Male Idol V12c21

Volume 12 Chapter 21 Bulletin Board, Keeping An Eye On Aqua-Sama’s Unbeatable Performance Fan Club, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[TV Drama Award] If you’re here to watch over Aqua-sama’s unbeatable performance, click here [Movie Award]
3 Anonymous
Nice one, LOL
5 Anonymous
Nice, we can already see the results, LOL
7 Anonymous
Good job starting the thread. With Heaven’s Sword being in the running, the Best Actor award seems tough. Best Supporting Actor is questionable, Yuujin-sama is overwhelming but only appeared once… And if it’s Yuu-onii, he played the role of Nii-sama, but the BERYL crew from Heaven’s Sword also has a chance
9 Anonymous
The final nomination updates are out!!
Nominees for Best Actor
– Shirogane Aqua – Kenzaki Souji / Heaven’s Sword
– Kamonohashi Kazushi – Iseki Mihiro / White Coat Parade
– Tsuwabuki Hiromasa – Suzuki Itsuro / Everyday Townsfolk
Nominees for Best Supporting Actor
– Shirogane Aqua – Yuujin Mustafa / To You, Where the Flowers Bloom
– Shirogane Aqua – Satou Kazuya / My Honor Student Big Brother
– Nekoyama Toa – Kagami Natsuki / Heaven’s Sword
– Tenga Akira – Kamishiro Hajime / Heaven’s Sword
Nominees for Best Leading Actress
– Kohina Yukari – Satou Sayuki / My Honor Student Big Brother
– Tadokoro Chisaki – Matsukawa Fumie / The Guillotine
– Oto Rurika – Harusaki Sakura / Stardust Neon Light
Nominees for Best Supporting Actress
– Tsukimachi Ayana – Kasamichi Rina / My Honor Student Big Brother
– Kobayakawa Yuki – Night Shadow Misa / Heaven’s Sword
– Mutsumiya Seijuu – Yashiro Satsuki / The Guillotine
– Ayafuji Midori – Kawai Miho / Winter Symphony
Nominees for Best Director
– Hongou Hiroko / Heaven’s Sword
– Takagi Machi / My Honor Student Big Brother
Nominees for Best Screenplay
– Moriishi Akiko / Heaven’s Sword
– Tsukasa Kei / My Honor Student Big Brother
Nominees for Best Picture
– Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword
– My Honor Student Big Brother
Nominees for Theme song
– Shirogane Aqua – Maiden-colored Heart/To You, Where the Flowers Bloom
– Shirogane Aqua – Phantom Requiem/My Honor Student Big Brother
– Shirogane Aqua – next round/Heaven’s Sword
11 Anonymous
Pretty much as expected
12 Anonymous
Wow, Mayushin-kun missed out! Ahhh!
15 Anonymous
It must be frustrating for Mayuzumi-kun not to be included in this
17 Anonymous
In the beginning, it’s inevitable that Mayuzumi-kun falls short compared to Toa-chan and Tenga-senpai. But if you look at it the other way, I think they missed out on purpose because they want Mayuzumi-kun to grow. Even in “Heaven’s Sword,” Mayuzumi-kun’s acting has gotten really good since around December
19 Anonymous
There are only two nominees for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, which is unprecedented. I recall many people withdrawing at the final nomination stage. Even in the general vote, these two works are overwhelmingly dominant. They’re barely holding their ground in the Best Screenplay category, but the Best Picture and Best Director categories are already chaotic..
21 Anonymous
The withdrawal of the staff who had been ranked third for “The Guillotine” was significant, saying that both fans and they also wanted a showdown between Yuu-onii and Heaven’s Sword. That led to the continuation of the other nominated works. Also, if we’re talking about that, it’s unprecedented that Shirogane Aqua VS Shirogane Aqua VS Shirogane Aqua is in the running for the Best Theme Song award. Hey, what’s this person doing all by himself? People from future generations would be astonished to see this, LOL
23 Anonymous
24 Anonymous
Only Aqua-sama can defeat Aqua-sama
27 Anonymous
In that sense, Kamonohashi-san and Tsuwabuki-san were pitiful. It was undoubtedly the best work, but no one could beat Heaven’s Sword Nominate. Kenzaki’s 100% in the general vote is ridiculous
29 Anonymous
To be precise, it’s 99.99 but rounded up to 100. I voted for Tsuwabuki-san with high expectations, but it’s hilarious that Tsuwabuki-san voted for Aqua-kun
31 Anonymous
Tsuwabuki-san LMAO
32 Anonymous
I was worried that Aa-sama would be rejected by other male actors, but it’s funny that Tsuwabuki-san, who is the first victim, is the most attached to him
35 Anonymous
It can’t be helped, Aqu-tan is an older person killer. Kohina Yukari, Tenga-senpai, President Fuji Ranko, Mary-sama, Director Hongou, Moja-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, and others, I wonder if they’ll forgive anything he does already..
37 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how a crappy drama like Stardust Neon Light, with a bad script and cast, has been nominated for the Best Actress award because of the newcomer Oto Rurika’s overwhelming performance
39 Anonymous
If Kohina Yukari wasn’t around, Ruriruri would have definitely won. Honestly, it’s natural for both actresses and actors to be decided, so it can’t be helped. I think Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari will keep winning as long as they participate. While actresses are still appearing more and more, it seems like Aqua-sama will dominate the male actors for the next 10 years
Heck, it wouldn’t be strange for Aqua-sama to keep dominating even after death. If anything, I have a feeling that even after his death, the next generation might see Aqua-sama in a remastered version and be moved to award him
42 Anonymous
I can easily imagine that and it made me laugh out loud, LOL
44 Verification Team *010meTA473
What is this thread?
46 Anonymous
I found a shitty otaku who came to this unpopular thread
48 Anonymous
From now on, we’re all going to watch your favorite person dominate and we’ll all say “Hoge” together
50 Anonymous
Oh, it started while I was saying “Hoge”
52 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I heard there’s a shitty thread, so I came here
54 Anonymous
Go home. When you come, everyone comes here
55 Anonymous
Mutsumiya Seijuu is just casually hanging out with Kamonohashi-san
58 Anonymous
Director Hongou and Moriishi-san, Kobayakawa-san and Abe-san are escorting, it’s lovely!!
60 Anonymous
BERYL’s here! Hey, isn’t Aa-sama around!?
63 Anonymous
It’s the best when Toa-chan and Tenga-kun sandwich Mayuzumi-kun in the middle. Thank you!!
66 Anonymous
I was moved by Tsuwabuki-san escorting Ayafuji-san with such grace
69 Anonymous
eau de Cologne’s here!
71 Anonymous
It’s so cute when Ayana-chan comes in with the two of them. Jeez!!
74 Anonymous
Ruriruri’s all alone, LOL
75 Anonymous
Oto-san, unexpectedly entering alone
Good for you. This means Kohina Yukari’s annual solo entrance is no longer an option
77 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s made some loner friends, that’s hilarious
80 Anonymous
81 Anonymous
83 Anonymous
85 Anonymous
88 Anonymous
This…is a wedding
91 Anonymous
Wait a minute, isn’t today the award ceremony for movies and dramas?
Why did Aqua-sama and Kohina Yukari’s wedding start!?
94 Verification Team *07218KADO6
So Sayuki, you finally made your wish come true…
96 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
97 Anonymous
Definitely LMAO
100 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san is going all out with provocation in all directions at the award ceremony
103 Anonymous
Looking at Shumi’s non-reaction, it seems like she knew about it
Aqua-kun is kind-hearted, so he probably wanted to prevent Kohina-senpai from being left out
105 Anonymous
At first, it’s for the Best Supporting Actress award, huh
107 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, come on!
Ayana-chan, come on!
Ayana-chan, come on!
109 Anonymous
It seems like a showdown between Kobayakawa-san and Ayana-chan
111 Anonymous
In terms of the general votes, Ayana-chan has 62%, Kobayakawa-san has 27%, Mutsumiya-san has 8%, and Ayafuji-san has 3%
The final result will depend on the votes from the same actors’ union, votes from directors and screenwriters’ production unions, and the judges’ votes. However, in the preliminary general votes, Ayana-chan is leading by a large margin
114 Anonymous
When converting the vote percentages into points, the difference is not significant, so it’s still uncertain what will happen
Rounding up the vote percentages:
100% or more: 10 points
90% or more: 9 points
80% or more: 8 points
75% or more: 7 points
67% or more: 6 points
50% or more: 5 points
34% or more: 4 points
25% or more: 3 points
10% or more: 2 points
Less than 10%: 1 point
At this point, Ayana-chan has 5 points, Kobayakawa-san has 3 points, and the other two have 1 point each. By the way, Aqua-sama achieved an unprecedented 10 points at Kenzaki, due to rounding up to the nearest whole number
117 Anonymous
I don’t really understand this, but what does that mean? At least we know our Aqu-tan is doing something crazy
120 Anonymous
Similarly, the votes of the performers’ union and the production union are converted to points based on the same voting rate as the general vote. Both are max 10 points, so the total max points so far is 30. Furthermore, the 12 selected judges assign points between 0-10 to all final candidates. After that, the total of the top 10 after removing the highest and lowest scores, divided by 10 and added, is also max 10 points. If the outcome is determined within the total max 40 points, the judging ends
However, when the difference is within 5 points, the judges can request a final vote from the chairman of the judging committee. The final vote will begin if more than half of the judges raise their hands, and all the judges will discuss the candidates who are in first place and within 5 points. They will watch the actual footage together and discuss individual performances and overall performances. Then, the 13 people, including the chairman of the judging committee, will score between 0-10 again. They will eliminate the person with the highest score, excluding the chairman, and the person with the lowest score. They will then add up the scores of the remaining 11 people and divide it by 11. The person with the highest total score will be the winner. By the way, at this point, the maximum score is 50 points
If there is a tie at this point, they will discuss again how to determine the winner
Here are some examples from the past:
– Select the person who earned the most points in the fan vote
– The person with the most points out of 40 points will be selected
– Select the person with the most points in the final screening
– Return to the 30-point stage and add the score from the last final examination to the score at that point
– If there is a dispute, the final decision will be made by the chairman of the judging committee
124 Anonymous
Sorry, I’m so dumb that I still don’t understand no matter how many times you explain
126 Anonymous
Actually, the difference is not easy to discern. It’s only about 20 points after the fan votes, performer union votes, and production committee votes. In reality, you can definitely win an award with around 25 points out of 40, and if you surpass the minimum award line of 20 points, there is a good chance. However, there are already people who started with 10 points in the initial stage and are dominating
128 Anonymous
That person has probably already earned 10 points even from votes from fellow professionals and already has 30 points. Everyone, including me, knows that person named Shirogane Aqua, LOL. He has a legit 40 points, which has never been achieved in the history of the competition, even in the 50-point evaluation
130 Anonymous
As expected, all we can do is watch Aqua-sama’s success. Right now, it’s fine, but I’m starting to worry if Aqua-kun’s motivation will last for years. The male contestants will still be tough, so I hope Ayana-chan, who is a classmate and close to him, will do her best. I understand that I’m saying difficult things, but I don’t want to isolate Aqua-kun. I think maybe only Ayana-chan can do that
133 Anonymous
I understand. It’s bad to expect things from Ayana-chan, but I really want her to do her best. She was really good in Yuu-onii. Personally, I think she was the MVP, and I definitely think that in the final scene, her acting surpassed Aqua-sama’s. In fact, at that moment, she might have been even more compelling than Kohina Yukari. That’s how good it was
135 Anonymous
I totally agree. Compared to the other male characters, Aa-sama is just too strong. Even if he were up against the world, he would undoubtedly be overwhelmingly the strongest “among the men.” Frankly, he might not win a film award, but I think he would be nominated for a lead role in a drama award. In fact, if there were an actor/actress mixed award like the film awards, the final nominees for the drama award would definitely be Kohina Yukari, Ruriruri, and Aa-sama. Without a doubt
138 Anonymous
I came back to this thread because it was too early to understand
This was supposed to be a spoiler thread, but this one was more thorough LMAO
141 Anonymous
I guess the votes were split after all
142 Anonymous
Even with the poor reviews in specialized magazines, television, and the media, predictions for Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay were mixed
144 Anonymous
Mutsumiya Seijuu has disappeared
146 Anonymous
I thought that was the case because Mutsumiya-san was fully invested in the movie
Even Kohina Yukari’s performance is different between Yuu-onii in the drama and Hara o Kiri in the movie
It’s not about growth
148 Anonymous
That’s true, isn’t it?
Yuu-oni, who was carrying two promising and popular young people, had a part in her intentionally putting them together to get a close-up of them. That’s not what Yukari is doing, it’s 100% Kohina Yukari. that’s why
So I think Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan must have been disappointed when they saw the movie
150 Anonymous
Wow, Kobayakawa-san was no good. But I’m secretly cheering for her
151 Anonymous
Captain Night Shadowwww!
153 Anonymous
Instead of being Heaven’s Sword, Kobayakawa-san had a chance as a bodyguard. But since that’s a leading role, it’s not a supporting role. Too bad
155 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san, they say this is subtly a degraded copy of Kuga-san
157 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san has more power and impact than Kuga Reira, but Kuga Reira has elegance and grace, so it looks better. Also, Kuga Reira has extremely beautiful legs, so that’s another high point
159 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san, her range of expression has been increasing even in Heaven’s Sword, so I think it’s being expected normally. Otherwise, they wouldn’t mention it until the end
162 Anonymous
Is Ayafuji-san also no good…?
163 Anonymous
It can’t be helped for Ayafuji-san. The lead actress did her best, but it became a mess. So, Ayana-chan is here!
165 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Ayafuji-san, huh… It seems that there’s a difference between Aqua-sama and experienced her
167 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
168 Anonymous
That’s true, but when you say it, it sounds weird, so stop it, LOL
170 Anonymous
Women who have experience with Aqua-sama
Kohina Yukari
Tsukimachi Ayana
Kobayakawa Yuki
Abe Akiko
Ayafuji Midori
And so on..
172 Anonymous
Stop it, LOL. It’s not just experience, it’s properly co-starring, LOL
174 Verification Team *010meTA473
Congratulations, Ayana-chan!
175 Anonymous
Congratulations, Ayana-chan!
177 Anonymous
I’m overjoyed!
179 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m moved!
I cried..
181 Anonymous
Seriously, it was tough, huh!
182 Anonymous
The last part of Hisayo-san made me cry
It’s wonderful how she mentions dropping out from being a child actor
185 Anonymous
Despite being forced to quit acting because of harassment from a boy, it’s amazing how she was able to make a complete comeback as a supporting actress and win an award thanks to another boy
Indeed, Aa-sama is a prince. I won’t accept any objections
188 Anonymous
I’ll repost this from the Tsukimachi Ayana thread
Even though things were going well as a child actor, I was driven out of the acting world due to bullying and harassment from other male actors
I was saved by our true goddess, the healing older sister, Captain Jou Maron-san, and joined eau de Cologne
The previously unknown eau de Cologne gradually gained popularity with the addition of Kurushima Fran
Just when I thought my work was increasing, I was then bullied by female celebrities out of jealousy
Rival team’s ace, Kato Iria of Fairies, got angry and interrupted my one-on-one battle
It turns out that Kato Iria, who was previously seen as annoying with her cutesy character, is actually a power character that the bulletin board users love, and her popularity increased as well. Note that the bulletin board’s popular power characters are Morikawa Kaede or Aqua-sama (the ultimate powerhouse character in a sense)
And Ayana-chan, whose path as an actor was closed off by men, is guided by the prince (Aqua-sama) and wins the Best Supporting Actress award. Huh!? Isn’t this the main heroine!?
190 Anonymous
This is definitely the heroine
191 Verification Team *010meTA473
Yeah, didn’t you know?
193 Anonymous
Ayana-chan was playing the otome game I wanted to play and it was hilarious…
195 Anonymous
Even if you come to such a deserted thread, you’ll be found out!!
196 Anonymous
Inko, don’t run away from the otome game!!
197 Anonymous
This guy saying it is the funniest thing this century, LMAO
198 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, recognized as the main heroine by Shumi, the main heroine in real life
200 Anonymous
Who decided that there can only be one main heroine?
202 Anonymous
Aqua-sama “Breaking the common sense that there is only one main heroine”
204 Anonymous
205 Anonymous
Now everyone is a main heroine. LOL
207 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey hey hey, redo it because Kohina Yukari-senpai is not in the text
If you get caught, you’ll be killed later…
209 Anonymous
Hagetoru is scared. LOL
210 Anonymous
It will be added in the template later
7 Reasons why Kohina Yukari-san is a goddess!
– She’s kind to Ayana-chan!
– She pays attention to Ayana-chan!
– She loves Ayana-chan!
– She’s Ayana-chan’s reliable mentor!
– She’s the goddess of love who brings Ayana-chan and Aqua-sama closer!
※Please make sure to always post this template for when Kohina Yukari herself finds out
This is a duty of the Tsukimachi Ayana thread
212 Anonymous
It’s a duty LOL
213 Anonymous
I’ve never heard of an duty template before LOL
And I just noticed that there are only 5 reasons, but they exaggerated it to 7 LOL
215 Anonymous
LMAO about Aqua-kun and Yukari Goha being more happy than Ayana-chan
216 Anonymous
Both of them are more excited than the person herself at award, LOL
218 Anonymous
When her award was announced, Ayana-chan tried to stand up and do a victory pose, but she quickly calmed down and just lifted her hips for a moment before dropping them again, savoring the joy, LOL
220 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, who was watching them, made a face like “What are you doing?” and I also smiled
222 Anonymous
That was good
224 Anonymous
Details of the results are out!
Fan vote + Performers’ union vote + Production union vote + Judge’s vote = Total
Tsukimachi Ayana 5+4+4+8.5=21.5pt
Mutsumiya Seijuu 1+3+4+9.0=17.0pt
Kobayakawa Yuki 3+2+2+7.5=14.5pt
Ayafuji Midori 1+2+1+8.0=12.0pt
Note: Due to a 4.5-point difference between the first and second place, Tsukimachi Ayana’s award was approved without a final vote according to the rules
227 Anonymous
I thought Kobayakawa-san would come in second place, but she was surpassed by the Empress. The Empress’s acting is really highly evaluated. Without fan voting, Ayana-chan might have been in a precarious position
228 Anonymous
The award line isn’t that high after all. It was good that the other three became dango, but if not, it might have been uncertain
231 Anonymous
Best Actress Award!?
233 Verification Team *010meTA473
It’s rare for the Best Actress Award to be here. Normally it should be later, but maybe it happened that way because of the flow?
235 Anonymous
Huh? Shumi and Hagetoru are here. What happened to you guys in the main thread? Why are you in this live commentary thread?
238 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Saba-chan is probably having a configuration error, so the main thread keeps saying that there is no posting permission. Inko-san and Bath-neki also can’t post, so maybe they mistakenly put the permission list in the exclusion list
241 Anonymous
242 Anonymous
Even though it’s a machine, it made a human-like mistake LOL
245 Anonymous
246 Anonymous
Yes, yes
248 Anonymous
Well, there’s probably no one else here
250 Anonymous
This was a landslide victory
255 Anonymous
Results of the Best Actress Nomination
Fan votes + Actor’s Union votes + Production Union votes + Jury votes = Total
Kohina Yukari 6+5+5+9.5 = 25.5 points
Oto Rurika 3+4+4+9.0 = 20.0 points
Tadokoro Chisaki 1+1+1+8.5 = 11.5 points
258 Anonymous
It’s amazing that Kohina Yukari has crossed the line of 25 points, which is an unquestionable complete victory. But among this landslide, Ruriruri has crossed 20 points, which is just too crazy, LOL
260 Anonymous
She crossed 20 points in her first nomination as a newcomer. She would have won if it wasn’t for Kohina Yukari
273 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Stardust neon lights, I wanted to see it because I was curious…
276 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hakuryuu-sensei, if it’s about the stardust neon lights, that shitty otaku named Shumi probably has recorded the whole thing. If she got hooked after watching the first episode, she should have recorded it until the end, so she definitely has it
279 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey!? How do you know about that!?
Sensei, when you come to the house next time
282 Anonymous
You really have it and I’m laughing out loud (LOL)
284 Anonymous
Dude, you’re seriously amazing
286 Anonymous
Your understanding of Shumi is too high…! You might even understand it better than her husband…!!
290 Anonymous
However, the lead and supporting roles are so emotional!
So far, Yuu-onii is unrivaled, but is there a chance that Tsukasa-Sensei, who wrote the screenplay, will win the Best Supporting Actor award?
294 Anonymous
I looked at the official website, but isn’t it a lie that Ruriruri is still a junior high school student?
I thought she was a high school student… No, it’s strange that she’s a high school student
297 Anonymous
After all, the rumors about her being a middle school student and taking high school entrance exams were true..
Anyway, for a junior high school student, the scene where she smokes a cigarette was really good. As far as I know, I think it’s one of the best in Japan
300 Anonymous
Hisayo-san didn’t mention it because it was such a happy occasion, but when suspicions arose about Oto-chan, it would be vulgar to criticize Oto-chan with suspicions, even though she had clearly stated that she was not sure. Well, Kohina Yukari was angry and asked her not to copy her
Still, with the high scores from the judges and the high percentage of votes from peers, I can see that everyone is looking forward to her coming back
303 Verification Team *010meTA473
I think Oto-chan’s smoking scene is a complete homage to Kohina-senpai, but why is it such a problem?
When Kohina-senpai appeared in a drama called Layout three years ago, the scene in the beginning of the third episode, probably around the 12 minute mark, is exactly the same as the scene where she smokes a cigarette in the back of the multi-tenant building where her company is located. It’s so similar that even though she has never smoked before, she just did what she knew
307 Anonymous
Yes, I’ve come to a conclusion
309 Anonymous
If this guy says it, it’s confirmed
312 Anonymous
LMAO, I almost felt sorry because the level of shitty otaku was so different
315 Anonymous
It would be better to include Shumi as an expert on movies, dramas, etc
Shumi probably know more than the people in the union lol
318 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? I thought I came to Aqua-sama’s invincible thread, but is this the Shumi invincible thread…?
321 Anonymous
The Verification Team is properly verifying it, LOL
323 Anonymous
However, when Aqua-sama becomes the subject of verification, she suddenly becomes a klutz!!
326 Anonymous
Moriishi-san is here!!
328 Anonymous
Did Tsukasa-sensei lose?
330 Anonymous
Congratulations, Moriishi-san!
Thank you, Tsukasa-sensei!!
333 Anonymous
Please provide detailed points!!
336 Anonymous
They are being updated in real-time on the official website
Fan votes + performer union votes + production union votes + judges’ votes = Total
Moriishi Akiko 9+6+5+9.7 = 29.7 points *highest score ever
Tsukasa Kei 1+3+4+9.3 = 17.3 points
340 Anonymous
I was surprised that there was a difference of more than 10 points
342 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei, this must be frustrating
344 Anonymous
Out of the 12.4 point difference, 8 points are from fan votes. So, I don’t think the difference is that big. The other points are not bad. It feels like it wouldn’t be so bad if the opponent wasn’t Heaven’s Sword
346 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is like the textbook of life, so it can’t be helped. It’s rather commendable to have fought against it!!
349 Anonymous
Director Hongou LOL
350 Anonymous
Director Hongou, the announcement was made so casually, LOL
352 Anonymous
Well, this is how it is
355 Anonymous
Director Hongou has become too famous as a director personally
358 Anonymous
Director’s Award
Fan voting + actor’s union voting + production union voting + jury voting = total
Hongou Hiroko 9+9+8+9.8 = 35.8 points ※The first time in history to exceed 30 points, the highest score ever
Takagi Machi 1+1+2+9.2 = 13.2 points
361 Anonymous
I want to give praise to Machi-san
Not only Aqua-sama and Ayana-chan, but also Kohina Yukari helped her grow
I can say the same to Tsukasa-sensei, but it became the foundation for the three of them. However, the opponent was really tough
363 Anonymous
Although the point difference has widened, I feel that Yuu-onii is a good loser
If it wasn’t for this year, she would have been the top winner
365 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Personally, I think Tsukasa-sensei’s script was good
However, this time Moriishi-sensei and Heaven’s Sword were overwhelmingly righteous
As a writer myself, I know that you can’t beat the trend of mainstream works with a straightforward sense of justice
Of course, without the passion to do that, you can’t create such an amazing work
That’s why, congratulations to Moriishi-sensei! And of course, congratulations to Director Hongou too!
368 Anonymous
It’s nice that Hakuryuu-sensei said that!
370 Anonymous
Thank you, sensei!!
373 Anonymous
Here we go! Everyone, get ready!!
375 Anonymous
Huh? Is everyone here?
377 Anonymous
I just took a bath before the broadcast, but I couldn’t post on the main thread… Is it okay to be here?
379 Anonymous
Since Hagetoru and Shumi weren’t here, I came here
382 Anonymous
It seems like everyone is gathering
385 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. It’s like the main event of this thread from here on
388 Anonymous
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
390 Verification Team *010meTA473
I also fell in love with that prince!!
393 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m all fluttery with excitement over Aqua-sama’s singing voice!!
397 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Everyone’s hero!!
401 Anonymous
It’s here!!
402 Anonymous
It’s here, it’s here, it’s heeeeere!!
404 Anonymous
406 Anonymous
This is a thread where we watch and cheer for Aqua-sama’s activities with our mouths half open
409 Anonymous
Total victory!!
412 Anonymous
Give us the details!!
415 Anonymous
HP is so heavy, LOL
418 Anonymous
Don’t reload too much, guys!!
421 Anonymous
The crew of total victory!?
425 Anonymous
It’s here!!
Best Actor Award
Fan vote + Performers’ union vote + Production union vote + Jury vote = Total
Shirogane Aqua 10+10+10+9.3 = 39.3 points, the highest score ever throughout all awards
Tsuwabuki Hiromasa 1+1+1+7.3 = 10.3 points
Kamonohashi Kazushi 1+1+1+7.1 = 10.1 points
Supporting Actor Award
Fan votes + Actor’s Association votes + Production Association votes + Jury votes = Total
Shirogane/Yuujin 8+7+7+9.2 = 31.2 points, highest score ever for the Supporting Actor Award
Shirogane/Kazuya 1+2+2+8.5 = 13.5 points
Nekoyama Toa 1+1+1+7.4 = 10.4 points
Tenga Akira 1+1+1+7.2 = 10.2 points
Theme Song Award
Fan votes + Actor’s Association votes + Production Association votes + Jury votes = Total
Shirogane/Hana-ata 8+8+8+9.8 = 33.8 points, highest score ever for the Theme Song Award
Shirogane/Heaven’s 1+1+1+9.7 = 12.7 points
Shirogane/Yuoni 1+1+1+9.5 = 12.5 points
429 Anonymous
39.3 is weird, isn’t it?
430 Anonymous
What kind of calculation is that?
432 Anonymous
With Aqua-sama appearing, the subtle points for men disappeared
Now they give points to men based on the same criteria as actresses
435 Anonymous
I thought it was like a big deal, like a 10.0, but it’s not
438 Anonymous
I hope Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, Kamonohashi-san, and Tsuwabuki-san don’t give up. Right now, you guys are starting as actors. It’s inevitable to compare yourselves to Aqua-sama, who has a top-quality as an actor from the beginning
441 Anonymous
I felt my heart skip a beat when Tsuwabuki-san was so happy about Aqua-sama’s award
445 Anonymous
LOL, look at Kohina Yukari’s proud face
447 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-senpai totally outdid herself with the most epic smug face. LMAO
450 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how she is standing there with her arms crossed, looking like I raised him. LOL
453 Anonymous
This person is probably one of the residents of this thread, LOL
458 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how both Kohina Yukari and Aqua-sama are more excited about other people’s awards than their own. They’re like master and apprentice in situations like this, LOL
461 Anonymous
I burst out laughing when I saw their smug faces, LOL
464 Anonymous
It’s so awesome that the two of them are going to pick up Ayana-chan together!
467 Anonymous
For Ayana-chan, Aqua-kun is definitely her prince charming
Aqua-kun: “Hey, don’t cry, Ayana. Let’s go have some fun and laughter together.”
Ayana-chan: “Okay…!”
469 Anonymous
Lip-reading expert Neki nice!!
471 Anonymous
I didn’t need the conversation between Kohina Yukari, but that’s what I wanted to hear
473 Anonymous
Lip-reading expert Neki, are you also mistakenly included in the exclusion list? LOL
475 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari got what she deserved. LOL
477 Anonymous
It’s the best to have Aqua-sama in the center with Ayana-chan and KY-senpai on both sides
481 Anonymous
Until now, I used to feel sorry for the boy caught in the middle of this kind of scene, but now it seems like Aqua-sama is saying, “She’s my girl, so don’t you dare touch her!” Am I the only one who sees it that way?
484 Anonymous
Huh!? Isn’t that the case?
486 Anonymous
It means “Don’t you dare touch my girl and mama!” right?
489 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is mama. LOL
490 Anonymous
“Mama,” LMAO
494 Anonymous
Director Hongou jealous!!
496 Anonymous
Moriishi-san Hugs are so nice!!
500 Anonymous
Shumi hasn’t responded, did she return to the main thread?

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