Male Idol V12c37

Volume 12 Chapter 37 Shirogane Kanon, There Are Times When Things Go Well And Times When They Don’t

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 Even though things were going smoothly, why does Emily-senpai always end up like that? Aqua, who was looking forward to the date, feels down like a abandoned puppy… No, maybe it started when he couldn’t go to the club in Ginza.

 Even though I said it’s not allowed for minors, he went as far as cross-dressing and becoming a temporary cast member. If he had done something like that, the world would have been in trouble again, but Kohina-senpai stopped him and saved us. Aqua should be grateful to Kohina-senpai a little bit by now. During the relay race, he reflexively ran away, but in the end, he was caught and ended up relying on her, too. Wait, is he relying on Kohina-senpai more than he relies on me!? It’s just my imagination, right!? I sigh again and turn my gaze to the internet news topics.

 [Shirogane Aqua-san, Surprise Appearance at the National Hinomoto Girls’ School Prom]

 [The Resurrection of Yuujin-sama Shown at the Prom! All Exclusive Shots Revealed for Free]

 [Heaven’s Sword 2nd ROUND, the Intriguing Love Story of Tachibana Zanki and Tsukiko/Tora-uma]

 [Zandam, Airing in January, Already Gaining Popularity. Goods and Model Kits in High Demand!]

 [Special Drama Reunion, Shirogane Aqua, Kohina Yukari, Tsukimachi Ayana, Tsukasa Kei’s Evening Quartet]

 [Upcoming Drama Starring Mayuzumi-kun in April? Latest Updates on Toa-chan and Tenga-senpai!]

 [Exclusive Shots of Kanon-sama, The Nation’s Daughter. Increasing Visitors Praying for the Birth of a Healthy Baby]

 [Sumeragi Kukuri Officially Announces Enrollment at Private Otomezaki High School. Support for Former Three Noble Families (Gosanke)’ Hinomoto Girls’ School to be Discontinued]

 [The New Three Noble Families of Japan: Otomezaki’s Leap Forward, Mary’s Reformation, and St. Claris’ Steady Rise in Popularity]

 [Only a Few Days Left Until Valentine’s Day! Yukishiro Emily-san’s Easy and Affordable Gorilla-Made Chocolate Recipe Now Available!]

 [Valentine’s Ultimate Fashion Guide by Popular Hairstylists and Estheticians, Featured by Fuji Department Store Buyers]

 [Breaking News: Our Announcer Morikawa Faster than a Train. Unreasonable Complaints Pour in, Threatening to Ruin BERYL’s Touching Story]

 Well, most of the news topics are about people I know. Is it just my imagination? And what does it mean to be “the nation’s daughter”? Was I the nation’s daughter? Well, that’s beside the point. The problem is Kukuri-chan. I’ll check the messages from yesterday again.

 Sumeragi Kukuri

 I took care of them over here.

 Shirogane Kanon


 Sumeragi Kukuri

 The ones who interrupted the date, the ones who bullied that certain someone.

 Shirogane Kanon

 Ah, yeah…

 Sumeragi Kukuri

 Do! They! Even! Realize! how much they were looking forward to this date?

 Shirogane Kanon

 Yeah, yeah, I get it. Oh, just to make sure, they’re not dead or anything, right?

 Sumeragi Kukuri

 Huh? After all the things I’ve done behind the scenes, they dared to interfere with that?

 I won’t forgive them so easily by just killing them. It would have been better if they died and being sorry for being born in this world. I’ll make them realize to the core that it’s them who are at fault, in every part of their bones.

 Shirogane Kanon

 Oh, yeah, if they’re alive, then it’s all good, right?

 Sumeragi Kukuri

 I mean, even though I’ve been proactive and doing various things, why does Emily always choose that roundabout route!? Ugh… Even though the Yukishiro family is in ruins, is there some kind of Yukishiro curse or something? It was just a matter of Noel-san and Danjou-san temporarily returning to the States and then coming back here, but somehow they encountered people in trouble on the spot while I wasn’t looking and ended up melting all their assets. This is ridiculous!! What’s going on with that family over there!!

 Shirogane Kanon

 Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Wait, huh? Is Noel-san and Danjou-san okay?

 Sumeragi Kukuri

 I have vacant rooms at our Shirogane Manor, so they’ll be fine. It’s not like they have to stay in some high-rise tower or a house around Aoyama. Emily also goes back there when she goes to university, so it’s better that way. Also, when Emily gets married, Kanon-san will definitely handle the money. That’s fine, right? It’s fine, right?

 Shirogane Kanon

 Yes… I understand.

 Hmm. I closed the messaging app with a serious face, as if I was escaping from reality. Claire-san seems to be having a hard time, but Kukuri-chan must be going through a lot too. As Nee-san mentioned, Emily-senpai probably won’t change, so maybe it’s okay to just ignore her. Kohina-senpai also said this, but I have a feeling that if the dates were ruined a few times, Aqua would get annoyed and quickly jump to a proposal.

 After all, both Emily-senpai and Aqua have a tendency to jump to the final conclusion when things get complicated. Aqua can’t go on dates. In that case, why not get married so they can go on dates anytime? I have a really strong feeling that it would reach such a mysterious theory.

 ”Miss, it’s about time.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 Today is the day Washimiya-san and the others are coming. Originally, it was just Washimiya-san who won the right to become a bride, but Kokucho’s collapse caused the arranged marriage with Kurogami-san to fall through, and it was also decided to invite Kurumi-san, who was planning to go on a date to celebrate her discharge. Washimiya-san was also happy, and Aqua, who was feeling down, will surely perk up being surrounded by cute girls from the class. Pegonia and Kohina-senpai said that if Aqua is surrounded by girls and praised, he’ll bounce back in 3 seconds.

 ”Oh, it seems they’ve arrived.”

 ”Yes, indeed.”

 I stand up from the sofa and go to the entrance to greet the three of them.

 ”Please take care of me today.”

 ”E-e-excuse me!”

 ”Thank you for inviting me today.”

 ”Yes, me too. And Washimiya-san and Kurumi-san, there’s no need to be so nervous.”

 The atmosphere seemed relaxed for Kurogami-san, but Washimiya-san appeared more serious than usual, and Kurumi-san seemed visibly nervous.

 ”Sorry, all three of you. I had a sudden work assignment this morning, and Aqua wasn’t available.”

 ”No, it’s understandable that Aqua-sama is busy.”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 ”That’s right. It’s work after all. It can’t be helped.”

 I invited the three of them inside since we couldn’t stand around talking outside.

 ”Pegonia, please show the three to the room.”

 ”Yes, certainly.”

 ”Wow, Pegonia-san is in full maid mode today!”

 ”Hehe, does Kurumi-sama have an interest in maids?”

 ”Yeah, I like cosplay.”

 ”Oh, the same goes for young lady. Once she wore a maid outfit and did something with Master.”


 ”Th-that’s no way!”

 ”Oh my, my.”

 Yes, stop! What are you saying? Seriously, isn’t it common sense for a maid to strictly adhere to the confidentiality of their master’s private information? Isn’t the security of information regarding me just so lax? Come on, stop talking nonsense and quickly show those three to their rooms.

 ”So, how were the rooms for all three of you? If there’s anything lacking, please let me know.”

 ”We’re extremely satisfied! The rooms are bigger and cleaner than Kokona’s, thank you!”

 ”The rooms had a lovely location. Thank you very much.”

 ”I’m sorry. Thank you for preparing three rooms for us, Kanon-san and Pegonia-san.”

 Hmm, well, that’s good to hear. I will introduce the maids and security personnel to the three of them again. Building a good relationship with them is one of the conditions for becoming Aqua’s wife.

 That’s why I’m telling Aqua to invite girls who get along well with him to our home. I want Aqua to relax at home, so I won’t accept girls who can’t get along with Yui-san, Nee-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, or Kaede-senpai, for example. If the atmosphere at home is tense, Aqua won’t be able to relax, and I want this place to be Aqua’s utopia. In that sense, Aqua’s choice of girls isn’t bad. They seem to be either calm, mature big sisters or laid-back, easygoing girls.

 ”Yeah, you’re as absent-minded as a princess.”

 ”Yeah, I’m as absent-minded as…hey! Pegonia, what are you implying!”

 I mean, you totally read my mind just now, didn’t you!? Ughhh! Pegonia, you’ve really become so brazen. You never used to joke around like this before. But, the current relationship with Pegonia makes it easier for me too. Maybe it’s thanks to Aqua. So, I want to do something for Aqua too.

 ”I’ll be direct. Do you really want to be Aqua’s wife?”

 As the three almost drop their cups, Mikoto, Ruuna-senpai, and Rin-chan quickly catch them. Well done, all three.

 ”If the three of you are serious about it, then today I’ll interact with everyone as Shirogane Aqua’s legal wife.”

 If the three of them intend to be Aqua’s wives, then maybe I can offer some advice to everyone. Of course, the final decision rests with Aqua, but I’m willing to support that. We’ve already confirmed intentions through the survey, but this is like a final check. Since Aqua wasn’t around this morning, I thought I’d make better use of that time.

 ”Kokona wants to be Aqua-kun’s wife! I’ve always felt that way, and I was the first one to confess to Aqua-kun!”

 ”Yeah, I know. Because you fell in love at the same time as me. Thank you for falling in love with Aqua, Kurumi Kokona-san.”

 I tightly embrace Kokona-chan. I’m really glad she’s feeling better. If I could, I wanted her to be rewarded. I think of her as a comrade in a different sense from the Verification Team. Maybe the experience of falling in love together at that time is something we can only talk about with each other, so if she become wife, let’s talk more about that time.

 ”I’m serious too. If there’s a chance to be with Aqua-kun forever, I’m prepared for that.”

 ”Thank you, Kurogami Uruha-san. Thanks to you being by my side, not only Aqua, but I also heard that the three of BERYL weren’t bothered by the upperclassmen.”

 It was thanks in part to the fact that President Natsuki Sana and Sugita-Sensei were alert to us from an early stage, but it was also great that she, who was also affiliated with Kokucho, was everyone’s classmate and was always by our side.

 Uruha-san is very mature, more mature than the upperclassmen, and it seems like she’s planning something with Kokucho Agewa-san, or that she’s in control of the underground world, which can be misunderstood based on her appearance. But if you talk to her properly and spend a lot of time with her, she’s a normal girl. I wanted Aqua to realize that someday.

 ”I’m serious too, desu~wa! That’s why I decided that if I had the chance today, I would confess my feelings.”

 ”Washimiya Lisa-san, I know a lot of things. Thank you very much.”

 I know from Pegonia, who sneaks into Aqua’s room from time to time, that Aqua has Lisa-chan’s used panties and that he uses them for things like that. Of course, that’s not all, she’s also the Vtuber Hizume Sayaka. Rin-chan, who is also an executive of the Shirogane Aqua intelligence unit and the Holy Aqua Religion, is extremely talented. It’s hard to imagine when Aqua usually sits on her lap and feeds her donuts.

 ”Understood. Thank you all for liking Aqua once again. In the end, it’s up to Aqua to decide, but as a classmate and a woman who likes Aqua, I will support you all as much as possible. Anyway, let’s stop being so formal. Do you have any questions or anything you want to ask?”

 ”Yes, yes, yeees!”

 The first one to eagerly raise her hand was Kokona-chan.

 ”Um, when it comes to doing ‘it,’ who should make the first move? Is it bad to say that I want to do it myself…?”

 As I accidentally dropped my teacup, Pegonia caught it without spilling a drop of the drink inside. N-Nice catch! Oops, I got flustered because a sudden and bold question was thrown at me. I took a deep breath and acted naturally as if nothing happened.

 ”Ahem! The important thing about becoming Aqua’s wife is to be mentally prepared to be embraced at any time.”

 Hey! Pegonia next door, it’s pointless to pretend now, you know!

 ”Well, of course it’s also okay to invite him yourself. Um, when it’s embarrassing to say it yourself, um, if you make a face like you want to get closer with upturned eyes, he’ll usually understand. Oh, and, wearing sexy underwear… wait, why am I saying this? Ugh!”

 ”Miss, I didn’t say you have to say that. Miss is saying it on her own.”

 Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! (screaming)

 I cover my face, which has turned bright red, with both hands.

 ”Kanon-san is so cute. I can understand why Aqua-kun loves her.”

 ”Yes, that’s right, desu~wa. I felt like hugging her tight without thinking.”

 ”Oh my, being with Kanon-san sounds fun. Hehehe.”

 Uuu, my dignity as the main wife was blown away in an instant. I wasn’t like this before, why did it turn out like this?

 ”Miss, it’s easier to get along with that way. After all, you are the daughter of the whole nation.”

 ”I see. Well then, pe-go-ni-a!!”

 Geez! I put on a smile again and pretend like nothing happened.

 ”Well then, I have a question for you, desu~wa. Um, what does it feel like for the first time?”

 ”Um, if I just go with the flow, it will do.”

 Normally, it’s natural for the girl to take the lead, but in front of Aqua, I have absolutely no composure. On the contrary, I admire Pegonia and the others who can take the initiative even during their first time.

 ”Miss still get excited when she see Master with a new haircut.”

 ”That’s right. Mm-hmm.”

 Ah, just so you know, I won’t rush into it again. Even if he makes a face like a abandoned puppy, it’s no good!!

 ”Well then, I have a question too. When is the right timing for a kiss, I wonder…”


 In response to Uruha-san’s question, the voices of me, Kokona-chan, and Lisa-chan overlap.

 ”S-sorry. Maybe my question was too childish?”

 Huh? How cute…

 I feel a mysterious joy that someone even more innocent than me exists. I see… Aqua is always surrounded by older girls, so if there are classmates or younger ones, things like this can happen too. Phew, I’m relieved. I silently thank Uruha-chan in my heart.

 ”Uruha-chan is so cute, isn’t she? I couldn’t help but want to hug her tightly.”

 ”Kokona-san, I understand that feeling very well.”

 While saying that, the two of them are already hugging Uruha-chan. I start getting nervous, wondering if it’s okay for me to join in too.

 ”Miss, if you’d like, I can teach you various things.”

 ”W-Well, yes.”

 I teach the three of them various things as Shumi the Maiden. It’s content that boys should never hear, but I wonder if Aqua might be happy to listen to it. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

 ”By the way, everyone, can I ask for a little advice?”

 After lunch, I asked the three of them for their cooperation to cheer up Aqua. Hehe, just wait, Aqua, I’ll do my best as a proper wife too!

 ”I’m home…”

 ”Welcome back”

 I welcome Aqua back from work. He seems a little tired, or maybe he’s still feeling down. Poor Aqua, as a proper wife, I have to cheer him up a lot.

 ”A-Aqua-kun, you came again today. Thank youuu.”


 Kokona-chan, dressed in a cute pastel-colored dress and with makeup and hair set, hugs Aqua. She’s calculating, but she’s normally cute. Somehow, I feel like if Kokona-chan did night work, she’d become the number one most popular.

 ”Oh my, have you come to see me today?”


 Lisa-chan, dressed in a deep red dress with a high-class club-style makeup, gently hooks her arm around Aqua’s and presses herself against his chest.

 Wow, it’s like a noblewoman working here for some reason, and it’s making me so excited.

 ”Aqua-kun, welcome home. Are you tired today?”


 Aqua is on the verge of being knocked out by Kurogami-san, who is dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono and has a Ginza mama-like set. Just so you know, she’s the most innocent of them all. Please notice her.


 Oh, Aqua, you’re really easy to read. Being surrounded by the three of them, Aqua was completely smitten. Even when I told her that Emily-senpai works here, he seemed so eager to come.

 ”Ooooh, K-Kanon…!”

 Well, I didn’t want to be the only one not wearing a dress after letting the three of them do it, and Aqua shed tears of joy when she saw me in my dress.

 Aww, he’s the happiest, isn’t he? He did say he wouldn’t want anyone else to like me more than he does, but today’s main focus is Lisa-chan, Kokona-chan, and Uruha-san,!

 ”Hey, hey, Master, this lady over here is also available.”

 ”Oh, breasts.”

 Pegonia!? And even Yui-san and Hakuryuu-sensei, and Nee-san too!? Wow, the seriousness of the adults is truly amazing. Aqua, surrounded by many breasts, had a lovey-dovey expression on her face the whole time.

 ”Thank you so much, everyone!!”

 With his energy restored, Aqua happily headed towards the bath with a smile. Seeing that, all of us, including the maid group, couldn’t help but laugh. I really love Aqua’s cute side like this.

 ”So, the three of you, do your best!”

 Lisa-chan, Kokona-chan, and Uruha-san all nodded slightly with serious expressions. From here on out, it depends on their efforts. Good luck! I gently pushed the backs of the three as they headed towards Aqua’s bedroom.

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