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Volume 12 Chapter 34 Shirogane Aqua And Emily-San’s Photoshoot

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Today’s job is with Corolle.

 After finishing school, I get into the car to go to the shooting location.

 ”Today’s work will be with Emily-san.”


 Last time, I worked with Kanon for Corolle, but it seems that this time it will be a photoshoot with Emily-san. While I’m being driven by Kotono in the car, I skim through fan letters.

 [To Aqua Onii-chan

 Please marry me when I grow up.]

 Hehehe. I smile at the fan letter from a little child. It’s cute. When we were little, older people, especially high school students, seemed like adults and we admired them. Maybe that’s why I frequently receive these kinds of letters from kindergarteners and elementary school students. However, it’s a mystery that everyone seems to write the number of their “mom” (mother’s cup) at the end. Is this kind of thing popular now?

 [I saw Zandam the other day!! The duet with Tsukimachi Ayana-chan from eau de Cologne was like a shouting match, and it made my heart tremble. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to listen to it as the opening every time from now on. It’s so up-tempo and seems like it will shine in live performances, so I’m really looking forward to hearing it live! Good luck with the nationwide tour in February!

 But I won’t be able to attend, so I’ll support you from the shadows through online streaming! Oh, sorry, I got off track. Watching Zandam, Cruz Leon played by Aqua-sama was so cool that I fell in love at first sight. Hehe! What do you like about Leon-sama, Aqua-sama? I fell for Leon-sama because he’s so devoted to Nina. I thought Nina-chan, who is so devoted to Leon-sama, must be truly happy. I also get excited when he shows a melancholic profile at unexpected times, or when a hint of anger peeks through.

 By the way, I also love Aqua-sama’s face. Aqua-sama’s face when shown unexpectedly is cool and makes my heart race every day. Your gentle face in everyday life is nice, but your cool face during live performances is great too, and I’ve even had a three-day dilemma over which profile I like better. Oh, but I like his front-facing face even more… Eek! I said it. I said it. But Aqua-sama is really cool, you know. Even in the recent beryl&beryl…]

 Wow, it’s so long! Huh? There are still 40 pages left? No way…

 I checked the envelope, wondering who sent it, and it turned out to be Shumi-san, the otaku girl.

 Ah, here we go again, I chuckled. It’s really nice that she likes me this much, but I’m pretty sure she has a husband. So, I feel a little bad for her husband.

 I have a feeling that Shumi-san’s husband is going through some tough times. Well, if it’s my Kanon, it would be adorable no matter what, so it’s totally fine. Being irresistibly cute is just the way it is, right?

 By the way, I could fill about 40 sheets of manuscript paper talking about Kanon, so I understand how Shumi-san feels.

 After finishing reading the fan letter from Shumi-san, I take out the next one from the envelope.

 [I’m a huge, huge fan of Aqua-sama!

 I still can’t forget the day I first met Aqua-sama.

 Even now, my heart flutters when I remember that day.

 When I visited the café, Aqua-sama was so kind to me.

 Even getting pushed around and jumbled up while buying a magazine is a good memory now.

 I love the excitement of finally being able to meet at the concert.

 I really, really love you. That’s why I worry when I see Aqua-sama looking so busy.

 Are you tired? Please take a break and rest.

 Are you pushing yourself too hard? I’m always watching over you by your side.]

 Wow! What a nice child!

 I couldn’t help but start crying.

 I wonder who sent it? Oh, it’s a girl from college who likes Ramen.

 This person’s letters make me feel warm inside.

 If I read it in a certain way, it might seem like, “Would you like to touch my chest?” but that’s probably because my heart is not pure. Yes, I think so.

 ”We’re here.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 After keeping the letters from fans, I got out of the car and said hello to the Corolle staff who greeted me. It seems that Emily arrived before me and got ready.

 ”Please change your clothes here.”


 I changed into a white suit, had my hair styled, and had my makeup done to make me look pretty. Wow, professionals are really amazing. I think that every time I see the finished result.

 ”Shirogane Aqua is ready.”

 When I entered the studio, I casually chatted with Nobu-san, who had arrived earlier. Since it seemed like Emily-san would take a little more time to prepare, I asked Nobu-san to take some photos for social media.

 ”How is this?”

 ”It looks great!”

 After receiving the photo data from Nobu-san, I posted on social media, “I’m here now for Corolle’s photo shoot.”

 ”Yukishiro Emily-san is ready!”

 Oh, it seems like Emily-san is also ready. I turned my head in the direction of the footsteps.

 ”Emily-san, please take care of me… today.”

 I almost froze the moment I turned around. It was because Emily-san, wearing Corolle’s wedding dress, looked incredibly beautiful. The dress had a transparent feel that evoked a summer wedding, an open-shoulder look, and a mermaid-style dress, making her look like a mermaid princess who had come out of the sea.

 ”How…is it?”

 ”It looks really good. It’s beautiful.”

 Although John is not the designer for Corolle women’s clothing, I want to send him a thank-you letter.

 ”Oh my, isn’t it nice?”

 Nobu-san naturally takes the shot. At that moment, Emily-san and I also switched into work mode.

 ”That’s great! Get closer! Yes, yes! We’ll start with a wide shot.”

 I grab Emily-san’s hand as she looks up at me, and gently shift her weight towards me. In a brand-related photoshoot, it’s important to remember that the focus should always be on the clothes. In this case, I think the train of the skirt should be the most beautiful. So, Emily-san and I work together to balance and highlight the beauty of the train.

 ”OK! Perfect. Shall we try taking some close-up shots next?”

 During the close-up shots, it’s important to use the lower body well and be conscious of fitting the upper body into the frame properly.

 ”Um, could someone change Emily-chan’s mules and raise them by 3cm?”

 ”Got it!”

 After changing her mules, Emily-san slightly reduces the height difference between us. Often, there are efforts behind the scenes like this to improve the subject’s appearance.

 ”Yeah, it looks better!!”

 After finishing the close-up shots, she heads to the dressing room to change outfits. Ah, it’s cold! Even though the dressing room and studio have the heating on, seeing someone in short sleeves in February just looks chilly. After I return to the studio, it’s not long before Emily-san also comes out after changing her clothes.

 ”Oh, isn’t it nice! The traditional shirt dress with the traditional floral pattern, it looks cool and gives off a summer vibe!”

 ”It’s really… beautiful.”

 I’m hopeless. Unlike Nobu-san, I couldn’t find any other words. How beautiful she is. It’s a different kind of beauty compared to Kanon, even though they’re both beautiful.


 Nobu-san seems to be lost in thought after taking several photos. I wonder what’s wrong?

 ”Nobu-san, if there’s anything wrong, please let me know.”

 ”No, it’s not that something’s wrong. It’s just… if it’s impossible, then it’s fine, but Aqua-kun, can you push Emily-chan down?”

 ”I can push her down!!”

 I immediately responded without any ulterior motives, of course, as I’m currently at work.

 ”Huh? Uh, really?”

 ”If Emily-san doesn’t want to, I think it’s okay even if I can’t do it.”

 ”I’m totally okay with it!!”

 As expected, Emily-san is a professional when it comes to work. I know well that she always does things properly. She has good taste to begin with, but her ability to apply the experience she has cultivated in various ways, and her strong heart that can deliver 120% of her ability in crucial moments, comes from the 100% effort she puts in every day. In fact, she consistently addressed the points raised in the duet audition and earned my respect and trust as someone who does what needs to be done.

 ”I wonder how I should push her down, Nobu-san?”

 I got the bed ready and got down on all fours on top of Emily-san.

 ”Well, how about you, Aqua-kun, hug Emily-chan around her stomach?”


 I put my hands around Emily-san’s waist and buried my head in her stomach. I felt a very happy sensation above my head, but I had to focus on the shoot since I was still working.

 ”That’s good. Emily-chan, be more aware of your waist, yes, that’s it! Look here, be sexier! Ah, that’s great!”

 We took a break and looked at the photos Nobu-san had taken. Wow, the photos we took on the bed are amazing. I actually managed to look cool in them. Maybe my efforts to hide behind my good looks have paid off. And when Kotono saw the photos, her face turned bright red. This side of Kotono is really cute.

 ”Hey, Nobu-san, is this kind of exciting okay?”

 ”Oh, really? I’m going to take even more exciting ones from now on.”

 Huh!? I’m starting to worry if I can endure that. Back in the dressing room, I put on a pair of jeans, which are popular items from the Corolle brand. Jeans from Corolle and other branded jeans are often made in Okayama Prefecture, so they are comfortable to wear.

 ”Since this is a solo shoot, shall we take the photos before Emily-chan is ready?”

 ”Got it.”

 After taking the photos a few times, Nobu-san tilts his head. Then, he starts discussing something with the art director from Corolle Homme who was nearby.

 ”The main focus is definitely on the jeans, right?”

 ”Yes, that’s right!”

 ”In that case, why don’t we just take off the outer garment?”

 ”I-Is that okay!?”

 ”It’s fine, isn’t it? I’ll just ask and see.”

 ”Thank you so much!”

 The art director seemed really excited and forward. I hope everything’s okay with them.

 ”Aqua-kun, can you take off the outer garment?”


 I take off the outer garment and hand it to a nearby staff member. Huh? They’re frozen with wide eyes. Are they okay?

 ”Oh, so Aqua-kun is wearing Corolle underwear as well.”


 Corolle offers not only clothes, accessories, and jewelry, but also men’s underwear. In the world I work in, if a different brand’s underwear tag is visible during a shoot, a sponsorship contract might be terminated. In fact, things like that have happened in my world. On the other hand, there are soccer players who deliberately take off their outer garments and risk a yellow card to promote the tag on their pants. That’s why I always wear Corolle’s underwear.

 ”Ah! That’s great!”

 Nobu-san keeps taking pictures over and over again.

 Huh? Didn’t he take a picture just now?

 ”Aqua-sama’s chests…”

 Oh, Emily-san came out after changing clothes. Emily-san looks at my upper body, then quickly averts her eyes.

 ”Oh no, I need to focus on my work…”

 Sorry. Just like Kanon, Emily-san is a sheltered girl, so seeing a man’s upper body might be a bit too stimulating. I check with Nobu-san to make sure he got a good shot before putting on my outer garment.

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, you can stay as you are.”


 Are you saying we should continue shooting with my upper body exposed like this?

 ”After this, I plan to take a perfume poster, so if both of you are okay with it, could you embrace each other with your upper bodies exposed? Oh, and Emily-chan, please wear n*pple covers so that they can’t be seen and face this way.”

 ”Yes, I understand!!”

 I’ll say it again. I have no ulterior motives. Because I’m in work mode right now.

 ”Oh, um, well then…”

 Emily takes off her outer garment so that it can’t be seen from Nobu-san’s side. This is work. This is work. This is work!! I sit on the bed and welcome Emily in the same position.

 ”Hair and makeup! Emily-chan’s hair, divert it a bit to the side.”


 The hair and makeup artist follows Nobu-san’s instructions and sets Emily’s hair to show her back.

 ”Emily-chan, your back looks beautiful. Aqua-kun looks good too. That slightly scary expression is really great!!”

 To be honest, I can’t make any adjustments to this situation even by a millimeter. Because if I relax even a little, I might react.

 ”Aqua-kun, the wrinkles between your eyebrows are deepening. Relax a bit more.”

 Remember it! Remember it, Aqua! What did the fan letter I just saw say? It was a pure fan letter from a college girl who loves ramen. I can’t destroy the image of myself that’s in her as an idol!!


 Having reached a state of nothingness, I approach the subsequent shoot with a calm mind.

 ”Good job, both of you. This perfume is going to sell like crazy now.”

 Phew, we managed to finish the shoot safely. But, there were quite a few stimulating photos, I wonder if it’s okay. In the end, it seems Emily-san reached her limit and collapsed, bleeding from the nose, bringing the shoot to an end.

 ”Umm, umm”

 I ride in Kotono’s car with Emily-san, and Emily-san rests her head on my lap for a lap pillow.

 ”We’ll be there in a bit, Emily-san.”

 Having been dropped off at my condo, I head home first. Emily-san seems to be going with Kotono to take Mary grandma to her place, so I’ll leave that to them.

 ”Welcome back! Kanon… Kanon!?”

 As I entered the living room, I found Kanon on Pegonia-san’s lap. It seems that she fainted after seeing a photo of me and Emily-san hugging. Haha, maybe she was able to endure until the end because it was Emily-san. I told Pegonia-san that I’ll take over and replaced me as Kanon’s pillow.

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