Male Idol V12c15-2

Volume 12 Chapter 15 Bulletin Board, Auction Results, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Kohina Yukari] Shirogane Aqua’s Power Price!! [Morikawa Kaede]
506 Anonymous
I heard it was Tsukasa-sensei
If it’s that person, I can understand why they would buy it
508 Anonymous
Congratulations, Tsukasa-sensei. I tried bidding but it didn’t work out for me
I saw on social media that Tsukasa-sensei actually wants Kenzaki’s bike, but it definitely won’t be listed for sale, so I thought I shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Also, the SYUKUJYO’s gunmetal-colored bike is cool too
511 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is hereeeee!
513 Anonymous
I knew it, Heaven’s Sword was actually in the venue-limited auction!
515 Anonymous
Hey, you guys!!
Heaven’s Sword is also secretly listed in the online auction!!
517 Anonymous
518 Anonymous
Huh? What do you mean…?
520 Anonymous
It seems like Heaven’s Sword is being auctioned off both at the venue and online, one each
523 Anonymous
The Heaven’s Sword entry right for the online auction quickly went up to the limit of 100,000, lol. That’s way too cheap, lol. But the lottery from there is gonna be a nightmare though
526 Anonymous
100 million is too much!
527 Anonymous
Oh, this is Kenzaki
530 Anonymous
Should I aim for the lottery at 100,000 in the online auction? Or should I bid over a billion at the venue auction to definitely get it? This is a tough decision
533 Anonymous
If you want to make sure you get it, you should definitely go for the venue auction
536 Anonymous
10 billion!?
538 Anonymous
10 billion, that’s a crazy amount of money!
540 Anonymous
It might seem low compared to 1 trillion, but it’s still 100 billion, you know. And some people even win the bid for 100,000 yen in the lottery
543 Anonymous
Looking at the auction prices online, everyone seems surprised, lol
545 Anonymous
Is the person with 10 billion definitely considered a savvy shopper, and is the person with 100,000 considered a bad shopper in comparison?
548 Anonymous
No, they’re definitely savvy shoppers. If they have the money, it’s better to go for the one they can definitely get
550 Anonymous
I’m part of the in-person auction, but I regret winning the bid. I was misled by the information about the 100,000 yen limit on the online auction
553 Anonymous
I think maybe there’s a bit of a difference between the person with 100 billion and the person with 100,000. If regular citizens are just scrambling for 100,000, and a super rich person is bidding 10 billion, then of course it’s 100 billion
556 Anonymous
Oh, yeah, definitely
558 Anonymous
That might be true, huh?
560 Anonymous
Maybe, but true rich people don’t care about that stuff
If they can get it by spending money, they’ll spend money to get it
Just look at the person who won the bid for 10 billion, they’re not even flinching. They’ve got money to spare
563 Anonymous
564 Anonymous
They’re probably just too shaken up to move, lol
That’s probably not the case though…
567 Anonymous
A surprise auction!?
568 Anonymous
570 Anonymous
Like a secret net auction or a surprise auction
And you can bid as much as you want, but there’s only one winner
I see, I see, it seems like there’s some advanced information warfare going on here
572 Anonymous
It feels like they purposely created a panic and gave regular people a chance to buy by holding the auction at the same time. In reality, most of the bids are below 100,000 yen, so you can get them for a reasonable price. The main income, or rather the main donations, are made through the venue auction, while the online auction allows more people to participate by offering lower prices
575 Anonymous
On the other hand, there are also bikes in the 10 million yen range that Tsukasa-sensei won in the online auction, so it’s not bad. Even if it’s expensive, for fans, things like the complete set of “No-rin” novels might feel cheap
577 Anonymous
579 Anonymous
Huh? Huh? Huh…!?
580 Anonymous
582 Anonymous
Wow, Hana-ata is hereeeeeeeeeee!
584 Anonymous
An unbelievable auction is here!!
586 Anonymous
This is the main event
587 Anonymous
I thought it would be an online auction, but I guess it’s limited to the venue
589 Anonymous
I know who will win this
593 Anonymous
Well, even if it was an online auction, no one would be able to win, so it’s fine that it’s limited to the venue
595 Anonymous
What a coincidence. I also know who will win
597 Anonymous
There’s no doubt that Shumi will make a move, lol
598 Anonymous
599 Anonymous
Shumi LOL
601 Anonymous
This girl is trying to outsmart us, lol
603 Anonymous
100 trillion LOL, the readiness is just too different LMAO
605 Anonymous
I’m good with her. If it’s another girl, I might get jealous, so I’m good with her
607 Anonymous
No one can beat this, lol
609 Anonymous
Too serious, lol
611 Anonymous
It’s not just about being prepared, lol
613 Anonymous
Can’t this person just have the real deal without doing all this?
616 Anonymous
Sorry, but Shumi isn’t fighting on that level
617 Anonymous
From a hardcore fan’s perspective, I think it’s a big deal that the filming staff remains the same. Because essentially, they become the official heroine, and everything else is official
620 Anonymous
Morikawa is totally taken aback, LOL
621 Anonymous
Of course Morikawa is taken aback. The bidding was also fast-paced
623 Anonymous
Morikawa, you almost said “Shumi the Maiden”! Nice!!
625 Anonymous
Oh! Morikawa did the job!!
627 Anonymous
This is Morikawa’s great play! What if Shumi gets caught saying she’s a fan of Aqua-sama? She bid without thinking about the risk during the shoot, lol
630 Anonymous
As expected, this guy is really good
632 Anonymous
Great job, Yukishiro Emily-san!
633 Anonymous
Thanks to everyone’s great play, Shumi narrowly escaped!
635 Anonymous
Shumi is always causing trouble, huh?
638 Anonymous
Yayyyyy! I won the right to go shopping for glasses with Mayuzumi-kun!
640 Anonymous
Wow, congratulations!!
641 Anonymous
Nice one!
643 Anonymous
So, did you manage to get the lottery for the glasses? It was a draw with a 10,000 yen limit, so anyone had a chance
645 Anonymous
Here comes the final auction!!
647 Anonymous
It’s hereeeeeeeee!
648 Anonymous
Live singing, yessssss!
650 Anonymous
Of course, it’s gotta be live singing
652 Anonymous
Live singing is the best
654 Anonymous
Will Oil Queen-san finally come next?
656 Anonymous
I get Aqua-sama’s autographed goods behind the live music auction!!
659 Anonymous
661 Anonymous
Signed goods are awesome. I also got Toa-chan’s!
663 Anonymous
There are many signed goods, so there’s a good chance
665 Anonymous
I wanted Director Hongou’s pipe chair, but it was impossible
668 Anonymous
I couldn’t get it either
670 Anonymous
Hey, is Oil Queen able to go this time
672 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t Oil Queen able to go this time?
675 Anonymous
676 Anonymous
678 Anonymous
680 Anonymous
A monster has appeared here, lol
682 Anonymous
I think this person was probably aiming for this one item. They haven’t shown up before, so they must have been targeting it from the beginning and willing to spend money without hesitation, crazy, lol
685 Anonymous
Ahh, the oil queen pulled it
687 Anonymous
Oil Queen, you had a tough opponent. That’s too bad. I wanted you to win something
690 Anonymous
Thank you, Oil Queen! The applause is flying from the venue!!
692 Anonymous
Huh? Come to think of it, are foreigners not allowed to participate in this?
700 Anonymous
The limited auction at the venue is by invitation only. Also, it’s not that foreigners are not allowed, but rather that foreigners living abroad cannot participate in the online auction. It seems to be limited to those who can submit identification and proof of residence after winning the bid, and it’s probably to avoid assets flowing out of the country and becoming difficult to recover later
By the way, it seems that payment in currencies other than yen is also acceptable. It was possible with Euro Stars, State Dollars, and Arabian Amir Dollars. So, Mary and Shumi’s winning bids might be paid with Euro Stars or other foreign currencies. If the person who wins the final bid has around 10 trillion yen, it’s probably not all in yen, so it seems like they’ll consider the balance
703 Anonymous
Thanks for the detailed explanation
704 Anonymous
Well, if it’s not like that, it would be really bad
707 Anonymous
Breaking news, Sayamu Inko couldn’t win anything due to panic!!
709 Anonymous
Inko LOL
710 Anonymous
Inko, huh? lol
713 Anonymous
As expected, she’s just doing a livestream
714 Anonymous
Hey, Inko-chan!!
716 Anonymous
I rushed out earlier, so I’m going to take another bath
720 Anonymous
Hey, stop it
721 Anonymous
723 Anonymous
Bath-neki, come back!!
726 Anonymous
The moment Bath-neki goes to take a bath, another drama announcement is coming LOL
728 Anonymous
730 Anonymous
Aqua-sama walking down the street at night is so cool!!
732 Anonymous
This scene was the one that was seen filming late at night, right?
734 Anonymous
Walking next to Aqua-kun in a neon-lit street, and it was so cool to see the headlights shining so clearly on the asphalt
This kind of needlessly cool scene really makes me feel like Hongou lol
737 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is heree!
740 Anonymous
742 Anonymous
They are living together?
744 Anonymous
Sad news, Kohina Yukari’s character lives with Aqua-sama
747 Anonymous
Aqua-sama on the helicopter ladder is so cool!!
748 Anonymous
Hey hey hey, they really captured that scene well
750 Anonymous
I thought it was definitely a stunt, but if it’s Aqua-sama, there’s a chance it’s not a stunt
752 Anonymous
Gyaaaaa, a car is coming straight at Aqua-sama!
753 Anonymous
Hey, you’re kidding, right!?
755 Anonymous
No way, that scene is dangerous, isn’t it!?
757 Anonymous
You’re kidding, LMAO
759 Anonymous
He made the car that came at him get a flat tire, LOL
762 Anonymous
The guy who tried to hit Aqua-sama ended up getting a flat tire and crashed into an unmanned gas station and got cremated, lol
765 Anonymous
Wait a minute, “No Stunt” has been showing in the bottom right the whole time, hasn’t it?
768 Anonymous
770 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, I love how he put his heart into being an idol and an actor, lol
773 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is serious about everything he does
776 Anonymous
Aqu-tan takes being an idol, an actor, and staring at breast very seriously, lol
779 Anonymous
780 Anonymous
That’s awesome! That’s our Aqua-sama for you!!
783 Anonymous
Kohina YukariLOL
785 Anonymous
The interaction with Kohina Yukari, this is the usual, isn’t it!!
787 Anonymous
789 Anonymous
Special drama commemorative auction will be held!!
791 Anonymous
Bath-neki is back, lol
793 Anonymous
Advance preview preview!!
795 Anonymous
797 Anonymous
Are they going to auction everything, lol?
800 Anonymous
It’s free!?
801 Anonymous
I can’t believe it’s free at the very end!
803 Anonymous
Hurry up, everyone can participate in this!!
805 Anonymous
Breaking news, the winner of Ro-Schutz-Marr’s coat is RamenHagetoru
808 Anonymous
What is she doing at a time like this, lol?
810 Anonymous
She’s bidding even though she doesn’t have any money, lol
But of all things, why that? lol
812 Anonymous
She’s unstoppable, lol
814 Anonymous
She’s starting to look like a pervert, lol
816 Anonymous
The special drama’s website is already up
818 Anonymous
820 Anonymous
823 Anonymous
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10. Keywords related to Microphones: Where is the Exhibition? Exhibition Location, Opening Date
825 Anonymous
You guys are too eager, searching for the location and release date of Mic’s exhibition just after the auction ended. Lol, you’re thinking ahead
828 Anonymous
Hey, Bath-neki is a winning bid!!
830 Anonymous
833 Anonymous
Huh? What do you mean?
837 Anonymous
Provided by Shirogane Aqua-sama: Masked Driver, the gloves used by Kenzaki Souji in Heaven’s Sword
Bath-neki won with a bid of 10,000 yen
841 Anonymous
843 Anonymous
Looking at the bidding time, Bath-neki managed to bid before taking a bath. LMAO
846 Anonymous
We struggle and panic, unable to buy anything
Bath-neki ← elegantly wins the desired items and enjoys a bath
850 Anonymous
Elegant bath lol
852 Anonymous
After all, you need to have some peace of mind
855 Anonymous
Bath-neki, I’m glad you were able to win the bid
857 Anonymous
Congratulations Bath-neki!!
860 Anonymous
Breaking news, the clothes worn by oil queen Aqua-sama at the world soccer finals are up for auction
863 Anonymous
It fit where it fits!!
865 Anonymous
This was generally good
867 Anonymous
Wow, that’s great!
870 Anonymous
It was great! The final of the world tournament was against the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, so I feel like I’ve come back to the place I should have come back to
872 Anonymous
The oil queen was curious because she hadn’t been able to make any bids
875 Anonymous
Even though I couldn’t win, it was fun
That said, there is still a waiting list for the lottery, so I’m looking forward to that
878 Anonymous
Some auctions are postponed, it seems
We’ve been seeing a lot of winning reports on social media
881 Anonymous
I laughed when I saw Morikawa bidding as a substitute for the Prime Minister’s dogeza, lol
883 Anonymous
885 Anonymous
That’s hilarious, lol
888 Anonymous
Just looking at the bidding history of the auction is fun
Sometimes I laugh when I see someone I know, lol
Found Lip-reading expert Neki and Fuji Department Store-neki, LOL
890 Anonymous
I haven’t seen Nee-san, did she hold back this time?
893 Anonymous
I think Saba-chan is the MVP this time. She really did well with the online auction server
896 Anonymous
Totally agree!
898 Anonymous
Saba-chan, you really did a great job this time
901 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is bidding for Aqua-sama’s lunch, lol
904 Anonymous
Even if she gets the lunch made by Aqua-sama, she’ll still be eating alone in the park
907 Anonymous
On social media, there’s someone saying she’ll bid for Aqua-sama’s lunch with Aqua-sama. LOL
910 Anonymous
That’s just sad
913 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s really unfortunate
917 Anonymous
Everyone in my family laughed when we found out that the person bidding for the right to have a meal with Kohina Yukari is actually part of her inner circle. LOL
921 Anonymous
Breaking news, Inko panicked and ended up bidding for the lunch date with Kohina Yukari
924 Anonymous
She’s like a mirror image of the streamer. LOL
926 Anonymous
Inko LOL is really something
930 Anonymous
The atmosphere of “Don’t push! Don’t push!!” is coming through
933 Anonymous
Ta-da, she won the bid! LMAO
936 Anonymous
Check out Kohina Yukari’s social media. Everyone, place more bids!!
939 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, Aqua-kun, and Inko are all pushing each other to bid. LOL!
942 Anonymous
So, the person who bids last is the loser. LOL
945 Anonymous
LOL, the three-way battle has started, so funny!
950 Anonymous
It’s gonna be fun for a while to see who wins the bidding for Kohina Yukari’s meal ticket, LOL!
953 Anonymous
Tora-uma Awashima-san is bidding on Mayuzumi-kun’s goods!
956 Anonymous
Isn’t it the best!!
959 Anonymous
I only bid on the off-shot photos and the preview screening
I hope I win one of them
962 Anonymous
I thinks it’s great that even elementary school students without money can bid
As for the preview screening, it’s tough if it’s not in the Kanto area because we has to go there
965 Anonymous
I think it would be nice to have a message video from Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama for the wedding
Well, I’m single, so I don’t need it, LOL
968 Anonymous
This, it also applies to people who are already married
970 Anonymous
Who do you think won the right to take photos with everyone from BERYL?
973 Anonymous
Some auctions don’t even show the bidding history
976 Anonymous
I’m curious about this too
980 Anonymous
I hope I win Tenga-senpai’s tour
982 Anonymous
I bid for the right to be Aqua-sama’s sports assistant
985 Anonymous
Can a cafe used for a girls’ gathering with Kanon-sama be set up at Beryl’s headquarters?
988 Anonymous
990 Anonymous
So excited
993 Anonymous
I was about to say “I’m just a local,” but are they considering a nationwide tour? That would be helpful
997 Anonymous
Is the awards ceremony next?
I hope everyone at BERYL has won some kind of award!
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, something good will happen to those who couldn’t make the bid!!
1001 774 *Hi-P3erver
Thank you everyone for today
Thanks to you, I was able to get through it safely
Next time I’ll go back to my usual Saba-chan

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