Male Idol V12c2

Volume 12 Chapter 2 Chihiro Claire, Awakening Of My Fetish

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 ”So, that’s how it is.”

 ”Why did it turn out like that!?”

 Huh? Wait, am I crazy? I stop to understand what’s going on in my head. She helped at a concert because someone needed help. Yeah, that’s okay so far. It might be a story that couldn’t happen to anyone else, but with Emily-san, it’s possible. And then, for some reason, at that concert, she manages to excite fans of other idols.

 Ah… yeah, it took me a little time to understand, but watching Emily-san in Mary and Emily-san in Holy Aqua Religion, I thought it might be possible. Even though there is the absolute god, Shirogane Aqua-kun, Emily-san has a track record of increasing the number of believers to hundreds of millions in just six months, making believers even out of foreign royalty and the most important person in our country. If that’s the case, it might be possible to excite about 500 people in just one concert.

 I don’t know why, but Emily-san, like Aqua-kun, has something that disrupts other people’s lives.

 ”Well, I never thought something like that would happen. Hahaha…”

 ”Those are my words…”

 I knew about Beryl Enterprise from the beginning. But I thought everything was fine since they were working normally, so I didn’t pay much attention. But it seems I made a mistake. After investigating, I found out that Strawberry Princess is a group of five idols, but three of them left because they wanted different things and found other jobs, one is in the hospital, and the last one ran away. Thanks to the previous manager who shared this on the internet, they didn’t face much controversy, but people treated it like a joke. This is not good at all.

 Both Aqua-kun and Emily-san are really strong when faced with difficulties. Even Mikuni-sama, who is related to both of them, said that when she went to other countries, people made fun of Japanese people. But Mikuni-sama managed to overcome all of that.

 For these three, being in a tough situation is like being on a stage. The lower the expectations, the more these three, who have great skills, will deliver what is expected. But that’s not all.

 Idols, in the first place, are like symbols of saints in religion. Emily-san represents the desired image more than anyone else. If I had to describe it in one word, I would say she is easily enthusiastic. While most people would be cautious and take a step back, Emily-san takes a step forward. This is something that cannot be achieved through hard work alone. It feels different from talent too.

 Her nature is that of a leader… or rather, she tends to start chaos and involve everyone around her. That’s why she is well-suited for live idol performances that involve the audience.

 ”Well, even I didn’t expect that. I watched the video later, and yeah, the words didn’t match the song parts, and there were times when I mumbled and couldn’t be clearly heard. I also mostly did upper body movements to cover up the dance… Well, since I didn’t practice, it’s not as good as Aqua-sama or Ayana-chan. But why is everyone so excited!!”

 Hmm, maybe that’s the feeling of live performance. From the audience’s view, she’s an idol pitied, with no fans and nobody coming. Despite that, she gathered the courage to come out alone and showed a strong performance in a different situation. That’s the only fact.

 What’s important for idols is whether people want to support them or not. And for the audience, what matters is not the backstage, but what happened on stage, what they actually saw and experienced. Even if the performance wasn’t perfect, many people were moved by the desperate effort.

 In other words, the moment Emily-san makes people feel like they want to support her, she entered the winning pattern… This is also business as usual. Ah, my stomach hurts! Time for some medicine…

 ”Still? How did you end up belonging to both agencies?”

 ”Well, I said no to Beyond Production because Kohina Yukari-senpai is really scary, so I joined Beryl instead to avoid any more weird situations.”

 ”Yes, I think that’s a good idea.”

 It’s easier for me to handle things when both sources of trouble (Aqua-kun and Emily-san) are in the same place. If problems come up in different places, I’ll have to run around with the nuclear button too.

 ”So, I explained this situation to President Atori, just in case.”

 ”Yes, I think that’s also a good idea.”

 Oh, discussing things is a good thing, right? But, from now on, please talk to me first, okay?

 ”Then, because it seems like it will be interesting, she said I could join there too.”


 President Atori? I press the switch that I had put in my pocket to calm myself down. When I press this, everyone becomes obedient and well-behaved good children, you know.

 ”And then, President Atori told me to call the president over there, and she was really surprised, just like me.”

 ”Yes, that’s what usually happens.”

 ”In the end, President Atori decided to give money in exchange for me also joining as Shiro Ichigo Koneko, a member of Strawberry Princess.”

 ”Huh? So, why did it happen like that?”

 It seems that President Atori saw some potential in that performance. Unlike Aqua-kun, President Atori’s stance as a president can be understood even from Beryl’s audition.

 As a business leader, the only thing she cares about to make employees happy is whether it can be sold easily or if it will sell well, in other words, whether it can guarantee profits. That’s why even in the secretly obtained scoring sheets, Ako-san supported the trio of Lapis-san, Subaru-san, and Lazuli-san from beginning to end and gave high scores to the six marketable individuals, Kukuri-sama, Her Highness Finus, and Her Highness Hermie.

 Aqua-kun, who gave the highest score to Inori Hisui-san and former chairman Natsuki Sana, focusing on the performance of the live stage, and these two did not change their scoring or selection criteria from beginning to end. However, looking at the scoring sheets of the other four judges who were involved in the actual guidance, it is possible that they scored based on different criteria, such as the growth and potential of the audition members, their efforts, and approach to practice.

 ”Okay. Let’s say, just for talking about it, we get why President Atori did what she did. Is it still okay for Emily-san?”


 Even though I got a bit lost in my thoughts, aside from the president, Atori Ako’s own opinion is really important for Aqua-kun. President Atori left Emily-san to pursue her masked idol activities because she felt that there was even the slightest chance that she would ignite Aqua-kun.

 There are many actors who can help Aqua-kun as an actor, and a really competitive actress will try her best to stay ahead of Aqua-kun, so that should be okay. But… as an idol, only Ayana-chan can help Aqua-kun. I saw a bit of Inori Hisui-san in the video, and she seems to have something more than just being a copy of Aqua-kun, but I feel like she’s still not catching up there.

 Similarly, President Natsuki Sana also seems to be missing something important to reach that level. The guys from BERYL are working hard, but… they’re not on the same level as Aqua-kun.

 Thinking about it this way, Emily-san is not less than Aqua-kun in basic skills, charm, and, most importantly, the ability to excite those around her. All that’s left is practice… if she wants to do it, that is.

 ”Shiro Ichigo Koneko is like a temporary member, and I plan to quit once the hospitalized members are discharged and their recovery is complete. So, it’s like a temporary affiliation until then.”

 ”I wonder if that’s true…”

 I feel uneasy, but I can’t do anything now. I stand up from my seat and get ready to go home.

 ”Oh? Claire, are you going somewhere?”

 ”Yes. Today is the day for that massage.”

 Luckily, I won in Aqua-kun’s New Year’s lottery, so today is the day I get to enjoy that privilege.

 ”I see… Have fun with Aqua-sama’s special massage!”

 ”Why are you adding ‘special’ to it?! Geez, it’s just a regular massage.”

 ”Huh? Aren’t you going to have certain areas touched? Or a massage on the slightly raised part below your belly button?”

 ”Stop saying strange things when I’m about to get a massage!!”

 If I kept talking to Emily-san, I would start feeling strange, so I quickly leave the room. I don’t know why my mind is so naughty, even though I’ve had various experiences with Aqua-kun. Maybe it’s because she’s actually more shy and careful than anyone, or maybe she’s like a mysterious boss. The more time I spend with her, the more I realize how much she pretends. But if I look at her actual actions, it’s clear to anyone that she is kind and gentle. Well, the fact that she’s a bit… well, quite naughty is a flaw.

 ”Um, is this the right place…?”

 Aqua-kun called me to a room on the maid residence floor of his apartment building.

 ”Chihiro Claire-sama, I’ve been waiting for you.”

 ”Ah… Pegonia-san. Thank you for helping me today.”

 Pegonia-san led me into the room. Is this… a room for massages with showers?

 ”Master (Danna-sama) will be here soon, so please take a shower in the meantime.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 ”I’ll leave your change of clothes here, so take your time…”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 I took off my clothes and put them in the basket, then went into the shower to wash off the sweat. I should probably clean thoroughly just in case something happens…


 After changing into the gown that was outside, I sat on the bed. I was still waiting, and then I heard footsteps from outside. Oh, maybe they have arrived?

 ”Excuse me!”

 ”Oh, hi there.”

 Aqua-kun, dressed like a person who gives massages, came into the room. Even though it was January, he was wearing short sleeves, showing his arms and making my heart beat fast. Soon, he’ll use those arms to explor——message my body. Oh no, if I think strange things, my disposable pants might uncomfortable.

 ”Um, Claire-san, is there a specific place that has been feeling tight or bothering you lately? I want to focus on that during the massage.”



 Because of the talk with Emily-san, I almost mentioned a word related to the breast. I have to avoid that at all costs. Hmm, hmm. What are words that start with “B” and are not related to the breast? Oh, I know!



 Wait! What am I saying!? No, that’s not it. That’s not it at all!

 ”I-I mean, belly button or something.”

 ”Belly button!?”

 Wait, why is Aqua-kun reacting to the mention of the belly button? The belly button should be a safe area, right? I thought I mentioned a part that shouldn’t be used for anything inappropriate, like the belly button.

 ”Um, so, it’s the buttocks and the belly button, right? I’ll take care of it for you!!”

 ”Um… yeah. Yes, please…”

 Even though I was really embarrassed, I couldn’t say “I can’t do this now” because Aqua-kun was so happy that I secretly did a little victory pose…

 ”Then, could you remove your outer clothes and lie facing down?”


 Oh, wait? When I look closely, are these paper underwear… see-through?

 I lay facing down on the bed, as if to hide it.

 ”It’s a little cold…”

 Oh… wait, if I’m whispered to in such a sweet voice, it really makes the paper panties damp. When Aqua-kun dripped oil onto his hand and gently touched my thigh.


 Oh, a strange sound came out of me…

 Because the oil is cold, and oh, Aqua-kun’s touch feels kind of, really naughty. It’s probably just my imagination, but it doesn’t feel like it’s just my imagination…

 ”Oh, Claire-san, sorry. If my touch feels strange or uncomfortable in any way, please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 ”Oh, um, it’s okay.”

 I’m sure no girl would feel uncomfortable or dislike being touched by Aqua-kun. I think everyone would want to be touched, even if they have to pay for it.


 Oh, he’s massaging even the inside of my thighs. I’m worried that the sheets on the bed might get stained because of me.

 ”T-then, I’ll massage your buttocks now.”


 Ah, lifting it up from below like that… Mmm, this might be bad. It’s close to my intimate area, so I’ll definitely react…!

 ”G-gulp, what a buttocks… Small, well-shaped, undoubtedly top-notch among the buttocks I’ve seen. Thank you. Thank you.”

 Oh, Aqua-kun, did you say something just now? Sorry, I was completely unable to hear what you said. Should I ask again?


 Every time Aqua-kun kneads the flesh of my buttocks, my body trembles, my n**pl*s rub, and sounds escape. Ah, wait, his thumb is near my anus, mmm!


 After some time, Aqua-kun’s big, hard thumb goes into my buttocks… I wonder how it feels to have my buttocks touched like that? Just thinking about Aqua-kun doing it makes my heart beat fast. Even if it’s just a little bit, just the top part, I wish he would touch my buttocks.

 ”What’s the matter?”

 ”Oh, it’s nothing… mmm”

 Why did I have to ask that? After making my buttocks sticky with oil, Aqua-kun tells me to lie on my back.

 ”Yes, okay.”

 Oh, wow~. Thanks to the oil Aqua-kun applied, I can hide it, but my underwear is wet and see-through from what I released. S-Sorry. You can clearly see the lines. It’s more than just inappropriate, isn’t it?

 ”U-Um, should I change my underwear?”

 ”Ah, y-yeah”

 I take advantage of Aqua-kun’s words and change my underwear right there. Aqua-kun had his back turned, but I felt like he was looking at me through the mirror. It’s just my imagination, right? After changing, I look for a bin to throw away the disposable underwear.

 ”It’s my responsibility to take care of it, so please rest assured.”

 ”Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

 I give Aqua-kun the dirty paper pants. Then, Aqua-kun quickly puts the dirty pants in his pocket, just as fast as Kenzaki. Oh no, if you put something so dirty in your pocket, it will get all sticky with what I’ve produced.

 ”Well then, next I’ll massage around your belly button.”

 ”Uh, okay.”

 Aqua-kun puts oil on his hand and gently touches my waist. Hyann… I manage to hold back my voice and endure the urge to wet this time. But, unlike my voice, there’s something I can’t hold back. Even though I changed clothes carefully, what should I do if I get wet again?


 Aqua-kun stimulates the area right next to my belly button with his thumb. Ah, mmm, this might be bad… Because it’s so close to that area, it feels like Aqua-kun is massaging my private part. This is practically segs. I remember when Emily-san told me to let Aqua-kun massage her private part, and my face turns red. Oh, no, no, Aqua-kun is earnestly massaging me, so it’s rude of me to think such naughty things.

 ”What a mysterious belly button. It’s like… you know.”

 Hm? Aqua-kun, did you say something again? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you well because I’m a bit overwhelmed… Also, I think you’ve already noticed, but even though I just got a new one, I wet my new diaper.

 ”Haa… haa…”

 Just getting a massage makes my breath faster.

 ”Claire-san, your legs are a bit swollen. I’ll massage this area too.”

 ”T-thank you.”

 Aqua-kun kneels on the floor and gently massages my calves while sitting on the bed. For a moment, I feel like his gaze is towards my disposable panties. Should I tell him that it’s see-through? I’ve been causing him trouble since earlier, I’m sorry.


 I grit my teeth.

 If I don’t, my face will twist in pleasure and saliva will start to dribble. Amazing. This is what a foot massage feels like. Even though pressing the pressure points on the soles of my feet should be painful, I’m more excited than ever.

 Ah, I see… Maybe I actually like being hurt. At that moment, I realized my own fetish for the first time.

 ”Sorry. Did it hurt?”

 ”No, actually, I might want it to hurt more.”

 Ahhh! Right there, like that, it feels really good! Mmm, ah, no. Even though I’m just getting a foot massage, my private part easily reached climax.


 ”Huh!? Ah…what? Is something wrong!?”

 Hm? I feel like he was in a hurry, what’s wrong? I lower my gaze to where Aqua-kun is looking. Ah, my chests are getting bigger and my paper bra has moved…. And then, I look back at Aqua-kun. He has a look filled with strong desire. Maybe he wants me to massage that area too?

 ”Um, um…could you, uh, massage the area under my armpit next to my chest?”

 Taking off the paper bra completely, I raise one hand up and ask Aqua-kun to massage my armpit. I actually wanted to ask for a chest massage, but I was too embarrassed.

 ”Is it okay!?”

 ”Um, yeah.”

 Aqua-kun raised both hands in a victory pose, cheering. Mine is not as big as Emily-san, but is that alright?

 ”Well then, excuse me from behind.”

 ”Um, yeah.”

 Oh, Aqua-kun!? Your face is close… wait, huh? Could it be that you’re smelling the sweat from my armpits that got a bit sweaty? No, no, that’s way too embarrassing! But, well, I don’t have the courage to point that out… ugh…. But, strangely enough, I don’t feel bad, and I might even be enjoying the fact that I’m feeling uplifted. It seems that besides painful things, I also like embarrassing things.

 ”Ah, this is nice. The scent of Claire-san’s body, sweat, and soap mixed together is nothing short of amazing.”

 Aqua-kun? What’s wrong today? You’re muttering a lot… I-I hope I don’t smell!? Oh… what should I do? Even if I’m told I smell, maybe that’s not so bad…. It seems that I also like being insulted. Ugh, today I feel like I’m being made aware of things I don’t want to know about myself.


 It feels like Aqua-kun is slowly moving his fingers towards my chest. Does he want to touch them?

 ”Um, can you please move your hands a little more forward…?”

 ”W-What!? Is this okay?”

 Oh, Aqua-kun’s fingers are touching my chest.

 ”Um, maybe a little more towards the front.”

 ”More!? Here, this area!?”

 Well, if he’s going to press there so firmly, maybe he should touch the important parts too.

 ”Um, maybe the tip there is a bit stiff…?”

 ”The tip!? You mean the very tip!?”

 Blushing, I turned my face bright red and nodded silently. Oh, oh, oh, Aqua-kun’s fingers are on my n**pl*… Mmm, what should I do? Even though there shouldn’t be any milk, my chest seems to be trying hard to produce some. They’re swollen, the n**pl*s are hard, and the depths of my ute*us feel incredibly sensitive and painful.

 ”Haa… haa… Mmm.”

 Huh? It feels like there’s something hard against my buttocks… What is it? Who’s the mischievous one pushing my buttocks? I reach out and confirm that it’s a stick-like object.


 Um, is it possible… this swelling…? Without letting on that I noticed, I lightly touch Aqua-kun’s leg over his pants. He seems excited, so he must not mind, right?


 Aqua-kun presses against me, gently touching my chest and slipping his other hand into my underwear. He’s touching my most sensitive area… This must mean it’s okay for me to do the same. I try to undo Aqua-kun’s belt, but it’s a bit difficult. Then, he takes the lead and lowers his pants and underwear.


 This is so different from what I read in the textbook. Did I make a mistake with the health and physical education textbook? Isn’t the shape and size completely different? I grasp Aqua-kun’s and slowly start to handle it. I wanted to ask if he could also massage my private parts with this thing, but Emily-san hasn’t done it yet, and Kukuri-sama is considerate… Yeah.

 Even though those two would probably approve if I did it first, things might get complicated within the group, so I’ll hold back this time… Besides, just knowing that Aqua-kun desires me is enough for now. But, but, it’s okay to rub and make him feel good with my hand, right?

 Scrub, scrub…scrub…

 I wonder if it feels better to go faster?

 Shh, shh, shh!

 When I moved my hands faster, something slippery came out from Aqua-kun’s private part. I wonder what this strong smell is. It smells like something that could make a girl go crazy instantly. Oh, Aqua-kun’s face looks so pained. Maybe he’s almost about to reach climax?

 ”S-shall I?”

 When I asked that, Aqua-kun nodded silently. If this continues, it’ll be a waste to let him reach climax like this. Just to be safe, I brought a simple s*men preservation kit…but if it’s discovered that a high-ranking member of the cult has Aqua-kun’s s*men, it’ll only make me feel worse. It’s a shame, but I have no choice but to let it come out wastefully.

 ”It’s okay. Do it whenever you want.”

 I held Aqua-kun’s private part even tighter and increased the speed. I remember that this feels better, right? Hmm, Aqua-kun’s breathing is becoming rougher.


 Aqua-kun’s private part, which I held tightly, was throbbing strongly over and over again. It was so hard that I could hear the sound of “thump, thump,” like a heartbeat. Ah, something hot is being poured onto my butt. Such a large amount, if this much fluid is released, I’ll definitely get pregnant.



 Aqua-kun turned my body towards him and pressed his private part firmly against my belly button. Huh, really!? Even though he just released so much fluid, he’s still so hard and erect!?

 ”Ah, ah”

 I’m being violated. My belly button is being violated. No, Aqua-kun. Even if you have intimate contact with my belly button, you can’t make a baby, you know?


 Ah, this is bad, he’s totally making a face like he’s about to release fluid. Fine. If he wants to release fluid on my belly button so much, go ahead and do it.

 Spurt, gurgle! Thump, thump…

 Amazing. The book said that boys don’t release much fluid, but Aqua-kun’s was so much. It was like he was blessing me, confirming my existence as a woman with the amount and force of his release.

 ”Sorry, sorry.”

 ”Um, no. It’s okay. But are you okay?”

 ”Ah… yeah. I’m fine, really sorry.”

 ”But it’s okay, it’s just a natural thing… um. By the way, can I use your shower?”

 ”Oh, yeah. Um, I’ll also go clean up a bit.”

 Saying that, Aqua-kun left.

 I took a shower. Honestly, I came multiple times just like Aqua-kun did. My underwear was wet, but I was able to handle it because I was calmer than I thought. If it had actually been inserted and it hurt, I don’t think I would have been able to handle it. It was really good that I ended up being the one to do it halfway through.

 ”Claire-san… I’m really sorry today.”

 ”No, it’s okay. Thank you for everything.”

 I parted ways with Aqua-kun as if nothing had happened.

 I secretly put my s*men extraction ID in Aqua-kun’s pants, I wonder if he’ll notice? While I was thinking about that, the count went up 10 times that night.

 ”Ah… Maybe I should have just done it without thinking about the cult at that time…”

 I lay on the bed and look at the screen of my smartphone. Then I get a message from someone. Who could it be? Maybe Aqua-kun?

 Sender: Yukishiro Emily

 Recipient: Chihiro Claire-sama

 Subject: Congratulations on your graduation!

 Content: How was Aqua-sama’s eggplant? I want to know all the details and how it felt. Can I call you and discuss it? Hehe…


 I turn off my smartphone without any expression and fall asleep in bed, ignoring Emily-san’s email. Kanon-san, Kirika-san, Morikawa-san, please do your best. I’m also looking forward to your great performance.

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