Male Idol V12c35

Volume 12 Chapter 35 Tsukimachi Ayana, Runner!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 One early morning, I arrived at a station in the Kanto region for a program shoot.

 ”I never thought I would wear Otomezaki’s uniform for work.”

 Wrapped in Otomezaki’s uniform, I reminisced about last year. At first, I didn’t have positive feelings toward men, so I treated Aqua, who was kind to me, terribly. Even now, when I recall that time, I feel sorry. Yet, Aqua helped me and even changed my feelings toward men. No, not just me. Everyone was influenced by Aqua’s positive attitude and coolness.

 Today, it seems Aqua is once again involving everyone in something.

 ”Are you nervous? Are you okay?”

 ”Y-yes. I’m okay!!”

 I spoke to a high school girl of the same age as me. Her name is Egawa-san. She was invited as a special guest for today’s program.

 ”Alright, so both of you, please wait on the train.”


 After receiving an explanation from the staff, we boarded a special train prepared for this day.

 ”Wow, it’s the real Ayana-chan!”

 ”So cute!”

 ”I’ve never seen a real idol before…”

 I greeted the passengers who were selected for the show’s recording and said, “Nice to meet you.” They are fans of BERYL and have been selected by lottery to participate in this project as extras. I checked the outside situation in real-time on a monitor connected to the outside footage.

 ”Good morning, everyone in the neighborhood! And sorry for the inconvenience. We’re BERYL!!”

 Aqua, representing the four members of BERYL, speaks. Next to him, Toa-chan rubs his eyes looking a bit sleepy. Hehe, come to think of it, did he say he’s not a morning person?

 ”Today, thanks to the cooperation of TV Japan, the National Railways, and the local community, we’ve come here. What are we, BERYL, going to do from now on? To explain that, let me first read this letter.”

 Aqua took out an envelope from the outer pocket of his down jacket and unfolded the letter inside.

 ”Dear Shirogane Aqua-sama, I am a boy who will be a first year high school student.”

 As the boy’s letter was read, the people watching this event outside and those inside the train began to stir.

 ”I have a past that I can’t regret enough. During last year’s entrance exam season, a girl in front of me dropped her exam ticket. I was the only one who noticed. However, I couldn’t find the courage to speak to her. In a moment of hesitation, the train started running. All I could do was watch it leave and explain the situation to a nearby station employee. I remember feeling relieved when I heard that the exam ticket was safely delivered to her. But what if, at that time, I had mustered the courage to speak up? I can’t help but think about such things. If I could redo it, I would find the courage to speak to her. That was the first time I wanted to change. So, won’t you give me the courage to change?”

 Aqua finished reading the letter and quietly put it back into the envelope, then into his pocket.

 ”So that’s why today, we’ve come to the same station as that time.”

 I turned my gaze to Egawa-san, who was sitting next to me. At that time, the person to whom the boy could not give the exam ticket was Egawa-san.


 ”W-well, yes.”

 Egawa-san knows the content of the project, but she hasn’t been told the reason for the project. So, when she heard the reason for the first time, she seemed a little flustered. I gently held Egawa-san’s hand and reassured her that it’s okay.

 ”Do you remember that time?”

 ”Yes! Um, for me, just hearing that he delivered the exam ticket made me really happy! So, um… there’s no need to regret it! Rather, let me say thank you. Thank you.”

 I reassured her to take her time. Well, any normal girl would be surprised. I checked the outdoor footage again.

 ”So, would you please give him a chance to redo what happened at that time? For that, we, BERYL, will run to transform his feelings into a baton and deliver them to you!”

 As Aqua said that, cheers erupted from the surrounding crowd.

 ’Well then, everyone, I would like to explain what they are going to do now!’

 Justaway Fukunaga-san, the announcer from TV Japan who will be covering today’s event, explains the plan.

 ’The four members of BERYL will run alongside the train in a baton relay from this station’s platform to the next station! If the relay runner, An Car, can jump into the train before the doors close completely, the challenge will be a success. However, this challenge can only be attempted four times due to the cooperation of the local residents, including the closure of surrounding roads. In other words, if the runner does not arrive inside the train within those four attempts, the plan will be considered a failure!”

 The surrounding residents and fans become restless during the explanation of the plan. Yeah, it’s definitely reckless if you think about it normally. Even if we had Morikawa-san, who is like the fastest human on Earth, and three professional track and field athletes, it still seems impossible for humans to win against a train in a relay. But still, Aqua makes us believe that she can do something about it, not just me, but everyone thinks so.

 ’Now, let me introduce the runners! There’s no doubt that this person is the one to start with!! BERYL’s eldest and the boys’ senior, Tenga Akira!’


 ”Go for it, Tenga-senpai!!”

 Tenga-senpai takes off his down jacket and raises his hands in a victory pose. It seems that his hard work, as I heard from Aqua, has paid off and is evident in his physique.

 ’And the second runner is this person, BERYL’s reliable and only conscience, Mayuzumi Shintaro!’

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, do your best!”

 ”Mayushin-kun, you got this!!”

 Mayuzumi-kun shyly waves at the camera. For some reason, I remember what Aqua always says about Mayuzumi Shintaro being someone who always delivers.

 ’The third runner is BERYL’s little devil, Nekoyama Toa! Ahh! He’s so cute today too!!’



 Toa-chan waves both hands at the camera.

 Hey, isn’t he cuter than an idol? Or is it just me? Sometimes when I look at Toa-chan, I get worried if I’m a good idol and my face becomes serious.

 ’Of course, everyone knows them, right? BERYL’s ace! No, Japan’s ace! Shirogane Aqua, yaaay!’



 Aqua also takes off his down jacket and gives a thumbs-up to the camera. The crowd cheers at that. Yeah, I really felt like Aqua could do something about it. I’m just simple for thinking that way, huh.

 ”Get pumped up!!”

 Huh? I thought I heard that voice somewhere before, and then I saw Kohina-senpai waving a flag from a distant building. Well, on closer look, it’s different. It’s Morikawa-san and Emily-san waving the flags, and Kohina-senpai is just giving instructions. Kohina-senpai, are you free? Oh, are they with Kanon-san and Fuji Ranko President? I see. That building, I understand that it’s Fuji’s building.

 ’Alright, everyone at BERYL, please take your positions as instructed!’

 Come to think of it, we used to practice running during school break time together. Maybe it was for this day after all? Amazing. Not just Aqua, but Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun are serious about it too…


 ”Give it your all!”

 ”You can do it, everyone!”

 ”Don’t get hurt!”

 Amidst the loud cheers, everyone reaches the starting point. Toa-chan takes off his down jacket and hands it to his little sister, Subaru-chan. Speaking of which, I also saw Lapis-chan. Could it be that she came to observe today as part of her work assistance? Upon closer look, Lapis-chan is with Aqua, Tenga-senpai is with Yamada-kun, and Kokucho-kun is with Mayuzumi-kun.

 ’Now, this will be the first challenge. Will the four members of BERYL be able to complete this seemingly reckless challenge on their first attempt?’

 Before the start, the cheers from a moment ago suddenly quieted down, as if it were a lie. Even us, who were just watching, started to feel incredibly nervous.

 ’The first challenge, start!’

 Tenga-senpai started running at the same time as the buzzer.

 ’Now, it’s begun! The first task is these stairs. But, fast! You’re fast, Tenga Akira! He’s flying on the outsideee!’

 Tenga-senpai swiftly descended the stairs and dashed along the railway. He was a bit late at the start, but I think it wasn’t a bad start.



 ”Tenga-senpai, go!”

 ”As expected of our senior!”

 ”Tenga-senpai is cool!”

 Next, Mayuzumi-kun received the baton from Tenga-senpai and started running. However, heartlessly, the train they were supposed to ride was approaching from behind.

 ’Nice! Nice!! Mayuzumi Shintaro is doing great!!’

 Mayuzumi-kun runs with a solid form and hands the baton to Toa-chan. At this moment, the train passes by Toa-chan. But it’s okay. There is still time before the train arrives and departs.

 ’Nekoyama Toa’s great run! Keep going. Do your best!!’

 Aqua receives the baton from Toa-chan and starts running. At that moment, cheers erupt from the surroundings. He’s really fast!! But at that time, my train had already arrived at the next station.



 ”Aqua-kun is amazing!!”

 ”Aqua-kun is fast!”

 ”This is Kenzaki’s speed!!”

 Ah, the departure melody starts playing! Hurry!! I shout in my mind! But Aqua, captured by the camera, was at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the platform.

 ’Shirogane Aqua is fast after all!! However! This is a shame. Time is up for the first challenge!’

 The train starts moving again. I see Aqua running up the stairs a little late. So close! Just a little more!! Yeah, I think they can do it next time. We get off the train at the next station and board the train in the opposite direction, returning to the station two stops back, which becomes the new starting point.

 ”Ugh, my start was a little late!”

 ”Sorry. I was too cautious about not dropping the baton.”

 ”If you say that, so was I. I saw the train ahead and thought it might be a bit too much.”

 ”No, I didn’t interpret it well. I should have trusted everyone who passes the baton more and focused on my own race. That’s my mistake.”

 The four of them gather and express their points of reflection.

 It’s really amazing. Even in a girl idol group, not many girls can speak up about their improvement points like this. Usually, someone’s pride gets in the way, or they blame someone else. But Aqua and the others are different.

 Aqua and the others quickly switch gears and return to their respective starting lines.

 ’Is it really impossible for humans to beat the train? No! Even if it were, we know they’re not the kind to give up there. They’ve always taken on challenges and blazed new trails! So show us that moment today too, BERYL!!’

 One by one, everyone from BERYL steps up. It was really close just now. So next time, they can definitely do it. Hang in there, everyone!!

 ’Second challenge, start!!’

 At the sound of the buzzer, Tenga-senpai takes off running. Yes! This time, it’s faster than before!!

 ’Tenga Akira, your timing is spot on!! He has made an even better start than before!’

 Tenga-senpai races down the stairs and hands the baton to Mayuzumi-kun waiting ahead. Smoothly taking the baton, Mayuzumi-kun hits top speed.

 ’Good! The train is still behind!! Keep pushing through just like that! Mayuzumi Shintaro!!’

 Mayuzumi-kun passes the baton to Toa-chan just a little ahead of the train. You can do it! You can do it, everyone!!

 ’Nekoyama Toa is fast! Even as the train tries to overtake, desperately hanging on!! Ahhhhh’


 Toa-chan, trying to quickly pass the baton to Aqua, aggressively runs through the infield. As a result, Toa-chan stumbles and rolls into the grass. The screams of Fukunaga-san and the rest of us overlap as we witness this.


 ”Are you okay!?”


 ”Quick, an ambulance!!”

 ”No, a medical helicopter!!”

 I hurriedly reassure the people on the train, telling them “It’s okay. Please stay calm.” Outside, the staff were also trying to calm everyone down. Aqua rushes over to Toa-chan as quickly as he can.

 ”Oh no! Are you okay!?”

 ”…Aqua, I’m sorry. I messed up.”


 Toa-chan scraped his knee and it’s bleeding.

 It looks painful. Is he okay? He’s not okay, right?

 ’Well, from now on, we will proceed with the treatment of Nekoyama Toa-san. Everyone, stay calm! Please wait as you are for a while!!’

 The staff on the train, the audience, myself, and Egawa-san, everyone is watching the monitor.


 ”I’m sorry, Subaru. I wanted to show off a cool moment, but I messed up.”

 ”No, is everything okay!?”

 ”I’m fine. It’s just a small scrape! Look, even in elementary school, I scraped my knee a few times, remember?”

 From the footage, Toa-chan seems to be fine.

 But… his knee looks painful. It’s bleeding quite a bit, so I’m worried.

 ”Oh no, did you hit your head?”

 ”If not, then it’s okay. Because if my head hit, I won’t be able to run anymore, right?”

 Huh? Is Toa-chan still planning to run? The medical staff who were treating him, along with everyone else, had surprised expressions on their faces.

 ”Of course, if Aqua and the others say I can’t do it, I’ll switch with someone else… but I can still run.”

 As if to say, “I can still run,” Toa-chan demonstrates by stretching. Even though he seems eager to do it, it should definitely be painful, and if a boy gets injured, it wouldn’t be just a matter of stopping the filming; normally, the producer’s head would be on the line. Even so, Aqua, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai exchange glances and nod with smiles.

 ”In that case, let’s run! I want to run together with Toa.”

 ”I feel the same as Aqua. Let’s run together!”

 ”Of course, I do too! Let’s pass the baton as a group of four!!”

 ”Alright, the decision has been made then. Producer-san, please continue!!”

 Upon hearing this, the producer of the show nods in agreement.

 ”If something happens, I will take responsibility. Everyone on the staff, let’s do our best until the end!”

 The staff applauded in response to those words. In the meantime, we changed trains and returned to the starting point.

 ”Onii… Are you really not pushing yourself too hard? Does it not hurt?”

 ”To be honest, it does hurt normally.”


 ”But it’s not a pain that prevents me from running. Besides…”

 Toa-chan turned towards Subaru-chan and smiled as usual.

 ”It would definitely be regrettable if we stopped here, right?”


 Toa-chan lightly tapped Subaru-chan’s head. Surprised, Subaru-chan covered the spot where she was tapped with both hands, her face turning red.


 ”Hehe, it’s a mimicry that Aqua always does to Lapis-chan.”


 Haha, he does it all the time, doesn’t he? But I don’t see him doing it to Kanon-san often.

 ”So, Subaru, watch me. Sometimes, I have to show my cool side to my little sister like Aqua does, as her older brother, you know?”

 For just a moment, Toa shows a cool expression, almost like a boy. Even though he’s often called cuter than the other girls, I see, Toa is just like Aqua and the others, huh? Some of the girls watching his expression stumble.

 ’To all the local residents, to all the fans. After deliberation, it has been decided to continue the relay. Please send warm cheers to them as they continue their challenge.’

 With the announcement, a big round of applause is sent to BERYL’s staff who continued the filming. The 4 members of BERYL return to the starting point once again.

 ’Ah, why does life always present us with so many difficulties? No matter how tough or painful it is, tomorrow will surely come. It’s okay to run away! It’s okay to shut yourself in and rest!! But still, they run today to welcome tomorrow with a smile!! Now, won’t you show us what lies beyond these difficulties?’

 Ah, I hope no one gets hurt anymore! Whether it’s a success or a failure, I just don’t want anyone to push themselves too hard. Probably, it’s not just me, but everyone here was thinking the same.

 ’Third challenge… Start!!’

 Tenga-senpai makes a start that surpasses even the second one.

 ’He’s done it! Tenga Akira, he’s made a comeback here again!’

 As Tenga-senpai dashes down the stairs, he smoothly passes the baton to Mayuzumi-kun compared to before. Mayuzumi-kun takes the baton and runs at a faster pace than before. Although it’s not said out loud, everyone was probably trying to cover for Toa-chan even just a little. But fate is cruel. Their efforts end up pushing Mayuzumi-kun too hard.

 ’Mayuzumi Shintaro, what an even better run! Ahhhhhhh!’

 In the middle of the race, Mayuzumi-kun dropped the baton. He tried to pick it up immediately, but a train heartlessly passed by.

 ’Is this trouble?! It’s a doctor’s stop here again!’

 Upon closer inspection, blood was oozing from Mayuzumi-kun’s fingertip. It seemed that his nail got cracked when passing the baton.


 ”Mayushin, don’t push yourself too hard!”

 ”I used to do track and field! I can run in your place!”

 ”Everyone, it’s okay now. You’ve all worked hard enough!”

 ”Don’t push yourself further, Mayuzumi-kun!”

 Aqua and the others rushed to Mayuzumi-kun.

 ”Shintaro, can you do it?”

 ”Of course…!”

 Mayuzumi-kun grabbed Aqua’s extended hand. The staff who rushed to the scene stopped the bleeding and provided first aid.

 ”Sorry. Can you make my distance longer? Since I haven’t run a second or third time, I think I probably have the most energy, so it’s probably better to do that.”

 ”Yeah, that might be good.”

 Aqua and the others discussed with the show’s staff and specialized staff to adjust the running distance. Apparently, the four of them had received training from track and field experts for this day. Their seriousness was evident from such efforts.

 ”All three of you, leave the start to me!”

 ”I will definitely pass on the baton I received from Tenga-senpai to the two of you.”

 ”Yeah, I will definitely deliver the baton I received from the two of you to Aqua.”

 ”Ah! I believe that you will definitely pass it on to me!!”

 Aqua, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai bumped fists and headed to their respective starting points. Kokucho-kun, who was watching nearby, called out to Mayuzumi-kun.

 ”Mayuzumi Shintaro, don’t push yourself too hard if it seems impossible. You just twisted your foot a little while ago, didn’t you?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. But even so, you asked me if Aqua could do it, right? In that case, I have no choice but to say it’s possible.”

 Mayuzumi-kun shows a smile to Kokucho-kun.

 ”Aqua always tells me that when it’s time for me to do something, I’m the man for the job. Even if I think it’s impossible, Aqua tells me it’s not. So, if not now, when? I want to stand by his side.”

 Compared to other men, Mayuzumi-kun is working hard and doing well enough. Still, Mayuzumi-kun thought he was just average within BERYL. It’s not just me. Surely everyone else thought the same.

 ”Kokuchō Kujaku, this is what it means to join BERYL. Well, I have nothing to say to you as someone who is smarter, more athletic, and more skillful than me. But as a senior in BERYL, I’ll do my best to show you what BERYL is all about.”

 Aqua knew more about Mayuzumi-kun than anyone else. Mayuzumi-kun is the most ordinary among the four, but he still tries to keep up with everyone. Normal boys can’t handle that. Because I know that saying he wants to stand next to Aqua requires a lot of determination, and I understand that Mayuzumi-kun isn’t joking or saying it lightly, because I share the same goal. It’s not just me. Mayuzumi-kun is with me too. He’s desperately trying to keep up with Aqua. When I realized his feelings, I felt another change in my feelings toward men.

 ”Tenga-senpai! Your knees must be really at their limit…”

 The camera switched, showing Tenga-senpai and Yamada-kun at the starting point. As Yamada-kun said, Tenga-senpai’s thighs were shaking a little. As if trying to conceal it, Tenga-senpai repeatedly hit his thighs with his fists.

 ”Just a trembling warrior! See, I’m fine now, right?”

 It’s obvious that he’s pushing himself too hard. Everyone can see it.

 ”Tenga-senpai… I’m sorry. I’m not useful for anything.”

 ”Don’t make that face, Yamada-kun. I was the same way at first. So just learn. You just need to work hard for each bit of frustration. I learned a lot by watching that junior’s back.”

 Tenga-senpai patted Yamada-kun’s shoulder and gently stroked his head.

 ”So, Yamada-kun, watch my run from beside me!”

 ”Yes, Tenga-senpai!!”

 After taking a deep breath, Tenga-senpai headed towards the starting point.

 ’Just Away! The escape route has been cut off! There is no choice but to run away from them! Just Away! If you can escape from our BERYL, then try to escape!! Just Away! That path belongs to no one else but us. It’s the path that BERYL treads on, aaaaahhhhh!!’

 The excitement mounts as Fukunaga-san’s commentary captivates everyone.

 ’Now, it’s the final challenge of destiny.’

 As the countdown begins, the camera focuses on each person’s face in succession. Then, almost simultaneously with the sound of the buzzer signaling zero, Tenga-senpai dashes forward.

 ’Our senior, Tenga Akira!! What an amazing start he’s made coming here!! He’s the only one for us, our senior!!’



 ”Tenga-senpai is the one after all!!”

 ”Akira-kun, go for it!!”

 He must be pushing himself too hard. He looks pained. Seeing Tenga-senpai run, I felt the same thing as when I look at Kohina-senpai. I see, that’s why Aqua is so kind to Tenga-senpai so much. Even so, Tenga-senpai maintains his speed until the end and hands the baton over to Mayuzumi-kun in top form. It’s okay, the train has only just begun to move. Go for it!

 ’Wow, what a beautiful baton pass! Mayuzumi Shintaro is running! Running! Running so fast!! This is amazing!!’

 ”Mayuzumi-kun, give it your besttt!”

 ”Great job, Mayushin-kun!”

 ”Go! Go! Go for it!”

 Mayuzumi-kun is exhausted, but he’s desperately running to pass the baton. This is definitely his best run so far. Aqua was right when he said that when Mayuzumi-kun goes for it, he really goes for it. Everyone, not just me, now understands that he’s truly one of BERYL’s members. Before the train arrives, Mayuzumi-kun passes the baton to Toa-chan.

 ’Nekoyama Toa receives the best baton pass from Mayuzumi Shintaro! What determination! Run like the wind!!’


 ”Let’s gooo!”

 ”That baton pass was amazing!”

 ”Pass it to Aqua!”

 Toa-chan, who received the baton from Mayuzumi-kun, dashes through despite the pain contorting his expression. Even when overtaken by the train, everyone is moved by hos desperate run. He’s cute like a girl but cool like a boy. That’s Toa-chan for you. Even with tangled legs, Toa-chan passes the baton to Aqua in the end.

 ’Now! We’re counting on you for the final stretch!! BERYL’s ace and everyone’s hero!! Shirogane Aqua!! Carry our feelings and gooooo!’

 ”Aqua-kun, please!!”

 ”If it’s Aqua-sama, everyone knows you can do it!!”

 ”Aqu-tan, goooooo!”

 ”Aa-sama, do your best!!”

 After receiving the baton from Toa-chan, Aqua pours all the energy he couldn’t use in the 2nd and 3rd runs into this moment.

 ’So fast! Indeed, this man’s destructive power is overwhelmingggggggg!’

 It’s so fast! Everyone was amazed because they had never seen someone run this fast before. Seriously, Kenzaki isn’t joking, it feels like he’s breaking the world record or something. But, if he doesn’t hurry, the train will leave!


 I leaned out of the window and shouted! Aqua then accelerated even more and leaped up two steps at a time.



 Just a little faster than the doors closed, Aqua jumped into the train. I spread my arms and caught Aqua, who had reached the goal.

 ”Ah, ah, ah”


 ”This is definitely Yuu-onii.”

 ”Rina and Nii-sama!”

 ”Stop! This isn’t Fuji TV!”

 As we embraced each other, the people around us covered their mouths with both hands and started giggling. It’s a little embarrassing.

 ”Haa… haa… haa… I’m sorry, Ayana. Just a little longer.”


 I can feel the heartbeat of Aqua’s heart from his tightly toned body. Seeing him breathe heavily, I feel like telling him how hard he’s worked.

 ”Ayana, thank you. Your final words gave me strength.”

 Saying so, Aqua separates from me and hands the baton he was holding to Egawa-san.



 ”From here on, it’s not me.”


 When the train stops at the next station, Aqua looks towards the door. A boy is standing at the open door.

 ”Um, I-I’m Nakano. I’m sorry I couldn’t speak to you back then!”

 ”Um, I’m Egawa. Thanks to you for delivering the exam ticket to the station staff, I was able to pass the entrance exam to that high school.”

 Thank goodness. We all get off the train and meet up with everyone from BERYL.

 ”Thank you to Shirogane Aqua-san, Nekoyama Toa-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, and Tenga Akira-san for today!! They gave me a lot of courage!”

 ”I would also like to thank you very much for today!”

 A warm round of applause is given to the two of them, and to all the BERYL members who worked hard. Of course, I gave him a lot of applause.

 ”Ayana, thanks a lot for today.”

 ”No, I didn’t really do anything, it’s fine.”

 ”That’s not true, Ayana. Your voice at the end gave me so much strength.”

 Aqua said and patted my head. Geez! I’m not Aqua’s little sister or wife, you know.

 ”Anyway, did you notice Kohina-senpai was here?”

 ”Whoa! That’s not good. I’ll head home first. Ayana, I’m counting on you for the rest!”


 Aqua said that and quickly went to where everyone was, including BERYL.

 Hey, isn’t it faster than before? Of course, it’s just my imagination, right?

 Well, there’s nothing I can do. I smiled as I watched Aqua’s back.

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