Male Idol V12c47

Volume 12 Chapter 47 Tsukimachi Ayana, Share House Shirogane

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 ”Haa haa, haa haa… Ayana, how’s this?”

 ”Hmm, no, not there, a little more to the right.”


 ”Ah, no… a bit more gently.”

 ”Ayana, I’m already at my limit… is it okay?”


 I nodded, and Aqua set down the heavy vanity he was holding.

 ”Sorry, Aqua. It must have been heavy, right?”

 ”It’s fine. I sometimes rearrange my room too.”

 Starting from today, I will be living together with Yukari-senpai and Ako-san. Aqua came to help with the move at Kohina-senpai’s request.


 Aqua, is something wrong? I turned my face in the same direction as Aqua’s gaze. And there, peeking out from the door, was Yukari-senpai.

 ”I came to see what indecent things you two were up to, but all you did was move the vanity? Ugh, what a waste of coming to see.”

 Meow, what are you saying!? I blush at Yukari-senpai’s words.

 ”No way, no way, there’s no way I would do that in the middle of moving!”

 ”Huh? But yesterday, under me…ugh, ugh, ugh!”

 Aqua panics and covers Kohina-senpai’s mouth with his hand.

 ”What are you doing!”

 ”What are you doing! Hey, that’s my line!! What are you trying to say in front of Ayana!?”

 ”It’s no big deal! Besides, move the bookshelf in my room too!!”

 ”Okay, okay, I understand.”

 I wonder what those two were talking about. Yukari-senpai takes Aqua by the hand and leads her to her room. Those two are really close, it’s enviable.

 ”Um, this goes here… and this one, what was inside again?”

 When I open the cardboard box, Aqua’s stuffed animal comes out. Ah, the big one goes on the futon, and the small one goes around the pillow…yes, everything is as usual.


 ”Yeees, what’s up?”

 I responded to Aqua’s call and came out of the room.

 ”Hey, isn’t this Ayana’s stuff?”

 ”Oh, you’re right.”

 It had “Ayana” written on the masking tape. I guess I made sure to write my name so I could easily identify my belongings.

 ”I accidentally left it in Ako-san’s room, but isn’t it mixed in with Kohina-senpai’s stuff over there? I went to the trouble of putting on the sticker, but that person is always so careless…”

 ”Umm, which one is it?”

 I went back to the room to check the cardboard box. Ah, this monster sticker… What’s this!?

 ”Oh, that’s it, that’s it.”

 ”Hehe, Aqua, what’s this?”

 ”It’s a sticker of Great Monster Yukari Gon. I asked Nene-san to make it for me. It seems like she had other work to do as well, but she kindly agreed to do it. Oh man, I feel bad for causing trouble during her busy time.”

 Nene-san, don’t you take on too many fun and colorful jobs, like the watermelon cup game? Well, I guess there’s no one who would refuse a job from Aqua.

 ”Are you okay? Won’t Yukari-senpai find out and get mad at you later?”

 ”I’m fine, I’m fine. If anything, she’s pretty thoughtful. She was so happy, saying she wanted something like this… Oh, while we’re at it, I’ll give one to Ayana too. I had them made in bulk as a joke along with the other designs.”

 Other designs…? The moment I saw the stickers handed to me by Aqua, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Hey, isn’t it unfair for Koguma-senpai and Konuki-senpai to do this! Oh, but Hinadori-senpai looks cute. Isn’t this the most uncharacteristic of Yukari-senpai?

 ”By the way, there’s one for Ayana too.”


 Oh… it’s me with cat ears! And I have a tail too, so it’s drawn in a cute, non-joke way, like Shiro-kun and Tama-chan! But why am I in a swimsuit? Isn’t there too much skin color? Is this your preference, Nene?

 ”Ako-san is here too!”

 ”Oh, that might get you in trouble for sure!”

 Wow! It’s Ako-san in an idol outfit with a two-dimensional style!! So cute!

 I bet the real Ako-san would never wear a pink frilly outfit like this.

 ”I’ve packed in all my wishes.”


 ”Oh, it’s nothing. Yeah, I just slipped out.”

 Oh, there’s also Aqua’s sticker! Wow, it’s Aqua in dog mode. Kanon-san would totally love this kind of stuff! So cute!

 ”I’m a butter dog.”


 ”Oh no, I slipped up again.”

 What’s a butter dog? If you ask, Aqua would probably try to play it off as something easy to understand. Come on, it’s okay to tell me without being embarrassed.

 ”Aqua-kun, help! This is heavy and won’t move!”

 ”Alright, alright. Wait for me, Ako-san. Your Shirogane Aqua will be right there.”

 Ah, he’s gone. Hehe, but this sticker…hehe, hehehe, it’s unfair for Koguma-senpai to have a salmon in her mouth. And this silly face of Konuki-senpai…pukuku. Ah, no. I can’t stop laughing, I can’t unpack. Seriously, Aqua and Nene-san don’t play with Kohina-senpai.

 ”Ah, come on. Let’s get serious.”

 I switch my mindset and resume unpacking. Thanks to my concentration, before I knew it, it was already noon.

 ”Oi! Ayana, are you there?”


 Ah, it’s Aqua. I respond to Aqua’s call and go outside the room again.

 ”Lunch is ready, come over here.”


 When I enter the living room, Ako-san and Kohina-senpai are already waiting with a pair of chopsticks in each hand. They look like kids waiting for their mom’s food!! I almost blurt out a comment.

 Ayana, this is a test. If I keep commenting on every little thing like this, life is going to be tough from now on. So endure it. I felt like I was being told to learn how to endure.

 ”Lunch~ Lunch~ It’s lunchtime~”

 ”Lunch! Lunch!”

 Are you a kid!! Oh, I couldn’t help but think that in my mind. Yukari-senpai might understand, but don’t let Ako-san get caught up and regress to childhood!! Ah, maybe I should join that side too.

 ”Yeah yeah. It’ll be ready soon, so please wait a bit and snack on this.”

 Aqua places a large plate on the table.


 Colorful bite-sized inari sushi! How cute! Huh, what’s this? What’s going on here?

 ”The brown ones are normal, but the green ones are matcha flavored, the light ones are shiso flavored, the black ones are black sesame flavored, the yellow ones are yuzu flavored for the darker ones and ginger flavored for the lighter ones, and the red ones are lightly flavored plum and heavily flavored ichimi.”

 It’s so amazing that I can’t say anything. I tried a normal one, and it was incredibly sweet and juicy. The broth has soaked in well, and the balance of the vinegar in the sushi rice is perfect.

 ”Sweet, savory, and delicious. This makes me crave a little beer. And the ginger flavor is irresistible, too.”

 ”Akocchi, you like that kind of thing, don’t you? I prefer the sweet matcha and black sesame flavors.”

 Oh no, if you two keep snacking like that, you won’t be able to eat the soba noodles!

 ”Yeah, yeah, it’s the moving soba from Soba Shop Aqua.”

 Wow, there are two large tempura prawns on top, and the kamaboko (fish cake) makes me a little happy. Plus, the aroma of the broth, fresh scallions, and soba. Oh, and some shichimi (seven spice) if you like. Got it.

 ”Well then, shall we eat? Itadakimasu!”


 Oh, come to think of it, I was so hungry that I forgot to say ‘Itadakimasu’ earlier… I feel a little embarrassed when I realize that. I hope they don’t think I’m just a glutton, right?

 When I look closely, Ako-san next to me also looks a little embarrassed, so I think she feels the same way as me. In contrast, Yukari-senpai is as usual. Not only that, she’s even taken one of the tempura prawns from Aqua’s soba. Yukari-senpai… saying “It can’t be helped, right, Aqua?” with a laugh, but if that got exposed on the internet, it would definitely cause a stir.

 ”Wow, you could open a soba restaurant with this!”

 Yeah, this isn’t store-bought, is it? Maybe it’s ground from flour…

 It’s not like I can’t cook, but Aqua’s just exceptional, you know.

 ”””Thanks for the meal!!”””

 Ah, that was delicious! Oops, I might have eaten too much. If it’s forgiven, I feel like lazing around like this forever.

 ”Come to think of it, isn’t the electronics store coming today?”

 ”Oh, yeah. So, I ended up buying a big TV and stuff. By the way, Aqua chose the washing machine and fridge. We’re gonna use them anyway.”

 ”I never thought I’d be dragged along for home appliance shopping…”

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m really sorry…”

 Yeah, I’m really sorry. As we all relax and have tea, the intercom rings.

 Alright, no need to press it that many times, I noticed! Since Aqua was doing the dishes, I go instead.

 ”Hey there, it’s Josei Denki. I’m here to deliver your package.”


 I slowly open the front door. And there stood someone I recognized.

 ”Huh? Emily-san!?”

 ”Hehe, long time no see.”

 Well, yeah, that’s true…but why are you dressed as a delivery person? Huh? Another part-time job? Maybe Beryl doesn’t pay well… No, that can’t be true for Ako-san.



 Ako-san and Aqua were surprised, just like me. Yeah, yeah, everyone would be surprised by that.

 ”H-hey, we’re short-handed today, so I’m helping out for just today.”

 Oh, I see.

 Upon hearing that, Aqua was impressed by Emily-san’s kindness.

 ”What are you really up to?”

 ”Well, actually, I didn’t have enough money to pay Nene-cho-san, so I’m doing a temporary job.”

 ”You’re such a fool, aren’t you? Just like the useless Aqua over there.”

 ”Huh, are you saying me and Aqua-sama are the same? Does that mean we’re like one entity? Hehe…”

 ”Wow, you two really are alike in some ways.”

 I wonder what those two are talking about. Since the incident with Mikuni-sama, they seem to get along pretty well. But somehow, it looks like Yukari-senpai is taken aback. Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”Oh wow, it’s the real Ayana-chan.”

 ”Ah, Kohina Yukari-san is here.”

 ”N-no way, it’s the one and only Aqua-sama…”

 Ah, yeah. The other delivery staff members are showing surprised expressions.

 ”Alright, everyone, let’s calm down and focus on our work!”


 Huh? So Emily-san is just working for today? And yet she’s not in charge? Upon closer inspection, there was a card attached to her work uniform with the word “Leader” written inside a transparent pocket.

 Huh? Being a leader on her first day!? I wonder if this company is alright. It’s a bit, no, quite worrisome. I hope the company doesn’t suddenly disappear tomorrow or something. Well, it’s a pretty big company called Josei, so I guess that won’t happen. They recently got acquired and changed their name from Jousei to Josei, though.

 ”Well, it was cheap, you know. They had some championship celebration sale or something.”

 Championship celebration sale? Wasn’t Josei sponsor for Tatejimars? I think Tatejimars was third place last year though…

 ”Huh? Wasn’t Tatejimars the champion last year?”

 ”Well, we’re already doing this year’s championship sale now. We even did a championship celebration sale without batting an eye when they were in last place. Oh, is the TV okay here?”

 You’ve got to be kidding me… I didn’t even feel like questioning it anymore.

 ”Oh, can you get that?”

 ”Here you go, Emily-senpai!”

 ”I’ll make sure to put a support beam behind the wall storage so that we don’t make any holes in the wall.”

 Wait, isn’t it weird to call someone who just started working today “senpai”? When Emily-san climbed the ladder with a nail in her mouth, she started attaching the stand for securing the TV to the back of the wall storage using a power driver. She’s a pro! She’s been in the field for over 10 years!

 ”Emily-san is so cool.”

 Aqua watches Emily-san’s work with a sparkling expression.

 ”By the way, I’ll pass the cables through the back hole so they won’t be visible from the front.”

 ”Thank you.”

 Emily-san efficiently proceeds with her work.

 ”Oh, then these are the delivery note and warranty, so if you need anything else, please call me!! I won’t be here tomorrow though…haha”

 I can’t help but feel concerned. Can this company really be okay? I’m getting worried.

 ”Shall I start unpacking the rest?”


 I gather my determination and focus on unpacking the items in silence.


 Come to think of it, the box with underwear is missing. Is it mixed in with Yukari-senpai’s or Ako-san’s belongings? I leave the room to head towards their places.

 ”Wow, what’s this?!”

 Hm? I heard Aqua’s voice from the changing room. I quietly peeked inside since the door was open.


 Hey! Aqua is holding the underwear, and it’s mine!! Moreover, it’s the most childish one out of all that I have!! Instead of those striped cotton panties, if you’re going to choose, go for the mature frilly ones that I just bought next to them!

 ”Why is this here… Did it get mixed up by mistake?”

 Aqua looks down at the cardboard box where my underwear is stored. Hey, don’t stare at it like that!!

 ”Ugh, Ayana, who usually acts all tsundere, wearing such childish underwear!!”

 It’s, it’s fine. I, it’s not like I’m wearing childish ones or anything!

 ”And on top of that, most of her other underwear is cute, and the color scheme is mostly pastel, there’s no tight and bold underwear!! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this underwear has softened, right?”

 Aqua murmurs as he looks inside the cardboard box containing my underwear.

 ”I want to smell it…”

 Huh? Did he say something just now?

 ”If I’m going to do it, I want to spread them out one by one and smell the scent…!”

 Huh!? Stop doing such embarrassing things!!

 But… if you really want to smell it without permission, well, it’s fine, I guess…

 ”But it’s not allowed to smell the scent of someone else’s underwear without permission! If Ayana were my wife, I could check her underwear every day without worry!!”

 Aqua shows a very frustrated expression. Um, if you really want to smell it that badly, it’s okay, I guess? But you’ll only smell the scent of detergent or fabric softener, anyway…

 ”Even the color of the stains!”

 ”The color of the stains is not allowed!!”



 I blurted out without thinking. I avert my gaze from Aqua and fidget with my fingers, intertwining my fingertips behind my back of her.

 ”Just so you know, there are no stains.”


 It’s not a lie! It would be great if you could spread the word and confirm!!

 ”Oh, um… sorry. I never thought Ayana’s underwear would be in there…”

 ”Oh, yeah. It’s totally fine. Yeah.”

 Aqua closed the lid of the cardboard box and handed it to me. Feeling embarrassed, I took it and tried to go back to my room. But for some reason, I stopped right there.

 ”Um, by the way, I just wanted to ask for reference… Oh, which one did Aqua like?”

 Wow! Wow! What in the world am I even asking for!!

 ”Obviously, I liked all of them! But if I had to choose, I’d say the striped ones!!”

 Oh, really? I see… Maybe I should increase the variety of striped patterns.

 ”Oh, but, the bear underwear that was secretly tucked in the corner wasn’t bad either!”

 Why is that even exposed!! I secretly hid it in the corner!!



 ”Aqua, you dummy!”


 Blushing, I returned to the room, still holding the cardboard box by myself. Ah, yeah. What am I doing? At first, my emotions were all over the place, but after about 10 minutes, I became incredibly calm.

 ”Phew! Fruit milk after work is the best, isn’t it?”

 ”No, Kohina-senpai, you only helped a little at the end.”

 ”Oh, come on, it doesn’t matter! Instead, you can do cheerleading behind… nggh!”

 ”Alright, stop! That’s enough.”

 It’s nice. Kohina-senpai and Aqua are really close. I’ll need to secretly find out from Yukari-senpai what they were doing in cheerleading later…

 ”Alright, let’s have sushi today! Since I’m treating, feel free to order whatever you like!”


 ”Hehe, just seeing Aqua looking so happy made me think he’s so cute.

 ”Hey, Ayana, which one are you going for? Since it’s Kohina-senpai’s treat, let’s go all out and order something super expensive.”

 ”Okay, okay. Just wait a sec.”

 After that, we invited everyone and celebrated the move with two days of non-stop partying.

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