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Volume 12 Chapter 41 Shirogane Aqua, Secret Date With Emily-San

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 After finishing the last day of the three-day tour, I parted ways with everyone from BERYL and came to Shima Stars Village in the same prefecture.

 ”Wow, so this is Shima Stars Village.”

 It’s a complex resort facility themed around Stars, that’s Shima Stars Village. The good thing about this place is that even though it’s quite well-made as a theme park, there are hardly any people compared to certain other parks. That’s why it’s perfect for a secret date like today.

 ”Ah, Aqua-sama, that…”

 ”Yeah? What’s wrong, Emily-san?”

 ”Um, well, that…”

 Emily-san gazes at me with fleeting glances. Oh, I see. Unlike the previous date we had planned, this time we couldn’t have it all to ourselves. So, Emily-san is in disguise as part of our secret date, and I’m cross-dressing, but maybe my cross-dressing isn’t quite up to par? Even though BERYL’s stylist team put a lot of effort into it…

 ”Even if I rub it a little…no, it’s nothing.”

 Rub it? what?

 If this were me, I’d ask if it’s ok to rub her breasts a little, but with Emily-san, I’m 100%…no, 1200% not going to do that. That means it must be something else. Yes, absolutely!! Even if you rub it or rub it, it’s mundo mi temo…Huh!? I see. That’s what happened. Emily-san!

 This is not even if you rub it, it’s mundo mi temo, a word that is also used in some areas of Stars. Mundo means the world, mi means me, and temo means worry or fear. In other words, Emily-san probably wanted to let me know that she was a little worried that the world would find out. Damn, how cute! I feel like I have to protect her properly.

 ”No problem”

 In order to alleviate Emily-san’s anxiety, I answered with a smile.

 ”What? R-really!?”

 Of course! Look, don’t hesitate to rely on me, I proudly say. Wow…! I have quite a size when I puff out my chest. Even though I know it’s padding, as a man, I want to touch it a little. Even though it’s my own…

 ”Well, then, I won’t hesitate… Eek!?”

 Emily-san briefly averts her gaze and quietly hides behind my back. Huh? What’s wrong? Don’t worry, there aren’t many people here, and look, no one’s watching.

 ”Oh… sniffs, you smell nice, ahh~”

 Oops, a pleasant scent wafts from Emily-san who approached me, and unintentionally, the voice in my heart slips out. I’m sure it was my brain processing it that way, replaying Emily-san’s voice.

 ”Oh, they’re doing a stamp rally!”


 Oh, this is definitely a collaboration between Sayaka-san from the same Daisanji agency and Kuretsu Mingo-chan, also known as Ngo-chan. Come to think of it, they said on the livestream that they became the honorary mayor of the Stars Village, right? When we receive the stamp rally sheet from the receptionist, we press the first stamp nearby.

 Wow, amazing. And if you look closely, there’s even a magnificent Ngo-chan bronze statue standing where the stamp pedestal is, like something from the bubble era.

 ”Emily-san, let’s take a photo together since we’re here.”


 I took a photo with Emily-san and Ngo-chan’s statue, standing side by side with them. Ngo-chan is really small though. By the way, the setting was around elementary school, right? No, maybe just about middle school. I posted the picture in the group chat I made with my V friends.

 Hoshimiya Shiro@Beryl

 I came to Shima Stars Village with a friend!

 December Hizume Sayaka@Catastrophe

 Ngo-sama, I’m jealous, desu~wa~!

 Kuretsu Mingo@Catastrophe

 Ngo!? Are Ngo sandwiched between two big ladies, Ngo!?

 Harusaki Tsubame@Holospray

 With Ngo-chan’s height, it looks like she’s stuck between two big breasts and about to float away, lol.

 Sayamu Inko@Holospray

 I’m jealous!

 Katahira Komadori@Holospray

 Two big sisters… nice!

 Oumi Tama@Beryl

 Hmm, you won’t go on a cross-dressing date with me, huh?

 December Hizume Sayaka@Catastrophe


 Kuretsu Mingo@Catastrophe


 Sayamu Inko@Holosplay

 Ngo-chan, namo namo!

 Harusaki Tsubame@Holosplay

 Inko-senpai, have you done Otome Game?

 Sayamu Inko@Holosplay

 I don’t want Otome game anymoreee!

 I send a message to Inko-san, “Do your best with the otome game livestream,” and then close the screen. I feel bad for Inko-san, but I have to do my best with my own real-life romance game from now on.

 ”Well, the place where the second stamp is placed…is it a specialty of Stars Village?”

 ”Specialty…oh, now that I think about it, the poster said churros are a specialty!”

 ”OK! Let’s go there then.”


 Oh, here it is. I’m a little hungry, so while I press the stamp, I might as well eat a little.

 ”Emily-san, since we’re at it, how about having some pizza?”

 ”Huh? W-wait, are you saying that I should pig out on pizza because I’m chubby or something?”

 I didn’t say anything like that! Who told you that? Besides, Emily-san, you’re not even chubby… If anything, I actually prefer a bit of a fuller figure… No, never mind.

 ”Haha… Actually, ever since I started eating at Aqua-sama’s place, I’ve gained a bit of weight… But my waist and everything else are still the same. Hmm, where did it all go?”


 I stumbled a little, feeling like I was about to faint.

 ”Emily-san, um, have you been feeling any tightness in your chest lately?”

 ”Huh? Oh, yeah, sometimes… I feel my heart racing and my chest getting tight now.”

 Emily-san! That tightness isn’t from excitement! You see, it’s just that the extra weight went to your chest, and now your old bra doesn’t fit properly! I can’t believe it… As the president of the All Japan Breast Association, it’s unforgivable that I, the master of breasts, didn’t notice Emily’s size increase due to winter clothes! I might even be asked to resign. I hit my cheeks with my fist to regain my focus.


 Whoa! Did I surprise you?! Huh? Did I really slap my cheek for real? No, that’s not it. It looks like one of the customers punched the wall.

 ”Ohohoho, excuse me. There was a bug on the wall.”

 Ah, yeah. But, are you okay after that loud noise earlier? Is your hand okay?


 Emily-san seemed to be jumpy due to the loud noise. It’s okay, it’s okay.

 But the voice of the customer from earlier, it kind of reminded me of Kukuri-chan in a way. Well, it’s probably just my imagination. Yeah, it must be.

 ”I’m fine. Emily-san, please eat my pizza and grow big. For me!!”

 ”Oh, so you’re telling me to eat pizza and get fat!?”

 Hmm? Did you say something, Emily-san? Emily-san teared up slightly as she munched on the pizza. Was it so delicious that she cried? After finishing our meal, Emily-san and I went to look for the next stamp.

 ”The hint for the third stamp is… a gate?”

 ”Oh, is that a gate?”

 I shift my gaze towards the direction that Emily-san is pointing. Oh, she’s right. It does look like it.

 ”Emily-san, let’s go.”

 ”Okay, sure.”

 I take Emily-san’s hand and we proceed towards the direction with the gate, observing the surrounding scenery. I hear a voice from behind, “Shaa!” Did they do well in the nearby shooting game? We press the third stamp near the gate.

 ”I heard that the inside of this gate is like a theater, where they show films and stuff.”

 ”Oh, really? Let’s check it out.”

 As we enter the theater, Emily-san notices something and stops.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Well, it seems like there’s some trouble.”

 Hm? Oh, you’re right. The staff members seem to be in a hurry. I wonder what happened? After Emily-san apologizes to me, she heads towards the staff members. Of course, I follow her.

 ”What’s happen?”

 ”Ah…umm, the video is okay, but there’s no sound…I’m sorry! The next performance was scheduled to be the last, but this might be the end of today’s performance.”

 It’s unfortunate, but there’s not much I can do if it’s a mechanical failure. If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.

 ”Oh, um, can you use the audio equipment?”

 ”The speakers and microphones should be fine, but…customer, is there something wrong with them?”

 Emily-san glanced at me with a apologetic look.

 ”…Aqua-sama, do you remember the pink rose?”

 ”Of course, I remember. What about it?”

 Emily-san pointed her thumb towards a nearby poster. Ah! The visual work is about the pink rose!

 ”Fortunately, I’m addicted to it… I mean, thanks to Nee-san, Kanon and Grandma Mary, I’ve seen the pink rose a lot, so I can do a perfect imitation of everyone’s lines.”

 No way!? Emily-san is incredible, isn’t she!? I was really surprised too.

 ”So, can I help them a little? I’m really sorry for interrupting our date!”

 ”Well, that’s fine, but don’t you have another suitable role here?”


 I give myself a thumbs up.

 ”By any chance… do you remember all of Astel’s lines?”

 ”Of course, if I’ve played a role once, I remember all of it.”

 I forget everything I study within a day of sleeping, but please forgive me for that. I’m completely devoted to anything related to entertainment in terms of my memory resources. I can’t beat Kohina-senpai, who remembers all the lines of everyone appearing in the work… Well, that person has left everything except acting behind somewhere, so it can’t be helped. I approach the staff lady and whisper in her ear.

 ”Miss, if it’s okay, could you let us help a little?”

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, ngooo!?”

 Oops, that was close. Without thinking, I cover the girl’s mouth with my hand. The girl, her mouth covered, trembles with teary eyes. A-Are you okay?


 Did Emily-san say something?

 ”I’m sorry. We’re incognito, so, um, if you guys are okay with it, I think we can help. What do you think?”


 The staff immediately consults with their supervisor and gives us permission to enter a room with audio equipment.

 ”W-Well then, please take care of us. Um, if it doesn’t work out, it’s okay!”

 After the staff leaves the room, they go on stage and explain the audio troubles to the audience. I also switch from being just Shirogane Aqua to Beryl’s Shirogane Aqua, in sync with their explanation.

 For the sake of the audience who came to see me as an entertainer, and above all, for the sake of Emily-san who is by my side, let’s put on a show.

 ’Elise! Where are you, Elise!’

 The first line is from Elise’s mother, Matilda. Emily, you’re doing great. She said it was because she did a lot of things as a part-time job, but I think she could be a normal voice actor.

 ’What’s wrong, Mother?’

 Ngoooo! Emily-san’s voice was so good that I almost threw my head back. For example, it’s a mix of a cute princess voice like Kanon, a beautiful older sister voice like Mommy Mikuni, and Kuga Reira-san’s sharp and cool voice.

 Come to think of it, during the New Year’s party, she imitated Kanon’s voice and Kanon’s face turned red. Emily-san is really amazing. During the duet audition, judge Erika said that she had a seven-colored voice, but that’s true…


 Oh, while I was thinking about that, my turn came. I create the voice I had when I was Astel.

 ’Looks like you’re in trouble.’

 When I spoke up, the venue became lively. Astel has the most sparkling and refreshing prince-like voice I’ve ever heard, but since it’s still my voice, it’s pretty obvious.

 ’Do you need help, milady?’

 There was a big cheer and applause at my second line. Yeah, the audience’s reaction is not bad. Emily-san is doing well too, so it looks like we can get through this safely. The scene continues to progress rapidly.

 ’Ball parties like this are boring after all…’

 Upon hearing Elise’s lines, I gaze at Emily-san’s profile. I wonder if she finds today’s date boring? Fortunately, I’ve had some experience dating women a few times, so I think I can handle it, but I’m still anxious.

 ’Oops, do you have a prior engagement? Milady, if it’s alright with you, could I take a short break here too?’

 Whether she noticed my gaze or not, Emily-san turns her gaze towards me.

 ’Yes, please…’

 Emily-san is a really mysterious person. Sometimes I feel like I only know 1% about her. It’s hard to describe, but she has this mysterious aura.

 ’Even though it’s the night of the full moon, it’s hidden behind the clouds. Just like you.’

 Come to think of it, I recently noticed something. Hmm… Was it during the Valentine’s Day livestream? I can’t remember. Somehow, the word “ramen” popped into my head, but that’s probably because I’m still hungry. Emily-san and I are getting along well.

 ’Astel… I’ll be waiting for you.’

 By the way, I remember that all the pink roses switched to the version I performed at the cultural festival. I never thought that what I did at the festival would be adopted by the main group.

 ”Thank you!”

 ”You’re welcome.”

 Me and Emily managed to sneak out from the staff passage through the back door and exit the theater. Alright, looks like we’ll be able to continue this date after all. Oh, it’s already this late. When I checked the time, it was getting close to closing time.

 ”Oh! Aqua-sama, look at that!”

 ”Hmm? Oh, it’s the fourth stamp!”

 The fourth stamp was in front of the attraction facility.

 ”The next one will be the last. Anyone want to ride?”

 Hmm, there’s only one stamp left, but I’m not sure if we’ll find it. What should we do? I consult with Emily who is next to me.

 ”Since we’re already here, should we ride it? Or should we look for the fifth stamp?”

 ”We still have the way back, so let’s ride it since we’re already here.”


 Me and Emily enter the attraction facility. It looks like a mild roller coaster that even children can ride, I guess? Me and Emily board the vehicle modeled after a ship.

 ”It’s dangerous, so get closer, please!”

 ”Hey, wait…”

 ”Yes, yes, it’s dangerous, so please snuggle up to the person next to you!”

 Whoa! I don’t know what’s going on, but I got pushed by the staff at the attraction, and Emily-san’s chest was pressed against my arm. Nice, big sister! Thank you, thank you! Shima Stars Village, Kuretsu Mingo-chan, the staff, I was grateful to everyone.

 By the way, the staff member from earlier sounded like the person who was next to me when I got the second stamp. Maybe it’s just my imagination.

 ”Alright, let’s set off!”

 Oh! The small boat we’re on starts to move with a clunking sound. I see, it’s become an adventurous attraction.

 ”Wow, it’s the wild Kaede-paisen!”

 ”Look closely, it’s Emily-san! It’s a goblin, a goblin. Not Kaede!”

 Certainly, the comical movements somehow resemble Kaede, but it’s just my imagination, right? Hm? Now that I look closely, that ridiculously large enemy female executive… I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before. Hmm, I think I recognize those big breasts and big buttocks. Oh? Speaking of which, the announcement voice at closing time also somewhat resembled Kanon’s voice… Ah, but I should focus on the date with Emily-san rather than such things…



 By the way, didn’t it say to get a little wet? Emily-san, are you okay? Wha…!? Emily-san and I froze when our eyes met.


 ”D-Dripping wet…”

 Hmm? Did Emily-san just say something? By the way, I’m wearing a refreshing expression as I say that I didn’t say anything about breasts. Of course, while making such a face, my gaze is fixed on the slightly see-through bra showing through the inside of her coat.

 ”Thank you for your hard work!”

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 Phew, it feels like there were a lot of things, but in the end, only the matter of breasts remains in my memory.

 ”We will be closing soon. Please head in that direction to go home.”

 Oops, is it already that time? Thank you to the staff for working this late at night.

 ”Hahaha… hahahaha…”

 Emily-san’s smile seems strained. I wonder if she’s not good with attractions?

 ”Could it be, Emily-san, were you not good with it earlier?”

 ”N-No! It was totally fine!”

 I see, in that case, it’s fine…

 Hmm, but that guide earlier, was as small as Rin-chan. I worry when such a small child works until this late at night. Please go home soon.

 ’Everyone, we will be closing shortly. Thank you for visiting today!’

 Hmm. So, this voice, it’s Kanon’s… wait! I just got poked from behind with a signboard by someone. Huh? A mascot? Ah, could it be a character from Stars Village?

 [Hurry up!!]

 Whoa! What do you mean, “hurry up”!? Are you telling me to hurry up and go home!? Oh, another mascot showed up and knocked that person out with a karate chop.

 [Sorry, customers… this… cast is tired, so I’ll clean up right away]

 Oh, yeah. That’s right. Everyone wants to go home quickly. Sorry. I’ll leave right away.

 ”Thank you, everyone, for coming today!”

 Oh, Emily-san and I waved to the cast of the female captain who was pulling out from the parade. Huh? Just as our eyes met, she averted her eyes. Is it just my imagination? It kind of sounded like Ayana’s voice, but Ayana can’t have such huge breasts!! I can confidently declare this as a breasts enthusiast! Ayana having such a big chest, no, huge chest, is just not possible! It’s absolutely not possible!

 ”Please be careful not to forget or lose anything!”

 Alright. I greet the tall security guard and say ‘Good job on your work.’ Rinon-san is also quite tall, but there are occasionally women who are taller than me even without wearing heels.

 ”Is there anyone who hasn’t gotten the last stamp yet? The hint for the last stamp is 3510!”

 ”3510? What does that mean?”

 ”Oh, Aqua-sama, it’s a map. A map.”

 A map? I spread out the map as Emily-san told me. There’s no number 3510, but there’s a number 35 and 10. There must be something in between. Ah! It must be the general information near the entrance! Emily-san and I visit the general information in front of the entrance on our way back.

 ”Here is the 5th stamp.”

 ”Huh? Claire-san?”

 ”Yes, it’s me.”

 ”Huh? But…”

 ”I’m definitely Claire-san.”

 Hmm… From any angle, it’s definitely Claire-san, but they say there are three people who look alike in the world, so it wouldn’t make sense for Claire-san to be in a place like Shima Stars Village.

 ”This is the Stamp Rally’s headquarters. Congratulations!!”

 ”Ah, yes. Thank you very much.”

 ”Thank you…”

 Huh? Emily-san, you look really tired. Are you okay? Sorry, maybe I got too carried away and tired you out.

 ”Emily-san, thank you for going on a date with me today. I had a lot of fun.”

 ”Oh, um, thank you very much! I had a lot of fun too.”

 ”I’m sorry if I tired you out.”

 ”N-No, compared to Aqua-sama, I’m totally fine. Um, is Aqua-sama not tired?”

 Not at all! Ah, Emily-san is really kind. The fact that she’s concerned about me after my live performance almost made tears well up in my eyes.

 ”Hey Emily-san, let’s hang out and go on a date next time!”


 Now, I just need to go back, but do I go to that field over there? I head towards the location handed to me by Kotono. Then, there was a helicopter parked there.

 ”Huh? Kukuri-chan?”


 It seems like Kukuri-chan also had something to do and came here. Oh, I don’t know what job she has, but when I said thanks for the hard work, she was really happy.

 ”It’s great that I don’t have to worry about school tomorrow.”

 ”No, it’s nothing, I thought about arranging… No, it’s nothing.”

 Huh? Sorry, I couldn’t hear the first part because of the sound of the propeller, did you say something?

 ”It’s helpful that I can stay over and go back first thing in the morning.”


 Kukuri-chan!? Emily-san!? Are you both okay, hitting your heads on the helicopter’s window!?

 ”There, I had that trick up my sleeve!”

 Oh, Kukuri-chan? Sorry, I couldn’t hear anything because of the loud propeller noise. My apologies.

 ”Oh, spending the night with Aqua-sama, huh? Hehehe…”

 Ah, it seems Emily-san was tired, as she fainted with a happy expression. I gently put my outer garment on Emily-san’s body and she rests her head on my shoulder. Thank you so much for today.

 Kukuri-chan must have been tired too, as she falls asleep with her head on my knee. She deserve some rest too.

 I guess I was also tired from all the excitement, and I ended up falling asleep as well

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