Male Idol V12c25

Volume 12 Chapter 25 Shirogane Kanon, A Serious Player

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Today, a mecha anime featuring Aqua as the protagonist’s voice actor will begin. Unlike Hagetoru and Chinposuki, I’m not very familiar with this field, but I thought I’d watch it because Aqua is in it.

 ’It seems to be starting soon.’

 ’Oh, yeah. Wait, Pegonia!?’

 Looking at the next Pegonia, she had a panel sign hanging around her neck that said, ‘It’s time for a 30-minute break.’

 ’I’m a serious player, you know.’


 ’I’m just like Kotono-sama.’

 ’Oh… I see.’

 I’ve been with Pegonia for years, but I never knew she liked mecha anime… Apparently, Nee-san who loves mecha anime took a day off from work and hung up the phone in the morning for this day. So, Hagetoru and Chinposuki were whispering to each other the other day about it, but because Nee-san is a serious player, she said they should not cause any trouble today. But, is it okay? Or is it just me who thought, ‘It’s okay as long as they don’t cause any trouble normally’?

 ’By the way, Master (Danna-sama) mentioned that the story has changed a bit to fit the times, and there have been some changes to the settings here and there.’

 ’Oh, really?’

 Oh, it’s starting.

 I gaze at the screen with a somewhat absent-minded expression.

 ’In the Space Age Era of 0092, 92 years had passed since humanity had begun its life in space. The male population continued to dwindle, and on Earth, fierce wars still raged as women fought to claim the few remaining men.’

 Hmm, I see. So that’s the kind of story it is…

 ’Now, come over here, boys.’

 Several boys stood there without a stitch of clothing, attended to by a woman who wore a sly grin on her face.

 Wow, I wonder if this is okay? It’s exactly like the Arabian Peninsula Federation, but I hope this doesn’t become an international issue and can’t be made public later.

 ’In many countries on Earth, only a few powerful individuals enjoyed the company of men, and it became common for the majority of women living there to spend their lives without any contact with men. On the other hand, people living in space treated men as a common property and ensured the freedom of men who married for love, leading to rapid development.’

 Indeed. The contrast is clearly depicted in the video. On Earth, there are men who are treated like slaves or pets, as well as men who live in a thoroughly controlled society. It seems that the treatment of men on Earth varies depending on the country.

 ’The greedy rulers of Earth, who have set their sights on the resources of space, are steadily preparing for invasion and plunder. There are also those in space who are trying to take some action against Earth.’

 When the screen changes, the control room of the space station is displayed. It seems that some ceremony is taking place here today.

 ’Hmm? That’s strange, isn’t it?’

 ’What’s wrong?’

 Two women in military uniforms monitoring a large monitor. One of them changes the camera’s perspective and visually confirms the location where she sensed something unusual through the monitor.

 ’It’s probably nothing, just debris or something.’

 ’Yeah, I mean, who’d be foolish enough to come crashing into this debris-ridden place?’

 The report stated that there were no abnormalities, and the two returned to their usual duties. In the next moment, a young man with silver hair and brown skin appeared on the screen.


 ’This is Zehar Ibrahim, commencing the mission now.’

 Ah, that’s Tenga-senpai’s voice!

 ’Understood. Everything is for the sake of our fellow countrymen, Tahrir!’ (T/N: If you reread v8c19 again, it’s different.)


 Wasn’t that the word for liberation (تحرير) in Arabic? The jet with a crimson line piloted by Zehar swiftly maneuvered through the meteor shower. Wow, what was that? The movements just now were so cool!

 ’The opening act, the Itabashi Circus is here!’

 Itabashi Circus (板橋サーカス?)? Pegonia, what happened to the circus? Huh? The person who inspired the Hongou Circus? Oh… my otaku heart is tingling.

 ’Congratulations, Your Excellency Bartley.’

 ’Your Excellency, I appreciate the special invitation to such a place.’

 ’Please allow our country to participate in Your Excellency Bartley’s Stars Line Project.’

 A middle-aged woman surrounded by many people smiles brightly. Her name is Catherine Bartley. She is said to be the President of the European Union.

 I see. Today, it seems that she is holding a unveiling ceremony for the STARS ZERO, a super large space station that is the first step in the Stars Line project. Catherine quietly moves away from the people around her and heads to a secluded place. Alone, she gazes at the Earth from the corridor of the space station. Another woman of about the same age comes over.

 ’It’s been a while, Catherine. Well, should I call you ‘Your Excellency’ now?’

 ’Oh, Ingrid, you’re here in a place like this? And please, stop it. Nobody else is going to come to a place like this, so make yourself comfortable.’

 The woman who spoke to Catherine was Ingrid Roberts, a diplomat from the Federation Republic.

 I see. It seems that these two have known each other for a long time. They tilt their glasses towards each other and gaze at the starry sky in front of them.

 ’The moon looks beautiful tonight, too.’

 ’Even though the Earth’s surface is so rough?’

 Catherine couldn’t help but smile at Ingrid’s reply, which showed no trace of romance.

 ’That’s exactly why. It’s because all those nooks and crannies refract the light that makes the moon look so brilliant from Earth.’

 ’I see… like a fleeting beauty.’

 ’…You’re right. As you say, but I don’t intend to let it end so quickly.’

 ’I see…’

 Suddenly, an alarm went off, interrupting their conversation.

 ’Something seems to be happening.’


 Catherine spoke calmly into the intercom to ask the security chief about the situation.

 ’What’s going on?’

 ’An unidentified fighter aircraft appears to be heading towards us through the debris field.’

 ’If the alarm is sounding, that means it’s crossed the alert line, right? Why didn’t you notice it?’

 ’I’m sorry. I thought it was a false detection of debris…’

 ’Enough with excuses. Deal with it immediately.’

 Catherine activated the control panel nearby and switched the window in front of her to the footage from a fixed-point camera at the problem area.

 ’That’s… an unfamiliar fighter aircraft. I wonder which country it’s from?’

 Ingrid stood up and observed the fighter jet through the monitor.

 ’Zehar Ibrahim, I’m counting on you!’

 With his finger on the trigger, Zehar shot down the interception auto-drones dispersing in front of him with fluid movements. It seems like the enemy interception unit is trying to break through the defense line before fully deploying. When Zehar pressed a button attached under the monitor, the fighter jet he was in transformed into a humanoid shape with two legs.

 ’It’s Obarhythm (Obari + Rhythm) time!!’

 Obarhythm? Pegonia, what does Obarhythm mean? Oh, so there’s an animation director named Obari-san. My otaku sensor is tingling again.

 ’W-what is that thing!?’

 ’It’s… fast!?’

 Zehar pilots his aircraft, evading enemy attacks and incapacitating them with the sword he holds in his hand. Judging from his efforts to avoid direct hits to the cockpit, I think Zehar is a gentle person at heart.

 ’This guy…!’

 ’Oh noooo!’


 ’We need to escape!’

 Zehar pilots his aircraft and throws the sword he holds towards the giant space station. The sword, upon colliding with the wall of the space station, vibrates like a drill, sending sparks flying as it digs into the wall. Zehar’s aircraft forcefully pries open the cut-open wall and infiltrates into the interior of the space station.

 ’Damn it, where is it? Where is it!?’

 At this point, there is a brief flashback scene of Zehar. I see… many journalists gathered for the ceremony. It seems that Zehar and the others aim to free the boys who are enslaved in a place that resembles the Arabian Peninsula Federation, by hacking into the server that broadcasts through those networks and reaching out to their fellow comrades on the ground.


 In an instant, Zehar’s danger-sensing ability kicked in, and he swiftly dodged the beam attack that came from a completely blind spot, followed by a barrage of missile attacks, transforming from humanoid form to a fighter jet.

 ’Who’s there!?’

 A large, rugged aircraft with a deep, clear blue color, adorned with a mark of 13 stars on its shoulder. It seems to be a vehicle belonging to the European Union, just like Catherine.

 ’Warning. Disarm immediately and surrender.’

 Mayuzumi-kun has arrived!!


 A caption appears at the corner of the screen, stating that it is a European Union vehicle belonging to Joshua Truman.

 ’Joshua. I’m interested in that aircraft. Detain him as intact as possible.’


 Catherine and Joshua’s flashback enters.

 Hmm, I see. Catherine purchased Joshua as a slave in order to improve the treatment of men and prove her value to society by having him achieve results. Quite impressive.

 ’You, a man!’

 ’Are you the same as me?’

 Zehar transforms the piloted machine back into humanoid form and launches an attack on the blue-colored machine using a spare sword. However, the attack is blocked by a large shield that envelops the opponent’s entire body.

 ’Damn it, troublesome!!’

 Zehar communicates with Joshua using a communication device.

 ’Hey, you! Even though we may be different races, we are still men!! Why do you side with those who treat men like slaves!?’

 ’…You may have your own purpose, but I have mine! And don’t refer to my young lady as if she’s just like any other woman!!’

 Huh? Wait! Tenga-senpai’s Zehar, and Mayuzumi-kun’s Joshua are fighting each other!? It’s making me really excited. The only things that happen between BERYLs are occasional fights caused by Aqua, and then Toa-chan getting cute and getting angry. So just having a heated argument like this is really rare.

 And I’ve never seen Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun, who are good friends, raise their voices like this…

 ’Retreat, Zehar!’


 ’It’s time. Give up this time!!’


 Zehar transforms the piloted aircraft back into a fighter and directs it towards the incoming direction. Joshua tries to chase after it, but his aircraft seems too heavy to catch up. It seems that Zehar’s piloted aircraft has the advantage in maneuverability.

 Now, Zehar escapes from the space station ahead, but at that moment, a beam attack from somewhere grazes the piloted aircraft.


 A second attack is released from the same direction. Zehar’s aircraft narrowly avoids the attack at the last moment.

 Zooming the camera in that direction reveals a moss green aircraft aiming a large rifle with a scope towards them. The shoulder bears the mark of the Federation Republic to which Ingrid belongs.

 ’Missed it’

 Toa-chan is here too!!


 Michael Hermit appears on the screen as a caption at the edge of the screen.

 Hmm? Earlier, it said ‘European Union’ for Joshua, but does that mean he is not part of the Federation Republic?

 The screen changes and Joshua’s aircraft emerges from the space station a little later. At that moment, the mecha piloted by Joshua automatically deploys its shield.


 Michael follows Zehar and launches an attack on Joshua’s aircraft as well. I see, it seems that Michael, played by Toa-chan, is neither on one side nor the other.

 ’Wait, what’s going on? Ingrid!’

 ’I-I don’t know either!’

 Ingrid, who is being pressed by Catherine, touches the communicator and connects to her subordinates.

 ’What’s happening!? That belongs to our military, right!!’

 ’I’m sorry. It seems that someone took it from the hangar… Earlier, a pilot was lying in the locker.’


 As Michael, disguised as a woman, sneaks up behind the female pilot like an assassin, he tightly grips her neck and makes her faint. Eek… scary. Huh? Toa-chan’s voice is so chilly and scary.

 This, without a doubt, is Toa-chan’s voice when Aqua unconsciously messes up with Toa-chan.

 ’Oh, oh, oh, oh, the hangar exists to be stolen.’

 Pegonia!? Is it a common thing for the hangar to be stolen!? Huh? Isn’t it dangerous to have such a useless security system all the time!?

 ’Annoying. You should both just go down already.’

 Wow, it’s rare to hear Toa-chan irritated. I wonder if the fans of Toa-chan are okay. I’m getting worried if some weird door might have opened or something.

 ’Michael. Your job is to capture and bring back the aircraft. Have you forgotten your purpose?’

 ’Because there were two convenient new models, I just did a little performance test on this one.’

 Michael licked his lips.

 I wonder what it is. When he was strangling the female pilot, he seemed cold-hearted, but now that he’s gripping the control stick, he looks slightly aggressive. Is it like those people whose personality changes when they grip a car’s steering wheel? Huh? No?

 Three people are engaged in a chaotic battle. In the midst of it, an unexpected explosion is heard from an unknown location.

 ’What’s happening now!?’

 One of the defense walls of the giant space station is blown away by an attack from someone. Amidst the raining incendiary bombs, a silhouette of a new mecha with a red color scheme can be seen from behind the burning defense wall. Golden parts used in various places gleam dimly in the darkness. Its figure is like that of a phoenix, the phoenix.

 ’It seems like there’s someone with a similar goal to mine.’

 Ah… Is this the Red Sea (Akami-kun) that Aqua was talking about?


 Tan Lyuuren, it seems like he’s just a terrorist. His voice feels a bit young, but it’s a very confident and husky voice with a strong core. Wow, this is going to be popular, I thought to myself.

 ’When it comes to Zandam, it’s about terrorism, and when it comes to terrorism, it’s about Zandam. Moreover, security is lax!!’

 Huh? Security is lax and that’s the right answer? Huh, so that’s how it is.


 ’I know without being told!! However!!’

 Four robots and four male pilots entangled in the battlefield. The battle gradually intensifies. Checking the energy remaining in the robot piloted by Zehar, it’s already less than two-thirds. But then, the balance of the battle, which seemed to last forever, was disrupted by a pure white light blinking in space.


 When the battle stops, the screen blacks out.

 ’Leon… Leon…’

 Is this a flashback?

 ’Leon, you’re always like this, sleeping everywhere! Don’t tell me you’ve skipped out again? You’ll get scolded by the professor.’

 A cloudless beautiful sky, emerald green sea, and pure white sandy beach are reflected.

 ’Leon is so talented, unlike me… Yeah, that’s right. So, you should do your best even over there, okay?’

 A pure white dress with a large ribbon-adorned straw hat. Reizen Nina… It seems she is a researcher.

 ’Kyaa… L-Leon?’

 ’Nina, let’s get married. I don’t want to leave you behind.’

 Kyaaaaaaaaa! Aqua-sama has arrived! Wait, a first-move proposal!? Huh!? What? Is such a thing allowed!?

 ”The first line being a proposal, as expected of Master, truly transcends dimensions.”

 To Pegonia’s words, I nod repeatedly.

 ’I-Is it okay? You’re so popular, Leon, and you can choose any girl you want, so even if it’s just me, your childhood friend, I think you could meet… even more wonderful girls over there.’

 ’I don’t care about that. I want you, Nina… I want to be with you.’


 I’m about to faint at Aqua’s lines.

 Is everything okay? Are there dead people everywhere?

 ’Thank you. Nina.’

 Leon slowly turns her around and shadows overlap.


 ”Indeed, Master is the strongest, immediately kisses. Quick on the draw! It was the same when dealing with young lady!!”

 Hey! My case is not necessary, right!! However, the staff’s offensive doesn’t end here. Leon and Nina were united that night. To make it clear, a scene is shown of Nina, naked, getting up from the bed.

 What!? Th-th-this, it’s still evening, you know? Even kindergarten children are watching!!

 ”Master is also quick once a girl nods.”

 Hey, Pegonia! Don’t compare him to Aqua all the time! But, if we have a girl’s consent, I admit that Aqua is quick.

 ’So, I’ll go over there first to complete the procedure, and then we’ll have the wedding here.’

 ’Yeah, take care.’

 Ah, with a bright red face, Nina is so cute, even though she should have done something more amazing.

 ”Just so you know, Miss is also like this. It’s like a boomerang, and a huge one.’

 ”Hey! How do you know what I’m thinking!?”

 Ugh! hey, instead of criticizing me, focus on the TV!

 ’My name is Cruz Leon, a 19-year-old who attends a university a little away from my hometown. In the small country I came from, it was relatively common for men to live freely, but once they turned 20, they were forced to marry someone. As a man who excelled in a specific field, I aimed to avoid forced marriage by studying abroad at a university in space where men can live freely and acquiring citizenship there.’

 Oh… no, his voice is Aqua, so I’ll quickly fall in love. I have to collect all of Leon’s goods…

 ”So easy…”

 Hmm. I suppose it’s fine to be a little lazy now. I turn away from Pegonia.

 Additionally, I read ahead and immediately blocked Emily-senpai, who sent me a message saying LOL on the messaging app.

 ’Ni… na?’

 What? Leon’s promising and happy future crumbles in an instant. A war was unilaterally started while Leon was in space for some formalities. The trigger was a food shortage in the country that initiated it. The reason was a selfish and terrible one, as there was a food shortage due to the war.

 ’Unfortunately, we don’t know when she’ll regain consciousness.’

 Nina miraculously manages to escape from her home country. However, due to a head injury sustained during her escape, she no longer wakes up from her bed. I feel sorry for Leon and Nina… They were able to be with the person they love, but nothing like this happens.

 I cover my mouth with both hands.


 Leon, who had been healthy, was completely worn out as he watched Nina grow thinner day by day. But then, researchers from the university in space that Leon was planning to go to appear before him.

 ’Don’t you want to save her?’

 The hand that reached out to Leon could have been a god or a devil. But right now, it didn’t matter to Leon.

 ’If saving Nina is the goal, I’ll do whatever it takes.’

 ’Very well. Then, shall we clean up together? Let’s eliminate those pesky pests crawling on the ground before they molt and spread their noise.’

 After they said so, a close-up of Leon’s expression appeared. It made my heart skip a beat. Oh, no, I can already tell it’s Aqua on the inside, so I can’t ship anymore.


 ”So easy, so simple…”

 Come on, there’s nothing wrong with being easy! And Hagetoru, who started a thread saying Choro-nami (Easy-wife) is going to fall soon, I’ll just block for a bit longer! Geez!

 Leon slowly grips the two control sticks in front of him.

 ’Cruz Leon… Launch.’

 The object enveloping the machine piloted by Leon is launched into space. A surplus of energy completely covers the pure white machine, causing it to sparkle like platinum in the vastness of space. Its radiance surpasses that of the twinkling stars in the universe and shines brighter than the moon. Wait!? Even though it’s a flashy entrance, Aqua… no, it’s not Aqua, it’s Leon riding the Zandam!?

 ”Huh!? Isn’t it just a different color of the mass-produced model!?”

 Pegonia is glued to the screen. Hey, I can’t see it at all! Wait, wait, wait, isn’t the Zandam the machine the protagonist rides? Huh? Aqua is using the same mass-produced model as regular soldiers!? Aqua is the protagonist, right!?

 ”Anyway, it’s confirmed that these mass-produced models that usually don’t sell are selling like crazy.”

 Oh, stop it, Pegonia, I don’t want to know about those adult matters! Well, if it’s a machine that Aqua has boarded, then they’ll all sell!!

 ’What is this guy!?’

 Leon rushes towards the aircraft piloted by Zehar. Perhaps due to the enthusiasm put into the animation, Leon’s piloted aircraft clearly moved better than the other mass-produced ones.

 ’First one.’

 As they pass each other, Leon strikes down the sword that Zehar’s aircraft was holding, along with his wrist, and then cuts off the other arm. Zehar’s aircraft, unable to hold weapons anymore, was almost completely neutralized. A panicked voice can be heard from the communication device attached to Zehar’s ear.


 ’I know!!’

 Zehar transforms the aircraft into a fighter and immediately takes evasive action. With Leon standing between Zehar and Joshua, an opportunity to escape is created. Is it just me, or does Zehar, played by Tenga-senpai, look cool at first but now have a slightly disappointing feel?

 ’What is this guy… unpleasant.’

 Mikael’s aircraft, played by Toa-chan, crashes into Leon’s aircraft. Ah, at that moment, social media collapsed with Aqua and Toa. Namu~.

 ’Even though it’s a mass-produced machine, it’s so arrogant!’

 ’Coming at me with a long-range unit…’

 Leon calmly handles Michael’s machine without showing any signs of surprise.

 Meanwhile, Michael becomes increasingly irritated. At first, he seemed calm… but it seems that the character played by Toa-chan has a dual personality after all. At that moment, a communication from a woman who had just contacted him earlier, as if to advise Michael, comes in.

 ’Michael!! If you damage the machine any further, this deal is off!’

 ’Ughhh! Fine! Everyone is so annoying!’

 While complaining, Michael also withdraws from the combat zone.

 ’What’s with that machine… no, the pilot?’

 Tan, played by Akami-kun, surprisingly keeps his distance calmly and observes the battle from a slightly remote location.

 ’Pilot of the unidentified white machine, disarm immediately and surrender’

 ’I refuse’

 Leon, played by Aqua, heads straight towards the space station.

 ’It’s impossible for you to go!’

 ’Then I’ll push through.’

 Joshua uses a huge shield to defend against Leon’s attacks and stands in his path. However, due to the overwhelming difference in strength, Leon gradually pushes Joshua back.

 ’…I didn’t want to use this move, but…’

 Joshua shows a determined expression.

 ’Stop, Joshua!!’

 ’I apologize, milady.’

 Joshua hangs up the communication and opens a small cover with a danger mark, pressing a red button. In the next moment, something like a plug emerges from behind the seat and pierces Joshua’s body. It hurts…


 Joshua grimaces in pain.

 ’Confirming the Nerve Link connection. All functions will be unlocked.’


 Catherine, whose communication was cut off, looks at the monitor with a worried expression. It seems that both Ingrid and Catherine have boarded the battleship and have gone outside the space station.

 ’Activate Full Defense Mode!!’

 Huh!? What’s that!?

 Small particles of light begin to surround Joshua’s machine.

 In the next moment, Leon’s beam attack hits Joshua’s machine directly.

 ”Did he do it!?”

 To cut to the chase, he didn’t. For some reason, Joshua’s machine not only has no damage, but there is no trace of the direct hit either. Huh? What does that mean?

 ’The beam was nullified? Then what about bullets?’

 Joshua uses the shield he deployed to defend against Leon’s attack. The shield that took the hit only shows a few traces and has almost no damage.

 ’Incendiary rounds’

 Leon tries incendiary rounds in succession, but they also have no effect.

 ”This ability is incredible!”

 Yeah, as Pegonia said. What should he does about this? Both beams and bullets are useless, so what can he does? Leon switches weapons once again and uses beam attacks multiple times to attack Joshua’s machine, just like before.


 Joshua becomes assertive all of a sudden. In response, Leon remains remarkably calm.

 ’I see, so you’re using quantum teleportation to redirect beam attacks, heat, and impact energy to another space.’

 Oh, a cool insert song is coming…! Wait, is that Ayana-chan’s voice!? Huh? It’s a bit different from the usual eau de Cologne. And the voice is definitely Ayana-chan’s… Could this be Tsukimachi Ayana’s completely solo song?

 ’So, does that mean the armor of the aircraft itself acts as a beam splitter that divides incident light? No, that’s not it. Could it be that the attack is being transferred somewhere else just before the beam shooting hits the aircraft? I see… Is the entire aircraft covered and hidden by an invisible particle membrane that serves as a substitute for the beam splitter? In that case, the target should be the light parametric oscillator that creates a relative beam to induce quantum entanglement.’

 Aqua!? Are you okay suddenly saying something so smart!? If you use your brain that you don’t normally use, you might get a fever, you know!? Hey, where is my Aqua, the favorite booby-loving Aqua who always says ‘oppai oppai’!

 I instinctively lift up my own boobs. L-look, it’s Aqua’s beloved oppai~!

 I look to the side and notice Pegonia making the same movement. Dammit… hers are bigger. I lost…

 ’Analyzing the quantum movements when under attack. Identifying the approximate location of the parametric emitter. I see… it’s there.’

 Leon accelerates his aircraft suddenly and approaches Joshua’s aircraft with impressive moves.

 ’While you can protect against the impact and heat of live rounds, you couldn’t prevent damage from fragments. In other words, if I can make perfect contact…!’

 Leon, who brought the fight to close quarters, sacrifices his right leg and approaches Joshua’s aircraft, grabbing his right shoulder.


 The particles that enveloped Joshua’s machine began to scatter. Leon continued with the same momentum, sacrificing his left arm and taking the device attached to his left shoulder with him.

 ’What!? The Full Defense Mode has been deactivated!?’

 ’This is the end.’

 Leon then grabbed the head of Joshua’s machine and destroyed it along with the main camera. At that moment, the battle was over. The plug connected to Joshua came loose from his body. It seemed that Catherine’s side forcibly disconnected the connection through remote control.

 ’I’m sorry, milady…!’

 Leon took away the shield that Joshua had used and leaped onto one of the escape pods, not the space station that was the intended destination.

 ’You fool! That’s a ship with the media on board! Are you planning to violate the Peace Charter and the treaties!?’

 ’You can’t protect human lives with charters and treaties.’

 It was a line that Leon could only utter because his country had been violated by the breaking of the peace treaty and his beloved person had been harmed. The trembling of his voice, the pauses, the flickering of his eyes, all conveyed the deep anger within Leon.

 ’Listen up. There are no third parties in this world. You should all be aware that each and every one of you is a stakeholder. Now, shall we pull the bystanders down from the stage?’

 The media’s transmission lines, which were broadcasting this scene to the world as a scoop, are taken over by Leon.

 ’Greetings. O greedy rulers of the Earth.’

 The dignified figure of an old lady dressed in a dress is projected onto monitors around the world. It feels like she resembles Grandmother Mary so much, I wonder if that’s the image they’re going for. If I, her grandchild, say so, there’s no doubt about it.

 ’If you intend to dirty my garden with your muddy shoes, I shall also step into your garden with my muddy shoes.’

 The voice actor must be the veteran Narumi Kyouka-san. That’s great. Grandmother seems happy, or rather, she’s probably watching it with Emily-senpai and enjoying it.

 ’On behalf of the United Cosmic Community Federation, I, Victoria Hallelujah Godfried, hereby declare war on all nations of the Earth at this moment. Now, let us begin the great cleaning to reclaim our mother Earth.’

 Hmm, I see. So, it’s going to be like Earth vs. Space in terms of the flow of the story, huh?

 ”This is the usual pattern around here.”

 Oh, really? When Leon achieves his goal, he releases the escape pod that he had taken hostage and throws the aircraft towards Earth, just barely escaping the atmosphere.

 ’What, he’s planning to die by entering the atmosphere with a mass-produced aircraft!?’

 Leon uses Joshua’s shield like a surfboard and dives into the atmosphere, and a cut of Zehar, Michael, Joshua, and Tan, all watching the scene, is inserted. Then, it cuts back to Leon, and he receives a communication from someone who seems to be an ally.

 ’Cruz Leon, that’s reckless!’

 ’If I’m alive, I’ll contact you again. Please arrange for pick-up at that time.’

 After ending the communication, Leon closes his eyes. While the footage of Leon’s aircraft entering the atmosphere continues to be shown, the ending credits roll. Oh, is this song by eau de Cologne? Ayana-chan is not alone this time.

 Voice Cast

 Cruz Leon… Shirogane Aqua

 Zehar Ibrahim… Tenga Akira

 Michael Hermit… Nekoyama Toa

 Joshua Truman… Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Tan Lyuuren… Akami Hajime

 Catherine Bartley… Saijo Shiori

 Ingrid Roberts… Mizumori Mimori

 Victoria Hallelujah Godfrey… Narumi Kyoka

 Rayzen Nina… Sayamu Inko / Holospray

 Huh!? The voice actress for Nina, who has such a cute voice, is Inko-san!? Are you kidding me!? Pegonia and I exchange glances with a hoge expression on our faces, just like Morikawa-senpai.

 ”Well, this is a new kind of scam.”

 ”Pegonia, I understand what you mean.”

 Wait, hold on. If Inko-san can do that kind of voice, then why doesn’t she always use it? I never heard that she could do a voice like that of a perfectly beautiful girl who looks good in a white dress!


 When the ED song ends, the screen switches and the OP song starts playing. What!? A duet between Aqua and Ayana-chan!? And it’s different from the duet they did before. This time, it’s an up-tempo duet where they showcase their singing abilities through powerful vocals. I can’t believe we get to hear Ayana-chan’s shout.

 Opening song [Never Let Go]

 Sung by: Shirogane Aqua × Tsukimachi Ayana

 Lyrics: Tsukasa Kei

 Composition/Arrangement: Kobayashi Daigo

 Performed by: Nekoyama Toa / Mayuzumi Shintaro / Tenga Akira / Kobayashi Daigo

 Ending song [Forget-Me-Not]

 Sung by: eau de Cologne

 Lyrics: Shirogane Aqua / Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Composition/Arrangement: Kobayashi Daigo / Nekoyama Toa

 Insert song [GAME OVER]

 Sung by: Tsukimachi Ayana

 Lyrics: Erika Evermillion

 Composition/Arrangement: Kobayashi Daigo / Renilla Barnes

 Performed by: Shirogane Aqua / Tenga Akira / Stars Philharmonic Orchestra’

 Huh? Ayana-chan is going to appear in the future!? The bulletin board users who were expecting Ayana-chan’s big push were getting really excited. Oh, there’s already a thread saying ‘Inko-san got NTR’d’!

1 Verification Team *07218KADO6

Is it confirmed that Leon-sama gets NTR’d in episode 1? Hehehe!!

2 Anonymous



3 Anonymous


The fastest heroine NTR LOLOLOL

4 Anonymous


I’ll punch you, you bastard!!

5 Anonymous


Inko got NTR’d, LOL

6 Anonymous


Let’s calm down for a moment and play a otome game

7 Anonymous


Don’t run away from otome games.

Wait, the one who started this thread is Hagetoru! Sorry, Inko-san. Oh, social media is back, so let’s check Kohina-senpai’s social media while we’re at it.

Kohina Yukari

He was babbling about something smart, but didn’t he pick up some food lying around and eat it? Before you catch a fever, I’ll let you massage my breasts.


My breasts are ready to go.

Shirogane Marin@The Real Mama, The Only Mama Goddess, Shirogane Aqua Mama Travel Group Leader

Mama is also ready with the breasts.

Kusatsu Ikaho@After taking a bath

Breasts are getting warm.

Prime Minister Habu@Applying for a world record for consecutive dogeza!!

Everyone’s worried when Aqua-kun says something smart like an anime character, lol.

Anonymous Bulletin Board User

It’s one thing for Hagetoru, but we should be worried if our Morikawa and Aqua-sama say something smart.

 Kohina-senpai, I’m laughing because I’m thinking the same thing as you….

 ”Well, there’s no other choice. Should I stretch my breasts too?”

 Wait! Wait a minute. Pegonia!

 I chased after Pegonia heading to the bathroom.

 Even though I’m pregnant, I can still do a couple of things with my breasts to serve him!

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