Male Idol V12c23

Volume 12 Chapter 23 Atori Ako, Me And Aqua-Kun’s 365 Days

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”This will be the menu for Beryl Cafe’s first branch. The menu was created by Aqua-san as the main member of BERYL, along with special advisor Kanon-san and Nee——Kotono-san. And we have Nanama Yachiyo-san, the owner of Tomarigi, supervising it.”

 ”Thank you”

 I open the file of the materials sent to me and check the menu for Beryl Cafe’s first branch.

 - Shirogane Aqua’s “Oresama Salpis Water”.

 This is a confident creation that uses a higher proportion of Asahi Beverage’s Salpis syrup, which Nekoyama Toa-san has a contract with, and adds condensed milk and other ingredients to create richness and depth. I also added yogurt as a hidden flavor to give it a thick texture! The target audience is all women. Because there is no girl who dislikes Salpis!!

 - Nekoyama Toa’s First Love Soda Lemonade

 To enhance the refreshing taste of the sweet and sour lemonade, we added soda and a squeeze of bitter lime to further elevate the feeling of first love. While targeting primarily students, we designed the flavor with a slightly mature twist to appeal to a wider audience.

 - Mayuzumi Shintaro’s Dark Fallen Spice Cola

 We created a spicy cola with black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise to exude a sense of self-importance. We changed the cola menu intended for use by ShiroganeAqua-san to be associated with the starring drama beginning in April to Mayuzumi Shintaro-san. Additionally, we plan to use a cola from the company with which Aqua-kun has a commercial contract.

 - Tenga Akira’s Grown-Up Ginger Mojito

 We added a mature touch to the spicy ginger with a mojito. We are also considering variations such as mojito without alcohol or using non-alcoholic mojito for children. Since many of Tenga Akira-san’s fans are university students or younger individuals with a mature demeanor, we targeted adults as the main audience.

 Yeah… I see.

 Overall, it’s good, but is this really okay for Aqua-kun!?

 Huh? He came up with it himself? Is he trying to imp***ate all the girls in the nation with a drink?

 …Well, whatever! If Aqua-kun likes it, I won’t say anything.

 It’s probably because Aqua-kun is so pure, he probably isn’t thinking like that.

 ”And here are the other drink menu items.”

 Let’s see, let’s see. I click on the screen and scroll the page.

 Coffee Menu

 - Tenga Akira’s Bitter Espresso.

 - Mayuzumi Shintaro’s Slightly Bitter Cafe Latte.

 - Shirogane Aqua’s Sweet Cafe au Lait.

 - Nekoyama Toa’s Super Sweet Cafe Mocha.

 - Kokuchō Kujaku’s Rich Cappuccino.

 - Yamada Maruo’s Intensely Rich Coffee Milk.

 Tea Menu

 - BERYL Tea

 Juice Menu

 - Shirogane Aqua’s Banana Juice.

 - Nekoyama Toa’s Strawberry Milk.

 - Mayuzumi Shintaro’s Peach Milk.

 - Tenga Akira’s Yogurt Lassi.

 - BERYL’s Mixed Juice.

 In the coffee menu, they have incorporated the menus of newcomers Kokucho-kun and Yamada-kun.

 They have to shoulder the responsibility of the next generation of Beryl, and even Crutch——Director Matsumoto personally told them, “How about becoming the next Driver?” It will be tough after the Heaven’s Sword, but such opportunities are rare, so I hope they do their best.

 By the way, isn’t the juice menu overall too white?

 Mayuzumi-kun’s Peach Milk reminds me of a peach butt cut that is often seen in Heaven’s Sword, and Toa-chan’s Strawberry Milk is practically a n**ple… and isn’t Aqua-kun’s Banana too blatantly inappropriate!? Using a thick, long, curved banana in its entirety, what’s up with that description!?

 ”If you have the person’s consent, then it’s fine, but… try not to be too lenient, okay?”


 As the president, I’ll make sure everyone doesn’t go off the rails.

 ”And here’s the food menu.”

 I flip the page and look at the next one.

 - Shirogane Aqua’s Vegetable Tempura Udon.

 We’ve added vegetable tempura as a topping to appeal to its healthiness.

 It uses fresh eggplants directly from the producers and udon from Kagawa prefecture.

 No, no, no, no!

 Why are all the menus like that already!

 Sure, Aqua-kun loves udon, and he likes eggplants too!? But still, you don’t need to focus on the firmness of the noodles, right!?

 ”Everyone, can I have a moment?”

 I close my laptop screen for a moment and give everyone a gentle scolding.

 Everyone, understand that we’re the ones who protect the affiliated talents.

 It’s understandable that Aqua-kun is aggressive, but everyone shouldn’t join in. We need to make adjustments and be more subtle. Eggplants and firm udon, with the broth going ‘pew pew pew’! That’s totally out of line!!

 Why didn’t anyone stop it!? Okay, understood. Take it back for now and submit it again later. Thank you.

 ”Regarding the idol audition, the decision has been made through discussions with Producer Shirogane Aqua.”

 ”Oh, really?”

 I mostly stay hands-off when it comes to that. I handle the overall management and support, but fundamentally, I want Aqua-kun, the producer, to have his way. He decides on the group’s composition, direction, and such.

 - Idol Group “Milk Dipper”

  • Members: Shirogane Lapis, Nekoyama Subaru, Sumeragi Kukuri, Hermie Stars Goshenite, Finus.
  • Support members/behind-the-scenes: Sabato Miyako.
  • Notes: No captain or center, the concept is everyone as the protagonist.
  • Reason for selection: We assembled a group of young members who can shine solo in the future. Shirogane Lapis is versatile, Nekoyama Subaru focuses on singing and dancing in stage performances and musicals, Sumeragi Kukuri for modeling, hosting shows, and narration, Hermie for movies and dramas, and Finus for children’s programs and streaming.
  • Origin of the unit name: “Milk Dipper” refers to the six stars of the Southern Dipper formed by Sagittarius. We considered the wishes of the members and the producer, including Sabato Miyako-san as the sixth member to form a team, even though there are only five members appearing publicly, taking into account that Producer Shirogane Aqua is a Sagittarius.

 Hmm, I see. Not bad, I think.

 Among them, Kanon-san’s sister, Her Majesty Hermie… no, Haa-chan, has already decided to take on a drama role.

 The director of the new drama in which Mayuzumi-kun will appear was very enthusiastic and made a strong request, so the decision was made quickly. It seems that the character image they were looking for matched perfectly.

 They also said that they will teach her acting properly, and there are other female cast members like Awashima-san of Tora-uma and Mutsumiya Seijuu-san, who won a supporting actress award at a film award ceremony, so she can learn a lot from them as well. Besides, Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun will be on set too, so the two of them will cover for her well.

 Haa-chan has received inquiries for several other dramas and movies, and I feel like she has demand in this field. Despite being a child, she has an atmosphere that is not childish, and her perfectly arranged facial features have a lack of emotional expression, which gives her a mysterious atmosphere, so I thought she would be valuable.

 This matter was not only pointed out by Aqua-kun but also by Yukari, so I personally consulted with Yukari before accepting this offer.

 - Girls Band “kinetik STAR”

  • Members: Hoshikawa Mio / Vocal, Kirihara Karen / Guitar, Nanase Nino / Drums, Tsushima Kouko / Keyboard, Kayano Serika / Bass
  • Reason for selection: I proposed the band composition in order to make the most of Hoshikawa-san’s cool singing voice, and the other four members volunteered, so it was decided smoothly.
  • Origin of the unit name: Taking the “K” from Kirihara Karen, the “N” from Nanase Nino, the “T” from Tsushima Kouko, and the “K” from Kayano Serika, we combined them to form “kinetik,” and took the “STAR” from Hoshikawa Mio. “kinetik” is a play on the word “kinetic.”
  • Notes: For the time being, we aim to release our debut song. The members have proposed a training camp for this purpose. Our team goal is to aim for a nationwide tour and to reach the top of the sales rankings for our songs.

 It’s become quite unexpected, hasn’t it? Instead of being an idol, they’ve become a band. It seems like they’ll need some training before proposing this. In that case, it might be a good idea to join Beryl’s national tour as a sub-member of the backup band. Experiencing a national tour could be a good indicator for the future, and it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I’ll casually suggest it to Aqua-kun later. So… each of these three will be doing solo activities.

 - Solo idol “Natsuki Sana”

  • Reason: I thought that bringing out her charm would be better as a solo artist rather than forming a group.
  • Note: I aim to pursue a wide range of activities without limiting myself to the idol category, such as acting, modeling, variety, and other diverse genres.

 - Solo artist “Tomoe Setsuna”

  • Reason: I judged that her singing ability is too high to be used in a group. Also, when I talked to Setsuna-san, she mentioned that she wants to be a singer alone, so I think we should respect her wishes.
  • Note: Our immediate goal is to release a debut single. Therefore, we are carefully selecting composers who can provide songs that suit her singing voice for this purpose.

 - Solo idol “Inori Hisui”

  • Reason: Due to the strong intention of Producer Shirogane Aqua, it has been decided that she will be active as a solo idol.
  • Note: At the request of Producer Shirogane Aqua, it is desired that she undergo a comprehensive medical examination at a large hospital as soon as possible. The arrangements have already been made with one of the top hospitals and doctors in Japan, so the plan is to admit her for examination when she comes to Tokyo.

 Aqua-kun seems quite obsessed with Hisui-chan. I wonder what is it about her that has captured his attention?

 Mizusumi Ichise-sensei, who is also in charge of BERYL’s choreography, mentioned that when she saw Hisui-chan, she felt like she was looking at a prototype of Shirogane Aqua rather than a copy. When she noticed that, she said something that might sound a bit creepy, although she didn’t mean it that way.

 I haven’t heard anything about the two of them having any connection, and I’m pretty sure Aqua-kun was meeting her for the first time back then. But looking back now, Aqua-kun’s reaction at that time felt a bit strange.

 I’ve had this feeling for a while now, but it seems like Aqua-kun is hiding something big from me, or rather, from all of us.

 Of course, I’m not going to pry into that matter, but it’s tough to live with a secret. That’s why I think it’s important for us, the adults who support them, to keep a close eye on them. And this applies to everyone, not just Aqua-kun.

 So, I’m worried about the comprehensive medical examination. It means that Aqua-kun has sensed something that makes it worth having Hisui-chan undergo it. I urged the staff to arrange for Hisui-chan to come to Tokyo as soon as possible.

 - Duo unit “Maruo and Kujaku” ※pseudonyms

  • Members: Yamada Maruo, Kokuchō Kujaku.
  • Reason for selection: We considered having a mixed-gender group, but after watching the audition, we thought about carrying the next generation of BERYL. We hope that both of them can expand their opportunities to shine in a multifaceted direction.
  • Origin of the unit name: According to Shirogane Aqua producer, the emphasis was on memorability and clarity. He thought that adopting their first names would make fans feel more attached.
  • Notes: According to Kokuchō Kujaku-san, he will be the leader and aim to develop Yamada Maruo-san as the future ace. That’s why the unit name also includes Yamada Maruo-san’s name.

 Yamada Maruo-san’s current base of activities is in Aomori, which is a bit far for duo activities, so everyone is planning to transfer to Otomezaki High School as third-year students starting in April. I heard that they want to share a house together after the transfer. Tenga Akira-san, who is very caring, is looking for a house near his home so that he can check on them frequently.

 Hmm? Maruo and Kujaku are clear and easy to understand, aren’t they? I recommend them. And I think it’s great that they live near Tenga-kun’s house. Haruka-chan, who is attentive, is also there, so I think the two of them will support each other well in their daily lives.

 If Tenga-kun lives in the Kanda-Akihabara area, the office is close by, so we can quickly rush over and check on them. It would be a great help for us as well.

 ”Also, regarding Amamiya Kotori-san, Fujibayashi Misono-san, Uryuu Anko-san, and Lazuli-san, it has been decided as follows.”

 - Amamiya Kotori

 We are considering her as the center and captain of the next idol unit following Milk Dipper. There was a suggestion to choose people who match her from the trainees at the Beryl Entertainment training school, which will be established soon. Currently, the discussions are leaning towards that direction.

 - Fujibayashi Misono

 We had a discussion with the person in question and we talked about her leaving university and becoming an employee at Beryl Entertainment, where she can embody what she want to do instead of being an idol. Producer Shirogane Aqua mentioned that from there on, it would be under the jurisdiction of President Atori and the head of the personnel department, Arisugawa Abigail-san, so we have put the discussion on hold.

 - Uryuu Anko

 Taking into account the person’s wishes, we have decided that instead of being an idol, she will work as a main cast member at the theater inside Beryl in Wonderland, which is scheduled to open this year. During the period leading up to the opening, Producer Shirogane Aqua plans to introduce her to a place recommended by Kohina Yukari-san, where she will work as a stage actress in musicals and plays, among other things, as a dispatch from Beryl.

 - Lazuli Hauyne Noselite

 In a discussion with the person in question, we talked about her working as a model for magazines and advertisements, while also doing livestreaming activities as a Vtuber. Currently, based on feedback from Producer Shirogane Aqua, we are providing ethical education to ensure she doesn’t use inappropriate words during her streams or make statements that lack social order.

 Amamiya-san working with the trainees is a good thing. It would also contribute to the appeal of the training institute, and if the core members of the next group have already been decided, it would make it easier to select other members.

 As for Fujibayashi-san, she didn’t want to be an idol. She thought it would be more interesting to work in sales, planning, or development departments. I know about her high production skills, her ability to captivate, and her strong marketing abilities from the pre-auditions, so I think it’s a good idea. I’ll make sure to mention to Abby-san later that we should hire her if there are no issues.

 Regarding Uryuu-san, it would be a great help if she could take on the role of a theater cast member in Beryl in Wonderland. Hakuryuu-sensei, the scriptwriter, Director Hongou, the overall director, and Aqua-kun, the producer, have all expressed their desire to nurture the cast members here and provide high-quality work. If Yukari is willing to cooperate, I think we can leave it to her. Yukari would never do anything to betray Aqua-kun’s expectations.

 I’m a little worried about Lazuli-san, but in the world of streaming, people who are socially unconventional tend to explode on the internet and become popular. I think she would be suitable if she can properly maintain the boundaries. Actually, when I think about it, even my best friend Kohina Yukari is doing well in the entertainment industry, so I’m sure Lazuli-san will be fine. Yeah.

 ”In terms of the career paths of the audition members, that concludes everything.”

 ”Understood. Then, please support them in that direction.”

 ”Now, moving on to the next agenda, it’s about Beryl in Wonderland. Please pay attention to the monitor.”


 As everyone looked at the completed image of Shirogane Castle in the center of the theme park, they were amazed.

 I never thought they would actually build a real castle. Of course, it’s a proper castle, so people can walk around inside, and there’s even a concept room called Aqua-kun’s prince’s main bedroom.

 ”Oh, you can actually stay in this room.”


 Several people couldn’t help but stand up from their seats. I found myself standing up too.

 Oh, I see. The actual room will be open for general viewing, so they’re going to create the same room within the hotel. I see. But it’s good that the members will actually use that room during events. We’ll go with that choice, please.

 ”In the castle, there are several concept rooms, each designed to be stayable.”

 Each concept room is displayed on the monitor.

 - Princess’s bedroom… Concept room produced by Shirogane Kanon-san.

 - Fairy’s hideout… Concept room produced by Nekoyama Toa-san.

 - Minister’s office… Concept room produced by Mayuzumi Shintaro-san.

 - Knight’s training ground… Concept room produced by Tenga Akira-san.

 - Doctor’s library… Concept room produced by Hakuryuu-sensei.

 - General’s war room… Concept room produced by Director Hongou.

 - Prison for monsters… Concept room produced by Morikawa Kaede-san.

 Is Morikawa-san’s concept room really okay like that!? Are there plans to add Emily-chan’s produced elf retreat in the future? That might be nice. But, even if Yukari wants to produce it herself, she needs to get permission from Beyond Production.

 ”In the throne room, we plan to dress the life-size mannequins that have been made to look exactly like everyone in costumes and display them. There has been a discussion about placing Yamada Maruo-san and Kokuchō Kujaku-san as the castle gatekeepers. We are also considering displaying other audition members inside the castle, assuming they are working there.”

 ”Understood. We will proceed in that direction.”

 Next, let’s check the shopping area.

 - Shirogane Aqua’s armor shop… a shop that handles items to wear. Costume rental available.

 - Tenga Akira’s weapon shop… a shop that handles stationery and other items inspired by weapons.

 - Nekoyama Toa’s confectionery shop… a shop that handles food souvenirs. Considering the handling of fresh sweets and the establishment of a cafe.

 - Mayuzumi Shintaro’s general store… a general shop that handles various goods. Intending to make it like a department store.

 - Shirogane Kanon’s flower shop… a shop that handles flower goods.

 - Nobu’s photo shop… a shop that handles photography. It has a studio for taking photos.

 - Moja’s music shop… a shop where you can buy limited edition music software packages within Wonderland.

 - Director Hongou’s video shop… a shop where you can buy limited edition video software packages within Wonderland.

 - Hakuryuu-sensei’s bookstore… a shop where you can purchase Beryl-related books, books by Hakuryuu-sensei herself, copies of scripts, and books selected by Hakuryuu-sensei that were placed in the library.

 Regarding stationery, isn’t Mayuzumi-kun good? Oh, Tenga-kun absolutely insisted on wanting to run a weapon shop. Understood.

 ”The next shops related to dining are located here.”

 - Shirogane Aqua’s “My Restaurant”… All menus are devised by Aqua-san, offering perfectly replicated flavors.

 - Tenga Akira’s “Monster Meat Dining”… Currently focusing on meat-centered menus such as whole roasted meats.

 - Mayuzumi Shintaro’s “Hospitable Japanese Cuisine”… A dining place with a concept of serving Japanese food centered around tempura and sushi.

 - Nekoyama Toa’s “Cake Shop”… Shares the concept of a confectionery shop. Considering a co-location.

 - Shirogane Kanon’s “Maiden Cafe”… A café targeting individuals well-versed in the internet.

 - Morikawa Kaede’s “Power Lunch”… A dining place with the concept of hearty set meals.

 - Yamada Maruo and Kokuchō Kujaku’s “Burger Shop”… A hamburger shop.

 - Collaboration with Sayamu Inko-san for a “Flour-Based Snack Shop”… Offering items such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba.

 Has Inko-san properly agreed to the collaboration? If so, then it’s okay. Thanks to her, the otome game is not causing a commotion, so this kind of thing is welcome. But I’ll say it again, make sure to get Yukari’s proper permission, okay?

 Even yesterday, at the launch party, the president of Beyond Production was clinging to my right leg, crying and begging, “Please don’t take Yukari away,” and it was really pitiful…

 ”We are also considering collaborations with Tsukimachi Ayana-san and Kobayakawa Yuki-san. Their management offices are also enthusiastic, and we hope to move forward with positive discussions in the future.”

 ”I think it’s a good idea. Please proceed in that direction.”

 Next, we’ll confirm the stages and theaters for the large, medium, and small-scale live performances. This, along with the parade, is the main focus of Beryl in Wonderland.

 Aqua-kun’s concept of wanting to make the park enjoyable just by strolling around, filled with singing and dancing, is something that Beryl also wants to cherish.

 ”The overall supervisor for the stage-related work, the directing is handled by Director Hongou and Shirogane Aqua, and the music supervision is by Moja-san. As for the scripts for the stage and parade, we are considering asking not only Hakuryuu-sensei but also Shimizu Kisuka-sensei, Yuu-onii’s Tsukasa Kei-sensei, Pink Rose’s Kumano Murai-sensei, Hana-ata’s Yakumo Itsuki-sensei, Heaven Sword’s Moriishi Akiko-sensei, and others. Oh, and as for Heaven’s Sword, we’ve had initial discussions with Cructh, I mean, Director Matsumoto about whether we can have a hero show in the park. She seems to be considering it positively.”

 ”That’s great. They all sound like fun.”

 It seems there are no delays in the crucial construction period, so things are going smoothly for now. The problem is securing and developing personnel, but we want to handle that properly too.

 ”Next, regarding Yukishiro Emily-san, after the Fuji commercial, she has received an offer from a formula movie starring Shirogane Aqua-san and Tenga Akira-san. It’s a company called Red Wing Energy, an energy drink company that moved its base from Stars to States. Do you know, President Atori?”

 ”Of course. Isn’t it the company that makes the Seijo (Saint) Energy that Aqua-kun sometimes buys and drinks from the vending machine on the first floor?”

 ”Yes, they requested Yukishiro Emily-san from that company. The co-starring racing driver’s teammate is planned to be the popular actress in States, Amelia Forsyth.”

 ”I see…”

 I thought of giving the newcomer Emily-chan an easier job, but as Yukari says, the world doesn’t leave her alone. If there is someone who may have more potential than Yukishiro Mikuni did in her youth, it’s only natural not to leave her alone. There were many inquiries since the release of the “carpe diem” music video, so this may be the expected result.

 ”Got it. If the person has already agreed, tell her to accept the offer, but for now, the immediate goal is to complete the duet song that matches the national tour event. Let’s hurry with that.”

 ”Understood. Oh, and also, there’s a request from Director Hongou to use her as Seijo Midara (Lewd Saint) for Heaven’s Sword…”

 ”No problem. That was the first promise we made, so it’s natural to accept it.”

 Director Hongou has been insisting for a long time that if Emily-chan joins our company, she must definitely play the role of Midara, and this promise is unbreakable due to the mutual trust.

 ”That’s the rough agenda.”

 ”Thank you. Shall we go into the details then?”

 Phew… I realized it was already past 8 p.m. Aqua-kun said I’d go to Tomarigi if I could, but in the end, I didn’t make it. Since I have a business trip to Stars starting tomorrow, I absolutely couldn’t postpone today’s meeting, so I tell myself it can’t be helped.

 I did let Aqua-kun know in the middle of the meeting that I couldn’t make it, but there’s a possibility that he might be too busy and miss the message or forget, so for now, I should just go to the store and see. After preparing to go home, I get in a taxi and ask them to take me to Tomarigi.

 ”Ah, I don’t need the change.”

 On my way, I got off near Tomarigi due to the traffic jam, paid the taxi fare, and took a small path to head towards the shop. Ah… it reminds me. Back then, the shop in front of the station was crowded, so I ended up going to Tomarigi, right? Hehe, I couldn’t see Aqua-kun working, but I was happy to immerse myself in such nostalgic and enjoyable memories.


 I froze in front of Tomarigi. Despite the business hours being over, the lights were still on inside Tomarigi. Just like back then, I opened the door of Tomarigi and entered.


 Ah… it’s the same. Just like I saw back then, Aqua-kun is still the same… no, he has grown a little taller since then, and he seems more mature. However, even compared to Aqua-kun from back then, his kindness hasn’t changed at all.

 ”Excuse me. Are you a regular customer by any chance? We have been open indefinitely until we greet special customers today. Please come inside if you’d like.”

 Hmm, it’s exactly the same. I recall the words Aqua-kun said when we first met here, 365 days ago.

 ”Um… how much should I pay?”

 I responded with the same line as back then. Aqua-kun laughs as he sees me take out my wallet. Seeing that, I also smile.

 It feels like Beryl’s Atori Ako and BERYL’s Shirogane Aqua have returned to being just Atori Ako and a regular high school student working part-time.

 ”Um… well, customers, you don’t have to spend that much. Our coffee starts at 450 yen per cup.”

 That’s right. You know it well. Haha, amazing. It’s just like back then.

 Aqua-kun slowly approaches me with a gentle expression.

 ”Are you really okay working this late?”

 ”I’m fine. It’s for all of you. That’s why I’m having so much fun right now.”

 You held me gently when I stumbled back then, didn’t you?

 For just this moment, I’ll let myself be Atori Ako and slowly entrust myself to Aqua-kun.

 ”Really? Ako-san tends to push herself more than I do, you know.”

 ”Huh? Aqua-kun, you’re definitely pushing yourself more than I am.”

 We looked at each other’s faces and laughed together.

 I realized that I had been trying too hard and being too serious.

 Even Yukari had told me that countless times… I’m sorry, Yukari. I finally realized it now.

 ”Ako-san, are you hungry?”

 ”Yes! I’m starving!”

 ”In that case, have my omelette rice.”

 ”Yay, I’m looking forward to it!”

 It’s nostalgic. It was omelette rice back then too.

 I remember Aqua-kun writing something with ketchup out of the corner of my eye.

 I wonder if he’s writing “Good job” like back then, or maybe “Do your best at work”?

 Like a child, I eagerly waited for the omelette rice to be served with excitement.

 “Yes, sorry to have kept you waiting”

 I looked down at the omelet rice that Aqua-kun had made for me.

 There was just one word written on it: Thank you.

 And below it is written, “Please continue to be with me.”


 Huh? Wait? Please continue to be together!? Well, that’s a proposal… No, no, calm down, Ako! It’s not like Aqua-kun, who is pure, innocent, and childish, thinks about such deep things!!

 After all, it’s the world’s Useless Aqua!! I tried to calm myself down by having a vision of the giant monster Yukari-gon breathing fire while stomping around the ground.

 “Ako-san… please don’t think you can ever leave me again, okay?”


 I want to praise myself for not screaming in real life.

 “What?! Are you surprised?”


 Haa haa, haa haa… I think I was really close to being in trouble.

 I was exhausted from work, and my angels were waiting for me right in front of me, but thanks to Yukari-gon, who slapped away the flies like a giant monster, I was saved.

 ”Ako-san, please take this if you can.”


 A present for me!? Now that I think about it, I gave Yukari a tiara at the awards ceremony. Could it be that they bought presents for everyone!?

 I wonder? I express my gratitude to Aqua-kun and open the large box I received as a gift.

 ”A vase?”

 ”Yeah, Kaede accidentally broke it with a flying punch.”

 I see, I understand now….

 Speaking of vases, I recall the vase that Yukari gave to Ginka in the movie “Hara o Kiri.”

 The forbidden, faint love between Ginka and Hitoha. By receiving the fragile vase, Ginka misunderstood it as a message of farewell from Hitoha, but in fact, this vase has another meaning.

 Even if the flowers inside wither, the vase will always remain there. It symbolizes the meaning of always being by your side. However, Hito-wa used the fragile vase to hide her feelings and cut off her faint love, becoming a mother. By the way, there has also been speculation that this portrayal symbolizes the idea that flowers will eventually return to the vase.



 Well, there’s no way my Aqua-kun would be thinking about something like that.

 ”Thank you. I’ll put it up right away.”

 ”Yes, thank you very much! Oh, sorry. I should have given it to you a little later. The omurice will get cold, won’t it?”

 ”It’s okay. Hey, you know what? Instead of that, aren’t you getting a raise at work? How about we eat together?”

 ”That sounds good. Actually, I’ve been starving since earlier, I thought my back and stomach were sticking together.”

 Even after we finished eating, Aqua-kun and I continued to have a fun conversation, reflecting on the past year.

 At that moment, just for an instant, by pure coincidence, Aqua-kun and I almost touched lips, but I quickly diverted the conversation and played it off.

 Because, now is not the time for that.


 If Aqua-kun does everything he wants and still wants to be with me, will he stay by my side?

 I swallow those words and behave as usual.

 ”Ako-san, then I’ll help with the cleanup before I go home.”

 ”Hey, are you really okay? Should I help too?”

 ”It’s fine. But more importantly, you have a business trip to Stars tomorrow, right? Ako-san, make sure to come home early and rest.”

 ”I know. Well then, take care.”

 Saying that, I turn around and gently place my hand on the doorknob of Tomarigi. When I open this door, I thought again that it would bring us back to our usual selves. Thinking so, I feel a little regretful, but there are no dreams that don’t fade away.

 No matter how wonderful a drama is, no matter how wonderful a movie is, no matter how wonderful a musical is, they will all come to an end someday.

 I can’t dream forever. Any adult would understand that. And yet…


 Aqua-kun embraces me tightly, gently pressing against my back.

 ”I will become the world’s number one idol.”

 ”Yeah, I know.”

 My heart beats so fast that it’s annoying.

 ”So, please wait.”

 The pounding of my heart, the emotions I had kept locked away, are strongly shaken.

 ”I don’t know how long I’ll make you wait, but I will definitely come to pick you up.”

 Ah… it’s not fair. It’s so unfair!! It’s really unfair… but that unfairness makes my heart warm and fuzzy. If someone tells you to wait, there’s not a single girl in this world who wouldn’t wait, right?

 ”Does that mean you’ll show me a dream that will never end?”

 ”If that’s what you want. I will always show Ako-san dreams.”

 *Sigh*… I let out a small sigh in my heart.

 I can’t help but wait if he says that, can I?

 ”I see.”

 I tightly grip Aqua-kun’s arm and put on my usual smile.

 ”Then, I have to deliver lots of dreams to everyone. My prince…”


 I actually considered turning back and giving him a kiss.

 But if I did that, it felt like the suppressed feelings would overflow.

 ”Aqua-kun, see you later.”

 ”Yes. Ako-san, please take care.”

 I open the door and step outside of Tomarigi. My heart still feels like it’s floating, as if it’s dreaming. I will definitely go to meet him. He always shows me dreams. Just with those words, I realized how simple I am. Well then, I’ll do my best at work starting from tomorrow!

 I thrust my fist up towards the shining first star in the sky.

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