Male Idol V12c15

Volume 12 Chapter 15 Bulletin Board, Auction Result, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Kohina Yukari] Shirogane Aqua’s Power Price!! [Morikawa Kaede]
3 Anonymous
LOL the title
4 Anonymous
It’s been taken over again lol
5 Anonymous
Terrible title lol
7 Anonymous
List of items for regular online auctions… Some items have a maximum bidding price
Provided by Shirogane Aqua-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to have Shirogane Aqua draw a picture
– Various signed goods such as Hana-ata, Yuu-onii, Heaven’s Sword, Onmyouji, and live goods
Provided by Mayuzumi Shintaro-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to go to an eyewear shop and make a purchase while wearing your favorite glasses, in other words, a date. Beryl will cover the payment
– Alarm clocks by both Shirogane Aqua and Mayuzumi Shintaro
– Various signed goods such as Heaven’s Sword and live goods
Provided by Nekoyama Toa-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to go shopping with Shirogane Aqua and Nekoyama Toa to buy date outfits coordinated by Nekoyama Toa, in other words, the right to become a wall
– A fluffy hoodie worn by Nekoyama Toa as casual wear, with a signature
– Alarm clocks by both Shirogane Aqua and Nekoyama Toa
– Various signed goods such as Heaven’s Sword and live goods
Provided by Tenga Akira-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– Alarm clocks by both Shirogane Aqua and Tenga Akira
– Various signed goods such as Heaven’s Sword, Onmyouji, and live goods
Provided by Shirogane Kanon-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to have a girls’ gathering. The location for the girls’ gathering will be at the upcoming Beryl Café No.1
Provided by Hakuryuu Aiko-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– Complete set of “No-Rin” volumes with a personal signature. It includes the latest volume before its release
Provided by Nobu-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– BERYL’s filming tour. Comes with the privilege of taking photos with BERYL. Photographed by Nobu-san
Provided by Hongou Hiroko-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right for Hongou to direct, film, write the script, structure, direct, and edit a home video
Provided by Kohina Yukari-sama/Beyond Production:
– The right to have lunch together. The location and date will be specified by Kohina Yukari-sama
Provided by Tsukimachi Ayana-sama/eau de Cologne:
– The right to become a member of eau de Cologne for a day
– VIP seat pair tickets for the nationwide tour live performance
Provided by Kato Iria-sama/Fairies:
– The right to become a member of Fairies for a day
– VIP seat pair tickets for the nationwide tour live performance
Provided by Yukishiro Mikuni-sama/Starlights Partner:
– Personal signed scripts from movies and dramas previously performed in
Provided by Tsuwabuki Hiromasa-sama:
– Personal signed goods from his new monday 9PM drama and “Onmyoji.”
Provided by Kobayakawa Yuki-sama:
– The right to be carried like a princess
– The right to ride on the back of a motorcycle
Provided by Kuga Reira-sama:
– The right to be carried like a princess
– The right to ride on the back of a motorcycle
Provided by Kanade Ichika-sama:
– The right to make a lunchbox for you
Provided by Fuji TV and Yuu-onii production team:
– Yuu-onii scripts with the genuine signatures of Kohina Yukari, Shirogane Aqua, and Tsukimachi Ayana. These scripts are limited editions
– Life-size pop-ups used for promotions, featuring the actual autographs of three popular stars
Provided by Beryl Entertainment and Fuji TV:
– Studio tour tickets for beryl&beryl. You can even visit the dressing rooms
– Studio tour tickets for Morikawa Kaede’s room, with an opportunity to see the backstage area
– Promotional posters of Morikawa Kaede’s room, signed by Morikawa Kaede, Shirogane Aqua, and Kohina Yukari
Provided by Asahi TV and the Heaven’s Sword production team:
– SYUKUJYO bike used by Kenzaki Soji in the 9th episode, with an autograph
– Kamishiro Hajime’s costume from when he worked at a burger shop, with a signature
– Junked glasses worn by Tachibana Zanki before his transformation, with a signature on the lenses
– Kagami’s oversized helmet used during filming, with a signature
– SYUKUJYO jacket discarded by Night Shadow Misa in the 1st ROUND, with an autograph
– Pair of mug cups used by Tachibana Zanki and Tachibana Tsukiko/Tora-uma in the series, signed by both
– Apron used at Kamishiro Hajime’s favorite coffee shop, Minami Coffee, with signatures from all three stars
– Ro-Schutz-Marr coat worn at an event, with a signature
– Director Hongou’s pipe chair used during filming, with autographs from the director and main cast. If interested, the director will also include a set of hair ties, slippers, and a tracksuit that he personally wore during that time
8 Anonymous
List of items/rights for limited online auction with predetermined winning bids… These are the quantity and specific conditions for bidding
Provided by Shirogane Aqua-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to have a homemade lunch prepared. Winning bid price: 1000 yen. Please state the reason why you want the lunch to be made
– The right to help out at your shop. Winning bid price: 1000 yen per hour. Estimated duration: 2 to 3 hours. Please consult with him directly. Please state the name and location of the shop where you want to help and the reason why you want to be helped
– The right to be a sports assistant. Winning bid price: 10,000 yen. Please state the reason why you want him to be your assistant
– The right to participate in school festivals and sports events. Winning bid price: 1000 yen. Lottery system
Provided by Tenga Akira-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to go on a motorcycle tour together. Limited to those with a motorcycle license and actual ownership of a motorcycle
– The right to have a session together. Limited to those who can play a musical instrument or sing
– Hand-signed guitar for actual use. Limited to guitarists
Provided by Morikawa Kaede-sama/National Broadcaster, Beryl Entertainment:
– The right for Morikawa Kaede to write an apology letter on your behalf. It depends on the nature and reason for the mistake
Provided by Shirogane Aqua-sama, Shirogane Kanon-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– The right to receive a congratulatory message video for your wedding. Limited to those getting married
Provided by Nobu-sama/Beryl Entertainment:
– BERYL off-shot photos. Price set at 1000 yen for anyone to purchase. Limited to 100 photos, randomized content. All photos include someone from BERYL
Provided by Kohina Yukari-sama/Beyond Production:
– The right to provide as your acting guidance. The winning bid price is 10,000 yen. Limited to theater companies, training schools, and school drama clubs
Provided by Tsukimachi Ayana-sama/eau de Cologne:
– A set of casual clothes including a blouse, skirt, outer garment, and accessories. Purchase is limited to female middle and high school students. Reference: 160cm, 44kg. The winning bid price is 10,000 yen
Provided by Yukishiro Mikuni-sama/Starlights Partner:
– The right to show a first joint appearance of Shirogane Aqua and Yukishiro Mikuni. Limited to TV stations, production companies, advertising agencies, and event organizers
Provided by Kuga Reira-sama/Starlights Partner:
– The right to make a friendly appearance in your work. The decision will be based on the script and role
Provided by Mutsumiya Seijuu-sama:
– The right to provide acting guidance. The winning bid price is 10,000 yen. Limited to theater companies, training schools, and school drama clubs
Provided by Prime Minister Habu:
– A tour of the National Diet Building, limited to 10 people. Lunch will be curry with the Prime Minister. Minimum winning bid amount is 1,000 yen
– The right to have dinner with the Prime Minister. Limited to 10 people, limited to young people. Minimum winning bid amount is 0 yen (the Prime Minister will donate 1 million yen from her pocket money instead)
– The right for the Prime Minister to dogeza in your place. Depending on the content and reason for wanting the Prime Minister to dogeza
Provided by Fuji TV and Yuu-onii Production Team:
– Off-shot photos of the cast during their break. Priced at an affordable 1000 yen for anyone to purchase. Limited to 100 pieces, with random contents. Each shot features either Kohina Yukari, Shirogane Aqua, or Tsukimachi Ayana
Provided by Asahi TV and Heaven’s Sword Production Team:
– Off-shot photos of the cast during their break. Priced at an affordable 1000 yen for anyone to purchase. Limited to 100 pieces, with random contents. Each shot features either Kenzaki Souji, Kamishiro Hajime, Tachibana Zanki, or Kagami Natsuki
10 Anonymous
Great job
12 Anonymous
13 Anonymous
Thank you so much!
15 Anonymous
Wowwwww. I want all of them, it’s so hard to choose
18 Anonymous
Wait, hold up, I really want the SYUKUJYO bike that Kenzaki rode!
20 Anonymous
This is SYUKUJYO’s bike, so it’s all good. But if it was his personal bike, that would be crazy lol
22 Anonymous
I really don’t need Morikawa’s apology letter service lol
25 Anonymous
>> 22
27 Anonymous
I think Kohina Yukari’s meal ticket and Morikawa’s apology letter service are the top two things we don’t need. I feel like the Prime Minister’s dogeza could be useful because it would scare the boss
29 Anonymous
If we’re talking about that, then the top three would be the ones with Aqua-kun’s drawings
31 Anonymous
When I woke up at night, I happened to see a picture drawn by Aa-sama and couldn’t sleep because I was so excited
33 Anonymous
There’s more demand for Aqua-sama’s wiped tissues than for Aqua-sama’s pictures
35 Anonymous
36 Anonymous
Is there anyone who doesn’t want that?
39 Anonymous
It’s about time for a commercial break
It’s been more than 10 minutes
41 Anonymous
As soon as the commercial break is over, the online auction will start, so let’s do our best!
43 Anonymous
I just came back from taking a bath, did I hear that there’s a special drama announcement?
45 Anonymous
Yes, for real! And the online auction is starting too, so hurry up!
47 Anonymous
I hope I can win any of Mayuzumi-kun’s goods!
49 Anonymous
52 Anonymous
I want Toa’s hoodie soooo bad!!
54 Anonymous
It’s here!!
55 Anonymous
It’s started!!
57 Anonymous
Come on, come on, come on!
59 Anonymous
The show has started!!
61 Anonymous
Norin came out of nowhere!
63 Anonymous
As expected, Norin was limited to the venue!!
66 Anonymous
It’s here on this side too!
68 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun’s junk glasses, I thought I could bid on them, but they were instantly overwritten lol
But I’m happy that I was able to bid at least!
70 Anonymous
Oh no, I almost bid on Tenga’s guitar, but accidentally almost bid on Morikawa’s proxy for disciplinary action lol
72 Anonymous
Nourin, the way the money’s going up is crazy, lol!
75 Anonymous
Nourin, feels like it’s gonna turn out that way
77 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei’s signed full set of Nourin has already reached 1 million!!
79 Anonymous
That was the limit
When the limit is reached, it seems there’s a first-come, first-served basis or a lottery among the people who bid at the limit
The venue auction is probably for serious big spenders, but there might be a chance on the online auction!!
82 Anonymous
By chance, I clicked at the limit and got the entire set of signed Nourin!!
85 Anonymous
86 Anonymous
Board folks are here!!
88 Anonymous
Congratulations for real!!
90 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Congratulations. You’ll be able to read the latest volume before everyone else, but I’d be happy if you don’t spoil it! By the way, after the release, subsequent volumes will be sent by delivery, signed by me until the conclusion of Nourin, so you don’t have to buy them! So, don’t forget to let me know when your address changes
93 Anonymous
Sensei is hereee!!
95 Anonymous
Aaaa thank you so much!!
98 Anonymous
It’s great that she can read the new book first!
100 Anonymous
Isn’t it amazing that the final volume comes with a handwritten signature? And with a complete set, first edition with an obi? Huh? 1 million, isn’t that cheap instead?
103 Anonymous
Definitely a good deal
106 Anonymous
That kind of judgment is necessary. I figured it out with the complete set of “No-Rin”
109 Anonymous
Hey, wait a minute, Shumi LOL
111 Anonymous
That voice, it’s Shumi, right!!
113 Anonymous
I was about to say I found Shumi, but as expected, everyone on the bulletin board responded, LOL
115 Anonymous
I see Shumi more than my own parents
118 Anonymous
121 Anonymous
She is in serious mode!!
124 Anonymous
Go for it, Shumi!!
125 Anonymous
Can’t believe the bulletin board users are bidding too!
128 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei’s auction is getting too intense with the bulletin board group securing everything!
130 Anonymous
133 Anonymous
The people at the venue are crazy, lol
135 Anonymous
It hit the billion mark, lol
137 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Huh? Wait, that’s making me nervous
139 Anonymous
LOL, she’s freaking out
140 Anonymous
LOL, sensei is a scaredy-cat
143 Anonymous
145 Anonymous
Too bad
147 Anonymous
That was close
149 Anonymous
Shumi did a great job. I was moved
152 Anonymous
It can’t be helped, it’s 1 billion. Other people serious too
155 Anonymous
This is Hogekawa, lol
157 Anonymous
Get it together, Morikawa!! You’re responsible for the products you collected until the end!!
159 Anonymous
True, lol
160 Anonymous
You’re right, lol
163 Anonymous
Wait, this person is Mary-sama!!
165 Anonymous
Haha, it’s Mary-sama, lol
167 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that Shumi and Mary-sama were fighting, lol
169 Anonymous
Guess blood is thicker than water, lol
172 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey hey!
174 Anonymous
They came out with it right away. The right to act as BERYL president..
176 Anonymous
Kenzaki only used the SYUKUJYO bike once and it cost 10 million yen. It seems like there was a lottery from among the first 10 people who bid. The people who didn’t win were lamenting
179 Anonymous
Damn, I want to focus on the show, but the simultaneous online auction is causing chaos
181 Anonymous
Panic, panic, panic, panic, panic, panic, panic, panic, panic
183 Anonymous
Same here
185 Anonymous
Are you me? LOL
188 Anonymous
It’s like a TV program. But I also want to participate in the online auction. I thought it would be better if it was at a different time, but it’s nice to feel like I’m participating in the auction myself
190 Anonymous
If the online auction was simultaneous, it would be even better, but it’s helpful that they have a slight time difference for listing. And for those applications that require a reason, you can still apply later at your own pace
193 Anonymous
LOL, 100 billion!
195 Anonymous
100 billion LMAO
197 Anonymous
If she’s the Oil Queen, then she must have it
200 Anonymous
If the Oil Queen is for real, she should have assets worth 40 billion dollars, so she can easily afford it. And if you include the undisclosed amount, it’s even more. She’s rumored to have even more cash assets in a neutral bank exclusive to royalty, in a tax haven, so there’s no way to investigate it. It’s believed that she has much more than what is known
202 Anonymous
Wait, isn’t the exchange rate 1 dollar to 100 yen right now? So that’s 4 trillion yen! That’s plenty!
205 Anonymous
Wow, 1 trillion yen!
207 Anonymous
Seriously? 1 trillion?
209 Anonymous
Wow, that’s on a whole different level
211 Anonymous
The right to have a Shumi and girls’ night out, with a maximum limit of 10,000 yen! Hurry up!!
213 Anonymous
Let’s do it!!
215 Anonymous
I thought it was unnecessary, but isn’t it too cheap to talk to Aqua-sama’s wife, who is a former princess, for 10,000?
216 Anonymous
I feel like 10,000 for a girls’ gathering with Kanon-sama is cheap, but when I hear about a girls’ gathering with Shumi for 10,000, it feels expensive. Am I the only one?
218 Anonymous
I get it, lol
219 Anonymous
Lol, hilarious
221 Anonymous
But, you can talk for free if you come here
224 Anonymous
Rather, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that we are constantly having girls’ gatherings with Shumi on this bulletin board
226 Anonymous
Ah, did Oil Queen give up? But it’s nice to show respect
228 Anonymous
I wonder if Oil Queen realized who she was up against and felt intimidated. It seems like Shumi gave in, but I feel like she gave in after seeing the other person
230 Anonymous
Shumi is dealing with her grandmother, so yeah
232 Anonymous
There’s a possibility that Ponami (Useless Wife) didn’t realize that she was fighting against Mary-sama
234 Anonymous
Haha, that happens a lot
235 Anonymous
Nah, that’s unlikely
238 Anonymous
Don’t underestimate our Ponnammi! Even though there is Aqua-sama, she called herself Shumi the Maiden!!!
240 Anonymous
I got a girls’ night out with Kanon-sama! We’ll have a great time chatting like Kunka Kunker-senpai, surrounded by beautiful girls
243 Anonymous
Police officer, it was this one
245 Anonymous
It’s not a crime for a girl to smell another girl. But if a boy smells like a criminal, then it’s a problem. Besides, don’t we all sniff each other’s sweat sometimes?
248 Anonymous
Just so you know, Kanon-sama doesn’t have that kind of smell, she smells really good. She has an incredibly noble and gentle floral scent. I understand the feeling of wanting to smell it. I took a deep breath when I accidentally met her
250 Anonymous
There are perverts here too, lol
253 Anonymous
Come to think of it, even before Shumi became Kanon-sama, people were saying that Shumi smells good
255 Anonymous
Yep, it’s Hagetoru
256 Anonymous
Hagetoru said that she couldn’t sleep because of middle school Shumi’s good smell. She said she sniffed a lot. I think many people realized at that time that she was the real deal
258 Anonymous
That’s hilarious, lol
259 Anonymous
Hagetoru was probably a high school student back then, lol. It’s funny how Hagetoru has been Hagetoru since high school
261 Anonymous
The crazy thing about Hagetoru is that she knows Shumi is Kanon-sama, but she still sniffs her, gropes her breasts, touches her butt, and even indirectly kisses her to steal her first kiss with Aqua-sama. No normal person could do that!!
264 Anonymous
This person’s screws are definitely loose, lol
266 Anonymous
There’s a theory that she never had any screws to begin with, what do you think?
268 Anonymous
This is Fuji Ranko, the president
270 Anonymous
Ah, it’s good that it’s President Fuji
With her, she won’t do anything weird to the BERYL members
273 Anonymous
She’s making a profit with BERYL, so I think it’s fine
By the way, the Fuji Group is giving a special New Year’s bonus to all employees, including part-time workers!!
275 Anonymous
To be honest, I was way more excited about getting the signed calendar from beryl&beryl than the temporary bonus. The signatures are obviously copies, but the photos from that 2-day trip are amazing, right?
277 Anonymous
We got it from a business partner. There was a bit of a dispute about who would take it home, but in the end, we decided to display it in the office for everyone to see
280 Anonymous
What?! Is there such a thing?
283 Anonymous
Someone who actually received it leaked the information. It includes photos of the four of them standing side by side at the airport in January, Aqua-san eating at a convenience store in February, Tenga-san driving a car in March, Toa-chan eating takoyaki in April, Mayuzumi-san and Aqua-san having fun at a theme park in May, the four of them praying in front of a memorial in June, Aqua-san and Tenga-san grilling meat at a barbecue in July, Mayuzumi-san choosing glasses in August, Aqua-san doing agricultural work in September, Aqua-san milking a cow in October, Toa-chan and Aqua-san eating udon in November, and everyone standing side by side at the airport at the finish line in December
285 Anonymous
Now I know
286 Anonymous
Isn’t it the best..
289 Anonymous
If you want to see it, just go to the Fuji Department Store
After January ends, it will be February. You should go there in January
292 Anonymous
293 Anonymous
Online auction information coming!?
295 Anonymous
The right to become a wall is gone!
297 Anonymous
299 Anonymous
Who is it? Who win!?
301 Anonymous
As an Actoa patient, it was impossible for me
303 Anonymous
Depending on the auction, you can see the bidding status or not
I don’t know who won the bid for the wall rights
307 Anonymous
308 Anonymous
A man!!
309 Anonymous
311 Anonymous
Personally, I’m glad a man won. If it was a woman, I might have been too jealous and fainted
313 Anonymous
A present for his wife and child!?
315 Anonymous
His child must be thrilled!!
316 Anonymous
I’m glad a good person won the bid!!
318 Anonymous
Well, I had impure intentions when bidding, sorry about that, desu~wa. A pure-hearted person like this should be the one to win. What is it, Actoa or Toaqua!!
320 Anonymous
A reference for a date with his wife!?
That’s awesome..
321 Anonymous
His wife must be soaking wet!!
323 Anonymous
It’s really good that a pervert didn’t win. We should learn from pure-hearted people like him!!
325 Anonymous
Did someone won the bid for the right to draw?! LOL
327 Anonymous
LMAO, did someone actually win it?
328 Anonymous
LOL, I totally missed that!
330 Anonymous
Hey, I heard Kohina Yukari’s voice in there! LOL
331 Anonymous
Oh no, Kohina Yukari didn’t receive any bids. The room is awkwardly silent. LOL
333 Anonymous
LMAO, it’s Koguma-senpai!
335 Anonymous
LOL, no one actually bid on it. Seriously, everyone is being too quiet. LOL
337 Anonymous
OMG, it’s the Sheep Mask! LOL
339 Anonymous
Isn’t that Morinaga’s CEO?!
341 Anonymous
I wonder how much it sold for lol
By the way, they didn’t mention the winning bid earlier
343 Anonymous
That’s so cool!
345 Anonymous
The Sheep Mask with the thumbs up looks so cool
346 Anonymous
She fell in love with the back of that costume
348 Anonymous
I got a life-size pop of Yuu-onii!
It was limited to 100 people with a maximum price of 100,000
350 Anonymous
352 Anonymous
Board users are winning quite a lot!!
354 Anonymous
As a Morikawa sommelier, I’m overjoyed to have gotten Morikawa Kaede’s room poster
It was limited to 10,000
By the way, I don’t need her apology letter
356 Anonymous
I was going to say congrats, but lol
358 Anonymous
Congrats. But who buys her apology letter?
360 Anonymous
I heard it was the crutch department’s head who bid on it. She posted it on social media earlier
Apparently, when she has to stop someone’s rampage related to Heaven’s Sword next time, she’ll have Morikawa-san write the apology for them. LOL
363 Anonymous
Isn’t this the best? The winning bidder should be the crutch department’s head
364 Anonymous
You’ve come up with the perfect solution. She, be the foundation of Heaven’s Sword!
365 Anonymous
So, the person who took care of Morikawa’s apology letter is the one who will eventually save Heaven’s Sword. I see
Huh? Is that even a possibility?
367 Anonymous
President Atori bid on the right to make the Prime Minister perform a dogeza instead of herself. LOL
370 Anonymous
I thought it was a joke, but it’s actually real. LOL
372 Anonymous
When Aqua-kun messes up, the Prime Minister dogeza in his place. I get it
373 Anonymous
It would be funny to see the Prime Minister dogeza even if it’s just for regular people. I wonder how that would be
374 Anonymous
Actually, the Prime Minister’s dogeza has reached a bid count of 3. How much does this person want to dogeza?
375 Anonymous
376 Anonymous
I heard it was a mistake by the staff, but the Prime Minister tweeted on social media saying it’s all good, LOL
379 Anonymous
MojaP microphone’s is here!!
381 Anonymous
The microphone is up for sale!!
383 Anonymous
Finally the microphone is appear!!
385 Anonymous
Wow, I wonder who will get it
387 Anonymous
The price keeps going up, LOL
390 Anonymous
Yeah, it can’t be helped
393 Anonymous
Here comes the Oil Queen!
395 Anonymous
Will the Oil Queen finally make it this time?
398 Anonymous
1 trillion, it’s here!
400 Anonymous
No way. The person who won the bid looks so young, how do they have that much money?
402 Anonymous
Rich people’s rates at the venue auction are weird!!
404 Anonymous
That’s not like kids’ banknotes, right?
407 Anonymous
If that’s the case, I have it too!!
409 Anonymous
412 Anonymous
Breaking news, lunch rights with Kohina Yukari are up for bid
415 Anonymous
No way, seriously? LOL
416 Anonymous
I thought it was a lie, but it’s for real!!
419 Anonymous
Moon and soft-shelled turtle… no, Ayana-chan, are you bidding on it!?
422 Anonymous
I can’t stop laughing at this! LOL
423 Anonymous
She is so kind!!
426 Anonymous
Check out the bidding history for the Kohina Yukari lunch date!
100 yen Masked Idol-san
429 Anonymous
LOL, he’s just bidding as a formality
431 Anonymous
Aqu-tan LMAO
432 Anonymous
This is like forcing someone to bid
435 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, you don’t have to bid on such trash
There are so many attractive listings, let’s bid on something better LOL
438 Anonymous
It’s heartwarming to see two people bidding for the lunch rights with Kohina Yukari
Probably mandatory bidding though
440 Anonymous
Mandatory bidding. LOL
442 Anonymous
They said they’ll make it visible to everyone!?
444 Anonymous
That guy with the microphone is amazing. Like a saint..
446 Anonymous
Thank you. Thank you
I will definitely go see it!!
449 Anonymous
Wow, it’s great that someone decent won the auction
451 Anonymous
Too bad Oil Queen couldn’t win, but this person has good judgment
I think the rights and the mic went to a good person
453 Anonymous
Let’s let Oil Queen win something too
455 Anonymous
Masked Idol is hereeeee!
456 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here!!
458 Anonymous
460 Anonymous
Took off the mask, yeeeeeaaah!
So cool!
462 Anonymous
Look, Masked TENGA is lurking in the shadows
464 Anonymous
Wow, Masked Idol is Aqua-sama!!
Well, I knew that from the beginning though
467 Anonymous
I thinks it’s unfair that even though we know who he is, we still get all fluttery when he takes off his mask
469 Anonymous
The staff member who is speaking for me is Yukishiro Emily-san, the king of impersonation lol. She’s doing it again
471 Anonymous
Handing things over in person is the best, right?
472 Anonymous
Wait, is it really a handover in person?
473 Anonymous
475 Anonymous
Oh, I’m so glad that a really nice person won the auction. It was also great that Aqua-sama handed it over in the end
478 Anonymous
Yessss! I got Mayuzumi-kun and Aa-sama’s alarm clock!!
481 Anonymous
483 Anonymous
You guys on the bulletin board are doing great!!
486 Anonymous
Everyone is so lucky! I bid on both Tenga-senpai’s session rights and the guitar, but I wonder what will happen..
488 Anonymous
Breaking news! Tsukasa Kei-sensei is the buyer of Kenzaki’s bike!
Breaking news! Tsukasa Kei-sensei is the buyer of Kenzaki’s bike!
Breaking news! Tsukasa Kei-sensei is the buyer of Kenzaki’s bike!!
491 Anonymous
493 Anonymous
No way, Tsukasa-sensei, really?!
495 Anonymous
Huh?! Is this for real?!
498 Anonymous
They’ve even posted proof of the winning bid on their social media
502 Anonymous
It’s legit!
503 Anonymous
Wow, really, sensei!

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