Male Idol V12c29

Volume 12 Chapter 29 Washimiya Lisa, What Is Valentine’s Day?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’Do you have someone you like…?’

 After breakfast, when I turned on the living room TV, a commercial I had never seen before was playing. She was a very beautiful person… Wasn’t she Yukishiro Emily-sama, who appeared on the Small Impersonation King?

 She was wearing a coat and had a scarf wrapped around her neck, and she was running somewhere out of breath. Where could she be heading? The familiar tartan check patterned paper bag she was holding in her hand swayed from side to side, expressing the excitement and fluttering of her heart. Is this for a Fuji commercial, I wonder?

 ’I want to convey this overflowing feeling of love to you.’

 When Yukishiro Emily-sama stopped running and knelt down with both knees, the man in front of her turned around towards her. Only the area below the man’s nose was visible on the screen, but anyone could tell that it was definitely Aqua-sama.

 ’On February 14th, let’s give love.’

 Yukishiro Emily-sama, who took out a heart-shaped paper box with a ribbon from a paper bag, handed it to Aqua-sama with an excited expression. For some reason, even I, who was watching the commercial, feel the tension and excitement just as much. And her pink flushed cheeks are so cute that even someone of the same gender like me can’t help but be captivated.

 ’Fuji Department Store, Valentine’s Day Fair is being held.’

 Aqua-sama lightly smiled and took a bite of the sheep-shaped chocolate made by Morinaga, then gently stroked Yukishiro Emily-sama’s disheveled hair as if fixing it.

 Kyaa! Aqua-sama, who naturally acts like a prince, makes my heart ache so much, desu~wa. Aqua-sama held hands with Yukishiro Emily-sama and they started walking in the same direction. Well! I applaud Yukishiro Emily-sama on the other side of the screen for a job well done.

 ”Everyone, did you see the commercial this morning!?”

 ”Yeah, I saw it!! It was the Fuji CM with Aqua-kun, right?”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Wasn’t it for Valentine’s Day?”

 ”Both social media and bulletin boards are talking about it, right? It’s a hot topic.”

 As expected, when I arrived at school, everyone was excitedly talking about the infamous commercial.

 ”Good morning, Lisa-chan!”

 ”Wow, Kokona-san!?”

 I was surprised when my best friend hugged me from behind. Hey, please stop touching my chest!

 ”Good morning, both of you. Hehe, what are you guys up to this morning?”

 ”Oh, good morning, Uruha-chan!”

 ”Good morning, Uruha-san. And good morning, Kokona-san.”

 The three of us gathered at the shoe lockers and headed towards the classroom of Class 1A.

 ”Hey, hey, did you see that commercial?”


 ”Of course, desu~wa.”

 In response to Kokona-san’s question, Uruha-san and I nodded with smiles on our faces.

 ”Valentine’s Day? Isn’t that… like, giving chocolate to the boy you like?”

 ”Yeah, seems like it. It said on the website that since you don’t have the courage to confess to a boy, it’s really nice to convey your feelings by giving chocolate instead. There hasn’t been a clear method to show affection through actions other than words before.”

 Certainly, I realized what Uruha-san said, but confessing directly to a man takes a lot of courage. Thinking about it like that, giving chocolate might be a bit easier than expressing it in words. It’s also possible that it could lead to a confession as a starting point.

 ”You know, for those who can’t hand it over directly, it’s okay to put it in the shoe locker or inside the desk.”

 ”Oh, I see. That might be good for even more withdrawn kids, don’t you think?”

 ”Yeah. Also, when you put it in on your own, it’s okay to attach a name and a love letter, or it’s also fine to give it without writing a name, it said on the website.”

 ”That’s good, isn’t it? In the latter case, the man who received it may not know who it’s from, but it’s great for women who lack the courage to convey their feelings to men indirectly.”

 ”Also, there’s something called ‘gratitude chocolate’ which is a chocolate to express gratitude to other boys who are not your true love.”


 ”And, there’s something called ‘friend chocolate’ that girls give to each other.”

 ”Oh, really?”

 In that case, maybe I should prepare something for Uruha-san and Kokona-san too.

 ”Hey, hey. So, today, on the way home, why don’t we all go to Fuji Department Store?”

 ”I think that’s a good idea. Hehe, it’ll be fun to go together.”

 ”I think so too.”

 Uruha-san and I nod in agreement to Kokona-san’s suggestion.

 Thanks to Kokona-san, I suddenly became excited about after-school activities.

 When the three of us entered the classroom, it seemed like our classmates were also buzzing with excitement about the Valentine’s Day discussion.

 ”Did you see the bulletin board?”

 ”Huh? Was there something written?”

 ”Hagetoru is definitely a genius…”

 ”No, no. Putting love juice in chocolate is just wrong!”

 ”I hope they arrest that guy soon.”

 ”Emily-sama gets all fluttery on Valentine’s Day, and Hagetoru gets all excited… Muttering”

 ”Come on! Iku-chan, don’t make me laugh!”

 ”Iku-chan, it’s not fair to compare innocent Emily-sama to the dirty Hagetoru.”

 ”Hahaha… hahahaha…”

 Oh? Claire-san, your smile seems really strained. Are you okay? If you’re not feeling well, I can take you to the health room, so please don’t hesitate to tell me.

 ”Good morning!”

 ”Oh, Good morning, Aqua-kun! Wait, huh!?”

 Everyone froze when Aqua-kun entered the classroom. And no wonder, Aqua-sama’s hair was shorter than usual.

 ”Good morning, huh? Aqua, what happened to your hair?”

 As expected of Toa-san, desu~wa!! He asked the question that everyone in the class wanted to know right away.

 ”I’ve finished shooting the final scene of Heaven’s Sword, and I’m preparing for the next project…”

 ”Oh, really? It actually suits you.”

 ”For real? I did some early morning workouts at the headquarters and got it done by a stylist, but when Kanon saw it this morning, she fainted…”

 I understand Kanon-san’s feelings well. Because his hair has become shorter, Aqua-sama’s beautiful face is even more visible!

 ”On the other hand, Shintaro’s hair is growing, right?”

 ”Yeah, I have the same reason as Aqua. Although our works are different.”

 I see, Mayuzumi-san is probably preparing for the drama that starts in April, right? From what I saw in the PV of Aqua-sama’s special drama, it seems different, so maybe he’s involved in filming another work. By the way, what happened to the rumored STARS WAR?

 ”Oh? Aqua is in Shintaro’s drama…”

 ”That blonde hair is actually a wig from the PV, so it’s okay. John also asked for his hair to be cut short for the next Corolle shoot, so it worked out perfectly.”

 Ah… Seeing the three of them conversing with smiles makes everyone in the class feel happy. Right now, this moment is a privilege reserved only for us classmates, desu~wa. Tenga-san may not be here, but if you’re in Class 1-A, it’s no exaggeration to say that we’re doing beryl&beryl every day.

 ”Hey, Ayana, good morning!”

 ”Good morning, Aqua… hey, what’s with that hairstyle!?”

 ”How does it look? Cool, right?”

 ”Um… yeah… it’s cool. That hairstyle suits you well.”

 Aqua-sama was really pleased to be called cool by Ayana-san. Of course, the word “cool” was also flying around from the other girls and me.

 ”Thanks, everyone!”

 Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat at Aqua-sama’s slightly embarrassed expression.

 ”It’s cute how he get embarrassed like that.”

 ”I know…!”

 ”Having strong attack power but weak defense is nice, right?”

 ”I totally get it…!!”

 I nod silently too.

 ”Hey, you guys. Stop fooling around and take your seats.”

 ”””””Yes, ma’am!”””””

 We all hurried to our seats as Sugita-sensei arrived.

 ”Shirogane Kanon. Hm? Is Kanon absent?”

 ”If she’s my wife, she saw me cut my hair this morning and fainted on the spot.”

 ”Yes, it’s the usual. Absence and…”

 My classmates burst into laughter.

 ”As expected, it’s Pon-nami. she hasn’t grown at all.”

 Iku-san, who was nearby, murmurs quietly so that no one can hear. Please don’t make us sitting nearby laugh anymore!! Ah, but from Aqua-sama’s perspective, he might find that aspect of Kanon-san cute.

 ”S-Shirogane, wha-what happened to your hair!? D-Don’t tell me it’s bullying!?”

 ”Sensei, you’re slow to react!! It’s not bullying!!”

 SHR is enveloped in laughter as usual. It’s not just us girls and Sugita-sensei. Aqua-sama, Toa-san, and Mayuzumi-san are also showing their teeth and laughing. That’s why school is so enjoyable every day.

 ”Today was fun at school, right?”


 School time really flew by in the blink of an eye. Why does enjoyable time pass by so quickly?

 ”Alright, let’s go.”

 ”Yeah, desu~wa.”

 Me, Uruha-san, and Kokona-san boarded the train and headed towards Fuji Department Store.

 ”Wow… it’s so crowded.”

 ”What should we do? I don’t think we can bring all this in, right?”

 ”It seems like they have prepared other venues as well. Shall we head there instead?”


 ”Let’s do that.”

 As Prime Minister Habu mentioned, it seems that Fuji has also been involved in other department stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls. In addition, although it’s a bit far, it seems that Fuji has reserved a venue in Ariake and is holding a similar fair there. It might be worth heading there too.

 ”There are a lot of people here too, but the turnover rate is high and it looks like we can get in!”

 ”Yeah, desu~wa.”

 ”I already got the numbered ticket while we were moving, so let’s line up.”

 ”As expected, Uruha-san.”

 ”Uruha-chan, nice!”

 Hehe, it’s been a while since I came here, since the festival of the group I belong to, desu~wa ne. Thanks to Uruha-san who had reserved tickets online in advance, we were able to smoothly enter just by waiting for a while.

 ”Valentine’s chocolate, gratitude chocolate, friend chocolate, and even chocolate for myself.”

 ”Chocolate for yourself? What does that mean?”

 ”It seems interesting, shall we go and take a quick look?”

 Uruha-san’s suggestion made Kokona-san and I nod with a smile.

 ”Oh, it’s chocolate collaborated with everyone from BERYL!”

 ”Tenga-san’s chocolate has alcohol and is a bit more adult-like, Toa-san’s is sweet and has a rich fruit flavor, Mayuzumi-san’s is a mix of bitter black coffee and milk chocolate. And Aqua-sama’s… it’s a super sweet milk chocolate!?”

 ”Oh, they use various kinds of milk like goat and camel, it sounds interesting.”

 I wonder if Aqua-sama unexpectedly likes sweet chocolate? Hehe, even though he is so cool, these kinds of things tickle a woman’s maternal instinct and protective desire.

 ”I wonder if Aqua-kun just wants to drink milk…”

 ”Shh! We have to pretend not to notice.”

 We bought chocolates for ourselves and headed to the thank-you chocolate section.

 ”Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun are probably going to receive a lot, so maybe it’s better to get small ones, right?”

 ”True. They’re both likely to receive a lot…”

 ”In that case, how about these small ones with a long expiration date?”

 ”Nice idea, Lisa-chan! There are lots of different shapes, colors, and flavors. Let’s go with these!”

 I bought cute strawberry milk chocolates in the shape of strawberries for Toa-san, and matcha bitter chocolates in the shape of leaves for Mayuzumi-san. I thought they might eat them because Toa-san likes strawberry flavor and Mayuzumi-san likes matcha.

 ”What did the two of you buy? I got Toa-chan some banana milk chocolate to go with strawberries, and Mayuzumi-kun some regular milk chocolate because I thought he might want to have milk sometimes!”

 As expected from Kokona-san, desu~wa. I thought it was great to see Toa-san and Mayuzumi-san imagining what type of chocolate they would receive from whom, rather than looking around them often.

 ”I bought Mayuzumi-kun some green tea chocolate from Yame, which is carefully sourced, and Toa-chan’s chocolate that uses only special strawberries.”

 As expected, Uruha-san, desu~wa. I really admire your ability to choose high-quality items. I might have been a bit too focused on how things looked in comparison.

 ”Lisa-chan is so cute! Toa-chan really loves that!”

 ”Mayuzumi-kun likes strong matcha flavor, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy it too.”

 The cold winter weather is making my heart warm and fuzzy with the kindness of these two.

 ”Isn’t this venue hot?”

 ”It can’t be helped. There’s so much excitement with all the ladies gathered here.”

 ”Yeah, so this is the Beryl cloud… I never thought I’d see it in the middle of winter.”

 As we passed by the gratitude chocolate corner, we headed toward the true love chocolate corner. The corner is divided into four sections, but it seems like this one is the most crowded, you know.

 ”For those who’ve purchased true love chocolates, we’re accepting chocolates for Beryl here!”

 ”Gifts for Nekoyama Toa-san can be handed over here!”

 ”We’re also accepting gifts for Mayuzumi Shintaro-san here!”

 ”The gift counter for Tenga Akira-san is right here!”

 ”We’re also accepting gifts for Vtuber Division members like Hoshimizu Shiro-kun and Ookai Tama-chan here!”

 ”We’re already accepting gifts for Yamada Maruo-san, Kokuchō Kujaku-san, Akami Hajime-san, Moja-san, Nobu-san, and John-san!”

 ”We’re also accepting true love chocolates and gifts for Shirogane Kanon-san and Yukishiro Emily-san!”

 ”Sorry. Since the girl is not a contracted talent, I can’t accept chocolates for her. I’m really sorry.”

 ”Other gifts can be handed over here! You can even give gratitude chocolates to Morikawa Kaede-san!”

 ”Ayana-chan isn’t from our agency, so… to Kohina Yukari-san!? Are you serious!? Well, she’s not from our agency either. She was just walking around here a little while ago…”

 ”Please head to the exclusive venue for giving gifts to Shirogane Aqua-san!”

 ”Gifts for Shirogane Aqua-san are only accepted at a separate venue!”

 It seems that here at the venue, it’s possible to directly give the purchased chocolates and goods to everyone at Beryl. I think that’s really nice. But, what will everyone do with so many received items?

 ”It seems like everyone will show the received chocolates and goods at least once.”

 ”Then they’ll take the ones they like and leave the rest to be donated in their own names to various places.”

 I see, realistically that might be the compromise point.

 ”What should we do? I was only thinking about my main chocolate, but Aqua-kun is likely to receive a lot, so it’s troubling, isn’t it?”

 ”In that case, how about just one chocolate, and we all buy a present together for the three of us? It would also save Aqua-kun trouble if we give the present together.”

 ”I agree, desu~wa. Let’s do that.”

 ”OK! Then let’s choose the chocolate together!”

 After thinking and fretting over it with the three of us, in the end, we settled on simple heart-shaped chocolates. We considered crown-shaped chocolates and star-shaped chocolates, but Kokona-san pointed out that Aqua-kun is so clueless that it had to be something straightforward like this.

 ”What should we do for a present?”

 ”Something bulky is not ideal…”

 ”Well…actually, it’s about that…”

 ”What’s wrong, Lisa-chan?”

 I pulled Kokona-san and Uruha-san along and headed towards a secluded corner of the venue.

 ”Ah, you see, Aqua-sama is very interested in used women’s underwear…so, if you’re okay with it, how about the three of us…”

 I gathered my courage and explained the situation to the two of them. At first, Uruha-san and Kokona-san were skeptical, but when I secretly showed them the evidence photos, their mouths dropped open.

 ”I-I’m sorry. I should have told you two earlier, but I kept quiet all this time…”

 ”It can’t be helped. After all, it’s a sensitive issue for Aqua-kun.”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Lisa-chan, you kept it from us because of that, right? No need to worry!”

 I couldn’t help but shed tears at the kindness of you two.

 ”So, shall we make that the present?”

 ”Yes, yes. That’s right.”

 The three of us discuss buying cute underwear on the way back to make Aqua-sama happy. I also vow in my heart to buy a pastel-colored one with lots of lace, frills, and ribbons.

 ”Then, the last thing is the friend chocolate, right?”

 ”Shall we disband for now?”

 ”Yes, indeed~”

 Once I separate from the two for a moment, I head towards another friend chocolate corner. The items they sell are all the same, but this is probably to increase turnover and efficiently rotate people. In fact, the other venue is exactly the same and sells the same things.

 ”This is the Shirogane Aqua-san collaboration friend chocolate corner!!”

 After all, it’s best to receive the Aqua-sama collaboration, indeed~. Wow! These chocolates with various pictures of Aqua-sama printed on them. It’s great, indeed~. Somehow, I have a feeling that both of them will buy the same thing, but since the presents are rotating and given in a different order, it should be fine even if they overlap. After purchasing the friend chocolate, I head to the meeting place with the two of them.

 ”Well, well.”

 ”Oh my, well well.”

 ”It seems everyone had the same idea.”

 When we took out the same chocolates from the bag, the three of us looked at each other and laughed. It’s really nice to get along with everyone in Otomezaki, desu~wa. After purchasing Valentine’s Day underwear that was being sold in a separate venue, we parted ways at a station and went home separately.

 ”Welcome back, young lady.”

 ”I’m home. Granny.”

 I entrusted the chocolates to Granny so that they wouldn’t melt. Oh, that’s a present for Aqua-sama, so please put a plastic bag on top and write my name on it so that it’s clear it’s mine.

 ”Phew… Now, I need to prepare this as well.”

 I took out a travel suitcase from the closet and double-checked its contents. It’s for the day when I can exercise the right to become Aqua-sama’s wife, which I won in the New Year’s lottery. I need to make the best preparations for that day.

 ”New underwear, check! Good cosmetics, check! And just in case, I should have some menstrual products too… Oh, what about the outfit for the day, desu~wa?”

 Until yesterday, I was thinking of wearing a knit and a coat, but this fluffy and white poncho is also tempting, desu~wa. Oh, but it’s warm inside the house, so maybe it would be better to wear something that Aqua-sama would appreciate, something that accentuates my chest?

 Well, it’s not as impressive as Uruha-san’s, but well, mine are quite substantial too, and they are even bigger than Kanon-san’s… It may sound strange to say it myself, but they are nicely shaped, and the n**ples are a light pink color, and the ar*olas are small… Oh, whoa! I shouldn’t have said that just now, desu~wa!! Ugh… have I been holding back a little too much?

 Anyway, I press my ear against the door and confirm that there is no one around. Well, since nobody is here, maybe I can indulge in my girly hobby a little before dinner, desu~wa? I put the carry case back in its original position and gently close the closet door.

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