Male Idol V12c31

Volume 12 Chapter 31 Shirogane Aqua, Valentine’s Pre-Event

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On February 4th, Saturday.

 I came to Fuji Department Store for the streaming event.

 ”The scheduled end time is already determined, but there might be extensions depending on the flow. As for the ending time, it’s up to Aqua-san. Also, if there are any troubles, please give me a signal with your gaze.”

 ”Understood. I’m prepared for it to be extended since someone might mess up with the cooking. Well, even if it goes a little over, I’ll handle most things as long as I’m on stage.”

 ”Got it. I trust you on that.”

 While walking through the backstage with Kotono, I did a final check on today’s event. When I glanced back for a moment, I saw the figures of Beryl’s new managers. Among them, I spotted Manager Kai, also known as Aika-chan.

 ”Hey Aika-chan, long time no see!”

 ”A-A-Aqua-san. Long time no see!”

 Normally, since she’s older, I should call her Kai-san or Manager Kai or something, but for some reason, even though I don’t know why, we became close early on and started calling each other by our first names.

 ”So, are you getting used to it?”

 ”Not at all! …I mean, not at all! Today too, I plan to learn a lot by watching Manager Kirika’s work up close!! Ah, I mean, yes!”

 Aika-chan used to be an apprentice, but now she has graduated from that and is working as the manager for Beryl’s new group, Maruo and Kujaku. There were other suggestions for a different person, but as the producer, I selected her.

 She may lack experience, but I believe she has what it takes to make up for it. Aika-chan not only communicates well with me, but also with Shintaro and Tenga-senpai. It’s because I thought she would be able to handle the new male rookies that we have high expectations for.

 I hope that the three of them can grow together, and I want them to be role models for the newcomers who will join us in the future.

 ”If something happens to them, feel free to consult me right away. There are things only a guy like me can understand, right?”

 ”Thank you so much! It really helps!!”

 I shift my gaze from Aika-chan back to Kotono.

 ”Thanks again today, Kotono. Well then, I’m off!”


 Kotono always helps me out. Even aside from the fact that she’s going to be my wife, I’m really glad she joined Beryl as a colleague. My wedding with Kotono is just around the corner. We’ve decided to have the wedding and move in February. I’m really looking forward to living with Kotono, but I wonder if it’s just my imagination that Kanon seems happier than me? On the other hand, when I told Kaede and Emily-san that Kotono will be living with us soon, they looked a bit shaken, but that must be my imagination, right? Yeah. I lightly high-five Kotono and head alone to the exit near the kitchen studio.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, come on in!!”

 ”Please take careee!”

 Wearing an apron, I head straight from the back yard to the kitchen studio.




 I wave to the audience who won the ticket for today’s live streaming. Thanks for coming, everyone!

 ”We’re starting the live stream.”

 ”Got it.”

 Considering the delay, I pause for a moment.

 ”Hello, everyone!! Yes! So, today’s Momofuku Food presents Aqua Kitchen will be broadcast in real time from the kitchen studio on the 5th floor of the Fuji Department Store!”

 As I energetically greet the camera, warm applause comes from the audience. I glance at the tablet near the kitchen to check the chat section for the live stream.


 [Thank you for the stream!]

 [I didn’t win the lottery… but thanks for the stream anyway!!]

 [Aqua-sama, you really cut your hair!]

 [Wow, you look really cool!]

 [It’s nice to see your face clearly.]

 [I’m worried that you might catch a cold with your hair so short.]

 [You can warm up right away!!]

 [Do you need a thick futon from P-cup onee-san?]

 [Aqu-tan in an apron!?]

 [Fantasizing about living together has been completed.]

 [Isn’t the apron cute?]

 [Aqua-kun, what’s up with that apron?]

 [Oh my, my, my.]

 [I wanted to marry a boy like this…]

 [↑ Everyone in Japan is thinking the same thing.]

 [↑ I’m a Stars fan, but I think so too.]

 [Confirming Shumi’s death! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑ Shumi is dying too soon!]

 [↑ How rude! I’m not dead yet!! : Shumi the Maiden.]

 [My left eyebrow twitched at P-cup earlier: Yukari Goha]

 [↑ Yukari Goha-san, shh!]

 Yeah, the broadcast seems to be okay.

 And tell Yukari Goha that she doesn’t need to say anything extra! I’ll admit that she briefly appeared in my field of vision, but right now, I’m focusing on my work!!

 ”Oh, this apron? This apron, you know, my wife Kanon worked hard and made it for me during home economics practicum. I don’t think she had ever done something like this before, but it seems like she got help from the maid Pegonia-san and learned from her friend Yukishiro Emily-san. It’s amazing, right? Also, everyone in the class and our homeroom teacher Sugita-sensei helped with the appliqué.”

 Thinking back to that time makes my heart feel warm.

 Everyone knew that I liked cooking and gave it to me as a gift, so I was happy about the apron, but I was even happier about everyone’s feelings.

 [That’s great!]

 [It seems like Aqua-kun is enjoying school, and I’m happy too.]

 [Aqua-kun, I know work must be tough, but it’s great that you’re going to school. Amazing.]

 [Great job, Maid Pegonia-san and Emily-sama!]

 [Wow, so Emily-sama is good at that kind of thing too. I’m becoming more of a fan.]

 [Kanon-sama, way to go!]

 [Even though it’s just a feeling, it seems like Announcer Morikawa might be sidelined for helping with apron making LOL.]

 [Morikawa couldn’t possibly sew with her strength, so not helping is actually helping.]

 [↑Not helping is helping, but it’s too nonsensical and funny LOL.]

 [It’s really funny that Morikawa’s evaluation seems to be dropping even though her name isn’t mentioned LOL.]

 [Even though it’s just a feeling, it seems like Nee-san is not good at this.]

 [↑Nee-san likes making plastic models, so maybe she’s unexpectedly good at it?]

 [I really think Aqua-kun got into a good school. The classmates are also great!]

 [Aqua-sama, you should take responsibility for your classmates.]

 [Does anyone else feel like being Aqua-kun’s classmate for three years is like being in heaven and hell at the same time?]

 [↑I understand. By the time the classmates graduate, they might become seasoned heroes.]

 [There’s a chance that the classmates are being trained more than Kanon-sama: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑That’s actually quite plausible LOL.]

 [Aqua-kun probably use it regularly. It’s nice to see him using the apron properly.]

 [Aqu-tan’s apron is cute, but the rice hair clip on it has bad taste, so he should stop using it.]

 [↑What? Are you criticizing the present I gave? If you’re looking for a fight, I’ll take you up on it!! : Yukari Goha]

 [↑This person is the culprit.]

 [Kohina Yukari’s taste is hilarious LOL]

 [If the disciple has bad taste, then the master can’t have good taste!!]

 Kohina-senpai, can you please stop starting fights with my watchers without permission? Should I signal Kotono to ban you?

 ”Oh, by the way, this applique on my glasses is Shintaro. And this cat is Toa.”


 ”Hey, pull yourself together!”

 ”Yes, yes, Actoa, Actoa!”

 ”I’m glad I drank Actoa in advance to anticipate this. If I hadn’t, I would have been like that person earlier.”

 ”Toa-chan’s embroidery is amazing, but Mayuzumi-kun’s has a bit of thread sticking out, and that’s also good!”

 ”I understand! Mayushin-kun, you did your best.”

 Huh? The audience seems to be noisy, but is everything okay?

 I look towards Kotono to see if they’re okay, and she gives me a signal by twirling her fingers.

 Oh, feel free to ignore it. Understood!

 ”So, before introducing today’s guest, let me introduce the person who will be the MC. Who do you think it is?”

 ”Morikawa, right!”

 ”She’s not in the chat, so it’s definitely Morikawa!”

 ”When you think of Aqua-kun, you think of Announcer Morikawa.”

 ”Announcer Morikawa was also the one for the previous Fuji talk show, so it’s definitely Announcer Morikawa.”

 Hmm, everyone probably thinks that way, huh? Looking at the chat section of the live stream, a mysterious “Morikawa call” was happening.

 Kaede is really popular after all. Even though she’s an announcer, she puts more effort into it than comedians do. I have to work hard so I won’t lose to Kaede!

 ”Yes, so today’s MC is the boss of national broadcaster announcer Morikawa… Announcer Onidzuka!! Please!”

 ”Haha… everyone, I’m sorry it’s not Announcer Morikawa.”

 I wonder if everyone was surprised too? Actually, it was supposed to be Kaede until just before the broadcast…

 ”Um, Announcer Morikawa got injured a little during the recording the other day…”

 ”I see, that’s the truth.”

 ”Oh, it’s okay. Morikawa was even able to throw off a bear that attacked during a live broadcast without a scratch, so it’s just a minor injury. She’ll be back to normal by next week.”

 Yeah, I can’t believe that happened. Anyway, I’m glad nothing happened.

 [Power words of being unscathed against a bear]

 [I’m curious about how Morikawa, who was unscathed against a bear, got injured in the opposite situation lol]

 [I was watching the live broadcast the moment she was attacked by that bear, LOL]

 [Since then, I can’t be satisfied with any announcer other than Morikawa]

 [Remember when the old ladies at the hunting club had their mouths wide open, LOL]

 [Was that professional wrestler who injured Morikawa abnormally strong?]

 [↑Well, she injured Morikawa, so of course she’s strong]

 [Well, it was just wrestling, and Morikawa slipped and got injured herself, so it’s not like she was attacked by the opponent, more like a self-accident]

 [↑Self-a**ident lol]

 [She can’t even control her own power, that’s hilarious lol]

 [I’m relieved that Morikawa is still human]

 [↑Hilarious lol]

 [The mysterious phrase “relieved that Morikawa is human” LOL]

 [A saying like “If Morikawa gets injured, it can’t be helped” might be born]

 [Is it for some recording?]

 [Well, I’m glad nothing happened]

 [I’m worried about Announcer Morikawa! : Sommelier]

 [↑This guy, lol]

 [Alright, she look fine. I’m relieved!]

 Huh? Announcer Onidzuka, who glanced at the comments section of the livestream, seemed to momentarily have a serious expression. Is it just my imagination?

 Yeah, probably, it’s just my imagination! Let’s go with that.

 ”Now, I would like to introduce today’s guests on Aqua Kitchen. Everyone, please welcome!”

 Tenga-senpai, Toa Nekoyama, and Shintaro Mayuzumi appeared from behind the audience seats, causing the audience to show surprised expressions.

 Hahaha, you didn’t expect them to come out from behind you, did you?

 The three of them high-fived and fist-bumped the audience members before coming over to my side, opposite Announcer Onidzuka.

 Seeing that they can interact with fans like this, I feel inspired that everyone is growing.

 ”Yes, today’s guests on Aqua Kitchen are Tenga Akira-san from BERYL, Nekoyama Toa-san, and Mayuzumi Shintaro-san!”

 ”I, the warrior of love, Tenga Akira, have arrived!! Leave the chocolate-making to me!”

 ”Happy Valentine’s! Just kidding, it’s Nekoyama Toa. Hello, everyone!”

 ”Hello, I’m Mayuzumi Shintaro. It’s my first time making chocolate sweets, but I’ll do my best.”

 Tenga-senpai proudly shows us the apron that the three of us made. It seems like he’s happy, which is great.

 ”What do you think of this apron? It was made by my juniors.”

 ”Hehe, yeah. In that sense, me and Shintaro also had the classmates put on some appliques for us.”

 ”By the way, Aqua also sewed Tenga-senpai’s apron, just like he did with mine.”

 Toa confidently shows the apron to everyone, while Shintaro looks a bit embarrassed. Since we’re here, let me show it again!

 [Great job, Tenga-senpai!]

 [Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun’s aprons are cute!]

 [As expected of Aqua-sama, he’s good at stitching and even knows how to use a sewing machine.]

 [Looking at the finished aprons, they’re really well made.]

 [I checked if Aqua-kun had any appliques, but luckily he didn’t!]

 [Everyone was worried about Aqua-kun, it made me laugh.]

 [It’s a good thing Aqua-sama was in charge of making the aprons. It would’ve been a disaster if he did the appliques.]

 [He’s good at making aprons, but not so good at appliques, Aqua-sama.]

 [I didn’t receive anything like that : Yukari Goha.]

 [↑You don’t need it since you won’t be in a situation where you use an apron!]

 [Giving an apron to someone who doesn’t cook is like giving pearls to a pig, Yukari Goha.]

 [People who don’t cook don’t need an apron, right? Lol]

 [Hey, if you look closely, Ayana-chan actually received one in a quiet place! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Hagetoru, shhh!]

 Actually, I wanted to add some appliqué, but for some reason, there was no space for it, so unfortunately, I couldn’t do it. Well, there are times like that, so it can’t be helped.

 ”Yes, so that’s why I want the four members of BERYL to, you know, make chocolates to give for Valentine’s Day from now on, sponsored by Fuji Department Store.”

 ”All right, let’s do our best!”

 ”Leave it to me!”


 ”We’ll do our best!”

 When the announcer Onidzuka turned her gaze to the corner where BERYL was, the camera also shifted its focus accordingly.

 ”For the members of BERYL, I want you to make your favorite chocolate sweets using the materials and tools available in this corner. Also, we have recipe books available, so please use them as a reference.”

 Since I was told the rules first, I narrowed down what I would make in advance.

 ”Yes, well, since we’re already running late, let’s get started right away! Momofuku Foods presents Aqua Kitchen Valentine’s Special Episode, sponsored by Fuji Department Store! We’re starting now!”

 Like everyone else, I first went to the place where the recipe books were placed, picked up one recipe book, and headed towards the audience seats.

 ”Huh? Huh?”

 ”What? What’s going on?”


 ”My favorite is coming from over there.”

 ”I’m glad I wore diapers…”

 As I turned the page, I stood next to a fan who caught my eye and spoke to her.

 ”Hey, what do you think of this?”

 ”Wow! Me?”


 ”I think it’s good!”

 Hmm, I opened another page and spoke to the girl who was standing behind me.

 ”Um, what about this?”

 ”Oh my gosh… this is already a lover…”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Oh, it’s nothing. I think it’s great!”

 I see!

 [Hey hey hey hey!]

 [This is like, almost like a lover!!]

 [Those who was approached, they’re lucky, huh!]

 [If this happens next year, it’s gonna be super competitive, lol!]

 [Huh? Is this like a paid option or something!?]

 [Aqua-kun, it’s so close!!]

 [The only boys who come this close with such defenselessness are like Aa-sama, you know.]

 [If all the guys in the world were as pure and defenseless as Aqu-tan, that would be great!]

 Toa notices that I’m interacting with all the fans.

 ”Hey! Aqua, that’s unfair!”

 Darn it! He noticed!

 Toa talks to a fan in the audience while still holding his recipe book, just like me.

 ”Hey, hey, big sis. Which one do you think is good?”

 ”Hehe, Toa-chan is cute…”

 Tenga-senpai and Shintaro also start moving when they see that.

 ”Well, I can cook for myself, but I’m not that confident. Do you have any easy recipes that even I can do?”

 ”I-I-i-in that case, I think this one would be good!”

 ”I can also cook, but I’m completely clueless when it comes to Western sweets. Is there something that even a beginner can do well?”

 ”Um, um, um, then, how about this one?”

 Nice. It’s a scene that I couldn’t have imagined a little while ago, but I want to gradually eliminate this strange rift that has formed between men and women.

 I flip through the pages and open the recipe page that I had already planned, showing it to everyone nearby.

 ”Well then, shall we go with this?”



 ”I think that’s fine”

 ”Thank you for anything”

 ”Thank you very much”

 Alright! The discussion is over.

 I immediately preheat the oven and head to the ingredient section.

 This and this and this!

 I need to start earlier than everyone else because mine will take a little longer.

 [He’s fast when it comes to choosing ingredients]

 [Is this Kenzaki’s speed?]

 [Aa-sama, trying to make a chocolate cake naturally, how amusing]

 [Stop making me feel inferior with your cooking skills]

 [Toa-chan and Aqu-tan are serious competitors]

 [I wonder if Toa-chan will also make a cake to compete]

 [If you remember the recipes from the cake shop that’s in Fuji and sell them, you’ll make a fortune: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Hagetoru, you’re a genius after all]

 [There’s no doubt in any step, right?]

 I quickly mix granulated sugar and eggs in a bowl, then add all-purpose flour and cocoa powder. Then I add melted butter to the mixture and pour it into the mold before putting it in the oven.

 [Kenzaki here]

 [Just waiting for it to bake, the foundation is already set, lol]

 [That’s why it’s too fast, lol]

 [I’m clueless when it comes to cooking]

 [Is Aqu-tan doing a speedrun of cake making?]

 [↑It’s hilarious that only one person is doing a real-time attack on Valentine’s Day, lol]

 [Everything is happening too fast, lol]

 [If it were Morikawa, she would probably just dump the flour and cause a flour explosion: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Or she would break the utensils while mixing]

 [Toa-chan also started cooking!! You can do it!]

 [Mayuzumi-kun, don’t panic!!]

 [Tenga-senpai, so far so good]

 Well then, shall we make syrup and chocolate cream while we’re at it?

 ”As expected, Aqua-kun, you’re quick. Do you have any plans to make something for someone on Valentine’s Day?”

 ”Yes, I’m thinking of making something simple for my family or someone I’m indebted to.”

 ”Oh, that’s nice. I’m sure everyone will be delighted, right?”

 ”I hope so… Oh, the syrup is done. Announcer Onidzuka, would you like to taste it?”


 I scoop up some syrup with a spoon nearby and add a little liqueur, then direct it towards Announcer Onidzuka.

 ”Here, open wide.”

 ”Ah, ah… Mm! It’s sweet! Is this the liqueur you added just now?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. It goes well with chocolate. How is it? Did it taste good?”

 ”It tastes good, it tastes good. There’s no way it wouldn’t. And even if it didn’t, I’d make it work with my mouth!!”

 No, no. If it tastes bad or isn’t delicious, make sure to tell me, okay!?

 [Laughs with mouth closed LOL]

 [I would change my taste for Aqu-tan too]

 [Announcer Onidzuka, good for you]

 [If this were Morikawa, it would be Morikawa○, but Announcer Onidzuka is struggling with Morikawa, so it’s okay to have this kind of reward]

 [Onidzuka-san, it looks delicious in a normal way]

 [The syrup made with orange liqueur can’t be bad]

 [Now, all we can do is pray that Aqua-sama doesn’t do any strange decorations: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Hey, stop it. Don’t jinx it!!]

 [Looks delicious in a normal way: Shumi the Maiden]

 [I feel like eating chocolate cake: Tsuki to Suppon (Moon and soft-shelled turtle)]

 After finishing making the syrup, I move on to making the whipped cream.

 ”By the way, you cut your hair, didn’t you?”

 ”Yes, I did. It’s for a movie… Oops! I said it.”

 The audience in the seats got excited when they heard that. Well, it’s fine. The agency person also told me to hint at it if there’s a chance, so as long as the important title isn’t revealed, there shouldn’t be a problem.

 ”I think more information will be released soon, so please look forward to it.”

 ”Wow, I’m excited. By the way, what’s going to happen to that special drama that was shown in the preview on Fuji TV?”

 ”Oh, that… wait, Announcer Onidzuka!? Are you trying to make me say something!?”

 ”Hehe, I got caught.”

 Damn, it’s unfair for a beautiful lady to do such cute gestures! I almost lost my balance.

 [That guy has no resistance to older sisters: Yukari Goha]

 [↑But that’s what’s good about him!!]

 [Attack power is maxed out, defense power is paper, that’s our Aqua-sama]

 [Onidzuka-san? : Sommelier]

 [Nice job. Keep going. Erase the highlights from Morikawa’s eyes: RamenHagetoru]

 [Hmm? : Shumi the Maidem]

 [↑Scary. This person is scary]

 [Even though Shumi seems to have a broad mind, she easily gets jealous, lol]

 [↑Maybe that’s the cuteness that other girls don’t have, not hiding those feelings]

 [I have a feeling that if Kanon-sama gets angry, Aqua-kun will look like he’s about to die all day]

 [↑I understand. I also want to see Hagetoru suddenly despair if Shumi gets really angry]

 [I appreciate this kind of exchange]

 [This is what’s dangerous about Aqua-kun. When he interacts with girls, he immediately gives off a lover vibe]

 [↑I understand. That’s why Hagetoru has fantasies about him]

 [In the past, just this much would have led to a front-page love affair report in all the newspapers tomorrow]

 [↑For Aqua-kun, this is business as usual]

 I take only the necessary amount of whipped cream and chill it in the refrigerator until it’s ready. Then, I grab a few disposable spoons and head towards the audience, holding the bowl with the remaining cream.

 ”Here you go, ahhhh.”

 ”Huh!? M-me?”

 ”Yeah, come on, how is it?”

 ”Mmm! It’s really delicious!”

 I do the same thing randomly with children, moms, high school girls, and middle school girls who are nearby. Just watching would be boring, so it’s necessary to add some talk in between and interact like this to entertain them. Since fans have come to see the event, I want them to be happy that they came!

 [Where can I find this service?]

 [Hey, don’t assume it’s something inappropriate!!]

 [This is basically s*x. Unanimously certified: RamenHagetoru]

 [He’s messing with children’s s*xual preferences, lol]

 [As a woman, I’m worried that the elementary school daughter might have started her period, lol]

 [That sounds nice.]

 [Oh, Toa-chan started doing the same thing in response.]

 [Huh!? Tenga-senpai too!?]

 [Mayuzumi-kun looks embarrassed and cute!!]

 [They make plenty for everyone, so that all the fans who come to see can eat. How kind!]

 During this time, remove the baked sponge cake from the oven, cut it into three pieces, brush it with syrup, use a palette knife to spread the cooled cream, and layer the sponge pieces on top of each other. Repeat this process, layering the sponge pieces and applying the remaining cream all over. Finally, place the cake in the refrigerator.

 ”Oh? Is it not finished yet?”

 ”Yes, I still need to make the chocolate glaze to put on top.”

 Once I finish making the chocolate glaze, I place the bowl on top of a larger bowl filled with ice water to cool it down to 30 degrees Celsius. Lastly, I take out the cooled cake and drizzle the chocolate glaze over it until it is almost complete.

 ”All you need to do now is wait for 30 minutes for it to cool completely. Then, when you’re ready to eat it, you can slice it and add store-bought whipped cream or fruit like strawberries. It’s delicious!”

 Alright, I was worried about how it would turn out, but I managed to finish it in time.

 [He already look like a professional]

 [If I tried to cut the sponge into thirds, it would probably end up messy]

 [Don’t look at this and think about making it yourself. Making a cake is seriously difficult!!]

 [Especially since I can’t spread the cream so neatly in the first place]

 [If Aqu-tan had more time, I’m not joking, he could probably make an opera or something lol]

 [When is Patisserie Aqua opening? : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑You should go if you can]

 [If he’s so skilled with his hands, why can’t he draw…]

 [↑That’s a good point!]

 [Clearly, only one person is creating something of a different caliber lol]

 [Just place these side by side in the basement of a department store without mentioning the names. It’s sure to sell either way.]

 [Can you believe it? He made not just one, but three cakes in this time!]

 [↑I guess he used overclocking]

 [↑Kenzaki has it]

 [I’m hungry…: Sommelier]

 I head towards another table for enemy reconnaissance while cooling down.

 ”Oh, how are you doing?”

 ”Ah! Aqua, you came at the right time. Can you mix this for me? I’ll go check on the oven!!”

 I mix it as Toa instructed.

 Hmm? Is this making ganache?

 ”Yes, thank you. By the way, Aqua, if you have yours ready, can you help me with the painting?”

 ”Sure thing.”

 Oh, this is a macaron!

 As expected of Toa, who is good at making sweets, it has a nice shape and is well made.


 [This is a married couple]

 [Is the wife cuckolded? : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑: Shumi the Maiden]

 [↑Scary silence]

 [Shumi the Maiden person is scary lol]

 [It’s funny when the warning says there’s no medicine lol]

 [The government’s emergency alert is mostly about not having enough medicine LOL]

 [Thank you very much, thank you very much]

 [Toa-chan is really skilled]

 [The bear-shaped macaron is cute!!]

 [Aqua-tan is grinning at the bear-shaped macaron with a bear design, lol]

 [You called? : Yukari Goha]

 [↑I didn’t call you]”

 And once it’s cooled, is it complete?

 Next, I’ll go check on Shintaro.

 ”Hey, Shintaro. Is it done?”

 ”Yeah, all I have to do is mix and bake.”

 I looked at Shintaro’s table and saw a row of completed chocolate cupcakes.

 As expected, since he made his own bento lunch, Shintaro has a good foundation, so he’s good at it.

 ”I think you did a good job.”


 ”Yeah…but, you know. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I feel like it would be more fitting if we made a little adjustment.”

 ”I see. What kind of adjustment do you think would be good?”

 Let’s see… I took Shintaro to the ingredient space and picked up a chocolate pen, sprinkles, and chocolate spray.

 ”If we do it like this, the appearance will be more vibrant, and it will have a more appealing feel to girls, don’t you think?”

 ”Indeed. Now that you mention it, this way seems cuter.”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Come on, Shintaro, give it a try. I’m watching.”

 I hand over the chocolate pen to Shintaro.

 [Aqu-tan, nice touch!]

 [When Aqua-sama grabbed the chocolate pen, everyone froze, it was so funny lol]

 [Phew, I’m glad. It wasn’t a design, just a simple zigzag, so I’m relieved]

 [Even with that zigzag, it’s still a bit suspicious lol]

 [Aqua-kun is the only one trembling with the chocolate pen]

 [I never thought I’d see boys having fun cooking like this…]

 [I know, I’ve always wanted to see something like this]

 [Just watching everyone having fun doing something is satisfying for me as an older sister]

 [Mayuzumi-kun is so efficient. It really shows when he makes his own bento]

 [Bad news, three guys are better at cooking than me, a girl]


 [Don’t worry, Aqua-sama is probably better at cooking than most girls anyway]

 [I’m happy to see Mayushin-kun’s smiling face having fun]

 Nice, it’s looking good overall.

 It might be good to add some heart-shaped chocolates on top of this.

 After giving Shintaro that advice, I headed towards Tenga-senpai’s place.

 ”Tenga-senpai, how’s it going?”


 I peered into the bowl that Tenga-senpai was holding.

 Huh? Did it separate?

 ”I was trying to make homemade chocolate, but it didn’t solidify…”

 ”I see.”

 This is a common thing. Even skilled people make mistakes when they try their own variations, so there’s no need to feel down. Besides, even from this situation, you can make a sponge cake or cookies. But, we don’t have much time this time…

 ”Senpai, if it’s okay, how about we all have chocolate fondue using this?”

 ”Yes! Since we have it anyway, if we can reuse it for something, please do! Help me out!”

 ”Understood. Let’s make it together, senpai!!”

 I asked Tenga-senpai to chop up Morinaga’s chocolate bar, and then I threw it into the failed ganache with some fresh cream. After that, all you have to do is cook it over low heat, and it’s done.

 [Aqua-sama Nice!]

 [Tenga-senpai, don’t get discouraged!!]

 [Tenga-senpai looks sad when he fails, but he seems happy to cook with Aqua-kun]

 [Aqu-tan, pay more attention to Senpai!! Oh, not the little bear!]

 [I like Senpai’s dejected face]

 [Senpai is the most pure and cute]

 [I feel relieved seeing Tenga-senpai failing properly]

 [↑ I understand. Especially Toa-chan and Aqua-kun are too good at it lol]

 [Chocolate fondue with everyone sounds good]


 [Surprisingly, simple things like this are the most delicious after all]

 I signaled Kotono to buy the baguette for the chocolate fondue. Huh? Aika-chan is already going to buy it? Oh, that’s right. I think her amazing point is this kind of thing.

 Maybe when I decided to make chocolate fondue and looked at the ingredients corner, she quickly went to buy the missing baguette after confirming that there were strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows. She really pays attention to her surroundings and can think and act quickly, which is amazing. I took my cake out of the fridge and started on the final touches.

 ”Yes, that’s it for cooking here! Great job, everyone at BERYL!”

 Each finished dish is lined up on the table.

 Nice. This kind of thing gets me excited.

 [Great job, everyone!]

 [You all worked really hard!]

 [Aa-sama is on a whole different level lol]

 [Toa-chan, the bear macarons are so cute!!]

 [A couple of you are too professional lol]

 [Mayuzumi-kun, the second one is more pop and cute!]

 [I want to drink chocolate fondue]

 [I kinda get it LOL]

 We each eat what we made.

 ”Oh, that macaron is delicious!”

 ”Mmm, chocolate fondue is the best, after all”

 ”I really like the texture and bitter taste of the junior’s cupcake”

 ”Aqua’s cake is amazing. Did you coat it from the top? I see, it’s a learning experience”

 The chocolate fondue turned out well too. That’s good.

 The cupcakes were also made skillfully from the beginning, so they were really delicious.

 ”So, Announcer Onidzuka, tell us which one of our creations tastes the best.”

 ”Huh!? M-me!?”

 Yep, it’s you. No matter how many times I look around, it’s just you here.

 I hold the plate with the cake I cut and sit next to Announcer Onidzuka, cutting the cake and saying “Aah, here comes the airplane.”


 ”Come on, have some.”


 Hmm, not bad. It seems like feeding girls has become a habit since coming to this world. Everyone eats so deliciously, and I often see that in the city too.

 ”How is it?”

 ”It’s delicious. But, I can’t really tell the taste.”

 I almost fell over. How can something be delicious but you can’t tell the taste!?

 [Can’t tell the taste but can tell that I can’t tell LOL]

 [She couldn’t tell what the taste was, but she can tell that I can’t tell the taste LOL]

 [Not being able to tell the taste is such a power word LOL]

 [You can’t expect to taste anything when you’re being fed by Aqu-tan, your lover!]

 [Too high of a killing ability LOL]

 [Is this the deciding match?]

 [Is he really going to use all his techniques just to win? Isn’t that sneaky? : Yukari Goha]

 [Aqu-tan always gives it his all]

 Oh, Kotono. Can you please ban Yukari Goha?

 ”Well then, it’s my turn, right? Big sister, here you go. Would you like to eat my macaron?”

 Toa pushes me aside, and just like me, he feeds macaron to Announcer Onidzuka.

 [Eating my macaron?!]

 [Eating me?!]


 [This is highly lethal!]

 [Aqua-kun’s feeding has reached its limit, but you dealt the finishing blow, huh? LOL]

 [Is this going to continue with everyone?!]

 After that, Shintaro follows, looking embarrassed, and feeds macaron to Announcer Onidzuka.


 ”Thank you very much, I’m sorry, thank you”

 Is Announcer Onidzuka okay? Is she confused by the apologies and gratitude?

 [This is precious!]

 [I can’t stand it!]

 [Thank you very much, thank you very much]

 [Just with that embarrassed expression, big sister’s heart is full]

 [Mayushin-kun is so kind. He goes along with the flow]

 [Go, Mayuzumi-kun!]

 Following Shintaro, Tenga-senpai also gives Announcer Onidzuka Aan.

 ”Come on, ahhhh!”


 Oh, after finishing eating, Announcer Onidzuka started bleeding from her nose and fell on the table. Are you okay? Oh, look up and hold the tissue, I’ll keep it pressed for you.

 [They’re all here to kill Announcer Onidzuka!]

 [What is this? A crime scene?]

 [Confirmed death of Announcer Onidzuka: Sommelier]

 [Hey, stop looking so happy, LOL]

 [Tenga-senpai isn’t really embarrassed by this kind of thing, huh?]

 [Announcer Onidzuka really did her best.]

 [Aqua-sama, even though you’re trying to stop the nosebleed, it seems like it’s only making it worse, LOL]

 [Announcer Onidzuka, I’m really sorry about my kids: Atori Ako]

 [↑The president’s apology has arrived]

 [I’m really sorry about what my Aqua did: Shirogane Kanon]

 [↑His wife’s serious apology, LOL]

 [A blood-stained Valentine’s Day]

 [I see, so this is Valentine’s Day!]

 We waited a little for Announcer Onidzuka to recover, and then we treated the fans who came with the chocolate sweets we made. It’s delicious when everyone eats together like this. In that sense, the chocolate fondue was really good.

 ”Aqua, what about the championship since Announcer Onidzuka went down?”

 ”Well, I think it’s fine for everyone to be the champions. Personally, Tenga-senpai’s chocolate fondue was the most exciting, so that works too.”

 So, as usual, it ended up being a messy result with everyone being the champions. But, Aqua Kitchen is pretty laid-back, so I think this is good enough.

 [Great job, everyone!]

 [Thank you for the livestream!!]

 [I’m getting excited for Valentine’s Day!!]

 [Let’s make sure to have seats for the audience next year]

 [I’m starting to crave chocolate]

 [Maybe I should try making something for Valentine’s Day too]

 [Haha, even having a party with chocolate fondue between girls sounds fun]

 [↑That’s a great idea]

 [Thank you, everyone!]

 Finally, everyone waved their hands, and I closed the live stream.

 Phew, the time went a little over, but this much is totally fine.

 It’s good to set a relaxed time for the stream and decide the ending based on the timing of everyone around.

 It would be a waste to cut it off when it’s getting exciting, and being able to decide on the ending ourselves is one of the good things about the stream.

 ”Since we’re at it, there’s still chocolate left, so should we all eat it with the staff?”


 ”I agree!”

 ”I think it’s a good idea!”

 So, in the end, we took pictures together with everyone, ate the homemade chocolate, and the event ended successfully.

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