Male Idol V12c36

Volume 12 Chapter 36 Yukishiro Emily, A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 From: Aqua-sama

 To: Yukishiro Emily

 Subject: By the way…

 Message: When are we going on a date?

 I averted my eyes from the phone as if to escape from reality, wearing my sister’s clothes, and gazed up at the sky with a despairing expression.

 ”Ugh, I don’t have any clothes to go on a date with Aqua-sama…”

 Damn it, I shouldn’t have gotten carried away and bought that Ro-Schutz-Marr coat at the auction. Playing pretend as a driver with Kanon, Kaede-paisen, and Nee-san was so much fun, but I feel like I should have bought something else instead of that. I can’t borrow money from Granny Mary, Takeko-san, or Beryl, and Mom and Dad are in the States getting ready to come back here, so they’re not in Japan right now.

 ”Damn it! Why do girls cost so much money?!”

 I’m flipping through the fashion magazine that I got from Kanon last month. Skincare, makeup, beauty salon, daily care, gym, yoga, special underwear, clothes, bags, accessories… Ugh! No matter how much money I have, it’s never enough for this stuff!!

 ”Alright, let’s organize the situation for a moment.”

 Well, at least I have special underwear. I do, but Aqua-sama must be used to seeing the underwear showed by Kanon, Pegonia-san, Nee-san, Kaede-paisen, Hakuryuu-sensei, and Yui-san. In that case, I definitely need to prepare new special underwear. I checked my wardrobe earlier, hoping to find something, but all I found was worn-out, worn-out underwear at its limit. Haha, I hate to admit it, but I’m done as a woman.


 I take off my clothes and become nak*d, then stare at myself in the mirror. What is it? Is it just my imagination that I feel a little sloppy? Nee-san who goes to the gym has a big butt and chest but is quite toned, and Kaede-paisen looks slender and has a good body. Kanon is really beautiful, even from a woman’s perspective. No, Kanon is just on another level. There’s a group of women invited to the Shirogane Aqua gathering hosted by Kanon. It’s a private support group consisting of women invited to the Shirogane family, including me, Ayana-chan, and Kohina-senpai. Kanon’s body was said to be the most beautiful, the ideal body that women want. By the way, I was second there, but the reason was that I have a really sexy body, even from a woman’s perspective. Unbelievable!!


 ”Oops, sorry. You ran out of water, huh? Here, drink.”

 I give Shiro, who has been shaking its head, some mysterious water that is sold for cats. By the way, Aqua-sama pays for all the food for this cat, and it receives about 200,000 yen a month, so this former stray has a more elegant lifestyle than mine. Next to this cat, I quench my throat with a glass of tap water.

 ”Puha! The tap water in Tokyo is so delicious!”

 Yeah, for now, I don’t have the money to go to yoga or the gym, so I’ll change my transportation from cycling to walking or running. Even if basic cosmetics can be managed with a lotion made from a mysterious herb, I’ll have to do something about makeup products myself… but I’ve never bought anything like that.

 ”Cosmetics? Huh? Emily-senpai doesn’t have any cosmetics?”


 ”You’re lying, even I, who is called Gorikawa, owns at least some cosmetics.”


 ”I think as a university student, Emily-san should at least have some lipstick and foundation.”


 So, I consulted the usual people. But I wonder if it’s just my imagination that they all looked at me with a bewildered expression? It feels like they’re telling me there are more important things than buying a Ro-Schutz-Marr coat for a girl, and it hurts my heart.

 ”Well, if that’s the case, I’ll give you the ones I bought but haven’t used. If they’re in good condition, they might suit Emily-senpai.”

 ”Thanks, I appreciate it!”

 I received some fancy foreign-looking cosmetics from Kanon. Sniff, sniff, phew, it has a really noble scent. Expensive cosmetics are different from the oil I use as lip balm, made from Ramen. It’s like night and day.

 ”Well, I’ve made quite a few mistakes with my purchases because I’m so careless. But even if they’re rotten, I’m still a national broadcaster, you know. I think my approach to cosmetics is probably the closest to Emily among the three of us.”

 ”Sorry about that. Kaede-paisen.”

 Oh, it seems like Kaede-paisen is conscious of the news program, using subdued and elegant colors, and many items that are conscious of being beautiful. Certainly, I feel like this would be the best for a slightly adult date. It’s like, in the neighborhood, or with relatives, or even a sexy… beautiful older sister who is close by, using only cosmetic products with that image.

 ”I bought it because it’s cute, but I’ll give you the things I didn’t use when I remembered my age. Haha… I’m starting to feel a little sad saying that myself. However, even if I can’t use it, it might suit Emily-san’s age. Please use it as a memorial.”

 ”Nee-san… Thank you so much!”

 Actually, Nee-san is the most girlish, right? It’s not like buying a jacket, it’s clearly buying containers of cosmetics. The lineup is super cute. But, I feel like Kanon would be more delighted with this rather than me. When I glance at Kanon, she’s sitting next to me with sparkling eyes. She really likes these kinds of things over the expensive ones, huh?

 ”But, Emily, you don’t really need to use much makeup, do you? Your skin looks great even without it, and your lips are plump, plus your face are so distinct that messing with them might backfire.”

 ”Yeah, if it’s just adjusting your style a bit based on the occasion, that’s fine. Look, Emily-senpai is beautiful, so it’s okay to subtly change the lip color to look cute, right?”

 ”That sounds good. In that case, Emily-san could also use concealer like this.”

 ”As expected, Nee-san. That’s a good idea!”

 ”Kanon, you’re good at applying lipstick. I’m a bit messy, so it tends to smudge.”

 Oh, yeah. It does feel more cute than beautiful compared to usual. Kanon and Nee-san are amazing. So this is what being a girl is like. I feel relieved that Kaede-paisen is in the same league as me. Just changing a little can make a big difference in the impression.

 ”So, if you want to make it more grown-up, it could be like this.”

 ”Yes, I think adding a little bit of sparkle would be nice for an adult date.”

 ”Ah, I do that too. And then I put too much and it gets too shiny, so I start over.”

 Hmm, I see. I’ll remember the steps they did perfectly. Also, I understand why Kaede-paisen goes through cosmetics products quickly.

 ”I’m sorry, all three of you. I really appreciate your help.”

 With this, my makeup is sorted out. Now, I guess I’ll have to figure out the rest on my own.

 ”All right, let’s go, over there!!”

 And so, I arrived at the district where that temporary job placement office is located.

 ”We have a new herbal product that has a relaxing effect! It’s the Holy Aqua Religion’s pure side-stream product!! 100% purity, harmless to the body, let’s all become super happy together!!”

 ”Oh, there, beautiful lady! We have both the Aqtoa and Toaqua genuine products in stock. Guhehe… You can jangle and rattle them at home without any hesitation.”

 ”Hehehe, ma’am, aren’t you interested in Beryl’s Goods? We’re holding a black market auction in the depths of this narrow path. Of course, all the products are official. Today, we have a super rare item from last year’s Summer Comic Market that is already out of print.”

 The vibe here is still like a post-apocalyptic, slum-like, raucous atmosphere. But, although they call it’s a trick, the stuff they’re selling is from the Holy Aqua Religion, and even the grass itself seems harmless.

 The genuine Aqtoa and Toaqua products are harmless medicines sold by proper pharmacists, and if you spot one of the sellers, they’re wearing an ID from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. And as for the “black market auction” talk, the winning bids are set at the maximum retail price, and anything beyond that seems to be directed towards food drives and welfare facilities.

 Hmm, now that I think about it, it’s not really post-apocalyptic, slum-like, or raucous after all. But looking around, there are a lot of women dressed like they’re in a cyberpunk cosplay, or with a funky vibe, or in mercenary-like outfits. I felt warm seeing everyone enjoying their roleplay.

 ”Ah, I’m intruding!”

 ”Oh, it’s Emily-chan! Look, I have some candy!”

 ”Did you eat the mochi that grandma made earlier?”

 ”Hey, it’s cold over there, come join me in the kotatsu!”

 It’s so warm. The world is so warm!! I sit in the kotatsu, eating mochi and discussing part-time jobs with the old lady at the job agency.

 ”If that’s the case, I have a good job for you!”

 I look down at the paper handed to me by the old lady.

 [Super short-term, super easy job that anyone can do for high income on the same day! Beginners welcome! No interview, no document screening, no identification required, you can even use a fake name, just a phone call or email, you can start working on the same day!!]

 Wow, that’s amazing. As expected of the old lady. The level of the job she brought is incredible. It’s not in the usual rate range for regular work. I contact Beryl’s manager, Kai-san, and ask if it’s okay to work there.

 ”Ah, Yukishiro-san? That’s great. If it’s that company, you can rest assured!”

 As expected from the old lady’s place. Although there are only suspicious part-time jobs, it’s only natural that she only deals with decent job opportunities. So, I expressed my gratitude to the old lady and she introduced me to this job.

 ”Is it here?”

 I arrived in Ginza and nervously stepped into the store located in a multi-tenant building. The name of the store is Club Argos. I see, so this is a club in Ginza. I’m a little anxious, but I don’t have time to hesitate anymore. I psych myself up and go for it.

 ”Ah, you’re Yukishiro-san, right? I’ve heard about you. Come over here.”


 I greeted the person in charge, Mama-san, and was guided to the waiting room.

 ”Oh, what a beautiful girl.”

 ”Is this girl a day laborer? Isn’t it a waste?”

 ”Ah, I thought I’ve seen her somewhere. She’s relative of Yukishiro Mikuni, the king of impersonation!”

 ”Huh? That Yukishiro Mikuni’s relative? That’s already a guaranteed win.”

 ”E-Emily-sama!? Why is the Saint, Emily-sama, here in a place like this!?”

 ”…I have to contact Worker-Holic immediately.”

 Wow! I was surrounded by beautiful ladies. Hehe, they all smell amazing. *sniff* Oops, I mean, I need to focus on my work now.

 ”Hey, come over here, I’ll make you look beautiful.”

 ”You want to earn a lot of money, right? Then leave it to us, the big sisters.”

 I changed into the dress they prepared for me and had the staff do my makeup and hair. At first, I was a bit nervous, but everyone was so kind. It’s no wonder they were recommended by the old lady.

 ”A real goddess has arrived.”

 ”I’m the number one, but from today, she’s the ace of this shop!”

 ”Huh? This girl, Beryl? Hoge~”

 ”She’s just like Yukishiro Mikuni in her prime. Thank you very much!”

 ”Oh my, Emily-sama looks beautiful…”


 Oh, amazing. I have to admit, I really look like Auntie at certain times. Since I have the chance, I’ll take a picture and send it to Kanon.

 ”Just smile and nod along if you’re ever in trouble, even if it’s just for show.”


 I head out to the floor as a wet towel attendant. My stage name is Yuki-chan. It’s easy to understand, so I’m grateful.

 ”Hey, Yuka-chan, this girl is really beautiful!”

 ”I know, right? It’s limited edition for today though. Oh, but no. Haru-chan, don’t cheat on the other girls.”

 Woohoo~ Can girls really get that close to each other’s bodies? It feels like something naughty is about to happen any moment now.

 ”Of course! Yuka-chan is always the number one in my heart, no matter what!”

 ”Geez! Haru-chan, thaaank you.”

 Yuka-san leans against the customer’s body like a spoiled child. As expected of Yuka-san. She skillfully disciplines the customers with her charming character.

 ”Yuki-chan, can you take drinks to Raika-chan and Satsuki-chan’s table?”

 ”Yes. Non-alcoholic cocktail “Fuurin Volcano” and a boat platter of appetizers, right?”

 ”Yuki-chan, while you’re at it, can you also bring the premium shochu with perilla leaves, “Shi-Go-Roku Mizuwari,” to Mel-chan and Sacchan’s table? Oh, and don’t forget to bring “Ichi-Ni-San Ochawari” to Hiro-chan’s table as well.”

 ”Oh, I see. Understood, Tani-san. Nao-san, can you please take care of the towels in my place?”

 Phew~! As expected of a popular club in Ginza, there are so many customers. Oh, another new customer. I need to bring them a towel.

 ”Yuki-chan, you don’t have to worry about the towel, can you go to the table in the VIP room over there?”


 ”It’s our regular customer, so it’s a bit difficult to refuse. Can you do it for a little while?”

 ”O-Okay. If that’s the case, I’ll do my best!”

 Keeping calm, I change my mindset and follow Mama-san’s guidance into the VIP room.

 ”She’s here!”

 ”Oh my!?”

 In the center is Granny Mary, with a smiling face, Chairman Fuji Ranko, President Morinaga Megumi, and Prime Minister Habu with a desperate look, along with Agewa-oneechan who seems to be involved in something. They were all sitting there. They’re like one big family!

 ”I heard from Kanon and it sounded interesting, so I invited everyone! Mama, please put all the orders from our table on Emily-chan’s tab.”

 ”Understood. And it’s not Emily-chan, it’s Yuki-chan here!”

 It’s like a mix of feeling happy and not happy about that consideration…

 ”Oh, sorry, Agewa-oneechan.”

 ”No, it’s okay. Emi… I’m glad Yuki-chan seems to be doing well.”

 ”Hehe, um, is it okay if I touch you?”

 ”If I do, I’ll take it to the weekly magazine. Prime Minister.”

 The Prime Minister is being lectured by Agewa-san who is next to her. Is it just my imagination or does she seem a little happy? Oh, could it be that the Prime Minister is quite masochistic? I see, we’re similar then. I want to be attacked by Aqua-sama too!!

 Well, if I can be with Aqua-sama, I’m fine with being an S. It’s quite enjoyable to touch Kanon’s breast, after all. Hehe.

 ”Everyone, have fun!”


 Those old ladies over there are really aggressive. They have more stamina than the career women I see around here. As I leave one of the VIP rooms, Mama-san outside calls out to me.

 ”Oh, Yuki-chan. So, there’s this new customer who really wants to request you. I’m not sure what to do. You see, it’s someone famous, and I think you might know them too, so I guess it should be okay, right?”

 Someone I know? I wonder who that could be. Well, whoever it is, I guess it’s fine. I feel like this place would look out for us if anything happened, and I do have a pretty good eye for people. Probably!

 When I tell Mama-san about it, I head to a different VIP room.

 ”You’re late!”


 Can I come in? As I enter the spacious VIP room, KY-senpai is sitting right in the middle of the sofa. Huh!? Why is she here for real? And when I thought she was alone, the president of Beyond Production was sitting in the corner, all hunched up.

 ”I’m just passing through.”

 Ah, I see. In an instant, I realize that this person’s position is similar to mine.

 ”Kohina-senpai, what’s up?”

 ”Well, Useless Aqua heard from Kanon-san that Emily-san is working in the nightlife district and asked me to go check on you because they’re worried. Ugh! That person always tries to run away during the train baton relay, but when something like this happens, he come running for help!! And by the way, he said that I’m free anyway, but it’s just extra annoying! It’s true that I’m free, but that just makes it even more frustrating!!”

 For my sake!? Woo-hoo, just that alone gets me super excited!! Kohina-senpai stomps her feet and takes out a card from her pocket.

 ”So, today everything is on that person’s treat, so let’s drink up!!”

 Oh, wait, it’s Aqua-sama’s credit card, but is it okay to use it without permission? Oh, it’s already been approved by the person? Understood.

 ”Ah, for now, just order some sushi. The most expensive one in Ginza. Hey, boss, what are you going to do?”

 ”Uh, uh…orange juice, the cheap stuff in the bottle.”

 ”There’s no way you can find that in a club in Ginza! Hey, I’ll have another sushi for my president. Ah, Akocchi and Kotono-san will be coming later, so I’ll order four. Anyway, those two will have dinner too because they probably haven’t eaten. Also, the booze is the most expensive here!!”

 ”I got it~”

 When I go outside, I tell Mama-san the order. After a while, Ako-san and Nee-san came. When I was freaking out, Nee-san gave me a shocked look.

 ”This is a very reliable place that Beryl uses for entertainment, so it’s fine, but if you don’t have money, I’ll look for a job that can be done on a daily basis, so next time you should contact me instead of Kai-san, who is easier to talk to. Besides, first of all, why are you calling Kai-san instead of me, who is also a manager? You know that he will get angry, right? Also, I asked President Atori to call Emily for the time being. I will also be acting as -san’s manager.”


 Oops… Sorry for giving you extra work, Nee-san.

 From there, I went back and forth between two VIP rooms, singing and performing Kanon’s impersonation, as well as Kaede-paisen’s imitation as the “King of Impersonation”. I even did an impersonation of Nee-san and when I did it in front of her, it was so terrifying that I almost wet myself. Definitely. But Nee-san laughed, so I’m glad. Let’s seal this joke away because it’s bad for my heart.

 As I was thinking that going back and forth between rooms was a hassle, Kohina-senpai broke the rules and intruded into the neighboring room, causing the two teams to merge. By the way, Aqua-sama will take care of all the payments, so it’s fine.

 Furthermore, Prime Minister Habu called in other ministers, causing the outside of the club to be filled with blacked-out cars and Mama-san almost fainted.


 Uhihi, Kohina-senpai. I heard doing an impression of Aqua-sama is cheating. Man, this is bad. If there’s another little impersonation king, I might just lose to Aqua-sama or even myself.

 ”Phew, that was fun. If there’s another part-time job, I’ll come again.”

 ”Y-yes. Thank you very much.”

 It was like a stormy time. But thanks to everyone coming, I managed. I was told by Mama-san in the dressing room that I could go home now.

 ”I’m sorry. If I were a formal member of the cast, I could have given you more of a share…”

 ”It’s okay. Mama-san and the big sisters were all so kind to me, so I’m more than happy with what I got.”

 Even if I had a lot, I’d probably end up using it for unnecessary things! Like buying a Ro-Schutz-Marr coat or something. Or maybe collecting Kunka Kunker’s goods next, these distracting thoughts are coming up. Haha… as I say that, I feel a little sad. I press my teary eyes with my fingertips.

 ”Well then, I’ve made appointments for the hair salon and esthetician, so shall we go!”

 On the day of the date, I went outside feeling excited. Then, I saw a girl I knew on the way and stopped my bike. Huh? She’s not wearing a school uniform, but isn’t that the high school girl who always walks around here? I used to often see her going to Takeko Ramen or morning preparations or heading to the morning club activities. That’s how we started greeting each other every time we saw each other in the morning. Hmm, I’m curious why she’s crying.

 ”Hey, you over there. Wait, you, what happened to your hair!?”

 I was surprised to see her hair cut short with scissors. Upon closer inspection, I was also surprised to see mud on her beautiful dress.

 ”Oh, you’re the one who always greets in Takeko…”

 ”Oh yeah, that’s right. I was worried because you were crying. What’s with that outfit? My acquaintance, Mori… her sister often falls into the gutter, so I thought maybe you slipped and fell somewhere too?”

 As far as I can tell from her hair, I understand that it’s not that kind of thing, but if it’s difficult to say, it’s important to subtly send out an SOS, and I would address it with a gesture of help.

 ”Well, actually… no, but, um…”

 ”If you’re hesitating, it might be okay to talk about it. I’m older, so there might be things you can tell me, unrelated to me.”

 When I subtly steered the conversation in that direction, the girl gradually started to tell me about her situation.

 Ah, I see. Bullying, huh. I thought, as usual, that there are people who do such pointless things.

 It seems that Mary had a time like that too, but since the wild gorilla started wandering around the school, all that disappeared completely. Even though they tried to bully her because she’s from an ordinary family, with the greatest physical abilities in human history, and being a special scholarship student, her academic ability was outstanding, so those who tried to bully her knew that their academic ability was below that of a gorilla, and they started to study very seriously.

 Well, that gorilla is a close acquaintance of mine, and she’s just a normal human being. The bulletin board community wouldn’t believe it, but even so, Kaede-paisen has ranked in the top 10 in the national mock exam…

 ”Um… Thank you very much! Thanks to you listening to me, I feel a little better.”

 ”Was it enough just to listen to me?”

 If she wants, I even have the phone number of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, who was a customer at the club on my phone, so I can take immediate action and deal with the school!

 ”I’m a third-year high school student. So I’m graduating soon, and I think today was probably the last time.”

 The last day today? Wondering what she meant, I asked for more details.

 ”Well, actually, I have a prom from this evening. So I guess this is probably the end. After graduation, I’m going back to my hometown in another prefecture, so I won’t see anyone except at the graduation ceremony.”

 She smiled sadly as if she was relieved that she didn’t have to go to the prom. Sigh… I’m really sorry, everyone!! I put my hands together towards the sky and silently apologize with the biggest apology in my heart. Alright, I’ll make it up to everyone later, but for now, this should be fine!

 ”Prom, huh? Let’s go!”


 It’s true, not going to prom here might be one way. But when I saw that face just now, I thought that if this girl ran away here, she might end up with a trauma for life. I remember watching BERYL’s train baton relay and crying with Kanon, Kaede-paisen, Mary-sama, Kohina-senpai, and everyone. But it’s clear to me that the one who choose is this girl. So, I won’t force her in any way. It’s up to her whether she takes my hand or not.

 ”If you don’t want to, that’s okay. But if you still want to look back at the end, like the BERYL kids, even if it’s painful and tough, if you want to stand up and face it, then I want you to take my hand. Oh, of course, I’m not forcing you. But… if you want to fight, I’ll help you!!”

 And this is just my ego, but I wanted to make good memories for this girl in her future life, at least enough for me to think that going to Mary’s was a good idea, and I’m grateful to Kaede-paisen and Kanon for that.

 ”I… I! I really don’t want to lose!!”

 ”I see! Then it’s settled. Leave it to me!!”

 I head to the salon where I had made a reservation, with the child riding in the sidecar of my bike. The salon has a shower, so I lightly wiped off the mud, but first I need to clean the dirt off her body.

 ”Oh my, dear, come over here and use the shower. Also, your dress is dirty, should I get her a change of clothes? Do you have any? If not, you can borrow my sweatshirt.”

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 Phew, I’m saved by this kind lady!! I ask the esthetician to take care of the reservation I made for today and have her take care of this child instead. I have her perform the top-tier treatment that I had reserved for this day. Meanwhile, I send a text to Aqua-sama about today’s date.

 ”Wow, you look stunning! With this, you can show them up at the prom!”

 ”Th-thank you. But, about the money…”

 ”It’s okay! Don’t worry about it!!”

 ”But, I just met you today, Emily-san, and I can’t inconvenience you like this…”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay!”

 I proceed to the checkout, clutching my meager amount of money.

 ”Is today prom?”

 ”Oh, yes.”

 ”You’re amazing. You’re not related to that child, are you?”


 ”Hehe, sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but actually, I’m good at lip reading.”

 Wow, lip reading is amazing. Even from a distance, she can understand what we’re saying.

 ”By the way, the campaign ended yesterday. It seems I misunderstood. So, how about this?”

 ”Really? Is it okay?”

 ”Yes. I’m also saved by someone every day. In return, please make her even more beautiful.”

 ”Thank you. Thank you so much!”

 That was a nice store. I say goodbye to the esthetician and leave with the girl. Next is the beauty salon. I actually wanted to do the hair styling last, but leaving her hair like this would be pitiful. We get on the bike again and head to the reserved beauty salon.

 ”I had a reservation, it’s Yukishiro! Is it okay if I’m a little early?”

 ”Oh, that’s fine. I was free around this time.”

 Thank you so much, thank you!

 ”Please, this girl have a prom to go to right now. Make her look absolutely beautiful!!”

 ”Understood!! Leave it to me!!”

 Damn, the hairstylist is too cool! She immediately understood what I wanted when I saw the girl’s hair being cut with scissors. Kusatsu Ikaho-san… I feel like I’ve seen that name somewhere recently.

 ”Um, about the money…”

 ”Don’t worry about it! This is my graduation gift to you, who has spent three years in high school without losing to those guys!! Besides, I’m older than you, so just be honest and rely on me! Despite like this! I’m Yukishiro!”

 Yukishiro, I don’t have any money and I’m just a normal high school student who’s broke!! But hey, the hairstylist didn’t just cut the hair, she did a bunch of other things too. She’s amazing. Oh wait. Do I have enough money for this? Oh no. It’s so lame to say “I don’t have enough money” after trying to act cool. I tremble as I head towards the cashier.

 ”The usual rates”


 The hairstylist lady winked lightly, tapping her finger to her lips.

 ”Instead, make it the best prom for her, okay?”

 Cool. The hairstylist lady is way cooler than me. And the esthetician lady, too. There are so many good people in the world! Well, I think this country is really great, allowing even someone like me to live.

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 After thanking her, I took her to the Fuji Department Store.

 ”Sorry! It’s the item I reserved, but today, she’s buying clothes for the prom, so could we do that instead?”

 ”Sure. And the sweatshirt and hair set… just wait a moment, please.”

 The Fuji Department Store lady made a call somewhere and came back with a smile. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I feel like I see a hannya or an oni behind the lady.

 ”I’ve got everything under control. Leave it to me. Now, please come this way!”

 For some reason, we were led to the VIP room, and everything from her underwear to other items was prepared for us.


 The lady and I high-fived with excitement. The Fuji Department Store lady has a great vibe, just like someone from an online bulletin board.

 ”How… is it?”

 ”Customer, you look absolutely stunning.”

 I nodded along with the lady multiple times.

 ”Well then, let’s finish with makeup and fixing your messy hair.”

 ”Oh, yes. Wait, huh?”

 ”It’s been a while.”

 ”Hehe, nice to see you again.”

 The esthetician and the hairstylist ladies!? Why are they here? Huh? Do all three of them know each other? Did they figure it out from her sweatshirt and messy hair? Amazing, that’s a thing?

 ”So, now you’re perfect.”

 ”Thank you so much!”

 ”Thank you. But, is it okay to do this much for me?”

 In response to the high school girl’s question, the three ladies looked at each other and laughed.

 ”We’re here to support every girl who wants to look beautiful.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. Make them gasp with envy!”

 ”And if only there were cool guys to escort you, it would be even more perfect.”

 At the words of Ikaho-neesan, the other two sisters laughed, as if to say, “You promised not to say that, right?”

 ”They exist. Whether they’re cool or not, the guys are right here.”


 Everyone looked surprised and turned their faces toward the direction of the hesitant voice. There stood Aqua-sama and President Fuji Ranko.

 ”Thank you for bringing me to the VIP room, Grandma Ranko.”

 ”No, no, if it helps Aqua-sama, I’ll do anything.”

 The incredibly cool Aqua-sama in a tuxedo slowly approached the high school girls.

 This is undoubtedly the genuine coordination chosen by Kanon. As expected of a Shirogane Aqua fan and wife, she knows better than anyone how to make Aqua-sama look the coolest!

 ”Hey, you.”


 ”So, I actually had some plans today, but I was completely ignored.”

 Sorry, sorry!! I humbly bow down to Aqua-sama with all my heart and soul.

 ”So, I’m free after this, so if you want, can I be your escort?”

 ”Huh, A, U, A, Aqua-sama is going to be my escort!?”

 Ah, yeah. It’s no wonder she’s surprised. I mean, I explained the situation and declined the date via email, but I never expected him to show up in person.

 ”Is that a no-go?”

 ”No, it’s not! I’m happy to!”

 Yeah, well, it’s how it should be. There’s no way a female would refuse, right?

 Haha, I didn’t expect the strongest guy to show up here.

 Shirogane Kanon

 How about it? Isn’t my husband incredibly cool?

 Yukishiro Emily

 I know. Also, you’re a really great girl too. Thanks a lot, Shumi!

 When I reply to my best friend’s message, I quietly close the app. Aqua-sama heads towards Ikaho-neesan’s.

 ”Thank you.”

 ”Oh, no…”



 Huh? Is it just my imagination that those cool adult sisters from earlier now look like members of a clumsy bulletin board? In my heart, I cheer for the three ladies.

 ”All three of you came to the previous show, right?”


 ”You know!?”

 ”Yes!! We went!!”

 Huh? Aqua-sama, do you even remember such things? Isn’t that amazing in a normal way?

 ”Of course. I always return my gaze to the fans who came to see me. Or perhaps, did you forget that our gazes met at that time?”

 ”I remember!”

 ”There’s no way I could forget!”

 ”I’m sorry. I thought it was my misunderstanding!”

 Wow, that’s amazing. This is seriously legit. I knew it, the top idol is on a whole other level. It’s way different from the fake idols I used to follow.

 ”Thank you, Aqua-sama.”


 When I bowed, Aqua-sama whispered in my ear, “You don’t need to apologize.”

 Whoa, for a moment, I thought my ears got pregnant, but looks like they’re fine. Alright!

 ”But, yeah. If you’re feeling sorry, then in return, could you grant me one favor?”

 ”Yes, I’ll listen to anything! Not just one or ten, but even a thousand or ten thousand!”

 Aqua-sama laughed, saying that’s too much. Phew, that smile of his is just unfair.

 ”Then, how about we go on a date to make up for it?”

 ”Uh, well…”

 But, I just spent all my money earlier. Oops, sorry, everyone. You all helped me out, and I ended up using it for something else.

 ”Alright, shall we go on a date for the sake of going on a date with Emily-san?”


 What do you mean by going on a date for the sake of going on a date!? Is there really such a thing in this world!?

 ”If you don’t have a date outfit, let me give you one.”

 ”Uh, well…”

 ”I want to see Emily-san wearing the outfit I give. Is that okay?”

 ”Yes, I’d be delighted!”

 When you’re hit with such an ultimate killer line, you can’t refuse. I remembered Kohina-senpai’s words, that he knows he’s good-looking.

 ”Then, how about getting a haircut and esthetic treatment at that time?”


 Aqua-sama immediately makes reservations for esthetic treatment and a haircut on the spot. It’s good. Seeing the the three ladies looking happy, I feel happy too.

 ”Shall we go then?”


 Aqua-sama thanks the three ladies again and heads to the prom with the high school girl. I cheer on the high school girl, “Do your best!!” Unfortunately, this is as far as I can go. From here on, I entrust everything to our hero, Aqua-sama.

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