Male Idol V12c24

Volume 12 Chapter 24 Bulletin Board, Shirogane Aqua, The Talk Of The City

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Fantasies Prohibited] My Prince Charming Spotted in the City Part 2321 [Falsehoods Prohibited]
1 Anonymous
Let’s share information about the hardworking boys you’ve spotted in your town. Remember, these boys are objects of affection, so please do not harm them. Let’s follow to the rule of observing from a distance (SYUKUJYO). If we find a Chijou violating the rules, we will not hesitate to report them
5 Anonymous
This place is getting quite deserted
8 Anonymous
Can’t be helped. The Verification Team is gone too
11 Anonymous
It makes me sad..
16 Anonymous
I’m still here, thinking there might be something left
23 Anonymous
There’s nothing that can top that anymore
37 Anonymous
Ah… everything feels nostalgic now
45 Anonymous
Lately, there’s been an increase in boys walking outside. I cheer them on
52 Anonymous
I understand. It’s great that they can go outside. I want to play with them
59 Anonymous
Deeply understandable
62 Anonymous
I felt warm seeing a boy shopping for clothes with his mom
66 Anonymous
I understand
70 Anonymous
If I become a mom, I definitely want to do that with my son
75 Anonymous
I understand. It’s cute to see a boy wearing clothes chosen by his mother
81 Anonymous
Exactly. I understand the feeling of wanting to celebrate the milestone of a son with mom
88 Anonymous
You shouldn’t force it!!
93 Anonymous
Actually, there are quite a few attempted incidents. When it gets cold, the desire for intimacy increases
97 Anonymous
I understand. I want to have a sweaty intimate moment with a guy in a warm room during winter. It would be even better if the outside is heavily snowing and the window glass is trembling. I want to make the bed creak in a confined space
102 Anonymous
I understand. I want to be intimate without taking a bath, and if possible, I want to have s*gs for 24 hours while feeding mouth-to-mouth
109 Anonymous
Ah, you guys are saying weird things, and now I’m getting excited
115 Anonymous
Come on, do mas*te. Someone said that mast*ing solves everything
120 Anonymous
Seriously. When I was a high school girl, I used to mast*ing in my uniform as soon as I got home
126 Anonymous
LOL, so relatable
133 Anonymous
Top 10 stupid things I did during my h*ny teenage years
1st: I used to fold my skirt so that my panties would be visible, even during winter, because I wanted boys to look at me in a s*xual way
2nd: I would unbutton my shirt until the frills of my bra were visible because I wanted boys to be s*xually aware of me
3rd: I used to wear thin shirts that would make my underwear visible due to the sweat, just to appeal s*xually
4th: There was a time when I went to school without wearing panties because I just wanted to do something s*xual
5th: Sometimes I would get so h*ny that I would kiss and touch my female friends
6th: I even had a friend with benefits who was also into mas*ing together, or I would do it online
7th: I would get so s*xually excited about having s*x with a boy that I would try using vegetables or other cylindrical objects
8th: After school, when there was no one else in the classroom, I would use the corner of the desk for mas*ion
9th: I used to wander around in less crowded areas or during certain times, hoping to be assaulted
10th: There was a time when I went to a park at night with a sign saying “I will pay if you re me” in hopes of having free s*x
*Researched by AnnAnn
138 Anonymous
Huh? I have done it all..
142 Anonymous
I guess everyone has already done it from 1st to 5th place, right?
146 Anonymous
It’s normal for girls to touch each other. It’s quite exciting because it’s not my own hands, and that’s why cool girls were often approached by girls
151 Anonymous
By far the stupidest places are 9th and 10th. First of all, boys don’t wander around in deserted places and at night. There are only peers in the industry
157 Anonymous
There are only people in the same industry LOL
159 Anonymous
People in the same industry, or in other words, girls who want to vent their horniness and go to a hotel
163 Anonymous
I remember the first time I had s*x, too, during the summer vacation of my first year of high school. She asked me if this was my first time, and when I said yes, she was very kind to me. Thank you to the female college student from back then
168 Anonymous
I think there were a lot of patterns where girls would go on trips together in the summer. There were those who were in favor of losing their virginity and those who were in favor of not losing it for when they were with boys
174 Anonymous
I feel like there were overwhelmingly more people who were in favor of not losing it
181 Anonymous
Or rather, it usually just ends with touching each other’s breasts and kissing. Even if they do it, they just superficially touch each other
185 Anonymous
There was also awkwardness in washing the panties that got all messy with the other girl after it’s all over
190 Anonymous
198 Anonymous
I remember that. At that point, you kind of calm down. Conversely, after it’s over, there are patterns where girls get excited and stick together
203 Anonymous
LOL, talking about nothing and doing naughty talk
209 Anonymous
It can’t be helped. This place has already served its purpose
216 Anonymous
No, no, now is the time!
222 Anonymous
I vote for those who think it’s over
230 Anonymous
On the contrary, it’s just the beginning. Let’s share information about the boys who are working hard together
237 Anonymous
I thought it was quietly getting exciting, but it seems like you guys discussing the crisis of continuation. Both opinions are valid. It can be said that it has served its purpose, and it can also be said that it has meaning because it’s just the beginning
243 Anonymous
I’m an old-timer. I want it to continue. This place was a place of memories for me
251 Anonymous
I’m also an old-timer, or rather, a former Verification Team member. I have too many memories here. I want it to continue
258 Anonymous
Former Verification Team member! I wonder who it is?
262 Anonymous
Speaking of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Verification Team, I think many people would think of the legendary Nee-san, Hagetoru, Shumi, and Chinposuki. But in my generation, when we talk about the Four Heavenly Kings of the Verification Team, it’s these guys
– ModestLady (Shukujo no Tsutsumi)… Hana-ata Otaku. She was as painful as Shumi. She seemed quite wealthy. Faded away with age
– Rolling (Korogaru)… Mary, who always got carried away and caused controversies, and was always apologizing. She remained a mystery until the end. Faded away with studying abroad to Stars
– Manko Three… Faded away after becoming busy with child-rearing after receiving s**en donations. The creator of acrobatic mast**ate. Had incredible physical abilities
– Aibu-neesan (Fondling Sister)… There is no value in a man who can’t even fondle, but it was her motto. She was really scary
270 Anonymous
Wow, Nice!
273 Anonymous
Is that a fake Verification Team?
276 Anonymous
This is the original
282 Anonymous
Everyone knows about Aibu-nee
288 Anonymous
Huh? Seriously?
294 Anonymous
Back then, only a few knew, but now, she is the president of a certain snack company who dropped everyone into the biscuit hell of fear
300 Anonymous
No way!?
303 Anonymous
Morinaga’s president, for real, LMAO
309 Anonymous
If that’s true, the theory of “ModestLady” being Chairman Fuji Ranko and “Rolling” being Prime Minister Habu is starting to seem more realistic, lol
312 Anonymous
I found out something I didn’t want to know across time..
316 Anonymous
Seriously? Lol
321 Anonymous
President Fuji had rumors even back then. The only mystery was the “Manko Three” till the end
327 Anonymous
That “Rolling” was the second generation and the timing was different. The first generation of “Rolling” often fell and got injured
There were rumors about Prime Minister Habu is the second generation Rolling. Where was the first generation? I heard she got a job at a TV station
335 Anonymous
Frequent falls, injuries, TV station, age… Oh, Crutch Department’s Head..
342 Anonymous
If it’s her, it’s super hot
349 Anonymous
As it’s coming to this, Manko Three might be Chinposuki’s mother or grandmother, lol
356 Anonymous
She was mast***ing with her legs spread wide open and hooked on the parallel bars. Manko Three was amazing
363 Anonymous
As expected, LOL
368 Anonymous
Well, it’s genetics
371 Anonymous
I like the theory of elite genes in Chinposuki. This guy is already an elite on the bulletin board, even up to her mother or grandmother
379 Anonymous
Ah, it’s nostalgic
383 Anonymous
Isn’t it not growing? I thought so, we were talking about the old days. Nostalgic
387 Anonymous
This place should definitely continue to exist. There are too many memories to erase
394 Anonymous
That’s right. Can we let the threads that our predecessors have connected end with us?
401 Anonymous
Alright. In that case, let’s start actively again after a long time!!
405 Anonymous
412 Anonymous
Let’s try going to places where there is information available. Since I have the day off today
418 Anonymous
I will go too!
424 Anonymous
I’m glad the thread is getting lively after a long time!
431 Anonymous
But when I got carried away and went, I got tricked!
436 Anonymous
That’s a common thing in the city pleasure-thread, lol
443 Anonymous
Even the old city pleasure-threads were full of fakes
449 Anonymous
Nice. It’s becoming like the old city pleasure-thread
455 Anonymous
In the past, I would have been fooled by false information and that would be the end of it. But this time, I was able to encounter a different boy on my way back, and I’m glad
462 Anonymous
I had the same experience. That’s what’s different this time!
468 Anonymous
I really wanted to get at least one piece of valuable information
553 Anonymous
And then a week passed..
557 Anonymous
Huh? Has everyone already left?
561 Anonymous
In the end, it was all false information, and the excitement ended in an instant
565 Anonymous
It seems like this thread is over after all..
572 Anonymous
Not yet, it’s not over yet!!
578 Anonymous
I give up already!! This thread has come to an end!!
582 Anonymous
I’m not giving up yet!!
587 Anonymous
I’m going to take a little break too
592 Anonymous
By the way, what about the >>896 from the previous thread? Did anyone go?
596 Anonymous
The >>896 from the previous thread
This information has appeared several times in past threads, but it’s a lie. I staked out for a month, but I didn’t even catch a whiff of a man
601 Anonymous
LOL, what a lie!
605 Anonymous
Although it’s not >>596, but I also went to check and the information from the previous thread, >>896, that has been mentioned for a long time turned out to be false
608 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s just self-made drama. LOL
610 Anonymous
Which information is correct..
611 Anonymous
In the end, we have no choice but to see and confirm it ourselves
612 Anonymous
Sigh… It’s not like we’re trying to kidnap, imprison, or do anything bad to boys. We just want to see boys who are doing their best. That’s all we want
613 Anonymous
But, you use those images for something indecent, right?
614 Anonymous
Well, that can’t be helped
615 Anonymous
Yeah, it can’t be helped
616 Anonymous
Sorry for interrupting the conversation, but I’ll quickly share some eyewitness information
Location: At the cafe in T district, you know the name of the shop, right?
Age: He’s a first-year high school student
He has a slender and slightly muscular physique, 180cm tall
He’s like a prince, the best-looking boy I’ve ever seen in my life
He’s very kind, cute, charming, and super cool. He even initiates physical contact
Although it’s reserved only in the morning today, everyone can meet him in the afternoon
617 Anonymous
Oh, this is a lie. You can tell without even confirming it. Lol
618 Anonymous
It clearly says in the thread title >>1 that fabrications and delusions are not allowed. Read carefully
619 Anonymous
It’s true, but if you don’t want to believe it, you don’t have to
620 Anonymous
Okay, okay, but what about the information on S district in the previous thread, >>896?
This information has been circulating for several months, but its authenticity is still uncertain
653 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
You guys, so serious
654 Anonymous
Verification Team is here! It’s been so long, Chinposuki-san!
655 Anonymous
You still have those awesome comments, huh? Oh, wait a minute. Is this the legendary >>616 reply from 365 threads ago…!?
658 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Chinposuki-san, instead of selling oil on the bulletin board, please come quickly
659 Anonymous
Hagetoru is here!
660 Anonymous
It’s been a while, thanks for visiting (Hagetoru)
663 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Understood. Oh, wait? Why are you using polite language?
672 Anonymous
Hey, wait, the thread is picking up speed again, what’s going on!?
676 Anonymous
It’s been a while since we had a festival, hurry up!!
[T-district info is legit] My Prince Charming Spotted in the City part 2322 [Info provided by 616 God]
2 Anonymous
Good job, agree with the thread title
3 Anonymous
Good job, agree with the thread title, thanks a lot
4 Anonymous
Good job, the ones who got fooled, nice LOL
5 Anonymous
Good job
Go die. This is serious!
6 Anonymous
Good job~, sorry for the mess, but the previous thread >>616 was real, thank you
12 Anonymous
Good job
I won’t be fooled again
13 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Geez, I can’t trust, anything anymore
I can’t believe I trusted my alarm clock… I was such an idiot
Looking at this old thread after a long time made me realize, had I already become a Chijo a year ago?
14 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Only one person started playing Heaven’s Sword already, lol
15 Anonymous
Wait a minute, I can’t tell if what you guys are saying is a joke or not
In the end, I have to confirm it myself. Sigh… It’s far, but maybe I’ll go see for myself after a long time!
23 Anonymous
The thread is accelerating like it’s in its prime, what’s going on!?
28 Anonymous
Check out the previous thread’s >>616
32 Anonymous
The thread suddenly resurfaced LOL
771 Anonymous
So!? What’s the truth!!
I’ve wasted nearly 700 threads and still don’t know if it’s a lie or the truth!
774 Anonymous
Previous thread >>616, It was real
Even though it’s become so famous, is it okay to come to the store and work normally? The moment I entered the store, I handed over all my money I had on me for the first time in a while
775 Anonymous
Yeah yeah, the hospital is over there
776 Anonymous
Huh? Is everyone over here today? I can’t read the situation
777 Anonymous
Surely >>774 and >>6 are tired, let’s all be kind to each other
778 Anonymous
I kind of understand. Since I have the chance, I might as well go and be deceived too
779 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
It’s nostalgic. Even though I was deceived by false information many times, the year after I went to that place was the best
780 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Likewise, since nothing would start if I didn’t move, I’m glad I put my perverted heart into full force, thinking I might meet a boy
782 Anonymous
Verification Team hasn’t changed lol
785 Anonymous
Both Hagetoru and Chinposuki went to meet up at that time, it’s amazing, right?
791 Anonymous
Alright! I’m gonna go get some fresh air too!!
[Verification Team] My Prince Charming Spotted in the City part 2325 [Return]
312 Anonymous
Both Chinposuki and Hagetoru disappeared..
What’s happening in that place?
315 Anonymous
I have a feeling something big is about to happen
317 Verification Team *010meTA473
Everyone, let’s ride this big wave!
Just kidding! It’s been a while since I came here too!
320 Anonymous
Shumi, are you gonna disappear too…? That’s a death flag, lol
321 Anonymous
Thank you, Shumi-san, LMAO
322 Anonymous
Good luck, Shumi, I won’t forget about you!
325 Verification Team *010meTA473
Everyone, please stop killing me without permission! Well, those who don’t want to believe can just stay in their rooms and mast***ing!
326 Anonymous
You’ve become softer than before, LOL
327 Anonymous
You used to use dirty words so that you wouldn’t be underestimated because you was just a kid
330 Anonymous
Now, because the person behind it has been exposed, I propose the theory that she can no longer use dirty words because it’s embarrassing
[Shumi the Maiden] My Prince Charming Spotted in the City part 2326 [You are a legend]
5 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I thought everyone from the other Verification Team was just tapping away..
Why is this thread getting so long again?
7 Anonymous
Nee-san! The mischief started from post 616
8 Anonymous
Chinposuki, Hagetoru, Shumi… and Nee-san. Ah, brings back memories! I’m getting teary-eyed thinking about the old City Pleasure days
10 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Hey, Nee-san!
12 Anonymous
Chinposuki, you’re still kickin’?
13 Anonymous
Chinposuki, did you make it in time? We were all worried about you
15 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Sorry everyone. I just got scolded for being late as usual
16 Anonymous
As expected of the woman who’s used up all her paid time off is a legend, LOL
17 Anonymous
Huh? So, does that mean the info from post 616 was legit?
22 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
23 Verification Team *07218KADO6
25 Anonymous
Hey LOL is coming up LMAO
26 Anonymous
We got confirmation from both members of the Verification Team, so can we consider the information from >>616 as confirmed?
28 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
29 Verification Team *07218KADO6
30 Verification Team *010meTA473
31 Anonymous
Hey! Something has come up again!!
32 Anonymous
Chinposuki, Hagetoru, Shumi… Are you guys trying to make me cry? It’s exactly the same flow as back then!!
33 Anonymous
I’m glad… Seriously, I’m glad. I never thought you guys would come back to the City Pleasure thread. Thank you, 616-san
35 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Welcome back, everyone. I might take a paid day off tomorrow too
36 Anonymous
Hey, sorry for interrupting the flow of the thread, but I’ll post an image as evidence just in case
37 Anonymous
38 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
39 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Kazuya Nii-sama!!
40 Verification Team *010meTA473
Pyaa! My beloved Yuujin-sama ♡♡♡
41 Anonymous
I still believe in the Shirogane Aqua CG theory
45 Anonymous
It’s awesome. I’ll also take a paid day off for a bit
48 Anonymous
I’m going now to brag about it at school tomorrow! Wait for me, my soulmate!!
52 Verification Team*9n2SARETAi
I think if you go out now, it will probably be crowded and you won’t make it on time
74 Anonymous
Serious players seem to be aware that it would be inconvenient if they lined up early, so they are apparently killing time at the park or other stores
I want to go too, but it’s impossible distance-wise
108 Anonymous
Aaaaaaaaah! Me too! Even I want to go! Buuuut!!
215 Anonymous
Should I quit my job to meet… >>36 I saved the image. Thank you
428 Anonymous
The acceleration of this thread is crazy. It’s been too hyped up since post 616. Where have you all been until now?
And the person who gets the 500th post, go ahead and start the next thread!
746 Anonymous
It’s been a long time since the festival! I’ve been here since part 1 of this thread, and I can definitely say it’s the most exciting time for the second time, no doubt!
886 Anonymous
Sure enough, even after a year, he’s the coolest guy I’ve ever seen in my life. Aqua-sama is showing it all in just one picture!
1013 Anonymous
>>886 That’s right!
1014 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
What are you doing, big sisters…? Sorry, I’m new here, so I don’t understand the generation gap with me and big sisters

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