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Volume 12 Chapter 33 Shirogane Aqua, Assault Mama Squad!!

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 ”Huh? Is nobody here?”

 I was called to the hotel because I had something to do with Kotono and Yui, but the two of them are not here. I wonder what happened? Did something go wrong? As I was thinking about that, the door of the next room slammed open.

 ”Oh, Aqua-chan, so you’re already here.”

 ”M-Mother!? And, Kiyoko-san and Kanata-san too!?”

 Why are the three of them here…? No, it doesn’t matter. I widen my eyes at the extremely sexy see-through babydoll and underwear that the three of them are wearing.

 ”Kotono-san and Yui-san were worried. Because Aqua-chan doesn’t rely on others much… That’s why. Today, we used Kiyoko-san’s privilege and came to spoil Aqua-chan with the three of us!”

 No, no, no… No, no, no!! Even if you say that kind of thing, it’s troublesome, you know. I’m still a high school student. I want you to consider my feelings a little more.


 Ah, huh? Before I knew it, I found myself naturally lying on the bed. Oops, I completely lost my memory up until this point…

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun is so cute.”

 Kanata-san, who was on all fours, straddles over my body as I lay on my back. Kanata-san is the smallest of the three, but when it comes to certain areas, she’s the biggest. It feels like her bra is about to burst.

 ”And, thank you so much for that.”


 Kanata-san hugged me tightly. While pretending to be calm, I focused all my attention on the weight of Kanata-san pressing against my chest.

 ”Aqua-kun, you really like breasts, don’t you?”

 H-how did that get discovered!?

 ”You always try to endure not looking at my breasts, but when you let your guard down and give a glance, everyone notices, you know? Because if a girl receive such a hot gaze, they quickly realize that a girl who isn’t usually looked at with such eyes by boys would notice right away. Look, even now your eyes are going to my cleavage. Do you want to see my breasts that badly?”

 When Kanata-san loosens her bra strap, she exposes those ripe, mature fruits. Oh…! These are the true motherly breasts! They have an indescribable eroticism.

 ”Go ahead, feel as much as you like.”

 No, but as I hesitate, Kanata-san grabs my arm and presses it against her chest. Oh, it’s so plump. These are Kanata-san-ppai.


 The firmness and elasticity are amazing. When I massage them, they bounce back immediately. But these breasts are a bit tense, aren’t they? As a professional breast masseur, I thoroughly massage Kanata-san-ppai to loosen the tension.

 ”I envy you.”

 When I turned my face towards the sound, my mother pressed her index finger to her lips and stared at me with a longing look. Stop it. If she shows me such a cute gesture, my thing will…

 ”Aqua-chan, why don’t you touch Mama’s G-cup?”

 G-cup!? Hehehe… huh!? No, no! Unconsciously, I restrain myself as I am being pulled towards the gravity of the G-cup.

 ”Sigh… I guess Aqua-chan, a high school student, doesn’t need breasts anymore.”




 I slapped my cheek hard.

 Hey, Shirogane Aqua! Do you even know what you’re doing right now? As the Breast Master, the Breast Sommelier, and even declaring the liberation of breasts, there’s no way you can make breasts sad!! So what if we’re family? So what if she’s my mother!! You’ve already lost when your thing reacts!!

 Ah… I see. Unlike me, who is not honest, you knew it from the beginning, didn’t you? I face my own instinct as a man, my own thing, in the spiritual world… no, in the space of sexual preferences.

 I see, so that’s what it was. The motherly breasts, the origin of breasts for all men. Without knowing that, how can I call myself a breast evangelist!! Now! Here! I will abandon my own indulgence that excludes family!!

 Ready… Complete!!

 ”Aqua-chan, are you okay?”


 ”Aqua-kun, does your cheek hurt?”

 Hah, in the moment when I cut off everything, it felt like my own world, the libido world, had expanded within me. Ah, maybe it’s because I didn’t have enough determination until now, I’ve been putting a limiter on my own p*nis.

 ”Mother, don’t cry”

 ”Aqua-chan, mm!”

 I embraced mother and gently massaged her G-cup breasts. They’re so soft. Despite being this big, they’re fluffy like clouds and feel completely different from anything I’ve touched before. Breasts that gently embrace everything, these are Mama-pai. Every man is gently enveloped by the reassuring breasts.

 ”Ah, Aqua-chan’s head is on my chest”

 It’s no exaggeration to say that all maternal instincts are packed in here. The ultimate sense of security and fit when embraced, ah, that’s what it’s about.

 This may have been the moment I was truly waiting for. Because I died in my previous life, I am grateful to have known my mother’s breast and experienced true motherhood. It’s true that breasts can solve everything. I am convinced that there is no mistake in that ideal. In order to fulfill my long-cherished desire to save the many breasts that are drowning in sadness in this world!

 Marin-ppai! I have returned!!

 ’Shirogane… you finally have the face of a man.’


 I will do it! So please watch over me from a different world!!


 With just one squeeze, I pour all my overflowing feelings into it. Every breast is a once-in-a-lifetime squeeze, so I can’t waste even a single squeeze.

 ”Look, Kiyoko-san, come here.”

 ”Eh? Ah…”

 I gently embrace Kiyoko-san and smoothly unhook her bra. And then, naturally, I start squeezing her breasts. Oh… they feel moist and cling to my hands. Kanata-ppai are firm, Marin-ppai are soft, and Kiyoko-ppai are moist. Each one has a different feeling when squeezed.

 ”Aqua-kun, me too!”

 What a breathtaking view. I’ve never seen such a sight before.

 G’s mother, Kanata-san with K-cup size, and Kiyoko-san with H-cup size… Huh!? G is the smallest, what does that mean!? Is it normal for that to happen!?

 ”Please touch me gently.”

 Ah, my desires unintentionally leaked out.



 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, is this okay?”

 Thi-this is heaven. I surrender myself to the blissful pressure that envelops my entire face. I want to fall asleep like this, sandwiched between breasts.


 Since it’s a rare opportunity, I’ll suck on the breasts too. I attach myself to mother’s beautiful nipples. Delicious! Delicious!

 ”Aqua-kun’s p*nis has gotten really big.”

 ”It’s swollen, but doesn’t it hurt?”

 ”Alright, Aqua-chan. Mama will rub your p*nis and make you feel good!”

 I received a breast milk h**job while my mother provided me with a lap pillow. It’s completely different from before. So this is what they mean by serious and genuine. I thought it was good that I got to know the real thing.

 ”Feels good? If you want to come, you can shoot anytime without thinking about wasting it. Because you’re a boy.”

 Thi-thi-this is definitely Mommy. Mommy Marin is the best after all! Without being bound by things like wasting or social norms, she prioritizes only what makes her son feel good. With a Mommy like this, I could become a Mommy’s boy, and not just one step but even a hundred steps closer to incest. If I blow away the filter of the trivial norm called family, my mother is extremely beautiful, and even though I’m the son, her gestures, expressions, and reactions are soooo cute.

 Ah, I slightly regret not relying on her more when I was at home.

 ”Do you want to come? Sure.”

 The speed at which mother strokes me increases. Just earlier, she said it was her first time with H**job, but it’s amazing that she understands every pleasurable spot of mine so well. The overwhelming pleasure makes me lift my hips and c*m.

 ”Mm! Amazing. It’s great to be able to c*m so much. Good boy, good boy.”

 Ah… I love everything already. I sit up and give mother lots of kisses. Huh? Is this your first time kissing a man? Ah, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I’m grateful to all the men in this world who haven’t touched even a millimeter of this mommy who can pass as a high school girl in this JK uniform.

 ”Can Kanata-san join too?”

 ”Yeah, sure. Come on.”

 Thank you for the consecutive nursing h**jobs! I tell Kiyoko-san that next it’s her turn. Upon hearing that, Kiyoko-san, who was conscious, blushes slightly on her cheeks.

 ”Oh, don’t just stare at Kiyoko-chan, Kanata is your mom now, you know. Jeez!”

 Kanata-san is too cute. Can I start calling you Kana-tan from today? Maybe she could even debut as a sister unit with Subaru-tan under Aqua’s producer? It’s okay, it’s okay, Kana-tan can pull off a JK uniform for real.

 ”Aqua-kun, you’re really big. I can’t believe something this big exists.”

 Kanata-san gazes at my thing with a dreamy expression.

 ”Is it bad that it’s big?”

 ”No, I mean, I kind of want you to slam this big thing deep into my womb at least once… Wait, Aqua-kun, what are you making me say?!”

 I knew it. Smart me quickly realized it from our conversation earlier. Kanata-san is definitely super lewd. Clearly, she’s been sneakily stealing glances at my thing since earlier, and her touch is way too soothing.

 ”Ah, you’re so nervous, does that mean you’re ready to do it?”

 I asked Kanata-san for a favor and had her wrap a K-cup bra around my p*nis, aiming for the inside, and then I did it. Thank you, Kanata-san. Doing it while almost suffocating with a K-cup was the best feeling. I asked Kanata-san to wear the bra home without washing it, and she blushed and nodded. Her profile was cute, so I kissed Kanata-san’s cheek.

 ”Um, is this okay?”

 Thank you for your delicate touch, Kiyoko-san! I start sucking on Kiyoko-san-ppai and squeeze them to try to milk her. It’s because of the sense of duty I have as a best friend, since I couldn’t rely on Shintaro during my adolescence.

 ”Oh, no. Even if you massage it so hard, my breasts won’t produce any milk anymore, so sorry. Aqua-kun.”

 There’s no need for Kiyoko-san to apologize. For example, my senpai, a certain KY-senpai, sometimes creates imaginary friends in her mind because she doesn’t have many friends. But when it comes to someone like me, even if milk isn’t coming out, I can create imaginary milk in my imagination and suck it.

 ”I’m touching Aqua-kun’s p*nis.”

 Ah, what a gentle touch! The amount of pressure, whether she touch it or not, is just perfect. But the instinct of the man inside me naturally raised my hips and pressed my p*nis against Kiyoko-san’s hand, begging for a stronger stroke.

 ”It feels even better if you rub the p*nis harder, right? But you were rubbing it hard until just now, right? Let’s take care of your p*nis more. Let’s endure with this level of stimulation.”

 Ah, ah, ah, I felt like my screw was about to explode because Mommy Kiyoko, who is gentle but doesn’t spoil me, didn’t. Shintaro, you really are an amazing guy. If I were living with Mommy Kiyoko alone, it would take just one week. In one week, without a doubt, we would cross the line and I would im***nate her, and we would even have a wedding.

 ”Mmm, your p*nis is twitching… Do you want to come?”

 I nod repeatedly. Then Mommy Kiyoko unties and removes her panties.

 ”Oh, no! Ah, wait, ah, it’ll dirty the sheets.”

 Kanata-san quickly takes off her own panties and covers my p*nis, stopping my c*m. Ah, it’s no good. That smooth satin fabric is making it worse.

 ”There, there. You did a good job.”

 Ah, I love it. I push Kiyoko-san down and forcefully stick my tongue in for a deep kiss. I make sure to mark her and let her know that she belongs to me starting from today.

 ”Aqua-chan looks energetic. What would you like to do next?”

 ”I want you to squeeze it between your breasts!”

 When I said that, mother without hesitation squeezed my p*nis between her breasts. Ah… I floated away with the softness of her breasts, feeling like my soul was being taken to heaven.

 ”How is it? Does it feel good with Mama-ppai?”

 It feels really good. It’s so fluffy like I’ve never felt before, and an indescribable tenderness is transmitted to my p*nis. My p*nis, which has been spoiled so much, unconsciously couldn’t hold back and eja***ated.

 ”I’m sorry, mother…”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. If it felt good, I couldn’t help it. It’s okay. It’s fine for boys to do that when they feel good. If you want to use Mommy’s anytime, you can, and I’ll always do it for you.”

 Ah, how kind she is. Mother strokes my head and spoils me with affection.

 ”Um, um, is it my turn next?”

 I nodded eagerly in response to Kiyoko-san’s question. Kiyoko-san rubbed my p*nis between her moist breasts, creating a sensual sensation. What lewd breasts she has. I have never experienced a t*tjob that pleases my p*nis like this before.

 ”You’ve come many times already, but are you really okay? If it gets too painful, please let me know. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

 Kanata-san’s gentle words warmed my heart. At the same time, Kanata-san used her breasts to heat up the s*men deep inside my scrotum, which was incredibly arousing. Is this what they mean by a seductive woman? Oh, it’s on a whole different level for a high schooler like me.

 ”Mmm… Ah, it’s coming out inside my breasts… Ah, so much.”

 Without wasting any, Kiyoko-san licked the s*men off her breasts. The sound of the s*men strands clinging to her lips and being swallowed with a squelching noise is incredibly erotic. Seeing that, my p*nis became erect once again.”

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun, your p*nis is really amazing. It gets so big so quickly.”

 Kanata-san firmly holds my p*nis in her sweaty K-cup cleavage. Ah, no, my p*nis surrenders the moment it gets sandwiched. Just the fact that I didn’t climax instantly being squeezed between K-cups, I want to praise my own p*nis.

 ”Nhoho, nhoho. Aqua-kun, please feel good with my breast pussy and eja***ate a lot.”

 I want to be enveloped in breasts forever. The pressure is strong enough to stimulate both my p*nis and testicles.

 My lower body, unable to resist the waves of pleasure, finally trembles each time breasts are slammed against it.

 ”Amazing. Thank you so much for ejac***ing so much even on the 6th time.”

 Kanata-san opens her breasts left and right, showing me several sticky s*men bridges. There’s something like a white sigh coming out, maybe due to the temperature difference with the outside air. It’s too erotic that I can’t help but stare at it.

 ”Kanata-san is so lucky. If I were as young as Kanata-san, I would have had firmer breasts too.”

 ”Yeah, I’m totally jealous too…”

 ”No way, Marin-san and Kiyoko-san are still only 36, just two years older than me, right?”

 What!? Mother is only 36!? Kiyoko-san is also 36, and Kanata-san is 34!? 34, let alone 36, is still totally okay. Oh, they can still have children. It’s more like a sense of duty to impregnate as a man.



 I pushed Kiyoko-san down and pressed my thing against her thing, begging.

 ”No. I’m a mom, you know? If you’re going to do that, there are younger girls for that.”

 ”What are you saying, Kiyoko-san? After squeezing out so much s*men earlier, you know I think of you as a girl too, you know?”

 ”Nn, ah… That’s…”

 I slowly penetrate into Kiyoko-san’s v**ina.

 ”Ah… a boy’s… inside me… mmm!”

 Although Kiyoko-san shows a slight resistance, her v**ina tightens, clearly craving for s*men. Actually, the folds inside are amazing. They tightly entwine around my p*nis.

 ”Kiyoko-san, I’m sorry. I’ll take responsibility.”

 ”Ah, well, responsibility… If you’re okay with an old lady like me, you can use me however you want.”

 I slowly move my hips up and down, piston-like, and kiss Kiyoko-san lightly multiple times. Of course, I stroke her head during the act and repeatedly tell her she’s cute. Starting from there, I make sure to make Kiyoko-san, who has low self-esteem, recognize that she is not just an aunt or a mom, but an individual girl. At first, Kiyoko-san showed no signs of believing it, but as I continued treating her like a girl, she started to show an atmosphere that wasn’t entirely unwilling.

 ”Ah, ah, no. There… it feels weird. Please… ah, please, make it easier…!”

 As I thought it would be cruel to continue tormenting her, I thrust into Kiyoko-san’s depths. I don’t use contraception, but if it happens, it happens. Shintaro, I’m already your best friend, and I’m ready to become your dad.


 ”Ah, huh? Ah…”

 I embrace Kanata-san, who has just cleaned herself in the bathroom, and push her down. As soon as Kanata-san realizes what’s happening, she gently wraps her hands around the back of my neck and accepts me.

 ”How… is it? I haven’t used it like Kiyoko-san or Marin-san, so I don’t know, but am I making Aqua-kun feel good?”

 I whisper that I am, in a gentle voice. Kanata-san’s v**inal walls are so amazing, they stimulate my p*nis intensely.

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun. If it’s alright with you, um, could you thrust into me from behind?”

 Come to think of it, earlier she asked to be penetrated all the way to her womb. Once I pulled out my p*nis, I changed Kanata-san’s position and thrust my hips forcefully, like animals mating.

 ”Oh, oh, oh! No, no, no! I’m coming! I’m going to come! No, wait, wait, wait! Please stop! If I come any more, I’ll go crazy!!”

 Kanata-san’s reaction was so good that I unintentionally went all out with my thrusts. Oops, maybe I went too far. Kanata-san, lying on the bed, was breathing heavily and had her legs wide open, letting my s*men drip out of her v**ina.

 ”Haa… haa… amazing. With just one shot, Kanata’s v**ina has taken on Aqua-kun’s shape. Ehehe…”

 I might have made a mistake by forcefully opening the cervix and directly doing it inside. Well, it’s okay. I am already prepared to become that daddy, and I have completed my delusions of becoming Subaru-chan’s daddy and legally taking baths together.

 ”Mother… Is it alright?”


 I gently kissed mother, who was lying on the bed.

 ”You’re beautiful, mother.”


 I pressed my p*nis against mother’s v**ina and slowly inserted it, as if confirming the sensation. Ah… So this is mother’s v**ina. It’s amazing. There’s not even a millimeter of correction needed. It was already perfectly shaped for me from the beginning.

 ”Does it hurt, mother? Does it feel good?”

 ”I’m fine. It feels good.”

 There is no sign of mother being careful or hesitant based on her expression. Well, if it fits perfectly for me, it must be a perfect fit for mother too. Also, I had a vague idea since the first breastfeeding han*job stage, but maybe, 100% of our pleasure points match.

 ”Mother, I’m really sorry until now. If only I had relied on you properly from earlier…”

 ”No, it’s okay. Aqua-chan had a hard time too, and besides…”

 And besides?

 ”Now, being able to rely on you like this, to connect and become one, makes me really happy.”


 Now I understand all of my mother’s kindness. Maybe, at this moment, I was crying. While crying, I embarrassingly bent my waist. Well, it feels good. Can’t help it.

 ”Do you want to come?”


 ”Okay. I’ll accept Aqua-chan’s.”

 I exchanged a passionate kiss with Mother, as if we were lovers. And then, I released inside her v**ina. I entrusted myself to the long afterglow while still being covered by Mother. There’s nothing left anymore. I’ve released it all.

 ”Hehe, you came a lot. Good job, good job. Well done, huh?”

 Mother slowly strokes my head. Oh… come to think of it, was it okay to do this to mother when Mommy Mikuni is around?

 ”It’s okay if it’s Miku-chan. I got permission from the start, and we talked about how it would be nice if we had a boy and could do such things.”

 Is that so? Huh? Is it normal for two women to be married? Hmm. I see. So, does that mean it’s okay to slip into the world of yuri legally? Hmm… I’ll make a mental note of that for my future reference.

 ”Hehe, when Miku-chan’s work settles down, let’s do it with the three of us. It’s a bit complicated now, though…”

 It’s complicated now? Ah, was it the awards ceremony the other day? Mother said that Mommy Mikuni, who was upset about losing to Kohina-senpai, wants to focus on acting now. Even though we were living together, she’s now living separately and staying in a hotel, watching her past performances. I was a little worried, but it seems she’s okay, so I feel relieved.

 ”‘Ah, and, when I met Aqua-kun, thank you for making me serious about Kohina Yukari-san. I will entrust Aqua-kun and the top position until next year.’ That’s what she said.”

 What! Mommy Mikuni, even I would be scared of that.


 ”Aqua-chan? Did she fall asleep?”

 Let’s pretend I didn’t hear that. I pretend not to know and pretend to sleep.

 But, maybe I was really tired, my consciousness gradually drifts away while being held by mother.

 ”Goodnight, Aqua-chan. You always work hard, but take your time to rest occasionally.”

 While mother gently strokes my head, I completely let go of my consciousness.

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