Male Idol V12c46

Volume 12 Chapter 46 Kohina Yukari, What’s Suikappu (Watermelon Cup)?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Kohina-senpai, you’re out of the game, so just stay put.”


 When I called Aqua to help me pack for the move, he quickly deemed me out of the game. Apparently, according to Aqua, I wasn’t packing the boxes properly. But who cares! Plates can work as cushioning for clothes and prevent them from breaking!! Since there was no other choice, I lounged in the living room, only to be pushed around with a vacuum cleaner because I was in the way.

 ”Oh well, might as well do a live stream.”

 Come to think of it, the president had told me to do at least one live stream a month due to a contract with a streaming site. I started up my computer and launched the streaming software.

 [I’m here because I got a notification.]

 [Kohina Yukari, do more live streams.]

 [Are we raiding in Last Survivor again?]

 [↑If it’s that game, the Japanese team built a breakwater around the island and completely defeated everyone else. Since the other countries didn’t have territory, they could only respawn at sea and if they kept swimming, they would drown. If they made it to land, they’d be attacked by a swarm of bees. The U.S. military colonel said the Japanese are crazy, they don’t sleep, they’re always online, and it seems like a day in Japan lasts 72 hours because there are still people awake three days later. I was almost in tears, feeling sorry for them as they half cry and say, “This isn’t a game anymore.”]

 [↑When we were recruiting for the endless zombie attack, the commander said, “Starting today, everyone will quit their real jobs and leave university. Of course, those of you with high awareness have already submitted your resignation and withdrawal notices, right? Those who can’t quit their jobs or university should just go home,” and she said it with a serious face, which made us burst out laughing.]

 [↑The prime minister: “Y-yes, I quit! If possible, I want to be supported by Aqua-kun!!” and, of course, she apologized.]

 [↑What’s the point of quitting, LOL.]

 [The prime minister has a 100% chance of apologizing once a day, and sometimes she apologizes twice a day for different reasons.]

 [In a game where you can win by using brute force for everything, there’s no country that can beat Japan, LOL.]

 [Japan, here we go!]

 [Our country is really finished, LOL.]

 [Breaking news, our Japan is always in a state of ending and beginning.]

 [This is why the U.S. military colonel cries, because the Japanese always joke around so quickly!!]

 [The colonel-chan was so cute, she even made it to the trending rankings.]

 [The Japanese government is trying to officially present an award to that colonel, who became an internet sensation, Japan, you’re so wicked!]

 [I get it. It’s not the citizens who are joking around, it’s the government, in other words, the prime minister, who’s joking around, so that’s why we’re joking around too.]

 [↑Right, right! Let’s just go with that.]

 [As expected of Kohina Yukari-senpai’s live stream. The comments section is already off topic and in chaos, and it hasn’t even been a minute since the stream started, LMAO.]

 [↑Because Kohina Yukari doesn’t care about that kind of stuff.]

 [Well, look, just look at this face. Clearly, she doesn’t care at all.]

 Hmm, well, for now, I guess it’s better to play a game if we’re going to chat. I’ll ask the vague comment section people if they know any good games.

 [Beryl’s Otome Game!]

 [Isn’t this an otome game after all?]

 [RamenHagetoru: Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game]

 [Let’s play Driver’s fighting game]

 [Kohina Yukari’s fighting game looks interesting]

 [It’s a set until you get beaten up by elementary school kids and get really mad]

 [RamenHagetoru: Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game]

 [Sayamu Inko: Playing Beryl’s otome game]

 [You should play it yourself!!]

 [RamenHagetoru: Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game]

 [RamenHagetoru: Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game]

 [RamenHagetoru: Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game]

 [What’s wrong, Hagetoru? lol]

 [What game is that, Hagetoru?]

 [Once again, Hagetoru found some suspicious game]

 Hmm? There was this crappy game with a title that’s just awful.

 ”Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game?”

 Was it developed because Aqua-sama wanted to do it? Hmm… I mean, all the games he’s involved in are probably garbage, right? But well, it might be good for killing time. I choose to download the game and have it automatically installed.

 ”I’ll go get a drink real quick.”

 Saying that, I leave the room and head towards the living room.

 ”Oh, ohh…”

 Huh? What’s wrong? I approach Aqua, who’s frozen, and follow his gaze.

 Ah, he must be frozen because he saw the underwear I had in the laundry basket.

 ”Oh, you can use them if you want since they’re probably dirty anyway. And since you’ll be doing the laundry, you can even take them home if you want something. Oh, but in return, make sure to replace them with new ones if you take them!”


 Hmm? Is something wrong? Hey! Are you okay? Ah, no, it’s not working. He’s completely frozen. Alright, should I just leave him like this? I leave Aqua as it is and return to my room.

 ”Oh, it looks like it’s installed.”

 I start up the game.

 [Shirogane Aqua’s Watermelon Cup Game!]

 Wow. Somehow, I remember Useless Aqua’s face from earlier, and it looks even more foolish. What? At first, even with a small size, let’s stick them together and complete the dream watermelon cup? So, what exactly is this watermelon cup? The explanation is not enough! Hey. Maybe, just maybe, the person who came up with this game is an idiot? They’re an idiot, right? Definitely an idiot, right?

 [List of Sphere Sizes Charts]

 The lower you go, the bigger it gets. “?????” is a secret character. Enjoy after synthesizing!

 Shirogane Lapis: *Sniffles*… *Sniffles*… This is the first time I’ve ever experienced such humiliation.

 Hogekawa Gorilla: Hey! Don’t just downsize without permission!! I still have a C cup, you know!!

 Pakomachi Ayana: I’m sorry, Morikawa-san. But seriously, what kind of game is this!?

 President: Me? Huh? Aren’t there other people who fit better in this category?

 Sullen Princess: I… I’ve gone up to an E cup. Seriously, why are you making me say this!!

 ??????: Guhehe…! Right here in the center is where the focus is!

 ??????: Hey! I’m a beginner, you know?! Don’t drag me into this!!

 ??????: I’m H! When it comes to H, it’s me! Please give me your pure vote!!

 ??????: Huh, is it really okay for me to be here? Well, I’m just an ordinary person too…

 ??????: Sigh, there’s no helping it. I’m actually a P cup, but I’ll let it slide.

 ??????: Of course, I’m the strongest!!

 The last comment, what a dumbass. I mean, can anyone imagine who these people are? Are they okay?

 [LOL, what is this game?]

 [Hey, if you look closely, everyone’s name is slightly different LOL]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Huh?]

 [↑Hilarious LOL]

 [Sommelier: Who the hell is Gorilla?]

 [Oh, this is definitely an out-of-bounds kind of out LOL]

 [Ordering by breast size from the top LOL]

 [A Cup confirmed from the top!]

 [We found out some useless information about Morikawa’s C cups]

 [Wait, the princess is an E cup!?]

 [I cried at Sullen-san’s growth]

 [Pakomachi Ayana is no good, she’ll get angry LOL]

 [Pakomachi is calling Morikawa LOL]

 [Only Morikawa’s name got exposed LOL]

 [Don’t call President Atori like a joke!]

 [How did this game pass the review on gaming streaming sites LOL]

 [Definitely a game that will be deleted later LOL]

 [Download it now while you can LOL]

 [Finally, a game that seems stupid!]

 [Stupid games are a relief for us idiots]

 [Glad it’s our rating range game. This one]

 Hmm, I see. Well, the rules for this dropping game seem simple, so why not give it a try.

 ’Ponyan ponyan poyayayaa (Boing, boing)~’

 As soon as the game started, the ridiculously annoying music started playing, instantly getting on my nerves. I see, the person who made this game definitely has a talent for getting on people’s nerves. I dropped the first character into a weird-shaped container. Wait, is this a bra? What’s with a container shaped like a bra?

 ”Oh, it’s little Lapis-chan! So cute. Hey, I feel like I’ve seen this illustration somewhere.”

 What was it again?

 [No way, lol]

 [It’s Nene-cho’s illustration, LOL]

 [Hey, this must have cost a fortune, lol]

 [Unauthorized reproduction?]

 [Are they getting Nene-cho’s permission for this? Lol]

 [Raising the quality unnecessarily for a silly game, lol]

 [Lapis-chan’s face with a despairing expression made me laugh, lol]

 [This is cute, lol]


 [Shumi the Maiden: Buying]

 [↑Being swayed by the illustration, that’s hilarious, lol]

 [Shumi is so simple, lol]

 [Seriously, the shape of the container, lol]

 [This container is a bra, isn’t it, lol]

 Ah, was it Nene Nene-san? I feel like she was someone who got a lot of attention. I continued and dropped another Lapis-chan in the same place and stuck them together.

 ”Hey, ahahaha!”

 I pounded on the computer desk and laughed hysterically.

 [Hey LMAO]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Did Lapis-chan turn into a gorilla when you stuck her together?!]

 [Stop using a real gorilla for Morikawa’s image, lol]

 [And this gorilla has such a hilarious face, lol]

 [What about Nene-cho’s illustration?!]

 [Did you run out of energy just from sticking Lapis-chan together due to budget constraints?]

 [Damn, lol, that face is so annoyingly hilarious]

 [Sommelier: Uh uh uh uh]

 [↑Hey, stop it, lol]

 [Hey, isn’t that cheating?!]

 [The fact that you’re going to get a laugh instead of getting angry means that the company you’re entering is a comedy agency!!]

 [RamenHagetoru: Thiiis is a bug. Nene-cho’s illustration will be back in the next update]

 [↑Hey, you’re kidding, right, lol]

 [If you look closely, it says 0721Hagetoru on the developer’s end, lol]

 [Can they even make something like that, lol]

 [What’s with this unnecessarily high-spec aspect of Hagetoru, lol]

 I’m trying to hold back my laughter as I play the game. When I combine two gorillas, Ayana-chan pops up. So cute! But why is she making such a sloppy face?

 [I’m feeling like this]

 [Oh, I see. Is this Pakomachi’s face?]

 [Ah, it’s starting to get a little naughty atmosphere]

 [Tsuki to Suppon: Hey, wait!?]

 [↑LOL, that’s hilarious]

 [Ayana-chan is allowed to be angry LOL]

 [RamenHagetoru: So, was it better if it was Chinkomachi Ayana?]

 [↑You’re hilarious LOL]

 [You’re going too far with your jokes LOL]

 [Don’t worry, all us girls are waiting for Pakomachi Ayana]

 [↑ hat’s right]

 [I also want to be Paco Paco-ed by a boy!!]

 [I’m a 20-year-old JD with G-cup. Waiting for being pako-pako. I haven’t been broken by anyone yet!]

 I continue to progress in the game. But seriously, why is the shape of the bra’s container so annoying? Why isn’t it completely flat?

 ”Ah, it’s Akocchi.”

 Hehe, this vague-looking illustration is nice, isn’t it? It reminded me of Akocchi before becoming the president of Beryl, and it made me happy. I see, now I understand why I feel like spending money on this character’s illustration. If goods are released, I wouldn’t mind buying Akocchi and Ayana-chan only.

 ”Hmm? Is this Kanon-san?”

 When I take a closer look at the character that fell from above, it somehow resembles Kanon-san. But did she have such a perverted-looking face?

 [Shumi the Maiden: Gu, Gununu… But it’s good!]

 [↑Lost to Nene-cho’s cute illustration]

 Shumi can’t get angry, lol]

 [Hagetoru really understands Shumi]

 [To be honest, I feel happier now that my favorite has drawn an illustration for me, even though Shumi looks a bit sulky, but she’s cute, so it’s fine!]

 When I tried to continue the game, I heard Aqua’s voice from a distance.

 I wonder what’s wrong? Maybe he can’t mas***ing alone? Well, I guess there’s no help for it. Just wait a moment.

 ”Hmm? What? Is something wrong?”

 I got up from my seat, paused the game, and opened the door.




 [Oh, dropped a hint!]

 [Someone’s here!!]


 [↑It shouldn’t be because she was there just now.]

 [Probably the president of Beyond Production.]

 [President Atori?]

 [Which president is it!?]

 I opened the door and called out to the living room.

 ”Yeah yeah, did you say something?”

 I headed towards the laundry room where I heard the voice. What? Ugh… I dropped a towel on the floor, and accidentally knocked over the laundry basket while avoiding it.

 Well, I’m glad I didn’t get hurt. Sorry about that. I picked up my underwear from the laundry basket and checked the crotch area. Good job, he used it properly. Well done.

 But, his seed is valuable, right? So from now on, please use a milking device for the finish as much as possible. Also, I prefer cute ones with lace, frills, and ribbons rather than leopard prints. Well, I guess there’s no help for it. I’ll just buy underwear in this style from now on.

 ”Kohina-senpai, what do you want for lunch?”

 ”Hmm, I guess something with a junky vibe!”


 Every now and then, I crave stuff like hamburgers. In my student days, I didn’t really eat them much because I was always alone, but this time I had it with Akocchi, Aqua, and Ayana-chan, it was so delicious!

 ”Sorry, nothing here.”

 I return to my room and sit down to resume the game.

 [No way, no way, no way!]

 [You can’t say there’s nothing, right? LOL]

 [Who are you with? LOL]

 [Oh, this is cohabitation.]

 [Kohina Yukari getting married!?]

 [The Saint Girl News already published an article about actress Kohina Yukari’s suspected romance, I laughed when I saw it LOL]

 [↑The reporter who wrote that is probably watching this live feed LOL]

 [Did you marry President Atori!?]

 [Dang, this guy never looks at the comments section LOL]

 When I resumed the game and made a little progress, I ended up with two Kanon-sans. Ugh, if I could just combine them, I would get the next character, but this annoying gorilla got in the way and I can’t synthesize them.

 [That gorilla in the forest has such an irritating face lol]

 [You don’t have to change it to Nene-cho’s image anymore lol]

 [Damn, that forest gorilla is so annoying, LOL]

 [You know, it looks like a sphere, but it’s all messed up with the hairstyle and stuff]

 [Ayana-chan has a ribbon sticking out a little. If you hit it just right, it gets caught and stops, but it’s difficult if you miss and get bounced back]

 [And Lapis-chan’s sticking-out stray hair is pretty annoying, LOL]

 [On the other hand, the president and that sullen Kanon-sama are so smooth that they slip right away]

 [The person who made this game has a subtly mean personality, LOL]

 Oh, by the way, when I dropped a new one from above, by chance, a Kanon-san bounced off because of the weight and ended up sticking.


 Hey, isn’t that Emily-chan? Why is she making such a goofy face?

 [Yukishiro Emily-san is here!]

 [Hey hey hey, Emily-sama does make such goofy faces!!]

 [Oh no, that guy Hagetoru is dead.]

 [Emily-sama would never make a face like hers!!]

 [Huh? Is she slandering Emily-sama?]

 [Hagetoru, let’s distinguish between what’s okay and what’s not.]

 [I won’t forgive Hagetoru for teasing Emily-sama!!]

 [Breaking news, our Hagetoru has completely turned all of Emily-sama’s fans into enemies.]

 [Sommelier: Hagetoru is seriously hilarious, LMAO.]

 [↑You seem really happy, huh.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Sorry. I just laughed a little.]

 [↑Breaking news, Hagetoru is finally laughed at by Shumi.]

 [92: You reap what you sow. Please reflect on it.]

 [↑Even Nee-san is leaving her behind, LMAO]

 Well, whatever. Let’s just keep going. By chance, after that, Akocchi, Kanon-san, and then Akocchi again fell down, so I was able to easily make another Emily-chan. Oh, I see. It seems that they usually fall down until Kanon-san’s size, but anything bigger than that won’t combine.

 ”Stick together! …Alright!”

 Next is… wait, isn’t this Manager Kotono?

 [Nee-san is here!]

 [Nee-san is here, yayyyyy!]

 [Nee-san is G-cup, got it]

 [92: Huh?]

 [Nee-san got involved, lol]

 [The author knows that Nee-san is here]

 [What’s this? Is it Aqua-sama’s harem member?]

 [Oh, I see]

 [It’s getting bigger and bigger, lol. I won’t say what it is, but LOL]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Nee-san’s Nene-cho illustration is great!]

 [Sommelier: I remember this disdainful face of Nee-san!]

 [Let’s sell this as official goods of Beryl. I want it a bit, lol]

 Is this okay?

 Manger Kotono seems really kind despite her appearance, but she can be scary when she’s angry, you know? Well, it’s not like she’s going to do anything to me, so whatever. Anyway, let’s move on.


 I heard footsteps, so I took off my earphones.


 [There’s definitely someone here, right!?]

 [Cohabitation exposed!?]


 [Hey hey hey hey]

 [Scoop alert!]

 I paused the game and opened the door slightly.

 ”What’s up? Oh, it’s lunch time. Thanks!”

 I accepted lunch from Aqua and returned to my seat.


 [They brought something!!]

 [This is definitely someone here!]

 [Hey hey hey]

 [RamenHagetoru: Is this a jab at me eating grass for lunch?]

 [↑You LOL]

 [Hagetoru LOL]

 [Hagetoru, theory that she is eating grass because she paid Nene-cho a fee in this game]

 [↑I think I cried from that LOL]

 [Hagetoru you are really amazing LOL]

 I capture the meal I brought with my camera.

 ”How about this? Burger set.”

 It’s got potatoes and juice, and wow, he’s very attentive.

 [This isn’t the burger I know… is it!?]

 [Oh, this isn’t the one we ordered for delivery.]

 [It’s definitely homemade!!]

 [Looks damn delicious]

 [RamenHagetoru: I know the person who made this.]

 [↑What a coincidence. I had a feeling.]

 [Around this person, there’s only one who’s this good at cooking.]

 [Hey, doesn’t Shumi-san seem quiet?]

 Hmm! The tomato and lettuce are juicy! On top of that, this is my favorite sweet ketchup omelette with thick bacon, and they’ve managed to turn this junk food into something healthy, just like them.

 The juice is definitely 100% orange juice. And what about the potatoes? They feel different from the ones I know… not greasy at all. Oh, come to think of it, he said before that using rice oil instead of regular oil makes it refreshing and something like that.

 Hmm, I see.

 [That looks so damn delicious…]

 [The omelette is so fluffy!!]

 [Is this what they call “elite”?]

 [Where is this burger lace?]

 [Don’t mess around!!]

 [RamenHagetoru: While watching this video, I imagine the taste and chew on the grass. It doesn’t taste like grass though]

 [↑Hagetoru, sorry about earlier]

 [Hagetoru. It’s all good now. I forgive you]

 [I can’t complain to Hagetoru, who spent so much money on this game]

 [It’s hilarious how Emily-sama’s fans forgive everything due to Hagetoru’s hunger]

 [Let’s make Kohina Yukari the one to get flamed!]

 [↑It’s pointless because she’s on fire every day]

 [Kohina Yukari and Prime Minister Habu are on fire every day, so even if you burn firewood diligently, they’ll just be a nutrient]

 [↑LOL, that’s hilarious]

 Ahh, it was delicious, so delicious. Now then, shall we continue with the game? I’ll pick up some potato chips while resuming the game.

 ”Next up, this… Prime Minister Habu?”

 Wow, with the momentum of becoming Prime Minister Habu, a chain synthesis occurs and the container’s bra swings from side to side. Hey, that’s dangerous. Overflowing, overflowing! Oh my goodness! But with that flow, another Prime Minister Habu sticks together and becomes Kokucho Agewa-san.

 [Miracle has arrived!]

 [Could there also be Prime Minister Habu H? lol]

 [By the way, I remember being forced to apologize for saying something like “a naughty Habu as Prime Minister” before. That was too much joking around.]

 [There are quite a few Prime Minister Habu, huh]

 [I always thought Agewa was big, but I-cup!?]

 [I-cup is insane.]

 [Hearing about I-cup makes it even more likely that she is Aqua-sama’s lover.]

 [Well, everyone is big, huh.]

 [Is Hagetoru okay with this? Won’t she get killed or something?]

 [I heard there are still two more on top.]

 [Next is J-cup, and then K-cup, right?]

 [Wait, hold on. If you look closely, it’s Aa-sama dropping everyone from above lol.]

 [↑That’s true lol.]

 [Did everyone just notice that now? lol]

 [RamenHagetoru: Every time you synthesize something big, Aqua-sama’s face becomes very delighted.]

 [↑Hey, stop it LMAO.]

 [Hagetoru, you’re truly amazing lol.]

 Okay, since it’s a big deal, I’ll do my best to aim for the highest rank!! How many hours have passed since I took a deep breath? For now, I was able to get Pegonia, who is one step above, but I can’t get to the top one.

 Aqua’s face annoys me, the music annoys me, the bra unnecessarily jiggles, Aqua’s careless face annoys me, the breasts that popped out with a synthesized force overflow from the bra, Aqua’s delighted face annoys me, what is this, ughhhhh! I can’ t take it anymore!!

 [This is the limit]

 [It’s already evening!?]

 [↑That’s a lie!?]

 [My holiday is here!]

 [What is this game? Time melts in an instant]

 [Ah, I’m getting irritated by this popping music]

 [↑I understand]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Still doing it…]

 [The sommelier, Tsuki to Suppon, and Nee-san all went to work]

 [HakuryuuAiko: I was surprised when I saw the trend. What is this game!?]

 [↑Sensei is late!!]

 [When I tried to download this game, it was really heavy lol]

 [Congratulations on being number 1 in the trend ranking]

 [I’m also in the same situation]

 [This game costs 473 yen in tax]

 [↑What? Shumi!?]

 [Shumi for 473 yen TAX, this guy is really LOL]

 [I’m playing this game lol]

 [Seriously, less than one coin!?]

 [Are you making a profit lol?]

 [※From this 473 yen, the distribution site’s profit and credit card company’s fee will be taken.]


 I was almost there, why did the bra have to jiggle at that moment!

 And to top it off, this gorilla and Emily-chan keep squeezing between us girls!! And they look so happy when they squeeze in, it’s so annoying!!

 And president, get it together!! You’re rolling around for no reason!! If you’re the president, then act like one and be more dignified!! Ahhh! While all this was happening, Prime Minister Habu’s head flew off again!!

 [Hagetoru, you’re a genius as always lol]

 [The prime minister shaking on social media after seeing her own head fly, hilarious lol]

 [↑Both ruling and opposition party members are all starting a game because of that, lol]

 [What kind of game is this lol]

 [Aqu-tan is smiling every time the bra jiggles lol]

 [What on earth are we being shown lol]

 [Lapis-chan looks even more despairing when squeezed by the big ones, so cute!!]

 [↑Exactly lol]

 [Lapis-chan’s expression of despair when squeezed between Agewa-san and Pegonia-san was incredibly cute lol]

 [Hey, should we sell this plushie? Starting to want it lol]

 [This, the shape is like a bra and it jiggles, so the difficulty level is as devilish as a Beryl otome game lol]

 Alright! Alright!

 Finally, we’re all together with Pegonia-san, Agewa-san, and the Prime Minister. Now, if I throw Manager Kotono while sticking to the Prime Minister, I should be able to see the final form. But then, the president showed up!

 ”Why does it have to come at that timing?!”

 Wait, hold on. If I throw the president on the opposite side and then hit Kanon-san, Emily-chan, and Manager Kotono, there might be a chance. There is!!

 ”Go for it!”

 I gather my strength and drop the president. The fallen president collides with the other president, Kanon-san, Emily-chan, and Manager Kotono, evolving into Prime Minister Habu. Hooray!

 Now, the timing is to collide with the other Prime Minister, but a gorilla gets in the way and prevents me from sticking together.

 ”Why is there a gorilla there?!”

 I collapsed on the screen.

 [No, wait!]

 [It’s too early to give up!!]

 [It’s Lapis-chan!!]

 [The gorilla is moving!!]

 [It’s here!!]

 Oh, come to think of it, I was streaming. Remembering that I was streaming, I glanced at the comments and then returned my gaze to the game screen. Then, from above, Lapis-chan with a despairing face tumbled down while pushing the gorilla with her cowlick.


 I clasped my hands together as if praying. Go go go! That’s right. Lapis-chan, there. Do your best!! In the next moment, the gorilla, along with Lapis-chan on top, fell into the hollow below. Due to the recoil, Prime Minister Habu stuck, then Agewa-san, and finally Pegonia-san.


 I raised both hands and showed a victory pose. At that moment, the newly combined character blew everything away and it became GAME OVER?


 What’s this?

 Could it be, is this a crappy game!?

 Hey, even without looking closely, this is me!!

 [You’ve got to be kidding LOL]

 [She finally finished it and LOL]

 [Unexpected final form Kohina Yukari LOL]

 [Kohina Yukari-san has a K-cup too!?]

 [↑Because it’s K on KOHINA, shouldn’t it be K?]

 [RamenHagetoru: I thought Kohina-senpai would get angry if it’s not the best, so I took that into consideration]

 [↑Consideration LMAO]

 [Hagetoru, you’re amazing for being considerate!!]

 [Kohina Yukari’s face when it’s finished, Aqua-sama’s reaction is hilarious LOL]

 [↑I saw that moment too LOL]

 [As expected of Kohina Yukari, she blew everything away and finished LOL]

 [This, it’s a crappy game]

 [The crappy game of 2022 was Beryl’s otome game, and could this be the crappy game of 2023?]

 [↑Both of them seem like they could be entered as great games, it’s quite LOL]

 [Kohina Yukari’s K is K-cup, and it’s also the K of crappy game and the K of great game]

 [↑Who asked you to say something clever LOL]

 [Sigh, let’s disband, let’s disband]


 I closed the game silently. I won’t play this game again. Sigh, I feel like I wasted a whole day.

 [Hey, you forgot to end the stream!]

 [The guy who thinks closing the game means closing the stream.]

 [That’s so relatable.]

 [You’re not going to start mas***ting afterwards, right?]

 [I want to see that!]

 [Hmm? I hear footsteps again!]

 [Everyone, shh!]

 The door to my room slowly opens.

 ”Kohina-senpai, what are you doing…? I’m already done here.”

 ”It’s not ‘what are you doing’! I was playing so as not to disturb you!!”

 ”Oh, by the way, you haven’t cleaned up the dishes you ate at noon. I told you to put them in the sink after you finish eating.”

 ”Oh, right, I think you mentioned something like that.”

 Sorry, sorry. I completely forgot because I got too absorbed in the game.

 I apologize to Aqua like usual.

 [Aqua-sama, huh!?]

 [Hey, hey, hey, hey!]

 [So, the meal from earlier was like that, huh?]

 [Yeah, social media is dead! Now, the weakest social media of the Four Heavenly Kings silently crashed the server!!]

 [Breaking news from the Saint Girl Newspaper, lol.]

 [Huh? Kohina Yukari is living together with Aqu-tan?]

 [RamenHagetoru: Shumi got dumped?]

 [↑Shumi the Maiden: That’s definitely not true!!]

 [Huh!? Shumi-san got dumped?]

 [Hagetoru says weird things, lol.]

 [I’m so jealous that Aqua-sama comes to her house and makes lunch!!]

 [That’s so nice.]

 [Personally, I understand.]

 [Aqua-kun’s commuting husband is like a naughty manga!!]

 [↑That’s right!!]

 [Um, um, is there also a naughty service from Aa-sama!?]

 Hmm? Aqua, what are you doing looking at my computer?

 ”Oh? Is Kohina-senpai streaming by any chance?”

 ”Yeah, until a moment ago. But now I’m offline, so you can relax.”

 ”No, no, no. The comment section is still flowing!”

 ”Oh, really?”

 Tee… hee, I messed up! I tried acting cute out of character to cover it up, but it just made things worse.

 ”Good evening, Kohina-senpai’s listeners. This is Shirogane Aqua. Today, I came to help Kohina-senpai with her move.”

 Aqua waves at the camera with a cheerful face.

 [I see.]

 [Kohina Yukari doesn’t seem like she can handle the move alone.]

 [She probably just packed all the dishes, food, and clothes in boxes together.]

 [↑So true, lol.]

 [Is she finally moving out of that apartment? Lol.]

 [It’s good she’s moving, considering her address is already exposed.]

 [Finally changing addresses, I’m relieved.]

 [Kohina Yukari’s address and phone number seem to be public information or something.]

 [It’s scary that you can search Kohina Yukari’s address and it just comes up normally, LOL.]

 [↑If you ask the AI, “3510, where is Kohina-senpai’s address?” it will politely guide you to her room.]

 [But from now on, don’t expose your address!]

 [Aqua-kun, you’ve worked hard indeed.]

 [Aqua-sama, do your best!]

 [Shall we all go help Kohina Yukari with her move!?]

 [↑Even though we know her address, let’s not do that, LOL.]

 I was a bit careless. Facing the camera, I said “Well then, see you later,” and ended the livestream.

 ”My bad, huh?”

 ”Oh no, it happens to me sometimes too, it can’t be helped. It’s not like I did something guilty.”

 Well, that’s true. But you were doing something guilty with my used underwear.

 ”So, are you really going to do something guilty?”


 Seeing the surprised look on Useless Aqua’s face, I playfully laughed.

 ”Just kidding, just kidding. Well then, since we’re already here, let’s go out for a meal. I’ll treat you to your favorite today.”

 ”Oh… okay.”

 I turned back towards Aqua and put my index finger on my lower lip.

 ”Or maybe, should we do something guilty together?”


 Aqua approached me silently and slowly brought his face closer. Thinking that he was going to kiss me, I prepared myself for it. Seeing my expression, Aqua lightly poked my forehead with his index finger, as if saying “Gotcha.”

 ”We can’t possibly do that, right? Well, let’s go have dinner. It’s on Kohina-senpai.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I got it.”

 I chased after Aqua, who had already left the entrance, and jumped on his back. Since we’re at it, let’s invite Ayana-chan and Akocchi too and have a celebration before the move with everyone!

 So, you should invite Kanon-san, Kotono-sama, Morikawa-san, Lapis-chan, Pegonia-san, and even the Prime Minister and Agewa-san if you want. After all, it’s all on me.

 Oh, and one more thing, can you invite that woman who eats grass? I think everyone has something they want to say to her.

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