Male Idol V12c38

Volume 12 Chapter 38 Shirogane Aqua, A High School Girl In The World Of Reversed Chastity

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Kanon, goodnight.”

 ”Yeah, goodnight.”

 After giving Kanon a goodnight kiss, I return to my bedroom. Ahh, today was amazing. I need to show my gratitude to everyone who went out of their way to play pretend club in Ginza just for me.

 ”Now then, what should I use as tonight’s material?”

 I’m feeling a bit excited, so I thought I should release some of this pent-up energy before going to sleep. But I can’t do anything ecchi with Yui and Pegonia here because Washimiya-san and the others are staying there… Yeah, I guess I’ll mast*te. Mas*ate can solve everything. Alright, should I use one of the secret Shirogane Aqua collections that Pegonia gathered today?

 Just as I was thinking about it, someone knocked on my door.


 I hurriedly closed the drawer and pretended as if nothing had happened. Phew, that was close. I was about to take out something that couldn’t be easily explained away.

 ”Sorry, Aqua-kun~”

 ”Excuse me.”

 ”Sorry for coming late at night.”

 Offu. The three of them came to my bedroom before bedtime, wearing their usual school uniforms. Normally, I would warn high school students not to enter a guy’s room wearing their uniforms, but I don’t bother with such trivial matters, so they can rest assured. I wouldn’t do anything inappropriate to them, and I’ll just use them a bit as material for my activities later.

 ”It’s a bit early, but…”

 ”Yeah, but we don’t want to bother you on the actual day if you’re busy.”

 ”That’s why we wanted to give it to you today, Aqua-kun.”

 Washimiya-san, Kurogami-san, and Kurumi-san directed the bags they were holding toward me.

 ”””Happy Valentine’s Day! Please accept this!”””

 Wowwwww! Even though it’s a bit early, I did a victory pose for the Valentine’s chocolate. It feels great to receive chocolate from a classmate. I open it up and take out everyone’s chocolates. Wow, these obligation chocolates these days are really something. Well, that’s what the old me would have thought.

 ”This is…”

 From one of the three bags, not only chocolates but also underwear in a small paper bag come out. Moreover, it’s still slightly warm and a little damp. This smell and stain… Could it be that it was the underwear they were wearing just a while ago?!

 ”Throughout today, we have been wearing these underwear, desu~wa.”

 ”U-um… Can we really do it? I-It’s embarrassing…”

 ”Aqua-kun, do you really like this kind of thing? If it’s Kokona’s, I can give it to you every day, you know?”

 Huh? Really? Is it okay to smell the crotch odor every day? I definitely take a bath after my wives and maids, but that’s to check everyone’s panties’ smell every day. One thing I want you to understand is that this is as a husband and as an employer, to manage everyone’s health and to have a healthy life. So, gulping down everyone’s bathwater to check is by no means a perverted act. This is also a so-called medical act, well, like a health check. Yeah, that’s definitely it!!

 ”Thank you all. Both the chocolate and everyone’s used underwear made me happy.”

 I speak to everyone with a gentle expression. This is because Kohina-senpai said having only a sharp look is boring. So, one of the new ways I came up with to deceive is this. Even if she doesn’t listen well, she’s saying terrible things, but I’ll disperse them all with this pure kindness. Look at everyone, at their face… Wait, Washimiya-san!? Kurumi-san!?



 Washimiya-san and Kurumi-san lifted their school uniform without hesitation, exposing their valuable breasts. Although they were wearing bras, the youthful underwear had a strong appeal. Thank you very much, thank you very much. I silently expressed my gratitude in my heart without changing my expression.

 ”If you’d like, would you accept our virginity along with chocolates and underwear?”

 ”Even though it will be my first time, I will do my best to meet your expectations and serve you.”

 What!? What did they just say!? Valentine’s Day is about giving chocolates and confessing. I have always been trapped by such fixed ideas.

 But that was a mistake. Instead of confessing and starting a relationship by giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day, they give their virginity as a gift to test their s*xual compatibility. So, this is Valentine’s Day in this world!! No, no, that would be too convenient for me.

 Aqua, don’t you want the girls to be happy? Is it okay for you to treat the girls as convenient s*x toys like that? As a man, I thought I should take responsibility for breaking their important virginity and using their v*gina and body.

 As a man, I felt like having s*x and eja***ting right away, but I managed to control myself and gently asked the two of them.

 ”I’ve decided that I will make the girl I love happy, no matter what. So, what do you want to become with me?”

 No matter what kind of answer I receive, I intend to respond to that feeling. This is the true way of being a cool man that I aspire to. I’m not saying this because I want to take responsibility for what’s inside, or because I want to make them mine. That’s right, isn’t it? Yes, that’s definitely it!!

 When Kurumi-san and Washimiya-san made eye contact, Kurumi-san faced forward with a determined expression.

 ”I confessed to you before, but I want to be Aqua-kun’s girlfriend. And I want to be your wife someday… please.”

 I pulled Kurumi-san close to me and gently kissed her while gently squeezing her breasts over her bra. Of course, it wasn’t just a light kiss. It was a deep kiss where our saliva intertwined and formed a string between us. I made sure to convey that this was my answer.

 ”I also want to be Aqua-sama’s wife, desu~wa. I don’t want a relationship that’s just about underwear!”

 As I embraced Washimiya-san, I also fondled her breasts and kissed her. I’m not sure if it’s the shampoo or soap she’s using, but Washimiya-san has a really nice scent that directly stimulates my p*nis.

 Why do girls smell so good? Especially this noble and clean scent that seems unrelated to this kind of thing, it affects my p*nis the most. It’s an important matter, so I reminded myself twice.



 I continued to engage in passionate kisses with both of them. Are high school students really so s*xually active? Unlike Kanon, both of them are actively involved in intimate kisses.

 ”Ah… ah…”

 Kurogami-san blushed when she saw that.

 I’m not a fool. After observing Kurogami-san’s customer service at the fake club earlier, if I remove the filter of appearance and atmosphere, I have a vague suspicion that she might be quite innocent. That’s why I intentionally kissed both of them in front of Kurogami-san to show her.

 ”Aqua-kun… Me too…”

 ”Me too?”

 While feeling sorry for her, I pretend not to understand and ask again. As I continue to tease her, Kurogami-san goes beyond my imagination.

 ”I also want Aqua-kun’s baby!”


 Kurogami-san jumps at me and forcefully steals my lips, intertwining our tongues in a lingering kiss. Furthermore, she presses my head against her own breasts and envelops my entire face in bliss. Ahh~! She wants a baby? Rather, I want to become a baby!! No, wait, Kurogami-san!?

 I wonder if I have awakened someone I shouldn’t have awakened? Such a bad… no, good feeling crosses my mind.

 ”I-I’m sorry. But Aqua-kun shouldn’t tease only me, you know?”

 You don’t need to apologize. Rather, let me thank you. I apologized for being mean after conveying my gratitude to Kurogami-san.

 Ah, I can’t wait even a millimeter longer. Thinking that, I stylishly and coolly discarded my clothes when Kenzaki got off the bike, throwing my leather jacket meaninglessly.

 ”Wow! So this is what a real p*nis feels like…! Does it not hurt with all those visible veins? Should Kokona touch it for you?”

 Kurumi-san… no, Kokona, looked at my p*nis with sparkling eyes. If you really want to touch it, it’s not like it’s going to decrease, so go ahead and touch it.

 ”Awawawa, I never knew a real one could be this big. What should I do? Can I properly welcome it…?”

 Lisa looked at my p*nis and placed her hand near her lower abdomen. She’s probably doing some sort of imagery training for the sensation of being penetrated. Such a naughty girl. It’s the best!

 ”Haa haa… Haa haa… Aqua-kun, you want to relieve that frustration right away, don’t you? You can use mine anytime, if you’d like.”

 Uruha, with her fingertips, opened her own v*gina and shamelessly showed me the dripping honey, begging for insertion. I thought she might be innocent despite her appearance, but I was convinced that Uruha’s true nature was undoubtedly lewd. Thank you very much!


 ”Yes, yes!”

 I gently pushed Uruha down onto the bed and covered her.

 ”Lisa-chan, Kokona-chan, can I hold your hands?”

 ”Sure. Do your best for your first time, Uruha-chan.”

 ”Of course, desu-wa. Uruha-san, women need courage, fight, desu-wa.”

 I almost shed tears at the beautiful friendship of the three. Meanwhile, Uruha, lying on her back in her school uniform, holding hands with her two classmates and having her virginity taken, brought tears of emotion to my p*nis as well.

 Ah, I see, you’re with me too. After all, we’ve been together for a long time. Now, partner, let’s come together!


 I slowly insert my p*nis inside Uruha. Even though I know it’s the worst, I can’t resist the moment when a girl’s precious hymen is broken. It’s because I feel fresh, like I’ve become a virgin again.

 ”Good luck, Uruha-san.”

 ”Uruha-chan, do your best”


 I thought I saw a heart symbol at the end of Uruha’s sob. Judging that it looks okay, I thrust up her cervix all at once to the most important part of Uruha. Whether it was the pain or the pleasure, Uruha’s body trembled little by little and she let out a charming cry.

 ”Aaah, no, I like this. Aqua-kun, I love this! Hmm!!”

 Uruha gets excited and forcibly captures my lips. After we kissed, she cutely begged me to squeeze my p*nis more with her vagina, as if to say something in my ear.

 Uruha, who let go of Lisa and Kokona, firmly holds both my hands and feet against my body as if asking for a seeding press. I see, this is a woman who wants to be conceived.

 That’s fine. As a man, I’m also determined. I took off her bra and grabbed Uruha’s firm breasts, squeezing them so hard I thought they would burst. At first, I thought I’d just rub it gently, but Uruha begged me to rub it harder, so I had no choice.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, hmm! Aqua-kun. If it’s about me, go ahead and make yourself feel even better. You can do whatever you want!”

 As I piston seriously into Uruha’s body, the intense sound of our flesh colliding resonates throughout the bedroom. Uruha’s entwined v*ginal walls cling tightly to my p*nis, refusing to let go. My p*nis twitches in response to her naughty p**sy, which is not begging or being clingy, but purely craving my sp*rm.


 Every time Uruha arches her body and moans loudly, she squeezes my p*nis intensely. Excited by that, I increase the speed of my hips. I was no longer thinking about anything other than eja***ting inside Uruha and impregnating her.

 ”Ahhh! I’m going to come! C*mming inside your p**sy!”

 I c*m into Uruha’s v*gina as if spitting it out. After experiencing that ecstasy, I voyeuristically gaze at Uruha, who has just come, and lick her all over.

 ”Haa, haa”

 I carefully pulled out my p*nis from Uruha’s v*gina after fully eja***ting. The way her v*ginal walls clung to me until the very end was so erotic. I couldn’t help but think that she might not actually be the same age as me, but the sensation and firmness of the breasts I touched afterwards were definitely that of a high school student.

 ”Oh, no. This is bad. If I know how good this feels, I’ll end up thinking about having s*x with Aqua-kun all day long.”

 Don’t worry, even I think about naughty things quite a lot when I’m not working or playing. When I see a cute girl, I want to have s*x. When I see a beautiful girl, I want to have s*x. When I see a naughty girl, I want to have s*x.

 In the first place, this world is too stimulating for a healthy young man like me. Married women taking out the trash flaunt their chest bumps in tank tops, the school nurse pretends to pick up a pencil in front of me and shows her panties from her mini skirt, high school girls casually let their underwear show through their summer clothes.

 Even though I’m just living a normal life, there are so many irritating points for a man’s little buddy accumulating everywhere. I see, so this is what they call “irritation points” instead of “savings points” for a man’s little buddy.

 ”Congrats on graduating, Uruha-chan. It’s great that you were able to have Aqua-kun creampie you so much.”

 ”Congratulations, Uruha-san, on losing your virginity and getting impregnated. You worked hard.”

 ”Kokona-chan… Lisa-chan… Thank you so much, both of you.”

 Uruha, with tears streaming down her face, embraces Kokona and Lisa. Upon closer inspection, both Kokona and Lisa are also teary-eyed. What an emotional scene. My p*nis is also shedding tears of emotion.


 Lisa notices that my p*nis is fully erect and slowly approaches.

 ”Come here, Lisa.”


 I tightly embrace Lisa and push her onto the bed.

 ”I’m sorry for being indecent, Aqua-sama… But… I can’t resist any longer.”

 As Lisa straddles me, she discards her panties and bashfully lifts her skirt. Oh…! Sweet nectar drips from Lisa’s slit and falls onto my p*nis. My heart tightens at Lisa’s craving p**sy. How pitiful. I feel the urge to penetrate her as soon as possible.

 ”Excuse me”

 Lisa grabbed my p*nis with trembling hands and carefully spread her own honey on it. Oh…! C-Could it be that even though she’s a virgin, she’s coming onto me on her own!? A s*xually proactive lady-like high school girl is the best!!

 ”If it hurts or if my v*gina makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to let me know”

 Lisa pressed my p*nis against her entrance.

 ”Lisa-chan, do your best! Just a little more. Shall we ask Aqua-kun for your virginity?”

 ”Lisa-chan, it’s scary for the first time, right? But it won’t hurt. It’ll definitely feel good, okay?”

 Encouraged by the two of them, Lisa slowly lowered her hips with determination. Sorry. Watching the three of them encouraging each other only made me more excited, and my p*nis became even more erect than before.


 The tip of my p*nis pressed against Lisa’s hymen. Just a little more. Hang in there! Uruha and Kokona cheer Lisa-chan on. With determination, Lisa clenched her thin lips and thrust her hips all the way to the deepest part.

 ”Ah… Oh…”

 I stroked Lisa’s head and said, “You did a great job.” Ah, it’s different from that simulated onahole. Even though I’ve used that artificial p**sy without permission many times, Lisa’s real p**sy feels completely different and it feels amazing.

 ”Haa… haa… Aqua-sama, do you have any dissatisfaction with me? If you’re not satisfied with how it feels, I can take care of it with my hands or mouth. Please don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 There’s no way I could be dissatisfied. Lisa doesn’t know (he thought), but I’ve already used her simulated p**sy many times. It’s tighter than I expected, but this melting v*ginal wall and the slightly tight v*ginal pressure are undoubtedly Lisa’s p**sy that I wanted to fuck.

 I whisper gently into Lisa’s ear, saying, “Your p**sy feels so good. Thank you for letting me use it.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 Blushing, Lisa slowly moving her hips and starts them up and down. Although Lisa is a lady, she’s quite a hard worker. I know this because we were both in the drama club and performed on stage together during the cultural festival. I feel excited seeing her trying hard to receive more compliments from me.


 In a skilled manner, I unhooked Lisa’s bra and gently massaged her well-shaped breasts. Her cleavage had caught my eye many times when she wore a dress at the cultural festival, and I had always wanted to touch her breasts someday. I played with Lisa’s small, pale pink n*pples.

 ”There are many people with larger breasts than mine, but Aqua-sama really likes breasts, doesn’t he?”

 Lisa blushed shyly, and I persistently whispered to her that her breasts were lovely.

 ”Aqua-sama, please don’t tease me so much.”

 Though Lisa was saying that, she seemed to be getting used to intimate activities, as she gradually shifted her posture to explore my body’s sensitive areas. I wondered if she had studied a lot from books to make me feel good. That part of her was really cute. I could change the position here and put in effort, but I didn’t want to waste Lisa’s efforts.

 ”Lisa, that was amazing. I feel like I’m about to come, can I do it soon?”

 ”Y-yes, desu~wa”

 Lisa must have been happy with herself for making me feel so good. I tried even harder to move my hips faster so that she could feel even better. Watching Lisa’s distinctive drill-like hair swaying from side to side, I became even more excited. I pulled Lisa towards me, had her cover me from above, and received a kiss from her.

 ”Mm, mmmmm!”

 I wrapped my hand around the back of Lisa’s hips to make sure she didn’t move away, and thrust deeply into her v*gina. While surrendering to the pleasure of my throbbing p*nis, I focused on the sensation of filling Lisa’s womb with my semen.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, to receive so much of your s*men… Thank you, Aqua-sama.”

 I wiped the tears of emotion from Lisa’s eyes with my thumb. Lisa, thank you for letting me experience such a pleasurable s*x. It felt amazing.

 ”Lisa-chan, that’s great. Congratulations on losing your virginity and the creampie. I hope a baby comes out of it.”

 ”Lisa-chan, you’re amazing. I was the one who made the move, but in the end, you really did it. You worked hard.”

 ”Kokona-san and Uruha-san, thank you both. Now, it’s Kokona-san’s turn, desu~wa, right?”

 Oh, that’s right. By the way, my p*nis just came out of the oven, but it’s already fully prepared. It’s no wonder after all the years it’s been my partner. It’s directly connected to my desires.

 ”Now, come here, Kokona.”

 ”Uh, okay.”

 I gently embrace the stiffened Kokona. What’s wrong? She’s usually lively, but is she suddenly getting nervous? No, I feel something different from that.

 ”Are you scared, Kokona?”

 ”No, it’s not that…”

 The movement of Kokona’s gaze, the direction of her body, the flow of her muscles, and the atmosphere. I instantly understood all of it with the space perception ability passed down by Kohina-senpai, and I realized one answer. I pull up Kokona’s uniform once again.

 ”Could it be that Kokona is concerned about this place?”


 Next to her chest, near her armpit, there is a small scar, covered with concealer, but it can be faintly seen from up close.

 ”Aqua-kun, no. Don’t look at such a dirty place…”

 ”Dirty? Who said such a thing? Isn’t this a proof that Kokona has worked hard to live? I’d rather have you say thank you.”

 I gently touch Kokona’s surgical scar.

 ”Kokona, you’ve really worked hard. Thank you.”

 I conveyed words of gratitude for Kokona’s surgical scar in a gentle voice.

 ”As Aqua-sama says, yes~. This is evidence that Kokona-san is doing her best to live!”

 ”That’s right. Kokona-chan, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Can I say thank you too?”

 ”Lisa-chan, Uruha-chan… and Aqua-kun. Thank you so much. Everyone… thank you!”

 I gently embraced the crying Kokona, soothing her emotions by stroking her head and swaying my body like a cradle. Meanwhile, my partner, who had been left aside, was shedding tears from the tip. Thank you, partner.

 ”Kokona, are you feeling better?”

 ”Yeah, sorry, Aqua-kun.”

 I gently pushed Kokona onto the bed. It was a subtle way to hint that I still intended to do it.

 ”What should we do? Should we stop for today?”

 While saying such things, I cunningly pressed my fully erect p*nis against Kokona’s v*gina. I seemed to be giving her a choice while actually leaving her with no way out. What a cruel person I am.

 ”No, let’s do it. So, Aqua-kun, will you take Kokona’s first time properly?”

 ”Of course I will.”

 Kokona held hands with the tearful Lisa and Yurha.

 ”Good job, Kokona-chan. If it’s you, Kokona-chan, I’m sure everything will be fine.”

 ”Kokona-san, if it’s Aqua-sama, I’m sure he will be kind to you.”

 Ah, I’m not a monster either. I intend to be careful and treat Kokona with all the kindness I can.

 ”Yes! Aqua-kun, I’m sorry for always relying on you.”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to be gentle. But if it becomes too painful, please tell me immediately.”

 Once I retract my p*nis, I gently loosen Kokona’s entrance with my fingertips. Hmm, if it’s this slippery, it should be fine. I press my p*nis against Kokona’s v*gina once again.

 ”Kokona-san, please do your best!”

 ”Kokona-chan, fight!”

 What a gentle atmosphere!

 While the two are encouraging Kokona, I slowly try to insert myself. However, either due to nervousness or tension, her body was slightly tense.


 My name is Shirogane Aqua. How many virgins do you think I’ve taken so far?

 Now is the time to make use of that experience, right? Don’t worry, Kokona. I’ll make you feel good in an instant.

 ”Relax, Kokona. I’m going to make you feel like a princess from now on.”

 ”Uh, yeah, Aqua-kun. Thank you.”

 Now! Kokona’s heart relaxes, and her body loses its strength. At the perfect timing, I break Kokona’s hymen.

 ”Ah, Aqua-kun is inside Kokona… It’s warm. It’s so warm, Aqua-kun.”

 I slowly savor Kokona’s v*gina with a slow piston. Kokona, who is clingy, clings to my p*nis. I ask Kokona if it hurts.

 ”Uh, it doesn’t hurt at all. More than that, my heart feels warm and fluffy. It feels really good.”

 When I gently touch Kokona’s breasts, I enjoy the plump, soft, and just-right feeling.

 ”Kokona like you… Kokona like you, Aqua-kun.”

 ”Yeah, I like you too. Even when things are tough, I like the way Kokona stays positive and works hard.”

 I return the words I couldn’t say at that time when she confessed. Gradually, I focus all my attention in my lower body, and c*m. When I doing so, I kiss Kokona.

 ”Ah, Aqua-kun’s inside Kokona… It’s so full. I’m happy…”

 I’m sorry, Kokona. Even though you mustered up the courage to confess back then, I got busy with work and the timing never seemed to align. And yet, you’re amazing for confessing to me again like this. I genuinely respect you. I found your efforts incredibly endearing.

 ”Kokona-san, I’m so glad. Truly, I’m so glad!”

 ”Kokona-chan, I’m glad for you. I’m really happy that the three of us can graduate together!!”

 Three people embrace and rejoice. Their figures were incredibly dear.

 ”Kokona, Lisa, Urufuha, you all did well. And thank you for liking someone like me.”

 I express my gratitude to the three of them. Kohina-senpai also said that if it ends with an emotional touch, everything will be fine. So I thought this would be a somewhat good way to wrap it up.

 But still, only my p*nis, which lacks closure, continues to drip pre-cum, shedding tears. You’re kidding, right? Are you saying you’re still not satisfied!? I heard that pets resemble their owners, but does my p*nis resemble its owner too? I think such silly things.

 ”Aqua-kun, thanks for earlier. So this time, Kokona will pleasure you with her hand.”

 Ohhh…! Kokona’s hand gently touches my p*nis.

 ”Aqua-kun’s p*nis-san. Thank you for being so kind to Kokona earlier. Next time, Kokona will be kind to you.”

 As I seemed to want a kiss, Kokona, who had drawn close, gave me a gentle kiss. She was so cute trying desperately to entwine her tongue for an adult kiss, and it directly stimulated my p*nis.

 ”Good boy, good boy, you really did your best today. Thank you for giving me a lot of s*men.”

 What a good girl. The gentle touch of Kokona’s ha**job felt even better than I expected, and I was about to c*m right away.

 ”You know, Kokona is going to study hard and become a nurse. I really want to say my dream is to be a doctor, but considering Kokona’s academic ability, it’s tough, and I think being a nurse, where I can interact with lots of patients, suits Kokona better.”

 I felt like I wanted to slap myself in the face. Even though Kokona-san was telling a nice story, I hated my wicked thoughts for thinking about the future, being a real nurse, and such plays instead of listening to her!

 ”Ah, p*nis-san is twitching. Aqua-kun p*nis-san, are you ready to come out soon?”

 I nodded silently. Then Kokona, with her hair hidden behind her ear, asked me shyly.

 ”I know it’s valuable sp*rm, so I shouldn’t waste it… but Aqua-kun, where do you want to c*m?”

 I asked Kokona if I could c*m on the knee socks she’s wearing right now, whispering into her ear. Kokona then took off her own knee socks and gently put them on my p*nis.

 ”Is it really okay like this?”

 Kokona looked puzzled and pressed the other sock she had taken off against my nose. It may sound perverted to say it smells like a high school girl, but I get really excited by the sweaty smell of a girl’s sole. Excited, I requested Kokona to stroke me harder if possible.


 With a force that made the toes of Kokona’s knee socks lightly lift, I c*m. Perhaps because I pressed against the sole of the sock while c*mming, the s*men penetrated the fabric and created a stain.

 ”Wow… Kokona’s knee socks, they’re all dirty from Aqua-kun’s.”

 I’m sorry, Kokona. I apologized while Kokona asked me if I also want her to wear knee socks next time, and I immediately replied, “Of course.”

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m sorry for only receiving earlier. Next time, I’ll serve you.”

 Oh… She eagerly started sucking my p*nis without hesitation. She was so focused and determined. Despite it being her first time giving a b***job, her moist tongue work was really arousing.

 ”Aqua-kun, I’ll also lick too.”

 ”I will also cooperate!”

 The three of them took turns serving my p*nis with their mouths. Thanks to that, my p*nis easily became erect. Thinking that I might be forgiven now, I asked them to serve me with their chests.

 ”Is this okay?”

 ”We’ll do our best.”

 ”Aqua-kun, does it feel good?”

 If you’re a man, you’ll dream at least once of a titjob with triple breasts. In terms of size, Uruha’s are the biggest by far, but Lisa’s are also quite sizable. When Kokona saw that, she made a disappointed face, but that’s the kind of thing that really gets my p*nis hard. I told her that Kokona’s breasts are cute too because they’re properly arousing.


 Seeing Kokona’s happy blushing face, both Uruha and Lisa also smiled. When three sets of breasts, each with different sizes and sensations, attacked my p*nis from all angles, they took turns giving me a titjob. Ugh… Until now, I’ve only had the chance to play with older breasts besides Kanon’s, so I feel like I’m being completely overwhelmed by the firm breasts of high school girls.

 ”Aqua-kun, you don’t have to hold back.”

 ”Please c*m a lot.”

 ”Come on, c*m on everyone’s breasts.”

 Ah… Everything in front of me turned completely white. When my vision returned, my p*nis was sandwiched between the three pairs of breasts, pulsating and c*mming.

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you for your s*men.”

 ”You put a lot of c*m.”


 The three of them cleaned my s*men-stained p*nis with their mouths again. Hmm, this is an infinite loop. I was revived and asked Lisa to put her hand on the wall.

 ”Lisa, can I use your butthole?”

 ”B-butt hole!? I don’t really care, but in a place like that… Mmm!”

 Once I received permission, I used my fingers to carefully loosen Lisa’s asshole.

 ”Ah! Ah! Ah! This is no good, desu~wa no, desu~wa…”

 Okay, something like this will suffice. Once I had loosened up Lisa’s butthole enough, I grabbed her ass and forcefully inserted my p*nis into her.

 ”Hmm! Fuuuu!”

 It’s okay, you’ll feel good soon. I rub my p*nis against Lisa’s intestines.

 ”Ah, oh, oh, oh”

 At first, Lisa was embarrassed, but she gradually started making vulgar moans in pleasure.

 ”Lisa, I’m coming inside you!”

 ”Ah, no, there, that’s the hole for Lisa to poop, ah, ah, ah, it’s coming out, Aqua-sama’s seed is in Lisa’s pooping hole… ah, ah, ah, we shouldn’t be doing something like this”

 I ejaculated vigorously into Lisa’s excretion hole.

 ”I’m sorry, Lisa”

 ”Aqua-sama, that’s terrible, desu~wa. It was really embarrassing to have it in my butt hole”

 Hmm, I’m sorry. After cleaning my p*nis, I hug Lisa and treat her gently.

 ”Lisa-chan, you were amazing… But, you made such pleasurable sounds?”

 ”Yeah, you had the most pleased expression today. Your voice, too, it was incredible…”

 ”Geez! Kokona-san, Uruha-san, please don’t say such embarrassing things!”

 I’m really sorry. I’m going to have s*x with the three of you again so we can make up. Once again, I properly c*m inside Lisa’s vagina, and this time she forgave me with a smile. After that, Lisa whispers in my ear in a low voice, pretending to be a little shy.

 ”It’s embarrassing in front of everyone, but if it’s just the two of us… it’s okay, desu~wa.”

 ”I see, Lisa actually felt good, too.” I said, and she got angry and said, “Please don’t say that.” Hahaha, Lisa is so cute! Kokona and Lisa seemed satisfied and fell asleep a little later. And in the end, the only two left were me and Uruha.

 ”Haha, you’ve gotten so big again. I’m sorry. I’ll take responsibility, so please forgive me.”

 Uruha straddles my body. I guess she got excited after doing it so many times that her limiter came off. Uruha bent down, grabbed my p*nis, and slowly inserted it into her own pussy.

 ”Ah, next I’ll pamper you, so Aqua-kun, you can just think about making your p*nis feel good.”

 When Uruha said I could play with her breasts as I liked, I took advantage of her words and pulled on Uruha’s n*pples as if teasing them. At that moment, a vulgar voice leaked out from Uruha, who is usually elegant. I continued to enjoy pulling and moving Uruha’s cute n*pples up, down, left, and right. The squishy feeling is irresistible more than the firm feeling. I continued to suck on Uruha’s n*pples.


 Uruha’s hand reaches for the back of my head.

 ”Aqua-kun, you always work hard and come to school even when you are busy, and you even show up for club activities. Even though you’re really tired today, thank you so much for having s*x with us. I’ll give you lots of praise on behalf of everyone. Good job, good job.”

 I was so excited to have a girl my age breastfeed me while her uniform was hiked up. And the fact that she let me be dependent and made me feel good without me having to do anything was just too amazing. I put my arms around Uruha’s back and buried my head in her breasts, surrendering to the pleasure.

 ”Ah! Deeper…! Ah, ah, ah, no, it’s too deep in my fallopian tube…! I can’t take any more…! Hah, hah… hah, hah… Huh? Really, it’s still coming out!? I’m sorry, Aqua-kun is trying so hard to impregnate me, but I only have one egg, I’m sorry.”

 I pushed Uruha’s body onto the bed and slowly withdrew my p*nis. Maybe I c*m’d too much. My s*men, which couldn’t fit inside Uruha, dripped down slowly.

 ”Thank you, Uruha. And also, thank you, Lisa and Kokona, it was amazing today even though it was the first time for all three of you. I don’t think I can do it anymore.”

 I see, in this world, the s*xual desire of high school girls is incredible, just like how it was strong for male high school students in my world. I didn’t understand it because Kanon was so innocent, but maybe this is the norm here.

 ”Ah, well, for now, I should go to sleep instead of thinking about that. I’m really tired today.”

 I climbed into bed with the three of them and fell into a deep sleep until morning.

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