Male Idol V12c14

Volume 12 Chapter 14 Bulletin Board, Shirogane Aqua’s Power Price!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[He’s doing something again] Morikawa Kaede’s Power Price! [Morikawa’s connections]
4 Anonymous
Is it true that Aqua-sama and BERYL’s products will be released?
7 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s true. It has been announced on commercials and their website
10 Anonymous
I feel like this is not the kind of show that should be aired on a weekday
12 Anonymous
At my company, we are allowed to leave work at 4 p.m
The reason is that the president wants to participate in an auction
15 Anonymous
I’m a student, but today there are no club activities or supplementary lessons
Everyone was told they could go home
18 Anonymous
Anyway, it will probably end with Shumi and other rich people dominating the auction
20 Anonymous
It seems there is also a lottery auction for ordinary people where the prices are fixed!
22 Anonymous
Wow, then I’ll do my best!!
25 Anonymous
The Verification Team members probably aren’t on the bulletin board, huh?
27 Anonymous
I understand since Chinski and Nee-san are working
Shumi will probably participate, so I understand
Hagetoru!? That guy who’s always broke is probably the one receiving charity!!
29 Anonymous
30 Anonymous
Haha LOL
32 Anonymous
If it’s Hagetoru, she’s probably standing near the venue with a donation box
35 Anonymous
Maybe there’s a chance! LOL
36 Anonymous
39 Anonymous
Oh, the show’s starting!!
41 Anonymous
Looks like Morikawa-chan is on today!
43 Anonymous
It’s only the beginning
45 Anonymous
Anyway, it’s going to be destroyed by Hoge or Power soon
I’m trembling, watching the auction item being destroyed
47 Anonymous
Yeah, that happens
49 Anonymous
I wonder what happened to Kokucho Agewa in the end
The member of parliament and the aristocrat resigned, the faction dissolved, and the assets were released. What happened to her afterwards?
52 Anonymous
I like the theory that Aqua-sama is surrounding her as a mistress the most
54 Anonymous
It’s not normal, but it’s troublesome if it’s normal because she has big breasts
57 Anonymous
Kokucho-san was also working on SDGs, so Aqua-sama was involved in SDGs too
SDGs = SUGOKU DEKAI GYUUTITI shiborimasu (suitai is also acceptable)
The source of the original story is Hagetoru
59 Anonymous
After all, Hagetoru is a genius for coming out with this so quickly
61 Anonymous
So, Aqua-sama is having the experience of milking Agewa-san. I understand
63 Anonymous
Morikawa’s listing is not good
64 Anonymous
Trash listing
66 Anonymous
It’s probably a broken doorknob lol
68 Anonymous
70 Anonymous
If it’s the traditional costume of the Stars, it might have value, right?
72 Anonymous
If it’s a tribal costume, it might have historical value
75 Anonymous
Is it her used one?!
76 Anonymous
Morikawa’s used one, this is a negative evaluation
78 Anonymous
Don’t sell such a thing, idiot lol
80 Anonymous
1 million LMAO
82 Anonymous
There’s an idiot who spent 1 million on this outfit LOL
And it turns out, it’s my favorite person…
84 Anonymous
Aa-sama, spending 1 million on trash, lol
85 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, let’s buy something better…
87 Anonymous
You guys don’t get it
Don’t you know that no one would buy something like this?
This is Aqua-sama’s kindness
Huh? It’s not like he really wanted it, right?
90 Anonymous
Masked Idol, White Silver-san, LMAO
92 Anonymous
He’s not hiding, huh!!
94 Anonymous
Aa-sama, I guess he thinks he’s not caught
97 Anonymous
That’s Aqua-sama’s rate
99 Anonymous
That’s what makes him irresistibly cute
That’s why Mama and Big Sis keep multiplying on their own
100 Anonymous
My younger sisters are in middle school and elementary school, but they always look at Aqu-tan from their mom’s perspective
Huh, me? I’m a working adult, but I want to be Aqua-sama’s little sister and be spoiled like Lapis-chan!
103 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa!
105 Anonymous
This guy just casually said “Shirogane Aqua” lol
107 Anonymous
I laughed at the usual Morikawa lol
108 Anonymous
She’s definitely not a national broadcaster announcer, but a comedian, huh? lol
110 Anonymous
Morikawa’s hosting seems to be funny in a normal way
113 Anonymous
It’s fine to be like this from the beginning
What’s with the tribal costume lol
115 Anonymous
Oh, they’re quite competitive here
117 Anonymous
Expensive lol
119 Anonymous
Everyone underestimates Morikawa, but I think if it’s the current Morikawa, she would charge at least 10 million yen for hosting a show. Our station offered her 15 million yen, but she apparently declined because she was afraid of panicking or oversleeping when her workload increased. The reason for her refusal was also very Morikawa-like, as the producer who made the offer said lol
122 Anonymous
The ending is so typical of Morikawa lol
124 Anonymous
President LMAO
125 Anonymous
127 Anonymous
You’re not the President, you’re the Prime Minister!!
129 Anonymous
She probably wanted to write Prime Minister, but stopped at the “P” because she was afraid of getting caught. There’s a possibility she changed it to President because she thought she might get in trouble if it was discovered. But everyone can see through it. When the Prime Minister does something bad or sneaky, she immediately becomes suspicious. This person is bad at keeping secrets, isn’t she?
132 Anonymous
133 Anonymous
I thought the same, lol
135 Anonymous
Even so, our Prime Minister Habu is strong in diplomacy. Overseas reports call her the “Habu with a poker face” who doesn’t show her true feelings, and negotiations end up being in Japan’s favor, so she’s been dubbed the “Magic Habu.” Just recently, a photo of her dancing with a straight face at the New Year’s party leaked, so it’s not very convincing, though..
138 Anonymous
I wanted to say “lol,” but she’s our Prime Minister, after all
140 Anonymous
Considering the rate band of the bulletin board users, this country’s Prime Minister has to be like this!
142 Anonymous
Both Morikawa and the Prime Minister seem capable if they just acted normally, so why do they have these playful elements?
145 Anonymous
It’s like how the strongest and greatest idol, Shirogane Aqua-sama, loves big breasts
148 Anonymous
Okay, I understand
149 Anonymous
The whole nation agrees
150 Anonymous
Because Aa-sama loves breasts, we will love them even more
152 Anonymous
Ah, the video is here!
154 Anonymous
You guys, this is where it gets serious!!
157 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head is here!
158 Anonymous
Our Department’s Head is here!!
159 Anonymous
Department’s Head!!!!
161 Anonymous
Department’s Head is still using a crutch, lol
Why are you injured again? LOL
You’re not young anymore, so be careful!!
163 Anonymous
Department’s Head, take better care of your body, LMAO
166 Anonymous
You came to the wrong company, LOL
168 Anonymous
Indeed, the broadcasting station is different
171 Anonymous
172 Anonymous
175 Anonymous
Extra appearance in the final episode of Heaven’s Sword!?
177 Anonymous
Something crazy is coming, LMAO!
179 Anonymous
A crazy offering right from the start, lol
181 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head, that’s bad. Someone will definitely die
183 Anonymous
Does that mean I can become Chijo and lick it all over?
185 Anonymous
188 Anonymous
Thank you, Director Hongou!!
190 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head, Director Hongou, thank you. Thank you!!
192 Anonymous
Everyone has a d*ck!!
194 Anonymous
You got your d*ck!!
196 Anonymous
Damn, they’re coming in strong right from the start
199 Anonymous
What the hell was that first Morikawa tribal costume? There must have been something better, lol
201 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is here!
203 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is great!
207 Anonymous
I want Ayana-chan’s casual clothes
209 Anonymous
If there are eau de Cologne idol goods, I’ll go all out!
212 Anonymous
If there are RinaGoods from Yuu-onii, I want them
215 Anonymous
Swimsuit, is it that red one?
217 Anonymous
If it’s the red one’s swimsuit, I want it
219 Anonymous
Whoa, lol
221 Anonymous
Masked Idol-san!?
223 Anonymous
10 million!?
224 Anonymous
10 million is funny!!
226 Anonymous
Huh? Aqua-sama is buying Ayana-chan’s swimsuit, what for…?
228 Anonymous
Trying to liven up the auction, maybe?
230 Anonymous
I was surprised by Aqua-kun, but I want the right to become eau de Cologne
232 Anonymous
You guys have been mentioning Aqu-tan’s name, but it’s different!
It’s Masked Idol!!
234 Anonymous
I want a premium live ticket
I don’t have the confidence to stand next to Ayana-chan, even if I could become a member of eau de Cologne
Probably, I get flustered if I met her in person
236 Anonymous
It’s coming!
238 Anonymous
Wild Kohina Yukari appeared!
240 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san is everywhere…
243 Anonymous
Don’t run away
244 Anonymous
Don’t run away from otome games
247 Anonymous
It’s so exciting when Wild Morikawa Kaede and Wild Kohina Yukari meet, LOL
249 Anonymous
Bored lol
250 Anonymous
Looks like you’re bored, huh
252 Anonymous
LMAO at the venue
253 Anonymous
It’s so funny that you’re at the venue lol
255 Anonymous
The auction venue is lol
257 Anonymous
No, I don’t need a Yukari Goha T-shirt
259 Anonymous
Even if it’s a gift from Aqua-sama, I don’t need that crappy T-shirt
261 Anonymous
By the way, this T-shirt is actually faded. It wasn’t this pale shade of purple, it was a bit darker. I guess it didn’t sell well
263 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s coaching is so scary, lol. I guess it’s supposed to be helpful though
265 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “The exit is that way.”
Probably the first thing she says when coaching
267 Anonymous
Scary, lol
269 Anonymous
If the other person is a student, they’ll cry in seconds, lol
271 Anonymous
The right to have lunch with Kohina Yukari, LMAO
273 Anonymous
Huh? Having lunch in the park? Isn’t that surreal?
275 Anonymous
It’ll be a joke
276 Anonymous
As an actor, I think she’s amazing, but I wouldn’t even accept 100 yen to have a meal with Kohina Yukari
278 Anonymous
Prime Minister LOL
279 Anonymous
Prime Minister, you’re acting suspiciously, lol
280 Anonymous
Prime Minister, you’re too suspicious, lol
282 Anonymous
Is it true, Kohina Yukari, lol
284 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is a woman who doesn’t care even if there are bodyguards or secretaries. Well, I feel like Morikawa also talked to her. Our Prime Minister is easy to talk to
286 Anonymous
It seems like they took it when the Prime Minister appeared live on Fuji’s program. So it must be December. It was when they said they would do something like this next year
288 Anonymous
Do something for the citizen, lol
Negotiations are intense, lol
290 Anonymous
It’s not good, Kohina Yukari-san, lol
If you say that, they won’t be able to refuse, lol
293 Anonymous
The way she does things is completely like a bandit
295 Anonymous
Bandit LOL not a bandit LMAO
297 Anonymous
Morikawa is doing her job properly…?
299 Anonymous
301 Anonymous
If it’s the National Diet Building, it’s still okay
If it’s the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, it would have been bad. I think she would have had to dogeza again
304 Anonymous
I think it’s good to have a meal with the Prime Minister. I want students to buy it
305 Anonymous
Isn’t it nice to have a meal with the Prime Minister?
Habu-san, on the live broadcast every week, talks about what she is doing now and what she is going to do in the future for the people, but if it’s a hearty meal, she might talk about things in the far future
You guys make fun of her, but Habu-san is still Mary, you know!!
308 Anonymous
I’ll leave the strongest four heavenly kings of Mary, as told by current students and alumni
Announcer Morikawa Scholarship Student. She almost got a failing grade due to oversleeping, but managed to solve more than half of the questions in 10 minutes and answered all of them correctly, escaping the punishment
Kanon-sama was always the top student since middle school 1st year when she was with Mary. She is a human cheetah who only scores perfect marks in all subjects
Prime Minister Habu struggled to keep up with her studies in middle school and almost had to repeat a year, but managed to graduate by achieving the top position. She is a hardworking individual
Emily-sama Mary is an elite student from kindergarten. She always finish tests within 10 minutes and consistently rank in the top 5
By the way, the only flaw in Mary is that Hagetoru is a scholarship student
It seems that there are suspicions among current students, alumni, and teachers that she entered and advanced through rolling pencils
310 Anonymous
Hagetoru LMAO
312 Anonymous
We don’t need to dogeza instead of the Prime Minister
313 Anonymous
Prime Minister, that’s unnecessary. LOL
315 Anonymous
If the Prime Minister were to dogeza to my boss, I’d be so scared, lol
317 Anonymous
A helper!?
319 Anonymous
The helper has arrived!
321 Anonymous
A helper, you say!?
Just where is this Aqua-sama from?
322 Anonymous
Is Masked Idol coming!?
324 Anonymous
Looks like he really came, lol
326 Anonymous
Unlike Kohina-senpai, he’s not idle, lol
Casually provoking, huh?
328 Anonymous
Getting attention from the wife!
329 Anonymous
We also want to fawn over Aa-sama
331 Anonymous
But… Kanon-sama is lucky, huh
Properly loved and all
333 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, you’re way too into Kanon-sama, lol
335 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s room members are here!
337 Anonymous
Oh, is this Kohina Yukari’s room?
339 Anonymous
I was watching Morikawa Kaede’s power price and suddenly Kohina Yukari’s room started
341 Anonymous
Bad news, Kohina Yukari is making Aqua-kun do banditry
343 Anonymous
If Aqu-tan calls out, everyone takes out their wallets
345 Anonymous
“Give me something,” it’s just too cute!
347 Anonymous
Kato Iria LOL
349 Anonymous
Even if it’s not Kato Iria, it will be like this. I’ll give out everything I have too
352 Anonymous
Morikawa is working properly again!
354 Anonymous
Morikawa, are you okay?
It’s starting to become a repeat of Morikawa Kaede’s room lol
356 Anonymous
You have the right to become Fairis?
358 Anonymous
Or rather, the way she immediately competes with Tsukimachi Ayana makes me feel like Kato Iria lol
360 Anonymous
Kato Iria also likes Ayana-chan too much
By the way, here are the honorary members of the Tsukimachi Ayana Fan Club
・Kurushima Fran/eau de Cologne
Even though she was just a fan, she liked Ayana-chan so much that she joined eau de Cologne
99% of the posts on social media are Ayana-chan. The remaining 1% are business contacts and matters. She writes down all the names of her peers who picked fights with Ayana-chan in her notebook. The reason is that when they co-starred on a program To get back at them
She is also famous for owning all of the Goods except for one item. She was recognized as an honorary member of the Tsukimachi Ayana Guards
・Kato Iria/Fairies
When Ayana-chan was being teased, she told the mob not to interfere with her one-on-one with Ayana. By the way, her cute appearance is fake, after all, she won the national kickboxing student competition. She has been recognized as an honorary member for her coolness that betrays her appearance and behavior. Also, her motto is to go straight and hit with physics
・Kohina Yukari/Beyond Production
She was recognized as an honorary member because Ayana-chan frequently appears on Kohina Yukari’s YouTube channel. By the way, be careful when watching her video that perfectly imitates eau de Cologne’s PV, it’s just normally cute. The video of Ayana-chan and her singing Aqua-sama’s “shiitake” in their home pajamas has surpassed 100 million views
・Shirogane Aqua/Beryl Entertainment
He was appointed as the honorary president of the Fan Club because Ayana-chan is the cutest when she’s with Aqua-sama. By the way, it has been confirmed that Ayana-chan’s poster is displayed on the wall of his room during the stream. Occasionally, rare photos of Ayana-chan wearing the Otomezaki school uniform are leaked on social media, so it’s necessary to check
365 Anonymous
I laughed, LOL
367 Anonymous
Huh? Even Aqua-sama is captivated, is it actually Ayana-chan who is truly the strongest, flawless idol?
368 Anonymous
Kato Iria is super calculated, but this is really something, LOL. By the way, Morikawa’s motto is “go straight and punch with physics.” The entertainment world is dangerous, LOL
370 Anonymous
The right to be carried like a princess by Kobayakawa-san, LOL. How did this happen, LOL?
372 Anonymous
Aqua-kun seems to want to be carried a little, LOL
374 Anonymous
And the right to be carried by Kuga Reira, LOL. Aqua-kun, are you waking up to something? Are you okay?
376 Anonymous
Both Kobayakawa-san and Kuga-san are tall and cool. I think there’s quite a demand from girls
378 Anonymous
It’s great to be able to ride on the back of two bikes, right?
380 Anonymous
Sad news, Mutsumiya Seijuu doesn’t notice Kohina Yukari lol
382 Anonymous
Mutsumiya Seijuu: “Oh, oh, Kohina Yukari-san was here? Couldn’t see you, you’re so small, lol.”
This veteran is really good at teasing, lol
384 Anonymous
Seeing this exchange every time, they must be good friends, lol
386 Anonymous
Hey, Kanade!
388 Anonymous
Ichika-chan is here!
390 Anonymous
Whether it’s Heaven’s Sword Goods or Onmyoji Goods, it doesn’t matter to Ichika-chan!
392 Anonymous
Having Kanade-san cook for us is great!
The bento always looks delicious
394 Anonymous
Regarding the matter that Masked Aqua-san seems to want the most, lol
395 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, if you say it, they’ll make it for you normally, lol
397 Anonymous
Oh, that’s amazing. There’s Ayafuji-san and Awashima-san too
399 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s bandit is doing great!
401 Anonymous
Don’t call her a bandit, lol
403 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san is here!
404 Anonymous
407 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san, is it the Monday 9 goods? Nice!
409 Anonymous
I wonder if we will have the right to do something from Tsuwabuki-san or sell his personal belongings..
412 Anonymous
Well, of course. It’s already amazing that Maskedsomething-san is bugged, so I think this is good enough
413 Anonymous
It’s really amazing compared to the past, it’s totally fine
416 Anonymous
Mikuni-sama is here!!
418 Anonymous
The mom appeared!
420 Anonymous
Oh mother, please put your son up for sale!!
422 Anonymous
Are you a genius, lol
423 Anonymous
Naturally, it’s like human trafficking, lol
This totally crosses the line
425 Anonymous
As expected, the bulletin board users are crazy
427 Anonymous
Parent-child appearance!?
428 Anonymous
Parent-child appearance is here!!
430 Anonymous
432 Anonymous
Someone’s already bidding in advance, lol
435 Anonymous
I wonder what the parent and child are going to do. A talk show, maybe? Or perhaps a drama?
438 Anonymous
Personally, I’d like to see parents and children doing something together, like cooking together. Like cooking together
Alright, let’s take over Morikawa’s daily meals!!
440 Anonymous
Morikawa is always being taken over by someone on the show, lol
Only she can do the show takeover act, lol
442 Anonymous
I want a script set. It’s probably going to be ridiculously expensive
444 Anonymous
Is it prohibited to purchase from overseas?
I think Mikuni-sama’s scripts and the people from States would really want them
446 Anonymous
President Atori is here!
447 Anonymous
Here she comes!
449 Anonymous
This is where it gets real!!
450 Anonymous
Beryl is here!!
452 Anonymous
She found out that the three of them were up to no good, lol
453 Anonymous
President Atori! These three people have been setting up checkpoints and acting as bandits since earlier!!
456 Anonymous
Wait! I thought of the bandit Aqu-tan at the checkpoint saying, “Are you sure you don’t have anything? Let me take off all your clothes and check it out.” My tummy tightened as I imagined him
458 Anonymous
That’s Hagetoru, right? LOL
460 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is walking at the front with a completely innocent face, LOL
462 Anonymous
The only person who’s not Beryl is leading the way, LOL
464 Anonymous
How much is this person hanging around? I’m honestly jealous
466 Anonymous
What are Beryl’s security guards doing? There’s a suspicious person inside!!
468 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, the suspicious person, LOL
470 Anonymous
Beryl bought Beyond Production, LOL
471 Anonymous
Seriously, this person is so free, lol
473 Anonymous
It’s not about crossing the line. The comments are just completely out of bounds
475 Anonymous
LMAO, a dog
477 Anonymous
Kohinu-senpai is appeared!
479 Anonymous
Because the puppy is too cute, it’s not good
481 Anonymous
Aren’t Aqua-kun and her already flirting?
483 Anonymous
Yeah, it definitely looks like they’re flirting
485 Anonymous
I didn’t say anything, lol
487 Anonymous
The woman who tires Aqua-sama, Kohina Yukari LOL
489 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, LMAO
491 Anonymous
Hey, Shintaro, you can’t hide anything LOL
493 Anonymous
Well, Mayuzumi-kun has that kind of face!
495 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun seems to be struggling
497 Anonymous
Morikawa is great
499 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how Morikawa has become the explanation character! LOL
501 Anonymous
503 Anonymous
Here it comes!
505 Anonymous
Has the day come when I can unleash my wallet?!
507 Anonymous
All Mayushin-kun fans are overjoyed!
509 Anonymous
As expected of Aa-sama. Coming up with things that ordinary people wouldn’t think of
511 Anonymous
This is practically a date
This is practically a date!
This is practically a date!!
513 Anonymous
It came crashing in out of nowhere
515 Anonymous
Aqu-tan always says something outrageous when we least expect it
518 Anonymous
I’ll go ask if I can get an advance on my retirement money from the company!
520 Anonymous
Should I sell my house?
521 Anonymous
I called a real estate agent that’s open at night because I was thinking of selling my house, but the line was busy LMAO
523 Anonymous
Hey, calm down guys! lol
526 Anonymous
Breaking news!
528 Anonymous
Please enjoy the auction within a range that does not disrupt your daily life. In order to avoid disrupting the winner’s life, we will conduct an investigation to ensure that the payment is properly made before the transaction. If you have sold your essential real estate or car to build assets, you may not be able to proceed with the transaction
Seriously. Don’t rush, guys!!
530 Anonymous
The government’s response is too fast. They knew about this beforehand lol
532 Anonymous
As expected from Beryl. Coming in strong right from the start
534 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s cold weather goods, huh?
535 Anonymous
Shin-sama’s sweat-stain resistant cold weather goods with fragrance, huh?
538 Anonymous
Hey, stop it
539 Anonymous
You suddenly make me feel sexual!
540 Anonymous
If that’s the case, the books he has been reading might have fingerprints on them. Haa haa..
542 Anonymous
Suddenly there’s a lot of Chijo, lol
544 Anonymous
I understand that slight anxiety
545 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, LMAO
547 Anonymous
It’s this face, lol
549 Anonymous
He brought something, huh
551 Anonymous
An alarm clock?
553 Anonymous
What do they use an alarm clock for?
555 Anonymous
New Product Development Department!?
556 Anonymous
I want to see Beryl’s New Product Development Department. Maybe I can play there for a day
558 Anonymous
Hmm, I see
560 Anonymous
561 Anonymous
562 Anonymous
What the heck!?
563 Anonymous
It seems like Aqua-sama is a little crazy lol
565 Anonymous
Thank you. Thank you so much!
567 Anonymous
Wow, I want this so badly!
569 Anonymous
They said Aqua-sama’s voice is included too!?
571 Anonymous
Wait a minute!?
573 Anonymous
And it’s even signed!?
575 Anonymous
Hey, they even put it on a purikura! (photo booth)
578 Anonymous
Are they not going to list that purikura!?
580 Anonymous
582 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, it’s not good to stick it there, lol
583 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa! You almost had a heart attack just now!!
585 Anonymous
Just by sticking a purikura sticker, Morikawa and Aqu-tan are out of the game, lol
587 Anonymous
This is going to start a war, lol
589 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei is here!
590 Anonymous
Our sensei is here!!
592 Anonymous
Give me something LOL
594 Anonymous
I understand, sensei. I’m weak at this too
596 Anonymous
Ahh, thank you Aqua-kun for innocently depending on me, thank you, thank you!!
598 Anonymous
Is she showing off her wallet? Lol
600 Anonymous
I get it. Just by seeing Aqua-kun’s face, my wallet wants to come out
602 Anonymous
Morikawa LOL whose bottom end is attached to the board
605 Anonymous
A complete set of signed novels is great!
607 Anonymous
I want this too! I have too many things I want!
609 Anonymous
610 Anonymous
The right to appear in No-Rin!?
612 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari said something outrageous!
613 Anonymous
She sounds like President Atori, lol
615 Anonymous
My mom suddenly stood up and scared me, lol
617 Anonymous
Is it okay?
618 Anonymous
Is it really okay?
620 Anonymous
Finally, is it time for my wallet to get serious?!
622 Anonymous
Hurry, hurry, hurry!
624 Anonymous
Hey, stop it!
625 Anonymous
Don’t be reckless!!
627 Anonymous
I’ve been using this Velcro wallet since middle school, and guess what? I’m a billionaire now! So, I’m going to go all out from now on!
629 Anonymous
That’s seriously impressive
630 Anonymous
Please, man! Also, Hagetoru’s wallet is Velcro too!
632 Anonymous
Velcro wallets are the trend now. Aqu-tan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai all have Velcro wallets too
634 Anonymous
That’s the spirit!!
636 Anonymous
Isn’t it too cute?
638 Anonymous
Series where the older sister reacts
– His wallet has Velcro
– He eats croquettes happily
– He looks good in shorts
Aqu-tan meets all these, doesn’t he?
640 Anonymous
I know I’ll never get a chance to appear in “Nourin,” but I wish Aqua-kun would buy it for me
642 Anonymous
Stop, the show will be taken over!!
643 Anonymous
Morikawa “Again, really? You both like taking over, don’t you?”
645 Anonymous
Seems like they’ll casually change the main character
646 Anonymous
If that happens, the next volume might have the main female character appearing with a big belly
648 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama! Impre**ting not only his real wife but also novel characters!!
650 Anonymous
Nourin is about to be taken over, lol
652 Anonymous
653 Anonymous
Kanon, ah
655 Anonymous
I quietly put away the wallet with the magic tape that I took out
656 Anonymous
I forgot about Kanon, the super serious rich otaku
658 Anonymous
MojaP is here!
660 Anonymous
Aqua-kun also relies on MojaP quite a bit. When I see the two of them, it feels like a father and son, and I like it
663 Anonymous
It’s the best
665 Anonymous
Moja-san’s bangs and beard make him look like that, but if he cleans up, he’s probably a handsome guy. So it’s normal
667 Anonymous
A microphone? If everyone is using it, it seems to have great value
670 Anonymous
672 Anonymous
What the heck!?
674 Anonymous
675 Anonymous
Something unbelievable just came here, lol
677 Anonymous
This is not just an auction!!
678 Anonymous
I burst out laughing when I saw it being listed as a national treasure, lol
680 Anonymous
The signatures of those three are so emotional!
681 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, President Atori, and MojaP’s signed microphone
In addition, there are signatures from Kohina Yukari and Morikawa on the authentication certificate to prove its authenticity
This is insane, lol
683 Anonymous
Shumi, do your best
685 Anonymous
It’s a good thing that participation in the auction from overseas is prohibited
This would be a problem if it leaked outside the country
687 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is here!!
690 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, what’s up?
692 Anonymous
Senpai’s wallet is seriously held together with Velcro, lol
694 Anonymous
Morikawa, who should be the main character, is now the explainer, lol
Is this Kohina Yukari’s power play?
696 Anonymous
Guitar is here!!
697 Anonymous
I want a guitar, I want a guitar, I want a guitar!
699 Anonymous
And it’s the one he used in the live performance!!
701 Anonymous
It’s good that it’s limited to guitarists
Knowing about maintenance and storage is important
703 Anonymous
Touring with Tenga-senpai!?
704 Anonymous
Session with Tenga-senpai!?
706 Anonymous
Ah, there are too many things I want
708 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s alarm clock too!?
710 Anonymous
Aqua-kun “Hey, wake up early!”
Tenga-senpai “No…”
Akuten: “If you don’t hurry, you’ll be late.”
712 Anonymous
Phew! These two are in such high spirits!!
713 Anonymous
Aside from the spoiled Aqua-kun, the spoiled Tenga voice is priceless!!
What’s more, at the end, both of them have prince-like voices, which is too bad!!
715 Anonymous
There are too many bad listings lol
717 Anonymous
719 Anonymous
Waiting while nak*d for Toa-chan’s alarm
720 Anonymous
Morikawa, your explanation is quick lol
723 Anonymous
725 Anonymous
Nobu-san has posted something unexpectedly amazing, LOL!
727 Anonymous
I’m so nervous about taking a commemorative photo with everyone, it’s impossible, impossible, impossible!
729 Anonymous
This is something that makes even me hesitate at the level of my own face
731 Anonymous
I think I’ll just observe. Being surrounded by the four members of BERYL, I might forget to breathe
733 Anonymous
Don’t say you’re fine with just observing the photo shoot, even though it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! You won’t have such an opportunity again!!
735 Anonymous
The exclusive behind-the-scenes shots are amazing, haha!
737 Anonymous
739 Anonymous
Toa-chan’s sweat-stained fluffy hoodie, with a scent, right!?
741 Anonymous
Hey, didn’t you say the same thing about Mayuzumi-kun earlier!!
743 Anonymous
It’s no good, but I feel like I’m going to rub mine when I smell something like this
745 Anonymous
Is this not a se*ual product?
747 Anonymous
Ah, thank you Aqua
748 Anonymous
Aqtoa supply is now available!
750 Anonymous
Is it a girl?
752 Anonymous
Morikawa is a girl, LMAO
753 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, being dismissed from the female category, LMAO
755 Anonymous
He can’t think of anything, huh? LOL
757 Anonymous
Coordinating a date outfit?
758 Anonymous
I always thought Morikawa-san was a go-getter!
759 Anonymous
I believed in Announcer Morikawa
760 Anonymous
As expected, Morikawa-san is capable of working!
763 Anonymous
Too much energy LMAO
764 Anonymous
Rolling on the palm of my hand, lol
766 Anonymous
Hey, Kohina Yukari
768 Anonymous
Sigh…. (big sigh)
769 Anonymous
KY-senpai, please read the room
771 Anonymous
773 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s suggestion is rolling into a miraculous direction, lol
775 Anonymous
I always thought Kohina Yukari-san was a go-getter!
776 Anonymous
I believed in Kohina-senpai
777 Anonymous
As expected, Kohina-san is capable of working!
780 Anonymous
Using the exact same wording as earlier, lol
782 Anonymous
Bulletin board users are so pure, lol
784 Anonymous
Wait a minute, does this mean we can see Toa-chan and Aqua-kun’s date? Isn’t that amazing?
786 Anonymous
The right to become a wall! Yeeeeeessssss!
788 Anonymous
Breaking news!?
790 Anonymous
This is a message from the government. Currently, the production of Actoa and Toaqua is not keeping up. Whether you take one pill or 100 pills, the effect is the same. Please follow the instructions and take it. Thank you for your cooperation
792 Anonymous
They can’t keep up with the production of the medicine, lol. Actually, I went to pick it up yesterday, but they only gave me the first 10 pills and said they would send the rest by mail
795 Anonymous
Director Hongou is here!!
797 Anonymous
Will Heaven’s Sword come back?
800 Anonymous
President Atori!?
802 Anonymous
Director Hongou’s home video is too crazy, lol
804 Anonymous
No way, is that really okay!?
806 Anonymous
It’s beyond the level of a home video!
808 Anonymous
Wait a minute
There are already a lot of products gathered here
810 Anonymous
It’s because Morikawa is the host
If it wasn’t Morikawa, Aqu-tan and Kohina Yukari wouldn’t have gone this far
813 Anonymous
These two are still here!
815 Anonymous
No way… it’s not true, right…?
817 Anonymous
The final boss and the secret boss are still here, huh
818 Anonymous
I’m already trembling in fear
820 Anonymous
Beryl’s favorite department!?
821 Anonymous
Then, I will use Aqua-sama’s restroom, please
822 Anonymous
Is it okay for me to collect the garbage!?
824 Anonymous
Perverts pop up immediately, lol
826 Anonymous
I want to be Beryl’s acting president for a dayyyyyyyyyy!
828 Anonymous
Acting president for a day for Beryl!?
830 Anonymous
Huh? Is it okay to give s*xual guidance to affiliated talents?
832 Anonymous
Shall we practice s*xual entertainment with a sister from now on?
834 Anonymous
So the president herself will practice s*xual entertainment and rehearsal of the scenes. I understand
836 Anonymous
There are so many people crossing the line, lol
838 Anonymous
LMAO at the eyes of the people around, lol
840 Anonymous
You know, Kohina Yukari is actually quite sensible
She doesn’t follow common sense though, LOL
843 Anonymous
Here comes Aqua-kun!!
845 Anonymous
I’m prepared
847 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s bento!?
848 Anonymous
If you eat Aa-sama’s bento, will you get pregnant?
850 Anonymous
Aqu-tan’s s**en bento!?
852 Anonymous
It’s great that I’m helping at the shop!!
853 Anonymous
I wonder if Cafe Tomarigi will bid for the right to help out at the store
I want to see Aqua-kun working part-time again
855 Anonymous
Having the right to sing for you is the best, right?
857 Anonymous
Singing live is basically like having unprotected segs. It’s like imp***ting the ears
860 Anonymous
Sports helper is good!!
862 Anonymous
I thought about being a helper for the Judo Club’s ground techniques, but I can’t become an opponent!!
864 Anonymous
I don’t need the right to draw pictures lol
866 Anonymous
There’s one thing I don’t need and it’s so funny lol
868 Anonymous
There are people collapsing at the venue lol
870 Anonymous
Of course people collapse at the venue lol
872 Anonymous
Everyone at the venue, do your best!
873 Anonymous
I think a student-only auction is great!
875 Anonymous
I’m happy that they’re releasing something specifically for students!
877 Anonymous
It would be amazing if Aqua-kun came to the school festival
879 Anonymous
A kissu with Aqua-sama through a rap? Wait, that would get me pregnant
882 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s Lip Gummies!?
884 Anonymous
That’s outtt!?
886 Anonymous
Drinking Aqua-sama’s leftover bathwater
888 Anonymous
Coming up with all these crazy products, lol
890 Anonymous
No, my family’s faces are too shocked to keep up with the jokes, lol
893 Anonymous
I thought, yeah, Shirogane Aqua is the real deal
896 Anonymous
A life-sized Aqua-sama doll!?
899 Anonymous
Hey, hey, hey, we only use that for silicon stuff, right!?
901 Anonymous
Everyone, this is Beryl. This is Shirogane Aqua
903 Anonymous
Nee-san is here!
905 Anonymous
Nee-san, you’re a lifesaver
907 Anonymous
It’s definitely Nee-san
909 Anonymous
President Ranko and Mary-sama, Merry-san from Morinaga also provide goods, it’s helpful
911 Anonymous
As expected, there can’t be anything more than this
913 Anonymous
Just when I thought that, something came!
915 Anonymous
Finally, Kanon-sama is here!!
917 Anonymous
There’s still one pawn left at the very end
920 Anonymous
Kanon-sama’s competitive underwear!!
923 Anonymous
Masked Aqua-san, be quiet LOL
925 Anonymous
I thought, who would buy it, but there was only one person LOL
927 Anonymous
Who needs a swimsuit, seriously!
930 Anonymous
He got it at a good price!!
932 Anonymous
No way, seriously, he even brought out a bankbook that exceeds a blank check LOL
934 Anonymous
Boobden LOL
936 Anonymous
She come up with the most brilliantly stupid things, lol
938 Anonymous
The right to have a girls’ night. It’s okay to do that!
940 Anonymous
A girls’ night with Kanon-sama sounds quite fun. And at the Beryl Cafe!? Wow, is that even possible!
942 Anonymous
Finally, a commercial
943 Anonymous
They’ll start the auction after the commercial
945 Anonymous
Seems like online auctions will be fine
947 Anonymous
This server for the online auction is Saba-chan, right? Lol
950 Anonymous
Phew… If it’s the commercial, maybe I’ll take a bath for a while
952 Anonymous
Hey, stop it
953 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling when Bath-neki goes to the bath
955 Anonymous
This… something is happening
957 Anonymous
Hurry back!!
960 Anonymous
961 Anonymous
962 Anonymous
964 Anonymous
A new work by Tsukasa Kei-sensei!?
966 Anonymous
A special drama by Tsukasa Kei-sensei!?
968 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei with Fuji!? A new work for Yuu-onii!?
970 Anonymous
I thought it was Yuu-onii, but it seems different
972 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here!
973 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is hereeeee!
975 Anonymous
Everyone, hurry back from the restroom!!
977 Anonymous
The usual members gather together!?
979 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari It’s here!!
981 Anonymous
I can’t believe it, Kohina Yukari, Aqua-sama’s new collaboration It’s here!!
983 Anonymous
Ayana-chan has also arrived!!
985 Anonymous
Huh!? Are they doing something again with those three and Tsukasa-sensei!? And Director Hongou is here too!!
987 Anonymous
Bath-neki…! Come back quickly!!
989 Anonymous
TOKYO SWEEPER (temporary title)
Script: Tsukasa Kei
Director: Hiroko Hongou
Cast: Shirogane Aqua, Kohina Yukari, Tsukimachi Ayana, and others
991 Anonymous
This time, Aa-sama is the main character. Understood
993 Anonymous
Huh? The unexpected Kohina Yukari-san is the heroine?
995 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari as the heroine? Seriously?
997 Anonymous
I can’t imagine Kohina Yukari as the heroine!
999 Anonymous
Looks like something crazy is going to happen again
1000 Anonymous
I’m curious about the commercial and the special drama… I hope the auction ends safely if it’s 1000!
1001 774 *Hi-P3erver
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