Male Idol V12c39

Volume 12 Chapter 39 Shirogane Aqua, Valentine’s Present Unboxing Stream

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On Valentine’s night, I was relaxing in the living room when I checked the time and got up from the sofa.

 ”Oh, it’s about time for the stream I announced.”

 ”Good luck, Aqua.”

 ”Aa-sama, do your best.”

 ”Aqua-kun, I’ll be watching the stream properly, okay?”

 ”Aqua-san, since it’s a weekday, please don’t stream too late tonight.”

 ”Alright! Kanon, Yui, Ai, Kotono, I’ll be right back!”

 As I entered the room for the stream, I immediately turned on the computer. Alright, I’ve charged up by getting all the attention from everyone, so I’m ready to do my best today too. After turning on the stream, I waited for a while and then greeted everyone as usual.

 ”Good morning, good evening, and happy Valentine’s Day! This is Shirogane Aqua. Thank you everyone for the Valentine’s presents! I went to the main office before coming home and got some of them.”

 Although it’s impossible to get them all, I brought home some things that the employees picked up for today’s stream.

 [Good evening, thank you for always streaming]

 [Good morning! I just woke up!!]

 [Happy Valentine’s Day! I sent you chocolates!]

 [I sent chocolates and presents!]

 [I figured you would get a lot of chocolates, so I just sent a present]

 [↑Me too]

 [↑Me too, me too]

 [A bloody Valentine’s Day, huh? : Sommelier]

 [↑Hey, stop that]

 [Hey, none of you sent anything weird to Aqua-sama, right? : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Don’t you dare say that!]

 [The one who would probably send the weirdest thing is talking, lol]

 [I hope Hagetoru sent something weird, but the staff and announcers are properly filtering it out]

 [I’m a bit worried. I don’t think there are any commercially available creatures, but if there are, be sure to avoid them : Nekoyama Toa]

 [↑I agree]

 [Toa-chan has arrived!]

 [Hey, hey, did Toa-chan give Aqua-kun something as a gift!?]

 [↑Rattle rattle]

 [↑Ka-ching ka-ching]

 [Well, even if it’s this guy or Announcer Morikawa, they won’t get sick no matter what they eat : Yukari Goha]

 [↑Morikawa LOL]

 [If it’s Morikawa, she’s made herself sick from eating her own cooking before]

 [↑Morikawa, LOLOLOL]

 Ah, hey Kotono, please banned this person Yukari Goha. Also, do I need to stream ‘Toa’ as well? But, I’m already streaming! No need to mirror this stream for observation!!

 ”So, I’d like to start the unboxing stream of that now.”

 Now then, which one should I choose? I turn around and rummage through the box.

 [I wonder if my present is there?]

 [Guhehe…: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑This person definitely seems to be sending something ridiculous]

 [Aqua-kun, mine is on the right edge!!]

 [I hope Aqua-kun will pick mine!]

 Yeah, let’s start with this one. I pick up the bag containing the cylindrical object and return to my seat.

 [What is it, what is it!?]

 [Excited excited excited]

 [Just looking forward to it]

 [Gah! It’s not mine]

 [Congratulations to the person who sent the gift!]

 [Not yet! I won’t give up yet!! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑I had a bad feeling about RamenHagetoru’s, so I removed it: Kirika Kotono/Admin]

 [↑LOL, that’s funny]

 [Nice one, Nee-san!]

 [Tsk tsk tsk, I’m sending several in case one is omitted! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑You really do have a devious mind]

 [Because Hagetoru does such things, she must be broke. If she just sent something normal, there wouldn’t be any issue, lol]

 [↑That’s a valid point, lol]

 When I opened the bag, a cylindrical box came out from inside. It’s quite big compared to the tube that contains my graduation certificate. I wonder what’s inside. I removed the lid of the tube and took out what was inside, spreading it out in front of the camera.

 [What’s this!?]

 [Shiro-kun and Tama-channn!]


 [A mouse pad?]

 [I feel like I’ve seen this illustration somewhere!]

 [Could it be the illustrator Nene Nene-san? : Shumi the Maiden]

 [↑When there are events like this, it’s a good reminder that you’re really part of the Verification Team]


 [Isn’t this the person who won the illustration contest for Shiro-kun’s two-dimensional stuffed toy before?]

 [↑And it looks like she won for Tama-chan too. For now, only Nene-cho got both selected]

 [Nene-cho became famous in an instant with Shiro-kun and Tama-chan]

 [Wow, I really want Nene-cho’s mouse pad LOL]

 [↑Yeah, me too!!]

 [I love Nene-cho’s illustrations]

 [Yay!: Nene Nene]

 [↑Oh, the real Nene Nene is here!]

 [Congratulations, Nene-cho]

 Wow, a super large mouse pad. Nice!! And this illustration, is it a present from Nene-san? I remember because she drew an illustration for me before.


 When I looked inside the bag, I noticed there was a letter inside. I took out the letter and made sure to read it in a way that others couldn’t see, in case it contained personal information.

 ”Um, this is Nene Nene-san, who had her illustration adopted by Shiro-kun before. It seems she gave this to me, predicting that I would receive a lot of chocolates, and remembering that I was hesitating about buying a large mouse pad in a previous stream. What? And she’s also given this to Kanon? Thank you! I’m going to use it right away!!”

 Nene-san’s drawings are cute, and her handwriting is super cute too… I lightly kissed the letter and immediately replaced the mouse pad.


 [A kiss on the letter!? : HakuryuuAiko]

 [Is there such a service!? : RamenHagetoru]

 [Awawawa: Nene Nene]

 [↑Nene-cho is dying LOL]

 [Hakuryuu-sensei is flustered, lol, don’t lose to reality LOL]

 [Is it still a bloodstained Valentine’s… : Sommelier]

 [↑Stop it, LOL]

 [Nene-cho, I’m glad for you]

 [Aqua-kun, I’m happy that you recognize the people who applied for the illustration contest]

 [Yay, I like Nene-cho! Thank you!! : Shirogane Kanon]

 [↑You’re not bad either, lol]

 [Nene-sensei understands. I also thought that Kanon-sama would want it, LOL]

 [Somehow, I feel like Kanon-sama would frame it instead of using it]

 [↑We have the same interpretation, lol]

 Alright, installation’s done.

 Oh, nice! It feels refreshing and exciting to see the view. I don’t know if she’ll come, but maybe I should give Nene-sensei a ticket to a live show as a return gift.

 ”Well then, I’ll bring the next one, so wait a moment, okay!”

 I stand up again and head to the back of the box. Now, which one should I choose?

 [This one’s good now!]

 [↑I get it]

 [Waiting for the next one to come is kind of funny]

 [↑I get it]

 [Phew, for a moment, I almost thought we were living together: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑I get it: Sommelier]

 [The amazing part of the stream is right here. I almost got a false impression.]

 [↑Looking around to confirm that there’s no one else here is part of the set]

 Oh, this is pretty heavy for its size. I’m curious, so I’ll go with this. I take the present out of the bag and show the contents to the camera.

 [Bath salts?]

 [They’re tablets you put in the bath]

 [It says they’re tablets for nationwide carbonated hot springs]

 [These days, carbonated bath salts are especially popular]

 [Aqua-kun seems busy, but I think it’s pretty good!!]

 [Oh, this could be a nice gift too! I’ll learn from it]

 [What!? : ILoveBaths]

 [↑What’s up with Bath-neki?]

 [Could this be Bath-neki’s?]

 What’s this? Tablets for nationwide top 25 carbonated hot springs for baths? Oh, that’s nice. I like stuff like this. Kanon and the girls at my house often use bath salts. When I read the enclosed letter, it said, “Please use this to heal your daily fatigue.” That kindness really touched me.

 ”Thank you, ILoveBaths-san! I already took a bath today, but I’ll use it from tomorrow!”

 I lightly kissed the letter again and placed the bath salts set on the table next to it.

 [After taking a bath!? : Sommelier]

 [Sniff sniff, sniff sniff! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑I laughed at the idiot trying so hard through the computer screen lol]

 [↑You’re doing it too, aren’t you?]

 [↑How did you find out!?]

 [Everyone in SYUKUJYO, there are a lot of Kunka Kunker here!]

 [There’s a theory that everyone takes a deep breath at least once]

 [By reacting to it, we can tell which demographic is watching the most]


 [Why is it that only idiots are in the chat during this person’s stream? : Yukari Goha]

 [↑I’m one of those who took a deep breath, and I can’t help but agree lol]

 [Congrats, Bath-neki]

 [Glad he got your present, Bath-neki]

 Once again, I leave my seat and search for a new present from the box behind me. I feel like having some chocolate soon. I’ll aim for a bag that looks like it has chocolate inside. Oh, maybe this one will do? Yeah, let’s go with this! I take the bag back to my seat and slowly take out its contents.

 [Chocolate is here!]


 [Ugh! I stood up without thinking because the bag looked similar, but it’s not mine at all.]

 [I wonder whose chocolate it is? Exciting!]

 [A chocolate that I’ve never seen before came out.]

 [It’s not an official one. I wonder what it is?]

 [I really like chocolate, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.]

 [I have a bad feeling about this: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑What a coincidence. I feel the same way: Sommelier]

 Wow, a really expensive-looking chocolate came out. Huh? And when you open it, there’s only one piece inside? Ah, maybe they considered that it’s hard to consume a lot at once?

 ”Thanks for considering me. Well then, since we have it, let’s eat it!”


 The moment it entered my mouth, I felt a rich cocoa taste with a fragrant aroma and a refreshing acidity that passed through my nose. It’s amazing. Is there really chocolate with this kind of taste?

 What is this acidity? Is it flavored with orange? The aroma also feels like it’s seasoned with some kind of flower nectar. The spiciness is probably some kind of spice.

 Anyway, it was incredibly rich and satisfying, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. Even after finishing it, the lingering taste in my mouth was incredible. I will try to put these into words and convey them to everyone.

 [Hey… when I looked it up, it said one piece costs 100,000…]

 [↑Seriously, that’s a lie, LOL]

 [Aqua-kun, are you serious right now, lol]

 [Charging 100,000 for one piece? Are you okay?]

 [I appreciate the flavor review.]

 [Aqua-kun, you’ve made it yourself so you understand, right?]

 [Not just on cooking shows, but also on gourmet shows.]

 [It’s a Stars chocolate brand, huh?]

 [Oh, I know who sent this: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑What a coincidence. I also figured it out: Sommelier]

 Huh!? 100,000 for one piece!? That can’t be true… Huh? I wonder who sent this to me? It feels like something like this happened before… or is it just my imagination? As I ponder, I open the bulging letter that was included.

 [Hey, lol]

 [This isn’t just a regular letter, lol]

 [Yep, it’s confirmed now: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑You should stop sending these]

 [Shouldn’t we take the person who sent this to the hospital? : Yukari Goha]

 [↑I think so too]

 [If you look closely, it’s not just a few sheets of paper, it’s a scroll, lol]

 [It’s not a letter, it’s a scroll, LMAO]

 [I caught a glimpse of some vertical writing just now, lol]

 [Is that person a samurai or a ninja, lol?]

 [The glimpse of Japanese writing I saw was too well-written, I laughed, lol]

 [I bet this person is originally Japanese, LOL]

 Um, Shumi the maiden? Ahhh! Come to think of it, something like this happened before. I’m happy that they write me letters like this, but they get tendonitis if they write them by hand. Is that person okay?

 ”In short, it seems like it’s for Aqua-sama, who always does his best. Thank you, Shumi the Maiden-san!”

 To be honest, I can’t introduce it all enough, so I’ve left it out.

 [So close lol]

 [I’m sure she’ll be writing more lol]

 [No, this is fine: RamenHagetoru]

 [If he reads to them all, he’ll probably get full, so this is the correct answer: Sommelier]

 [I feel like Shumi is the one who can make him understand everything with just this one thing.]

 [Sorry, sorry: Kirika Kotono]

 [She apologized lol]

 [The Verification Team gave up on Shumi lol]

 [Yay! Shumi-chan, great victory! : Shumi the Maiden]

 [↑Come on, you LMAO]

 [Apparently, there are people who still talk like they’re middle schoolers even though they’re new mothers.]

 [↑That’s my acquaintance…: RamenHagetoru]

 Anyway, this letter has beautiful handwriting. My wife, Kanon, also has beautiful handwriting, but she’s no better than that. Even as someone who favors his wife, or rather Kanon, I think so, so it’s a big deal.

 And if I look closely, I feel like their handwriting is very similar, and I’m sure Shumi the Maiden-san, is also beautiful, just like my Kanon. That’s how it felt.

 [Look at that stupid face. Looks like he’s definitely going to do his best: Yukari Goha]

 [↑You’re the only one who can say that Aqua-sama looks stupid]

 [Even the absent-minded Aa-sama is cute!!: Miyukichi]

 [↑Look, this stupid woman is spoiling this guy! : Yukari Goha]

 [Yukari Goha, calm down lol]

 [Please calm down, Yukari Goha-san, who is so angry]

 [By the way, did Aqua-sama receive something from Kanon-sama?]

 [↑Good question]

 [On the other hand, I’m curious as to what Kanon-sama gave him.]

 [Aqu-tan, also show me the Valentine’s present from Kanon-san~]

 The comments are flowing so fast that I can’t see anything. But, I feel like I saw someone briefly write “Kanon” just now.

 ”Are you guys curious about something from Kanon? OK! Just a moment, I’ll go get it.”

 I step out of the room for a moment and come back with various things from the bedroom.

 ”Ta-da! How about this? Kanon, she doesn’t usually cook or anything, but I think she did a good job with this.”

 I show everyone the heart-shaped chocolates that Kanon made. They might not be perfectly shaped like store-bought ones, but that handmade touch has a certain appeal for a guy.


 [It’s handmade!]

 [Aqua-kun looks so happy. It’s great that it’s from Kanon-sama!]

 [There are traces of someone having eaten a few, personally I find that precious.]

 [I understand. It’s nice to know he really loves his wife.]

 [Grrrr, totally unrelated but it’s Shumi the Maiden!]

 [Gnununun, totally unrelated but it’s Shumi the Maiden!]

 [Let’s just go with the flow and talk about Shumi the Maiden! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑You guys, seriously, LOL]

 [Is everything okay? Nothing like a girl’s secret sauce in there, right?]

 [↑It’s not in there! : Shirogane Kanon]

 I take a bite of the chocolate I received from Kanon. Mmm, it tastes delicious, but imagining Kanon working hard to make it makes me happy. I should express my gratitude to Kotono, Kaede, Emily-san, and Pegonia-san who helped her make it together.

 ”Actually, I brought another one as well.”

 I smirk at the camera.


 [Whose could it be?]

 [Show us, show us!]

 [Could it be mine!? : Morikawa Kaede]

 [↑You didn’t give him a banana, did you?]

 [Oh well, can’t be helped. Is it something special? : Yukari Goha]

 [↑I’ll laugh if it’s not Yukari Goha, lol]

 [Announcer Morikawa and Yukari Goha, good job raising the flag, lol]

 [It’s confirmed that it’s not Morikawa and Yukari Goha, lol]

 I film the chocolate duck I just brought in front of the camera. Can you guys guess who made it by hand?

 [Is it handmade?]

 [It’s confirmed not Morikawa.]

 [Morikawa wouldn’t be able to make this.]

 [If it was Morikawa, she would have destroyed the tools, so it’s not Morikawa.]

 [It’s not Kohina Yukari either. There’s no way she would make something this cute.]

 [Kohina Yukari lol, Morikawa too lol]

 [Wonder who it is? Maybe Lapis-chan?]

 [No way, is it Nee-san!?]


 [Could it be President Atori?]


 [Wait, could it be Toa-chan!?]

 [↑Not me~: Nekoyama Toa]

 [Ah: Tsuki to Suppon]


 [Yes, I know the answer now]

 [Ah, as soon as I knew the answer, it all made sense]

 [Ayana-chan is here!]

 [Yuuonii’s reward for the fans has arrived!!]

 [Confirming the embarrassing death of Tsuki to Suppon!! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Don’t say that, it’s pitiful lol]

 [Ayana-chan seems to be in ecstasy lol]

 [Ayana-chan is cute!]

 Oh, looks like some people have noticed the answers. I quickly switch gears and get into character.

 ”Rina, thanks a lot.”

 I lightly kiss the chocolate and munch on it. Mmm, it tastes like it’s filled with Ayana’s love.

 [Nii-sama is here!]

 [It’s been a while, Nii-sama is here!]

 [I love that he does things like this even after the drama ended!!]

 [Thank you so much, thank you so much]

 [Wow, Aqua-kun, thank you: Tsukasa Kei]

 [↑Wait, Tsukasa-sensei!?]

 [Tsukasa-sensei is here!]

 [Geez, what are you doing. Idiot! : Tsukimachi Ayana]

 [↑Thank you, thank you very much]

 [Ayana-chan’s main account LOLOLOL]

 [Angry Ayana-chan is adorable]

 By the way, I saw Kohina-senpai earlier. I become Kazuya once again.

 ”By the way, I was almost killed by Sayuki’s chocolate. Everyone, be careful with my mentally unstable sister.”

 By the way, I like both mentally unstable girls and sisters. But Sayuki, Kohina-senpai, is a no-go.

 [You were almost killed!?]

 [Kohina Yukari lol]

 [Aqua-kun, are you okay?]

 [Didn’t big sister tell you that don’t eat food from suspicious women?]

 [↑Suspicious woman LOL]

 [What is Yukari doing…: Atori Ako/Admin]

 [↑The president is confused, so funny]

 [We should ban Kohina Yukari-san from entering anymore! : Sayamu Inko]

 [↑You should play otome games quickly!]

 [Wild Kohina Yukari encounters the main office building the most, lol]

 [I just put a little too much salt! You’re exaggerating! : Yukari Goha]

 [↑Hey, this person isn’t reflecting at all!!]

 [Admit your sins already!]

 Oh, hey Kotono, since it looks like Yukari Goha still isn’t reflecting, let’s just go ahead and ban her. I get up from my seat again and bring the next eye-catching bag from the box behind me.

 [It’s Morinaga’s sheep!!]

 [The bag is cute!!]

 [They’re considerate of the sponsors too!]


 [Is this bag hand-sewn with yarn?]

 [This is amazing!]

 [Aqua-kun, because Merry-san likes it]

 [I envy those who were able to buy Nene-cho’s Merry-san and Aqua-tan’s Mochi-tsuki (pounding) Aqtoa and Santa Aqtoa at the Winter Comiket]

 [↑I only managed to get the Santa one. The mochi-tsuki ones were seriously sold out immediately. Also, it seems like Shumi has both]

 [↑Want to hear the story of how I almost died going to buy both with Shumi, who seems to be related to Shumi? : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑You’re really a good friend, aren’t you, despite being a pervert]

 [↑Hagetoru is a good guy, despite being a pervert]

 [↑Apart from being a pervert, Hagetoru is a good guy. Despite being a pervert]

 [Stop calling her a pervert, you guys lol]

 [Hagetoru should just get her own, but she’s too kind to Shumi, despite being a fan of Nene-cho… despite being a pervert]

 Wow, this bag is amazing. It’s inspiring because I’m also knitting socks for my child. When I pull the string of the bag that turned into a drawstring bag, I can take out what’s inside.

 [It’s Merry’s stuffed animal!!]

 [Whoa! She’s so talented!]

 [The bag that turned into a pouch is made of yarn, and this one is made of felt, right?]

 [I really admire her because I can never do something like this: Sommelier]

 [She’s so skilled!]

 [Aqu-tan loves this kind of thing, right?]

 [↑That’s what makes him cute!]

 [BERYL only has stuffed animal-loving guys. When they went to Osaka and also when they went to Chiba, he was always getting involved with mascots.]

 [↑I was so thrilled when Mayushin-kun secretly hugged it]

 [↑I also like it when Tenga-senpai pats it with his hand or teases it]

 [I laughed when I saw Mayuzumi-kun’s live stream doing the parent dance]

 [↑I’ll watch it later!!]

 [That was an accident. It seems like mom (okaa-san) didn’t know about it.]

 [Mayuzumi-kun’s mother (kaa-san) was beautiful.]

 Oh, there’s a letter in here too. That’s good. This time it’s properly normal. I smile when I see the sender’s name as I unfold the letter.

 ”Is Chacha-san there? Thank you for making the Merry-san stuffed animal for the kids. I’ll use the pouch in my daily life. It’s perfect for my lunch box, so I’ll use it from tomorrow!!”

 I wave my hands in front of the camera with the bag and the Merry-san stuffed animal.

 [Chacha-san is the person inside Merry!]

 [↑Wasn’t that Morinaga’s president?]

 [↑There are two. The person who cleans inside the company and the official account is the president, while Chacha appears in commercials and events.]

 [Oh, a present for the kids. Everyone thinks of that right away.]

 [Very helpful]

 [Chacha, seriously, lol]

 [Good for Chacha]

 [Baa!! : Chachamaru]

 [↑If it’s Baa, it’s yes, if it’s Ba, it’s no: Kirika Kotono/Admin]

 [↑Thanks for the explanation, Nee-san, lol]

 [Huh? What about Shumi? I thought, but did she die because her stuff was exposed, lol]

 [↑I have confirmed Shumi’s death!!: RamenHagetoru]

 [Breaking news, our Shumi dies quickly]

 I got up from my seat and started rummaging through the box behind me.

 [Oh! The one on top, that’s mine!!]

 [Hey, the green one on the left. Oh, that’s it, that’s mine!]

 [The one next to it is mine, mine! : Prime Minister Habu]

 [↑Wait, isn’t that the Prime Minister!?]

 [Prime Minister, keep it together!]

 [This, I’ll have to apologize again tomorrow.]

 [That’s it, that’s it! I also sent something!!: Sayamu Inko]

 [↑You, you’re definitely going to send some lame Kansai comedy goods]

 [How did you know!?: Sayamu Inko

 [Well, too bad. Mine doesn’t seem to be here: Kato Iria]

 [↑Don’t worry!]

 [Oh, the one I sent is in there: Tsuwabuki Hiromasa]


 [Tsuwabuki-san for real!?]

 [Aqu-tan, Tsuwabuki-san’s present is in there! Pay attention!!]

 [You guys, calm down.]

 [It’s getting chaotic.]

 Don’t worry about everything looking good. Hmm…okay! Should I use this paper bag? I return to my seat with the paper bag and try to take out what’s inside. However, just before that happened, the mysterious Aqua radar inside me noticed something unusual and stopped me.


 I opened the bag so that no one could see it, and checked the present inside.

 What is this? Is it a uniform? I take out the uniform from the bag and show it to everyone.


 [Is this Mary’s?]

 [Isn’t that Mary’s middle school?]

 [Guhehe…!: RamenHagetoru]




 [Criminal, it’s here LOL]

 [Come on, you!]

 [Dear Beryl, she has managed to sneak past the security!]

 [I didn’t expect it to be yours…]

 [Hagetoru you are lol]

 [You’ll get banned soon LOL]

 [What on earth did you send that he can’t show it?]

 Huh? Who sent this?

 ”By the way, the uniform comes with three pieces.”

 I checked the letter inside to confirm the meaning of the three uniforms.

 ”Um, the girl who loves ramen!? Oh, thank you. What, what? Um, these uniforms are Kanon-sama, Announcer Morikawa, and Manager Kirika’s uniforms from middle school!?”

 Wow, this is an unexpected treasure!! Really? I checked the uniform I had put out and saw that “Kanon” was written on the tag in alphabets. Oh… I can faintly smell Kanon’s scent and the sweat that has soaked into it.

 [Wait a minute!? : Shirogane Kanon]

 [Huh!? : Morikawa Kaede]

 [Mine too!? Huh? When did this… : Kirika Kotono]

 [Are you kidding LOL]

 [Hagetoru, you LMAO]

 [This is amazing]

 [Aqua-sama looks so happy, lol]

 [It’s crazy that it’s a middle school uniform instead of a high school one]

 [Even if Nee-san could wear it, it would be super tight]

 [Hagetoru. This guy is seriously LOL]

 [Since it was going to be thrown away when helping with the move, I took care of it! : RamenHagetoru]

 [↑You, LMAO]

 I pick up the letter again.

 ”I can only do this much. Please enjoy married life with this uniform. It’s a thank-you for always entertaining us. Please enjoy using this a lot tonight! Since there’s still high school, should I send that next time? Was it a bother? If so, let me know through stream, and I’ll send a regular one next time.”

 Ugh, is it because my heart is impure that it looks like I’m asking if I have one too?!

 ”I don’t mind! It’s not a bother. Thank you, the girl who loves ramen!!”

 I grip Kanon’s uniform and wave with a smile.

 [Guhehe…: RamenHagetoru]

 [↑Phone: Kirika Kotono/Admin]

 [Nee-san is scary lol]

 [Our Aqua-sama seems happy, so it’s good!]

 [Again, he’s making that kind of face: Kohina Yukari]

 [Hagetoru, that’s a nice play]

 [RamenHagetoru banned from chat: Kirika Kotono/Admin]

 [Hagetoru got banned lol]

 [Hagetoru got banned LMAO]

 [Nee-san is coming lol]

 [Nee-san is furious, nice]

 [Nee-san, calm down, Aqua-kun is happy, right?]

 [If our Aqua-sama is happy, then it’s all good!]

 [↑In the end, that’s it!]

 I regained my composure and resumed the gift stream. Alright, this time, I’ll dress three people in this and have fun.

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