Male Idol V12c42

Volume 12 Chapter 42 Shirogane Kotono, I Will Become Your Bride!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Today, on a weekday after BERYL’s nationwide live tour performance in Mie on February 23rd, Aqua-san and I are getting married.

 ”Nee-san, you look so beautiful!”

 ”Thank you, Kanon-san.”

 Blushing, I feel a bit embarrassed by Kanon-san’s sincere compliment. To be honest, I initially didn’t plan on having a wedding or wearing a wedding dress myself.

 ”Are you really okay with this? I want to see Kotono in a wedding dress… Plus, I bet Mom in heaven wants to see it too, right?”

 Aqua-san is such a cheat. If he says something like that, I can’t help but feel embarrassed and wear it. No, actually, I wanted to wear it and have a wedding, but I held back because I thought Aqua-san was too busy.

 Yet, Aqua-san saw through my true feelings and said he wants to see it. …The one who’s really cheating here isn’t Aqua-san, it’s me. Because I thought Aqua-san would say something like that, I obediently relied on those words.

 ”Ugh, ugh, ugh. I never thought I’d live to see the day when I could see Nee-san’s wedding dress before dying. That’ll be my parting gift from beyond the grave!”

 ”Wow, I’m really glad to be alive. Nee-san’s wedding dress might even bring good luck, so I better pray to it.”

 Emily-san… Kaede-san…

 Are you really so mad at me on this joyous wedding day? It’s fine by me, you know. Today, it’s just Aqua-san, the Verification Team, and me being selfish, so feel free to scold me without worrying about others watching.

 ”Geez, both Kaede-senpai and Emily-senpai rely too much on Nee-san. Sorry, Nee-san. They’re just saying they want your attention because they’re feeling a little lonely.”

 ”Hehe, I understand, Kanon-san. So I think I’ll give them some attention too.”

 I let my eyes sparkle and shift my gaze toward Kaede-san.

 ”Kaede-san. It’s not really a big deal if you make a mistake at work. But please be really careful not to get hurt due to carelessness. Kanon-san, Emily-san, Onidzuka-san, and Aqua-san, we’re all worried that you might get seriously hurt someday.”

 ”Ugh, Nee-san!”

 I embrace the rushing Kaede-san. There, there, it’s okay.

 ”Emily-san… could you just hurry up and get together with Aqua-san already?”


 ”I was so exhausted from your last date. And then… what’s the deal with that ending!? Despite having so many support staff, all of us, including me, completely forgot about the hotel!”

 ”Ugh, wait! Isn’t that not solely my responsibility…?”

 ”First of all, for someone like Aqua-san, just push your chest out a bit and he’ll be fine! Emily-san, like me, make good use of that unnecessarily large thing you’ve grown!!”

 ”Nee-san, stop! It’s true, but please keep quiet about Aqua’s love for breasts!! He thinks no one around him has noticed at all!!”

 Huh!? There’s no way women wouldn’t notice when he directs such a hot gaze towards their breasts!! Kanon-san tries to stop me from going out of control.

 Normally, men would discreetly avert their eyes when they see breasts, but when Aqua-san is running on the treadmill next to me, he keeps looking sideways and moving his head up and down in sync with the movement of my breasts!? How cute does he think he is, thinking he can get away with that!? Is Aqua-san trying to ignite my protective instincts and maternal instincts to the point where it’s too much to handle?

 ”Haa… haa… Kanon-san. You… must be going through a lot.”


 I gently embrace Kanon-san as well. Come on, Emily-san, instead of being all fidgety, why don’t you just come without holding back? Seriously, even though you usually have a thick-skinned attitude, you held back at this moment and ended up being the last one here.

 As a joke aside, there’s no one in this world who can rely on their appearance as much as you and Kanon-san, so there’s no man you can’t win over if you do it properly. Even if it’s the strongest Aqua-san who can rely on his appearance to win over anyone.

 ”Nee-san, I don’t want to get married yet.”

 ”Well, Kaede-san is going to get married before summer, right? I’ll wait for you.”

 The next wedding after mine will be Kaede-san’s. I heard that Hakuryuu-sensei is busy writing a new book to be published this spring, and is planning to have the wedding in July when that’s completed. Because of that, Kaede-san are considering announcing her marriage in April and having the ceremony around Golden Week.

 ”I’m happy that Nee-sa is becoming my sister. I was a little worried.”

 ”Kanon-san… It’s okay! I’ll be by your side from now on too!”

 I heard from Pegonia-san and Aqua-san that Kanon-san has been feeling anxious since she got pregnant. After all, Aqua-san is expecting his first child. The pressure must be immeasurable for an ordinary person. That’s why I thought that being by her side might help alleviate her anxiety.

 ”I can’t leave without you, Nee-san…”

 ”Yes, yes. I’ll wait for you properly. But please, do it as quickly as possible.”

 I stroke Emily-san’s head. And then the other two also stick out our heads and say, “Me too, me too.”

 Oh dear, at this rate, it seems like I’m a mother giving away her three daughters in marriage. Hehe, when I imagine it, it doesn’t seem so bad. But, today, it’s me who’s getting married, you know? Let me be spoiled occasionally, please.

 ”Kotono’s big breasts and big butt, I raised them… Guhehe”

 ”Hey, Emily-san!?”

 Come on, don’t grope my breasts and butt in the confusion! I wonder if Emily-san jokes around at times like this to distract from the loneliness. Well, there’s no helping it. Even if you make such an anxious face, at worst, I’ll convince Aqua-san with these breasts that I needlessly raised, right?

 ”Oops… Breasts”

 Huh? Did Emily-san say something? Huh? It wasn’t me? Oh, Aqua-san, what are you doing in a place like this?

 ”Gah, why am I wearing a tuxedo? I could have naturally mingled in like I did on our last date if I cross-dressed like that time!! Maybe I could also wear a wedding dress…”

 What’s wrong? Is it just my imagination that I feel like he’s thinking incredibly stupid things? Yeah, it’s my imagination. Let’s just say it’s my imagination.


 I slowly approach Aqua. Now, I’m wearing a princess-line wedding dress with a tiered skirt. If I’m only going to wear it once in my life, I want to wear a princess-like dress. To fulfill a childhood dream, I’ve also made up my mind. I know it doesn’t suit me, but I can’t help it because I like what I like.

 ”Kotono, you look beautiful. It suits you well.”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 I know it’s just flattery, but it still makes me happy to wear my favorite dress and hear someone I like say I look beautiful. Aqua-san gently puts his arm around my waist and whispers softly.

 ”Today, Kotono looks like a princess. So adorable.”


 Aqua-san’s words make my heart flutter. A bittersweet first love with the boy I longed for during my youth. Is this what it feels like? The middle school uniform that Emily-san gave Aqua-san as a present was a bit too much, but surprisingly, the high school uniform I tried on the other day still fits. Aqua-san shed tears when Kanon wore her middle school uniform, but I wonder if he would be happy to see me in my high school uniform.

 ”Shall we go then?”


 I take Aqua-san’s hand.

 ”Oh, we need to get ready too!”

 ”Come on, Emily-senpai, this is your only moment to be useful.”

 ”Gah! Only moment? Kanon, aren’t you getting worse at treating me badly!?”

 Hehe, everyone, don’t rush and stumble. Oh, Kaede-san, as soon as you say that!?


 Safe! Come on, be careful, wearing those high heels. I exchange a knowing look with Aqua-san and smirk.

 ”Ahem! I’ll open the door, so please come in after it’s open, Nee-san.”

 ”Got it. Thanks, Kaede-san.”

 Kaede-san opens the door to the venue. For today’s wedding, we’ve rented the venue and a nearby guest house, and we’ve arranged everything ourselves, so no one will disturb us or know about it. Therefore, my makeup, hair styling, dressing, and other support were taken care of by the maid staff, Pegonia-san, and others.

 ”Nee-san, leave the rest to me!”

 ”Yes. Thank you. Kanon-san.”

 In FPS games and MMORPGs, I feel really relieved having Kanon-san, who I entrusted my back to, hold the train of my wedding dress.

 ”Are you ready?”


 When I give Pegonia-san a signal, the church doors open slowly. I quietly whisper a small thank you and nod back to Kaede-san, who opened the door for me. As the door fully opens, Kaede-san comes around behind me and joins as a veil girl.

 Mother (Kaa-san)….

 Looking at Aqua-san waiting in front of me, I grip the photo of mom tightly in my hand. There have been so many things since mom passed away. It was tough, it was painful, and I felt like giving up so many times. But still, because I wanted mom to live, I did my best to live.


 When I first met you, I was really surprised. I mean, who could have predicted that Shumi-san, who was so active on the internet, would be a real princess? But it’s because of you that you’ve paved the way to Aqua-san for all the women. You are a hero to all women. So please be proud. Everyone thinks you are the perfect wife for Aqua-san. And if anyone complains, don’t worry, I’ll take care of them all, Nee-san will handle it.


 I was also surprised by Emily-san. There was just too much of a contrast between your appearance and your actions. I often wonder why you do such outrageous things, but I think many people have been saved because of you. Ultimately, the Holy Aqua Religion you created has become an amazing organization that protects not only Aqua-san, but also everyone in BERYL, Beryl, Kanon-san, all the women related to Aqua-san, and even the entire country of Japan. You’re like a saint, but you have a quirky side. Haha. I’ll admit it now, but I’m a little excited by how the Holy Aqua Religion sounds like an evil organization.


 We drank a lot together in the Verification Team, didn’t we? I feel like we talked the most. When I first met you, you were a college student, and I was worried about whether this country would be okay when I heard that you were working for the national broadcaster… just kidding, of course. I believed that with your natural brightness and power, you would bring some fresh air to the stagnant national broadcaster. But in reality, not only did you create some fresh air, but you accidentally set off the detonation switch during a program, completely destroying the walls of the national broadcaster. Well, it was funny, and Onidzuka-san said it would save on air conditioning, so that’s a plus!

 Thank you.

 Because everyone in the Verification Team was there for me, I never felt lonely even when I was alone. I love you all. I love everyone just as much as Aqua-san, if not more. I’m taking one step, and then another, getting closer to Aqua-san.

 And, mom,

 I wonder if you’re listening to my story. So, you know what happened? It’s like a dream, but a real prince came to pick me up. He’s the coolest, kindest, and most wonderful husband in the world. Well, he likes breasts and has a slightly naughty side, but that just makes him even better, right?


 ”Kotono… Thank you for marrying me.”

 That’s my line, you know. Aqua-san, dressed in a white tuxedo, looked just like a real prince. We just gazed at each other.

 ”Cough cough! Um, sorry for interrupting your little world, but may we move on to the vows?”


 Hehe, sorry, Emily-san. Emily-san is playing the role of the sister who asks for the vows today.

 ”Groom, Shirogane Aqua”

 Ah… Emily-san, that’s amazing.

 Even though she’s supposed to be a saint, the holy atmosphere is incredible.

 It’s really just an atmosphere, but it’s amazing that she can push through with it.

 ”If the bride Kotono here is scary when she gets angry, even if she has a big chest and a big butt, even though she’s quite fond of cute things and very girly, even though she loves tokusatsu and robots, can you love her as a wife, as a lover, as a woman?”

 Emily-san, wait a minute! Not only Kanon-san and Kaede-san, but even Aqua-san burst out laughing at Emily-san’s question. Geez, this is what I’m talking about!

 ”If you say you can’t love her, then this wedding will be canceled immediately! I won’t give it to anyone who can’t accept our Nee-san!!”


 In response to Emily-san’s serious face, Aqua-san also responds with a serious expression.

 ”Yes! I swear that I love Kotono, everything about Kotono, so much!”

 Aqua-san, I knew it, but I love how you accept all my flaws. Emily-san, thank you for doing it for me too. Well, actually…no, quite, I was really happy. But remember, it’s not my fault if I get scary when I’m angry, okay?

 ”Bride, Shirogane Kotono”

 Shirogane Kotono, as soon as I hear that name, my spine tingles and my cheeks loosen up a little. I see, I’m going to marry Aqua-san. I’m happy that I can be with Aqua-san, even though I’ll use Kirika Kotono publicly after marriage to avoid confusion.

 ”Do you have the determination to always be by his side, supporting and carving out the future together, even when Aqua, the groom, tries something new, attempts something outrageous, or seems about to tire and stop?”

 Emily-san… You really are something, aren’t you? You just said some ordinary words of commitment, but no, if that’s the case, I should have asked someone else. It’s because it’s Emily-san that I feel so happy that you’re blessing us with your own words.

 ”Yes! I will support Aqua-san with all my heart too!”

 Just like Kanon-san!

 ”Alright! Then, as a symbol of your commitment, please exchange rings with each other!! Come on! Kaede-paisen!!”

 Kaede-san appears with the rings. Unlike engagement rings, the wedding rings are all simple ones chosen by Kanon-san, to keep them uniform. I heard it’s because otherwise Aqua-san’s fingers would feel crowded and pitiful.

 ”Kotono… take a good look at the diamond used in this ring.”

 Aqua-san gently puts the wedding ring on my finger and says that. What could it mean? Is it a rare diamond?

 ”That, it’s a memento from your mom.”


 What does it mean?

 ”The other day, when Emily-san helped to move, she found this…”

 Aqua-san takes out an envelope from her pocket. I take out a letter from the received envelope and gaze at its contents.

 ’To Koto-chan, who has grown up. Are you eating properly? Are you enjoying your days? Are you staying healthy? As long as you are doing well, I will be happy.’

 It’s mom’s handwriting…

 I slowly continue reading mom’s letter. Memories with mom overflow, and tears naturally fall down.

 ’Koto-chan, I might be interfering too much, but have you found a good person? If, in the future, there is someone you want to spend your life with, please use this gem.’

 When I look inside, there was a necklace. I look at it and then turn my gaze back to Aqua-san.

 ”I had two of them, but I used one to make this ring. I think Kotono should keep the other one as a memento. Mom would be happy too, I think.”

 I couldn’t stop my tears anymore. Mom, I didn’t know you left behind such a letter…! Hehe, come to think of it, my mom was quite casual, and it brings back nostalgic feelings. The reason I am so dependable is largely because of my mom.

 ”Kotono, are you feeling better?”


 Unusually, I cried so much that everyone gave me lots of pats on the back.

 When Aqua-san and I stood side by side again, Sister Emily-san, in her role, cleared her throat lightly.

 ”So, then, we ask the bride and groom for their vow kiss!”

 Emily-san excitedly repeated in a small voice. I thought, “Geez!” but thanks to Emily-san’s joke, both I and everyone else were able to smile without feeling awkward.



 Aqua-san gently kissed my lips.

 ”Kotono, be prepared because I will make you happy.”


 After receiving everyone’s applause and blessings, the five of us took many photos. We left the venue and headed to the guesthouse we had reserved. There, we enjoyed a meal with just the five of us. Along the way, Aqua-san kindly made a small wedding cake and created a special time for the four of us, which was really enjoyable.

 ”I love you, Kotono…”

 ”Aqua, I love you too.”

 On the night we were alone, Aqua and I embraced each other just as we were when we were born.

 ”Um… Aqua-san, could you do it inside today?”

 From the depths of my stomach, I felt a strong desire for this person’s baby.

 ”Mm, ah…”

 The passionate and intimate moment with a deep kiss, different from the wedding day. Aqua-san and I feeling each other’s taste and scent. It’s warm. Why does it make me feel so warm?


 Aqua-san, noticing how much I’m enjoying his c***lin*us, has made it a regular occurrence. Oh, how kind he is. Personally, I find Aqua-san’s slightly hesitant tongue movements quite charming when he’s excited.


 Aqua-san, who has inserted it into my v**ina, begins to slowly move his hips.



 As Aqua-san and I intertwine our fingers and hold each other’s hands, we exchange kisses repeatedly. Aqua-san’s piston movements become gradually faster and faster. Ah, I want to pregnant. I signal to Aqua-san that it’s okay, and prepare myself to accept it. Surely, it’s good to prepare one’s feelings to make a baby properly.


 Aqua-san’s precious seed was released deep inside me.

 ”Haa, haa… Aqua-san…”


 Aqua-san and I exchanged kisses once again. I was tired, so I fell asleep in Aqua-san’s arms.

 That day, I had a dream about mom after a long time. Even though it was a dream, I reported to mom that I’m happy now. Then, mom smiled and congratulated me.

 Thank you, mom.

 I will live for both you and me, and become truly happy!

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