Male Idol V12c12

Volume 12 Chapter 12 Natalia Rosenesta, This Is Where The Real Hell Begins

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’We’ve arrived. Come on, this way.’

 The four people arrived at Beryl headquarters, led by Kohina Yukari-san…wait, something’s not right, isn’t it? Everyone who was watching the video thought so, and Aqua-sama chimed in as if speaking for the viewers.

 ’No, no, no, something’s wrong!’

 ’What is it?’

 Kohina Yukari-san tilts her head. It’s hard to describe her truly clueless expression.

 ’What is it? Instead of that, if it’s me, President Atori, or Announcer Morikawa, who has an agent contract with Beryl, saying it, then maybe. But Kohina-senpai, you work for a different company, right?’

 ’Ugh, who cares about those details now. Oh, I know. If that’s the case, Beryl should just acquire Beyond Production. Our president is so easy to persuade, it’ll be a piece of cake.’

 Audience members sitting in the seats were like, “What on earth is this person saying?!” They had faces like that.

 ’Yes, stop! Kohina-senpai, house!

 ’House? Am I a dog or something?!’

 ’Wait, why are you even following along normally?!’

 ’It’s fine, isn’t it?! Or are you planning to leave me out!? Gyaah gyaah!’

 That’s exactly right.

 I was even moved by the sight of Kohina Yukari-san walking proudly like a member of a the company. Ah, that extraordinary nerve and closeness to Aqua-sama is the secret.

 ’So, once again… Yes! We have arrived at the Beryl headquarters!!’

 ’Come on, hurry up and show us the way!’

 ’Alright, alright, I got it!’

 ’Yes, yes, let’s go quickly!’

 Kohina Yukari-san pushes Aqua-sama’s back.

 To be able to casually touch Aqua-sama’s sacred body like that, it must be only Kohina Yukari-san in this world.

 If it were Kanon, the legal wife, just embracing him would be overwhelming and she would faint.

 ’Haah, I’m so tired…’

 ’Did you say something?’

 ’I didn’t say anything!!’

 The four people who entered Beryl Headquarters headed to the waiting room that Aqua-sama and the others always use. Just hearing that it’s a place where boys gather makes me feel really nervous. When they entered the room, Mayuzumi-kun was sitting on a nearby chair.

 ’Hey, Shintaro! Give me something!!’


 Mayuzumi-kun opens his mouth wide in confusion, unable to understand the meaning of Aqua-sama’s words. I see, it seems that Aqua-sama, like Kohina Yukari-san, is a bit lacking in words.

 ’You didn’t ask him for something, did you?! Announcer Morikawa, explain it!’

 ’Yes, understood! Actually…’

 Morikawa-san… seems to be used by Kohina Yukari-san in a good way…. Everyone who was watching that footage becomes distant.

 ’Wow, is that so… But, what should I do?’

 ’Well, in that case, I have a good idea!’

 Aqua-sama, wearing glasses, shines them as if to say “aha.” At this point, the atmosphere becomes a little tense. Not only Mayuzumi-kun and us participants, but everyone is on edge in response to Aqua-sama’s proposal.

 ’They have the right to accompany Mayuzumi Shintaro to the eyewear shop and give him the right to try on glasses!! Sunglasses and monocles are also allowed! By the way, Shintaro will actually purchase the glasses you likes from the selection. Oh, and please make sure to issue the eyewear purchase receipt under Beryl’s name!’


 In response to the voices of Kohina Yukari-san, President Atori, and Announcer Morikawa, applause erupts from the venue.

 ”Is this essentially the right to a date!?”

 ”To be able to make Mayuzumi-kun wear the glasses he likes!”

 ”As expected of Aa-sama, coming in strong right from the start.”

 ”As always, he’s going too fast and hitting a few people along the way. But, that’s fine.”

 It’s no wonder that the audience is buzzing. Without a doubt, this is a date. And the fact that he will buy the glasses the winner chose means there is a possibility that Mayuzumi-kun will continue to use them in the future! It’s amazing how it makes us think that way. I thought this would be irresistible to Mayuzumi-kun’s fans.

 ’If you don’t want to, I can stop…’

 ’If that’s okay with you, then I don’t mind. But, are people really okay with something like that?’

 ’Oh well. Then let’s do one more thing. And if you have anything you don’t need, please give it to me!’

 Aqua-sama gets things like books that Mayuzumi-kun has just finished reading, a bonbon hat and scarf, and a set of gloves for cold weather. Of course, they all have Mayuzumi-kun’s autograph. I’m a little worried that Mayuzumi-kun, who had his cold-weather gear taken away, might catch a cold, but I was relieved to hear that he’ll be going home by car.

 ’Hey, I just thought of something good… hey, Shintaro, what about this?’

 ’Well, I feel a slight uneasiness about Aqua’s good thing…’

 Not only Mayuzumi-kun’s words, but everyone in the audience, including Kohina Yukari-san, Announcer Morikawa, and President Atori, nod in agreement.

 ’Well, well, don’t say that, just wait a moment.’

 When Aqua-sama comes out of the dressing room, after a while, he comes back holding many boxes in his hands.

 I wonder what’s inside those boxes?

 ’Here, this!’

 ’This… is it an alarm clock? Hey, where did you get something like this?’

 ’The new product development department. I’ve been hanging out there recently. So, there were a few people who said they wanted it, so I brought it.’

 What does Aqua-sama intend to do with an alarm clock?

 ’And so, Shintaro, please repeat the words I’m about to say after a short pause.’

 ’Ah, yeah…’

 Aqua-sama gave a slight cough and showed a serious expression. It’s unfair how he suddenly goes from being innocent and cute to being cool and princely. Aqua-sama pressed the record button on the alarm clock that was attached.

 ’Wake up quickly. Hurry up or I’ll leave you behind.’

 ’Wake up quickly. Hurry up or I’ll leave you behind.’

 Oofu… The auction participants who had just reached their limit with a single word started to writhe. Huh? Wait? Putting such a word in the alarm clock!? If you do that, there will be casualties in the morning!!

 ’Oops, I made a mistake. My voice got recorded too.’

 ’Oh… Isn’t it fine already? Or rather, I don’t think I can do it a second time because it’s embarrassing.’

 Mayuzumi-kun, you find it cute, right? Compared to that, Aqua-sama is definitely teasing us. If Aqua-sama and Mayuzumi-kun were to give us such a sadistic wake-up call, we wouldn’t be left behind, but we would be taken to heaven in an instant.

 ’Well then, sign the back of this.’

 ’Ah, okay.’

 ’As for the front, hey, remember when we took a lot of photo booth pictures together? Let’s put those pictures here.’

 ’Ah, yeah.’

 The two of them, while consulting with Kohina Yukari-san, Announcer Morikawa, and President Atori, paste the photo booth pictures. That’s good. If Aqua-sama had pasted the pictures, it would have become artistic.

 ’Hey, if you paste it like that, Mayuzumi-kun’s face will be folded in half!’

 ’Ah, you’re right…’

 ’I think it’s better like this.’


 ’Since there are a lot, let’s put them here too.’

 ’Phew, it was about to tear…’

 Wow. Everyone applauds as they look at the completed alarm clock.

 What should I do? Does this fall under protected objects? Personally, I want it to be in the hands of Mayuzumi-kun’s fans rather than being protected by the Holy Aqua-sama Religion, since Mayuzumi-kun is the main focus.

 ’Shintaro. Thank you for helping!’

 ’Thank you, Mayuzumi-kun!’

 ’I appreciate your cooperation!’

 ’Don’t forget to give Beryl your glasses bill!’

 As the four leave the waiting room after parting ways with Mayuzumi-kun, they bump into Hakuryuu-sensei walking down the hallway. Aqua-sama quietly approaches Hakuryuu-sensei from behind and pulls her close by the shoulders.

 ’Sensei, I want something!’

 As Aqua-sama whispers in a needy tone, the older women in the audience are on the verge of a knockout.

 ’A-Aqua-kun!? If you want something, here, my wallet is here, so…’

 Hakuryuu-sensei smoothly retrieves the wallet from her bag. The tradition of offering the wallet as the first thing upon meeting Aqua-sama has already become popular among the fans. I don’t know why, but it just naturally comes out like this.

 ’That’s not it! Morikawa-san, explain it!’

 ’Yes, yes!’

 Morikawa-san, have you been acting like Kohina Yukari-san’s henchman since a while ago? Is it just my imagination, or is it true?

 ’Hmm, I see. In that case, how about a signed complete set of novels?’

 ’Thank you, sensei! If possible, I have one more request…’

 Oh no, I have a bad feeling again. Aqua-sama’s request sends shivers down my spine.

 ’Is there anything I can do as a writer?’

 ’Hmm… as a writer, huh? I wonder. Is there anything?’

 As Aqua-sama and Hakuryuu-sensei ponder, Kohina Yukari-san comes up with an outrageous suggestion.

 ’In that case, how about the right to have the winning bidder appear in the novel? You know, there’s a work called No-Rin, right? How about the right to make a cameo appearance as a mob character?’


 All the voices of the audience sitting in the seats overlapped with Ako-san’s voice, who raised her voice next to Kohina Yukari-san. That’s right. Kohina Yukari-san is Aqua-sama’s mentor. It’s not like Aqua-sama’s mentor is normal, right? Seriously, does Kohina Yukari-san really understand the value of “No-Rin”? When it comes to “No-Rin” written by Hakuryuu-sensei, it’s one of the bibles that all girls longed for. It’s kind of presumptuous to appear in such a work, even if it’s as a mob character. It’s like everyone’s fantasy coming true… What? Is it okay!?

 ’No, Yukari, that’s a bit… ‘

 ’Yeah, if that’s okay, then it’s fine, I guess?’

 Everyone tried to stand up and shout, but not a single person could move from the audience seats. It was because they felt an incredible pressure from behind that they couldn’t believe.

 ”I will definitely win the bid. I will definitely win the bid. I will definitely win the bid.”

 Eek! Is it because she’s a big fan of Hakuryuu-sensei? I felt an overwhelming killing intent coming from the woman at the back, and I thought I was going to die. Oh, wait? That woman over there, she seems familiar…

 ’Thank you, Hakuryuu-sensei. I’m sure Kanon and all the fans will be thrilled!’

 ’Hehe, you’re welcome. Well then, everyone, do your best.’

 After parting ways with Hakuryuu-sensei, Aqua-sama and the others went to the sound studio, hoping to get something from MojaP this time.

 ’If that’s the case, I have something really great.’

 MojaP went to the back warehouse and started rummaging around.

 ’Ah, here it is, here it is.’

 MojaP came out holding a microphone set carefully. Oh wow! Could it be the actual one used by everyone from Beryl for recording? If so, it’s an item of astronomical value.

 ’Mic? What’s up with this?’

 Kohina Yukari tilted her head. Hehehe, it seems that clueless girl still hasn’t realized the value of this microphone.

 ’This microphone, you know. Unforgettable. It’s the microphone idol Shirogane Aqua-sama used when he came to me and sang for the first time, talking about an outrageous dream of becoming an idol. It got broken… but I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, you know. I thought it would be a good opportunity for charity, what do you think?’

 Everyone in the venue gasped. It was so shocking that their mouths hung open in disbelief. Even the MC, Morikawa-san, had the same expression. Weren’t you there too? You were just as surprised the second time.

 ’Oh, that’s great. Here, why don’t the two of you sign it? And maybe Ako-cchi can sign it too.’

 ’Huh? Me too? Is it okay?’

 You know, it’s obvious that it’s good! This is the microphone that marks the beginning of the so-called idol Shirogane Aqua-sama, you know! And with Aqua-sama, MojaP, and President Atori’s signatures… It’s practically a national treasure level, isn’t it?

 ”It seems like my wallet has come to its serious moment, huh?”

 ”I must get this for the upcoming Aqua-sama Museum, too!”

 ”No hard feelings, everyone.”

 Librarian? Sister Ranran? Sister Merry? It seems like I’ve ignited the hearts of these three dangerous people. Aqua-sama and the others also receive equipment that Moja-san used, with signatures on them. It might have been the equipment used to create BERYL’s music, and even if it was broken, its value is immeasurable. But, I wonder if it’s okay? Will the assets of the Holy Aqua-sama Religion be enough?

 ’Oh, Tenga-senpai! You’ve come at a good time!’

 ’What’s up, junior!? Do you have something to ask of me!?’

 Tenga-senpai is so happy when Aqua-sama talks to him, and it makes everyone feel warm inside. It seems like there’s something special that can only be received from Tenga-senpai, just like Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan, but even more so. Even though he’s the oldest, I feel like he’s the cutest.

 ’Tenga-senpai, give me something!’

 ’Hey, junior, do you want something? If so, then let’s go shopping together from now on…”

 I thought Tenga-senpai is kinda like a dog. Just by watching, you can see how happy he is to be relied on by his junior.



 This is like a natural flow. Somehow, it doesn’t seem right for Kohina Yukari-san, who’s not a wild, to be taming Announcer Morikawa, who’s not wild. Because when I imagined the deadliest combo of otome games teaming up, my spine felt like it was freezing.

 ’Oh, I see. In that case, wait!’

 Tenga-senpai picked up the guitar that was placed in the sound studio. I feel like I’ve seen that zebra pattern body somewhere before.

 ’How about this with a signature? It’s the one I used when I made the theme song for Yuu-onii, or when I actually played that song at the Halloween festival… I can even include a pick if you want.’

 Once again, Beryl… Tenga-senpai has brought out an extraordinary item. One after another, things that are of the level to be stored in a national museum keep popping up.

 ’That sounds great! But, if possible, I also want something other than just things.’

 ’Something other than things!? L-like…?’

 Tenga-senpai tenses up. I understand. The other party is Aqua-sama, after all.

 ’The right to go on a tour with Tenga-senpai, or the right to have a session together.’


 Tenga fan participants stood up all at once.

 I understand. Because this person has been saying outrageous things since earlier.

 I apologize for my god’s behavior!!

 ’Got it! Alright then!! If it’s a request from a cute junior, I’ll take off my Tenga Akira skin!!’

 Wow… The fans’ eyes are all lit up at once.

 Even after that, Aqua-sama gets a lot of stuff from Tenga-senpai.

 ’Tenga-senpai, by the way, have you seen Toa?’

 ’If that’s the case, I saw him going to Nobu-san’s place.’

 ’Understood. Senpai, thank you for everything.’

 ’Yeah! You do your best too!’

 After parting ways with Tenga-senpai, Aqua-sama and the others head to the studio where Toa-chan and Nobu-san are.

 ’Toa? Nobu-san? Are you here?’

 ’Yes, yes, I’m over here.’

 Toa-chan and Nobu-san were happily talking while looking at the magazine that was placed on the table. At this point, before Kohina Yukari-san could call out to them, Morikawa-san quickly moved to explain.

 ’I see. In that case, I have something good for you!’

 Nobu-san showed the proposal document that was placed on the table to the camera.

 ’There’s going to be a photoshoot for everyone in BERYL, but how about the right to observe it? If everyone is okay with it, I can take a picture of the winning bidder and the four standing together!’

 Huh… Isn’t that just amazing? Being able to observe the photoshoot and then take a picture together? But imagine if someone gets overwhelmed by the sound of fabric rubbing during changing clothes because of their hallucinations and faints.

 ’I also have everyone’s secret off-shots, so I’ll show them to you!’

 Wow! Everyone’s secret shots are super, super amazing. Hey, Aqua-sama’s picture is peeking out, and the outer garment’s white shirt is revealing! That’s something I… I must secure it for the sake of the… the organization!!

 ’Well then, should I show you the outfit I used for the photo shoot? Like the fluffy hoodie I’m wearing right now.’

 Huh? Wait, Toa-chan’s scent? Won’t that be used for something shady? I’m not sure if it should be secured by the organization. I’d prefer it to be in the hands of a genuine and decent Toa-chan fan…

 ’Don’t you have any other right to be redeemed?’

 ’Do I have the right to do something for them? Hmm… Aqua, what do you think is good?’

 Toa-chan, you’re asking the wrong person for advice. That person says the craziest things, so they’re the last person you should consult in times like this!

 ’Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get a girl’s opinion in situations like this.’

 ’I see. It’s not really a sensible opinion coming from you. In that case…’

 ’So, Morikawa-san, what do you think? Do you have any ideas?’

 ’Hey! There are girls here too, you know! We were going with that flow earlier, remember!’

 ’Huh? Girls…?’

 ’Why are you so skeptical? I’ll knock you out!’

 Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari-san’s interaction made everyone chuckle.

 ’Then is there such a thing as Kohina-senpai?’

 ’Hmm, it’s from a girl’s perspective, right? …I can’t think of anything.’

 ’Yes! So, Morikawa-san, do you have anything?’

 Aqua-sama pretended as if the exchange with Kohina Yukari-san didn’t happen and casually turned to Morikawa-san. I wonder what that time just now was, it feels strange.

 ’Well… Toa-chan always wears cute clothes, so maybe the winner has the right to coordinate date outfits?’

 I think that’s a great idea! Morikawa-san also said it, but Toa-chan’s coordination is always cute, and I think there are many girls who want to wear such clothes too.

 ’So, if you don’t actually have plans to go on a date, is it really necessary?’

 Ah…everyone falls silent at Kohina Yukari-san’s remark. W-well, yeah. Even if I had a cute outfit coordinated for me, there’s nowhere to wear it….

 ’If that’s the case, how about after Toa and I coordinate, the three of us go on a date? Or maybe we can go shopping together and coordinate?’

 ’Ah, that sounds good!’


 ”A date with both Toa-chan and Aqua-kun!?”

 ”Is it okay to have such a dream-like scenario for girls!?”

 ”As expected of reality (Aqua-sama), surpassing even the creative works of the awakened Hakuryuu-sensei”

 ”Think about it. The date rights are just fake. In reality, this is the right to observe Toa-chan and Aa-sama’s date up close, like a wall.”

 ”Toaqua, Toaqua, Toaqua…”

 ”Aquatoa, Aquatoa, Aquatoa…”

 Wow, is this a crazy amount of money moving around? Are you okay? Everyone, please don’t go bankrupt, okay?

 ’Huh? Wasn’t everyone at Fuji TV?’

 And then, Director Hongou of Heaven’s Sword arrived.

 ’Director Hongou, do you have anything for people as well?’

 ’Well, let’s see…’

 ’In that case, I just thought of one thing.’

 ’What is it, Ako-san?’

 ’Director Hongou filming rights, like a child’s entrance ceremony, or a wedding, or director, filming, editing, planning, scriptwriting, all a home video produced by Director Hongou. Or is that a bit too much?’

 That’s too much, President Atori!

 The now-famous Director Hongou of Heaven’s Sword making home videos!? It’s practically Heaven’s Sword, isn’t it!?

 ’Cool. Sounds fun! I’ll give it a try if that’s okay!’

 No way…

 Huh? Is that home video working with a movie-level budget?

 Aqua-sama, Director Hongou, Nobu-san, and Toa-chan express their gratitude to the three people and leave the scene.

 ’Thanks, everyone! Thanks to you, quite a number of entries have been collected. I appreciate it!’

 ’Oh, no, Announcer Morikawa. There are still two people here.’


 The last two remaining, Aqua-sama and President Atori, the final boss and the hidden boss, come holding hands.

 Stop it! Everyone’s wallets are empty already!! What more could there be!?

 ’From me, well, let’s see. How about the right to become a Beryl employee, even in a favorite department? I was thinking about that, but how about something like this?’

 President Atori has a wicked smile on hwe face.

 ’Beryl’s one-day acting president right!!’

 Huh!? As expected of the boss of a crazy organization, she was the craziest. It’s no longer a real otome game!! Aqua-sama, that’s good, right? No, it’s not!!

 ’Akocchi… I thought you were the only sane one’

 ’I also wanted President Atori to be the only sane one’

 ’Oh, huh? Yukari? Morikawa-san? Why do both of you have such distant looks?’

 The composed President Atori provided us with tickets for live performances, internal tours, and things that everyone actually used during the live. Maybe my senses are numb, or maybe it’s just recognized as something normal. Human beings, familiarity is scary, isn’t it?

 ’Well then, it’s my turn, right!’

 ’Why are you so excited?’

 ’Oh, I have a really bad feeling about this’

 Our real battle starts from here!!

 The auction participants exude the aura of veteran warriors as they prepare for Aqua-sama’s remarks.

 ’I just came up with a few ideas… Shirogane Aqua can make your lunch, Shirogane Aqua can help you at the store, Shirogane Aqua can sing for you, Shirogane Aqua can come to help you with sports. What do you think would be better, like the right to draw something, or the right to have Shirogane Aqua draw something?’


 Several people fell to the ground on the spot.

 ’Also, I think it would be a good idea to have an auction with a limited number of successful bidders. For students only, you can get the right to appear on your school’s lunchtime broadcast, the right to help out at the food stalls at the school festival, or the right to be a helper at the sports day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the right to go or something like that?’

 President Atori looks like she’s already in love with him, but I’m pretty much the same.

 From here on out, it was Aqua-sama’s turn.

 In the end, all four performers got confused and said crazy things like kissing Aqua-sama through plastic wrap, gummy bears shaped like Aqua-sama’s lips, and leftover water from the bath Aqua-sama was in. However, Manager Kirika, who appeared in the middle of the exhibition, managed to stop these exhibits that were predicted to cause a catastrophe.

 After being properly scolded by Manager Kirika, the four of them asked Chairman Fuji Ranko, who was in the same building after hearing the commotion, and Mary from Morinaga to offer items to be auctioned.

 ’Thank you everyone!!’

 When Morikawa-san says goodbye to Aqua-sama and the others, she smiles at the camera.

 ’And so, with everyone’s cooperation, many items have been gathered for the auction. Well then, let’s end it by having one more person, an acquaintance of mine, contribute a product to the auction.’

 Who else is there?

 When Morikawa-san visited the apartment, Kanon was there.

 Ah, I see.

 ’So, please give me something.’

 ’Ah, sure. You can take anything you like. Oh, but not Aqua-sama’s stuff.’

 ’I see…then, how about this Kanon’s lucky underwear…hehehe’

 ’Hey, wait a minute!!’

 Kanon blushes and lightly taps Announcer Morikawa.

 ”100 million!!”

 Please be quiet, Masked Idol-san. Even if such a thing is being auctioned, only you will buy it.

 ’Well then, this swimsuit is fine, right?’

 ’Ah, yeah, that’s fine.’

 Hmm? As Masked Idol-san stood up from his seat, he slowly approached Morikawa-san.

 ”What, what’s wrong? Did it taste bad after all…?”

 ”Let’s buy it at the asking price.”


 Aqua-sama took out a bank passbook from his pocket and handed it to Morikawa-san.

 No way…right…?

 ”Oh, well, this is Masked Idol-san’s, so please go back to your seat.”

 ”Thank you. Thank you very much!”

 Aqua-sama, you did well. Everyone’s faces became warm and fuzzy.

 ’Is there anything else? Like Kanon’s Boobie Oden.’

 ’What kind of Oden is Boobie Oden!!’

 ’It’s a konnyaku Oden made by taking the shape of boobs.’

 ’I’m not doing that. Stupid!’

 Masked Idol-san had been warned not to stand up.

 In the end, the right to have a girls’ gathering with Kanon was settled, and the video ends there.

 ”Alright, let’s now take a look at the list of items up for auction!!”

 A full screen displays a list of items up for auction. There’s an incredible amount of items gathered. It seems that they will be broadcasting an auction for the items that will be particularly exciting.

 As for the remaining items, it was explained that they can be purchased through online auctions even for those who are not participating in the show. Additionally, for some items, the winning bid amount is predetermined, and the seller will choose the winning bidder through a lottery or based on the reason for applying.

 ”Now, let’s start Morikawa Kaede’s Power Price!!”

 The venue was filled with excitement at Morikawa-san’s call.

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