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Volume 12 Chapter 20 Shirogane Kanon, Otome Game Walkthrough

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 While Aqua and the others were on a hot spring ski trip in Kusatsu, the Verification Team decided to tackle Beryl’s otome game. I thought I should join in too, but… I’m pregnant, and I think it’s okay for Aqua to have some relaxing time with his family once in a while.

 ”For now, things are going smoothly.”

 Beside me, Emily-senpai sits cross-legged, slurping her cup udon. She’s supposed to be a lady, but for some reason, her appearance seems oddly refined, or maybe that’s just my imagination?

 ”Aqua-kun collab cup udon is so yummy!”

 Kaede-senpai, it’s not good for your health to drink all the soup from the cup noodles. Let’s moderate it. Otherwise, Onidzuka-san and Nee-san will scold you again for having a sloppy lifestyle.

 Well, I think things will improve in that area once she marries Aqua. It was nice when she and Aqua came to our house together the day after the coming-of-age ceremony, but I was really surprised when they suddenly decided to get married. Why does Aqua skip from 1 to 100 without taking any intermediate steps? It’s like he’s gone from 0 to 100 in no time. So, is he living in such a hurry? If he just saved a bit more at work, I’d worry less about him collapsing eventually.

 ”Only one more month until the end… If things continue to go smoothly, it seems like the favorability rating will be fine.”

 I glanced at the strategy notebook that we all created. While it’s said that Sayamu Inko-san’s route is the fastest, we are already approaching the end of the first month in the game. Since this game ends in 12 months, it’s almost over.

 The main character, who was initially a rookie manager, has been promoted rapidly along with Beryl’s rapid expansion, and is now serving as Aqua’s exclusive manager. I think this is also thanks to Nee-san’s correct choices in work mode.

 Although the verification is not yet complete, I predict that trustworthiness is important for promotion, and the important factor for whom to become a manager for is the relationship value. So, I think it’s definitely the Aqua route that I’ve entered with this.

 ”Alright, let’s get started!”



 ”Let’s go!!”

 I unlock the pause screen and move forward.

 ’Ponnami-san, what happened with the summer festival?’ (T/N: useless wife)

 As soon as the text appears, I slump over my desk.

 Why does the main character have to be named Ponnamii of all things!!

 ”What’s wrong, Ponnamii? It’s not time for Aqua-sama’s service scene yet, you know?”

 What’s wrong, you ask! It’s all because of that weird name, Emily-senpai!!

 ”Why does the main character’s name have to be Ponnamii!! Ugh, I can’t concentrate on the game because of that!”

 Well, thanks to that, I can’t really immerse myself in Aqua’s cool scenes, but it’s helping me with the capture… Mmm, I reluctantly continue the game. Oh, here’s a choice.

 [A: Everything’s going smoothly. No problems at all!]

 [B: I’m about to have a meeting with Aqua-san]

 [C: Oh no, I’ll go check right now!]

 [D: Umm, what was it again?]

 [E: There’s so much to check, it’s never-ending. Please help me!!]

 Hmm, at first glance, A or B seems promising, but the choices in this game are a bit unusual. Sometimes, a seemingly wrong choice can lead to a miraculous correct answer.

 ”I better stay away from C. It’s exactly like the pattern when Onidzuka-paisen scolds me.”

 What? Kaede-senpai’s explanation is surprisingly convincing for no reason. Kaede-senpai’s wild intuition is often right, so let’s just eliminate C as an option for now.

 ”B is definitely a trap. It reeks of Kohina-senpai. There’s a chance it’s a fake within a fake, but it’s even more suspicious that Wild Kohina Yukari has been quiet lately.”

 Indeed… in this game, the choices have become a bit easier since Aqua’s summer vacation started. As soon as summer vacation started, the appearance rate of Kohina-senpai and Kaede-senpai decreased due to work, but the bonus cuts and events with Aqua suddenly increased.

 Compared to the hellish three months of April, May, and June before that, the difficulty of the game has suddenly become easier. I can’t trust the staff who made this game.

 ”I think A is not a good choice. In the game tasks, it’s quite risky, and if something goes wrong and we say it’s going well, it might damage the trust we have built so far, don’t you think?”

 I think Nee-san’s advice is accurate. I also don’t think A is a good choice.

 ”So, the remaining options are D and E… I think I’ll go with E.”

 ”Why not D?”

 ”Rather than giving a reason why it’s not D, I think E is a good choice because it’s an option where someone might come to help. Maybe the trust will temporarily decrease, but if Nee-san helps, we can prevent a game over with Wild Kaede-senpai, and if Ako-san helps, we can prevent a game over with Wild Kohina-senpai. So, I think E is a pretty good option.”

 The biggest concern in conquering this game is Wild Kaede-senpai and Wild Kohina-senpai. And the ones who can definitely avoid a game over with these two are Nee-san, Ako-san, and Aqua.

 In other words, I realized that by smoothly maneuvering between these three and acting together at the right timing, we can avoid game overs and proceed with the conquest.

 ’Alright, got it. When that happens, let’s all divide the work and do our best together!’

 Ako-san said that and brought Nee-san with her along.

 ”Here, this is a sure win. Nom nom.”

 Hey, it’s mitarashi Dango that I bought! Well, if you eat that much, you’ll get fat! I wanted to say that, but in Emily-senpai’s case, all the nutrients seem to go to one place. The other day, she said she gained weight, so when we measured her three sizes, her waist stayed the same, but only her chest had grown. That’s definitely cheating, right!!

 Huh?! Could it be that Aqua knows that and is feeding Emily-senpai a lot… No, that’s definitely just my imagination. It’s just my imagination, right?

 ”The seriousness level is rising. When the seriousness level rises, the wild me doesn’t appear.”

 Kaede-senpai, what’s up with this seriousness level… Don’t go making up new hidden parameters on your own.

 ”Suddenly, when work gets busy, the appearance rate of the wild Kaede-san drops drastically.”

 ”Well, of course. Even the real me tries not to get caught up in work, so when everyone’s busy, I quietly behave in the punishment room.”

 No way… What? Are there new hidden parameters coming into play now?

 Well, I’ll leave that investigation to you, Nee-san, and I’ll just keep playing the game.

 ’Sigh, I’m tired.’

 Before I knew it, it was late at night in the game. There’s a summer festival event in the game this weekend, which I think will be the last job as Beryl’s manager.


 Suddenly, the screen goes completely dark.

 All of us on the Verification Team shuddered at the sight.

 ”Is that the wild Kaede-paisen!?”

 ”No, no, the wild me should be leisurely sleeping at this hour. This is the idle Wild Kohina Yukari-san, right?”

 ”Kohina Yukari-san seems to want attention while working and then disappears, not wanting to cause any trouble. Could it be that she’s coming back?”

 ”No, it’s probably neither of those.”

 In conclusion, the predictions of the three were wrong. At that moment, I was the only one who understood what had happened to the main character.

 ’Whoo’s there?’

 See! I knew Aqua would do something like this!!

 [A: Aqua-kun!?]

 [B: Eh, who!?]

 [C: Hahaha… I must be overworking, starting to hear things]

 [D: Eek, it’s a ghost!]

 Again, troublesome choices have come up.

 ”If you think about it normally, A is the only choice, right?”

 ”Given that we can tell by the voice, B is out of the question”

 ”But then, I have my doubts about C and D as well. I can’t see any potential or vision beyond that”

 I lean my elbows on the table, intertwine my fingers, and rest my forehead on my hands, thinking with a downward gaze. The other party is Aqua. Moreover, I feel like it’s not the staff here, but rather Aqua or Hakuryuu-sensei who’s considering these choices. If I think about what would be good for Aqua, there’s only one answer in my mind.

 ”Here is overwhelming, B, right?”

 Everyone stared at me with surprised faces.

 ”Aqua is weak for girls who fall for this kind of thing, right?”

 ”I see, so she’s weak for girls with the intelligence level of a pond. Note taken!”

 Emily-senpai, if I were Kohina-senpai, do you think you would have pinned me down? Ignoring the excited Emily-senpai next to me, I choose B.

 ’Haha, no one would do that, right? Or did you really forget about me?’

 Ah… Aqua’s face came into close-up.

 Even though it’s in the game, it’s still cool. The voice is gentle and sweet, unlike when singing cool songs, and the gaze is soft. In this scene, they’re completely focused on me. I bet Emily-senpai, Kaede-senpai, and Nee-san are thinking the same thing. Oh, Emily-senpai and Kaede-senpai, please stop squirming suddenly, okay? If you’re getting excited, do it in the farthest toilet.

 ’Ponnami is really interesting.’

 I bumped my head on the desk with a loud thud. Just when things were getting good, Ponnami comes and ruins everything.

 ”Ponnami, are you okay!?”

 ”Ponnami!? What’s wrong!?”

 ”Ponnami-san!? You’re pregnant, so please don’t do anything stupid, okay??”

 Don’t even call me “Ponnami.” Wait, don’t said it with half-smiling too. Geez! We play around a lot. Seriously, if things like this happen, I’ll end up getting into being pranked.



 I grab Emily-senpai’s and Nee-san’s breasts and play with them a little. Hmmm, I see. So these are Aqua’s favorite breasts, huh.

 ”Ah, uh, I…?”

 Kaede-senpai please rub your own. I’m not in the mood for that right now.

 Rub, rub, rub, rub, I see. Heh, I can clearly see the difference in the breasts by rubbing them like this.

 ”Haha, my bad.”

 ”Ah, Shumi-san, forgive me.”

 Ah, I got too carried away with squeezing the breasts. Sorry.

 I’ll set the two of you free. Huh? What’s wrong, Kaede-senpai? Am I the only one who didn’t get to squeeze? Left out, huh? Well, can’t be helped. Here, is this okay?

 When I’m squeezing Kaede-senpai’s breasts, I wonder why I’m doing such a ridiculous thing and I get calm.

 Let’s continue the game.

 ’Here, this.’

 Aqua hands the main character strawberry milk.

 ’It’s a tough time, but let’s do our best, okay?’

 Ah, I like this. Remembering that the main character liked strawberry milk 197 days ago… It’s me in the game and Aqua, but I end up liking Aqua again.

 ”Strawberry milk… Huh!? Could this be the 18+ scene invitation flag to turn your strawberry n**les into milk-producing ones!?”

 ”Hagetoru… you’re a genius!!”

 Ignoring Emily-senpai and Kaede-senpai, who are saying stupid things, I continue to advance through the screen.

 ’Oh, and… I have something to talk about after the event.’

 With that, Aqua waved his hand and left the scene.

 [Strawberry milk has been added to the item storage. It has the effect of reducing fatigue to 0, but it will disappear once consumed. Be careful about when to use it.]

 Hmm, I see. Well, I’m the type to keep all these valuable items, but I feel like this game won’t allow me to do that. I’ll just put a lock on it for now.

 ”You know, Kanon, if you get something like this, you’ll keep it forever.”

 ”I know. Even after it’s empty, I’ll probably keep staring at the tip of the straw for an hour or two.”

 Huh?! Why do both of you understand? Even Pegonia, who is watching from afar, is nodding. Why, why?!

 But I might be wrong about the time to look at it after it’s empty. I think I would stare at it for at least 5 or 6 hours.

 It’s the same after going on a date with Aqua…

 ’Finally, it’s the summer festival main event.’

 We smoothly progressed through the game and finally reached the day of the final major job event, the main performance of the summer festival.

 ’Alright, let’s go, everyone!’

 From here on, it’s all about the Nee-san’s turn. She flawlessly handles the final checks before the performance and the coordination with Aqua and the staff to ensure their safe arrival at the venue. It’s truly impressive how she’s a genuine Beryl employee. I admire her expertise, but this game feels so realistic in these aspects.

 ”Go, go, Nee-san!”

 ”Push, push, Kotono!”

 It should be noted that Emily-senpai and Kaede-senpai are completely inactive during the work part. They were essentially sidelined from the early stages. Nee-san skillfully manages fatigue levels and ensures the main character doesn’t collapse during the performance while advancing toward the event.

 ”Ah, something’s coming!!”

 The screen switches and changes to a real video. A handheld camera? And is this…behind the stage!?

 ’Please take care of me!!’

 Ah…Aqua appears in a costume. And following him, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai also make their appearance. Wow, they all look so cool in prince-like outfits!! Amazing. They’re capturing scenes like this too. It feels like I’ve become a real staff member.

 ’Now, let’s go, guys!’

 Nee-san mutters that it’s nice to see it no matter how many times. It seems like she has seen this scene live before. Lucky. After that, the actual live scene plays and everyone gets excited together. But it’s just a brief break, the screen returns to the main character again. It seems like they have to complete events between songs.

 ”From here, the difficulty level has increased significantly.”

 Nee-san unusually ties her hair. This is serious mode!

 ”””Go, go, Nee-san! Push, push Kotono!!”””

 At this point, I have no choice but to support her. Along with Emily-senpai and Kaede-senpai, I cheer on Nee-san. While managing her fatigue level and the time limit, she progresses through the event. And every time she clears an event, a reward live scene plays. I think several hours have passed. During this time, of course, there is no way to save.

 ”I’ll drink strawberry milk!!”

 Here, the strawberry milk the character received at that time comes in handy. She drinks the strawberry milk when her fatigue level is at its limit and overcomes the climax. After all that, we were finally able to successfully finish the summer festival event.

 ”P-Phew, I’m tired.”

 ”I’ll take over!!”

 As I take over from Nee-san, I smoothly clear the subsequent events. When I thought that Emily-senpai or Kaede-senpai would take over if I collapsed, I feel determined. Entrusted by Nee-san, I somehow manage to return home safely and reach a save point.

 [Save complete. Now, it’s the last week. Enjoy the final game]

 Wow! This is really, truly the end.

 ”It’s too unsettling. The word ‘enjoy’ is not funny at all…”

 ”Even at this point, the staff is starting to show their ego.”

 Both of them are too jumpy. It’s fine to hug, but could you please not use me as a cushion? My neck hurts from Kaede-senpai’s power, and I can’t see well because of Emily-senpai’s breasts…

 ’Well then, it’s been a while since I had a day off. What should I do?’

 For the next week, the main character will have a late summer vacation.

 They have plans to meet Aqua at the end of the week, so they will groom themselves until then.

 They will purchase clothes that Aqua would like at the shop, get a haircut, go to an esthetic salon, and improve their beauty status through activities such as running and stretching to prepare for the main event.

 ”Well, there’s nothing left to do, right?”

 In the final battle, I checked everything and clicked on the empty strawberry milk pack that Nee-san had asked me to keep until the very end.

 [Make a wish into an empty strawberry milk pack. Your energy gauge has reached max!]

 I knew it!! I thought there would be something like this!

 ’I’m off!’

 The main character opens the door and goes outside.

 I actually considered going early, but Aqua is different from other guys. There’s no need to arrive a day earlier, and if anything, he would worry if I got delayed due to traffic.

 But that doesn’t mean I can be late, so I used every last minute until just 5 minutes before the meeting time to get ready.


 When I arrived at the meeting spot, Aqua was already waiting.

 [A: Sorry, I’m late]

 [B: Sorry for keeping you waiting]

 [C: Oh, sorry, did I keep you waiting?]

 [D: I’m late. Sorry]

 I would instinctively choose option A as soon as the choices appear. It’s a difficult choice to make, but what caught my attention was the remaining time displayed in the upper right corner. Choosing this option is probably the right answer. It feels more important to choose the option quickly.

 ’Don’t worry about it, I just arrived too.’

 See, when I see Aqua’s smile, it seems like this was the right answer after all.

 ’Well then, shall we go?’

 This game is really coming to an end. It’s a bonus stage that makes you think that way. A sweet, sweet date with Aqua. I can say that as a fan of Hakuryuu-sensei who knows about Aqua’s real-life dates. This date is well thought out by Aqua and cleverly incorporated into Hakuryuu-sensei’s writing and scenes.

 ”You’re happy, aren’t you… Ponnami-san…”

 ”Ugh, Ponnami!”

 Emily-senpai and Kaede-senpai, it’s okay to cry, but could you please stop with the dramatic scenes? But thanks to those dramatic scenes, there’s a part of me that can’t fully immerse myself in the date scene and progress through the game. I don’t want to admit it, but when I think about the strategy aspect, it was like Emily-senpai, who arbitrarily gave herself the name “dramatic scene,” made a fine play, I wonder…

 ”Both of you, the game isn’t over yet!”

 Nee-san is right. The character is going to continue the date further. And then, we probably reached a scene that seems like it might be the last one. Just the two of us, in the park at night, my character holding a strawberry milk in hand.

 [A: I like you! Please go out with me!!]

 [B: I want to be in a relationship that’s not just about being an idol and a manager.]

 [C: What does Aqua-kun think of me?]

 [D: Does Aqua-kun have any interest in girls?]

 [E: Phew, I’m tired. How about taking a break at that hotel over there?]

 [F: I want to play a little more. Shall we go to the hotel with karaoke?]

 [G: Bring up the topic of last summer’s festival]

 [H: I’m nervous and thirsty, so I’ll buy juice again.]

 [I: To cover over]

 This is probably the last option. I take a deep breath.

 ”If you think about it normally, it would be either A, B, or C.”

 What Nee-san said is true. But I have a feeling it’s not like that.

 ”Oh, it’s E or F. Hotel! Hotel! Hotel!”

 Come to think of it, Kaede-senpai was at the hotel, right? But I don’t think that’s it.

 ”In the end, it’s probably I! I should just take off my panties and, eek…”

 Nice one, Nee-san. Seriously, Emily-senpai talks like that but she wouldn’t actually do it in real life. Honestly, if it were Aqua, he would probably gladly accept it and act all excited even if Emily-senpai attacked him.

 ”Can I be the one to choose in the end?”

 When I said that, everyone nodded. Thank you, everyone.




 The choice I made is silence. I deliberately chose not to choose in the very end. I’ve raised Aqua’s favorability to the max up until now. So there should be some kind of reward at the very end, right?


 I almost fell over laughing. Geez, even in such a good scene, Ponnami is no good after all! And it’s Aqua’s full voice too!?

 ’I like you. I want to go out with you.’

 Aqua confesses, and Emily-senpai and Kaede-senpai high-five in the background, celebrating with “Yay!”

 ’Even if it might be troublesome for my manager, Ponnami, I can’t hold back my love for Ponnami anymore! I love you, Ponnami! Please go out with me, Ponnami!’

 Of course, all of this is in full voice. Geez, Aqua is so noisy about Ponnami! It ruins the touching scenes. By the time I noticed, the end credits were rolling and I couldn’t fully concentrate on the subsequent service scene because of Ponnami.

 ”Well, Ponnami, I wish you happiness!”

 ”May good fortune come to Ponnami!”

 ”Cheers for Ponnami!”

 All three of them seem to be having fun. Nice! But, it’s definitely because of the clear, unmistakably Pon-like name that I was able to clear it, and it leaves me feeling indescribable.


 I notice that I’ve received an email and check the contents. An image of Aqua’s ski wear!? And even a ski scene!? Wow, that’s so cool! Why is it so cool!? A prince charming descending on the slopes, sparkling more than the snow!! Yay! Finally, the scene as a reward for meeeeeee!! Oh… maybe I got too excited… I slowly lay down here and lost consciousness.

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