Male Idol V12c30

Volume 12 Chapter 30 Tsukimachi Ayana, Forced Share House

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 ”Alright, let’s go to the real estate agent!!”

 ”Huh? Right now?”

 After dinner, while stretching and watching Aqua’s livestream, Yukari-senpai came to the house.

 Um, senpai, it’s 9 p.m. at night now…

 Huh? There’s a real estate agent open even after midnight?

 Oh, really. I’m rushed to change my clothes and get into the taxi with Yukari-senpai.

 ”I’ll invite one more person on the way.”

 I wonder who it is? As I thought that, a person I recognized from the neighboring apartment came out.

 ”Yukari? And Ayana-chan too? What are you two doing at this hour? Is Yukari causing trouble again? Or did Aqua-kun mess something up again?”

 ”He messes up so often, it’s like breathing, so it doesn’t even count.”

 Ako-san and I nodded without thinking when Yukari-senpai spoke.

 ”Even more, I’m going to share a house with you too!!”


 ”Because, you know, it’s a bother for him to clean up after both you and me.”

 ”Um… okay…”

 Both Yukari-senpai and Ako-san let Aqua do that… I wondered what would happen if women around the world found out.

 ”But… but…”

 ”But don’t worry, Akocchi has rented another room and made a strange shrine for him, and she’s actually secretly hidden a photo of him on the bathroom shelf. I know everything about it!!”

 ”Wow! Yukari, Wow!!”

 Hey, Ako-san is just like everyone else. I feel a little relieved. When Ako-san saw my face, she hesitated and started to make excuses.

 ”Ayana-chan, it’s not like that! I don’t really mean this…”

 ”There’s no difference at all. It’s in your bedroom drawer…”

 ”Yukari, stop! No more!”


 They’re getting along well. After a short argument in front of the apartment, we ended up going to the real estate agent together.

 ”Here it is!”

 ”Yukari… are you sure this is the place? There’s no sign.”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine. I read online that they’re ranked number one in customer satisfaction and service evaluation!”

 I wonder if that’s really true… I’ve heard that places that advertise like that are often suspicious. But what’s the reality?

 Following Yukari-senpai, who confidently entered the real estate agent’s office, Ako-san and I also went inside.

 ”Hello, hello, welcome to Saint Real Estate… huh?!”

 ”Huh! That’s not it! And what are you doing here!?”

 Emerging with incredible speed in her hand-rubbing and foot-shuffling technique was Yukishiro Emily-san.

 When Yukishiro Emily-san saw our faces, she beckoned only Yukari-senpai and started whispering something secretly.

 ”Ro… I bought a Ro-Schutz-Marr coat and now I don’t have any money, so I’m doing a part-time job at an acquaintance’s place…”

 ”Huh? You bought something so useless? Are you as dumb as that person over there?”

 ”Hehe, does that mean Aqua-sama and I are the same?”

 ”Just so you know, I’m not complimenting you at all.”

 What on earth are they talking about? Yukari-senpai had a look of extreme disbelief, as if she was looking at Aqua.

 ”Oh, by the way, Ako-chan. Is it okay for Beryl’s talent to have a part-time job?”

 ”Well, Aqua-kun is also working at Tomarigi, so as long as it’s not a weird place, it’s fine.”

 Oh, I see. That’s how it is. My agency doesn’t allow that kind of thing, but Beryl is more free than I thought.

 ”And Emily-san, you did tell the manager about this, right?”


 ”Then it’s not a problem. Our employees have reviewed it and said it’s fine.”

 I think Beryl is more relaxed compared to other offices, and I wonder if it’s okay, but this relaxed atmosphere feels nice. Well, even if they mess up, the fans of this office are all trained and generous, and they’re probably already resigned to Aqua and Morikawa-san being contracted. I feel like it’s impossible for us humans to restrain those two with the rules we’ve come up with.

 ”So, is there a nice place around Hirakawacho?”

 Even though Yukari-senpai wasn’t guided, she plops down in a chair.

 ”Well, let me see. Right now, the recommended property is this one. It was recently renovated so it’s beautiful!”

 ”Let me see.”

 Yukari-senpai, Ako-san, and I lean in to look at the property paper that Emily-san put on the table.

 ”Oh, it’s not behind his apartment. Isn’t this place nice?”

 ”Yeah, it might be.”

 ”Um, isn’t the bathroom surprisingly not that spacious?”

 ”Oh, you’re right.”

 ”What’s up with that?”

 Yukishiro Emily-san had a pleased expression as she asked, and then presented a photo in front of us. Yukari-senpai, Ako-san, and I tilted our heads as we looked at the mountain.

 ”What’s this? A full glass window?”

 ”Huh? Even though it’s a bathroom?”


 Yukishiro Emily-san wagged her index finger from side to side as she said “tch tch tch.” She looked very pleased, but is there something we didn’t notice?

 ”Everyone, please think carefully. If Aqua-sama were to leave the apartment on foot, it would be from the front, but when leaving by bike, taxi, or car, it’s basically the back door.”

 Everyone nodded along with Yukishiro Emily-san’s words.

 ”So, when Aqua-sama goes somewhere, legally, you can show off your naked body to Aqua-sama!! Oh, I’d love to live in such a wonderful property if I had the money!!”

 ”No, denied! You, aren’t you the real Ro-Schutz-Marr!!?”

 This real estate agent, are they really okay? I’m starting to feel really anxious. Ako-san seems to feel the same way, as she’s making a call to the Beryl headquarters to confirm if this real estate is really okay.

 ”By the way, there’s also a toilet version of this… ugh!”

 ”Why are there even two crappy properties like this!!”

 Yukari-senpai is strangling Yukishiro Emily-san. Senpai, I understand how you feel, but please calm down!!


 Huh? Should we consult the police or legal department first? Oh, okay. Understood. Ako-san, please leave this to me.

 ”Are there no other options? Just lend it to me for a bit!”


 Yukari-senpai snatches the file from Yukishiro Emily-san and starts flipping through it.

 ”A property where you can smell Aqua’s lingering fragrance, a property close to the convenience store Aqua often uses, a property where you might be able to flaunt your breasts legally to Aqua during his early morning running disguised as taking out the trash, a property where Aqua can see an upskirt of your skirt legally by going up the stairs… Hey! This is all terrible!! Why are they only selling such sketchy properties!!”

 ”Ugh, Kohina-senpai, I’m gonna die!”

 Yukari-senpai, stop! It’s really bad if you go any further!! I take a look at the property files from Yukari-senpai, trying to save Yukishiro Emily-san. Wow, they’ve really collected a lot of properties related to Aqua. That’s impressive…

 ”Ayana-chan, Akocchi, let’s go home!”

 Yukari-senpai tries to leave her seat normally.

 ”There’s no other choice. I’ll bring out our secret weapon.”

 ”If this doesn’t work, I’ll bash this real estate company on social media.”

 Yukishiro Emily-san takes out a piece of property paper from a safe in the back. She looks very confident, but I wonder if it’ll be okay? I’m only filled with anxiety because of what happened before.

 ”It’s not in Hirakawacho as you requested, but it will be a property in Kioicho, which is very close by.”

 The three of us look into the property paper again.

 ”Hmm, even though it’s in Kioicho and not directly adjacent to Hiranokawa-cho, well…”

 ”The security seems reliable, so it should be fine.”

 ”Based on the overview and the photos, I think it’s a really nice property…”

 Yukari-senpai, Ako-san, and I all turn our gaze towards Yukishiro Emily-san.

 ”In fact, you can actually see Aqua-sama’s room from this house using a telephoto lens!!”

 ”Yes, it’s out of boooooounds!”

 Seriously, this real estate agency is really something else. Even Yukari-senpai is at a loss.

 ”Huh? This doesn’t taste bad, does it?”

 ”Well, even though you can see it, it’s just a little bit.”

 Ah, I see. It’s just barely visible from the gap in this building.

 ”Well, it’s about the size of a grain of rice, but you can see Aqua-sama’s underwear! You can even confirm the bra and panties that Kanon wore yesterday, and you can see the bra and panties that I wore yesterday while I was on the lower floor!!”

 ”Are you kidding me! Even if you use a telephoto lens, you can barely tell the colors, and it might just be a handkerchief!”

 ”Huh!? Now that you mention it… it might actually be true. By the way, mine are really underwear. I checked it myself!”

 ”You fool! Your level of stupidity is just like that guy’s! Both you and him rely too much on Yukishiro Mikuni’s appearance genes and other specs to deceive yourselves!!”

 Ah, yeah. I also thought Yukishiro Emily-san would be more like, you know, a proper older sister… This feels like, almost like? What is it? It’s like I’m about to realize something really important but I just can’t.

 Friends like Kanon-san, Morikawa-san, and Kirika-san, Mary Women’s University, big breasts, Ramen Takeko… well, whatever. If I’ve come this far and still don’t understand, it probably isn’t that important after all.

 Ako-san, who was next to me, looks back at the property document once again.

 ”Nevertheless, this property seems fine, doesn’t it? It’s close to Aqua-kun and also close to the company, so it works for me.”

 ”I also think it’s good because it’s close to the Shibuya studio, and it’s closer to the office, school, and station than where I currently live.”

 That’s the official statement, but, well, there might be various things that come with living close by, and it’s okay to expect some sort of reward for that, right?

 ”Hmm. So, should we do it here?”

 ”But Yukari’s Beyond Production office is in Meguro, so wouldn’t it be far?”

 ”If I want, I can just move them closer to me.”

 I was expecting Yukari-senpai to say, “If I need something, they can come to her,” but instead, she unexpectedly suggested that the whole company move closer to her. Of course, Ako-san, and Yukishiro Emily-san could only smile wryly at Yukari-senpai’s response.

 ”By the way… Isn’t it awkward for me to live with the two from another agency?”

 Certainly. Ako-san is the president of Beryl, so it’s natural to consider headhunting.

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. Even if I’m dark, if I say I’m white, the president will also say I’m white because it’s Beyond Production.”

 ”Yukari… Sometimes, think about the president too.”


 Yukishiro Emily-san and I could only manage wry smiles. Yeah, I should definitely check with the office properly.

 ”Ah, mom? Sorry for calling so late. So, I’m thinking of moving…”

 I explain the situation to my mother, who is also my manager, over the phone. I thought it might be fun, but when I think about it seriously, it’s definitely difficult, right?

 ”It’s no big deal, right?”

 ”Huh? Really!?”

 I open my mouth wide in surprise.

 ”Well, because you might get closer to Aqua-kun, right? And Ayana has been saying she wants to work hard as an actress, so I think it’s a good thing to have Kohina Yukari-san nearby. President Atori is right next to Aqua-kun and hasn’t made any moves. Is there any other woman in this world that he can trust as much as her!? It’s… amazing! If it were a normal woman, she would definitely take advantage of her position as the president and engage in s*xual favors or provide s*xual guidance! That’s why, from a mom’s perspective, it might be okay.”

 Oh, yeah. Is it just me, or is Mom more enthusiastic about this than I am?

 ”And, let me know when you and Aqua-kun get along. Mom will also be coming!!”

 ”You don’t have to come for that!!”

 Oops, I accidentally hung up the phone. Oh well, I got permission, so it’s fine.

 ”So, permission has been granted.”

 ”Then it’s settled. Well then,”

 ”You guys don’t need to do a house tour or anything?”

 As Yukishiro Emily-san showed a puzzled expression, the three of us exchanged glances and tilted our heads.

 ”Hmm, we’re just going to sleep there, right?”

 ”I rarely come back home, too.”

 ”There’s a kitchen, a bath, and a toilet, so if I can live normally, it’s fine.”

 ”I see, Aqua-sama should take care of it. Especially President Atori and Kohina-senpai seem to have lost their living skills.”

 Yukishiro Emily-san nodded in agreement with a satisfied expression, crossing her arms and nodding.

 ”What? Do you have a problem or something?”

 ”Oh no, not at all…”

 After that, the three of us paid the security deposit and key money to finalize the contract. It seems that Saint Real Estate owns all the properties listed, so the contract was done very quickly. We didn’t need things like withholding tax, seals, or resident registration, and there were no complicated procedures. It was mostly just a verbal agreement, but it was honestly quite easy. I thought I might want to choose this place again next time, despite the property itself.

 ”So, the three of us will be living near your house, so please take care of us.”

 ”You’re kidding, right?!”

 Aqua looked surprised and then buried his head in his hands. I’m really sorry.

 ”Aqua-kun, sorry for coming so late at night.”

 ”Aqua, I’m really sorry.”

 ”Aqua-sama in pajamas… guhehe.”

 Huh? Did Emily-san say something?

 ”For now, everyone come in. It’s late at night, so all three of you will be staying over, right?”

 ”That’s right. And let’s make something since I’m feeling hungry.”

 ”Okay, okay. But Kohina-senpai, eating at night will make you gain weight, you know?”

 ”Don’t worry, don’t worry. All the fat goes straight to my chest.”

 ”Alright! I’ll make ramen for our late-night snack!!”

 Upon seeing Aqua’s sudden change in attitude, both Ako-san and I narrowed our eyes. I see. Despite saying he’s fine with smaller ones too, he actually prefers the larger ones.

 ”Oh, Kanon is already asleep, so let’s all keep it quiet.”



 ”Yeah, got it.”

 ”Hehe, then I think I’ll snuggle up with Kanon in the warm futon.”

 Huh? Did Emily-san say something again? Or is it just my imagination? Well, never mind. I entered Aqua’s house last and closed the front door with a firm click

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