Male Idol V12c11

Volume 12 Chapter 11 Natalia Rosenesta, Morikawa Kaede’s Power Price!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My name is Natalia Rosenesta, and I am the new student council president at Otomezaki High School. I am related to Kanon, the unprecedented idol Shirogane Aqua-sama’s legal wife.

 Kanon and I have a strong resemblance, but I am slightly taller with a larger chest size, and my eyes have a slightly sharper look compared to Kanon’s soft eyes. So, when I was at Stars, there were times when people were disappointed, thinking, “Oh, it’s not Kanon-sama, but Natalia-sama instead.” I never thought that I would stay in Japan at the same time as her and fall in love with the same person, but I suppose such things happen in the world.

 ”Natalia, come back immediately after graduating from high school. Now that Kanon-sama and even Hermie-sama have fled from Stars, there is no one else but Victoria-sama to succeed as the next queen. Therefore, as the heir to this ducal family, who is the closest in bloodline to the Stars royal family, you will attend this university while receiving queen education as Victoria-sama’s spare. And this is beneficial for you as well.”

 As I opened the package sent by my mother during the winter break, I found several photos of men with whom I was supposed to have arranged marriages. It seems like such a luxury, considering the struggles of women in the world.

 But I couldn’t bring myself to meet those men. You see, as a devoted follower of the Holy Aqua Religion, I had sworn not to love any man other than Aqua-sama. I’m sorry, Mother, but I have decided that after graduating from high school, I will become a priest and dedicate my life to Aqua-sama and the Holy Aqua Religion.

 ”What? Become a priest? Does the Holy Aqua Religion have such a system? I don’t think so… Besides, it’s important to think about the future. There are so many enjoyable things in the world, and it would be a waste to dedicate yourself to the Holy Aqua Religion.”

 When I coincidentally met Saint Emily, she said such things. However, when I checked with the Holy Aqua Religion headquarters, they confirmed the existence of a monk system. Haha, I suppose Saint Emily is just too busy with her daily prayers and didn’t know about it! To dedicate oneself to the main god Aqua-sama, oh, what a splendid system it is.

 Even if I can’t be Aqua-sama’s lover or wife, being able to dedicate everything to Aqua-sama confirms that joining the Holy Aqua Religion was the right choice. I am different from Kanon. And that’s okay. I had thought so until the day I was summoned by Kanon.

 ”I hope Natalie is doing well and trying her best.”

 ”Oh, if Aqua-kun has any desire towards me, it’s not a pleasant feeling…”

 I knew that Aqua-sama had used me as material. But normally, people wouldn’t think that way, right? I wondered if sleepy Aqua-sama had mistaken me for Kanon. Or maybe it was just his whim to confirm the difference in our bodies. I kept thinking about the reasons why he used me, thinking it was just a mistake or something unavoidable. But as I heard the explicit details of Aqua-sama’s activities from Kanon, I realized clearly that I was being used as Aqua-sama’s material.

 ”Well then, in that case, I’ll support you if something happens, so keep that in mind.”


 From that point on, my thoughts were consumed by Aqua-sama even more. I worried if my private part was able to satisfy Aqua-sama, and how it felt for him to use me. And if I were to be attacked, I would feel down if he said that the real thing wasn’t very pleasurable. I think I was just preoccupied with such trivial matters. But then, something happened that woke me up.

 ”Sister Natalia. You were part of the Stars’ Duke family, right?”

 ”Eh, y-yes.”

 I was summoned by the top figures in the Holy Aqua Religion, known as the Twelve Bishops. They all had their eyes covered like the Saint, so I couldn’t see the faces of the officials, but the one sitting in the center, the Number 1, seemed to be of a similar age to me, yet her presence was overwhelming.

 ”Utilize your position and participate in today’s broadcast of Morikawa Kaede’s Power price. We have already applied your name and secured the eligibility.”

 What is Morikawa Kaede’s Power price? Oh, it’s a charity auction program. Um, why am I participating in it? Will I buy a broken doorknob?

 ”Today’s recording is the premiere special episode, and we have received information that Aqua-sama’s item will be up for auction.”


 I wondered if such a thing was possible, but maybe Announcer Morikawa got things like a single strand of hair, used tissues, or unfinished bottles of water through her connection with Aqua-sama.

 ”Our purpose for participating is only one, to secure things that would be problematic if leaked to the world. Um, because it’s Aqua-sama, there may be times when people offer unimaginable and outrageous items. So if that happens, we must prevent them beforehand.”

 ”Yes, understood!”

 Certainly, innocent and pure Aqua-sama, like a child, is defenseless and unguarded, so there is a possibility that he may offer explicit products that we would never think of. It worries me to think that if they were to leak to other countries or fall into the hands of strange people… especially someone like Hagetoru, who is recognized as one of the Four Great Saints by the Holy Aqua Religion but is also a potential sex offender. I can’t sleep at night. If it falls into the hands of a pure person like Saint Emily-sama, I would feel relieved, but Hagetoru is absolutely not allowed. It’s completely out of bounds!

 ”Do not worry, Holy Aqua Religion will send several others besides you. Number 2 Librarian, Number 10 Servant, and Number 12 Dark Saint will also participate, so please don’t feel too pressured.”


 Most likely, they will be the main ones, and I am the spare in case something happens. I understand well that I have been sought after as a spare for Kanon-sama and Victoria-sama. I will go home first and change into a dress before heading to the venue by taxi.

 There are only two rules for participating in the auction: wearing a mask used during masquerade balls in the Stars’ social circles, and not prying into the identities of other participants. That’s all.

 ”Yes, I have confirmed the notification of winning and identification. This will be your participant’s pass for the auction. Please do not lose it, as it cannot be reissued.”

 The security at the TV station was strict. I hung the participant’s pass around my neck and followed the guidance of the security guards as I passed through the entrance gate and headed to the studio.

 ”Please wait a moment.”

 After everyone is gathered, listen to a brief explanation and precautions and wait on the spot.

 Then, Announcer Morikawa appears on the studio stage and finally, the long-awaited auction live broadcast begins.

 ”Morikawa Kaede’s Power price!”

 Since there is a possibility of the desk being destroyed when hit with a hammer, the assistant announcer can make a sound using a mallet.

 After that, as usual, Announcer Morikawa explains the program with a lively talk and then begins to explain the purpose of the program and about the charity.

 ”As you all know, the tragic incident known as the Kokucho Incident, the full details of which were recently revealed by the courageous whistleblower Kokucho Agewa, has caused many victims. Even though they had a faint suspicion, we cannot deny that they were also involved to some extent. This charity will be used to provide compensation and legal expenses for both male and female victims of harassment, not limited to this incident.”

 The audience applauded as they watched Morikawa, the announcer, at the auction. This person is capable of being a top-level news anchor for a national broadcaster when in serious mode, but why does she sometimes become Hogekawa-san or Gorikawa-san?

 ”Anyway, first of all, I, Morikawa Kaede, would like to present an item!”

 Two carts emerged from the back. One was covered with a piece of cloth, and the other had a piece of paper placed on it. What could they be?

 ”I have two items to present! The first one is right here!!”

 With Morikawa-san’s shout, the cloth covering the item was removed. Oh, what is that?

 ”This is a tribal costume given to me as a souvenir by the people I befriended in the remote area of the Stars. By the way, I have the chief’s costume, so I received direct permission from the tribe to put this one up for auction. And, believe it or not, this costume… is Morikawa’s used one!”

 Huh? I don’t need it… Isn’t it a negative thing that Morikawa-san already used it? Because it directly touches her body without wearing any protective undergarments like chastity belts, and the shell parts come into direct contact with the n***ples, no one would raise their hand for something like this.

 ”One million!!”

 Huh!? I thought it was insane to say one million, but, th-this voice!?

 ”Ohhhhh! A sudden high bid has been placed. Is there anyone else? No one! Alright then, let’s go with one million for the power price!”

 Well, of course. If that person raises their voice, no one would dare to compete.

 ”Now, the successful bidder, Masked Idol, White Silver-san. Please tell us your honest feelings!”

 ”Thank you. Thank you very much!”

 He has zero intention of hiding it, huh! Not just his name, but I can also tell by his voice, and above all, his appearance with a mask and a prince-like costume is just too cool!! All the women sitting around him can’t resist the charm of Aqua-sama being so close to them and are losing their minds!! Notice it!!


 First, take a deep breath and calm down, Sister Natalie!

 Huh? Wait, so Aqua-sama is not only participating as a seller but also as a bidder!? Tension runs among the followers of the Holy Aqua Religion who are participating in the auction.

 ”Yes, Shirogane Aqua-san. Thank you very much! Now, moving on, here is another item up for auction.”

 Hey! Morikawa, the name, the name! I can hear the inner thoughts of every participant saying that. Morikawa-san’s clumsiness is showing at a speed that surpasses our expectations.

 When Morikawa-san picks up a piece of paper that was placed on another cart, sjhe hold it up for everyone to see.

 ”The other item is the right for me, Morikawa Kaede, to be the MC for your wedding, birthday celebration, company party, or any other event!! Let’s start the bidding at 10,000. Power price!!”

 Normaly, that would be fine. It would have been better if she had listed such items from the beginning. But why did it have to be a used tribal costume as the first item… If it was unused, it might have had some cultural value, but what would Aqua-sama do with such a costume?




 Oh, it finally feels like an auction show, unlike the calmness earlier.

 ”1 million!”

 ”1.1 million!”

 ”1.2 million!!”

 ”1.5 million!!”

 Among the many people raising their hands, there were four left in the end. Among them were the Number 2 Library, Sister Mary, and Sister Ranran, who are also ordinary followers of the Holy Aqua Religion. Huh? Even though it’s not Aqua-sama’s item, why are the followers of the Holy Aqua Religion competing against each other?

 ”3 million!!”

 ”3 million, going once! Is there no one else? Alright, sold for 3 million, Power Price!”

 Finally, one of the remaining four people. Someone who is not a believer won the rights.

 ”Congratulations. Masked Miss President! If it’s alright, could you please tell us how you plan to use these rights?”

 ”I would like Morikawa-san to be the host at the party’s rally!”

 It’s Prime Minister Habu!

 What is this person doing… Somehow, I could see through her and even the part where she would later kneel in apology.

 ”Uh, Morikawa Kaede, unexpectedly bid a total of 4 million yen. Is everyone okay with that? Personally, I was hoping it would be around 100,000 yen combined, but if we start off with such a high bid, it will cause trouble later!”

 The person who put it up for auction is also surprised, but I am also surprised to see it. Well, since it’s a charity auction, it’s only natural. When it comes to charity, it’s better to have a higher amount. So it seems that both the sellers and the bidders are serious.

 I see, that’s why I, as a member of the Stars’ Duke family, obtained the right to participate in the auction. Although I don’t have as much as Kanon, as the eldest child of the Duke family, I do have a decent amount of assets.

 ”Before the next auction, please take a look at this video!”

 As the venue darkens, a video appears on the monitor in front.

 ’I’m Morikawa Kaede. While waiting in the hallway inside Fuji TV, I’d like to ask people who seem idle to participate in the auction and donate items!’

 Morikawa approaches the announcers, actors, singers, comedians, and producers passing through the hallway at Fuji TV to snatch their items.

 ’Wait a minute, an unexpected person is here! I’m from Fuji, can I talk to you?’

 Morikawa calls out to the staff and then to a woman in a suit with crutches.

 Oh, isn’t that the department’s head…?

 ’Matsumoto-san! No, Crutch Department’s Head!’

 ’Morikawa-san!? What are you doing here?’

 ’No no, that’s my line. Department’s Head, you’ve come to the wrong company. This is Fuji, not Asahi.’

 Everyone at the venue laughs at Morikawa-san, who is whispering and talking. From the other person’s perspective, they would think, “Hey, aren’t you at the wrong broadcasting station?” as a normal retort flies from the audience.

 ’No, I actually had a conversation with Tofu-san (Suit actor) today, and I just happened to come here. So, what about you, Morikawa-san? Are you up to something funny again?’

 ’Ah, I see. So that’s what it was. As for me…’

 Morikawa-san explains the plan to the Crutch Department’s Head.

 ’So, if possible, can I secretly get something?’

 .I see… Well then, how about this? The right to appear as an Extra in the final episode of Heaven’s Sword.’


 All the auction participants stood up at once, letting out a loud scream that was close to a cry of despair. They were only wary of Aqua-sama, but something unbelievable was unexpectedly put up for auction.

 Is this the Morikawa Miracle…?

 ’THen, I’ll check with Hongou, okay?’

 Crutch Department’s Head called Director Hongou on the spot to negotiate the right to appear. During the call, Crutch Department’s Head made a circle with her finger, and the voltage at the venue reached its peak.

 ’Yes, that’s good. So, it’s an extra, but depending on the situation… or rather, Hongou said that she might check the level of acting and become a regular audience member, or play the role of a SYUKUJYO member.’

 Cheers erupted from the audience.

 This has become amazing…

 Morikawa-san, who thanked Crutch Department’s Head and parted ways, finds another target.


 ’Oh, Morikawa-san, what’s wrong? You’ve come to the wrong broadcasting station, haven’t you?’

 Finally, a proper retort comes here. As expected of Ayana-chan, she understands everyone’s feelings. You are the only one who can retort to Kohina Yukari-san, Announcer Morikawa, and even Aqua-sama.

 ’Actually, that’s how it is…’

 ’I see… In that case, I will ask if there is anything I can get from the office.’

 Ayana-chan made calls to the members of eau de Cologne and gathered items that were used for photoshoots and live tickets. Among them were swimsuits that the three of them actually used in gravure…

 ’10 million!!’

 Masked Idol-san, you’re fast! The auction hasn’t even started yet!!

 Wait, 10 million!? Huh? Even if it’s not Aqua-sama, if it’s a men’s swimsuit, 10 million is cheap, but if you ask for a girl’s swimsuit, they’ll probably give it to you for free around here, right? I just threw away my old swimsuit the other day too.

 Even though it’s not Ayana-chan’s, but if you want, I still have the one I bought to match with Kanon, so I can give it to you for free… But it’s not Ayana-chan’s, so you don’t need it, right?

 No, no, calm down and think carefully, Natalie. This is surely Aqua-sama’s salvation and mercy. Just like Morikawa-san, buying items that no woman seems to buy at a high price. Ah! As expected of Aqua-sama. This is a charity auction after all. I realized that Aqua-sama is intentionally doing this for charity. Aqua-sama, just like Saint Emily-sama, has a pure heart.

 Now, all the mysteries have been solved. It seems that my faith as a believer was still lacking.

 ’If possible, one more thing. Ayana-chan, could you do something like that…’

 ’I see. Well…in that case, even though it won’t be performed in an actual live, how about practicing together with everyone as if you were a member of the eau de Cologne and performing one song?’

 ’Thank you so much, thank you so much!’

 Oh, that sounds good too, right? Especially younger people might want to buy it. But if it’s a fan, they might get really nervous being next to Ayana-chan.

 ’Ayana-chan, thank you!’

 ’Same here. Morikawa-san, do your best too!’

 After parting with Ayana-chan, Morikawa-san looks for the next target. Oh, that person is…!!

 ’I found someone who seems really free!’

 ’Who’s free!’

 ’As expected of Kohina Yukari-san. Your reaction speed is fast!’

 Laughter could be heard from the venue.

 ”Hey, who was it? Remember the person who laughed later, okay?”

 Oh, Kohina Yukari-san is also participating in the auction…

 ’Hehehe, Kohina-senpai, give me something.’

 ’Well, if you’re going to use that sweet voice, I guess I can’t help it. But just so you know, I don’t have anything good to give. Should I buy something and give it to you with a signature? But just to be clear, you can’t have this Yukari Rice T-shirt!’

 ’How about Kohina-san doing something like Ayana-chan? Like, maybe you can do something for us?’

 ’Well, how about I go to a theater group or a training school or a school’s drama club and I become the strict instructor?’

 ’That sounds good! I think there might be people who would buy that unexpectedly.’

 As expected, the conversation between these two is stable. After all, they are co-starring in Kohina Yukari’s room… Wait, was it Shirogane Aqua’s room? I’m a bit fuzzy on the name of the program.

 ’Afterwards, they will have a lunch with Kohina Yukari.’

 ’If that’s all, then it’s fine…’

 As they spoke, a familiar face passed by the two.

 ’Wait a minute! Prime Minister, where are you going? Wait!!’

 ’Huh? Me?’

 As expected of Kohina Yukari-san. She mercilessly calls out to anyone, even if they’re the Prime Minister of this country. The Prime Minister was surprised and had a startled expression, not expecting to be approached.

 ’You’ve come at the right time. Come on, do something for the sake of the citizens.’

 ’Huh!? If it’s for the sake of the citizens, then it’s okay, but wait a minute, I can’t see the bigger picture here.’

 Instead of Kohina Yukari-san, who tries to negotiate without explaining everything, Morikawa-san takes over and explains everything. As expected, this person is a special student of Mary, and if she takes things seriously, she is quite capable.

 ’Oh, I see. In that case, how about a tour of the National Diet Building with me? We can go as far as the areas open to the public… I might get scolded for taking you to the Prime Minister’s official residence due to security concerns though.’

 ’That sounds good. How about the Prime Minister treating them to dinner as well?’

 ’That’s fine. It would be great if I could have some young people with me. I want to have a meal with the young people who will carry Japan’s future and talk about the future of Japan. Oh, and what about this? The right for the Prime Minister to bow down on behalf of you.”

 ’That sounds great!! It seems interesting.’

 Wait a minute, everyone’s sense is messed up, but it’s normal to be shocked if the Prime Minister comes to bow down instead. When you think about the feelings of the boss who is bowed down by the Prime Minister, it becomes indescribable.

 ’Oh, I remember!!’

 After parting with the Prime Minister, Kohina-san remembers something and claps her hands.

 ’What’s wrong?’

 ’Just wait a moment. I’ll bring another helper from the waiting room!!’

 Ah, so this is it. I’m convinced that someone got involved in this situation like this.

 ’Hey, Kohina-senpai, I’m actually about to go home.’

 ’It’s fine, just stay a little longer!’

 ’No, no, I’m not as free as Kohina-senpai, you know.’

 ’Don’t lie! Your schedule after this was completely empty!’

 ’Well, actually, I have an important matter to attend to, so I’ll go home and be pampered by my wives.’

 ’If that’s the case, let me pamper you, so just endure it.’

 ’No, I don’t want that! I want Kanon to pamper me! If I’m going to be pampered, I want Kanon!’

 ’Don’t act like a spoiled child. Just come already!’

 The venue erupted with Aqua-sama’s appearance. Somehow, it felt like the three of them who shouldn’t be together ended up together.

 ’So, what is it?’

 ’Well, actually…’

 Once again, Morikawa-san is explaining in place of Kohina Yukari-san.

 ’I see. What should I offer?’

 ’Since it seems bad to do it without permission from Ako, for now, just stand there and casually talk to the girls. Maybe just by doing that, everyone will offer everything they have.’

 Certainly, thinking like that, there is no better talent than this.

 Even I, if asked by Aqua-sama, would unhesitatingly offer everything I have.

 ’Oh, a suitable person has arrived! Iria-san!’


 Kato Iria-san of Fairys, who was called out, showed a surprised expression.

 ’Iria-san, please give me something!’

 ’Oh, sure. If it’s okay with me, please take everything…!’

 Explanation of the plan! The important words of the master and disciple are not enough!! Here, Morikawa-san, who had appeared, explains the situation in place of Aqua-sama. I’m really glad Morikawa-san is here… It feels like Morikawa Kaede’s power price is being slightly taken over by the two, just like Morikawa Kaede’s room, but I’ll pretend not to notice that.

 ’Oh… I see. If that’s the case, leave it to me!’

 Kato Iria-san also talked to other members like Ayana-chan and called people at the company to gather items for the auction. They also offered the right to become a fairy for a day like eau de Cologne at the auction.

 After that, Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari-san’s strong team approached acquaintances passing by. Of course, trying to escape is useless. No one can escape from Morikawasan, who is the fastest and strongest person in the world. Victims like Kobayakawa Yuki-san, Kuga Reira-san, Mutsumiya Seijuu-san, and Kanade Ichika-san kept increasing one after another.

 ’Oh! Tsuwabuki-san! Tsuwabuki-san!!’

 ’Aqua-kun!? What are you doing here!?’

 Applause erupted from the audience when Tsuwabuki-san appeared unexpectedly.

 ’Tsuwabuki-san, I heard it. Good luck with the next Monday 9 PM drama!’

 ’Oh, yes! It will be aired from 9 o’clock on Monday!’

 Thanks to Aqua-sama’s quick thinking, there was a promotion for Tsuwabuki-san’s appearance on the Monday 9 drama series. Looking back now, Kohina Yukari-san was also there, which makes it an amazing combination of the old and new Monday 9 duo!

 Aqua-sama persuaded Tsuwabuki-san to provide some signed goods for the viewer participation auction. This program seems to be very popular because not only the studio but also the viewers can participate in the auction. After expressing their gratitude to Tsuwabuki-san and saying goodbye, the three of them approached the next person they encountered.

 ’Oh, Mommy Mikuni!’

 ’Aqua-kun!? What are you doing here? W-wait, don’t tell me you’ve been threatened by Kohina Yukari-san or something…’

 That’s correct, Mikuni-sama!!

 ’Well, actually, that’s how it is!’

 ’Hey, what are you saying! This girl doesn’t understand that kind of joke, so stop it!’

 ’Y-yeah, I guess…’

 ’Oh, it’s a misunderstanding, huh? For now, both of you just stay quiet. It’ll get confusing if Kohina-senpai and Aqua-kun talk!’

 Morikawa-san explains the situation to Mikuni-sama again. Thank goodness. Thanks to Morikawa-san’s nice play, it seems like Mikuni-sama’s misunderstanding has been cleared up. As expected, it’s not enough with just these two. Morikawa-san is also needed in Shirogane Aqua’s room.

 ’If that’s the case…’

 Mikuni-sama checked with the office and provided signed scripts from the drama and movies she appeared in before. These seem to have great value because she has a lot of fans.

 ’Mommy Mikuni, I have one more favor to ask…’

 ’What is it, Aqua-kun!? You can tell Mom anything!!’

 ’I’ve been given the right to be instructed by Kohina-senpai and the right to make a cameo appearance from Reira-san, so I was wondering if mommy has something like that too?’

 ’Well… in that case, how about getting permission from Star Lights and participating in the event?’

 ’That sounds good, right? And if the schedule permits, I could also join.’

 Shirogane Aqua and Yukishiro Mikuni’s parent-child appearance!?

 Several people, including Sister Merry and Sister Ranran, stand up from their seats. As expected of the uncontrollable Aqua-sama. He suddenly barged in when we least expected it.

 ”100 million!”

 ”200 million!”

 Wait, the auction hasn’t even started yet! And to start with 100 million…

 ’You’ve already approached quite a few people, right? So, it’s about time… Ah, the perfect person just arrived! Kohina-senpai!’

 ’Ah…! Perfect timing!! Hey! Ako-chi!!’

 The last person they stopped was President Atori from Beryl, Beryl’s CEO.

 ’Aqua-kun!? And Yukari… Morikawa-san too, I hope you three aren’t up to something suspicious, right?’


 Impressive. President Atori, as the CEO of Beryl, seems to have a grasp on everything. Morikawa-san will explain the situation to President Atori before things get complicated.

 ’I see, that’s the situation, huh?’

 ’Yes! So, can we go to Beryl’s headquarters now!?’

 ’Of course. If that’s the case, we will fully cooperate as well.’

 President Atori gave permission, and Aqua-sama and the others moved to the Beryl headquarters. At that time, I still didn’t know. This was only the beginning, the prologue. From here on, the real show begins.

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