Male Idol V12c26

Volume 12 Chapter 26 Bulletin Board, Server Crash, Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Latest] Space Knight ZANDAM [BERYL]
3 Anonymous
Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for..
5 Anonymous
Who is the mysterious fifth boy after all? Yamada-kun? Kokucho-kun?
7 Anonymous
Those two are not in the right timeframe. In other words, it means there’s another boy besides the BERYL quartet
10 Anonymous
In the end, all that’s been released on the official website and social media is the information about the male characters lining up, the appearance of BERYL, the three female characters and their voice actors, and a few cuts that don’t seem to include a boy character… What will happen, I wonder
12 Anonymous
Anyway, just take a look
14 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
When you zoom in on the pin badge worn by Catherine Bartley, the representative of the European Union, and the shoulder emblem of the brown-haired boy, they seem to look the same
So, it seems that these two are not affiliated with the same European Union. Also, the clothing worn by the blond-haired boy seems to be from the Federation Republic. It’s similar to the uniform worn by the general soldiers around the diplomat Ingrid Roberts of the Federation Republic, so the possibility seems high
But, if you look closely, the diagonal belt is different from the other soldiers, which makes it a bit suspicious if he’s a soldier of the Federation Republic. Also, as for the silver-haired boy, the accessory sticking out of the back pocket is the same as what the boys accompanying the women are carrying, so maybe there’s some connection
16 Anonymous
18 Anonymous
Nee-san, why are you suddenly speaking so fast!?
20 Anonymous
This is serious player
22 Anonymous
Everyone is surprised, but Nee-san is serious. She’s famous for being a mecha and special effects otaku
25 Anonymous
And she’s tall with big breasts and a big butt. She’s completely amazing… no, she was amazing
27 Anonymous
And even though she’s a 30-year-old single woman, she can marry the coolest guy in the world. From our perspective, we think Nee-san’s story is more like Cinderella than Shumi’s
30 Anonymous
Being a mecha and special effects otaku, is that bad?
32 Anonymous
It seems scary to guys. She’s too intense and speaks too fast
34 Anonymous
I think it’s inevitable for your excitement to increase and for your voice to get louder or faster when you like something. Yeah..
37 Anonymous
Huh? Seriously?
When I was in high school, was it bad that I brought plastic models to school and played with my female friends?
39 Anonymous
Dun-dun (sound of a beam cannon), bari-bari-bari (sound of clashing beam swords), bababababa (sound of vulcan guns), chudoon (sound of shooting down)
42 Anonymous
43 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
45 Anonymous
Stop it, that affects me
47 Anonymous
The person who said that is also taking damage themselves, lol
Don’t worry. Everyone here is experienced
48 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? I also do Chinposuki and sometimes do it at the park, is that bad?
50 Anonymous
51 Anonymous
53 Anonymous
You guys are the best, after all
55 Anonymous
Hagetoru said before that she played Driver pretend with Chinposuki while walking the cat
58 Anonymous
Having no shame is the strongest, huh
60 Anonymous
I still haven’t given up
If Tenga-senpai and Aqua-kun are doing the same thing as us, there’s a chance, right?
63 Anonymous
I support that
64 Anonymous
I want them to do it
66 Anonymous
Well, I don’t have high expectations like Aqua-kun or Tenga-senpai
Isn’t there a boy you like who’s into mecha anime or tokusatsu? I’m 28, work for a general trading company, have H-cup breasts, and ready to feed anytime. Please build plastic models with me!!
68 Anonymous
I’m 24 years old, F-cup, and I work as a nurse. I want a male friend who will play with me using a transformation belt. I’m not asking for a boyfriend. Just someone who will play with me, and I’ll do anything I can for them!
70 Anonymous
I’m 20 years old, G-cup, and a college student. I’m a castle enthusiast. I’m looking for a boy who will go on a castle tour trip with me, and I’ll cover the transportation and hotel expenses. I’m not thinking about anything naughty like losing my virginity on a hot spring trip! Thank you in advance!
71 Anonymous
I’m a 17-year-old JK, C-cup. I’m an idol enthusiast, whether it’s BERYL or not, male or female. I want a male friend who will go to an idol concert with me. I know I’m saying that, but I wouldn’t mind doing something naughty on a trip if the opportunity arises! I can’t hide my desires, I’m sorry!
73 Anonymous
Don’t worry, everyone feels the same way
We’re all hoping for something good to happen
75 Anonymous
You guys, LMAO
77 Anonymous
Everyone’s dreaming too much…
But I understand the feeling!!
80 Anonymous
While you guys are talking about nonsense, it’s already starting
82 Anonymous
Standby while nak*d complete!
84 Anonymous
I hope no one forgot to wear diapers
We promised mom to wear them when BERYL does something!!
86 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
87 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I don’t have money to buy diapers or underwear, so I’ll be going without it!!
89 Anonymous
90 Anonymous
It’s just simple, lol
92 Anonymous
Hey, before you buy a model to play with Chinposuki, buy some underwear first! It’s common sense as a person!!
94 Anonymous
Too much truth, lol
95 Anonymous
Is this the truth punch, LOL
97 Anonymous
98 Anonymous
99 Anonymous
Here we go!!
102 Anonymous
Hey, lol
104 Anonymous
Is it okay to broadcast this?
106 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Since Zandam has many works that focus on social situations, it should be fine. We’ve also done the liberation of managed men a while ago, so there shouldn’t be any particular problem. However, since everyone is involved with BERYL, the social impact might be bigger than in past works
108 Anonymous
Thanks for the explanation
109 Anonymous
As expected of Nee-san
111 Anonymous
Today’s Nee-san, always talking fast
114 Anonymous
Abnormal readings on the radar. Same old Zandam
116 Anonymous
I’ve always thought, the company making the radar in Zandam is a wreck
118 Anonymous
I get it lol
120 Anonymous
And the soldiers using that radar are also a wreck
During important ceremonies, they should dispatch troops to the abnormal areas and visually confirm!! That’s why they keep getting attacked by terrorists. I think they should consider that!
123 Anonymous
True, lol
126 Anonymous
127 Anonymous
A boy suddenly appeareddd!
130 Anonymous
Huh? Silver hair and tan skin? Tenga-senpai?
Huh? What’s with this sudden development, huh?
132 Anonymous
Oh no, this is bad
Zehar-sama is so cool..
133 Anonymous
Can the staff stop stabbing us with sudden fetishes?
135 Anonymous
The purple eyes give off a noble feeling..
138 Anonymous
Wait, silver hair and tan skin really resonate with me
140 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s voice actor isn’t bad
It feels like he’s not just acting, but fully embodying the character, so it’s actually really good
If he’s at this level from the beginning, we can expect a lot from the later episodes
142 Anonymous
Agreed. I thought Tenga-senpai would be good, and it turned out as expected
Even in Heaven’s Sword, there was no discomfort in the voice acting, so the only worry is our Mayushin-kun
145 Anonymous
Damn, Zehar’s face is so good that the content of the conversation doesn’t even matter!
147 Anonymous
Are you me?
148 Anonymous
There’s a livestream, so check it out to confirm. I’ve given up on understanding the content from the first viewing LOL
150 Anonymous
It’s the Itabashi Circus!
151 Anonymous
It’s the Hongou Circus original!
153 Anonymous
I’m already overwhelmed from the very beginning
155 Anonymous
I know. I’m already satisfied too
157 Anonymous
Catherine looks younger than I imagined
159 Anonymous
Saijo-san is really skilled. It’s no wonder she has done several hit anime as the main character
162 Anonymous
The elegance and crispness of the voice are nice. Is Saijo-san’s voice a bit cool this time?
164 Anonymous
That’s the feeling
166 Anonymous
Is Ingrid Mimorin?
168 Anonymous
Is it because of the voice actor that Ingrid, Mimorin-senpai, looks a little older?
170 Anonymous
Do you want to die?
171 Anonymous
You’ll be erased
173 Anonymous
Mimorin is already a veteran
175 Anonymous
All three female cast members who have been announced are skilled. I think it’s also a key point to see how much they can cover and push up the male cast
177 Anonymous
Did Catherine and Ingrid actually have a relationship? The atmosphere is not just that of ordinary female friends, it’s exciting
180 Anonymous
Ah, I understand. It’s like the feeling of saying “we were dating” during our college days
182 Anonymous
As expected, it’s the security
184 Anonymous
As technology advances, human errors seem to increase. It’s like, don’t rely too much on machines and make sure to visually confirm safety, you know?
186 Anonymous
Oh, I get it. Let me tell you about the time when the remote rotor I was using got stuck inside the va**na and I had to go to the hospital
188 Anonymous
As expected. I never fail to meet the expectations of the bulletin board community
190 Anonymous
Ah, the classic bulletin board community experience
191 Anonymous
Yeah, I’ve heard a similar story before. I thought I heard a story about a bulletin board community member who broke an eggplant and had to call an ambulance
193 Anonymous
Wow, that’s an even more ridiculous story LOL
195 Anonymous
Yeah, the bulletin board community never fails to deliver. If you look, you’ll find even worse ones
197 Anonymous
Zehar-kun, come on!
198 Anonymous
It’s amazing!!
199 Anonymous
This is amazing
201 Anonymous
The drawing is cool
It’s nice to see him really getting into mecha combat
203 Anonymous
It was so easy to get through the security network lol
205 Anonymous
I wish my hymen was as thin as this, but no one has penetrated it in 26 years..
207 Anonymous
Isn’t it ironclad?
209 Anonymous
It can’t be helped, because there aren’t any boys who can break through
212 Anonymous
I see. Zehar’s goal is to free the people of his own tribe who are trapped on the ground
215 Anonymous
What Nee-san said is true
As expected from the Robo Anisle review team
217 Anonymous
Is there even a discussion team instead of the Verification Team? LOL
219 Anonymous
So, Zehar and the others are descendants of people who managed to escape to space when their tribe was invaded by a major power. That’s why they want to help the descendants of the tribes left on Earth, who are treated almost like slaves
222 Anonymous
A massive unit has arrived!!
224 Anonymous
This bulky feeling reminds me of the Lightning Hopper lol
Although the coloring is different
226 Anonymous
Mayujumi-kun has arrived!!!!!
227 Anonymous
Mayushin-kun is here!!
229 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai’s variable unit is too sleek, but compared to Mayuzumi-kun’s unit, it looks not just one size smaller, but about two sizes smaller
232 Anonymous
234 Anonymous
Milady and Joshua… Good!
235 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t this the ideal for a boy or girl to be like a loyal dog?
237 Anonymous
I see. Is this a loyal boyfriend?
239 Anonymous
I think our Aa-sama is a loyal dog type, or rather, a dog type boyfriend
I think he’ll be as happy as a dog if I show him my big breasts
241 Anonymous
Of course that doesn’t happen, right?
243 Anonymous
I want Aqua-sama to be happy. And I want him to lick my P-cup n**ples like a dog!!
245 Anonymous
I’m so jealous of Catherine
I want to have a pet like Joshua too
247 Anonymous
Where is the pet shop that sells Aqu-tan?
249 Anonymous
Joshua seems a bit difficult or rather, he seems strict, which is good. I initially thought Mayuzumi-kun was like that too, but he couldn’t hide his overflowing kindness towards Aqua-kun and his childlike innocence during the USJ arc. So I’m looking forward to the episode where Joshua-kun melts
251 Anonymous
Wait! Are the two of them going to fight!?
253 Anonymous
No way! It’s a loss for humanity if these cool boys fight each other!!
255 Anonymous
What are the girls around doing? Just stop it normally!!
257 Anonymous
Zehar-kun, Joshua-kun… Please stop playing such a dangerous game and have fun in the back room with this big sister, okay? If you’re frustrated, how about rubbing your private to feel refreshed? Just mindlessly suck on the big sister’s milk, okay?
259 Anonymous
Ugyaaaaaaa, both of you stoppp!
262 Anonymous
When I imagine the two of them fighting for me, my **** twitches
264 Anonymous
You’re a genius. That’s my material for tonight!
265 Anonymous
As expected of the bulletin board users! I’ll go with that material tonight too!!
267 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Catherine’s goal is to improve the status of men. Judging from the cut in the flashback, it seems that there have been various things so far because she sends valuable men to the battlefield. However, due to the nature of being a slave, Joshua is Catherine’s property, so I thought he forcefully pushed himself into it
269 Anonymous
Are you guys having a low-rated conversation on top of this?
270 Anonymous
As expected of Nee-san..
272 Anonymous
Listen up, you guys. >>267 This is the rating range for women who can be with Aqu-tan
274 Anonymous
Well, that’s helpful
276 Anonymous
Stop, that affects me…
278 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Gyuingyuing! (Beam cannon that doesn’t hit)
280 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Babababababa (Rapid-fire Vulcan with little damage)
283 Anonymous
285 Anonymous
I’m getting sad comparing it to Nee-san’s response…
288 Anonymous
I see, so this is the rating range that can’t be with >>278 and >>280. Understood
290 Anonymous
Oh, Zandam from Federation Republic has arrived!!
292 Anonymous
Wow, it’s a really rough-looking one!
294 Anonymous
Nice. The rifle has a sense of romance, but I love the design that’s so rough
296 Anonymous
Stop it, the moss green and yellow-brown coloring really resonates with me!!
I’m already 30. I’ve graduated from playing with plastic models! …But oh well
Even if I quit, I couldn’t get married, so I’ll buy plastic models again. Yay!!
298 Anonymous
I still hope there’s a boy somewhere who will build plastic models with me!
300 Anonymous
Toa-chan is hereeeeeee!
301 Anonymous
303 Anonymous
I can’t stand that scornful look
With that face, I want him to scold me for saying that
305 Anonymous
306 Anonymous
Michael-kun, why are you riding that rough-looking Zandam when you’re so cute?
308 Anonymous
I was captivated by that contrast
310 Anonymous
Wait a minute, is Toa-chan also part of a different faction?
312 Anonymous
Everyone is scattered
315 Anonymous
Yes, it’s the Zaru (Zaku?) security
317 Anonymous
The European Union was attacked by terrorists during the ceremony and the defense network was breached, and the Republic had its new model stolen from the hangar. We can rest assured with the reliable Zaru security
320 Anonymous
“Reliable Zaru security” is a mysterious power phrase that brings peace of mind. LOL
322 Anonymous
Awawawa, Michael-kun in cross-dressing..
324 Anonymous
Toa-chan even cross-dress in anime. LOL
325 Anonymous
I was relieved to see that Toa-chan’s character is properly cross-dressing in the anime
327 Anonymous
Choking play!?
328 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
330 Anonymous
I envy the ordinary soldiers too much!!
332 Anonymous
I also want a boy like Michael to choke me
334 Anonymous
Today’s material will be choking with Michael-kun!!
336 Anonymous
Zandam is expanding our sexual preferences!!
339 Anonymous
Ah, I love the irritated Michael-kun..
341 Anonymous
I want to press my big breasts against the irritated Michael-kun from behind, whisper words into his ears, and give him a n**ple massage with a ring..
343 Anonymous
I laughed because there’s someone else thinking the same thing. It’s good to know there are comrades on the bulletin board after all
345 Anonymous
Bad news, there are already females in heat even though Aqua-kun’s character hasn’t appeared yet
347 Anonymous
The moment he appears, I wonder if there will be someone who goes crazy and dies?
350 Anonymous
351 Anonymous
352 Anonymous
355 Anonymous
Wow, a new boy has arrived!
357 Anonymous
Huh? Who?
Whose voice is that?
359 Anonymous
Is this the new boy?
361 Anonymous
It’s Tan-kun
362 Anonymous
Got it, Tan-kun
364 Anonymous
This kid has a nice voice..
365 Anonymous
He has a good voice
And, I thought Toa-chan was good, but this kid is even better
367 Anonymous
Whose voice is it?
He’s better than any male voice actor I’ve ever heard
369 Anonymous
Finally, a revolution has happened in the world of male voice actors!?
371 Anonymous
Who is it really?
I’m a voice enthusiast and I follow all the male voice actors, but his voice is unlike any other
When Kamonohashi-san acted as a voice actor before, it was good, but I think the girl is even better. You can tell just by listening to his voice
No doubt, he has surpassed all male voice actors with just one voice
373 Anonymous
It’s exciting to see the success of the BERYL boys
But equally exciting is seeing the boys who were influenced by Aqua-kun and BERYL giving their best!!
375 Anonymous
Wow, it looks like the end credits staff roll!!
378 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Sunset standing!!
380 Anonymous
Is Kakogi’s kadoki stance and Okawara’s kawara stance still not here!?
382 Anonymous
Nee-san looks so happy to respond in seconds, kinda cute lol
385 Anonymous
What’s going on with the animation team!?
Could it be that they’re gathering all the forces of Sunset and Bannai to make this..
387 Anonymous
It’s there. It’s totally there
389 Anonymous
It seems like they’re putting the entire budget of one series into episode 1
392 Anonymous
There’s even a dream all-star Zandam. Even the staff is undisclosed
394 Anonymous
My friend who’s a Zandam fan is fainting from the amazing animation, LOL
396 Anonymous
Well, of course. The quality of the animation that may or may not happen a few times in one series has been going on for a while
398 Anonymous
The first episode is so funny, they spent a lot of money on the movie LOL
400 Anonymous
And even though this is a 45-minute extended first episode, there are still no commercials after 20 minutes
The broadcasting station is really serious about this LOL
402 Anonymous
Wow, something’s happening!!
403 Anonymous
Our Aqua-sama is here!?
405 Anonymous
Hmm? I wonder who it is…?
407 Anonymous
I’ve never heard this voice before
I wonder who the voice actor is?
409 Anonymous
Is it a newcomer?
411 Anonymous
Isn’t it heavy for a newcomer female voice actor to be in this work?
But this person is actually amazing
413 Anonymous
She has a very pure voice
415 Anonymous
Her voice is like that of a beautiful big sister, but it’s also cute
417 Anonymous
This is my ideal voice
I wish I was born with a voice like this too
419 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before. It’s like, I keep hearing this voice here and there
422 Anonymous
No, no, we won’t forget this voice, right?
423 Anonymous
Hey, you know, it’s not good to always say irresponsible things, you know?
425 Anonymous
426 Anonymous
427 Anonymous
429 Anonymous
Yes, my ears just got pregnant. Take responsibility, Aqua-sama!!
431 Anonymous
Wow. Both of my little sisters who were watching together in the living room just collapsed!
433 Anonymous
It’s amazing how he can make it clear with just one voice..
435 Anonymous
I was drawn to Tan’s voice, Zehar’s silver hair and tanned skin, Joshua’s loyalty, and Michael’s disdain. And then, I realized right in front of me, you are my woman, right? It hit me like a bolt of lightning
437 Anonymous
I understand
438 Anonymous
I can’t agree more
439 Anonymous
I can only understand
441 Anonymous
We are Aqua-sama’s women, that’s what it means!
443 Anonymous
Confessing right off the bat, truly fitting for Aa-sama. The dimensions are definitely messed up, desu~wa
445 Anonymous
>Nina, let’s get married. I don’t want to leave you behind
>I don’t care about anything else. I want you, Nina… I want to be with you
I want to hear such lines at least once in my life
447 Anonymous
I get it…!
449 Anonymous
I’ll stick with you forever, so please accept it!!
451 Anonymous
Dang, Nina, I wanted to say dang, but her voice is super cute, so it’s even more intense
453 Anonymous
I understand. Nina’s reaction is cute, so when we imagine ourselves in Nina’s position, it’s the best feeling
456 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This, Shumi is dead lol
459 Anonymous
I understand lol
460 Anonymous
Definitely looks dead lol
461 Anonymous
463 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey hey, it’s evening, you know! Can they broadcast this kind of stuff during family time!?
465 Anonymous
This is too crazy from the beginning…
467 Anonymous
The animation of the non-mechanical parts is also amazing, lol
469 Anonymous
Seriously, the animation around here is amazing…
471 Anonymous
Not only the scenes with mechs, but also this era without using CG, it’s all hand-drawn. What they’re doing is weird…
473 Anonymous
They must have blown the entire budget without thinking about the future or profits, lol
475 Anonymous
477 Anonymous
479 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
481 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m getting really into picking flowers. Hehe…
483 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!
485 Anonymous
Breaking news, they broadcasted a scene in Zandam that suggests sexual activity in front of the family
487 Anonymous
This, the TV station is serious. They’re really planning to have a serious fight with the ethics committee
489 Anonymous
Even if it ends here, it became a legend in one episode
491 Anonymous
What Leon did
Proposed as soon as he appeared -> emphasized proposal and hug -> convincing kiss -> completion of making a child
This all took only about 1 to 2 minutes
Is this also Kenzaki?
494 Anonymous
A splendid development and conclusion
495 Anonymous
Is Aa-sama doing a 4-panel manga alone?
497 Anonymous
A solo 4-panel manga, lol
499 Anonymous
Nina is amazing just for having a 4-panel. If it were us, we’d fall for it in less than 2 panels

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