Male Idol V12c26-2

Volume 12 Chapter 26 Bulletin Board, Server Crash, Part 2

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[Latest] Space Knight ZANDAM [BERYL]
502 Anonymous
With that, the pressure of several people has disappeared. Did they climax!?
504 Anonymous
Stop it, lol
506 Anonymous
My sister collapsed while squ**ing, but is she okay?
509 Anonymous
Just leave her alone. My middle school sister went through the same thing, and my mom gently wiped her off and covered her with a blanket
511 Anonymous
I also put a cooling sheet on the forehead of my collapsed middle school sister
514 Anonymous
What’s up with Aa-sama’s high specs? He’s an amazing voice actor. His voice is a bit different from the usual Aa-sama. It’s become a calm voice that matches his age
517 Anonymous
When Aa-sama appears on variety shows, he speaks and sounds like a high school student. Nii-sama, Kenzaki, Yuujin-sama, Seimei-sama, Leon, they’re all older characters, but he can still produce a mature and calm voice
On the other hand, when he sings, he can also produce cool and sexy voices, and as Shiro-kun, he can produce energetic and cute voices. I really think he’s talented. The only real drawback is that his art is out of this world
519 Anonymous
When Aqua-oneesama was doing it, did she really sound like an older sister?
521 Anonymous
Seriously amazing. He participated in an impersonation championship before, I want him to appear in a voice impersonation show too LOL
523 Anonymous
In terms of voice acting skills, it goes Aqua-kun, Tan-kun’s voice actor, Toa-chan, Tenga-senpai, and then Mayuzumi-kun, but even Mayuzumi-kun doesn’t feel out of place at all. Everyone is really working hard
526 Anonymous
528 Anonymous
Nina, you’re kidding, right!?
530 Anonymous
Tell me it’s a lie, Nina!!
533 Anonymous
This can’t be happening at the peak of happiness!!
536 Anonymous
This… is getting depressing
538 Anonymous
From our perspective, it means Aa-sama got unconscious despite being together? That’s not good at all..
540 Anonymous
From the first episode, don’t make it a depressing development!!
542 Anonymous
Everyone, this is Zandam
544 Anonymous
In the past, maybe it was enough for us to kiss a boy and have s*x. Maybe. But now, we know that if it’s Leon-kun, he’ll make us happy, and we know that there’s more, something better, so we empathize too much with Nina..
546 Anonymous
I really feel sorry for Nina..
548 Anonymous
It’s heartwarming that even if Nina becomes unconscious, Leon-sama will continue to love her
550 Anonymous
Oh no. If I see a boy like this, I can’t help but want to support him even if there’s nothing
552 Anonymous
Leon-kun is so devoted. He’s the best!!
554 Anonymous
There are plenty of girls, and if it’s Leon-sama, he can choose anyone, but there is no replacement for Nina for Leon-sama…
556 Anonymous
There are boys who are so devoted like this…. Well, I know it’s a work of fiction…
559 Anonymous
Aa-sama is married to others besides Kanon-sama, but Kanon-sama feels like a separate category
561 Anonymous
Here it comes!
563 Anonymous
Oh no, no, I almost came right before going into battle
565 Verification Team*07218KADO6
When will Leon-sama’s s**en be launched in my va**na?
567 Anonymous
568 Anonymous
Your comments are always on point, LOL
570 Anonymous
Leon-kun’s Zandam has arrived! Wait…what!?
572 Anonymous
Mass-produced unit!?
575 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is a mass-produced unit!?
578 Anonymous
Bad news, the protagonist of Zandam is not riding Zandam
581 Anonymous
Hey hey, what’s going on!?
583 Anonymous
Looks like the mass-produced unit is going to sell like crazy lol
585 Anonymous
I’m buying the mass-produced unit!!
587 Anonymous
Wait, I always make dioramas and buy a lot of mass-produced units, but is this going to be hard to obtain…?
589 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I was planning to secure around 20, no, 30 mass-produced units, but my plans got messed up..
I wonder if I can actually get my hands on this?
591 Anonymous
Nee-san, you don’t need that many!!
594 Anonymous
My sister has a detached house in Shizuoka, and now no one lives there, so it seems like the second floor has become a diorama room. She put a lot of effort into creating the first space war. It’s famous among Zandam fans and model enthusiasts
596 Anonymous
That’s too hardcore, lol
599 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Also, it seems like it would be difficult to reproduce this shade of white. It doesn’t seem like it can be achieved by simply painting it with regular white. It might be one of the platinum white shades, like Shining Pearl
601 Anonymous
They all look the same..
603 Anonymous
No, they’re completely different
604 Anonymous
Color is really important
606 Anonymous
My sister seems to be having fun, and I’m happy about it
608 Anonymous
I understand
609 Anonymous
What a cool insert song!
610 Anonymous
The quality of the animation gets even better here, LOL
612 Anonymous
The animation quality is so funny, lol
614 Anonymous
Isn’t this aiming to be the best animation in life?
616 Anonymous
Top-notch animation girls are fighting each other with the highest level of animation in one work, lol
618 Anonymous
There’s a possibility that Aqu-tan has been focusing on this one job since it was decided, lol
620 Anonymous
The insert song is cool, but is this Ayana-chan!?
621 Anonymous
Zehar-kun, the disappointing atmosphere has been great since episode 1
623 Anonymous
Huh!? When he took off his helmet, there was something like animal ears attached to Zehar!?
625 Anonymous
Is that the animal ear communication device!?
627 Anonymous
Brown skin, silver hair, animal ears… Yes, all of my favorite fetishes were mentioned
630 Anonymous
I want this communication device…!
633 Anonymous
Everyone in Beryl, let’s wear animal ears too!!
635 Anonymous
The furries are coming out in droves, lol
637 Anonymous
639 Anonymous
And Aqua!
640 Anonymous
642 Anonymous
I wanted to make a *rattle rattle* sound, but I ran out of medicine. I’ll endure it..
645 Anonymous
It was a good call for the government to send an emergency email about the shortage of medicine before the program aired. They respond quickly, or rather, they understand
648 Anonymous
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I can’t take it anymore. Since I can’t take my medicine, I’ll comfort myself and let it all out
651 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Aa-sama are in conflict, and I can’t bear to watch. But, well, maybe this is fine..
653 Anonymous
I like how it’s a long-distance aircraft, yet it still dives in
655 Anonymous
It’s nice that a knife comes out from the side of Toa-chan’s Zandam
657 Anonymous
The combination of Toa-chan’s cuteness and the roughness of Zandam is definitely the best
659 Anonymous
Tan-kun, I thought he was aggressive, but it’s good that he’s observing calmly
662 Anonymous
Joshua-kun “woof woof”
665 Anonymous
667 Anonymous
The best, I want a loyal dog like that too!!
670 Anonymous
Catherine ojou-sama is nice. I hope she finds happiness since Nina from earlier seemed pitiable
673 Anonymous
Something came out!
675 Anonymous
Is it tentacle play!?
678 Anonymous
The staff of Zandam and the TV station are amazing! We’re going to have some fun in the evening. We’re going to have tentacle play. Isn’t it the best!!
681 Anonymous
Look at this and you guys are into tentacle play!!
683 Anonymous
It’s like a department store for fetishes LOL. This is, you know, the mast**ion Zandam for all the girls
685 Anonymous
Stop it LOL
686 Anonymous
Zandam is not entirely wrong for mast**ion w
688 Anonymous
Zandam, unexpectedly in the same rating as Hagetoru…
691 Anonymous
Joshua-kun, looks like he’s in pain
693 Anonymous
From Mayuzumi-kun’s groans to screams, that’s great!!
695 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun, you’ve really improved!!
698 Anonymous
In that last scene, if it were the Mayushin-kun from the early days of Heaven’s Sword, it would’ve been a disaster. But it’s because of the Mayushin-kun we have now that it worked out. He has definitely grown!!
701 Anonymous
Full defense area!?
703 Anonymous
Some kind of cheat-like ability, lol
705 Anonymous
Leon-sama is pounding Zandam with mass-produced units. It’s impossible without something like that
708 Anonymous
Beam attack nullified!?
710 Anonymous
Nullifying beam attacks is seriously too much like cheating
712 Anonymous
Nullifying beam attacks is tough
715 Anonymous
Can he win this?
717 Anonymous
Is this also nullifying shock and thermal energy? If not, it wouldn’t make sense
720 Anonymous
Hey Aqua-tan!
722 Anonymous
Hey Aqua-kun!
724 Anonymous
Wait, Aqua-sama, are you okay!?
726 Anonymous
730 Anonymous
Aqua-sama started chanting spells like Nee-san!!
732 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, maybe you have a fever? If you want, should I give you a breast-sucking treatment with my E-cup?
734 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, calm down for a moment. Do you want to drink some of big sister’s milk?
736 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, touch my breasts to calm down, okay?
739 Anonymous
It seems like everyone is worried whenever Aqua-kun or Leon-kun says something smart. LOL
741 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Weeeen! Breast Rescue, take off!!
743 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I don’t have much, but I can go for breasts!
745 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
If my breasts are okay..
747 Verification Team *010meTA473
When I tried to say “breasts,” everyone else said it too!?
749 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I can provide my breasts too
751 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Mikoto can accomodate up to P-cup breasts!!
755 Anonymous
Here come the username guys, lol
757 Anonymous
The usual three are the same, but even Nee-san and Hakuryuu-sensei are panicking, lol
759 Anonymous
What do you mean by “accomodate up to P-cup”!?
761 Anonymous
There’s no such thing as breasts on the server!!
763 Anonymous
Oh, I see. So it’s about Ultimate High P-Cup Server-chan, huh?
I’ve been fooled by the high-performance hype
766 Anonymous
768 Anonymous
New facts have emerged here!
770 Anonymous
772 Anonymous
While you guys are saying stupid things, the battle is over, lol
775 Anonymous
The media’s ship is in trouble, lol
777 Anonymous
Peace cannot be protected by charters or treaties, lol!
779 Anonymous
This, Leon can say it because it’s true, right?
781 Anonymous
Actually, even the globally recognized laws for protecting men have many loopholes and are not effectively enforced. It’s meaningless, I think. But if we make them too strict, it will infringe on the beliefs of other countries, so it’s a difficult situation
784 Anonymous
That’s true
But, the media that always creates the trigger for hatred should naturally expect something like this, lol
786 Anonymous
Nice. Keep it up, Leon-sama!!
789 Anonymous
I don’t mind if you shoot me down!!
792 Anonymous
Damn, a cool old lady came, lol
794 Anonymous
Cool old lady. I thought it was a cane, but it’s a sword. Mary-sama has style
796 Anonymous
If Mary-sama is watching, she’s probably extremely happy
799 Anonymous
In essence, Princess Mary and Aqua Knight are making a big appearance in the anime, so I’m very satisfied
802 Anonymous
Oh, oh, it looks like Mary-sama saw this and provided the budget, lol
805 Anonymous
And it all comes back to the usual flow: Space vs Earth
807 Anonymous
Can’t avoid Space vs Earth, huh?
810 Anonymous
Seriously entering the atmosphere!!
812 Anonymous
He’s already entering the atmosphere in the first episode!
815 Anonymous
It’s good that they’re following various traditions and customs properly
817 Anonymous
So, there was a meaning behind taking that shield. It seems like it could withstand entering the atmosphere
819 Anonymous
Using the shield as a surfboard to ride the waves while entering, I’ve seen that in some anime before, lol
821 Anonymous
It’s over
823 Anonymous
825 Anonymous
It was amazing. And the ending song was unexpectedly “eau de Cologne”!?
827 Anonymous
The ending song being “eau de Cologne” and the insert song being Ayana-chan, isn’t that crazy?
830 Anonymous
Tan Lyuuren… Akami Hajime
831 Anonymous
Tan Lyuuren… Akami Hajime
833 Anonymous
Thank you! Akami-kun, understood!
835 Anonymous
Social media is back
Akami-kun has social media!
838 Anonymous
Official website is updated
Akami-kun also has social media!
840 Anonymous
I got a notification from Beryl!
842 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
We have been preparing and negotiating for a while now, but today, we officially establish Beryl’s voice actor division
Since Akami Hajime-san passed the audition as a regular person and didn’t have an agency to belong to, we decided to take care of him at Beryl through Aqua-san’s connections
We hope you will watch over him warmly
845 Anonymous
Thanks for the clarification
847 Anonymous
It’s great to have Nee-san who can help us without having to search, lol
850 Anonymous
Everyone, check out Akami-kun’s social media!! His first post is amazing!
853 Anonymous
855 Anonymous
I thought Akami-kun had a cute face… but everyone has animal ears!?
857 Anonymous
What does that mean!? I can’t see it because my internet connection sucks!!
859 Anonymous
In the photo, it’s Akami-kun in the center, Tenga-senpai in the top left, Mayushin-kun in the bottom left, Aqua-kun in the bottom right, and Toa-chan riding on Aqua-kun in the top right. And they’re all wearing Zehar’s animal ear communication devices!
862 Anonymous
Yes, I, a fellow furry, am being killed by this!!
865 Anonymous
RamenHagetoru: I want to see more photos like this!
Sommelier: Thanks for the amazing photo!
Shumi the Maiden: Pyaaa! My adorable Kemonomimi prince!
Akami-kun, you should block these people. Immediately
868 Anonymous
I laughed because they’re all acquaintances, lol
870 Anonymous
There’s no one here except for family!
872 Anonymous
873 Anonymous
Reyzen Nina… Sayamu Inko / Holosplay
874 Anonymous
Reyzen Nina… Sayamu Inko / Holosplay
875 Anonymous
Hey, you’re kidding, right?
877 Anonymous
Give us back our Nina!
879 Anonymous
Wait a minute, is that Inko? Huh? Inko can make such a nice voice?
881 Anonymous
Even though Inko can produce such a beautiful and cute voice, why is she like that during the livestream!?
883 Anonymous
Inko was actually good, but social media instantly blew up and I laughed. Give us back our Nina, that’s so hilarious LOL
885 Anonymous
The animation is on another level, it made me laugh
888 Anonymous
Of course, it’s an all-star animation! And it’s not just Zandam, it’s a mecha anime LOL
890 Anonymous
It’s not just a chief animation director, all the big shots at the director level are coming as well
892 Anonymous
I laughed when I saw Anno-san’s social media. When Aqua-kun crushes the parts of Mayuzumi-kun’s machine, she even gave each tiny fragment a number and animated it, which is ridiculously funny LOL. She clearly put so much effort into just one cut, it’s definitely not worth the cost!!
895 Anonymous
Storyboard/Original Work/General Director Domino Yuki
The creator’s here, it’s for real
897 Anonymous
I felt the seriousness of the sunset (Sunrise)
899 Anonymous
OP song’s here!!
901 Anonymous
It’s a relief that they’re doing the OP properly!!
903 Anonymous
A duet with Ayana-chan and Aqua-kun is hereeeee!
905 Anonymous
Huh? All songs by Ayana-chan!?
908 Anonymous
Heeere, Ayana-chan is the true heroine!!
910 Verification Team07218KADO6
Is this NTR!?
Wait, didn’t we just start the thread, why does it feel heavy today? Is Saba-chan okay?
913 Anonymous
I’m dying at the thread being started again lol
Come to think of it, it does feel a bit heavy today
915 Anonymous
The background music was nice, but was it MojaP?
918 Anonymous
Moreover, the world’s best conductor, Renilla Barnes, is in charge of the Stars orchestra, which is directly controlled by royalty. I wonder how much money it costs just for the original soundtrack..
921 Anonymous
Sunset and Bannai (Bandai)’s social media posts made me laugh. They’ve spent all their anime budget for this year. If it doesn’t become a hit, the whole company will go bankrupt. HLOL
924 Anonymous
Even though it was Aqua-kun’s first time participating, they were too excited. I have no choice. Should I support by buying CDs or plastic models?
926 Anonymous
I suppose that’s just how it is. LOL
930 Anonymous
Well, that was enjoyable
933 Anonymous
A commercial for plastic models came on quickly. LOL
935 Anonymous
Director Domino’s social media posts made me laugh so much. LMAO
Domino Yuki
They said it wouldn’t sell if it wasn’t Zandam, so I put the protagonist in a mass-produced machine. Now, the mass-produced machine will sell, and Bannai-san will be thrilled. I think I did a great job
Reply: Sunset Official
As expected, it’s lit, man! LOL
Reply: Bannai Official
Don’t mess with meeeee!
938 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
940 Anonymous
Both Bannai and Sunset will be fine. Even if they go under, Mary-sama or Shumi will buy them out
942 Anonymous
Everyone’s updating their social media!!
945 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s social media is hilarious, LMAO. There are way too many breast rescue squad members, lol
948 Anonymous
There are also the Kemo Mimi Three Sisters on Ayana-chan’s social media!!
950 Anonymous
No way!! And someone I know was the first to comment when I checked it out
Tsukimachi Ayana@eau de Cologne
We all tried wearing animal ears… How do we look?
Reply: Shirogane Aqua@BERYL
How much do I have to pay to get a brushing? Of course, I’ll take the set of three
953 Anonymous
As expected, Aqua-kun is like this!
955 Anonymous
Our Aa-sama has returned!
957 Anonymous
I feel relieved seeing Aqu-tan being the usual Aqu-tan
959 Anonymous
Scroll down. There’s more
Reply: Shirogane Kanon
961 Anonymous
Is this also NTR?
963 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Tonight, I’ll sneak into bed with cat ears and a tail. Kanon-sama likes naughty cosplay, so she has cat ears and a tail. I know it!
966 Anonymous
Kanon-sama is a pervert, loves cosplay and… got it!
968 Verification Team 010meTA473
Is the server slow but okay?
971 Anonymous
I might as well buy cat ears and a tail just in case
Seriously, it’s super fun, but I can only post once every 10 times
973 Anonymous
If you’re going to buy, get a tail that goes in the butt
I have one with a vibration function too
975 Anonymous
As expected of the bulletin board community..
It reminds me of old bulletin boards
978 Anonymous
Toa-chan posted a Michael cosplay on social mediaaaaa!
980 Anonymous
982 Anonymous
984 Anonymous
Compared to Mayuzumi-kun’s social media..
Mayuzumi Shintaro@Zandam, nice to meet you. The staff is working hard, so if you like, please consider buying goods or plastic models. I will also do my best to bring out Joshua’s charm
Reply: Sunset Official
As expected of Mayuzumi-kun, thank you!!
Reply: Bannai Official
Thank you, thank you! I will put pressure on the chief director to increase Joshua’s appearances
986 Anonymous
Truly our Mayuzumi-kun
988 Anonymous
It’s definitely Mayushin-kun
989 Anonymous
Chief Director LOL
Bannai is in high spirits, huh? lol
991 Anonymous
There’s a two-shot with Akami-kun on Tenga-kun’s social media
993 Anonymous
Tenga Akira@Zehar Ibrahim/Kamishiro Hajime/Ashiya Douman
I first connected with Kamishiro Hajime and Akami Hajime. I look forward to welcoming all my new juniors
As expected of Tenga-senpai!
995 Anonymous
Indeed, Tenga-senpai is everyone’s senior. He’s so helpful!
996 Anonymous
On the other hand, my Aqua-sama is always getting into fights with Kohina Yukari on social media. Lol
998 Anonymous
Haha, that’s just normal for Aqua-sama
999 Anonymous
By the way, Aqua-sama just posted a short video from the dubbing session on social media! Hurry and check it out!
1000 Anonymous
I hope this work will succeed if it reaches 1000. Please let it have a happy ending! I really don’t want a total annihilation end, aaaaaaah!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
P-Kun… Oh, huh?
Sorry, everyone, something’s… not right with me

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