Male Idol V12c3

Volume 12 Chapter 3 Kohina Yukari, Beryl&Beryl January Sp

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’Yes! So, beryl&beryl’s New Year’s SP special edition is starting!’

 While listening to Toa-chan’s enthusiastic cheers, I take small bites of the sweet and spicy dried squid on a stick. Unfortunately, the meal I bought from the convenience store two days ago is finished, so this will be my dinner for today.

 ’So, what are we going to do today?’

 As I look at the always clueless Useless Aqua, I continue chewing on the dried squid. Hey! This squid is too tough! I don’t know which company made it, but they will regret challenging me!! Even so, I have confidence in my teeth. After all, teeth are important for an actress.

 ’Today, I thought we could have a training camp at this guesthouse to prepare for the January live tour! Please change into this sports jersey.’


 The four of them change into sports jerseys. Huh? Doesn’t Toa-chan’s jersey look a bit big? It’s too loose and baggy. And Mayuzumi-kun’s jersey is normal, but why are Tenga-kun’s jersey sleeves completely torn and hanging loose? Staff, you should properly manage the quality!

 Also, those crappy jerseys look like something a student would wear – definitely Akocchi’s style. Instead of using executive authority for such small matters, there are surely more important things to do.

 ’Matching shirts are the best! They even have the word BERYL on them, I’m really happy about this!!’

 But on the other hand, this Useless Aqua. What’s with this cheap-looking shirt trying so hard to be cool? Ugh, now those clueless and stupid people will think Aqua-sama is cool.

 ’But, this name tag that looks like a bib is a little embarrassing!! And to make it worse, why is it written in hiragana as Aqua, not even a last name!’

 ’The president told me to do it.’


 Ah, Akocchi would probably like that kind of thing. Sorry, everyone, but let’s go along with Akocchi’s questionable taste.

 ’So, what are we going to do during the training camp?’

 ’Please check this for that.’

 Toa-chan opens the notebook he received from the staff. I feel like BERYL is running smoothly because he’s the most reliable.

 ’Well, starting today, we will have a 2-day overnight training camp. Please complete the following missions. That’s what it says.’

 Day 1:

 On the first day, we will have basic training, which includes running together as a group. For lunch, let’s all make curry together. We will also practice dancing and do vocal training. In the evening, we will have a barbecue for everyone. After eating, we will have some time for self-practice. Tenga-kun, make sure to get a good night’s sleep!

 Day 2:

 On the second day, we will participate in the local radio exercises early in the morning. After waking up, everyone will eat the leftover curry from yesterday. We will clean up the area and pick up trash. Then we will disband and everyone should be careful on their way home. Aqua-kun, don’t take any detours!

 Hmm, I thought they understood the instructions well from the last set, but this is definitely Akocchi-style.

 ’I see, well then, shall we start with some running?’


 The four of them start running and immediately meet local residents.

 ””Good morning!””

 ’A-Aqua-sama!? And everyone, why are you here!? Is this finally the welcome from heaven…’

 Wait, the old lady they met first is very sick! If it’s an area with many elderly people, Beryl should have explained beforehand. Seriously, it’s not a joke. Because of encountering Useless Aqua, some elderly people here have lost their will to live and are ready to move on.

 ’We’re gonna be here for the training camp, but just today and tomorrow. Thanks for helping!’


 Oh no, this is bad, huh? Well, at least the old lady got to have a nice dream at the end. Rest in peace. Namo Namo.

 ’Hey, what’s up? Everyone’s getting quieter. 1, 2, 1, 2!’

 I wonder why this person is always so lively. Clearly, he has a lot of energy. Yet, when he’s with me, he seems tired and lazy!

 ’Oh, morning!’

 Aqua speeds up a bit and runs next to two girls running ahead.


 ’Aqua-kun, Aqua-sama!?’

 The two girls look surprised at Aqua. Hmph, there’s something big shaking right in front of him, but this person never shows any signs of it when he’s being an idol.

 ’Haa… haa… I… can’t… do it…’

 Upon finishing the run, Toa-chan sat down on the ground right away.

 ’Haa, haa, haa…’

 Mayuzumi-kun took off his glasses and wiped his sweat. It seemed tough for him too.


 Tenga-kun, compared to Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun, seemed a bit more relaxed.

 ’Okay, everyone, next is stretching!’

 Why is this guy the only one full of energy? He looks the same before and after running! If anything, it’s like his engine started, and he became a bit more lively.

 ’Yes, everyone in front of the TV, one, two, three, four!’

 Ouch! Wait, that hurts! Why is his body so flexible? Wow, what’s with that weird movement!? There’s no way a regular person can do that!

 ’Now… it’s still a bit early for lunch, so I’ll do some muscle training!’

 Hey, look at those three behind with blank expressions. Aqua’s turn will continue for a while. Aqua, after making clattering sounds with mechanical training, suddenly starts boxing when he finds a punching bag.

 Again, this guy… I grab the tablet from the table and check social media reactions.

 Shumi the Maiden@Heaven’s Sword Reopening Wait.

 Wow! Aqua-sama is boxing, and it looks really cool!

 Beginning of 616@Zandam Wait.

 Everything looks so cool!

 Worker-holic@Need a Break.

 I wish I could be the punching bag…

 RamenHagetoru@NOT Sage Mode.

 Started cleaning the floor for free. Hehe.

 Also, I’m exclusively buying Aqua-sama’s sweat!

 Look, those stupid girls are coming again! Wait, they’re actually regular customers. I thought he had more stupid fans, but it’s just the same sensible fans reacting. I close my tablet and smile at the bear howling on the case. Akocchi said the bear doesn’t have a silly face, but it’s actually cute. Sorry, Akocchi, but your taste is not good.

 In that sense, Useless Aqua’s taste is not bad, choosing this as a Christmas present or giving me the Yukari Goha T-shirt I’m wearing now. That’s one of his few good points, I think.

 ’Okay! I’m hungry, let’s cook curry together, everyone!!’


 Why is it that you, who moves the most, have the most energy!! That’s not fair! Someone comment on this!

 ’Yes, yes, yes! I want to cook curry!!’

 ’In that case, I’ll prepare the vegetables.’

 ’Well, then I’ll make a salad. Shintaro, can you handle the rice?’


 The four of them each start their assigned tasks. Useless Aqua takes out his knife and cuts the vegetables skillfully like a pro. Great, he’s using the gaming PC-colored knife and the black knife that looks like a Japanese sword that I gave him as a gift.

 ’Hey, junior, where did you get that super cool knife!?’

 Tenga-kun, who was next to him, gets excited. Oh, he has a good taste to appreciate the quality of the gift.

 ’Ah, I got this knife as a gift from Kohina-senpai when we finished at Yuu-onii.’

 ’I want the same one…!’

 ’In that case, next time, I’ll ask Kohina-senpai where she bought it for you.’

 ’Thanks, junior!!’

 Aqua, have you ever received an email from the place where you bought it? Aqua finished the preparations and went to Toa-chan.

 ’How’s it going?’

 ’I’m making boiled eggs.’

 ’That’s great! Should I make some mayonnaise then?’

 ’Huh? You make your own mayonnaise too?’

 ’Yeah! Toa-chan can you get the eggs?’


 Toa-chan and Aqua stood together and started making mayonnaise.

 Wow, he can actually make mayonnaise! Aqua began making mayonnaise with practiced hands. Come to think of it, could it be that the sandwiches and potato salad he made so deliciously were because he made the mayonnaise from scratch? No way… I just realized that from watching this show.

 ’Yes! And with that, the curry is complete!!’




 The curry is in front of the four people at the table. Ah, I’m feeling a bit hungry. I playfully send Useless Aqua a message about being hungry about 10 times in a row.

 ’Wow, it smells so good already!!’

 ’I’m getting hungry!’

 ’Me too.’

 ’Count me in too!’

 ’Well then, should we all eat at the same time?’

 Aqua, using his eyes to signal the other three, puts his hands together.

 ’We are grateful for the food and the farmers who make our meals every day!’


 The four of them scoop up the curry rice with spoons and almost at the same time take a bite. Suddenly, all four of them start choking.

 ’Wait! This is so s-sp-spicy!’


 ’Cough, cough’

 The three of them look at Tenga-kun, who cooked the curry, at the same time.

 ’I’m sorry… there was a sad accident. I accidentally put too much turmeric.’

 ’What kind of accident?’

 The scene changes, showing Tenga-kun cooking. Tenga-kun wanted to treat his juniors to delicious curry, so he used 30 different spices for flavoring. It seems like he was the only one who knew in advance that he would be cooking curry.

 Like the other three, Tenga-kun was doing well at first, but an unfortunate accident happened when he used turmeric. The lid of the container with turmeric unexpectedly came off, and it spilled into the curry. I couldn’t help but laugh and bang the table.

 ’I understand… There’s nothing we can do about it.’

 ’Yes, I get it.’

 ’Tenga-senpai, please don’t feel down.’

 The three of them comforted Tenga-kun. What should they do with this curry? Will they eat it all?

 Well, if the staff is in the same price range as the average fan, they would probably eat it all while crying, but I don’t think that Useless Aqua would allow that.

 ’Don’t worry. Since I’ve already served this curry, let’s add some coconut milk to reduce the spiciness. If it’s still not enough, we can use honey to further reduce the spiciness.’

 With Aqua’s advice, it seems like the spiciness of the curry has improved quite a bit. The four of them, who said “Itadakimasu” again, finished their curry rice neatly.

 ’Now let’s adjust the taste of the leftover curry.’

 Aqua added plenty of sautéed onions, grated garlic, bouillon, coconut milk, and other ingredients to neutralize the spiciness.

 ’Yeah, I think that’s it. The rest will be a surprise for tomorrow morning! Heating up, done!’

 Oh, wow, it looks better somehow. With a piece of dried squid in my mouth, I clapped happily. This person, he should be a good person without being silly or overly affectionate with girls… But the women in the world see Aqua acting silly and cute, and they spoil him like a parent.

 Well, I can’t blame them, since Aqua is perfect as a boy, there’s no room for criticism. In that sense, Hakuryuu-sensei and Kotono-san with an age difference spoil him, and Yui-san is like that too. Only Kanon-san sometimes teases Aqua, but surprisingly, she’s the one who treats him the most properly.

 ’For now, should we try playing this one song all the way through?’

 ’Yes, I think that’s a good idea.’

 ’Alright, let’s give it a try.’


 After the lunch scene, the next scene is the practice scene, which is the purpose of the training camp. It is the first time that BERYL has shown the practice that they usually do. The serious expressions of the four boys practicing attracted a lot of attention on social media.

 ’Hey, can we make this a little better?’

 ’Yeah, I think it’s best if we adjust this part properly, just like they said.’

 After watching the recorded video themselves, Aqua explains to everyone on stage while showing the moves.

 ’Here! And also, here! Pay attention because if everyone’s dance is not right at these two points, it will look bad! Okay, let’s start by practicing our singing and then try to match it with the music!’

 The four of them practice their singing and warm up their voices, and then they match their dance moves with the music.

 ’Oops! My leg, this leg!!’

 While dancing, Tenga-kun gets frustrated and hits his own leg because he couldn’t match his steps properly.

 ’Sorry, during the second chorus, my movement was slow and I couldn’t switch smoothly.’

 Mayuzumi-kun, who couldn’t do the turn and changed one beat late, also expresses his frustration.

 ’When I start dancing, my singing gets a little off.’

 Toa-chan also thinks about her performance.

 ’Yeah, yeah, let’s be careful there and try again. But we’re already doing much better than before! Let’s do it with more confidence!!’

 On the other hand, this person never makes a mistake during practice, not even once. Even from my perspective as a beginner, his performance is just like being on a real stage.

 It’s not boring at all! I want to say that, but when I think about it, it’s natural for someone like me, an actress, to not make mistakes during script reading. In that sense, I’ve found a good companion, not just a friend. It’s quite impressive to not be affected by such a difference all the time. Such a person is rare, so it’s important to treasure them.

 ’Nice to meet you today!’

 ””Nice to meet you!!””

 ’Hey, you little troublemakers, nice to meet you!’

 Now, they receive singing and dancing guidance from Ichise-san and Kobayashi-san, who joined in the middle. As I enjoy some dried squid, I notice another interesting fact. From this point onwards, Aqua is aware of the stage, not only adjusting his expressions to match the song, but also creating an atmosphere. I’m not sure if it’s because the camera is rolling and he’s in idol mode, or if he’s consciously aware of it in his everyday life, but even in situations like this, he is still the idol Shirogane Aqua.

 ’So, we’re here!! It’s time for a barbecue that I’ve been excited about!! Let’s eat meatーーー!’


 Hey, hey, hey, look at those three over there, they don’t seem very energetic! But why is he the only one full of energy…. Aqua, who made the tired three sit down, started preparing the barbecue alone. And on top of that, he’s been talking to the camera all by himself….

 ’Hey, how about this? Doesn’t it look delicious?’

 The camera nods up and down.

 ’Alright! Then, to the camera and everyone on the other side of the camera, here, ahh!’

 Yeah, yeah. And then, those girls who are all excited and making a fuss on the internet about the service. Ugh… I bit into the dried squid at the same time as the ‘ahh’ timing, but somehow I feel like I lost. Come to think of it, I haven’t received a reply to the message from earlier. I’ll send a message saying it’s okay even at the barbecue.

 ’Everyone, it’s doneー! But wait, huh?’

 When Aqua brings the food to the table, the three are still sleeping in their chairs. Well, it’s normal to get tired. Aqua quietly leaves the place, realizing that.

 ’Um, would you like to eat first? I will cook.’

 Aqua said that and served the staff the food he cooked. Of course, he also ate his own meal at the same time.

 ’Sorry, I fell asleep for a little while.’

 ’No problem.’

 ’I will also grill some meat!’

 He met up with the three people who woke up in the middle and continued the barbecue with four people. By the way, how much does this person eat? It’s strange that he eats so much but doesn’t gain weight. Maybe he burns off all the energy she consumes.

 ’Okay, it’s time for individual practice, let’s do our best!’

 Toa-chan is doing vocal training, Mayuzumi-kun is checking his dance moves that have been failing, and Tenga-kun is exercising to burn off the calories he ate. Wow, everyone is very determined. I like people with determination.

 As for Aqua, who is not very useful, he slowly imitates each movement in slow motion, checking the angle of his fingertips, and so on. Personally, I want Aqua to be fully focused as an actor, but when I see him doing these things, I can’t say that. I know he is serious about being an idol. The other kids around him also see that. Because Aqua, the genius, is doing a lot of ordinary things, the other kids naturally follow suit. I think this is a good cycle. Even though they say they are practicing, the quality and direction of practice are important, and Beryl has the best role model right next to him in that regard.

 ’Yay, the bath after practice feels so good!’

 ’Senpai… even if it’s reserved, you can’t swim, you know?’

 ’Hey, can I help you wash your back?’

 ’Aqua’s hand with the sponge feels so weird, I don’t like it.’

 The four friends are in the bath, and I can only hear their voices, no pictures. People who saw it are talking a lot on the internet. I wonder why it’s so interesting?

 ’Well, it’s bedtime now. Let’s go to sleep.’

 ’I’m already sleepy.’

 ’I’m sleepy too.’

 ’I still have a lot of energy!!’

 Everyone guides Tenga-kun to bed and makes him sleep. Checking social media, Shirogane Aqua’s bedtime song is trending at number one.


 Later, they all fall asleep. Aqua quickly falls asleep as soon as he gets into bed. he goes to the dream world so fast, it’s like he fainted, just like Kenzaki.


 Huh? He looks like he’s in pain, is everything okay!? D-does he has some serious illness or something!? I should call Akocchi and ask her to go to a big hospital early!!

 ’Stop it. Yukari Gon, the giant monster! Don’t stomp on the town with a tantrum anymore!!’

 Huh!? What kind of dream is he having at a time like this? That idiot!!

 Return the kindness I showed earlier when I was worried and in a panic!!

 Kuga Reira@Returning to Japan.

 LOL, that’s hilarious!

 Mutsumiya Seijuu@Mayuzumi-kun is doing his best.

 Yukari Gon, LMAO.

 Tsuwabuki Hiromasa@Aspiring Onmyoji 2.

 Huh? Yukari Gon, the giant monster, is scary….

 Kanade Ichika@Aspiring Onmyoji 2.

 I’m really curious about Aqua-kun’s dream.

 Ayafuji Midori@Aspiring Onmyoji 2.

 He even chases you into your dreams….

 Kobayakawa Yuki@Finally transformed!

 Could it be that you’re also a hero in your dreams?

 Yukishiro Mikuni@Waiting for the parent-child job.

 Being able to appear in Aqua-kun’s dreams, Kohina-san is lucky….

 Morikawa Kaede@Look forward to the next ‘Morikawa Kaede’ room!

 Scary. Kohina Yukari-san, scary.

 Sayamu Inko@Holospray

 Wowaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It’s the big monster Yukari Gonnnnnn.

 Tsukimachi Ayana@eau de Cologne

 Aqua, you’re going to get scolded again….

 Atori Ako@Beryl Entertainment

 Aqua-kun, even in your dreams, it’s great to see you having fun with Yukari.

 Beyond Production


 Hmm, I’m going to write down the names of those who just tweeted. Except for Ayana-chan and Akocchi, I’ll write down everyone else. Also, isn’t it the president who tweets from our official social media? Take a screenshot of the tweet, attach it as it is, and write on social media that the president knows who wrote it.


 The screen changes, and an empty bed is shown. I thought Tenga-kun had woken up, but it was a different bed. Mayuzumi-kun, who woke up, quietly practices dancing alone. He was the one who struggled with the dance the most. So he must have been frustrated. It’s okay, it’s okay.

 Without that frustration, he won’t be able to improve. The screen changes, and Toa-chan, who is also practicing in hiding, is shown. Je’s in the same situation as Mayuzumi-kun. Both of them are determined to catch up with the idol Shirogane Aqua. And so, each night passes.


 I woke up and saw Aqua sleeping. Oh no, he should make a funny face while sleeping. Like, with his mouth open and drool hanging down!


 Aqua, feeling that something was strange, sat up and looked towards the strange feeling. Maybe Toa-chan was here? Did he come into bed half-asleep like before?

 ’Good morning, junior!’

 For some reason, Tenga-kun with a smile was lying next to Aqua.

 ’Whoa, senpai, what are you doing!?’

 ’I was looking at junior’s sleeping face! I thought you might wake up soon, feeling lonely all alone…’

 The scene changed, showing Tenga-kun waking up early in the morning, apparently practicing alone.

 ’Senpai, even so, lying next to me is scary!’

 ’Hahaha, true!’

 Tenga-kun stood up and revealed a big sign he had hidden behind him.

 [Successful Morning Surprise!!]

 Hahaha, serves you right! This is what happens when you turn people into giant monsters in dreams without permission!! Well done, Tenga-kun! After that, the two went to play a prank on Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun. Toa-chan silently scolded them with warmth, and Mayuzumi-kun was annoyed, asking what they had been doing since morning.

 ’We should do morning exercises on the radio now!’

 When everyone goes outside, they go to the park where local people are doing radio exercises.

 ’Oh, it’s Aqua-sama!’

 ’No way!? Toa-chan is here too!?’

 ’Ah, it’s Tenga-senpai!’

 ’Mayushin-kun, look over here!’

 The four of them step forward and bow to the local people.

 ’Good morning, everyone!’

 ”””””Good morning!”””””

 ’Thank you for letting us join in your radio exercises today! Now, since it’s cold outside, let’s warm up our bodies by starting the radio exercises right away!!’

 The four join the local people in doing the radio exercises. A nice and fun time passes. After the radio exercises, Aqua and the others stamp a special card prepared just for that day with a big stamp bearing the signatures of all the members. Come to think of it, when I met Aqua before, he said he wanted to connect with the local community through the program, not just during the national tour.

 ’Thank you, everyone!’

 After returning to the training camp, the four of them eat the curry from yesterday. Aqua seems to have improved the taste, making it delicious the next morning.

 ’Now, let’s clean up and go home at last!’


 With plastic bags and tongs in their hands, the four of them walk around, talking to local residents while cleaning up the garbage. The locals also join in because of their efforts, turning it into a big garbage cleanup. Well, that’s to be expected.

 ’Yes, so that concludes the training camp!’

 After finishing the garbage cleanup and returning to the training camp, the four of them start saying their goodbyes. Ah, my stomach is starting to growl. Seriously, why isn’t that person responding yet!


 Alright, alright, who is making so much noise at this hour! Just wait a moment! I get up from the table with a heater underneath, walk with heavy steps, and open the door.

 ”Senpai, you should at least keep some cup noodles at home.”

 ”It can’t be helped. By the time I noticed, they were already gone!”

 ”Well, they’ll disappear once you eat them.”

 ”Oh? I saw someone behind Aqua.”

 ”Well, well. Sorry for coming so late at night.”

 ”Oh, Ayana-chan, good evening!”

 Oh, oh, oh, both of them came, does that mean… could it be a date!? Huh? No? Just happened to be at the TV station and came straight here? Oh, how dull. Ayana-chan, you should be more assertive. Hey, you fool, if you push with your chest, he’ll fall for you in a second. These two are really frustrating. Oh, I’ve come up with a good idea!


 ”What is it, Yukari-senpai?”

 ”Ayana-chan, you live alone, right?”

 ”Oh, yes, but…”

 ”All right! Let’s live in the neighborhood of that guy’s house together!”


 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll pay the rent. Then, every night, we can feast at his house!”

 And gradually, I’ll bring Ayana-chan together, and as a bonus, I’ll invade the Shirogane family as a mother-in-law. Meals, cleaning, laundry, everything will be taken care of by Useless Aqua or the maid, so am I not a genius for coming up with such things?

 ”Okay, then, I’ll do it!”

 ”Huh? Oh… okay…”

 Sniff sniff… smells nice, right? Wait, is that curry!? I get up from the warm table and go to the kitchen.

 ”Is the curry ready?”

 ”Yeah, yeah, just wait a bit. Here, have some of these dried squid skewers I bought. You like these, right?”

 ”Um, I was eating those a moment ago, so I’m good.”

 ”Come on. If that’s the case, just sit and wait. Oh, by the way, didn’t you talk to Ayana earlier?”

 Whoo! I whistle innocently to change the subject.

 ”Oh, suspicious… this can’t be anything good…”

 Hey, stop worrying about that and focus on making the curry! You’ll thank me later anyway, so why not? Come on, today I’ll even help you.

 ”No, you stay cozy under the warm table, okay?”

 ”Hey! I offer to help and this is what I get? Seriously!”

 ”Please calm down, Yukari-senpai…”

 Look at it later. It must be close to your home. No, I will find a way to live in the same apartment complex as you!

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