Male Idol V12c4

Volume 12 Chapter 4 Shirogane Aqua, Family

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 To make the Shirogane family bonds stronger, we decided to go on a short two-day trip with my mother driving. It’s a bit late because of auditions, tours, and work, but it might be nice to relax.

 ”Aa-chan, isn’t it good we didn’t invite Kanon-san and the other wives?”

 ”I asked everyone, but they wanted us to enjoy family time without them.”

 During the trip, Kanon and Kotono will have a sleepover with Kaede and Emily-san, like usual. They’re excited about conquering a video game. Ai is going to Kyushu for an interview with her editor, and Yui is away for a few days for a meeting.

 ”By the way, how’s Yui-san? Has she settled into your place?”


 Right now, only Kanon and Yui live with me as my wives. Ai lives separately to focus on work, but she promised to come here once a week for dinner when I’m nearby. Kotono plans to move here after our wedding in March. Kaede and I are planning to get married and live together by July, after Kotono’s wedding.

 ”It seems like Kanon and the maids are getting along well.”

 I worry a little bit because Yui seems to be getting along with Pegonia-san. Yui is okay, but there’s something about Pegomaru that seems a bit suspicious. I hope it’s nothing…

 ”Hey, everyone! We’ve arrived at our destination!”


 We came to Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture, where you can enjoy both hot springs and skiing or snowboarding. People noticed us and started talking when we got out of the car.

 ”Wait, isn’t that…!”

 ”Aqua-sama!? And Mikuni-sama too!?”

 ”I couldn’t enjoy Beryl Event during the year-end and New Year because of work, so is this my reward time!?”

 ”Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

 ”Oh, it’s suddenly getting warm.”

 ”It’s funny how everyone suddenly started taking off their jackets and trying to show off.”

 ”Hurry up and hide those big chests. It’s Aa-sama’s private time. Show some restraint!”

 ”No, no, on the contrary, precisely because it’s private, we should provide some service, right!?”

 ”Oh, really? Is Kanon-sama staying behind?”

 Just like always, it seems everyone is watching from far away and not coming close. One of the kids waved at us, so I turned and waved back, and then everyone else waved too. It’s fine to wave or nod lightly to those who are quiet while keeping our privacy. But we shouldn’t go too far like shaking hands or taking photos because it might bother others.

 Meanwhile, Mikuni-san seems a bit absent-minded, or maybe she just doesn’t realize people are watching her. Kohina-senpai even said to me, “You definitely got your absent-mindedness from her,” but is that really true? When Kanon heard that, she looked surprised, but I don’t think I’m as absent-minded as Mikuni-san.

 It turns out, Kohina-senpai is really good with fan service too. Especially with kids, she’s very kind. The other day at the park, while the mom was in the restroom, she was holding her baby.

 ’Kohina-senpai, do you like kids?’

 ’Because kids aren’t scared of me, right?’

 Ah… just thinking about it now makes me tear up. It was the moment when I thought I could be a little nicer to Kohina-senpai.

 ”Now, let’s all go skiing together!”


 The moms go to rent ski clothes and equipment. On the other hand, I had already bought both ski clothes and equipment, so I go to the slopes alone.



 ”The prince of the slopes has arrived!”


 ”Hey, don’t try to take off your clothes in the snow! You’ll freeze!!”

 Oh, right. Kanon asked me to take a picture and send it to her just in case.

 I look around and approach a friendly-looking lady. And just to be clear, I don’t want to make excuses, but it’s not like I approached her because she had big chests.

 ”Excuse me. Can you take a picture of me over there, miss?”

 ”Ah, ah, m-me!?”

 I smiled and said, “Yes, that’s right.”


 We took a photo with the big snow mountain in the background. I thanked the woman and we shook hands before taking the photo together.

 ”Thank you very much!”

 ”N-No, thank you too…”

 I opened my arms wide and felt the great outdoors. I should send this photo to Kanon, Shintaro, and Kohina-senpai… Oh! Kohina-senpai and Tenga-senpai messaged me back right away.

 Kohina Yukari

 Hmm. Are you showing off to me, who’s always alone at home?

 Tenga Akira

 I want to go skiing in the snow mountain too!! I want to go, want to go, want to go!

 Seeing their usual reactions, I quietly closed the messaging app. These two are a handful when they get too involved, so it’s best to give them some space before responding.

 ”Ah, Nii-sama.”

 Seeing Lapis, I almost dropped the snowboard I was holding. Ah…! The angel of the ski slope is here!! Shirogane’s shining hair sparkles even in the snow.

 ”Lapis, where is mother?”

 ”She is getting changed right now.”

 ”I understand. Should we go skiing first, just the two of us?”


 I am receiving instructions on how to ski from the instructor with Lapis. Hmm, I see. It’s like this, right?

 ”It’s so easy for him…”

 ”Ah, he already looks so cool!”

 ”He is so athletic!!”

 ”I feel like he could be in a ski equipment advertisement, he’s so cool.”

 ”It’s funny how he looks good even from the first slide. But I understand it’s because like simple Morikawa word, he’s Aqua-sama.”

 ”What’s a Morikawa word… Ah, you mean a power word.”

 ”I wonder if it’s just my imagination, but the instructor seems a bit frustrated.”

 ”She probably wanted to hold Aqua-sama’s little hand gently and teach him while they ski together.”

 ”I actually want to pretend I can’t ski and have him teach me while we are close together…”

 ”That’s also true. Anyway, let’s warm up our cold bodies in the snowy mountains!”

 ”Ah! If this were a novel by Hakuryuu-sensei and I were the heroine, we would have an exciting event getting stranded in the snow!”

 ”Huh!? What’s that!? I have no idea!”

 ”The latest volume of ‘No-Rin’ is out, so read it. I got to see Hakuryuu-sensei’s serious side.”

 Wow, Lapis looks really cute and embarrassed while practicing. I should take lots of pictures. Maybe I should have chosen skiing too. Then I could have taught her step by step!

 ”Oh, what are you doing, Aa-chan?”

 ”Oh, hi, Shitori-onee-chan.”

 Hmm… I don’t know why, but it’s kind of ero. Huh? Is it normal to feel this way when wearing ski clothes? If I were a naive high school boy and a beautiful sister like her approached me like this, I would definitely feel really happy. Phew, I’m glad we’re family. If we weren’t family, it could have been dangerous.



 On the other hand, she is really beautiful in her own way. Sometimes I really wonder if she is my mother. Even when standing next to Shitori-onee-chan, they look like sisters, and she could easily pass as a college student… Whether it’s my mother, Kanata-san, Kiyoko-san, or Agewa-san, I’m surrounded by a variety of beautiful mature moms. If they weren’t my own mother or my friends’ mothers, it could have been really dangerous. If a complete stranger approached me now, I would definitely head straight to a hotel and have some fun under the covers. Yeah.

 ”Aqua-kun likes snowboarding, huh?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right.”

 Mikuni-san is more beautiful than just a witch… If I hadn’t gotten used to beautiful women since I came to this world, I might have frozen just by looking at her.


 ”Go, Lapis! You’re doing great!”

 I’m cheering for Lapis, who is trying hard at skiing. During the idol audition, I was strict, but now that it’s over, there’s no problem between Lapis and me. I treat her with sweet affection and take care of her in my easygoing and affectionate manner.

 ”Aa-chan, help!”

 ”Help, Aqua-chan!”

 Shitori-onee-chan!? Mother!? I intentionally bump into Shitori-onee-chan and mother at a slow pace, hugging them conspicuously. Oh, this is the feeling of double chests through skiwear… I find myself between mother and Shitori-onee-chan.

 I’ll say it upfront, this is more like an accident, so it can’t be helped. Yeah, yeah, it can’t be helped. Thank you. While expressing gratitude to both of them for their chests, I tell them that it’s dangerous, so let’s stop doing that.


 Hm? What’s up, Mikuni-san? Do you want to go down the slide too? It’s fine. I’m ready for it anytime.

 ”Um… would you like to slide together?”

 Ah… yes. I’m sorry. I was thinking something strange… I apologize.

 ”Well then, mother, let’s slide together as a pair.”

 ”Both of you be careful! If the monsters of the slopes attack, run away immediately!”

 Monsters of the slopes? Oh, could she mean avalanches?

 ”Don’t worry, Aqua-kun. No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”

 ”Oh, yeah. But, don’t worry. If anything happens, I’ll pick up Mikuni-san and run away as fast as I can!”

 As I say this, Mikuni-san blushes, feeling embarrassed. Even though she’s an actress, being carried by her child might have been embarrassing for her. We first go down the easy slope about three times and then move on to the slightly harder slope. The harder slope had steeper slopes than the easy one, but it was more fun to slide down.

 ”Hey, they making a movie already, right…”

 ”Aqua-sama and Mikuni-sama, their slipping looks so pretty.”

 ”It’s fancy, like what nobles do… By the way, where’s Shumi?”

 ”Obviously, a pregnant woman can’t ski. Is she at home?”

 ”I get it… It’s like, totally different from the strong skiing of a famous TV announcer who skied on a show before.”

 ”If Morikawa-san hit a tree while skiing, would the tree break like a joke?”

 ”No way. What kind of strength is she going for…”

 Phew, I’m used to the not too hard course, so I want to try the harder one at least once since I’m here. I’ll record myself skiing and send it to Kanon.

 ”Mikuni-san, I’m going to the harder course, can you film me from down there?”

 ”Uh, sure, no problem!”

 Leaving Mikuni-san with Shitori-onee-chan who was down there, I get on the lift and go to the starting point of the harder course for experienced skiers.


 I’m impressed with the advanced course, it has slopes with angles and bumps that make it fun. When I start, I slide carefully at first, watching the situation. Then, in places where I feel confident, I pick up speed. In potentially dangerous areas, I slow down, prioritizing safety while enjoying snowboarding.

 ”Wow, that’s so cool…”

 ”In the end, when Aa-sama came down, I wanted to hug him.”

 ”I understand. Even though it’s cold outside, the body feels really hot.”

 ”The energy of the females in heat is making it quite warm.”

 ”Huh? Is today midsummer?”

 For some reason, a large crowd was waiting at the finish line, welcoming me with a big applause. I felt a little embarrassed and waved lightly in response to the cheers.

 ”How was it? Did you capture it properly?”


 ”Aa-chan, I captured it too!”

 ”Moms did too!”

 Alright, let’s calm down and take turns. I send the videos everyone took to Kanon. Come to think of it, Kanon hasn’t responded in a while. I wonder if she’s okay?


 If it was young lady, she was faint beside me

 When I looked at the picture Pegonia-san sent me, it was a bit messy. Kanon was lying down behind Pegonia-san, who had a blank expression as she took a selfie. Emily-san was sitting next to them playing with a wooden clapper for some reason, and Kaede seemed like she was crying while rubbing her eyes. I didn’t really get what was happening, but it looked like they were having fun, which is nice.

 ”Hey, where’s Lapis?”

 ”She said she’s going down the beginner course one more time.”

 ”Alright, I’ll join her.”

 ”Sure thing. Well then, moms will head home.”

 ”OK! I’ll go back with Lapis too.”

 I went to find Lapis. I thought it would be hard to spot her in the crowd, but Lapis is so pretty that I found her right away.

 ”Lapis, are you enjoying yourself?”

 ”Yes, I am. I can only ski on the beginner course, but it’s nice to glide slowly.”

 ”I see! That’s good. Want to ski together?”


 We glide slowly, Lapis and I, keeping the same speed. It’s enjoyable in its own way.

 ”Let’s do this again next year!”

 ”Um… yeah. But…”

 Huh? Lapis’ expression turns a bit gloomy. It takes me a moment to understand why. Oh, right, by this time next year, she’ll be busy with exams, so there won’t be time for a trip… Lapis is currently studying hard in St. Claris, planning to transfer to Otomezaki next year.

 ”The exams might be tough, but let’s give it our all.”

 ”Y-yeah. And, uh… if I pass, I want a reward from you, Nii-sama.”

 Alright! If that’s what you want, leave it to your big brother!! I promised to grant any wish Lapis has.

 ”I-if that’s the case… Nii-sama, after the exams, I want to go on a graduation trip with you.”

 ”A graduation trip?”

 Ah, I get it. It’s because she’ll be graduating from middle school and wants to celebrate with a trip.

 ”In that case, how about we all go on a trip if you pass the exams?”

 ”Um, well… if I said I want a graduation trip with just you, Nii-sama… is that… not possible?”

 Lapis and I are going on a trip after finishing school!?

 Is this a reward for me!?

 ”Sure, it sounds like a great idea! Let’s go on a trip after finishing school together!”


 I’m really excited about it. Going on a trip after finishing school with Lapis.

 Whether it’s to Kyushu, Okinawa, or just a small trip, it’s all good!

 ”Speaking of Aqua-sama…”

 ”Yeah, I know what she wants to say.”

 ”Aqu-tan is mischievous but pure, right?”


 ”The trip after his little sister graduates has a special meaning.”

 ”Well, yeah. If I could graduate, I would want to.”

 ”I’m also a second-year university student, but I want to graduate quickly!”

 ”I’m 24, but I’ve already given up on graduating.”

 ”Don’t worry! We have…only friends who haven’t graduated yet here.”

 I return to the inn with Lapis. After changing clothes, Lapis and I go to the room to have a meal.

 ”Ah, Aa-chan, welcome back!”

 Oops, I got captivated by Shitori-onee-chan’s yukata, which is about to overflow with chests. No, no, she’s a blood-related family member. I need to stay calm and not think about such things with family members.


 I wanted to enjoy my meal slowly, so I had it brought to my room. Shabu-shabu is fantastic in the winter!

 ”Aqua-chan, this tastes great!”

 ”Oh, it really does.”

 Tempura made from vegetables grown in Gunma. Speaking of veggies, this grilled Shimotsuke green onion is also tasty. It’s sweet, big, and feels different from regular white onions. While eating Shabu-shabu, I switch between bites of veggies and rice.

 ”Phew, I’m full.”

 Why is the food at inns so yummy? After the landlady brings our meals, we all take a stroll together. Well, we don’t really go outside, but we explore the inn and buy souvenirs for everyone. Later, everyone goes to the big shared bath, so I go back to my room alone.

 ”Well then, time to finally take a bath.”

 I get into the open-air bath in my room. Ah, this hot spring is amazing. Bathing while looking at the snowy scenery is the best!

 ”Nice hot water, huh, Aa-chan.”

 ”Really…!? Shitori-onee-chan!”

 When I turned my head to the sound, Shitori-onee-chan was sitting in the hot water without any clothes on. She seemed relaxed, but her lack of attire made me feel uncomfortable.

 ”Why are you here, Shitori-onee-chan!?”

 ”Hmm? I thought you might feel lonely bathing alone, Aa-chan.”

 It’s a bit too revealing, big sister. If I were less experienced, I might be affected by this image for quite a while.

 ”Sh-Shitori-onee-chan, maybe you should cover up a bit!?”

 ”Oh, sorry. But…”

 Shitori-onee-chan adjusted herself in the tub, unintentionally coming closer to me.

 ”Is Aa-chan not comfortable with my presence?”

 Wait, this isn’t good. I feel overwhelmed by her closeness.

 ”If you’re feeling stressed, should big sister lend you a hand?”

 Wait, this isn’t good. I realize I’m finding it hard to think clearly with her so close.

 ”Aa-chan might have forgotten already, but I’ve been there for you before.”

 What!? I was introduced to this by such a beautiful, mischievous, and kind big sister!? The old me… wasn’t that great!

 ”Do you remember? You used to sneak into my laundry basket while I was bathing, Aa-chan, taking my things for your private fun in your room. Big sister knew all along.”

 Seriously? Then what was the point of all my efforts to resist? How many times did I struggle against temptation… I wish I could feel that inner conflict again!

 ”Oh, I just felt a spark. How adorable~”

 I can’t handle this anymore. Mom said it’s normal for people to become close in this world, so I’ll ask Shitori-onee-chan to help me calm down for now.

 ”Also, Aqua seems quite lively right now. It used to be as innocent as an elephant’s trunk.”

 I sit on the edge of the bathtub so that Shitori-onee-chan can easily comfort me, and I trust her with everything.

 ”Should I let it out? Should I do it more enthusiastically?”

 Shitori-onee-chan’s technique is amazing. It might be better than Yui or Pegonia’s.

 ”Doing it like this isn’t ideal… just hold on a moment. Ugh.”

 Aaaah! when Shitori-onee-chan gets into the bathtub, she opens her mouth wide.

 ”You can put it out everything inside big sister’s mouth.”

 I’m not sure how to handle something like this. It feels a bit naughty, but more than that, it’s strangely thrilling.


 Shitori-onee-chan takes everything in her mouth, shows me the result, and then disposes of it.

 ”Thanks for expressing it. Chu.”

 Shitori-onee-chan, who cleaned up after, does so very meticulously. While she’s at it, it feels so relieving that I end up expressing myself once more. Even so, Shitori-onee-chan, with a gentle demeanor, acknowledges my feelings. Oh no, this might not be good. Right now, Shitori-onee-chan unintentionally becomes a part of my comforting thoughts.

 ”From now on, even if it builds up during our travels, big sister will handle it all for you.”

 Shitori-onee-chan said she got permission from Ako-san and Kanon. I can’t believe it… I know I can’t beat her in many ways.

 ”Wow, the bath was really nice.”

 ”Yes, it was.”

 ”Thanks, Mom!”

 After we finished everything and changed, the moms went back to the room.

 ”Oh, wait? Shitori-chan, are you back already?”

 ”Yes, I thought Aa-chan might feel lonely by himself.”

 ”I see.”

 Ah… Watching the carefree moms makes me feel better. Never thought there’d be a day when moms would make me feel better. I’m embarrassed that Shitori-onee-chan is helping me secretly from everyone else, so I don’t talk much. Seeing that, Mom thinks I must be tired from playing too much and starts getting ready for bedtime.

 ”Well then, is it okay if I turn off the lights, everyone?”


 Thanks to the nice atmosphere, I quickly fell asleep, but in the middle of the night, I wake up. Huh? Mikuni-san isn’t here? I get out of bed and feel someone in the next room. When I open the door to the next room, I see Mikuni-san sitting alone on a chair, looking at the outside scenery.


 ”Ah… Aqua-kun, did I wake you up by any chance?”

 I said it’s not like that. I just happened to wake up.

 ”I see…”

 I sat in front of Mikuni-san, and we both looked outside without saying anything, not knowing what to say.

 ””Um… Ah…””

 The timing couldn’t be worse. We started speaking at the same time, and we both tried to let the other go first.

 ”S-so… well. As, uh, your other mother, I… um, I want to strengthen our bond more.”

 ”Me too.”

 There are many things I want to ask as an actor. But for now, I’ll keep them to myself. Because Mikuni-san and I are family first, before being entertainers. We’re not fighting or anything, and I’d like us to get along if possible.

 ”So, um, I bought a jigsaw puzzle the other day. Would you like to do it together?”

 ”Oh, yeah! Let’s do it! W-with the whole family.”

 Upon hearing the words “family together,” I feel a warm sensation. Even though I already heard it from Kohina-senpai and Emily-san, I remember them saying that Mikuni-san, despite being clumsy, values her family. Well, that makes sense. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have stayed close to me.

 ’You… Did Kokucho separate you from Yukishiro Mikuni? But you don’t hold any grudges against Agewa?’

 I remember my conversation with Kujaku. It’s true, maybe Mikuni-san was separated from me because of Kokucho. However, I don’t feel any anger towards Agewa-san.

 ”I was actually happy.”


 ”Yeah, because I realized that both Mikuni-san and Mother were doing their best to protect me. Knowing that I was truly loved made me happy.”

 As someone who didn’t have parents in my previous life, the feelings and desires of those two taught me about the love within a family. And…

 ’The time that is lost may never return. However, there must be a way to make up for that lost time!! So, you should also try your best!’

 That’s right. I said that to Kujaku and thought that I should also give it my all.

 ”Mikuni-san… Oh, can I call you mom?”

 When I said that, Mom Mikuni started to cry. It wasn’t the acting of the famous actress, Yukishiro Mikuni, but the tears of a simple mother. I also felt my eyes getting a little wet.

 ”Y-yes, of course…!”

 ”Then, you can call me Aqua too.”

 ”Aqua… Aqua!!”

 I hugged Mom Mikuni.

 ”I’m happy. Miku-chan! And Aqua-chan too!”



 Before I knew it, everyone had woken up and was looking at us.

 ”I’m glad, mom.”

 ”Thank you! Shitori-chan!!”

 Mom Mikuni and Shitori-onee-chan hugged each other. Unlike me, Shitori-onee-chan had memories of the time they spent together, so she probably had stronger feelings than I did. Still, instead of blaming me for what I did to Agewa-san, both the mother and Shitori-onee-chan praised me, and that made me happier than anything else.

 ”Um, can I call you mom? Even if we’re not really family…”


 Lapis and mom Mikuni hug each other happily.

 I’m happy. It would have been great if Lazuli could have joined us on this trip, but she had to go back temporarily for some paperwork. I hope we can spend time with her family next time.

 ”Okay…! I’ve decided!!”


 Everyone looks at the confident mom.

 ”Mikuni-chan, we’re going to get married!!”


 Oh… I just remembered, these two aren’t married. That’s why mom and mom Mikuni have different last names.

 ”If that’s the case, I’ll give you both a wedding ceremony as a gift.”



 The two playfully toss me around. Lapis and Shitori-onee-chan also join in. The five of us, our family, gather together and have endless conversations. We have a happy and relaxed time, and before we know it, we all fall asleep together.


 Ugh… I think I caught a cold. After I got home, I ended up catching a cold and missed school completely. I never imagined that I would almost die from it.

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