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Volume 12 Chapter 40 This Country Is Dyed With Beryl Tonight!!

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 In my childhood, I wasn’t very strong, and I caused my mom (okaa-san) a lot of worry and hardship. When I entered elementary school, I hated myself for being like that, and I made up my mind to strengthen my body, so I knocked on the door of the local boxing gym. That was the beginning of my encounter with boxing. I think boxing, which allowed me to face myself through my opponent, suited me. With the skills I gained from boxing in elementary and middle school, I became a somewhat well-known athlete in the Kansai region.

 ”Mother, I’m going to Hinomoto high school.”

 Coming from a single-parent family that wasn’t very well off, I eagerly accepted the offer of a scholarship through boxing. It wouldn’t cost anything for tuition, and I’m sure my mom would be happy too. After graduating from middle school, I left Kansai with a scholarship for boxing, and what awaited me in Tokyo was severe bullying.

 ”You’re doing boxing, right?”

 ”Come on, throw a punch. Well, if you hit me, you’ll be expelled.”

 ”Oh well, even though you came to Tokyo for boxing, if you use violence and get expelled, your mom might cry.”

 I think it wouldn’t be strange to break down at any moment. But what supported me was my sincere dedication to boxing and the love from mom.

 Are you doing well? Have you gotten used to being there? Have you made friends? If living alone is tough, you can always come back home. I didn’t want to make mom sad, who always worries about me over the phone.

 ”There’s a prom before the graduation ceremony, right? I sent some money, although it’s not much. Oh, and I apologize for making the dress, but I already sent it… Oh, but if you don’t like it much, you can buy or rent a costume.”

 I was happy. That’s why I let my guard down. When I wore the dress and went to school much earlier than usual, unfortunately, I encountered them. They took advantage of the fact that I couldn’t fight back and tore apart my dress, my hair, and my heart.

 I’m done. I’m tired of everything. Life has become unbearable. I’m sorry. Mom, I’m sorry.

 ”Hey, you there. What’s up with your hair!?”

 At that moment, a beautiful lady working at Ramen Takeko called out to me. Emily, the beautiful lady, is an intriguing person. She was so kind to me, even though we were just acquaintances, and it made me realize that there are warm-hearted people out there.

 ”Let’s go to prom.”

 I still vividly remember that moment. Because Emily-oneesan reached out to me at that time, I was able to stand up again.

 ”We’re here to support every girl who wants to look beautiful.”

 The kindness of the hairdresser Kusatsu Ikaho-oneesan, the esthetician Birei Aroma-oneesan, and the Fuji Department Store buyer/concierge Echigoya Ise-oneesan healed my wounded heart.

 ”If you’d like, would you let me be your escort?”

 The first time I saw the real Aqua-sama in person, it was cool. Not just the appearance, but everything about his heart… I thought that’s what it means to be truly strong.


 ”No way!?”

 ”Why is Aqua-sama here!?”

 The school was in an uproar because I attended the prom with Aqua-sama. But I didn’t care about that anymore. I just wanted to end this school life as a good memory for my mom and for everyone who brought me here.

 ”Um, well…”

 I ignored the girls who tried to apologize and the people who had silently condoned the bullying. Because they had already disappeared from within me, and I didn’t feel the need for an apology. But that day, I received an apology from that person.

 ”I’m really sorry.”

 I never thought I would receive an apology from Sumeragi Kukuri-sama of the middle school. When I said Kukuri-sama did nothing wrong, she replied with a dignified manner, saying it was her fault for not being able to control the situation, and I still vividly remember that.

 ”Kukuri-sama… Why are you always so dignified? I want to become a strong woman like Emily-oneesan and Kukuri-sama.”

 I said that while gritting my teeth. Then, Kukuri-sama smiled at me.

 ”You are already strong enough.”

 Huh? Is that because I’m a boxer? I didn’t understand the meaning of Kukuri-sama’s words.

 ”Because, even though you were bullied, you endured it for three years without retaliating, continued going to school, and didn’t give up on boxing. That’s amazing. So, live proudly! You’re amazing!”

 I remember that I couldn’t stop crying. Kukuri-sama, who is younger than me, gently hugged me.

 ”The strength of your heart, which made you stand up no matter how difficult it was, will someday become your weapon. Keep doing your best in boxing over there. I’m rooting for you.”

 Emily-oneesan, Ikaho-oneesan, Aroma-oneesan, Ise-oneesan, Kukuri-sama, Aqua-sama, everyone lifted up my sinking heart. It’s unbelievable, but it felt like all the pain I had suffered for three years was wiped away in one day.

 A few days later, for some reason, I came to Ise in Mie Prefecture with all 7 of the members and my mom, except for Aqua-sama.

 ”Mom, this is my first time coming to Ise.”

 ”Yeah. It’s my first time too.”

 Mom and I stare at the front with shocking faces. It was so unrealistic that I couldn’t feel it. This isn’t a dream, right? That day, on the way home, Aqua-sama came to see me gave me and my mom a ticket to the concert. I never thought I would be able to come see BERYL’s live performance with my favorite mom, so I’m really happy.

 ”Is this Ise?”

 ”It’s my first time here.”


 In our family’s vicinity, the Ikaho and other sisters display smiles. It seems that Aqua-sama, to spare me the trouble, has also given tickets to them. I thought that was really considerate.

 ”Emily-neechan, look, they’re selling collaboration charms of Aqua-sama over there!”

 ”Oh, really!! Which one should I get as a senior for Kanon?”

 On the opposite side, Kukuri-sama and Emily-oneesan are getting excited about Aqua-sama’s story. Oh, I see, Emily-oneesan is Yukishiro after all. I realize the reason why she’s so close to Kukuri-sama all of a sudden. And Kukuri-sama looks so innocent, I’ve never seen anything like it. She seems really happy.

 ”Maybe it’s safe to go for a safe childbirth charm… No! Instead of going for protection, I’ll boldly present a fertility charm to Kanon with an attacking mindset, encouraging a second and third child… Guhehe”

 ”That’s a good idea. Oh, Emily, make sure to buy some charms against misfortune. Get about 100 for yourself. Maybe it’s even better to put up about 1000 misfortune warding charms at home, you know? To prevent any strange disturbances, right?”

 ”Eek! K-Kukuri, you’re not planning to turn my room into a horror house, are you…”

 Ahaha, I can’t quite hear what they’re talking about, but it seems like both of them are having a blast. The high school field trip wasn’t fun, but this trip with the older girls was so much fun, it erased the bad memories inside me.

 ”Shall we get going soon?”


 After buying some goods and finishing the reception, we headed towards the newly built grand hall.

 ”What song should they sing first?”

 ”Maybe ‘Beautiful Right?’ or something they can sing with all four of them?”

 ”I feel like it might be a song from Heaven’s Sword.”

 ”No no, isn’t this a Zandam song? Ayana-chan’s part is for Toa-chan!”

 We chatted happily as we waited for the show to start. Looking around, everyone was smiling. We even talked to people who came alone, and the relaxed time passed slowly.


 The fans reacted to the cheers of the first person who noticed. Oh, the members of BERYL have come out!! Wait, Aqua-sama, just a white shirt!? Huh? Aren’t you cold!? And on closer inspection, all the buttons in the front are open, are you going to break them off with that!? No, I mean, please don’t expose Aqua-sama’s abs, which could be considered a national treasure, so defenselessly. Oh, a person with no resistance has started to bleed from the nose. I quietly handed tissues to the older girl who was in front of me.





 Aqua-sama sat on the edge of the stage, closed his eyes, and bowed his head. I wonder what’s wrong? Everyone who saw it became quiet. The sentimental and somewhat sad guitar intro from Tenga-senpai. Ah, the live is about to begin. The audience noticed it and there was a moment of loud cheers from the seats.

 ’You turned over, All we can do is watch it happen?’

 The first song chosen by everyone in BERYL was the new song announced on the third day of the Chiba performance, the first stop of the tour. The title of the song is BERYL, the same as the group’s name. Everyone’s hearts remembered the previous live and throbbed.

 ’Make one’s soul tremble’

 Seeing the serious expressions of the BERYL members made my heart flutter.

 They are all serious. I understand because I’m also serious about boxing.

 ’Not afraid to change’

 Ah… That’s a little unfair. Aqua-sama, after seeing the reaction of the audience, smiled with a smirk as if unraveling the thread of tension.

 ’When I saw you crying secretly in a corner’

 Seeing that, the members of BERYL also showed a smile. My heart felt light, as if floating. And in the next moment, the excitement in my heart began to accelerate.

 ’We flapped our wings to the outside world to convey this heat that resides within us’

 Here it comes! The mellow English lyrics turn comes to an end, and the song enters the next phase. Aqua-kun, standing up, runs towards us with his hand holding the microphone raised.

 ”We are BERYLLLLLLL!!!”

 With Aqua-kun’s shout, Toa-chan suddenly starts playing the drums intensely. Fans in the audience start jumping up and down together. I also jumped multiple times on the spot while hugging shoulders with mom and Emily-oneesan who were next to me.

 Blending into the bustling night, trembling with loneliness. I won’t overlook the sight of you secretly shedding tears. We run through. To change the world. When you can’t stop and can’t move, look at us.

 Aqua-sama continues to excite the audience, saying, “Can you still jump?”

 ’No matter where you cry, we will definitely find you and show you. Screw this world without kindness and love!! I will wrap you with this hot, burning heart. Our hearts will overlap and warm each other.’

 Aqua-sama raises his hand and shouts in a raw voice, just like before.


 Cool! The TENGA girls in the venue start shaking their heads in unison at Tenga-senpai’s guitar performance. I feel a little throb seeing Aqua-sama playfully laughing at Tenga-senpai.

 ’We’ll color this country with BERYL. Is there anyone here who’s crying alone?’

 Ah… maybe it’s just my imagination. Yeah, it’s definitely just my imagination. But for a moment, just a little, I feel like I made eye contact with Aqua-sama as I looked around. But probably, every girl in this venue must be thinking the same way.

 ’To you who stumbled on the path, you’re not alone anymore. I’ll keep shouting at you who closed off your heart!!’

 Aqua-sama raised his hand again and shouted at us.


 Everyone feels a little fluttered by Toa-chan’s wild drum performance compared to his usual self. Wait, Aqua-sama!? You’re close to Toa-chan, really close!! I can hear the sound of taking medicine from somewhere.

 ’We’ll run through. To change the world. When you feel like your heart is being crushed, look at us, BERYL.’

 Aqua-kun pointed the microphone straight at us.

 ”Everyone, sing along with us!!”

 Lyrics appeared on the monitor set up behind them. But even without that, if you’re a fan of BERYL, everyone can already sing this song. Since the day they performed the same performance at their first live, we’ve been practicing enough to memorize the lyrics for times like today.

 ”””””BERYL will color this country”””””

 ”””””No more children crying alone”””””

 Unlike other songs, BERYL’s songs are complete with this part where fans sing. It’s a song for all of BERYL’s fans, a song made for us. That’s why this song grabbed everyone’s hearts with just one performance.

 ”””””To us who were looking down in the darkness, saying it’s going to be okay”””””

 ”””””Continuing to shout to us who were about to give up!!”””””

 We forgot that it was still the first song and screamed until our throats were dry. But it’s the same for everyone. Aqua-kun shouts the name of his member and best friend again without a microphone.


 Several girls are captivated by Mayuzumi-kun’s calm expression as he performs on the bass. Mayuzumi-kun changes the melody while keeping the heated voltage in everyone’s hearts.

 ’I will dye this world with BERYL. Is there anyone crying alone? To you who is crouching alone, I won’t be just one more. I will keep shouting at you who have closed off your heart!!’

 Aqua-sama throws the shirt he was wearing into the audience. As a response, the performance becomes more intense. Aqua-kun once again directs the microphone towards us.


 All of them, the members and all the fans, chant Aqua-sama’s name. In response, Aqua-sama shouts.

 ”Let’s go, all of you!!”


 ’We will make this venue hot with BERYL!! We came here to make you all smile! Say goodbye to tears. Blow away any loneliness!!’

 Aqua-kun thrusts his microphone into the sky as if piercing through it. In response, the cloudy sky that was there just a moment ago splits apart from left to right, and moonlight brightly illuminates all of us through the gaps in the clouds, as if the clouds were lying.

 ”””””WE ARE BERYL!!!!!!!!”””””

 We all shout together, both the members of BERYL and the fans. It’s so much fun. I’m glad I came here today.

 ”BERYL’s live performances are the best!!”

 ”Of course!”

 We nod in agreement as we listen to Emily-neesan and Kukuri-sama’s conversation. The members of BERYL, having finished singing the first song, continue with the second song with the same momentum.

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