Male Idol V12c13

Volume 12 Chapter 13 Natalia Rosenesta, The National Budget

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”The first of the venue-limited auctions, here it is!!”

 The first auction is displayed on the monitor in the background.

 Provided by HakuryuuAiko/Beryl Entertainment.

 The right to appear as a mob in Nourin. Limited to those who can meet the author in person.

 From the beginning, there was something dangerous.

 Is it okay? Will there be riots right from the start?

 In case something happens, we have police, the Prime Minister’s security personnel, and even members of the Self-Defense Forces standing by at the venue.

 ”Well, as explained in advance, the rule for the venue-limited auction is that each person can bid on only one item.”

 This is why I, as a follower of the Holy Aqua Religion, participated in the auction. If there are many dangerous items up for auction, one person alone cannot bid on all of them.

 By the way, Masked Idol-sama is an exception. Please feel free to do as you please. We can see your innocent enjoyment up close. That alone brings us joy!!

 ”Then, I would like to start at 100,000 yen!”




 ”1 million!”

 In the blink of an eye, we skipped to the million mark.

 This auction is not related to Aqua-sama, so it is not a matter for the Holy Aqua Religion to intervene.

 So, I will quietly observe here.

 ”10 million!”

 ”12 million!”

 ”15 million!”

 Sister Ranran!? And Sister Merry too!? Even the Twelve Bishops’ library is joining the fray.

 Huh? Wait? This has nothing to do with Aqua-sama, right? When I checked my phone, I received a message saying the three of them are participating with their own money, so they entrusted cases that require the intervention of the Holy Aqua Religion. Is this a joke…?

 It seemed like the stage was set for the three of them from here, but there was someone who trampled even that.

 ”100 million!!”

 Oh, that person was emitting an intense aura just now. Um, I feel like I’ve seen them somewhere before, but maybe it’s just my imagination? They look good in a princess-like outfit with a mask. I don’t know who they are, but they exuded an air of elegance like a real aristocrat living in the Stars.

 ”150 million!”

 ”200 million!”

 As it reached the 50 million mark, the atmosphere in the venue seemed to say, “Do as you please.” Morikawa-san froze with a shocked expression. If she doesn’t stop it, this auction won’t stop.

 ”350 million!”

 ”400 million!”

 ”500 million!!”

 Intense… Will the person emitting that intense aura win the bid? However, a voice came that even silenced that.

 ”1 billion!!”

 Wow! It doubled in an instant. The Librarian of the Twelve Bishops appealed without hesitation, saying they still have more to offer. The person with the intense aura seemed like they could still offer more, so Librarian showed signs of withdrawing after observing the other party’s demeanor. The auction has ended, but with no call, a person wearing a staff T-shirt shook the frozen Morikawa-san.

 ”Morikawa-san! Morikawa-san!!”

 ”Ah!! I’m sorry! Ahem! Now, for our momentous first auction! Provided by Hakuryuu Aiko-sama, the No-Rin appearance rights, starting at 1 billion yen, power price!!”

 Morikawa-san, who was called by the staff, regained consciousness and declared the end of the auction. In response, there was a loud applause and cheering from the venue. Sister Ranran and Sister Merry, who were competing, also sent warm applause, despite their fierce rivalry. It’s nice. It gives a heartwarming feeling to see an atmosphere of mutual respect. Of course, the amount of money involved in the transaction is by no means a heartwarming amount, but let’s pretend I didn’t see that for now.

 ”Congratulations. Um…”

 ”I am the Masked Queen.”

 Oh, there’s a name tag. I see. When I glanced at the fierce person, it said “Shumi the Maiden.” Huh!? Wait, that’s Kanon!! What is she doing here!? What if Aqua-sama finds out!! But wait, speaking of which, that voice from earlier is not her… Huh? Could it be… the Masked Queen…? I decided to stop thinking deeply about it. My own brain warns me not to pry any further.

 ”Ah, I see. So you’re Masked Queen. Congratulations!! How do you feel right now?”

 ”I’m happy! I was able to buy something nice as a souvenir from the underworld.”

 Masked Queen skipped happily and left the auction venue. There’s nothing for me to do. I don’t know anything. It seems that the winning bidder will proceed with the formal payment and contract procedures immediately. I didn’t expect someone to drop out from the beginning, but Sister Ranran and Sister Merry are still here with me. I keep reassuring myself that everything will be fine.

 ”Well then, let’s move on to the next auction!!”

 The auction details are displayed again on the monitor behind Morikawa-san.

 Provided by Atori Ako/Beryl Entertainment. The right to become Beryl’s president for one day. President Atori or Manager Kirika will be there to support you throughout the day.

 Second scary thing has come. This is definitely a serious matter that the Holy Aqua Religion needs to secure. While checking on the other sisters, I observe the progress of the auction. Depending on the situation, I may need to intervene as well.

 ”This one starts at 100,000. Please!”

 ”1 million!”

 ”10 million!”

 The way the numbers are jumping is strange!! It’s making me feel like my sense of money is going crazy.

 ”1 billion”

 What!? Who!? The way the amount jumped from 10 million to 10 billion has everyone around in disbelief. When I look at the person speaking, it was an oriental beautiful woman dressed like someone from the Arabian Peninsula Federation. Looking at her nametag, it said “Oil Queen,” but she can’t really have oil, right…? While we were in awe, there was only one person trying to stop the auction.

 ”10 billion!”

 Sister Ranran!? Well, but this was helpful. If Sister Ranran didn’t speak up here, the auction would have ended.

 ”100 billion”

 What?! The oil queen immediately raises the amount.

 ”1 trillion”

 Eeeeeeeeeeeee! The venue trembles with excitement. Seeing Sister Ranran’s seriousness, the oil queen closes her fluttering fan and gives a slight bow with respect. The elegant gesture and dignified appearance are met with applause from the audience.

 ”Ho, Ho-ge~”

 ”Morikawa-san, Morikawa-san… hey, Hogekawa, pull yourself together!!”

 Hmm? I feel like I’ve seen that assistant staff somewhere… Ah! I remember now. It’s Yukishiro Emily-san, who appeared as a general participant in the Little Impersonation King and was with me at the Joint Music Concert!!

 ”Ha!? Ah, for a moment, I felt dizzy due to the amount… so, who is the winning bidder?”

 ”The winning bidder is that person over there, and the winning amount is one trillion.”

 ”One trillion!?”

 As Announcer Morikawa is surprised and late to react, laughter can be heard from all around. This relaxed feeling, or should I say, this carefree aspect, is what makes Announcer Morikawa so great.

 ”Provided by Ako Atori! The temporary president’s rights for Beryl Entertainment!! For the power price of one trillion yen!!”

 A big round of applause is sent to the winning bidder’s sister, Ranran.

 ”Lady Masked Yorufujin, as the winning bidder, please share your honest thoughts.”

 ”Hehehe. Humans cannot take money to the grave, you know. I’m glad I could use the money well, desu~wa. I pray that this money can help save as many people as possible.”

 ”Earning such a huge amount of money must have been incredibly difficult. It seems like you have put in a lot of effort and endured many hardships. Please enjoy your day as the president of Beryl!”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 Announcer Morikawa pretended to look around conspicuously and secretly spoke to Masked Yorufujin.

 ”By the way… if it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me what you would do as the president of Beryl?”

 ”Well… I want to feed the children of Beryl lots of meals. I want to fill everyone’s bellies.”

 ”Oh, that sounds wonderful! Masked Yorufujin-san. Everything is ready, so please go to the back room. Thank you for your successful bid!”

 ”No, thank you too. Let’s go eat again, Kaede-chan.”


 ”Hehehe. I also like that pure side of yours. Well then, see you later.”

 Do Sister Ranran and Announcer Morikawa know each other? But Morikawa-san doesn’t seem to notice, right? I guess that’s also part of her charm.

 ”Um, so, let’s take a look at the scene of the online auction that is being held at the same time here.”

 One of the online auctions is displayed on the monitor behind.

 Provided by Nekoyama Toa-sama/Beryl Entertainment. The right to go buy a date outfit coordinated by Nekoyama Toa with Shirogane Aqua for three people. In other words, the right to become a wall.

 The things lined up in the online auction are still as mind-boggling as ever. I could imagine Toaqua patients getting into a bidding war in a state of uproar.

 ”This auction here. Actually, it ended a while ago.”

 The words of Morikawa-san make the venue buzz. Those in the venue can also participate in the online auction, but did the terminally ill patients in the venue manage to win?

 ”Um, the winning bidder is actually a man!”

 Huh? A man? Wait a minute, a man is getting Toa-chan to help him choose a date outfit?

 ”Apparently, it seems that we can have a conversation with the successful bidder, Mr. Masked Nyanko! Mr. Masked Nyanko! Are you there?”


 Oh! It’s really a man….

 ”Congratulations on winning the auction!”

 ”I am overwhelmed with gratitude!”

 ”By the way, it says coordinating a date outfit… um, is it okay to say that you are coordinating Nyanko’s date clothes?”

 ”Well, that’s what it is… but if it’s okay, I was thinking of giving presents to my wife and daughters. I want Toa-sama to choose that outfit for me!”

 Oh!! Giving clothes as presents to his wife and daughters, what a wonderful man he is! There are men like this too. No, maybe he is also trying to change with the help of everyone in Beryl. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

 ”I think that’s a very nice thing! I think your wife and daughter will be happy too!”

 ”Is that so? Well, if that’s the case, then it’s good.”

 Everyone in the venue thought, “They will definitely be happy.” Because no wife or daughter would be unhappy with a present from their dad or husband.

 ”By the way, what will you do with the included date voucher?”

 ”Well, if you don’t mind, I would like to observe a date with my wife! Yes, for a date with my wife!! I want to see a date like the one Toa-sama and Aqua-san set as an example up close!”

 Wow! How wonderful it is. This person is very gentlemanly. Please let me call you Gentleman Nyanko-san, instead of Nyanko-san!

 I thought it was really good that Actoa patients, Toaqua patients, and other dangerous people didn’t win the bid.

 ”Thank you very much. Please enjoy yourselves!”

 ”Yes! Hooray for Toa-sama!!”

 Warm applause is sent from the venue. That’s good, that’s good.

 ”It seems that this auction is also over. Here you go!”

 The auction data is displayed on the monitor behind.

 Provided by Shirogane Aqua-sama/Beryl Entertainment.

 The right to have Shirogane Aqua draw a picture.

 The venue becomes lively.

 Probably, Aqua-sama’s item is the only one that can be said to be unnecessary. No, even looking at the entire auction, it seems to have little demand compared to the meal rights and dead heat with Kohina Yukari-san.

 I glanced at it earlier, but no one bid for Kohina Yukari-san’s meal rights.

 ”Hey! Why isn’t anyone bidding on mine!”

 ”Koguma-senpai, we’re live on air. Be quiet.”

 Koguma-senpai, wearing cute bear-themed loungewear and a mask, is restrained by Masked Idol-sama.

 Lately, I’ve been thinking that it’s nice to see someone acting like that at first glance, making them look like they’re flirting.

 ”Um, wow, someone brave has won this item in the auction!”

 ”No way! How can such junk be auctioned, and there’s no bidding for a meal with me, what’s going on?”

 ”Hey, it’s not junk, okay? It’s not!”

 Koguma-senpai confronts Announcer Morikawa as she descends the stage. The desperate Masked Idol-sama tries to restrain her.

 Huh? Is it time to start broadcasting from Shirogane Aqua’s room?

 Everyone in the venue is smiling at this.

 ”Um, the winner is actually here in this venue! Sheep Mask, please!”

 It turns out that the winner was Sister Merry.

 A big round of applause erupts from the venue for the brave winning bid.

 Because owning Aqua-sama’s painting feels like a bad dream, after all.

 ”Sheep Mask, congratulations.”

 Sister Merry nods at Morikawa-san’s words.

 ”I see, it’s overwhelming, isn’t it? I understand, I understand.”

 Wow, it’s amazing how Announcer Morikawa can communicate even when the other person isn’t speaking. I wonder if it was just my imagination that Sister Merry seemed to be nodding to Morikawa-san’s words.

 ”Alright everyone, let’s give a big round of applause to the hero. Oh, please proceed to the room at the back.”

 ”Puppu, even hero, huh?”

 ”Well, it’s better than being someone who wasn’t even bid on, right!?”

 Sister Merry glanced at me and gave a thumbs up.

 ”Yes, I understand. It’s too early for Aqua-sama’s art in this world. To prevent people from going crazy after seeing Aqua-sama’s art, we must properly collect them in the Holy Aqua Religion.”

 Many applause were given to the back figure of the warrior who completed the mission.

 ”Now, since the venue has warmed up quite a bit, shall we return to the venue-limited auction?”

 Koguma-senpai was dragged back to her seat by Masked Idol-sama.

 ”Now, this will be the third venue-limited auction. Here you go!”

 The auction details are displayed on the monitor behind.

 Provided by MojaP/Beryl Entertainment,

 The actual microphone used by Shirogane Aqua to make his debut as an idol. Signed by Shirogane Aqua, MojaP, and Atori Ako. The authenticity certificate, which proves that it is genuine, also includes the signatures of Morikawa Kaede and Kohina Yukari as witnesses, besides the three mentioned.

 Something has come up that we, as the church, must secure.

 We absolutely must win this as a sacred relic.

 ”Now, I would like to start at 100,000.”


 ”1 million!”

 ”5 million!”

 ”10 million!”

 The prices will rise immediately. At the moment I thought I should raise my hand, someone’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

 ”1 billion”

 The Oil Queen… It’s you again. The venue falls into silence.

 ”1 trillion”

 A voice that cuts through even the silence. The air in the venue trembles as a scream-like cheer erupts from the audience. I turn my gaze towards the familiar voice.

 The First of the Twelve Bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion, Worker-Holic.

 To be able to casually throw out such a large sum of money with a cool demeanor, she truly is the top of the Twelve Bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion. She is no ordinary person. For some reason, when I look at her, I am reminded of Chihiro Claire, who went from being a general affairs member to vice president in our student council.

 Hehe, she’s still not used to the vice president’s duties and gets flustered, but that’s what makes her cute. In comparison, Worker-Holic has a different atmosphere. There’s an aura that says if you dare to underestimate her, you’ll regret it, so we, ordinary followers, do our best to hold back our excitement.

 Even Saint Emily said, “Do not defy Worker-Holic.” Yukishiro Emily-san, an assistant wearing a staff T-shirt near Morikawa-san, seems to be feeling the danger and is praying with her hands together. Maybe her wish was granted because the Oil Queen closes her fan with a snap. This person, she really knows how to read the room. Wonderful. I also applaud silently in my heart.

 ”Um… It looks like there is no one else, so, uh, the Shirogane Aqua, provided by MojaP-san, starting point for his debut mic, priced at 1 trillion yen!!”

 The winning bidder, Worker-Holic, descends to the stage where the item is placed.

 ”Congratulations!! Um, Worker-Holic-san, right?”

 Worker-Holic gestures to the nearby assistant, Yukishiro Emily-san, while rubbing her head. I wonder if it’s just me, but the way she’s coming over while rubbing her head makes her look really low-ranking. Maybe Yukishiro Emily-san is a commoner, I thought. In that case, could we be friends? If I see her at the headquarters, I’ll try talking to her.

 ”Oh… um, thank you. That’s what I heard.”

 ”Huh? Could she be shy?”

 Once again, Worker-Holic whispered to Yukishiro Emily-san.

 ”I’m sorry. I heard that her throat is dry.”

 ”Oh, it’s okay. I’m the one who should apologize. Thank you for your cooperation. Well then, please tell us your thoughts.”

 ”Well, I will take good care of it. I will make it available for everyone to see eventually, so please wait for a while. Thank you for the wonderful auction. That’s what she’s saying!!”

 This was met with a big round of applause and gratitude. Even the Oil Queen, who missed out on the bidding, showed respect and gratitude by bowing. It’s not just about monopolizing. That’s one of the good things about the Holy Aqua Religion.

 According to Saint Emily’s proposal, plans are underway to create the Shirogane Aqua Museum, so I’m sure it will be displayed there.

 ”Oops, wait a moment, please.”

 Announcer Morikawa stops the Workerholic from going backstage. What’s wrong? Oh… Aqua-sama, who took off his mask, descends onto the stage and takes the microphone from the cart.

 ”Thank you. I’m glad someone like you won the bid.”

 Wow, what a wonderful scene! Aqua-sama hands the microphone to Workerholic. I etched that image into my memory.

 ”Oh, she’s saying thank you.”

 The Workerholic pats Yukishiro Emily-san on the back. Maybe she didn’t expect such a casual way of speaking, but Yukishiro Emily-san seems flustered by the sudden event.

 ”Thank you as well. Congratulations once again on winning the bid!!”

 The venue was filled with loud applause and cheers. Worker-Holic firmly held the case with the microphone in both hands, bowed to the audience, and headed towards the backstage. Sigh… I’m glad Worker-Holic was here. Even though I was entrusted by Sister Merry, I feel powerless because I couldn’t do anything.

 ”Now, we will proceed to the fourth auction!!”

 A new auction appeared on the monitor.

 Courtesy of Crutch Department’s Head Matsumoto and Asahi TV.

 The right to appear in the final episode of Heaven’s Sword. Even those who are anxious about acting will receive guidance from the staff in advance.

 I see. So this is what’s coming next. The fact that this is happening in the fourth auction shows how abnormal this auction is. Come to think of it, Announcer Morikawa must have some seriously dangerous connections to gather all these products in just one go, huh?

 Well, I guess there’s no one in this country who would think of attacking Announcer Morikawa, so it should be fine. If it were Announcer Morikawa, she could probably catch bullets with her bare hands. And the citizens who hear that will just go, “Oh, I see,” and nod with a face that says, “I knew it,” while picking her nose.

 ”For now, let’s talk about the rules. Does this start at 100,000 yen as well? But it seems like you’ll surpass it quickly…”

 Laughter can be heard from the venue.

 ”Now, let’s begin the fourth auction!”


 ”10 million!”

 ”100 million!”

 The speed up to 100 million is already Kenzaki. The person who started with the initial 100,000 is already saying 100 million. It’s too fast, isn’t it…

 ”1 billion!”

 ”2 billion!”

 No one can stop it anymore. But I can’t afford to lose either. I bravely raised my hand.

 ”10 billion!”

 Certainly, it’s impossible to win with this amount of money. But in order to get motivated for the upcoming auction, I raised my hand here.

 ”We have 10 billion! Is there anyone else!?”

 Oh, the Oil Queen? Aren’t you going to raise your hand for this? Kanon isn’t raising her hand either, huh?

 ”Then, the right to appear in the final episode of Heaven’s Sword! It’s a power price of 10 billion!!”

 Oh, huh?

 I was supposed to secure the rights for Aqua-sama to sing after this, but why did it turn out like this?

 ”Congratulations! Um… Masked Sister-san?”

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 ”Please tell us your honest impressions!”

 ”Well, I’m confused. Very…”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I see, I see!”

 Huh? Is it really true that I won the bid for this?

 W-What should I do? I can afford it myself, but… Oh, huh?

 I intended to bid just to liven up for the next auction, but unexpectedly, I ended up winning it.

 ”Yes, that’s the situation. Congratulations once again!! Now, please come to the back room!”

 I sit in the back room, holding my head.

 How did it come to this!?

 No, right now, the next auction is more important!!

 That’s the one thing the Holy Aqua Religion must secure!

 ”And now, before the final auction, we will hold a surprise auction here!!”

 Surprise auction!? Everyone murmured at Announcer Morikawa’s announcement.

 ”And now, here is the content of the surprise auction!!”

 As soon as the content of the auction appeared on the monitor behind, everyone screamed in voiceless horror.

 Provided by the Hana-ata Production Committee.

 You have the right to recreate a scene with Yuujin-sama/Shirogane Aqua as the heroine. The footage will be edited and delivered at a later date.


 I almost instinctively punched the wall nearby.


 My body jolted at the sound of a thud coming from the next room. Um, if I remember correctly, the room next door is Worker-Holic, right? Uhh, scary… I’m scared… This is bad, this is bad, this is bad. Depending on the person who wins the bidding, this could be problematic.

 ”Okay, let’s start from 100,000…”

 ”If 1 trillion is not enough, I can go up to 10 trillion, 100 trillion.”

 100 trillion, that’s the national budget of this country! I thought who would come up with such a ridiculous amount, but there was someone. Yes, there was only one person, and that person happened to be my relative…

 ”Well, um, yeah, the audience around is shocked, so let’s just go with that… The right to become the heroine of Hana-ata, sold for 1 trillion yen. Congratulations, Shum——Masked Princess-san. Yes, thank you very much. Please proceed to the room in the back!”

 ”Huh, ah, wait, wait…”

 ”Yes, please hurry up so you don’t get in the way of the next person.”

 ”Wait, Emily… nggh”

 Without a word, Yukishiro Emily-san pushes Kanon’s back forcefully.

 Oh well, yeah, you can just go back already.

 Also, Announcer Morikawa, your quick decision to change the name from Shumi the Maiden to Masked Princess is brilliant.

 This person can do her job properly when she tries.

 Compared to that, Kanon, what will you do if Aqua-sama finds out that you are Shumi the Maiden! Think a little!!

 ”Alright, then, let’s start the final auction. Here’s the last item up for auction!!”

 The screen displays the final auction.

 Provided by Shirogane Aqua-sama / Beryl Entertainment. The right to have Shirogane Aqua sing live just for you.

 The fact that he’ll sing live means there’s a risk of being one-on-one with Aqua-sama. It would be great if weird people don’t bid…

 ”So, let’s start the bidding at 100,000 yen!”


 ”1 million!”

 ”10 million!”

 ”100 million!”

 The amounts smoothly step up.

 ”1 billion!”

 The oil queen presents an extraordinary number here as well. There’s probably no one left in this venue who can stop this person. Everyone thought so.

 ”10 billion!”

 A girl wearing a kimono raises her hand. Who could it be? It’s the first participant to appear here.

 ”1 trillion”

 The oil queen has finally shown her true determination.

 ”10 trillion”

 What!? However, even that is easily surpassed by a young girl wearing a kimono. From the girl, I can see the composure that says, “I can fight even more.” The oil queen also seemed like she could still continue, but she closed her fan, raised both hands, and surrendered, avoiding the confrontation.

 ”Yes. Now, for the final auction, the right to have Shirogane Aqua sing live just for you at a power price of 10 trillion yen!”

 It was an appropriate amount for the final auction. By the way, the total of the auctions so far is 13 trillion 110 billion yen… Oh, wait? The librarian that secured the appearance right of Nourin for 1 billion yen was actually amazing, wasn’t it? Or rather, my auction feels quite cheap with just 10 billion yen. The remaining four were ridiculous amounts.

 ”*Sigh*, I’m tired…”

 After the transaction was officially concluded in the room, I walked through the back corridor towards the back door. Then, I saw someone familiar standing in front of me.

 ”Um, the one from earlier.”


 I ran into Aqua-sama when I wasn’t paying attention.

 ”You’re the one who won the right to appear in Heaven’s Sword, right? Congratulations on winning. And thank you for participating in the charity event.”

 Um, um, um, what should I do? His prince-like outfit is so cool that I can’t even look at him up close. I thought my eyes might be blinded by his beauty and sparkle.

 ”I’m looking forward to working with you. If you need help on set, I’ll be there, and everyone is kind, so don’t hesitate to ask.”


 I shake hands with Aqua-sama. Oh no, my sweaty hands, my dirty sweat on Aqua-sama’s hand!! I’m sorry. I’ll cut off this arm right now!

 Seeing me in confusion, Aqua-sama gently pulls me close.

 ”Are you okay? You seem a bit dizzy. Maybe you’re tired?”

 ”Y-yes, y-yes.”

 ”I see. You’re taking a taxi home, right?”

 I nod my head repeatedly.

 ”Well then, I’ll take you there.”

 Huh? In the next moment, my body floats lightly.

 Th-This is not the legendary treasure… but a princess carry!?

 It was like a dream-like moment.

 ”Be careful on your way back.”

 ”Y-Yes… Th-Thank you very much.”

 Even after saying goodbye to Aqua-sama, I continued to gaze out the window.

 I never expected such a surprise to be waiting at the end…

 That night, I was restless, burning with desire, and I couldn’t help but indulge in comforting my own body, even though I knew it was inappropriate.

 I’m sorry, Aqua-sama.

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