Male Idol V12c28

Volume 12 Chapter 28 Prime Minister Habu, Responsibility And Duty

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The January 2023 session of the Diet is the first important session of the year. As the Prime Minister, I have the obligation to express my convictions to the people on the occasion of the opening of this session. We cannot afford any mistakes. It is not acceptable to have errors in our statements or news. Who will take responsibility if there are any mistakes? That is why the expression of convictions has gradually become manualized and has turned into ambiguous words that sound like they mean something.

 However, with such superficial words, I cannot convey the message I truly want to convey. That’s what I thought, so from the day I tore up the script that my secretary worked hard to produce during my first expression of convictions, I have been conveying my convictions in my own words. Of course, I later apologized to the secretary who worked hard to write the script. That is that, and this is this.

 ”Prime Minister Habu will now deliver his statement of convictions.”


 I stood up from my seat and headed to the podium with only an envelope in hand.

 ”On the occasion of the opening of the Diet, I, Habu, the Prime Minister, would like to express a part of my conviction to the people of the nation.”

 It is crucial to clarify who the conviction is being expressed to and from whom. Furthermore, by stating that it is from me, the Prime Minister, it becomes clear who bears the responsibility. This signifies taking responsibility and serving as the leader of this country.

 ”As the Prime Minister of Japan, I always strive to improve this country. Members of the Diet, what do you think needs to be done for this country to improve? In my opinion, it is for the people of the nation to lead happy and healthy lives. It is to ensure the safety of the nation and allow the people to live their daily lives with peace of mind. I believe these two things are of utmost importance.”

 As I sway my body from side to side, I pose a question to all the members of the Diet who are present. We are neither outsiders nor bystanders. This is a performance to make it clear that we are stakeholders.

 ”In our country, there are numerous areas for improvement regardless of the size of the problem. Among them, three major issues stand out. One is related to the economy. Another is about Beryl Entertainment and its significant involvement in the economic issues, specifically Shirogane Aqua-san. The last one pertains to the general content regarding the signs of change between men and women through Shirogane Aqua-san’s activities and the future of men in relation to these matters.”

 As soon as Aqua-kun’s name is mentioned, there is a slight laughter. Stop it! You’re going to distract me when I’m in serious mode!!

 ”As we know, the Consumer Price Index reached its highest point in 2022. Some companies made significant profits in line with that, while others did not. Similarly, there were people who experienced a significant increase in income, as well as those who did not. The key here is Beryl. We have confirmed that there is a significant disparity in sales, profits, and the income of people working in companies related to Beryl compared to those that are not.”

 This is a big problem, to put it bluntly. It’s not a problem that can be solved by individual efforts, but rather it can greatly skew the distribution of wealth and even cause the social system itself to collapse if it becomes heavily biased towards Beryl. Therefore, as politicians, there is a need to create a system that corrects this and promotes equality to some extent.

 ”Well, let me give you a clear example.”

 I take out a packet of biscuits from my pocket.

 ”As you all know, these are the biscuits that Morinaga collaborated with Shirogane Aqua-san and BERYL. Everyone, did you buy any biscuits or cookies other than Morinaga last year? Please try to remember how many snacks you bought from other major confectionery companies besides Morinaga. In our country, Japan, there are many confectionery manufacturers, not just Morinaga. What happens when the balance is concentrated in one company? Please imagine, all the citizens in front of their TVs, computer monitors, tablets, or smartphones.”

 I take a moment to pause here and look around again.

 ”If the money flowing into a specific market flows into one company, then competing companies will struggle. It’s normal competition principles. In this field, it’s about whether it’s delicious, not delicious, or not worth the cost. Other snacks besides Morinaga, you know, they’re also delicious.”

 I reach into the opposite pocket and take out a small bag of biscuits from another company, open the bag, and take a bite. It may be a bit over-the-top in terms of performance, but clarity is very important. I mutter, “Mmm, it’s delicious.”

 ”I’m already discussing this matter with Beryl Entertainment, Shirogane Aqua-san, and the companies that have contracts with them. The final form hasn’t been completely decided yet, but we will transition to industry-wide CM contracts. We’ll rotate the CMs. We’ll make the campaign applicable to other company products. Or we’ll pool the profits related to Beryl and distribute them to each company. We’re discussing trying various methods for now and settling on the best approach.”

 Beryl, Morinaga, and Momofuku were cooperative, which allowed us to progress with the discussion. Moreover, it was good that we communicated this through Aqua-kun during the meeting for the arranged marriage party, rather than negotiating directly with each company or Beryl. Since no one would oppose Aqua-kun’s decision, it was Mary-sama’s teaching to aim for a direct strike from the beginning, as she loves taking the initiative.

 ”As for the overseas companies that have contracts with Beryl, we have ensured that funds do not flow out of Japan by not moving them from the bank accounts held by the Japanese subsidiary. We have also made them sign an agreement to participate in a framework linked to Japanese companies. If this commitment is violated, the government will intervene with the responsibility and determination to protect the market and the livelihood of the people.”

 Negotiating with foreign companies was challenging, especially compared to domestic ones. Frankly speaking, government intervention in private companies is not a good thing, or rather, it is not something that happens often. In some cases, negotiations could have broken down and led to lengthy legal battles. Therefore, I took the next step to restrain overseas companies and their respective governments.

 ”Therefore, as the Prime Minister, I have invoked the special executive power that only the Prime Minister can exercise in times of natural disasters, wars, and other emergencies. I have acquired 7% of Beryl Entertainment’s shares from the reserve budget of the fiscal year 2022.”

 The venue erupts in a loud murmur. Because this is the first time this fact is being revealed at this very moment. Although this is confidential information, out of all of Beryl’s shares, currently 30% is held by President Atori Ako and Chairman Shirogane Marin, 20% by Aqua-kun, and 5% each by President Morinaga Megumi, Chairman Fuji Ranko, 1% each by Mary-sama, Princess Manaat, and Kukuri-sama, as individual asset companies.

 According to Mary-sama, they have made an agreement to transfer their shares to Aqua-kun in the event that the individuals holding the shares pass away. I see, this is the testament of the believers. Furthermore, it seems that the order of transfer is determined if Aqua-kun has passed away at the time of transfer, it will be passed on to the children of Kanon-san and Kanon-sama….

 ”I also wrote a memorandum stating that the government will not intervene in what Beryl Entertainment intends to do, and that we will follow the intentions in the order of Shirogane Aqua-san, President Atori Ako, and Chairman Shirogane Marin, concerning the 7% voting rights.”

 I took the memorandum out of the envelope and pointed it towards the camera for clarity. The government simply wants an excuse to intervene, and we want to appeal to the nation and the world that we will not be involved in anything else.

 Also, it’s important to know in advance what the government might do… it’s important to know Beryl’s actions in advance. There’s a big difference between being able to prepare for a response knowing the actions in advance and not knowing.

 ”After this, we will publish a copy of this memorandum on the government’s official website. Please check the details there.”

 I put the memorandum back in the envelope and faced the nation again through the microphone.

 ”Next, I would like to talk about men’s issues.”

 There was a tense atmosphere among the members of the assembly. I then took out a book from the envelope.

 ”The government has secretly created a new textbook for s*x education for men. Can you bring the camera closer?”

 I firmly held the book with both hands and faced the camera.

 [The Complete Encyclopedia of Male s*xual Preferences, Author: MM Master A / Translator: Master Glasses / Publisher: Convex Chest Printing]

 Believe it or not, the author of this book is none other than Aqua-kun. I couldn’t believe it at first, but Aqua-kun is the only one who could write something like this without much thought. And if you look closely, you’ll see that there’s an “A” in the author’s name.

 Wait, could it be that the translator, Master Glasses, is… Yeah, I’ll pretend I didn’t know anything about it. Also, the publisher, Convex Chest Printing, is the front company of the Holy Aqua Religion. The content can be summed up in one word: amazing. If a girl were to see it, she might have a nosebleed and faint. I heard that the parts about male cross-dressers are popular among men, but I feel like it would be a disaster if a girl were to see it.

 ”This textbook has already been proven to be highly effective in educating men about s*xuality.”

 Recently, men who caused problems with Aqua-kun have been sent to the coal mines by General Bishop, who is considered the next twelve bishops in the Holy Aqua Religion.

 I heard that these men, who have been sent to the coal mines, not only have to work hard every day, but also have to read and transcribe this textbook, which is called the sacred text, as a form of reflection.

 I was worried that women would go out of control in such an environment, but according to General Bishop, the leadership of the Holy Aqua Religion is an elite group of women who can only get wet with Aqua-kun. They all voluntarily dedicate their chastity to Aqua-kun, and except for the day of rest called mas**ating, which is allowed to protect their virginity, they live wearing chastity belts.

 ”There is some variation, but some men have reduced their mas***ion frequency from once a year to once a month.”

 The parliament is in an uproar. I was also surprised when I heard this story. I heard that there are also movements in the Holy Aqua Religion to send men who have evolved into new humans, also known as Newmans, and gained s*xual preferences, as s*x pleasure groups to various places as s*x volunteers.

 ”They expressed opinions that their understanding of women increased and their fear diminished by getting to know women through this textbook. Some also mentioned realizing that they had done terrible things. In response to that, starting next year, I plan to distribute this textbook to boys nationwide and make it a national textbook for all citizens, including girls, in the near future.”

 ”Prime Minister, well done!”

 ”As expected from the magician Habu!! Making unexpected moves!”

 Thank you. Thank you so much!

 I waved to the opposition party members who cheered for me. In the parliament, when good opinions are expressed, encouragement and cheers come from the members of the ruling party if you are in the opposition, and from the members of the opposition party if you are in the ruling party.

 ”We have also decided to continue holding matchmaking events in collaboration with Beryl, sponsored by the government!”

 ”Yes! Mr. President!!”

 ”Habu, you are the Prime Minister of Japan!!”

 Thank you. Thank you so much!!

 By the way, is it just my imagination that there are more cheers from the opposition party than economic measures?

 ”At the end of 2022, our country’s GDP reached a record high. Moreover, we have received substantial donations from individuals such as Shirogane Aqua-san, Atori Ako-san, Shirogane Marin-san, Shirogane Kanon-san, Fuji Ranko-san, Morinaga Megumi-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, Nekoyama Toa-san, Tenga Akira-san, as well as from Beryl Entertainment, Fujii Zaibatsu, and the Morinaga Group as corporate entities. The donations from the affluent have also reached the highest amount on record!


 ”BERYL, well done!”

 ”Beryl! Let us support you forever!”

 I raised my hand and signaled for silence in the Diet.

 ”Therefore, in recognition of the contributions and efforts of the people, the Japanese government will reduce the consumption tax to 0 from February 1, 2023.”

 Members of parliament are becoming increasingly unsettled. It’s only natural. The majority of the consumption tax goes towards social security expenses, so if we eliminate it, we would need to find the funds from elsewhere. This is a very difficult task.

 Fortunately, thanks to Aqua-kun, healthcare expenses have decreased to the lowest level ever, thanks to the elderly who have become healthier. So I thought this was our only chance.

 We will absolutely not let this opportunity slip away. It is better to regret doing something than regret not doing it, and to bear the burden of guilt, punishment, and responsibility. The best defense is a good offense. When in doubt, attack. There is nothing to gain by playing defensively.

 All of this is what Mary-sensei taught me. Kokucho-san, I will follow in your footsteps. Now is the time for me to fully exercise my power as the Prime Minister.

 ”However, it is difficult to permanently abolish the consumption tax, which covers all social security expenses. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to ask all companies and citizens for a favor! Instead of reducing the consumption tax for one year, could companies consider returning those profits to their employees?

 Also, please provide subcontracting companies with appropriate compensation for their work, without negotiating lower prices. And to the people of this country… Now is the chance! Let’s all work together to make this country better and better! The important thing is to continue with our efforts.

 If everyone works hard, it may be possible to permanently eliminate the consumption tax. However, that is an overwhelming task that cannot be accomplished by the power of each individual citizen alone. But we are never alone! We have more than 120 million comrades! Let’s think together about how we can improve further! We are happy to contribute our ideas, support, and proposals! To all civil servants, to all members of parliament.

 You are the foundation that supports the people of this country! Please carry out your duties with pride. As the people of this country live better lives, we as public servants also benefit from their prosperity. That is the correct way for society to function! And if this country improves, as it improves, I promise to repay your efforts as the Prime Minister!”

 Representative Tanigawa, Representative Watanabe, Representative Satou, Representative Nakahara, Representative Tanigawa… If I fail, laugh heartily at me.

 Representative Fujii, Representative Nagase, Representative Ito… young representatives. Are you watching my back?

 Achieving something is exactly like this. There’s no turning back on my path anymore.

 No one knows what lies ahead. However, as the Prime Minister of this country, I have the duty to lead the entire nation at the forefront of this darkness. No, it’s not darkness. I am convinced that I am leading everyone to the bright, to the shining future of Shirogane, and that’s why I will take everyone with me!

 ”Habu, well done!”

 ”We will cooperate too!”

 ”We will accompany you to the grave! Prime Minister, we will be with you until the end!!”

 ”We carried the burden of the same responsibility together. You will not bear this responsibility alone!!”

 ”Prime Minister, I will stake my career as a representative too!”

 ”Prime Minister, take this old man’s life with you! I will serve this country until the end!!”

 Kokucho, I do feel a little lonely without you here in this place after all. So please come back soon. After all, you are one of the candidates to succeed me.

 ”Thank you for listening.”


 ”Habu Prime Minister!”

 I descend from the platform, enveloped in applause and Habu chants.

 ”Aqua! Aqua! Aqua!”

 I almost trip at the bottom of the stairs. Wait, didn’t the chants change to Aqua-kun halfway through!? In fact, isn’t that the chant of the Holy Aqua Religion!? This is bad!!


 As the diet session ends and things settle down, I check the message app where I have a notification. Huh? Message from Mary-sensei? Oh… Last Survivor, huh… Although most citizens don’t know, major countries have stopped waging wars and instead, representatives of each country fight proxy wars in games.

 One of the servers of Last Survivor is one such place. Many Japanese people play here, but not a single one knows that this is a proxy war. Nevertheless, our country boasts an undefeated record, because a very capable commander has joined us.

 From: Mary-sensei

 To: Prime Minister Habu

 Subject: Draft Notice for Last Survivor


 At 9:00 PM, our great nation of Shirogane Kingdom will engage in battle with the mysterious Cheetah Army, who recently initiated a war.

 The mountain people will raid the enemy’s stronghold for 24 hours with nothing but bamboo spears, in other words, charge in!

 Don’t worry, unlike the real world, in the game, you can respawn in 15 seconds if you die!!

 Besides, the opponents are bound to sleep at some point. No matter how fast they are, if we relentlessly attack for 24 hours, we can win!! It’s time to show the dreadfulness of our KAMIKAZE Japan’s bamboo spear special attack!!

 As usual, our commander is too fixated on physical force…

 Also, when did Japan suddenly become Shirogane Kingdom, and why am I, who used to be at the top, now the lowest of the mountain people!? Huh? I’m technically still at the top?

 Huh? So, you mean I, at the top, will lead the charge with bamboo spears against those carrying guns? That’s a joke…

 I open the messaging app.

Representative of the Mountain People

Um, I have work tomorrow, can’t I take a day off?

Mountain Person/Sato, the Log

Don’t run away from the responsibility of the mountain people.

Mountain Person/Hayakawa, the Speed of Light

Are you running away from the duty of the citizens?

Commander Mary

We’re in a crisis in the Shirogane Kingdom, and what are you saying?

Anonymous Mountain Person

Representative, you’re cornered, lol.

Anonymous Mountain Person

Our representative position is too weak!

Mountain Person/Sayamu Inko

Finally, I can play a game other than the otome game!

Anonymous Mountain Person

Inko, don’t run away from the otome game!

Kohina Yukari@The True Commander

Who do you think you are to pick a fight with my kingdom? You’ve got some nerve!!

Anonymous Mountain Person

Oh dear, someone who shouldn’t pick a fight has arrived.

Anonymous Mountain Person

You talk about being the true commander, but Kohina Yukari-san is also a mountain person.

Executive/Shumi the Maiden

We have 900 Rocker Launchers in stock. Where should we obliterate?


We have 2300 Rocker Launchers in stock. We need to leave no speck, right?


Please leave the defense to me. I won’t let a single scratch touch the Shirogane Kingdom we’ve built.

Executive/Oil Queen

I can provide additional Rocker Launcher materials as much as you need.

Anonymous Mountain Person

The executives are too strong, lol.

Anonymous Mountain Person

Shumi is weird, but Nee-san, that’s not a reasonable amount for personal possession!!

Anonymous Mountain Person

The mountain people are just for show. The Shirogane Kingdom is controlled by crazy leaders.

Mountain Person/Morikawa Kaede

Um, I haven’t been supplied with a bamboo spear.

Mountain Person/RamenHagetoru

That means you don’t need a weapon, Morikawa. You can do your best with your strength.

Anonymous Mountain Person

Morikawa, even in games, fights barehanded. lol


Hmm, some people never learn, huh?

Anonymous Mountain Person

Ah, they’ve really annoyed the workaholic.

Anonymous Mountain Person

They’ve gone and angered the scariest person they shouldn’t have.

Anonymous Mountain Person

Picking a fight with a country, just like that, huh…

Executive/Biscuit Junkie

Understood. I’ll make sure to report 100,000 shots of loceran immediately.

 I quietly close the messaging app.

 Ah, yeah, there’s no escaping this now…

 In the end, I stayed up all night that day, and the next day, I participated in the diet’s session in a completely exhausted state and ended up apologizing.

 The matter was settled around daybreak, and Shirogane Kingdom’s victory was declared as we cleared the opponent’s territory as planned. The special attack squad of the mountain people and the mysterious sister army and the hardcore players are too strong!!

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