Male Idol V12c32

Volume 12 Chapter 32 Shirogane Aqua, Koguma Ramen

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”I want to eat ramen.”


 The morning after the Valentine’s event, I stumbled to the intercom in my pajamas with sleepy eyes, only to find the formidable Yukari Gon standing there like a giant monster that could silence a crying child. I thought about cutting the conversation with Kohina-senpai short and going back to sleep, but I know better than anyone that it would be futile. If it were Kohina-senpai, she would keep ringing the intercom, and even if I ignored it, the phone would ring incessantly. It seems the only choice here is to quietly give up.

 ”Uh… please wait a moment. I’ll get ready right away.”

 Once you’ve caught the attention of the formidable Yukari Gon, it’s already game over. So, you have to sense the danger and definitely escape before that. But, because even the formidable Yukari Gon is thinking, she will come at the time when I let my guard down, or when I can’t escape for sure. I told Pegonia-san that I’ll be back in a bit and went down to the lobby of the apartment. Yeah, as expected, Ayana was caught up in it, and I felt sorry for her.

 ”So, which Ramen shop are we going to?”

 If you really want to eat Ramen, why don’t you just make cup Ramen yourself? Or you can just go to any Ramen shop around here. Look, there’s the popular Hiyataya Ramen that the Prime Minister often uses, it’s convenient. They’re open 24 hours, so they’re still operating at this time. Or there’s the beloved Ramen Takeko. I’m pretty sure they’re open even at this time because today is Asa-Ra (morning Ramen) day.

 ”I want to eat Ramen from Hokkaido.”


 Why do you have to choose Hokkaido Ramen out of all choices? It’s not like you have to go to a Ramen shop with names like Hakodate or Sapporo in Tokyo! Besides, do you even know what month it is? It’s extremely dangerous to go to Hokkaido in the middle of winter. The harshness of the winter land in Hokkaido, it makes you want to say, “Don’t underestimate the severity of nature.”

 ”That’s why I’m going. Look, everyone is ready.”

 Kohina-senpai raises her thumb with a little flick. Kaede!? And even Emily-san!? Why are the two of them here!? Ah, so she used Emily-san, who was staying in Mary-sama’s room, to come to my place. And Kaede, who was staying overnight there, got involved… Wait, Kaede, are you okay? Huh? You’re already healed!? No way… Your recovery speed is way too fast compared to an average person’s.

 Sighing lightly, I gaze back at Kohina-senpai with a serious look.

 ”What’s with that look? Come on, hurry up and change.”

 Sighhhhhhhhh. Well, it’s fine since today is a day off anyway. Thinking that it’s dangerous with just the four of them, I go back home again to explain the situation to Pegonia-san.

 Oh, and I have to make sure not to wake up Kanon, who is still sleeping soundly with a carefree expression. Here, let’s put a blanket on so she doesn’t get cold.

 Ah, but Kanon’s sleeping face is so cute! If possible, I want to keep staring at it for 2 hours or even 3 hours straight. It’s definitely better than going with Kohina-senpai to eat ramen in Hokkaido. I wonder if Kanon is having a fun dream with that slightly silly sleeping face today.

 I lightly kiss Kanon on the forehead so as not to wake her up and whisper in a small voice, “I’ll be back.”

 ”So cold!!”

 Huh? Wait, isn’t it colder than expected? Does it even make sense to wear winter clothes?

 After a 2-hour journey from Haneda, we arrived in Wakkanai city.

 Why of all places, Wakkanai, the northernmost point, and not Hakodate or Sapporo!?

 ”Kaede-senpai, don’t fall asleep!! You’ll die!!”

 ”Mmm, mumble mumble”

 When I looked to the side, Emily-san was shaking Kaede’s body and giving her back-and-forth slaps.

 Ah, if possible, I would also like to receive back-and-forth slaps on my face with Emily-san’s breasts. Or rather, can I bury my face in Emily-san’s breasts for warmth?

 As I was thinking about such things, Ayana, who was sitting next to me, gave me a stern look, so I quickly averted my gaze from Emily-san’s breasts and tried to play it off.

 ”That’s great. Everyone is reacting well from the start.”

 By the way, why is Director Hongou here!? And she’s filming, isn’t that strange!?

 ”We were on the same flight, but heading to different jobs, so I caught up with you!”

 ”Oh man, we can’t miss out on a trip with such great photo opportunities. Let’s sell the footage to some station later!”

 Who would even want footage of just going to eat ramen! Who on earth wants to watch that kind of footage!!


 ”No way!? What is he doing here!?”

 ”Haha… am I dreaming? This must be a hallucination for sure.”

 ”Wow, there’s only a nice smell coming from that space over there.”

 ”Kohina Yukari is so tiny! She’s unbelievably cute.”

 ”Why is her face so small? Is she even human like me?”

 ”Oh, that’s the trending Yukishiro Emily-san… she’s too beautiful.”

 ”Yukishiro-san’s skin is whiter and more beautiful than snow.”

 ”No way. I thought Morikawa would look more like a gorilla…!”

 ”Well, she’s a national broadcaster announcer, after all.”

 ”Director Hongou is here too. I want her autograph.”

 First, should I take a commemorative photo at the airport and send it to my friends through the messaging app?

 Shirogane Aqua

 I’ve arrived in Wakkanai.

 Nekoyama Toa

 What are you up to? You’re not doing something foolish again, are you? Anyway, bring back souvenirs, okay? Oh, and no weird character keychains or tapestries with big characters drawn on them, just edible things, please!

 Tenga Akira

 I was worried I might have been left behind… but I’m safe!

 Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Wakkanai, huh… I’ve never been there.

 Atori Ako

 It’s Yukari again, isn’t it!? It’s definitely Yukari, right!? What are you doing… My children, especially Aqua-kun, well, it’s fine, but I’m sorry, Ayana-chan.

 Shirogane Kanon

 I thought you’d be gone when I woke up… Everyone, be careful and come back safely.

 Kirika Kotono

 Aqua-san, Emily-san, and Kaede-san have work early tomorrow morning, so “definitely” “bring them back” today, even if you have to drag them along.

 Hmm? Why does Emily-san and Kaede-san look so pale? They were having so much fun earlier, but now they look like they’re about to die. Did something happen? And Ako-san, please don’t give up on the fact that I will definitely get involved! There’s no one else but Ako-san who can save me from Kohina-senpai!

 ”Since we came all the way here, I want to go to Cape Soya.”

 Oh, here we go again. If we go to Cape Soya at this time, we’ll die!

 ”Excuse me.”

 ”Yes, what is it?”

 Stop it, Kohina-senpai! Don’t harass regular people! Look, everyone is trembling because of Kohina-senpai’s pressure!

 ”How do we get to Cape Soya from here?”

 ”W-Well, there are buses available.”

 Ahhh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Ayana and I apologize profusely to the woman we got involved with.

 ”Sorry. Were you scared?”

 ”Oh, I was a little surprised, but I’m fine.”

 It’s not a thank you, but I took a commemorative photo and shook hands with that woman to smooth things over. Oh!? While Ayana and I were cleaning up the mess, Kohina-senpai went off somewhere again. Hey, don’t wander off on your own! Look, the other customers are scared and moving aside!

 ”Ah, Emily’s chest is warm.”

 ”Hey! Kaede-paisen, don’t warm yourself with my chest!”

 Grrr! I feel like tears of blood are about to come out. Kaede is too enviable!! I want to do those kinds of things too, not just be Kohina-senpai’s guardian!

 ”I got permission to film on the bus!”

 ”Thank you, Ayana.”

 I’m really glad Ayana is responsible.

 ”Come on, Kohina-senpai, let’s go already!”

 ”I know, I know.”

 We hopped on the bus and settled into the back seat. Of course, Kohina-senpai sat right in the middle.

 ”Hey, Kohina-senpai, your sign is standing over there.”

 ”Oh, wow, Kohina-senpai, you’re really going all out. Putting up signs in the countryside instead of the city… Wait, this isn’t just a bear warning sign!!”

 Kohina-senpai puffed out her cheeks and grabbed my arm, shaking it vigorously. Not just me, but look, Ayana is laughing too.

 ”I’m not laughing at all!”

 Ah, she’s really a great actress. Instantly putting on a poker face… Oh! Look, it’s happening now! You’re remembering and shaking your shoulders, aren’t you!!

 ”Guhehe. Kanon, I’ll send you a picture of us and your husband on a trip to Hokkaido right now.”

 ”Oh, come on, stop that.”

 ”Oh no, I accidentally sent it to Nee-san… She just replied with ‘Hmm…’ Please take care of it, Kaede-paisen.”

 ”Namu~ I’ll make sure to pick up just the bones for you.”

 ”Don’t abandon me!!”

 I’m not sure what they’re talking about, but both Emily-san and Kaede seem to be enjoying themselves, which is great. Riding the bus for 40 minutes, chatting and laughing, heading towards our destination. Thanks to Kohina-senpai’s idea, we ended up singing together with Ayana, Kohina-senpai, Kaede, and Emily-san along the way, and even the passengers who were on board seemed to be enjoying it.

 ”So colddd!!”

 ”I told you so, didn’t I?!”

 Hey, Kohina-senpai, please don’t try to crawl into my jacket.

 ”It’s not a big deal, is it? Come on, I’ll lean my chest against you, so forgive me for that.”

 Well… I guess I can’t help it. I’ll let it slide this time, in consideration of the chest.

 ”Come on, everyone, let’s stick together and move!!”

 This is the best! Ahh, breasts are breasts, and they make me happy. I don’t even know what I’m saying, but I’m glad I came here today. Ahh, especially Emily-san’s breasts that are touching my back, they bring me so much happiness. With a determined expression, I concentrate all my senses on reaching Cape Soya. At this point, I’m more interested in the forefront of Emily-san’s breasts than in Japan’s northernmost point.

 ”Oh, amazing. So this is the northernmost point of Japan, huh?”

 ”Well, actually, there are the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, so this being the northernmost point was a long time ago.”

 Huh? Is that right? I wonder how it was in the world I was in… Well, who cares about the details! I’m totally focused on imagining everyone’s cutting-edge looks through my down jacket. So I don’t have time to think about such trivial things.

 ”Ugh, it’s cold! Let’s go already. If we stay here like this, someone will die. Let’s hurry up and eat Ramen and go back.”

 Apparently, there’s a Ramen shop near here. We start walking towards it.

 ”Hey, Kohina-senpai, look! Your sign is also at that souvenir shop over there!”

 ”I told you, I’m done with that joke! Come on, stop fooling around and let’s go already!!”

 We climb a little hill and head towards the Ramen shop.

 Ah, it’s past lunchtime, so I’m getting really hungry.

 ”Welcome… Oh!?”

 ”What’s wrong? A bear… Oh no!?”

 Ah, sorry for surprising everyone. We just came to eat ramen, that’s all.

 ”Um, I’ll take your order.”

 ”Six servings of salt ramen!”

 After a short wait, six servings of salt ramen are lined up in front of us. Wow, it looks so delicious!!


 Slurp, slurp, slurp… Mmm! The scallop and Rishiri kelp broth hits the spot in my mouth. The noodles are coiled, and the broth coats them well, so this ramen is definitely meant to savor every bit of the broth.

 ”Ah, that hit the spot!”

 It’s probably not good for my body, but it’s past lunchtime, and my stomach was empty, plus my body was cold, so I slurped up all the broth too. Well, I’ll probably burn those calories quickly in this cold weather. We’re on a trip, and I don’t want to think about such uncool things. I just want to enjoy the meal and eat delicious food to my heart’s content.

 Look, even Emily-san… Oh! The ramen oil is making her lips look so sexy!? And her cheeks are turning pink from the warmth, and there’s a little white breath coming out. Huh? We just ate ramen together, right!? Just from eating ramen, it feels this naughty!?

 ”Thank you very much!”

 After leaving our signatures on the autograph board at the store, we take a commemorative photo and leave the store.

 ”We have some time until the bus comes, so let’s go to the souvenir shop.”

 Let’s buy souvenirs for Kanon and the others too! As I arrive at the souvenir shop, I wander around the store looking for something good. Oh, there’s Ramen. And it’s the same one as earlier… Wait, what’s this!?

 ”Kohina-senpai, Kohina-senpai”

 ”What? If it’s something stupid, I’ll smack you.”

 ”Take a look at this. Look, there’s Kohina-senpai’s Ramen!”

 ”But that’s a bear sighting… Wait, what’s this? Koguma Ramen?”

 Alright, this is definitely the souvenir. Huh? They can mail it? Then maybe I should order a lot. I have to share Koguma-senpai with everyone.

 ”Hey, isn’t that in Asahikawa instead of Wakkanai…”

 ”Shh! Aqua-kun looks so happy, let’s keep quiet about it.”

 Hmm? The customers around me seem to be talking about something when they look at me. What’s going on, everyone?

 For now, I smile and wave back, then continue searching for other souvenirs.

 And there, I found another new item.

 ”Kohina-senpai, Kohina-senpai!”

 ”Ugh, what is it this time?”

 ”Look, they have the T-shirt from that sign earlier!!”

 ”Huh!? Well, this, it’s not bad at all!”


 Wow, there are so many different types.

 Especially this Koguma that’s going “Gao!” It’s nice, isn’t it? I’ll go with this one.

 ”Huh? You’re getting that too? We’ll be matching!”

 ”Huh? Then, Kohina-senpai, please get something different.”

 ”No way! It’s you who should get something different… Oh wait, look closely, it comes in 6 different colors!!”

 ”Oh! You’re right!!”

 With this, we can buy different colors for the 6 of us!!

 Wow, it’s amazing that we can get matching T-shirts as a commemoration of the 6 of us coming here together.

 ”I’ll just go pay for this T-shirt first, okay?”


 There are other things too, so I’ll buy some for Kanon, Yui, Kotono, Ai, Ako-san, Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai. Even though Toa said he doesn’t need tapestries, he’ll definitely want this one! You can never have too many T-shirts, right?

 ”Haha… Morikawa-san, Yukishiro-san, Director Hongou, I’m really sorry.”

 ”Ayana-chan always has it tough, huh?”

 ”Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, I can wear anything at home.”

 ”If I wore that T-shirt, my chest would look super tight.”


 Chest!? Emily-san, weren’t we just not talking about breasts!? No, maybe it’s just me… Strange, I definitely felt some breast vibes just now… Maybe my breast sensor got messed up from the cold. After purchasing souvenirs, we wrote our autographs and took a commemorative photo here, then headed to the bus stop for our ride back.

 ”Morikawa Kaede, I’m going to do a comedy act!”

 ”Oh, that’s great!”

 Kaede, since you just recovered from an injury, please don’t overdo it.

 The atmosphere on the bus ride back was peaceful throughout.

 ”Well then, all that’s left is to go home.”

 ”Yeah, I’m really tired…”

 ”Going all the way to Wakkanai on a day trip is quite something.”

 ”Haha, that’s true.”

 ”Hey hey, everyone, come over here!”

 Why is Kohina-senpai the only one so full of energy?

 Everyone else, except for Kohina-senpai, looked exhausted.


 Hey, are you going to sleep on the plane ride back?!

 And you’re using my shoulder as a pillow too!


 Oh, Ayana-san!?

 Ayana must have been tired too, as she was sleeping peacefully on the other side of me.

 ”Ugh! Why am I sitting next to Kaede-paisen!!”


 ”Hey, Kaede-senpai, that’s my chest, hmm”

 Oh, oh, is that breasts!? Damn, I’m curious about Emily-san’s breasts, but I can’t wake up Ayana and Kohina-senpai, so I can’t even move a muscle. What the heck is going on over there!? I was so curious that my eyes were wide open the whole time on the flight back.


 ”Geez, it’s such a hassle for them to fall asleep now. Look, you can rest your head here.”

 I don’t remember it myself, but apparently I fell asleep in a taxi. When I woke up, it was already morning and I was on my own bed. Yeah, I feel like I was getting a lap pillow from Kohina-senpai at the end, but it must be my imagination. Let’s just say it’s my imagination!!

 Kohina Yukari

 It’s because of you that my thighs hurt! Take responsibility for it!

 Hey, I didn’t see anything! After closing the messaging app, I gently woke up Kanon, saying it’s morning.

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