Male Idol V12c22-2

Volume 12 Chapter 22 Shirogane Aqua, The Morning Of The 365Th Day Since The Beginning, Part 2

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Everyone, you all came already, huh?”

 ”Sorry, I took a little longer with the preparations because of me.”

 ”No, no, it’s because I was running around…”

 ”Kotono, Yui, and Ai, all three of you came. Thank you.”

 Kotono, Yui, and Ai often wear a combination of tight skirts and thick tights in winter.

 Ah, I want to be squeezed between those thighs at least once! In the midst of all that, if I could rub my cheek against their calves and have them step on me with their soles, that would be even better.

 ”Aqua-san, your work mode over here is still cool…”

 ”Aa-sama, your face is sharp and cool today too.”

 ”I have to burn Aqua-kun’s cool cafe staff appearance into my mind!”

 I thought about being able to ask for everything and more if I asked for it… I was thinking with a determined face.

 No, but as a cowardly person like me, I can’t make such a courageous request. Ah, I wonder if there’s a way for them to do it for me instead… If this were Doraemon, they would do everything for me without me having to say anything, so it would be easy.

 But well, now is not the time to be thinking about these things with a serious face. I take out the presents for the three from under the shelf.

 ”Thanks to everyone’s support, I’ve been really taken care of by Kotono in various ways. Not only work, but also for taking care of Kanon. Thank you.”

 ”Wow! Thank you! Aqua-san”

 Kotono takes out a box from the paper bag and checks its contents.

 ”Ear… ring?”

 ”Yeah, I think you can wear this for work. Come here.”


 I put the earring on Kotono’s ear.

 Yeah, just as I thought, it looks great on Kotono! I’m glad I bought it!

 ”You look great, Kotono. Very beautiful.”

 ”T-Thank you…”

 Huh? What’s wrong, Kotono? Your face looks a bit flushed.

 ”Okay, okay, it’s just the usual overkill overkill.”

 ”Pwn… If it was Kanon, she’d be dead.”

 ”He really uses his good looks to the extreme, doesn’t he?”

 ”Is that a roundabout way of saying Master has nothing going for him except his face?”

 ”Go for it, Kotono-onee-chan!”

 Hey, Kanon, Emily-san, Kohina-senpai, Pegonia-san, that table over there is so loud! Emily-san, why are you just sitting there so casually!? You’re working the same part-time job as me! Come on, take the customers’ orders!

 And hey, that table over there, it’s not a good combination for me, so please break it up right away!

 ”Kotono-onee-chan, I’ll give this to you too.”

 ”Oh, Toa-chan too!?”

 ”Aqua chose it, it’s a matching brooch, so use it together!”

 ”Thank you!!”

 It’s nice to see Kotono looking so happy. Oh, while I’m at it, I’ll make one request at this timing. I approach Kotono quietly.


 ”Aqua-san? Is something the matter?”

 ”From now on, please take care of Kaede, not just Kanon…”

 ”Haha, that’s fine. I’ve been taking care of everyone even before I met Aqua-san.”

 Understood. Indeed, when you put it that way, it makes sense.

 I don’t know why, but Kotono’s words carry a strong sense of conviction.

 ”So, don’t worry, leave that to me!”

 ”Oh, okay, that’s a relief. Thank you, Kotono.”

 Kotono has our wedding and move in April, and I heard she’s also going to become an executive in line with Beryl’s job transfer. It might be tough, but I’ll help out, and Kanon and others have said they’ll help too, so let’s all do our best together.

 ”Yui, would you accept a present from me?”

 ”Yes, of course!”

 Yui opens the wrapping of the present with a happy expression.

 She seems to smile more now than when we first met. In that sense, I think it’s good that we got married.

 I don’t think I can bear to see that modest smile clouded.

 ”Oh… a belt.”

 ”Yeah, I thought it might be useful for work… Oh, but it might also go well with your current tight skirt.”

 ”I’ll try it on right away!”

 Oh, you look great, you look great! There’s something… nice about it! It’s kind of thrilling when someone you like wears something you gave them.

 ”You look really good in it, Yui.”

 ”Oh, thank you. It’s like being tied up by Aa-sama with the belt around my waist, it’s a little… exciting…”

 ”Huh? Did you say something?”

 ”N-no, it’s nothing.”

 I thought I heard something about being tied up, but maybe it was just my imagination? Yeah, serious Yui wouldn’t say something weird like that, unlike me!

 ”Yui-san, you should probably ask for more things while you can. I’m a doting husband, so I’ll probably buy you anything.”

 Yui… don’t worry, the only one I want to tie up with a rope is the screaming giant monster, Yukari Gon. I won’t do anything painful like tying you up with ropes, so please relax.

 ”Ai, welcome back from your business trip. I thought about it for you, someone who always works so hard… If you like, I want you to accept my gift.”

 ”I’ll accept, I’ll accept! Thank you, Aqua-kun!”

 Ai opens the present box with an excited expression on her face. I have to admit, I’m weak when it comes to this innocent look that older girls like Ai show. Without thinking, I pat her head. Ai notices and shyly puckers her lips. Hmm, this is cute. I continue to pat her head, enjoying how Hakuryuu-sensei’s face turns redder and redder.

 ”Once again, reality surpasses everything. Is Hakuryuu-sensei going to fall into darkness?”

 ”Huh? Did she make a live-action adaptation of No-Rin?”

 ”That guy has a habit of touching the heads of girls he likes, you know?”

 ”I see, is that how Master marks his territory? It’s a warning to others not to touch his girl, right?”

 ”I see, that’s why I’m patted on the head all the time.”

 Hey, over there, Kanon, Emily-san, Kohina-senpai, Pegonia-san, and that table are so noisy!! And you guys, you’ve been getting along so well since earlier!! Seriously, I really don’t think your group is a good match, so please disband already. And Emily-san, go work!! Huh? You’ve finished taking orders and are sitting around because you’re free? Alright then.

 ”Ah, a brooch! Thank you! I’ll wear it right away at the next fan event.”

 ”No, thank you too. Good luck with your work, Ai.”

 Since it looked like she wanted to wear it, I put the brooch on Ai.

 I’m glad. If she’s so happy about it, I think it was a good purchase.

 I guide the three of them to the table.

 Oh… it seems like another acquaintance has arrived.

 ”Sorry. Did I get the meeting time wrong?”

 ”No, everyone just came early.”

 Actually, Ayana coming right at the opening is amazing.

 On the contrary, everyone else is too eager.

 ”Ayana-chan, over here!”

 Hey! Kohina-senpai, please don’t bring my beautiful Ayana over to that dark table over there!

 Shh! Shh! Look, Ayana, sit at this counter seat where I can see you well.

 ”Ayana-chan’s face turning red and the reason behind it, Aqua probably hasn’t noticed, huh?”

 ”I see, so it means to stay within my range of sight?”

 ”Ayana-chan, that idiot, even if you give him a good slap, it won’t affect him at all!”

 ”As expected of Master, his ability to appeal to women is amazing.”

 ”Well, if that’s the case, he should just clearly tell everyone that she’s his.”

 Hey, did you say something over there!?

 Come on, please break up soon!!

 Oh, this is not the time for that.

 Once it’s past opening time, customers will start coming in.

 ”Shirogane, are we really invited?”

 ”Of course. I’m always grateful to Sugita-sensei for taking care of us. And thank you for coming, Washimiya-san, Kurogami-san, and Kurumi-san.”

 ”Th-thank you for inviting us today.”

 ”Shirogane-kun, you look great working.”

 ”No, thank you for inviting me today!”

 I give each of them a bracelet as a gift.

 After they saw what was inside, they looked surprised at first, but then showed happy expressions.

 ”Does Shirogane understand the meaning behind giving the bracelet?”

 ”Sensei, if he understands, then I don’t think we would have struggled.”

 ”Huh? Is there a meaning behind giving the bracelet?”

 ”Uruha-chan is so cute. No, he doesn’t understand the meaning. Actually, it’s like this. Blah blah…”

 Huh? What’s up with everyone? Kurogami-san, your face is all red, are you okay? I guide the four of them to their seats. It seems like the class will be full when everyone arrives, so they’re coming separately to be considerate. I’m grateful. The kindness of my classmates touches my heart. There might be a class change next year, but I’d like to graduate with this class if possible.

 When I mentioned that, everyone said they’re okay, they’re putting their lives on the line. Eh? Putting your lives on the line for a class change? No, you don’t have to go that far… Oh, it seems like another guest has arrived. Who could it be this time?

 ”You’re in the way!”

 ”If you’re in the way, then go home!”

 ”Hey! Aqua-kun’s still got a great sense of humor!”

 ”If that’s the case, Inko-san does too!”

 I try to whisper because I don’t want strangers to find out Inko-san’s true identity, but Inko-san’s voice is loud. Hey, you’ll get in trouble if you’re found out later! I ask Inko-san if she thinks she can clear the otome game.

 Inko-san replied with a face that looked like she was about to die, saying she’ll do her best. Hey, I think it’s okay not to push yourself too hard to play the game. Even the game development staff said they could make adjustments by February, or even by March at the latest, so I think it’s better to wait for that before playing.

 Eh? The watchers won’t forgive that? Hahaha… Inko-san, you’re having a tough time too.

 ”Inko-san, if you don’t mind, I got this for you… I caused some trouble in the otome game.”

 ”You got this for me!? I-Is it really okay!?”

 ”Of course.”

 Inko-san seemed awkward, struggling to unwrap the gift, so I ended up doing it for her. Haha, I just had a feeling that Inko-san would struggle with this kind of thing.

 ”Wow, sunglasses!!”

 Inko-san promptly puts on the sunglasses.

 ”They really suit you.”

 ”Really!? Wow, thank you so much! I’ll start using them right away from today.”

 Watching Inko-san happily putting them on and taking them off made me feel warm inside. By the way, Tenga-senpai, please don’t put on and take off the sunglasses to compete. And hey! You can’t wear Shintaro’s glasses over the sunglasses. Only Tenga-senpai would do something silly like that!! In the midst of classmates changing places, Director Hongou, Nobu-san, and Moja-san come by to ask.

 “Congratulations again to Director Hongou for winning the Director Award”

 “Thanks to Aqua-kun and everyone!”

 I hug Director Hongou again, still feeling the excitement from yesterday. I think I was able to win the Best Leading Actor Drama award because of Kenzaki from Heaven’s Sword.

 ”Thank you for coming, Nobu-san and Moja-san.”

 “Hey, Aqua-kun and I aren’t close!”

 “Huh, I guess I have no choice but to come since I was called.”

 I say as I hand them their presents. They both seem really happy with the butterfly ties and wallets I gave them.

 I also hand a present to Director Hongou, and she looks surprised. It’s a series of insect figurines that I somehow found at an accessory shop. When I saw there were five in the lineup – a rhinoceros beetle, stag beetle, grasshopper, bee, and butterfly – I thought it was perfect. Maybe it was just a coincidence? She seems to like it, though.

 ”Sorry, I’m late!”

 ”Oh, Mary-sama, you’re already here!”

 Just as Kukuri-chan and the others were about to leave, Grandma Ranko, Megumi-san (Morinaga), and the Prime Minister arrived. I hurriedly handed them presents. Grandma Ranko and Megumi-san were delighted to receive matching tablets with Grandmother Mary.

 ”Yay! A gift from Aqua-kun!! Let’s brag about it on social media to Representative Tanigawa.”

 ”Prime Minister is on fire.”

 ”Ugh, more dogeza from Monday onwards.”

 ”That pen, I feel like they always show it off.”

 The Prime Minister was pleased with the pen gift from me. I thought, being the Prime Minister, she probably write a lot. As we were talking, Rito-san and Shikimi-san arrived, and a peaceful time flowed between Agewa-san, Kukuri-chan, Emily-san, and them. I think it’s good that there’s no lingering resentment over there. Of course, I won’t point out that Emily-san isn’t working. I’m not that rude! As that group left, our maid team and Rinon-san arrived to take their place.

 “Rinon-san, Ruuna-senpai, Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, thank you all as always. Let’s take it easy today.”

 “Oh, thank you!”

 “Yeah, got it.”

 “I’ll take you up on that offer.”

 ”*Beep! Buzz!*”

 Huh? I thought I heard a weird mechanical sound from Mikoto-chan, was it just my imagination? Of course, I have presents for everyone. All four of them were delighted with the matching keychains and pass cases.

 After a while, Kobayakawa-san, Reira-san, Abe-san, and other actor/actress friends arrived. I didn’t expect Tsuwabuki-san and Kamonohashi-san to come, so I was really happy. I gave them the presents I had bought as spares. Yeah, just seeing everyone’s happy faces, I’m already completely satisfied!!

 “Congratulations once again on your award!”

 “No, Onidzuka-san, thank you for your help yesterday. Thank you!”

 I’ll give a present to Onidzuka-san too. And then, I go outside to see off the people who are leaving in exchange. It’s getting busy, and I’m running out of time to give presents slowly.

 ”Sorry, was it a busy time?”

 ”Not at all. Claire-san, and Natalia-san too. Oh, Emily-san and Kanon are here too, so take your time, both of you.”

 I give the two of them a bracelet as a present.

 ”Aqua-kun, you always innocently do such outrageous things…”

 ”Whoa, whoa, calm down, Claire!”

 Huh? I hear a clicking sound of buttons being pressed, but is it just my imagination? I feel like I’m mishearing a lot today, maybe because I’m tired.

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m here! Oh, hello, Kamonohashi-san and Tsuwabuki-san!”

 ”Aqua-kun, I’ve arrived! Oh, Ayana-chan, I spotted you!”

 ”Oh, Kanade-san and Kato-san, please come in!”

 I hand out presents to both of them.

 After that, people keep coming and going.

 Phew… I wonder if everyone’s arrived already.

 Ako-san said she might be late, but I feel like everyone’s already here.

 I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

 Huh? I see someone outside the window dashing towards me like crazy.

 ”Am I the only one who sees the dust cloud?”

 ”That’s some powerful running.”

 ”Yellow? A giraffe?”

 ”No, no, that’s a gorilla running.”

 ”No, that’s not it! That’s our beloved power character, Gorikawa-san!!”

 Hey! You guys know what you’re saying, right?

 Don’t compare my Kaede to that gorilla!

 It’s pitiful to compare Kaede’s power to a gorilla’s!! Wait, huh?

 ”Oh, I thought I was going to be late!!”

 ”You made it just in time, Kaede.”

 ”Geez! I told you to go straight to bed as soon as you got back from yesterday’s launch party, didn’t I?”

 ”Eep, sorry!!”

 Well, Announcer Onidzuka, it’s a joyful occasion.

 I reach into the shelf and hand the present to Kaede.

 ”If you’d like, here’s a present from me. Thank you always, Kaede.”

 ”Oh, thank you. Aqua-kun, can I open it?”

 ”Of course.”

 Kaede opens the small box and freezes completely.

 Seeing that, Kanon, Kotono, Emily-san, and Announcer Onidzuka approach.


 ”What is this…”


 ”Huh? Ah…”

 After exchanging glances, everyone breaks into smiles.

 ”Congratulations, Kaede-senpai!”

 ”Kaede-san, congratulations.”

 ”Heh, heh, heh, congratulations, Kaede-senpai.”

 ”I’m glad. Morikawa… no, from now on, I have to call you Kaede, right?”

 I gently take out the ring from the box.

 The surrounding people applaud upon seeing it.

 ”Kaede, it’s still a little way off, but let’s get married. This is a reservation for that time.”

 ”Y-yeah! Th-thank youuu!”

 ”Hahaha! Are you okay? Come on, be your usual self again.”

 After I put the ring on Kaede’s ring finger, I squish her cheeks in my hands.

 Then, whether it was because the tension was released or not, Kaede returned to her usual smiling face.

 And then, one by one, people start to come and go.

 ”Aqua, thank you so much today.”

 ”Yeah, thanks for coming too, Kanon.”

 As the closing time approached, I saw each person off one by one.

 ”Junior, thank you so much today.”

 ”No, thank you so much for coming today, Tenga-senpai!”

 Tenga-senpai looks up at the sky with a meaningful expression.

 At first glance, it seems like a very serious scene, but because Tenga-senpai is still wearing Shintaro’s glasses over his sunglasses, there is no sense of tension. Wait, are those his own glasses? I don’t know what happened, but it seems like Tenga-senpai’s cool radar has caught on.

 ”I’m really glad I met you, no, I’m really glad I met all of you.”


 Memories of Tenga-senpai suddenly rush to my mind.

 ”Junior, because you pushed me forward that time, I’m able to hold hands with Haruka like this now.”

 ”Senpai, please stop. That’s…”

 It’s like a death flag.

 ”Oh, the sky is beautiful today.”

 Tenga-senpai holds his hand up and gazes intently at the bolt nut ring. No, what’s suddenly happening!?


 Huh? I react to the screams of a woman.

 Then, a small child jumps onto the road right in front of me.

 And I can see a large truck coming from the other side of the road.

 Damn it, I won’t make it in time!! I was in a bad position and confused by understanding the situation and making a judgment.

 Everyone there was prepared for the worst.

 However, in such a desperate situation, only one hero had already reacted before even thinking!!



 And then, Shintaro’s voice overlaps with mine.

 ”I won’t dieeeeeeeee!!”

 Tenga-senpai shouts like that, then jumps sideways and holds a child in his arms, rolling away like that.

 The truck lady also steps on the brakes and somehow stops just in time. However, unfortunately, Tenga-senpai’s sunglasses and glasses he was wearing are completely destroyed.

 ”I won’t die because I’m a hero who protects everyone!!”

 While trembling, Tenga-senpai says that.

 I’m relieved to see that he has some minor scratches but no major injuries.

 ”Are you okay!?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks for stopping, miss.”

 I thank the truck lady who stopped for us.

 ”Thank you. Thank you so much! It’s all because I was a little distracted by the bicycle…”

 ”Don’t worry! I’m just glad nothing happened!!”

 Phew… I got really worried when death flags started popping up out of nowhere. Well, nothing happened in the end, so I guess it’s all good!

 ”Oh, by the way, everyone be careful on your way home. I’ll be here to help in the afternoon as well.”

 I say goodbye to everyone and head back into the Tomarigi.

 ”Whew… I’m really glad nothing happened.”

 I gaze at the presents left in the shelf. Well then, shall I do my best in the afternoon for that busy person who hasn’t arrived yet? After stretching my arms wide, I open the door to Tomarigi.

 ”Welcome back, young lady. Welcome to Cafe Tomarigi! Please take your time!”

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