Male Idol V12c21-2

Volume 12 Chapter 21 Bulletin Board, Keeping An Eye On Aqua-Sama’s Unbeatable Performance Fan Club, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[TV Drama Award] If you’re here to watch over Aqua-sama’s unbeatable performance, click here [Movie Award]
503 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If it’s Shumi, she’s sitting next to me, crying and savoring the joy
Just like her grandma, all she’s saying is “everyone did great.”
506 Anonymous
Are you sitting next to her!
508 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
510 Anonymous
“I’ve returned to hell, it’s really going to be hell from now on.”
There’s a revolution happening with male actors and new waves like Ayana-chan and Ruriruri are coming for the actresses
513 Anonymous
The declaration of war has arrived!
515 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is so cool!
517 Anonymous
As a fan of eau de Cologne, it’s complicated to see Ayana-chan taking on more acting jobs, but I want her to do her best!
520 Anonymous
Aqua-sama LOL
522 Anonymous
Aqua-kun: “Great job! Let’s take down Kohina Yukari!”
No need to read lips, it was all caught on the microphone LOL
525 Anonymous
Even the audience is awkwardly laughing LOL
528 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is surprisingly normal
530 Anonymous
They’re provoking, they’re provoking LOL
533 Anonymous
They’re still properly provoking
536 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, next, defeat the smug-looking Koguma-senpai next to her!
539 Anonymous
542 Anonymous
Moriishi-sensei, that was great!
545 Anonymous
Moriishi-sensei didn’t forget to respect Tsukasa-sensei. She’s definitely different from some other seniors!!
547 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari acts that way because she’s expected to perform well by those around her. She provokes by showing respect and challenges others, because for her, lack of respect equals indifference
Besides, being the closest celebrity to Aqua-sama, she needs to show her strength, or else many fools will come crawling. Even if you know you can get closer to Aqua-sama, you wouldn’t want to get closer to Kohina Yukari, right? That’s how it is
550 Anonymous
Director Hongou, yeah!!
553 Anonymous
Hongou, you really did a great job!!
557 Anonymous
The Crutch Department’s Head is here!!
559 Anonymous
The most famous department’s head in the world has arrived!!
562 Anonymous
I thought it was a crutch, but she’s wearing a cast, LOL
564 Anonymous
Why is she always in such a sorry state!!
567 Anonymous
570 Anonymous
Is the microphone not turned on!?
573 Verification Team *010meTA473
So cute!
574 Anonymous
That girl Kohina Yukari next to her has a scary look
She seems like the type to make fun of girls who say “cute.”
578 Verification Team *07218KADO6
580 Anonymous
Haha LOL
582 Anonymous
Morikawa’s power was useful!!
584 Anonymous
I thought she wasn’t there, but then I remembered, oh yeah, she’s at work
So that means Nee-san at work too
587 Anonymous
589 Anonymous
591 Anonymous
A promise from Aqua-sama to show us the best view is amazing
593 Anonymous
I was worried Aqu-tan might burn out, but it seems like he’s aiming for a record-breaking 40 points
595 Anonymous
Gonna complain later, LOL
597 Anonymous
Got it, gonna complain later, LOL
600 Anonymous
Why are you holding a mic, LOL
602 Anonymous
Just took the mic from the staff, LOL
604 Anonymous
Morikawa, LMAO
606 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Morikawa, we can hear everything you’re saying!!
608 Anonymous
Be grateful LOL
I’ll take it, LMAO
610 Anonymous
That’s not the attitude of someone who wants to be appreciated
613 Anonymous
615 Anonymous
Is there such a thing as quitting after all?
617 Anonymous
It’s embarrassing so we’ll just say it together!?
619 Anonymous
Hey hey hey, I’m jealous that they can be alone together!!
621 Anonymous
Best Picture Award Crew!!
623 Anonymous
Well, that’s the only option
625 Verification Team *010meTA473
Heaven’s Sword!!
627 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword, whooooa!
628 Anonymous
Here comes the Heaven’s Sword, yeeeah!
630 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Thank you, Heaven’s Sword, and let’s continue to work together, Heaven’s Sword
633 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Heaven’s Sword is so strong!! But, Yuu-onii was also great!!
636 Anonymous
Beryl has arrived!!
637 Anonymous
639 Anonymous
641 Anonymous
643 Anonymous
It’s the best to have everyone together for the Escort!!
645 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san and Abe-san have also arrived!!
647 Anonymous
Crutch Department’s Head, don’t be embarrassed and go for it!
650 Anonymous
I’m glad. I was worried about what would happen, but Kobayakawa-san, Mayuzumi-kun, Toa-chan, and Tenga-senpai are all smiling properly. It may be frustrating, but I feel relieved that they don’t feel depressed
653 Anonymous
656 Anonymous
The results are out
Best Work Award
Fan vote + Performer Union vote + Production Union vote + Jury vote = Total
Heaven’s 10+9+9+9.8 = 37.8 points, the highest score ever
Yuu-onii 1+1+1+9.2 = 12.2 points
658 Anonymous
Well, that’s to be expected
659 Anonymous
I think Heaven’s Sword is the best drama of all time, considering the life I’ve lived
662 Anonymous
A break?
665 Anonymous
Go to the bathroom during break time!!
667 Anonymous
I’m taking a bath, so it’s okay! Safe!!
670 Anonymous
Best Genius Award!?
672 Anonymous
The Best Genius Award voting will take place after all the awards have been announced. Understood
674 Anonymous
I was worried about the voting server, but it says “Presented by Ultimate High-Performance Server 3510” in the lower right corner, so I feel relieved. Saba-chan AI: give me a bonus!!
677 Anonymous
They’re crowdfunding the server operating costs, so you should join in
679 Anonymous
I didn’t know that! Thanks!!
681 Anonymous
There’s also a list for dried sweet potatoes!!
683 Anonymous
What’s up with all this talk about AI being present!!
685 Anonymous
Cooling fan
687 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
688 Anonymous
That’s necessary, LOL
690 Anonymous
There are cooling sheets to stick on your forehead, water pillows, etc. Hilarious. You won’t be able to eat shaved ice, will you!
693 Anonymous
An interview for everyone sounds good
695 Anonymous
Ruriruri is under suspension, so no interview
697 Anonymous
Ruriruri is really on suspension. Didn’t do anything wrong. But receiving an award is an honor, and it was good to be able to come to the venue
700 Anonymous
Shumi’s point is quickly on the top of the news site, so probably okay
Actual comparison images are out, and it was really true. What’s up with that girl?
702 Anonymous
One of the judges offered Kanon-sama to be a judge for the drama and movie awards from next year in real time, and it’s so funny
705 Anonymous
Stop it!! It’s no good when Aqua-sama is around!!
If he’s there, she’ll give 10 points to all Aqua-sama!!
It’s really a shame because everything else seems perfect..
707 Anonymous
I understand LOL
708 Anonymous
Exactly LOL
710 Anonymous
Kamonohashi-san is also happy about Aqua-kun’s award!!
Good for him!!
713 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san and others are feeling regretful too. They were smiling
But I think Takaakira is doing well
715 Anonymous
Earlier, one of the judges mentioned on social media that if Takaakira had performed Nii-sama instead of Yuujin, Takaakira might have won. This topic was being discussed among the judges. So, there will be another chance next year
718 Anonymous
Wow!! I hope to see Hana-ata duo win someday!!
721 Anonymous
Even a Hana-ata remake would be great. Tsuwabuki-san is capable of it now
723 Anonymous
A spin-off with Yuujin-sama would be acceptable too!
725 Anonymous
It was great that Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, and Mayuzumi-kun didn’t give up! It was nice to include interviews with those who couldn’t win in between
728 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei not showing up is hilarious
730 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei, caught a cold!?
Take care…
732 Anonymous
So, Tsukasa Kei-chan caught a cold, huh?
She didn’t want to infect the boys, so she took a day off
734 Anonymous
Director Takagi, thanks for the information about Tsukasa-sensei
736 Anonymous
The Best Supporting Actress award is coming!!
739 Anonymous
Well then, next is the Best Movie award
742 Anonymous
Prediction: Kohina Yukari will dominate
745 Anonymous
I think so too. Everyone who watched the movie thinks the same
748 Anonymous
Yes, it’s the showdown between the top three films!
Best Leading Actor Award
– Yukishiro Mikuni as Hayakawa Mafuyu / Oborokumo (Altostratus Cloud)
– Kuga Reira Machimura as Chitose / Doro no Utsuwa (Mud Pot)
– Kohina Yukari Saito as Hitoha / Hara o Kiru (Commit Seppuku)
Supporting Actor Award
– Katsura Asuka as Marika / Oborokumo
– Kagurazaka Honami as Shukiko / Doro no Utsuwa
– Mutsumiya Seijuu as Kusuno Ginka / Hara o Kiru
Director’s Award
– Kuroshima Rimi / Oborokumo
– Mishima Kotoka / Doro no Utsuwa
– Urata Yayoi / Hara o Kiru
Screenplay Award
– Kubo Taichi / Oborokumo
– Fukuda Yoichi / Doro no Utsuwa
– Shimizu Kisuka / ara o Kiru
Best Picture Award
– Oborokumo
– Doro no Utsuwa
– Hara o Kiru
751 Anonymous
Only three works, amazing LOL
753 Anonymous
Everyone wanted it
755 Anonymous
Supporting Kohina Yukari
I like Mikuni-sama and Reira-sama too, but this time Kohina Yukari was the best
Above all, I hate that she immediately won an award as soon as she came back. Show the pride of the top actress in the country
758 Anonymous
I understand that
760 Anonymous
I understand the feeling, but I want them to judge it properly
And, this time, I believe Kohina Yukari will shine
763 Anonymous
Is it for the Best Supporting Actor award!!
765 Anonymous
Honestly, it’s obvious who will win here
Both played their roles as supporting actors, but the latter person was made to enhance the main character’s presence
I think both are correct as supporting actors, but in this case, the latter person made the main character shine
768 Anonymous
770 Anonymous
Congratulations on winning, Empress
772 Anonymous
This was an easy win
Best Supporting Actor
Fan votes + Actor’s Union votes + Production Team votes + Judge’s votes = Total
Mutsumiya Seijuu 7+5+5+9.5 = 26.5 pt
Katsura Asuka 2+2+3+8.4 = 15.4 pt
Kagurazaka Honami 2+3+2+8.3 = 15.3 pt
775 Anonymous
It was Mutsumiya Seijuu in all seriousness
778 Anonymous
Both Katsura-san and Kagurazaka-san were not bad, but the opponent was tough, and the Kohina Yukari boost that brought out the best in that opponent was amazing
780 Anonymous
Because there is a Kohina Yukari boost when co-starring with Kohina Yukari
Even top actresses take it a step further. Acting that lifts those around them is the ultimate human cheat
783 Anonymous
It’s actually pretty cool to challenge the two people with cheat genes and the human cheat named “effort” while carrying the negative aspects
786 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LOL
789 Anonymous
Killed LMAO
792 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that they’re properly provoking each other
795 Anonymous
Actually, these two are close friends
798 Anonymous
Next is the screenplay award, huh?
801 Anonymous
I think this is where the big decision is made. The other two are writing with Kuga Reira-san in mind, and Mikuni-sama in mind, but Shimizu Kisuka-sensei focused on carefully crafting the story without thinking about the actors
803 Hakuryuu* XQshotacon
I think it’s Shimizu-sensei too. I just love the way they bare human emotions
806 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, I agree with you
810 Anonymous
811 Anonymous
Go Shimizu-sensei!!
815 Anonymous
Screenplay Award
Fan vote + Actors’ Association vote + Production team vote + Judge vote = Total
Shimizu Kisuka 5+7+8+9.8 = 29.8pt
Fukuda Yoichi 3+2+2+8.9 = 15.9pt
Kubo Taichi 2+2+1+8.7 = 13.7pt
818 Anonymous
Other things clearly stood out more than the fan vote
820 Anonymous
A different pattern has emerged this time
822 Anonymous
Yeah, that’s true!
824 Anonymous
It’s the best that the protagonist is not Ginka, but the one who undergoes surgery, desu~wa
826 Anonymous
If it were the other way around, I don’t think I would have understood. I feel like if Kohina Yukari were the protagonist in Ginka, it would have led to a different future
829 Anonymous
I get it, LOL
831 Anonymous
It’s pretty nerve-wracking, isn’t it? (laughs)
834 Anonymous
Is this a trend where everyone teases Kohina Yukari-san?
837 Anonymous
No, really, congratulations!!
840 Anonymous
Thank you for the masterpiece, Shimizu-sensei!!
843 Anonymous
It’s like the director’s award has already been decided
847 Anonymous
They said it so casually LOL
850 Anonymous
Congratulations, Urata-sensei!!
854 Anonymous
Director’s Award
Fan votes + Actor’s Union votes + Production Union votes + Judge’s votes = Total
Urata Yayoi 5+7+5+9.5 = 26.5pt
Kuroshima Rimi 2+2+3+9.1 = 16.1pt
Mishima Kotoka 3+1+2+9.3 = 15.3pt
857 Anonymous
Looking only at the average of the judge’s points, it’s not that impressive
859 Anonymous
Urata’s directing allows the actors to perform freely, so she’s dominating in terms of actor’s union vote points every time LOL
862 Anonymous
I think the combination of Kohina Yukari and Director Urata is probably the best on set. I don’t know if this combination will continue in the future, but it might be quite formidable
866 Anonymous
This time, they really went all out on the offensive. They even touched on topics that are usually considered taboo for men
869 Anonymous
Normally, that would lead to political issues or something, but Director Urata made a movie that really resonated with people’s hearts. That’s why I like it
872 Anonymous
875 Anonymous
Breaking news, Director Urata also teases Kohina Yukari. LOL
878 Anonymous
There’s an unwritten rule that you have to tease Kohina Yukari. LOL
881 Verification Team *010meTA473
Ah, I’m getting nervous. I really hope Kohina-senpai gets rewarded. This movie was really good
883 Anonymous
I know, everyone who went to see it feels the same way
885 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I can’t say that I haven’t watched anyone’s movie just because I bought Ro-Schutz-Marr’s coat…
888 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
890 Anonymous
Hey, aren’t you acquainted with KY-senpai? If it’s revealed that you haven’t watched it, you’ll be killed!!
892 Anonymous
You’re so dumb, it made me feel warm and fuzzy. Thanks!!
895 Anonymous
The Best Movie Leading Actress Award is coming!!
898 Anonymous
I really think this time it’s the highest level Best Actor Award ever
901 Anonymous
Here comes the smile!
903 Anonymous
With that smile, it’s confirmed that it’s Kohina Yukari, desu~wa
905 Anonymous
Congratulations, Kohina Yukari! ← Flying
908 Anonymous
Everyone has noticed that it’s Kohina Yukari, but she still hasn’t realized it, LOL
910 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is on track to achieve an unprecedented 5-award sweep and win the Best Lead Actress award. It’s Kohina Yukari’s era!
913 Anonymous
I feel like crying at President Hisayo’s words. She really hit home for me as a Kohina Yukari fan
915 Anonymous
Come on, announce it already!!
917 Anonymous
Aqua-kun looks super happy LOL
919 Anonymous
Aa-sama, show that smile to Kohina Yukari LOL
921 Anonymous
Bad news, Kohina Yukari-san hasn’t seen Aqua-sama’s genuine smile
923 Anonymous
It’s here!!
925 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is here!!
926 Verification Team *010meTA473
928 Anonymous
She won by a landslide!
The Best Movie Leading Actress
Fan vote + Performers’ union vote + Production union vote + Judge’s vote = Total
Kohina Yukari 5+9+8+10.0 = 32.0 points *She is the second person in history to have all 10 points after Yukishiro Mikuni
Yukishiro Mikuni 3+1+2+9.8 = 15.8pt
Kuga Reira 2+1+1+9.7 = 13.7pt
930 Anonymous
The judges unanimously gave it a perfect score. It’s a lie, LMAO
934 Anonymous
She was too strong
936 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Congratulations Kohina Yukari-paisen
I’m going to go see a movie before it’s over..
940 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I can see why it received such high marks from the scriptwriters and directors
I also saw the movie and thought I would like to work with Kohina-san
Congratulations Kohina-san
943 Anonymous
The Best Picture Award has arrived!!
Fan votes + performer union votes + production union votes + judge votes = total
Hara o Kiri 6+9+9+10.0 = 34.0 points, the first perfect score in history by the judges
Oborokumo 2+1+1+8.8 = 12.8 points
Doro no Utsuwa 2+1+1+8.7 = 12.7 points
945 Anonymous
Well, that’s the expected result. Looking at it from a neutral perspective, there’s no choice other than “Hara o Kiri.” If Kohina Yukari wasn’t Kohina Yukari, the score would be even higher!!
947 Anonymous
LMAO if Kohina Yukari wasn’t Kohina Yukari
948 Anonymous
It’s a plus that Kohina Yukari is Kohina Yukari, but the negative feelings towards Kohina Yukari are really amusing. However, those negative feelings have recently been disappearing thanks to Aqu-tan, so she’s the strongest
950 Anonymous
Alright, it’s the beginning of Kohina Yukari’s era!!
952 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Sad news, when I came to watch Aqua-sama’s unrivaled performance, I noticed that Kohina Yukari-senpai’s performance is also incredible
955 Anonymous
Totally LOL
958 Anonymous
Voting for the Best Genius Award has started!
960 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is unrivaled in the Drama category. He has won 3 individual awards and has been involved in 8 award-winning drama productions
Kohina Yukari is unrivaled in the Film category. He has won the Best Lead Actress in both film and drama, and her film has won 5 awards while her drama has won 2
963 Anonymous
In the end, it was the unrivaled performances of these two
965 Anonymous
The award ceremony was more touching than I expected
968 Anonymous
Morikawa LOL
970 Anonymous
Don’t bite them there, LOL!
972 Anonymous
Best Genius Award
MVP Kohina Yukari
Rookie Award Shirogane Aqua
975 Anonymous
As expected
978 Anonymous
Congratulations to both of you!!
981 Anonymous
Oh, I’m glad, I’m glad
983 Anonymous
Hey! That’s great! That’s great!
Fill it up until the end after the program ends! It’s been left for more than 30 minutes!!
If you use it, fill it up until the end! It’s a promise with Bee-san and Saba-chan!!
987 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Everyone was here, huh
I was overwhelmed by Aqua-san’s award
989 Anonymous
Good job, Nee-san!!
991 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh, huh?
Has no one touched Morikawa Kaede’s room…?
994 Anonymous
The program name is wrong!
995 Anonymous
Wrong: Morikawa Kaede’s room
Correct: Kohina Yukari’s room
997 Anonymous
Announcement after filling in. Aqua-kun, Kohina Yukari-san, and Tsukimachi Ayana-san’s clothes and shoes will be exhibited at Fuji Department Store!! You can also buy them, so please come and check it out!!
999 Anonymous
Fuji Department Store, LOL!
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope that this year, too, we will have a series of interesting movies and dramas! Thank you, everyone, for your hard work and support! Also, congratulations to all the award winners!
By the way, great job, Saba-chan!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
I’m so tired today!!
Thanks to everyone who filled in the gaps at the end!!

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