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Volume 12 Chapter 22 Shirogane Aqua, The Morning Of The 365Th Day Since The Beginning, Part 1

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 Just a year ago on this day, I started working part-time at Cafe Tomarigi. This past year, though it seems really short, felt long. I recall various things that have happened so far. Among them, Tomarigi is a place with memorable memories, especially because that’s where I met Ako-san. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a place that became the starting point for the idol Shirogane Aqua and even Beryl Entertainment. The day after the awards ceremony, I rented out Tomarigi for a private gathering with my close ones.

 ”Oh my, indeed, Aqua-kun looks good in our uniform, doesn’t he?”

 ”Exactly! It’s been a while since I wore it, but it felt right the moment I put it on.”

 Of course, this private gathering is a way for me to express gratitude to those who supported me for the award, so I intend to provide service to everyone as an honorary part-time employee at Tomarigi. However, it’s still uneasy with just me and Grandma Yachiyo, so I’ve asked for reinforcements.

 ”How, how is it?”

 ”Thank you, thank you!”

 The moment I saw it, I was in awe. Oh world! This is the speed of Kenzaki Souji, the man who won the Best Actor award!! Ah… I strongly reflect on the fact that I asked Emily-san, who helped me last summer, for help! And she’s even wearing a maid outfit!?

 Huh? Is this what the girls’ uniforms at Tomarigi look like now!? Ah, her breasts are about to spill out, her thighs are plump in knee-high socks, I can’t see her panties under the miniskirt, and the garter belt is digging in.

 Starting from tomorrow, maybe I should pretend to work and enjoy the eye candy at Tomarigi… I remember that all the girls working at Tomarigi were either beautiful and busty older sisters or incredibly cute girls, and their level was ridiculously high.

 ”Emily-san, before the customers arrive, please use this as a token of appreciation… since you always take care of the cat and Kanon.”


 As I was saying, it feels like the cat and Kanon are just as good. Well, whatever. They’re both cute!!

 Now, I take out the key case I bought from the locker and hand it over to Emily-san before things get busy.

 ”I thought maybe it could be the key to Takeko’s bike…”

 ”I’m happy! I’ll make sure to use it carefully.”

 I’m relieved to see Emily-san’s happy face. Seeing someone’s smile and knowing that they’re happy is the most joyful thing for me. After the duet audition, Emily-san officially joined Beryl and will be my colleague at the same agency.

 Even when we filmed the Fuji Valentine’s CM together before, I thought the same thing. Emily-san looks great on screen and her acting skills are surprisingly high for an amateur. Kohina-senpai also mentioned that there are unjustified geniuses in the world.

 I, who was treated poorly before my debut in my previous life, have reached this point thanks to my accumulated experience. Mommy Mikuni was amazing from her debut. I felt it when we filmed the music video before, and I think the same goes for Emily-san.

 There will be more opportunities to work together with Emily-san in the future, although we still have a lot to learn.

 ”Oh, well then, I’m going to clean outside for a bit.”


 I think it’s nice to keep the area around the store clean, so that customers feel good when they enter. Even when I was working part-time at Tomarigi, as soon as I started sweeping outside, the store would quickly fill up with customers. Everyone wants to relax in a clean store after all. I stepped outside and started cleaning the surroundings with a dustpan and broom.


 Huh? Oh! How nostalgic. It’s the neighborhood mom who used to come to Tomarigi a lot when I was working there. I silently thank the ever-elegant Melon-sama in my heart.

 ”Oh, long time no see!”

 ”You remember me!?”

 Mom… I never forget the name and face of a girl with big breasts or a naughty girl. In other words, I remember all the girls in this world without fail. While my heart is melting, I put on a determined face.

 ”Of course. You always came, didn’t you? Ah… We have a private reservation in the morning, but we’ll be open for regular business in the afternoon, so feel free to come.”

 ”…Oh, I should have mentioned it on the bulletin board.”

 Huh? What’s a bulletin board? Ah, it’s the one where they write about the new menu! Got it!

 I told Mama-san to advertise the “Congratulations on the Award” set with the new menu starting today.

 Phew. I’ve been shown so many good things since morning.

 Thanks to that, I’m all energized for cleaning!

 After finishing cleaning outside, I return to the store and put away the cleaning tools in the locker. Then I hear the sound of the entrance door opening with a clatter.

 Oh, someone seems to have come. I hurriedly go outside.

 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-senpai. I got the time wrong… Was I too early?”

 ”Um, um, are you sure it’s okay for someone like me to come?”

 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-sama. When you become elderly, mornings tend to start early.”

 ”Of course, it’s fine. Thank you for coming, Kukuri-chan, Agewa-san, and Grandmother Mary. Please, come in if you’d like.”

 I guide the three of them into the store and ask for their orders. Oh, in the meantime… I take out the present I had prepared in advance from under the shelf.

 ”If you don’t mind, please take this too, all three of you.”


 Kukuri-chan, Agewa-san, and Grandmother Mary all synchronously voice their surprise. I hand each of them a present.

 ”Grandmother Mary, thank you as always for Kanon. And also for the cat.”

 ”It’s not a big deal. On the contrary, please rely on us even more. People like us are happiest when we can be of help!!”

 Grandmother Mary was delighted with the tablet case I handed her. I was worried about what I would do if she had already bought a tablet case, but it seems she hadn’t yet, so I’m relieved.

 ”I have been helped many times by Agewa-san, behind the scenes.”

 ”Aqua-kun… Thank you!”

 If the Prime Minister and Agewa-san hadn’t managed to strike a good balance, Beryl and I might have caused some problems. While the Prime Minister and the ruling party fully supported us, it was Agewa-san and the opposition party who identified and addressed our concerns to protect us.

 I’ve heard that even the nationwide “beautiful right?” commercial had a significant social impact and received some criticism. However, thanks to the discussions, debates, and coordinated efforts of everyone from Beryl, the media, and politicians, the commercial ultimately wasn’t shelved.

 ”Thank you, Kukuri-chan. I heard from Emily-san that you’re the owner of that apartment? I really appreciate it. If it’s okay with you, could you accept this?”

 ”Of course. Thank you very much. Aqua-senpai!”

 From April, Kukuri-chan’s voice can be heard every day at school. It’s the best!! I’ll pat Kukuri-chan’s head.

 ”They’re same thing, but if you’d like, open it.”


 Both of them happily open the box. Seeing Kukuri-chan waiting for Agewa-san’s cue to open the present together, I thought she was a kind child.

 ”Oh, it’s an aquamarine necklace!?”


 ”Oh, both of them are nice! Those are perfect for insect repellent.”

 Oh, so an aquamarine necklace has insect repellent effects. I didn’t know that. It’s no wonder, she’s grandmother Mary after all. She knows everything. Well, it’s informative!! Huh? But there aren’t many insects in the winter… Oh well! Men shouldn’t worry about trivial things!!

 ”Oh, since you have it, I’ll try to put it on for you.”

 ”Uh, ah, um…”

 I take the necklace from Agewa-san’s hand and put it around her neck. Agewa-san… Your hair looks beautiful. It’s shiny and has a nice scent. Makes me want to sniff it. Also, the breathtaking view of the giant mountain range from behind almost made me faint. Thanks a lot!!

 ”Agewa-oneechan, it looks really good on you.”

 ”Oh my, it suits you so well. You look gorgeous.”

 Yeah, it really suits you. I receive a necklace from Kukuri-chan as well and put it on her in the same way. Ah, what should I say… It might sound a bit perverted, but it smells like a middle school girl… It’s a different scent from that of an adult sister, college student, or high school girl.

 ”Kukuri-chan, it looks really good on you.”

 ”Well, well, it truly does. You look so lovely!!”

 ”Hehe, it’s like becoming a high school girl’s older sister! Thank you, Aqua-senpai!”

 I become happy when I see Kukuri-chan, who innocently rejoices like a middle school student.

 ”That little girl… she just casually put her previous necklace to the side like it’s garbage. And it’s not just any necklace, it’s worth billions…”

 Hm? Did you say something, Emily-san?

 ”Oh! Emily-neechan, you really did have a part-time job! The mini maid outfit suits you so well!!”

 ”Emily-chan, you’re so cute! Oh, but your skirt is short, so be careful not to catch a cold, you’re a girl after all.”

 ”Oh my, my, why don’t you just become Aqua-sama’s maid like that? It really suits you.”

 ”Oh, thank you very much.”

 As expected of Grandmother Mary! I thought she might be the one who understands my feelings the most in the world, maybe it’s Grandmother Mary after all. By the way, Emily-san, you get along well not only with Grandmother Mary, but also with Kukuri-chan and Agewa-san, right? I take notice of the four people who make the conversation lively and leave the scene.

 Oh, it seems like another customer has arrived.

 ”I’m here! Oh, maybe I arrived a little early?”

 ”No, no, not at all. Welcome, princess.”

 Next, Kanon and Pegonia-san arrived at the store.

 Wow, that pom-pom Kanon’s wearing is so cute. Ah, can I hug you for a moment?

 After hugging Kanon, I inform her that Kukuri-chan and Agewa-san have already arrived.

 ”Kukuri-sama… I mean, Kukuri-chan, long time no see.”

 ”Long time no see. Even though I’ve become just a regular Kukuri, will you still be friends with me?”

 ”Of course! If you ever have trouble, you can rely on me or Emily-senpai… Senpai is not very reliable, but you can also consult Aqua and others.”

 ”Yes! Thank you very much.”

 Ah, this is so nice!

 It’s precious when Kanon, usually the younger sister of the group of five, switches to big sister mode. I tell Kukuri-chan that she can keep coming to play at our house as much as she wants.

 “Agewa-san, and Grandmother Mary too”

 “It’s been a while. Kanon-san, Pegonia-san”

 “Oh my, you’re late.”

 “Well, Grandmother says it’s too early.”

 Kanon lightly chatted with Agewa-san and Grandmother Mary, then turned her gaze back to me.

 ”Hehe, but seriously, you’re really working hard. Oh, and Emily-senpai is so cute!”

 ”Am I? Well… maybe Kanon should try it on too? There are spares in the backstage.”

 Wha-Wha-Wha-What!? When I imagined Kanon in a mini-maid outfit, my heart raced so much that it hurt deep inside my chest. I writhed while clutching my chest.

 ”Aqua, what’s wrong?”

 ”Miss, it’s like Master’s chronic illness. Let’s leave him be. He’ll get better soon.”

 One Yukari-Gon, two Yukari-Gons… Haah, haah… I was just about to be taken away! Thank you, Kohina-senpai! Just for a moment, Kohina-senpai’s mini-maid figure flashed in my mind, but I brushed it away with my hand. Phew, that was close.


 ”What’s up, Aqua?”

 I take out the gift bag from under the shelf and hand it to Kanon.

 ”I wanted to give something back to Kanon, who always supports me. If it’s okay, would you accept it?”

 ”Huh? Oh… Yeah. Thank you.”

 Kanon excitedly opens the box she took out of the bag. This kind of thing also makes the person who gave the gift excited.

 ”Wow, a watch!”

 ”Yeah, it’s a matching one with me.”

 ”Oh! You’re right! I’m so happy!!”

 Seeing Kanon looking pleased, I put the watch on her wrist.

 Yeah, it looks really good on Kanon’s slender wrist.

 ”Hehe, we’ve got another matching one.”

 ”Yeah, let’s keep adding to them in the future.”

 I pat Kanon’s head.

 ”Pegonia-san, if you’d like… Thank you for always taking care of both Kanon and me.”

 ”Yes. Thank you. I’m Pegonia, who always takes care of Master.”

 Huh!? Please stop with the up-and-down reaction to that stick-like thing!! Well, my son is… yeah, she’s helped me quite a bit, but I’d be happier if she could be a bit more discreet, you know… Ah, Kanon’s clueless expression is so pure.

 And then there’s Emily-san, blushing so cutely. Wait a minute! Blushing means she knows what’s going on with that innocent face, right!? Ah! Is this the best! A neat and sexy older sister, is that my ideal older sister right here!!

 ”I see… understood.”

 Pegonia-san, who quietly opened the paper bag and peered inside with a grin from above. Even though I told her to watch it secretly in her room after coming back, this woman, seriously!!

 ”Pegonia, what’s inside?”




 ”I received some understandable items. As expected of Master.”

 Phew! That was close! For a moment, I thought she would say underwear! I try to maintain composure and casually wipe the sweat from my forehead.

 ”Oh, I see. Did it include something to wear?”

 ”Yes. But it’s something that even I find intimidating, so I think I’ll secretly wear it in my room. Perhaps tonight…”

 Phewwwww! She’s a bewitching woman! If she says that, I’ll have to visit Pegonia-san’s room after everyone has gone to bed tonight!

 ”Hehe, both Master and young lady, truly adorable…”

 Great. At that time, without giving off any lewd vibes, I want to commend myself for casually buying underwear! I praise my past actions in my mind.

 “Hey… aren’t you thinking about something silly?”


 Before I knew it… Tenga-senpai and Shintaro came with Toa.

 I express my gratitude for them coming along.

 ”Oh, he’s giving everyone the usual presents.”

 ”The usual presents?”

 Shintaro tilts his head at Toa’s words.

 ”Yeah, the other day when Aqua and I went for a magazine shoot together, Aqua was trying to choose the presents alone, so I stopped him. Oh, of course, all I did was course correction, Aqua is the one choosing the presents, so don’t worry.”

 ”””Wow, Toa-chan, nice!”””

 Hmm? Just now, it sounded like Kanon, Pegonia-san, and Emily-san’s voices overlapped… Is it just my mishearing?

 ”So, anyway… Aqua, do it.”


 I take out the bag containing Shintaro’s present from under the shelf.

 ”Shintaro, I’ve been indebted to you, so here’s a token of my gratitude. If you like, please accept this.”

 ”Thank you. Can I open it?”

 ”Oh, of course you can!!”

 Shintaro carefully unwraps the gift wrap of the box containing a glasses case, with a delighted expression on his face.

 Seeing that, I make eye contact and give a mischievous grin.

 ”W-what is this…”

 Upon seeing the excessively decorated glasses case that came out of the box, Toa bursts into laughter.

 Seeing this, Kanon apologizes to Shintaro with a remorseful expression.

 ”Seriously, you two are too mischievous. Mayuzumi-kun, I’m sorry.”

 ”Oh, no. I’m genuinely happy. I often forget or lose my glasses case at work, so even though my eyes might hurt a bit, I think I won’t forget it with something this flashy.”

 Indeed, when I made a face that said, “I did give it to you intentionally,” I was hit from behind as usual.

 Hey, who is it!? I thought, but there’s only one person in this world who would do something like this to me.

 ”Hey, even if the other person is happy, it’s better to apologize for playing a prank, you useless Aqua.”

 Kohina-senpai, if you’re coming, please say so.

 Ugh, if only I had given her an accessory with a bell that makes noise when it moves, instead of a tiara from the shop. You know, bears wear bells to avoid being attacked, right? This is the reverse version of that.

 But this time, what Kohina-senpai is saying is right, so I sincerely apologized to Shintaro.

 ”…Yes. I’m sorry, Shintaro.”

 ”I’m sorry too.”

 ”No, it’s fine. Both of you, I’m genuinely happy… It’s really fun to give and receive things from friends like this.”


 You’re really such a great guy…. I’m moved.

 If, in the future, I become an adult and find myself in a crisis where I’m drunk on alcohol and taking off my clothes and doing somersaults in a late-night park, I’ll definitely call for your help, Shintaro! Shintaro! I just had a feeling.

 ”So, I got carried away with this… Sorry, Tenga-senpai.”

 ”I’m sorry too, I got carried away with Aqua.”

 ”Yeah! Don’t worry!! Actually, I was on the verge of breaking down, imagining all the possibilities of nothing happening, so just having a present is already overwhelming!!”

 Tenga-senpaiii! And then I cling to my senpai, showing a spoiled attitude. My senpai’s eyes widened as soon as he opened the present box and saw what was inside.


 Tenga-senpai is the only one who would be so delighted with just a bolt and nut. Thank you, Tenga-senpai!!

 ”I wanted something like this…!”

 ”That’s great, Senpai.”


 Tenga-senpai proudly shows off the bolt and nut on his finger to Haruka-san, who came with him. Upon seeing it, Haruka-san said, “That’s great, Akira-kun.” I express my gratitude by giving presents to Haruka-san, as well as Kiyoko-san, Kanata-san, and Subaru-chan, who came tohether.

 Of course, I also send presents by mail to Tenga-senpai’s family. This is because the families who support us from behind are also members of the BERYL team. It’s thanks to everyone that we can freely soar through the sky. It was a perfect opportunity, so I convey this to everyone’s families and members, Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai.

 ”We’re also part of the team…? Oh, really?”

 ”Hehe, if you say that, it makes me happy!”

 It’s something I can’t say in front of my family, it’s a bit embarrassing, but when I’m not with them, I can talk pretty openly.

 ”Aqua-chan!! So you were thinking about that!! Your mother is so happy!!”


 I embrace my jumping mother.

 When I look behind her, Shitori-onee-chan, Lapis, and mommy Mikuni are standing there.

 Wait, when did everyone come in!? Did I hear the sound of the door opening?

 Huh? The door was left open? Kohina-senpaiii! I always say to close what you’ve opened, right!?

 Do you know who always closes the bottle caps that Kohina-senpai leaves open? Seriously, please consider the pure and innocent feelings of this boy (me) who gets excited when he sees the faint pink lipstick marks left when you close the lid!!

 ”Mothers too, this…”

 ”Thank you!!”

 Hey! It’s embarrassing anyway, so I decided to do something embarrassing all at once, and I’m going to pass on my feelings of gratitude to everyone in my family.

 “I-I have one too!?”

 Mommy Mikuni didn’t even look at the contents of the present, she started crying when she realized it was meant for her before handing it over. Yeah, I feel like I should be nicer to her.

 It was the day after she lost the Best Lead Actress Film award, so I thought she might be depressed, but I was relieved that she didn’t feel that way at all.

 “Kohina Yukari, congratulations once again. Your acting and the work you created deserved this award. That’s why I won’t lose next time.”

 “Thank you. Also, I will buy that fight for the asking price!! But, before that…”

 ”before that?”

 Kohina-senpai approaches mommy Mikuni so close that their breasts are touching.

 Oh…this is a truly spectacular sight. The feeling of their breasts pushing up from the bottom is irresistible.

 ”Stop taking on roles and scripts that only serve to elevate yourself. It’s a waste of your talent as an actress. You’re already the biggest star, so instead, show them who’s the best by going head-to-head with those who come at you on screen. If I were you, that’s what I would do.”

 ”Well… um, I’ll take that as a reference.”

 Wow. I can’t really tell if she’s complimenting or angry, but the intensity of their push is enough to make mommy Mikuni flinch. World, this is Kohina Yukari, and I want to say that. If it were Kohina-senpai, she would become a world-class actress even outside of Japan, and she would definitely lose her temper if famous directors and scriptwriters were being slack. She might even start a fight in Japanese. There’s a strong vibe of pushing for Japanese conversation if you want to talk to me.

 Yeah, I’m starting to feel like it’s better not to let this person go abroad. Either Ayana or I will definitely be cast together with them, and someone will inevitably be caught in the crossfire.

 ”Wow, it’s a ribbon tie with a brooch! Thank you, Nii-sama!!”

 Lapis is so cute. Here, let me put it on for you! I’ll put it around Lapis’s neck. Yeah, it really suits the frilly shirt.

 ”That pink gem on that brooch…”

 ”Without a doubt, it’s a Pink Beryl, also known as a Raspberry Beryl, worth over 10 million yen in today’s market, and its value is skyrocketing worldwide…”

 ”Isn’t it weird that Lapis’s is the only one with a different price!?”

 Wow, I really made a great purchase. I can spend as much money as I want for my little sister. I have a big grin on my face.

 ”So, Aa-chan, does this look good on me?”

 ”Of course it does, Shitori-onee-chan.”

 Come to think of it, Shitori-onee-chan, are you okay with university and all? You’ve been working for so long, and if you go to school on your days off, doesn’t that mean you never get a break? I should casually ask Mother, Ako-san, or Kotono about this sometime.

 ”Ah, the design is the same even though the type of hairpin and hair ornament for me and Miku-chan are different.”

 ”Ah, you’re right.”

 ”Hehe, it’s nice that the whole family chose the same color! Thank you, Aqua-chan!!”

 ”Ah, thank you, thank you, Aqua-kun!”

 Mother and mommy Mikuni blush a little as they look at each other’s presents.

 Yeah, I think it’s good to be conscious of each other if they like each other. I have a lot of matching items with Kanon, and matching items are great! Kanon even uses matching pens with Emily-san, and I think matching items are good even for friends. I also use matching items with Shintaro and the others… Oh, come to think of it, Tenga-senpai and I don’t have matching items… I should go buy matching helmets or matching leather jackets for when we ride bikes with Tenga-senpai. Yeah, let’s do that before Tenga-senpai notices.

 I guide everyone to their seats. Then, the door at the entrance opens with a clatter!

 Oops, looks like someone else has arrived. Alright, I’m coming! Just wait a moment, please!

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