Male Idol V12c27

Volume 12 Chapter 27 Mikoto Sabato, There’s Only One Way To Fix A Broken Machine

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Hmm… huh? I can’t see the bulletin board? The server might be down.”

 ”Miss, it’s banned.”

 ”Hey, unlike Hagetoru, I didn’t mutter about being restricted!”

 Huh? I feel dizzy for some reason.

 I wonder what’s wrong… It’s a little strange.

 After watching Zandam with everyone, suddenly I feel a strong discomfort in my body.

 [Error! Error! Unable to connect to the server!!]

 Ah… this warning message is bad.

 Um, um, let’s disable Ultimate Mode and allocate resources to the cooling function…


 Oh no no no! Being in a null state is really bad!!

 I need to quickly show it to Koyomi-neechan…

 I place my hand on the wall and head towards the entrance.

 ”I’m home! Oh, Mikoto-chan, what’s wrong?”

 Ah! Aqua-sama gently caught me as my body wavered.

 ”Ah!! Huh? It’s unusually hot, but are you okay? Should we go to the hospital, or, right, I can save you…”

 ”I-I’m fine!! If I rest, I’ll get better!”

 ”But, Mikoto-chan…”

 ”Welcome back! Hey, what happened to both of you?”

 Thinking that if things continued like this, I would be taken to the hospital, I desperately tried to convince Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama.

 ”For now, let’s put you in bed, but if the fever doesn’t go down, we’ll take you to the night hospital tonight.”


 This is bad. I have to do something….

 I immediately connected to Koyomi-nee-chan’s line.


 Beep! Oh right. I was also the server for the Holy Aqua Religion’s communication network…

 ”Huh? Beryl’s website is down…”

 ”Oh, you’re right. There are quite a few parts that can’t be accessed. I wonder what happened?”

 In the distance, I can hear Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama talking.

 ”Well, whatever. Instead of that, I’ll go buy various things downstairs.”

 ”Oh, Pegonia, please go with him.”

 ”Understood. Ruuna-san, please take care of the young lady and Mikoto-san.”

 ”Yeah, got it.”

 Oh no, this is bad! This is a dangerous situation! I desperately think about what I should do in this emergency. First, I can’t reveal my secret. And besides, Rin-chan is in the middle of a mission… Ah, there they are. I found them! There’s one Holy Aqua Religion Bishop guarding outside, and Kagari Rinon-san, the observer, is here. Within this range, I should be able to communicate with Rinon-san via radio… I connect to the earpiece that Rinon-san is wearing.

 [Beep, Buzz]

 ’Mikoto… What’s wrong?’

 Ugh, my vocal cords are damaged due to overheating, so I can’t deliver my voice properly. But don’t worry, if it’s Rion, she should notice me with this method.

 […---… TontontonTsuutsuutoontonton]

 Please! Notice it, Rinon-san!!

 ’Huh!? Is this Morse code?’

 As expected, Rinon-san! It’s no wonder she was in a real battlefield. I’m using Morse code to explain the situation to Rinon-san.

 ’Understood. I’ll manage something on my end. Leave it to me.’

 Thank you, Rinon-san!

 I’ve asked the supervising officer to arrange for reinforcements that can quickly go to your location.’

 Reinforcements? I wonder who it is. Is it Rin-chan? Or perhaps Mary-sama?

 ”That’s weird. That’s weird!”

 ”Emily-senpai… I thought something happened when you suddenly came, but are you practicing the imitation of Kaede-paisen from Onmyoji for the next Small Impersonation King Championship?”

 ”Ah, no… It’s not that! More importantly, Shumi. Where is Mikoto!?”

 ”If it’s Mikoto-chan, she’s sleeping in her room…”

 ”OK! Shumi, sorry, but prepare a large amount of ice water in a plastic bag for me!”

 ”Ah, sure. That’s fine, but don’t wake Mikoto-chan up.”

 I can hear footsteps coming from a distance, making a clattering sound. Ah I already know who it is, but I have a really bad feeling about this.

 ”Mikoto, don’t worry! It’s me!”


 ”Damn, it sounds like an old fax machine on the verge of breaking. This is serious!!”

 Claire-sama, why does it have to be the Saint of all people? Mikoto already have a bad feeling… Ugh! What? What? Something just hit Mikoto’s face.

 ”For now, I brought all the cooling sheets we had at home. Let’s cool you down with these!!”

 The Saint sticks the cooling sheets all over my body. The side where she are applied is getting hotter, but I wonder if this has any effect?

 ”Darn it, is this still not enough! Let’s turn on the air conditioning to the max, put on the fan, and set up a water pillow…”

 ”Emily-senpai, I brought the ice water as you told me to, but… huh!? What are you doing!?”

 ”If we don’t do this, the cooling won’t catch up!”

 Kanon-sama is laying ice-filled plastic bags around my body, armpits, and between my legs. Yeah, I’m happy that she’s doing all these things for me, but isn’t this, you know, like being in a coffin?

 ”Wait, this, a dead body…”

 ”Shumi, don’t say unlucky things!”

 ”No, no! But having a cooling sheet on the face is bad, right! At least peel it off from the mouth area. Mikoto-chan might really die!”

 Whew… saved. Thank you, Kanon-sama!!

 ”I’m back! Oh, Emily-san was here… so cold! Huh…? Is this the South Pole or the North Pole?”

 Grr! As expected of Aqua-sama. He’s quick to react, perhaps because he’s used to variety shows!

 ”Achoo! Oh… that’s not good. This might actually give me a cold. See, Kanon is going to break her pom-pom right now, so let’s go outside.”

 ”Oh, okay…”

 Aqua-sama places the medicine and jelly he bought on the desk and leaves the room with Kanon-sama. Um, while you’re at it, could you also go pick up the saint who’s over there?

 ’Mikoto, something terrible has happened…’

 Rinon-san!? What are you doing at a time like this!? Actually, I’m the one in trouble here! I’m in a complete panic!!

 ’Koyomi-san rushed over immediately… but because she came in a hurry, she was only wearing a lab coat over her underwear. So, right in front of me, the police ladies called out to her and took her somewhere… ‘Excuse me, can you come with us?”

 What’s going on!? Hey, Koyomi-neechan, what are you really doing!? Is the Holy Aqua Religion only filled with smart airheads!? I’ll hijack the police lines around here.

 ’Excuse me, miss… do you know what month it is right now? It’s January, you know? Do you realize you’re dressed strangely?’

 ’Oh, I’m sorry. Can I see your ID, please?’

 ’Can’t stand the Zandam and had to leave? That’s nice. We haven’t seen it yet. Oh, please, no spoilers.’

 ’Huh? Working for Beryl Entertainment!? Seriously?’

 ’This is Shirogane9, Kojimachi headquarters. We’ve apprehended a person wearing a mask and walking half-naked in front of the Shirogane residence. Holding a Beryl employee ID, please confirm in the headquarters database. What? The server’s down?’

 Ah, this is no good. Sorry, Koyomi-neechan. Gotta tough it out on my own from here…

 ”Darn it, sounds like something’s broken, like a washing machine. This is getting really bad!”

 Huh? Oh, oh? I noticed that my body was shaking. Ah… Did the cooling function kick back in? Maybe that’s why I realized the temperature needed for activation has dropped.

 ”So chilly! Uh oh, now it’s getting too cold!!”

 Frantically, the saint turns off the air conditioner and fan. Then, a little while later, Aqua comes back to my room.

 ”What happened, Emily-san?”

 ”I ended up getting too cold this time…”

 ”Huh…? Oh, you’re right. It’s freezing!”

 ”Oh, yeah, I just had a great idea!!”

 Ugh, I have a bad feeling… When the saint has a good idea, it’s never good…

 ”Aqua, please hug Mikoto and warm her up with your body heat!”

 Beeeeeepppp! Boom boom! She’s started saying something unbelievable again!

 ”Is it, is it okay!? Thank you, thank you… no, that’s not it. This is treatment, so it can’t be helped. Yeah, it can’t be helped because it’s treatment.”

 While Aqua-sama was making excuses, he hugged me tightly. By the way, it was only for a brief 3 seconds. Even though Aqua-sama is making excuses, from the moment he starts making them, he’s already completely engrossed, and there’s no time for hesitation.

 Anyway, Aqua-sama is quick to act if nothing else. J-just the other day, he, he was doing it in the laundry room with Pegonia-san wearing a uniform… N-no, I am Mikoto, the maid of the Shirogane!

 ”Mikoto-chan, are you okay?”

 I’m not okay! Ha-wa-wa-wa, being embraced by Aqua-sama suddenly made my fever… rise again.

 ”What’s wrong, Mikoto!? You’re overheating again!”

 There’s nothing I can do! Is the saint trying to kill me?”

 ”Nin-nin, excuse me.”



 Ah, Rin-chan! Finally, a normal person has arrived!

 ”In situations like this, you should do this… Gah!”

 Rin-chan lightly taps the side of my head with her hand. Ouch! Seriously! What are you doing, Rin-chan?

 [Error has been fixed!!]

 Huh!? Are you kidding me…? Will this fix the null pointer error?

 ”Well, like this, from the side, *tap*, that’s the trick.”

 Am I a black and white TV from the old days!!

 [Server will restart!]

 Oh no… It’s no use. As soon as the main camera loses power, I lose consciousness.

 ”Hmm, hmm… Huh!?”

 As the main camera comes back to life, I immediately check the situation.

 [Confirming connection with the Saint Network!]

 [Confirming operation of the bulletin board!]

 [Confirming operation of the Beryl official website!]

 Good… everything is working properly…

 Just to make sure, I’ll check the state of the bulletin board.

380 Anonymous

Oh! It’s back up!!

381 Anonymous

It’s rare for Saba-chan to go down.

382 Anonymous

The high workload on Saba-chan for the past month.

December 23rd: Last Survivor stream.

December 24th: Together with Onii-san.

December 24th: Concert at the Cathedral.

December 24th: Appearance on “It’s Okay to Laugh”.

December 24th: Christmas live.

December 24th: Christmas night parade.

December 24th: Christmas gift distribution, Day 1.

December 25th: Heaven’s Sword – Toa-chan henshin episode.

December 25th: Start of Inko’s maiden game stream.

December 25th: Christmas gift distribution, Day 2.

December 25th: Impromptu participation in MeloMelo recording.

December 25th: Start of Kohina Yukari’s game stream.

December 25th: beryl&beryl Christmas Special.

I can’t write it all down…

383 Anonymous


Now that I think about it, Aqua-sama is a monster for living like this for the past 30 days…

I wonder who has more physical strength than the physical monster Morikawa Kaede.

384 Anonymous


After this, there will be the final episode of Yuu-onii, and at the end of the year there will be a singing contest, Heaven’s Sword, a pregnancy press conference, desert island escape, Onmyoji, and the King of Impersonation Stories. There’s the championship, Shiro-kun’s homework showdown, specialist Shirogane Aqua, Beryl’s first sale, Kazoku’s disbandment, and the start of the national tour. Saba-chan’s bullying is so bad LOL

385 Anonymous


Shirogane Aqua is a man who can do a year’s work in a month.

386 Anonymous


That’s the problem, the server load is intense. The award ceremony was a real hit, though.

387 Anonymous


Aqua-sama should take responsibility… But, I guess marrying a server is out of the question.

388 Verification Team *07218KADO6


Aqua-sama: “Who decided that humans and servers can’t get married?”

389 Anonymous


If it’s Aqua-sama, anything is possible, lol.

390 Anonymous


LOL, hilarious.

391 Anonymous


There’s nothing Aqu-tan can’t do, so we can’t say it’s impossible, LOL.

392 Anonymous

Shirogane Aqua is a man who doesn’t conform to common sense!!

 The bulletin board is still peaceful as always.

 I was worried about how people would react if it went down right after Zandam, but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves normally. When I get out of bed, I check my own situation.


 My clothes are all wet, like they’ve been soaked in sweat. Maybe I need to change. I get up and try to change my clothes, but at that moment, I lock eyes with my master who opens the door.

 ”Oh… I’m sorry!”

 ”N-No, it’s okay…”

 It seems that kind Aqua-sama came to check on me out of concern. From moments like this, I can tell that Aqua-sama is different. Aqua-sama apologizes to me, a maid, for not knocking.

 ”Well… if anything, I should be the one apologizing. Even though it was an accident, I exposed myself to a man. I’m sorry, my master.”

 ”Oh no, it’s not a big deal… In fact, thank you… I mean, never mind.”

 I replay the image of Aqua-sama staring at my body in my mind on endless repeat. Ahh! To feel sexual excitement towards this artificial body, Aqua-sama is completely different from other men. I wonder if Aqua-sama wants to touch my body?

 ”Um… Master, I have a small favor to ask. Would that be alright?”

 ”Sure. What’s up?”

 I discard my clothes in front of the master, leaving only my underwear.

 ”I feel all sticky and gross from sweating, could you please help me wipe down my body?”

 ”Huh!? Is, is that okay?”

 Aqua-sama seems to be confirming, but his eyes are sparkling, and he has a towel in hand. His actions and words don’t quite match. Even from my mechanical perspective, Aqua-sama seems to be in high spirits despite his words.


 ”Excuse me~!”

 I have Aqua-sama gently wipe my back. Despite being just water, Aqua-sama seems happily mistaken, sniffing the scent as if it were sweat. They claim it smells nice, but that’s all thanks to the diffuser function integrated into my body.

 I’m the Ultimate High-Performance Server, capable of being a humidifier and an aroma pod. Ehehe! And the pleasant scent is also due to the fragrance loved by Aqua-sama, researched by one of the Holy Aqua Religion’s twelve bishops, the perfumer.

 ”Oh… well, please do it again.”


 ”Yes, um, it tends to accumulate particularly under the breasts and in the cleavage.”

 ”Mikoto-chan… leave it to me.”

 Ah, so this is what Kohina Yukari-san meant when she said that if I make a cool and sharp face, everything will work out… I understand now.

 Haa, Aqua-sama is usually cool and has lived longer than Mikoto, but this pure and childlike side of him is so adorable.

 I wonder why. Sometimes, I feel like teasing him a little bit?

 Huh!? That was close, I was about to activate Dark 3510, also known as Ultimate Brat Mode. Safe!!

 By the way, to officially switch to the hidden mode, Brat Mode, I have to manipulate the left and right n**les and input the secret command: down, down, up, up, right, left, right, left, AB.


 Because Mikoto’s body is properly wired, I can feel Aqua-sama’s touch. Wow, this is what it feels like to be touched by someone you like…

 I wonder why it tickles around the area below the belly button. Oh, speaking of which, the Saint once said, “If you feel ticklish around the belly button, consult me first. I’ll teach you how to solve it.” Or something like that, Guhehe?

 “H-how is it, Mikoto-chan?”

 What should I do… After being touched so much, Mikoto may have developed a habit too!

 Ah, there might be some tingling around the hole where old cooling water is drained.

 “Ah, um, if you don’t mind, but, uh, inside my pants…”

 ”Yes, I got it!!”

 Aqua-sama smiles kindly at me with the coolest face today.

 “It’s okay. I don’t have any strange feelings or anything, so I want you to trust me…!”

 Aqua-sama’s face now is the same as when the saint asked Claire-san to trust her.


 Master’s fingertips slowly rubbed Mikoto’s vertical muscles through the towel. At that moment, an electric shock ran through my body! It felt like…


 I’m c**ing! What does c**ming mean?

 The artificial nerve cells buried within Mikoto’s body twitch.

 At that moment, yellow colored used cooling water spewed out from the drain hole.Oh no, I have to close it properly. Ugghhh, no! I’m supposed to be an adult!!

 ”I-I’m sorry, Master.”

 Huff, huff… What was that? It made my heart race and felt so good. Oh… I’m getting too excited, and the CPU temperature is rising. This is dangerous…!

 ”Mikoto-chan, you don’t need to apologize! Rather, I want to say thank you. I should be the one thanking you!!”

 A girl peeing… well, technically it’s just used coolant, but no man would be happy to have that thrown at them, right? I thought Aqua-sama was really kind after all.

 ”T-Thank you.”

 ”No, thank you!!”

 Aqua-sama doesn’t need to say thank you. I chuckle.

 ”How about dinner? Are you hungry?”

 ”Oh… I’m going to bed now.”

 I thought I should stay in sleep mode to debug my whole body in case there’s a problem with the server being down.

 ”Alright then, goodnight. Mikoto-chan.”

 ”Yes, thank you very much.”

 Huh? Come to think of it, it feels like I’m forgetting something important… Oh well! Aqua-sama, the Saint, and Morikawa-san always say not to worry about the little things, so I won’t! I won’t worry!!



 Huh!? Oh, by the way, where’s Koyomi-nee-chan!?

 Remembering that Koyomi-nee-chan is being taken care of by the police, I contact one of the Holy Aqua Religion’s twelve bishops, the servant Sumeragi Kukuri-sama. Phew, that’s a relief. I almost forgot and fell asleep!

 I enter sleep mode once again and begin a full body error check.

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