Male Idol V12c5

Volume 12 Chapter 5 Shirogane Aqua, Dead Or Alive?

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 ”Cough, cough”

 I caught a cold… I think it happened when I wasn’t careful after everything was over, maybe because I slept without a futon during the trip. We were all chatting until we fell asleep together. I checked my email, but it seems like nobody in the Shirogane family caught a cold, so it’s just me.

 ”Aqua, are you okay…?”

 Kanon opened the door and peeked out to talk. I told her not to come closer than this distance because I didn’t want to give a cold to pregnant Kanon.

 ”No, I might be done for…”

 Kanon looked even more worried when she heard my words. Ah, Kanon panicking is still cute as ever. With a serious face, I gently smiled at Kanon, trying to make a joke to lighten the mood.

 ”I can see a goddess right in front of me. Maybe she’s here to take me away?”

 ”Geez, seriously! Why would you say something like that now?!”

 My goddess blushed and felt embarrassed before leaving. If only I wasn’t feeling so cold, I would have hugged her tightly from behind. Ouch! As punishment for my foolishness, my head suddenly started to hurt, and my expression twisted in pain.

 ”Well, if you’re so full of energy, then you should be fine.”

 Pegonia-san, wearing a school uniform, looked at me with a disdainful expression for some reason. Please stop, or else I might awaken to something new again. Not only Pegonia-san, but even the school uniform that doesn’t suit her perfectly is incredibly attractive.

 Why does my heart flutter when non-students wear school uniforms? Well, of course, my heart flutters when students wear school uniforms too… huh!? Does that mean anyone wearing a school uniform can make my heart flutter? Is this the start of Shirogane Aqua’s ultimate fetish legend!?

 By the way, the person I want to see wearing a school uniform the most right now is Sugita-sensei. And next in line is Agewa-san, no, Kanata-san and Kiyoko-san are also quite irresistible… Shitori-onee-chan would definitely be alluring. Well, thinking like that, maybe even the school uniforms of the mothers (Kaa-san) are quite appealing.

 Ah, I wish I had male friends who shared this hobby. I’m going to sleep now, hoping to have dreams like that. Please appear in my dream, Sugita-sensei in an enticing school uniform!! Good night! And with that wish, I fell asleep.


 I think I dozed off without realizing it. In my dream, it seemed like I was doing something mischievous with Sugita-sensei, and she was wearing a uniform or a swimsuit. But maybe it was just my imagination…

 ”Are you awake?”

 Huh? Whose voice is that…

 ”Kohina-senpai… Are you free?”

 ”Mukii! I came all the way here for you, why do you have to tease me like that!!”

 Well… she knows what I mean, right? I got a weird feeling, not because of the cold. I’m just glad I didn’t say anything about it. She should give me credit for that.

 ”Everyone is busy with school or work, so I came here instead of them. You should be thankful!”

 It’s Monday, a regular weekday, so it’s normal, right?

 ”Here, let me change the towel for you.”

 ”Oh, thanks.”

 Kohina-senpai takes the towel from my forehead.

 ”Oh! You’re really hot! Huh? Is this okay? I need to cool it down more!!”

 Uh… I have a really bad feeling about this. The next moment, the towel is placed over my face, covering it.

 ”Uggm, Mgghh… Fgghfggh.”

 Ugh, it’s difficult to catch my breath!! M-my breath…!

 ”Yukari!? If that’s the case, Aqua-kun will die!”

 Puhah! Haa… haa… It wasn’t a joke; I was really close to dying. Ako-san saved my life. I slowly understand the current situation. This is just my guess, but I think Pegonia-san or Kanon contacted my family or Ako-san, and Kohina-senpai just came along as extra support for Ako-san.

 Yeah, it seems reasonable if I think about it. Sending only Kohina-senpai for such a dangerous task, I can’t imagine anyone would do that.

 ”Why is this happening…”

 ”Huh? Because your face felt hot, so I thought it would be better to cover it all to cool you down…”

 Both Ako-san and I are surprised by what she said.

 ”In that case, he won’t be able to breathe!”


 Thank you, Ako-san, for saying everything I wanted to say.

 ”Wait a second, I need to make a quick call. Yukari, let me know if anything happens.”

 ”Sure thing.”

 When it was just me and Kohina-senpai, she mumbled a little sorry with a sorry face. Maybe because of the fever, my thoughts are all fuzzy. I find myself liking Kohina-senpai quite a bit.

 Oh no! Relax, me. This heartache is probably just a moment of confusion. It’s just Kohina-senpai after all! Even though I’m not looking closely, she’s usually cute and she has got a good chest. Ah, if only this towel could turn into a chest instead…

 ”I-I’m really sorry…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. If you give me a hug with your chest, I’ll forgive you.”

 What?! What am I saying?! This might be a serious problem. After a moment of shock, Kohina-senpai’s face turned red as she stuttered. Oh… I really messed up. I should apologize before she get mad.

 ”W-Well, I guess it can’t be helped. H-Here…”

 ”Huh? Are you sure?”

 Today, I felt really determined, and suddenly, my mind became super calm. Kohina-senpai took off her outer clothes, and she hugged my head.


 Oh… Kohina-senpai’s chest feels nice and cool. Since I have the chance, why not touch it? It has a really satisfying texture. It’s just the right size to fit in my hand, not too big. I like big chests, but I also like this size—just enough to play with. I even like the perky ones that let me focus on the nipples and have some fun rubbing!! Basically, all chests are the best, no matter the size!

 ”Ah, hey… don’t be so greedy, you’re a sick person.”

 Oh… I was thinking of unhooking her bra and enjoying some Yukari milk, but Kohina-senpai stopped me. Maybe I went a bit too far? I was prepared to be scolded, but instead, Kohina-senpai smiled gently at me.

 ”When you feel better, you can smoke as much as you want. But for today, just relax. You’ve been working too hard since Christmas, and that might be why you caught a cold. You need to take some time for yourself, like I do.”

 Kohina-senpai gently pats my head.

 ”It’s great that you always give your best, but try to have more days where you don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”

 Oops… Was I too excited? I feel dizzy again. Next thing I know, I’m dreaming.


 Maybe it’s because I was with Kohina-senpai just now? In my dream, she was my mother. What if I had visited Kohina-senpai’s room when we went to the Arabian Peninsula?

 ”Oh… you’re awake.”

 Huh? This voice… even though she’s dressed, I can tell it’s Emily-san by her pure appearance!?

 ”Um, since both of them were out for work, I came to take care of you instead… A-Are you okay?”

 ”Oh… yes.”

 Instead, I started to worry about Emily-san. Her face looks red, she is breathing heavily, and her clothes are a bit messy with some sweat.

 ”Please wait. It’s almost time for the porridge… Oh, should we watch the news?”


 Oh, Emily-san in a maid outfit is so cute! It would be nice if Ako-san and Kohina-senpai also wore maid outfits. Considering the current situation, I feel like they might do it if I ask. When Emily-san turns on the TV, the lunchtime news is playing. Huh? Kaede on the serious lunchtime news? Is the national broadcaster okay? Have they gone crazy?

 ’This is an important announcement. Everyone, please listen calmly.’

 An important announcement!? Could it be that missiles are coming towards us!? Damn it, if I were Kenzaki, I would catch one or two missiles to show off… No, I would politely attach a decorative cord and return them with gratitude in the direction they came from using a Driver Kick, the Japanese way!!

 ’Beryl Entertainment’s Shirogane Aqua-san is sick with a fever and staying in bed.’


 ’The broadcast is connected to Announcer Onidzuka on the scene.’

 When the camera changes, it shows Announcer Onidzuka in a helicopter. Oh, huh? Wait, is that my apartment on TV?

 ’Onidzuka reporting from the scene. There are many reporters and fans around Shirogane Aqua-san’s apartment in Hirakawa-cho! To control the situation, a lot of police officers are there… Oh! Look, Self-Defense Force vehicles! They seem to be limiting the area.’

 No way… Is this…? Why is it becoming a big deal just because of a simple cold!?

 ’Thank you, Announcer Onidzuka. Um, here’s another urgent news update. Something important happened at the Prime Minister’s office just now.;

 When the TV changed, Prime Minister Habu looked very serious as she left her home and got into a car. On the screen in front of the National Diet Building, Agewa-san, Representative Tanigawa, and Congressman Sato, among others, were shown going into the building one after the other.

 ’This is in front of the National Diet Building!! To find out more about Shirogane Aqua-san’s situation, Prime Minister Habu has quickly called for a special meeting of the Diet. I talked to some people from the ruling party, and right now they don’t know anything. We’re just starting to gather information now!!’

 I almost spit out the sports drink that Emily-san had given me that I was doing a commercial for. No, it’s just a cold!! I mean, even if I say I have a fever, it’s probably just around 38 degrees, right!? Huh? Is everyone’s head okay?

 ’In the city, people praying in groups and those visiting shrines and temples have been seen.’

 The screen then shows interviews with people walking in the city.

 ’What!? Aqua-sama is not feeling well!?’

 Wait, Shii-chan’s mom, Sakuraba Nodoka-san!? It’s surprising to see someone I know appearing so unexpectedly. Kaede, who is also on the screen, has a really surprised expression since she knows her.

 ’I’m worried. My daughter also loves Aqua-sama, so I’m really concerned. I hope he gets better soon.’

 After Madoka-san’s interview ends, another familiar face shows up.

 ’Aqua-kun, is he sick!? Hang on, I’ll ask my kids.’

 Kanata-san!? Wait, the lady who is interviewing noticed, and that person is definitely someone related!! Kaede’s expressions on the screen almost make me spit out my sports drink again. Since Kaede knows her, she probably wants to say a lot.

 ’Ah… I feel like I have a cold?’


 Kaede’s line is connected to the surprised interviewer.

 ’That’s Toa-chan and Subaru-chan’s mom.’


 They’re trying to talk quietly in a mess, but Kaede’s voice is so clear that everything is being broadcasted properly. I can hear it. I can hear it, even the voice panicking behind the studio. It’s… too messy.

 [Shirogane Aqua-san’s condition is a cold.]

 With the loud beeps on mobile phones, an emergency news flash appeared on the TV. That system, isn’t it supposed to be used for something else?

 ’Um, sorry for the interruption. We’re in the middle of an interview, but here’s an emergency press conference by Prime Minister Habu.’

 As the screen changes, Prime Minister Habu appears suddenly.

 ’People, first, please calm down and stay calm!’

 The Prime Minister tells people to stay calm and promises on TV to make a special medical team led by Maria-sensei, set up an emergency response room, and more. No, no! For just a cold, there’s no need for all that! It’s hopeless. I can’t watch anymore. I ask Emily-san to turn off the TV for me. When I go to sleep, I hope to forget everything I saw just now! I prayed to God for that.

 ”The porridge is read!”

 Huh? Who is it? Could it be Kohina-senpai!?

 Well, I thought that, but it was completely different. I think it was Yukishiro’s Noel-san, right? I vaguely remember meeting her briefly during the audition program.

 ”M-Mom!? Mom made the porridge!?”

 ”Yes, that’s correct! Look! How about this!!”

 Some kind of dark substance that looks completely burnt came out. No way…

 ”Mom, Aqua-sama will die with this…”

 Thank you, Emily-san, for caring about me. But, I am Shirogane Aqua. If a girl makes food for me, I’m ready and prepared to eat anything.

 ”Emily-chan, I will eat what Noel-chan made, so let Aqua-kun eat this.”


 Huh? Who is it…? Somehow, a round and charming man appeared. What’s going on? Maybe it’s because of the fever? It’s probably just my imagination that he looks two-dimensional.

 ’Dad, thank you.”

 Dad!? I quickly get out of bed and sit up, giving a serious look.

 ”Nice to meet you, Dad. My name is Shirogane Aqua.”

 First impressions are important. I can’t make a bad impression on Emily’s dad, who is close to Kanon. I try to appear confident and reliable, like an actor from a popular TV show. With a smile, showing my white teeth, I give Shirogane Aqua’s best smile.

 ”Give me your daughter!!”

 Huh? I was going to say, “Thank you for always taking care of me!” but my true feelings came out unexpectedly.



 Emily is surprised by my words, and Noel-san, with shining eyes, covers her mouth with her hand. This… this is not good!! I need to correct this quickly!!

 ”Aqua-kun… thank you.”

 Before I could fix it, Emily-san’s dad grabbed my hand and started crying. Emily’s dad, Danjou-san, is really nice. He looks calm and gentle. Emily-san looks a bit like Mikuni-san, is cool like Noel-san, and kind like Danjou-san. Talking to Danjou-san made me feel warm.

 ”My Emily-chan is a good kid, just a bit different. Please take care of her.”

 Oh no, what do I do? I can’t say I made a mistake in this situation.

 ”Kenzaki, or Aqua-sama, is amazing. So fast, proactive, a true leader! Beryl, you’re cool!”

 Listen, Aqua, let’s think carefully about this. It seems like we’re both happy, and if Emily-san is okay with it, maybe this is a good thing for me too? Kanon, Kotono, and Kaede also seem like they’d be happy, and I wouldn’t mind marrying Emily.

 I could even thank her for taking care of the cat by inviting her on a date or something, dropping hints like that. Also, there’s this feeling inside me, like I don’t want Emily-san to be with another guy – it’s like a whisper telling me to make her mine. But, Aqua, that’s not good. Maybe it’s because I have a fever, but I’m clearly not myself today.

 ”Mom and Dad are both too eager.”

 Emily-san interrupts, putting a stop to their excitement.

 ”It’s not good to talk about this when Aqua-sama is running a fever. So, yeah. Aqua-sama, for now, why don’t you eat some rice porridge, take your medicine, and rest? Let’s focus on getting better first.”

 Ah, this is like an angel, or maybe a saint! Even though Emily-san doesn’t look like a saint, her heart is so good that it’s like she’s cleaning up all my not-so-good thoughts.

 ”Can I eat this by myself?”

 Hmm, that’s not possible… When I asked nicely, Emily-san blew on it and fed it to me.

 Ah, it’s really good, just like my instincts tell me. Just like I don’t want others to take my friends like Kohina-senpai or Ako-san, I don’t want anyone else to take Emily-san away either.

 So, I thought everyone should be my wife. Even my classmates and Sugita-sensei, everyone should be my wife. It’s like I’m creating the Shirogane Kingdom!

 ”Munya munya… ha!”

 Wait, is this a dream!?

 No, it’s not. I can still smell Emily-san’s scent from when she was here just now. It seems like I fell asleep without realizing it because I was too happy.

 I check the note that says, “I’m going home because someone who can take my place has come.”

 Where… where does the dream end? My memory is really fuzzy.

 ”Ah, you’re awake?”

 Ayana!? Why are you here, in a place like this!?

 ”Well… I won in rock-paper-scissors, so I came to visit on behalf of the class.”

 I take the bag filled with gifts to help me get better from Ayana. It seems they’re from my classmates. Each one has a note written by hand expressing their worry for me, and it makes me feel touched.

 As I go through them one by one, there are also notes from Toa, Shintaro, and Sugita-sensei. According to Toa’s note, it seems Tenga-senpai tried to come as well, but the boys were told not to move, so he stayed at the office. Yeah, I don’t think I made a wrong decision either. Tenga-senpai coming to visit like in a funny comic and catching a cold the next day would be just like him.

 ”Yukari-senpai came, huh?”


 When I tell Ayana about the incident where I almost got killed, her smile twitches.

 ”Well, until Kanon-san and the others come back, if there’s anything I can do, just let me know.”

 ”Yeah, in that case, I want to clean myself and change clothes…”

 After all, I’m really sweating a lot and it feels so sticky and uncomfortable.


 Huh? What’s the matter, Ayana? Your face is all red. Did you catch my cold? After leaving the room for a moment, Ayana came back holding a basin.

 ”Um, can I help you take off your pajamas?”

 Huh!? D-does that mean Ayana will clean me up!?

 ”Pardon me.”

 One Big Kaiju Yukari-Gon, two Big Kaiju Yukari-Gon… I try not to think about Ayana undressing me with gentle movements and instead count the number of Big Kaiju Yukari-Gon in my head. At first, I was going to count Kohina-senpai’s, but then I remembered her chests from earlier and it was too distracting, so I settled for the careless figure of a two-dimensional Big Kaiju Yukari-Gon with arms outstretched and breathing fire.

 ”If it hurts or feels uncomfortable, let me know.”

 Actually, is it okay if it hurts? Nah, I can’t make that kind of joke. Scrub, scrub… scrub, scrub… Maybe you should scrub inside my pants too… No, wait! Help me, Big Kaiju Yukari-Gon!! Calm down, me. Remember what I heard in a past life, that you should think of your family members in times like this. Oh noooo. Every single member of my family was into… that!! If I imagine it, things will just get weirder.

 ”Can I clean any other part for you?”

 ”No, thank you. I’m okay.”

 ”I see, well, everything is clean now, and I have brought a new pajama for you to change into.”

 Oh no, this must be Mom Ayana.

 Huh? Wait, isn’t it great to have a classmate as my mother…? Without a doubt, a new opportunity has unexpectedly opened up in my mind.

 ”What? Is something wrong?”

 ”It’s amazing. Thank you so much!!”

 If Ayana helps me clean my body and change clothes every day, maybe I should stay sick for another month…

 ”Oh, are you feeling sleepy perhaps?”

 Mom Ayana… I feel like I’m losing my mind from being pampered.

 ”Good night. Get well soon.”

 I had a dream where Ayana was teaching me a naughty scene.

 Ah, I’m such a terrible person. I had a very inappropriate dream.

 The moment I woke up, I immediately felt uncomfortable in my lower body.

 ”Oh? Master (Danna-sama), are you awake?”


 Why now, Pegonia-san?! Did she notice something about me? She swiftly pulled the blanket away. Now everything is exposed. Pegonia-san is focused on my lower half.

 ”Master, it’s just you and me. Let’s change your underwear.”

 Why is she so enthusiastic?! Pegonia-san removed both my pants and underwear, then carefully cleaned my lower half.

 ”Yes, let’s make sure this area is clean too.”

 I wanted to say, “You know what you’re doing, right!” but I didn’t say anything clumsy like that. While Pegonia-san was cleaning, I accidentally got excited, but it’s just an accident. Well, I’ll just say thank you.

 ”Yes, it looks like the fever has gone down.”

 ”You’re recovering nicely. If you take it easy, you should be fine by tomorrow.”

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 Now, I want to say thanks to Miyamochi-san and Maria-sensei. Miyamochi-san takes care of Kanon when she’s not feeling well, and Maria-sensei is an artist. They both came to check on me. Whew… I feel like the last treatment really helped, but I’ll pretend it’s just my imagination. After the doctors leave, Kanon peeks out from behind the open door.

 ”Aqua, are you okay?”


 I must have made Kanon worry. As I think about that, Kanon fidgets and does a shy gesture. What’s going on?

 ”Well, everyone told me to do this…”

 Huh? What…do, you, mean? Nurse Kanon, wearing a nurse uniform, appears in front of me, looking embarrassed. Shaaa! Before I knew it, I was standing on the bed, doing a victory pose. Shirogane Aqua is completely better now. It’s definitely thanks to my wife. With Kanon around, I feel a hundred times more energetic!

 ”I-I’m sorry. I couldn’t do anything when Aqua was sick.”

 ”That’s not true. I’m completely better now.”

 Pure Kanon doesn’t know it, but Pegonia-san behind me notices right away that my private part is fully recovered. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!! I don’t know who, but thanks for telling Kanon to wear a nurse costume!

 ”Toa-chan said, ‘If it’s Aqua, he’ll definitely get better right away.’”

 You’re amazing, Toa… You really get me completely. I’m happy you’re my best friend. Thank you, Toa. Maybe ask Subaru-chan and Kanata-san to come visit in nurse costumes. Heck, you could even wear a nurse costume too, you know?



 I fell back onto the bed in excitement. They just told me to stay calm, but I got a little too excited.

 ”Oh no, Pegonia!?”

 ”I feel like it’s okay to just let him die like this. He looks happy. Look at that proud face. Kohina-sama also said, but he probably isn’t thinking about anything serious.”

 After a while, I woke up and saw my mom sitting beside me. She told me that Miku-chan, Shitori-chan, and Lapis-chan were here earlier. Everyone in the family visited me while I was asleep. Kohina-senpai, Emily-san, Ako-san, and even Prime Minister Habu came to check on me. Ai wanted to come too, but I told her not to. Tenga-senpai managed to visit despite Ako-san’s efforts to stop him. My mom showed me a picture of him wearing full protective gear and a gas mask. I was surprised he didn’t get questioned for that. In the world I know, the police would have surrounded him immediately.

 ”Aqua-chan, I’m sorry. Mom made a mistake.”

 ”No, it’s okay.”

 Kohina-senpai also said the same thing, but I think it’s because I tried too hard.

 ”Actually, I’m sorry for making you worried.”


 I held my mom’s hand as she looked concerned. I felt like I could be a little more honest just now.



 After saying thanks to my mom, I turned my face away. I felt a little embarrassed when I came back to my senses.

 ”When I woke up and forgot everything, I was really happy that my mom was there with me.”

 I couldn’t say thank you back then. It’s been almost a year since I came to this world. I thought it was great that my mom was the first one with me. Some people might say it’s childish, but now that I understand this world, I realize that my mom behaved that way to not make me feel like she was a woman. It’s only now that I can realize this.

 ”I-I, thank you.”


 I pat Mother’s head gently as tears roll down my cheeks. Before I knew it, I was asleep again. It was a happy dream, I think. Even in the dream’s end, I felt like I met another me.

 ’Thank you.’

 I felt like I was told that.


 I sat up from the bed and stretched my body. Somehow, yesterday’s events seemed very vague. Could it be because of the fever?

 ”Aqua, are you okay?”


 I hugged Kanon tightly. Honestly, I wanted to do this since yesterday. Hugging the person I love, realizing that this is reality.

 ”By the way, are you not wearing the nurse uniform from yesterday anymore?”

 ”We-well! B-but, if Aqua wants me to wear it…”

 Hiyaho! Hugging Kanon once again, I filled myself with motivation, energy, and power. While watching the image of Prime Minister Habu, who inexplicably dogeza in the morning, on TV, I promised to do my best again from today.

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