Male Idol V12c43

Volume 12 Chapter 43 Shirogane Aqua, Biscuit Day

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 On February 28th, today is Biscuit Day. When I think of biscuits, it’s the snack that gave me the opportunity to enter the entertainment industry. So, as someone who regularly receives help from Morinaga, after school, I put a certain plan into action that I had been preparing for at Beryl’s headquarters building.

 ”Oh, Merry-san. Hey there!”

 Yay! Wearing Merry-san’s costume, I high-fived Aika-chan who was near the company’s entrance. Hehe. It seems like Aika-chan hasn’t realized that I’m the one inside Merry-san. Under Chacha-san’s guidance, fully utilizing my acting skills to completely become Merry-san, well, that’s about the gist of it.

 ”Hm? You’re giving me biscuits? Oh, today is Biscuit Day, huh. Thanks! I’ll eat them later with coffee, okay!!”

 What I handed to Aika-chan was a specially prepared biscuit for this day, secretly prepared with President Morinaga Megumi. With a focus on carefully selected organic ingredients, thorough hygiene management, and more effort than usual, this biscuit has a limited edition illustration of me and Merry-san engraved on it. After parting with Aika-chan, I headed towards the receptionist ladies as if being drawn in by them.

 ”Wow, Merry-san is so cute.”

 ”Hey, hey, can we have some biscuits too?”

 ”Huh? Can I give you a hug?”

 ”Hey, hey, why don’t you come to my house? Become part of my family?”

 Hehe, I almost found myself nodding at that last question without thinking. I’m surrounded by the beautiful and busty receptionists at the Beryl headquarters, and I can’t help but act all lovey-dovey around them. Today, I’m in a mascot costume, so I can make all the silly faces I want without getting caught. That means I’m going to be as lovey-dovey as I want today. Oh yeah!

 ”Huh? Where’s Merry-san?”

 Just as I thought that, I felt a strange presence and quietly hid behind something.

 ”Hum hum hum hum.”

 The moment I hid behind something, a famous actress walked by the reception humming a tune as if nothing had happened. Phew, that was close. I almost bumped into Wild Kohina Yukari-senpai. But seriously, isn’t she entering here too easily for someone who’s not from Beryl? Is our security system too lax or what!?

 ”Merry-san, what happened?”

 ”Were you scared of Kohina Yukari-san?”

 ”Don’t worry, Kohina Yukari-san is unexpectedly kind.”

 ”Hey. She gives me souvenirs and photos, she’s really kind, isn’t she?”

 Oh, I won’t be deceived! Saying that and leaving me defenseless, what kind of mischief are you trying to make with my innocent and pure self, you sheep barbecue!!

 ”Wow, Aqua-kun’s print biscuit.”

 ”Afterwards, let’s make some tea and all eat together.”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 ”Merry-san, thank you!”

 Just hearing that the beautiful big sisters were going to eat me, my body trembled for a moment. Fu… what happened with me was almost like opening a new door to life. Dangerous, dangerous.

 Separated from the big sisters who accepted me, I sneakily stick close to the wall like a ninja and cautiously make my way deeper and deeper into the darkness.

 ”Oh…? Merry-san, why are you here?”

 Suddenly, I noticed Kotono, who was in the midst of work, making a suspicious movement. Kotono quietly confirms her surroundings and whispers in my ear.

 ”Merry-san… Can I give you a tight hug?”

 Oh… come to think of it, Kotono really likes cute things. I guess no one’s around now, so no one’s watching. When I pat her on the chest, she nods slightly and says it’s okay.

 ”Yay! I love you, Merry-san!!”

 Ha, so cute.

 Kotono… it’s okay to hug me tightly with your chest like that anytime. You can even press me down with your butt if you want, I’ll accept everything, because I’m Shirogane Aqua!! I’ll keep company with Kotono until she’s satisfied, then I hand her a biscuit.

 ”Thank you, Merry-san! If possible, I’d like to give some to my friends who are here…”

 Hmm… I show Kotono that it’s okay, and she leads me to where everyone is.

 ”Ah! It’s Merry-san!”

 Kanon hugged me… or at least I tried to hug back, but the costume Merry-san was wearing had a protruding face, a huge body, and short arms that couldn’t reach! Darn it…

 But still, my beloved wife, so cute!! Here, let’s give Kanon some special biscuits!

 ”Wow! These are limited edition Aqua-print biscuits! And they’re from Nene-san!! Thank you, Merry-san!”

 Phew, I was a little worried when I was hugged, but it seems okay today.

 Last time when I wore the Kanekichi costume, I almost got caught by the smell, so today I’m using a different perfume specifically for odor prevention. It seems to have worked. I watch Kanon happily with a carefree expression.

 ”That’s good, Miss.”

 Here, Pegonia-san, have some biscuits too. Might as well give some to our maid girls.

 ”Hmm, Merry-san, you even know the exact number of our maids.”

 Oh no, I messed up!! Pegonia-san whispered, gently placing a finger on her lips. S-so, does this mean I owe her one? Alright, got it. This is a bonus, huh? Not money? Return it with offspring!? I-I see, if that’s the case, I won’t be stingy either!! I’ll do my beeeest!!”

 ”Merry-san, can I have some biscuits too!”

 Gyaaaaaah! Kaede, stop it! My spine’s gonna breakeeeeeeee! Kaede clung onto me and applied a headlock as if it were flowing. Perhaps it was divine punishment for having impure thoughts. Ah, my consciousness is fading….

 ”Kaede-senpai, if you do that, Merry-san’s inner person will…!”

 Haa haa, haa haa…! Thanks to Emily-san, I managed to hold onto my life somehow.

 ”Tehehe, just a little…”

 When Kaede gets hungry, she loses control over her powers. I offer biscuits as an offering to appease her. For now, eat this and calm down.

 ”Thank you so much, Merry-san!”

 I swiftly dodged Kaede’s assault at a speed I’d never achieved before. Phew, I’m glad I’ve been training regularly!


 ”Merry-san, you’re amazing!”

 ”Kaede-san is unstoppable!!”

 Kanon and Emily-san clapped their hands with pure admiration. Meanwhile, Kotono gave Kaede a talking-to as she was about to go on a rampage. I took out a new biscuit and handed it to Emily-san.

 ”Thank you. I actually didn’t have lunch…”

 ”Huh!? Why did that happen!?”

 My inner voice overlapped with Kanon’s. Why did this happen!?

 ”Well, I was going to the cafeteria to have lunch, but then I found a student who had lost something…”

 ”I see, I see”

 ”We found the lost item, but then there was an outsider who got lost inside the school”

 ”Mary’s campus is so big”

 ”I took that person to where the teachers were. And on my way back, I saw someone struggling to carry a big bag, so I helped”

 ”I see”

 ”Finally, when I made it to the cafeteria, there was only one portion left of the discounted lunch… I ended up giving it to another student who arrived at the same time, trying to act cool”


 ”There was no choice but to think about buying some bread, but it seemed there were various issues, and there weren’t enough people, so it was really tough, so I helped out”


 ”And then, perhaps because I was selling them, the bread sold out at an extraordinary speed. Not a single piece was left”


 ”So, when I got home, I thought I’d try eating some grass, so I picked some from the school”

 ”Why did it end up like that!”

 Kanon’s voice and my inner cry are perfectly in sync. After hearing Emily-san’s story, the five of us, Kanon, Kotono, Kaede, Pegonia-san, all hung our heads in despair.

 I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I headed to Beryl’s staff room.

 ”Wow, Merry-san is amazing!”

 I quickly shredded the remaining bean sprouts, bell peppers, carrots, onions, and bacon from the fridge.

 ”It smells really good.”

 Just by frying the bean sprouts coated in soy sauce, a savory smell of burnt soy sauce fills the air, making the homemade fried rice taste like it’s from a Chinese restaurant.

 ”I’m getting hungry too.”

 Finally, I add eggs and shake the Chinese Nabe pot to make the rice fluffy.

 ”Thank you. Thank you so much!”

 I serve each of the five of them a portion of Aqua’s special fried rice.

 Oh, Kanon, Kotono, and Pegonia-san have dinner, so I’ll give them smaller portions!

 ”Hmm? This taste…”

 Oops! I looked at Kanon, who had a puzzled expression and quickly ran away. Phew, that was close! As I walked around the office, I distributed biscuits to the employees, expressing my gratitude for their hard work. Along the way, I encountered the ladies from the Sales and Advertising Department.

 ”Oh, so you’re giving out these biscuits because it’s Biscuit Day?”

 ”Hey, hey. Can I take a picture of Merry-san with the biscuits?”

 Ah, in that case, I have a good idea! I held the biscuits in my hand and showed them the cut from that magazine we shot together. It’s not Shirogane Aqua, but it’s Merry-san.

 ”Kyaa! So cute!!”

 ”Hey, can I upload this photo to our social media?”

 I gave the ladies a thumbs up in response to their words. Along with that, I handed them a flyer that had information about Morinaga’s campaign, stating that biscuits are being distributed in various places today.

 ”OK! Let’s include this together!”

 ”Thank you, Merry-san~”

 Phew, I wonder if I was able to contribute a little to the hardworking sales and advertising department and Morinaga-san who supports me? After saying goodbye to the sisters in the sales and advertising department, I continue down the corridor.

 ”Oh, it’s Merry-san. Come over here.”

 Oh, this time it’s the product development department. It seems interesting.

 I am invited by the big sisters in the product development department and I visit the site where they are planning new products.

 ”Oh, is this the illustration by Nene-cho-san, who’s coming now? As expected of Morinaga-san, you understand.”

 ”Moreover, it’s a double bag, so you don’t have to tear the bag, and the slightly larger outer bag with the illustration serves as packaging. Isn’t that amazing?”

 ”I know. You can use it to store hair ties after eating.”

 ”That’s right. You can carry it around, and just this alone seems to be able to turn it into a goods item.”

 ”And the color of the background in the illustration is pink or light blue, so when you use it in your daily life later, it won’t clash. It’s really helpful.”

 ”Furthermore, by deliberately not putting illustrations on the back, you can stick stickers or something and further differentiate yourself from others. This is the beauty of design.”

 As expected from the product development department, their perspective is different. As soon as they received the biscuits, they started discussing this and that.

 I, who was completely ignored, rummaged through the cardboard box nearby, which was labeled as “in development.” I wonder if there’s something interesting in here? I randomly grabbed something and threw it outside the cardboard box.

 What is this? I found a stuffed toy of myself wearing an eggplant costume, and I tilted my head with a question mark floating above it.

 ”Oh, that’s it.”

 ”I made it in the late-night rush.”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 ”This and that, it really got extreme, right?”

 Huh? A three-dimensional plate? Wait! Isn’t it a little swollen only in my crotch area!?

 ”I remember President Atori getting really mad…”

 ”When Manager Kirika stormed in, I thought I was definitely done for.”

 ”Hey, come on. This is the last one, so you shouldn’t put it out here.”

 ”That’s right, that’s right. I have to hide it somewhere in the back before it gets collected.”

 Oof! I really wanted a plate that only swells in the chest area like this!! If Emily-san’s 3D chest plate is released, I have the preparation and budget to buy it all.

 ”Thanks for the biscuits, Merry-san!”

 ”Don’t follow a bad big sister, okay?”

 ”I saw Kohina-san earlier, so be careful not to get hit!”

 ”That person always comes to the product development department, saying who would buy such a stupid product.”

 ”But the products that person says ‘who would buy this’ always sell like crazy, you know.”

 ”In that sense, it’s helpful.”

 Leaving the product development department, I start walking toward the break room, which has become a hangout spot. At that moment, feeling a bad vibe, I enter a nearby room and peek through the gap to check the outside situation.

 ”Lapis-chan, like this!”

 ”Th-this way?”

 Huh? Kohina-senpai and Lapis, huh? What on earth are they doing? I eavesdrop a little through the slightly open door.

 ”Oh yeah. That’s what it feels like.”

 ”Oh, thank you so much, Kohina-senpai.”

 I see… It seems that Lapis is receiving some acting guidance from Kohina-senpai. Ugh! As her big brother, I want to tell that woman to quit, but as an actor and producer, there’s no one I trust more than her, so I’m feeling conflicted.

 ”Lapis-chan is such a good girl, unlike that stubborn one.”

 ”What, calling Nii-sama stubborn!?”

 Grumble grumble! I gritted my teeth as I watched Kohina-senpai and Lapis pass by.


 ”What’s wrong?”

 Huh? I didn’t notice because my field of vision was limited, but it seems there was already someone in the room. I turned around at the sound of the voice, and there lay a magnificent scene.

 ”Did you get lost, by any chance?”

 ”So cute.”

 ”Hehe, should I take you to the entrance?”

 Ohhhh! The girls from the Secretary Department, a paradise of beauties that Beryl boasts, are approaching me in their underwear and half-naked. Is this heaven? Wait, why is everyone naked? Ah… If there’s a locker, then this must be a changing room.

 ”Or maybe you can go home together to this big sister’s place.”

 I’m goingggg! I couldn’t help but raise my hand and shout. A beautiful 24-year-old with G-cup breasts, looking sexy, asking me to come to her house in her underwear? There’s no way any guy would refuse!! If there was a desk here, I might have smashed it in excitement.

 ”Hehe, raising your hand like that is cute.”

 ”You know, Merry-san kinda reminds me of Aqua-kun, he’s cute.”

 ”I know, right? If I unbutton one of Aqua-kun’s blouse buttons, he’ll definitely sneak a peek.”

 ”I was once wiping sweat with a wet tissue while wearing a sleeveless knit, and he was staring at me.”

 ”Huh? Is that true? If so, then maybe I’ll wear sleeveless all summer.”

 ”Isn’t that a bit too forward? I’m going to attack with that in the summer.”

 I’m a big ant, leaning towards the ant side!! Thank youuuuuu! With a heart full of gratitude, I hand out biscuits to the big sisters.

 ”Merry-san, thank you. Even if it’s not an accident, come again, okay?”

 ”Hehe, next time, you don’t have to wear the costume.”

 ”Shh! He thinks he hasn’t been found out, so don’t say anything!”

 ”Ahh, I should have just taken off my underwear while I was at it.”

 ”I totally won by taking off my bra, didn’t I?”

 ”Lucky you. I should have taken off mine too since I had the chance.”

 ”Or rather, pretending to not know anything and actually taking it home… that’s definitely not okay, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s definitely not okay. It’s fine if it’s consensual though.”

 Huh? Right now, I have a feeling that after I’m gone, there was a somewhat unsettling… no, a lovely conversation going on. Maybe it’s just my imagination. I wish I could be kept as a pet by such beautiful big sisters.

 In fact, I wouldn’t mind a little yandere vibe and maybe even a light kidnapping play!! While thinking about such things, I burst open the door to the break room.




 Hey! Everyone’s gathered.

 ”This texture, it’s like heaven…!”

 Tenga-senpai, you really like mascots and local characters, huh? I’ll definitely go and interact with them. I’ll let Tenga-senpai poke and prod me until he’s satisfied.

 ”Hey, can I just…”

 Shintaro timidly touches me. Sure, go ahead. You can touch me more if you want. I hug Shintaro tightly to express my usual gratitude.

 ”Wow! Limited edition biscuits!”

 ”Thank you, Merry-san!”

 I hand the biscuits to the two of them. Don’t forget there are some for Haruka-san and Kiyoko-san too!! Wait, where’s Toa?

 ”Aqua, what are you doing?”


 Huh? How did I get caught? I talk sneakily to Toa, trying not to get caught by Tenga-senpai and Shintaro. I avert my gaze from Toa as if to cover up, and start sweating nervously while looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

 ”What’s up?”

 ”You don’t look like Aqua doing her imitation.”


 I won’t give biscuits to a child who says such things! Seriously!

 ”Oh, limited edition biscuits, huh?”

 Oh no, the biscuits that I was keeping warm in my side pocket have been stolen by someone.

 ”But in return, I’ll keep it a secret from everyone. But, you mustn’t do anything bad.”

 I lift my head and naturally look up at the sky. There’s no way I could have been in the girls’ changing room just a moment ago…

 ”Oh really? Have you done something bad already?”

 How did you know I did?

 ”Aqua is the type who can’t lie, huh. Well, that’s one of his good points… Well, I guess it’s okay to do some naughty things since the other person probably doesn’t mind anyway.”

 And on top of that, he even found out that I had a lucky pervert moment!?

 I give him a biscuit bribe and ask him to let it slide. Leaving the break room, I visit Ako-san’s office.

 ”Oh, Merry-san.”

 Ako-san, with a tired look on her face, clung to me and let out a long sigh. I coddled Ako-san for a while and then urged her to sit in the chair.

 ”Oh… there… feels good! Ahh!”

 Huff, huff… huff, huff… Wait, why does this simple shoulder rub feel kind of naughty? I meticulously massaged Ako-san’s shoulder and brewed some coffee, handing her a biscuit.

 ”Mm, thank you, Merry-san.”

 No, thank you. Make sure to take a proper break too, Ako-san. I know it’s hypocritical coming from the one causing all the busyness, but pushing yourself too hard isn’t good. After making sure Ako-san gets some rest, I head out and make my way to the legal department where Shitori-onee-chan is.

 ”Oh, it’s Merry-san.”

 As I enter the legal department, my whole family is gathered there. Well, it’s okay for me to be married as a minor, but Lapis isn’t married as a minor, so we need our parents’ consent.

 ”Thank you for taking care of my son.”

 Wow, you’re such a serious mother (Mom). I also politely say thank you and hand over some cookies as a return greeting.

 ”Merry-san, can I give you a big hug?”

 Of course, Lapis! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that your brother is wearing a costume just for that reason!! I hug Lapis tightly on my own. Ah, you’re still as beautiful and cute as ever, like a doll.

 ”Hmm, I see. So that’s how it is.”

 Oh, huh? What’s wrong, Shitori-onee-chan? Can you please stop acting like you’ve noticed something!?

 ”Ah, Lapis is so nice.”

 She was just being a rare serious-mode mother a moment ago… Well, I can’t help it, so I let Mom feel Merry-san’s fabric too.

 ”Wow, these are limited edition cookies!”

 ”Aqua-chan and Merry-san are both so cute!”

 ”Oh, really, Morinaga-san, they’re doing something like this.”

 Well, it’s about time.

 I hand out the biscuits to the three of them and leave the legal affairs department, feeling a cold sweat under Shitori-onee-chan’s gaze. Alright, I’ve got a bad feeling about staying here any longer, and I don’t want to get tangled up with weird stuff, so I better head home quickly.

 ”Oh, Merry-san!”


 Why is Ayana here of all places!? Oh, could it be a work meeting? Could it be a collaboration with me!? Wow, I’m looking forward to it!

 ”Merry-san, over here.”

 Ayana looks around nervously, then grabs my hand and leads me into a narrow passage. Whoa, that gesture is just the epitome of adorable!!

 ”I’ve probably been told this so many times already, but… can I have a tight hug too?”

 Of course. Ayana!! Free hug for my Merry-san, it’s a given for a girl!! I take a deep breath and savor Ayana’s scent and warmth to the fullest.

 ”Limited edition biscuits? Wow, Nene-cho’s! Thank you!!”

 Ayana was so cute after giving her the biscuit that I couldn’t help but pat her on the head. Well, that’s good, that’s good. I started to feel better and started skipping along, handing out biscuits to people I passed. But then, my sky-high mood suddenly fell into the abyss.

 ”You don’t think you can escape from me, do you?”

 Eek! When I returned to the entrance, Kohina-senpai was waiting for me.

 Hey, why are you finding out!?

 ”Why am I finding out?”

 You can read my thoughts…?

 ”I’ll find out normally. For example, if you’re wearing girls’ clothes… you’re squirming.”

 I immediately covered Kohina-senpai’s mouth. No way. I almost died socially.

 ”Hey! I can’t breathe like this!!”

 Ouch! This actress bit my hand!!

 ”Hey, just give me the biscuits already.”

 Well, I guess I have no choice. Reluctantly, I hand the biscuits to Kohina-senpai.

 ”Why are you being so reluctant! Geez!!”

 Kohina-senpai takes the biscuits out of the bag and starts munching on them.

 ”Hey, you still have plenty of biscuits! Let’s go distribute them outside since I’m already here!!”

 Huh!? Seriously, this person… Well, it’s fine. But I have a bad feeling about this.

 Together with Kohina-senpai, I go outside the company and distribute biscuits near Tokyo Station. At first, it was fine, but for some reason, a lot of people started crowding around and Kohina-senpai and I got all tangled up.

 Damn it, if only this were a dream come true!!

 ”*Huff* *puff* I thought I was going to die…”

 ”That’s why I told you. I had a bad feeling…”

 I stumbled and carried the worn-out Kohina-senpai back to the Beryl headquarters. The next day, a photo of me carrying Kohina-senpai while wearing Merry-san’s costume spread on social media, causing Kohina-senpai to be involved in a mysterious controversy, claiming that she mistreated Merry-san. However, since that person is always causing controversies, I decided it was not a problem and quietly closed the social media screen.

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