happened to your face!?
598 Anonymous
Oh no. Morikawa started to hogeing
602 Anonymous
Morikawa’s hoge face LMAO
604 Anonymous
A playful Morikawa appeared
608 Anonymous
610 Anonymous
614 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s mother!?
617 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s mom!?
618 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s mom!?
621 Anonymous
Mom, marry my daughter, please
No, marry my son, please!!
629 Anonymous
She also has a daughter
632 Anonymous
Emergency alert!
635 Anonymous
Breaking news emergency!
640 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu is here!
643 Anonymous
She looks serious
647 Anonymous
A good prime minister is important
651 Anonymous
No new info yet
655 Anonymous
659 Anonymous
I’ve got a bad feeling
663 Anonymous
Is the situation different?
668 Anonymous
Can a cold be cured by passing it on?
671 Anonymous
I’m going to go get a cold now LOL
674 Anonymous
World, did you see? Our prime minister’s rating!! The prime minister is panicking the most!!
679 Anonymous
This is not a joke
682 Anonymous
686 Anonymous
The person who said to stay calm was actually the least calm
690 Anonymous
If you look closely, you’ll see that the Prime Minister’s necktie is facing backwards, LMAO
693 Anonymous
The Prime Minister’s suit has different colors on the top and bottom, lol
698 Anonymous
It’s not looking good, lol. This person seems to be the most panicked
701 Anonymous
Ironically, I’m feeling calm now
704 Anonymous
Thanks. Watching the Prime Minister in a panic is helping me stay calm
709 Anonymous
The whole country is calming down by watching the Prime Minister
712 Anonymous
She was reliable when terrorists took over the parliament building
717 Anonymous
There will be a dogeza apology press conference later
722 Anonymous
It looks like she’s doing it on purpose to dogeza later. But she’s serious. Not joking, just too panicked
726 Anonymous
Honestly, I didn’t understand what she was saying at the end because she was talking too much, LOL
731 Anonymous
The Prime Minister LMAO
735 Anonymous
The other members of parliament took the Prime Minister away, LOL
738 Anonymous
Morikawa’s expression is too LOL/
742 Anonymous
Well, we can’t do anything about it
746 Anonymous
Morikawa will also make that kind of expression, LOL
749 Anonymous
This place is calmer than I expected
Even social media, which is back, is chaotic, and the streets are still confused
754 Anonymous
It means we are also getting stronger
756 Anonymous
We are becoming tougher here
760 Anonymous
Because we have overcome the surprise of finding out Shumi’s true identity
766 Anonymous
767 Anonymous
For sure, LOL
769 Anonymous
Definitely, LOL
772 Anonymous
I want to thank Shumi for responding quickly. It seems like Shumi is going to school as usual, so if it was really serious, Shumi would know
778 Anonymous
In the end, Shumi is a very calm person. If Aqua-sama was really in trouble, there’s no way Shumi would be this calm
783 Anonymous
What does it mean to be a “100,000-character woman”? LOL
789 Anonymous
It means roughly 8 pages of a newspaper, that’s what it means
795 Anonymous
796 Anonymous
If Shumi, who is loved by Aqua-sama, is calm, then everything is alright
800 Anonymous
As a fan of Kanon-sama, I’m relieved to see that Kanon-sama seems to be okay
805 Anonymous
As someone who uses this bulletin board, I also think it’s good that Kanon is not panicking
808 Anonymous
Somehow, people on the bulletin board really care a lot about Shumi
812 Anonymous
We’ve all looked after Shumi!
814 Anonymous
Because everyone here acts like Shumi’s mom
818 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s funny!
821 Anonymous
Honestly, when Shumi and Aqua-kun got married, it felt like our own kids were getting married
826 Anonymous
830 Anonymous
I agree completely
834 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, I hope you get better soon
837 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, remember when you were all excited about beryl&beryl and the coming-of-age ceremony? I think it’s okay to take it easy this time. But don’t push yourself too hard
841 Anonymous
I understand. This time, I was really scared. My grandma even brought out a headband with the rising sun and bamboo spears from the shed, who knows what she was thinking
844 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, since you have a chance, take your time to rest
847 Anonymous
Hey, it’s cool that social media is back, but you all, don’t just keep posting pictures of Aqua-sama’s chest with the hashtag “GetWellSoonAqua-sama!!”
852 Anonymous
You all, seriously, LOL
854 Anonymous
Too obvious, LOL
858 Anonymous
There’s a chance it’s the influence of the TENGA Curry he had at Beryl&Beryl..
863 Anonymous
It made that “dobaa” sound, LOL
867 Anonymous
If we’re talking about that, it’s probably the great kaiju Yukari Gon. She was almost killing Aa-sama again today, LOL
871 Anonymous
Great kaiju Yukari Gon, LOL
874 Anonymous
Seems like Kohina Yukari, who casually stopped Aa-sama, is trying to sell T-shirts, LOL
878 Anonymous
By the way, what happened to Hagetoru, who casually stopped Kohina Yukari? She’s the MVP of today, subtly. She did the “kunkakunker (sniff, sniff)” thing, though LOL
885 Anonymous
I just realized that it’s worrying that Hagetoru is by Aqua-sama’s side..
890 Anonymous
Why not just have Hagetoru blend in with the commotion? There’s definitely no one else in this world who can handle her except Aqua-sama
894 Anonymous
896 Anonymous
897 Anonymous
That girl had a big chest, so there’s no chance for anyone other than Aqua-sama. Besides, a lewd woman like her is impossible for any other guy except Aqua-sama..
900 Anonymous
If you push with breasts, there’s a chance
905 Anonymous
912 Anonymous
Here is Aqua-sama’s home. The fans gathered at the scene emitted a mysterious breast power
916 Anonymous
Hey, lol
918 Anonymous
What are you doing lol
919 Anonymous
What’s this “breast power” you’re talkin’ ’bout!?
923 Anonymous
We all take off our coats, puff out our chests, and send breast power towards Aqua-sama’s place
927 Anonymous
It’s total chaos there, lol
930 Anonymous
Chill out, lol
934 Anonymous
Should we also send some breast power?
938 Anonymous
Looks like it’s time to unleash my P-cup, lol
941 Anonymous
This country is terrible lol
946 Anonymous
By the way, the local TV station and the media from other countries are here too, and their every move is being broadcasted worldwide
952 Anonymous
The whole world is shook, lol
957 Anonymous
No worries, there are folks sendin’ breast power even across the Stars
959 Anonymous
Look at social media; different countries are sending power too
963 Anonymous
Women are the same everywhere; the rating range is consistent worldwide
968 Anonymous
All women are usually rated as Hagetoru
971 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is still panicking. Lol, today is not a good day for her
975 Anonymous
The Prime Minister almost died from a cold once
979 Anonymous
Ah, that’s why she’s panicking. Prime Minister, you don’t have to work too hard
982 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, take it easy for now and show us that you’re healthy for everyone’s sake
986 Anonymous
Seriously. Aqua-kun, get well soon
990 Anonymous
Everyone from Beryl, be careful not to catch a cold. We’re happy to see everyone’s accomplishments, but we don’t want you to push yourselves too hard
995 Anonymous
Everyone, relax. Shumi too, make sure you don’t get sick. Hagetoru… well, idiots don’t get sick, so they’ll be fine
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope Aqu-tan will be fully recovered and back to his lively self!
1001 3510*ULTi-Hi-P3
The server is fixed! I’m relieved to hear that everything’s okay. Big thanks to the Verification Team. Take care, Aqua-sama!

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