Male Idol V12c48

Volume 12 Chapter 48 Bulletin Board, The Secret To Beauty Is An Organic Wild Herb Sala

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

Bulletin Board, The secret to beauty is an organic wild herb salad
[Fukushima Prefecture] BERYL Nationwide Live Tour [Featuring Beryl?]
3 Anonymous
Is it true that today’s live performance has the full lineup of Beryl?
5 Anonymous
Yes, it’s true
There have been sightings of audition members traveling together on the train
7 Anonymous
By the way… Kanon-sama was there too
9 Anonymous
I remember hearing that today’s broadcast will be nationwide on Fuji TV, right?
11 Anonymous
Yes, that’s why Mikuni-sama was also there
13 Anonymous
Is she planning to use the co-starring rights she won at that auction here?
15 Anonymous
Come to think of it, that did happen
17 Anonymous
It’s a coincidence that they were together
Aqua-kun and the others rented a whole train car early in the morning to travel
These are the members I saw on the train to the best of my knowledge
•Kanon-sama, Mary-sama, Emily-sama, Announcer Morikawa, Hajime-kun, Nee-san, President Atori
•Hakuryuu-sensei, Moja-san, Nobu-san, Director Hongou, Ichise-sensei, Fujibayashi-san, Prime Minister Habu, Announcer Onidzuka
•Kohina Yukari, Mikuni-sama, Reira-sama, Kobayakawa-san, Abe-san, Awashima-san
•Mutsumiya-san, Ayafuji-san, Ichika-chan, Kamonohashi-san, Tsuwabuki-san
•eau de Cologne: Ayana-chan/Maron-chan/Fran-chan
•Fairies: Kato-san
Maruo and Kujaku: Yamada-kun/Kujaku-kun
•Milk Dipper: Lapis-chuwan/Subaru-tan/Kukuri-sama/Ha-sama/Fi-sama/Miyako-chan
•Kinetik STAR: Mio-sama/Karen-sama/Nino-san/Kouko-ojou-sama/Serika-san
•Natsuki-san, Hisui-chan, Setsuna-sama, Kotori-chan, Anko-san, Lazu-chan
20 Anonymous
This is informative
21 Anonymous
It’s too big of a crowd, lol
22 Anonymous
Well, that’s renting a whole car for you
24 Anonymous
Only Kohina Yukari’s name was written in full, you’re savage, lol
25 Anonymous
Isn’t this basically a school trip, lol
28 Anonymous
Am I the only one who wants them to livestream from the moment they start moving?
30 Anonymous
I understand
31 Anonymous
Seriously, right!
34 Anonymous
You can kinda get the situation from looking at social media
•From Hogekawa’s social media, about the issue of sitting next to a beautiful girl and a cute girl
[Link to image:]
The lineup of Emily-sama and Kanon-sama is too strong
By the way, what kind of salad is Emily-sama eating?
It feels like a natural flavor that seems like just wild plants. It must be some fancy sparkling organic ingredient
After all, I thought that beautiful people are really into vegetables
•From Kanon-sama’s social media, it’s a picture of Papa and the daughters
[Link to image:]
It’s just an adorable image of Aqua Papa playing with the mischievous Fi-sama on his lap and the affectionate Haa-sama
I couldn’t help but comment to Kanon-sama, who was taking the photo, that now she’s also in the picture and it’s become a family of four
•From Kanon-sama’s social media, an unexpected revelation of a hidden child!?
[Link to image:]
Upon seeing that, Subaru-chan gets involved in Aqua-kun’s daughter play along with Toa-chan
*Caution: May cause a heart palpitations effect. The fact that the three members of eau de Cologne are nervously watching from behind is also noteworthy
•From Nee-san’s public social media, the cutest idol group in history has made a explosive debut!?
[Link to image:]
Ayana-chan from eau de Cologne, Kato-san from Fairies, Lapis-chan from Milk Dipper, Toa-chan from BERYL, and the incredibly cute yet congested Kanon-sama, a precious group photo of these five
Additionally, in the second picture, Kohina Yukari is forcibly trying to join in. In the third picture, Aqua-kun is trying to stop it but also strangely trying to join the idol group. In the fourth picture, Tenga-senpai, who for some reason thinks he can join, has joined in, creating a very mysterious combination photo
•From Kohina Yukari’s social media, have you ever seen Tenga-kun not looking serious while playing Old Man?
[Link to image:]
A comparison image of Tenga-senpai with a very easy-to-understand expression while playing Old Man
•From Kohina Yukari’s social media, double glasses spotted!!
[Link to image:]
A rare photo of Kujaku-kun and Mayuzumi-kun side by side, who wear glasses in their private lives
•From Kohina Yukari’s social media, there were also double sunglasses!!
[Link to image:]
A photo of Aqua-kun and Tenga-senpai posing coolly with sunglasses to compete
Upon seeing that, Mayuzumi-kun chuckles, Kujaku-kun remains expressionless, and Toa-chan makes a face like “What a goofball.”
•From Kohina Yukari’s social media, “Let’s cause a commotion!”
[Link to image:]
Bad seniors from BERYL who are trying to play a prank on sleeping Yamada-kun and Hajime-kun
•From Kohina Yukari’s social media, “Four big fools.”
[Link to image:]
Announcer Morikawa, who made a sad face after the string broke when trying to warm up her bento, and Nee-san who burst into laughter upon seeing it
Aqua-kun, who earnestly stares at Emily-sama’s chest, and Toa-chan next to him giving a resentful look
Yamada-kun, who hastily woke up and put on his jacket inside out, and Hajime-kun, who mistakenly wore his backpack upside down
Prime Minister Habu, feeling down after being scolded by the national railway staff for being too excited at the station, and the bewildered faces of the general public
37 Anonymous
After all, the Verification Team is very capable
And could Kohina Yukari please stop posting the exact photos I want?
I almost ended up following her..
Oh, and I think the Prime Minister’s apology press conference is this evening
39 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, the person who usually tweets nonsense, suddenly becomes useful at times like this
And the Prime Minister is definitely no good without Agewa-san. Come back to the political world, Agewa-san!
41 Anonymous
Just give the camera to Kohina Yukari and let her keep taking pictures
She’s probably seeing a lot of scenery that we’ve never seen before
And hey, Prime Minister, will you finally realize that you’re the top of the country?
43 Anonymous
Aqua-kun posted a group photo of everyone on social media
It’s just like a regular school trip, LOL
45 Anonymous
Adults are way more fun than kids, it’s so hilarious lol
48 Anonymous
Yeah, I get it. Even at Prime Minister Habu’s age, hanging out with the boys feels like a miracle
50 Anonymous
That’s great. I want to go on a trip with everyone from BERYL too!!
52 Anonymous
Aqua-kun mentioned doing a dinner show before, and he said he wants to rent a train and go on a trip with all the fans next time. Maybe for 2 nights and 3 days
55 Anonymous
57 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Of course, at night, it’s a mixed-gender hot spring with everyone, and in the rooms, it’s a wild party event. I understand
59 Anonymous
If something like that were to be sold, it would start a war…
60 Anonymous
You’re still the same, huh
I bet you’re just eating meat in real life too!
You should learn from Emily-sama and eat some organic vegetables once in a while!!
62 Anonymous
It seems like the audition group has started full-fledged activities
I felt sorry for the ones who didn’t make it, but it was good to see that everyone passed
Fujibayashi-san and Miyako-chan ended up working behind the scenes, but they seem to be having fun based on their social media
It’s nice that while sis is getting busier and posting less frequently, the two of them are actively engaged
65 Anonymous
Fujibayashi-san is good at promoting, isn’t she?
It’s great for advertising, but personally, I prefer Nee-san’s fan-oriented vibe
I think Fujibayashi-san’s approach is more about making money and numbers
It’s nice to occasionally see Aqua-sama working seriously on Miyako-chan’s social media
68 Anonymous
I wonder what Maruo and Kujaku from the audition group, also Milk Dipper, are going to do
It’s a dilemma whether they’ll sell when they become popular or if they’ll still go through the usual process. It’s difficult because even if they have the talent, the timing to become popular might not come
71 Anonymous
Well, Yamada-kun aside, Kujaku-kun seems to be doing better than when Mayuzumi-kun first appeared, so I think he’ll be fine
Well, compared to girls, that is..
73 Anonymous
I think Milk Dipper will be fine because they have more talent than I expected
74 Anonymous
Milk Dipper consists of Toa-chan’s little sister, Aa-sama’s little sister, and three other distinguished individuals. There’s no way they won’t succeed
76 Anonymous
Even among the female audition group, Milk’s members stand out. It might be influenced by their background, but they have a fearless attitude
Right now, their movements are being posted on social media, and Miyako-chan behind the scenes is also frequently seen along with all six members of Milk
79 Anonymous
Isn’t the best example of that Lapis-chan and Laz-sama?
Even though they’re both sisters, Lapis-chan is more popular
You know, Lapis-chan appears on social media like Aqua-sama, Kanon-sama, Toa-chan, Emily-sama, Nee-san, Hogekawa, Kohina Yukari, Mikuni-sama, Ayana-chan, Kato-san, Prime Minister Habu, Tsuwabuki-san, and others, even outside of the audition group. But Laz-sama is socially awkward, so she only appears with Aqua-sama, Mikuni-sama, and Lapis-chan, who are family members
82 Anonymous
Hey, stop talking bad about Laz-sama
83 Anonymous
Look closely, you can see group photos and even glimpses of the back or part of the hood!!
86 Anonymous
It’s unexpectedly difficult because luck is also involved in these things, right?
Even the upcoming drama starring Mayuzumi-kun in April suddenly has Kanon-sama’s sister, Haa-sama, as the main cast
In terms of acting, someone like Natsuki-san seems to be better..
88 Anonymous
As a fan of Mayushin-kun, just imagining him being the protagonist among this cast makes my stomach ache
•Kuroki Shun: Mayuzumi Shintaro
•Makishima Keigo: Shirogane Aqua *Special appearance
•Carly: Hermie Stars Goshenite
•Nyan Nyan: Shirogane Shiro / Voice: Yukishiro Emily
•Takami Hisano: Mutsumiya Seijuu
•Hanasaku Misuzu: Awashima Chigiri
•Kobayashi Kanae: Miyata Rika
91 Anonymous
I get it lol
If Aqua-sama is really good at this, and if Haa-sama and Emily-sama are also good, then Mayuzumi-kun will be in despair, right?
93 Anonymous
Emily-sama is confirmed to be good at acting in the Valentine’s Day and White Day commercials
There are many voice actors, but both Mikuni-sama and Aqua-sama were good, so they’re probably skilled
95 Anonymous
Stop it, there’s still a month until the broadcast, don’t corner Mayuzumi-kun’s fans!!
97 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s acting in the recent Heaven’s Sword is good, so I’m not worried
Surprisingly, it’s the fans of Mayuzumi-kun who are getting nervous
100 Anonymous
Exactly. I think it’ll be fine based on what I’ve seen in Heaven’s Sword
Especially the recent chemistry with Tsukiko is amazing. I never thought I’d see a romantic scene with them as Driver
103 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword will be ending the 2nd ROUND in a few more episodes
The 3rd cour is scheduled to start in April
The acting is fine, but Tachibana-san and Tsukiko are giving off an unsettling vibe
105 Anonymous
Stop it
106 Anonymous
Hey, stop it
109 Anonymous
Don’t worry!
When you feel down watching Heaven’s Sword, watch Zandam to heal!
112 Anonymous
But that doesn’t heal me!!
114 Anonymous
Isn’t everyone in Zandam setting up death flags?!
116 Anonymous
Director X: ‘I always intend to kill everyone in Zandam. Because they’re at war. That’s what it means to wage war, my friend. Viewers need to understand that wartime lives are lighter than a bullet, a coin, or a piece of bread. So, I don’t even know if that character will die tomorrow or today. In the script, I’m saying it’s fine to kill Aqua-kun’s character right away, or even kill everyone from episode 1.’
Extracted from an interview in a certain magazine
118 Anonymous
This word has a true meaning. That’s why it can make the viewers excited
If it was that director, it wouldn’t be strange for the protagonist to die easily from a mob’s gunfire
119 Anonymous
Oh, please stop!
122 Anonymous
I live in Fukushima. It seems like everyone is splitting into several groups to visit tourist spots normally
They seem to be splitting into groups to go to Kitakata Ramen, Shirakawa Ramen, and Namie’s yakisoba
By the way, Aqua-kun is planning to go alone to eat negi (green onion) soba
124 Anonymous
Oh, Aqu-tan, huh? LOL
126 Anonymous
It seems that Aqua-sama, Lapis-chan, Mikuni-sama, Lazu-sama, and mom, also big sister, although not mentioned in >>17, are going to eat negi soba as a group of six
128 Anonymous
Isn’t family gathering great!!
129 Anonymous
Did Kohina Yukari read the room!?
131 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
132 Anonymous
Someone else thought the same thing as me and I burst out laughing!
134 Anonymous
By the way, the boys except for Aqua-kun went off with their manager
Looks like they’re going to that restaurant where you can see flamingos
136 Anonymous
No way, seriously? lol!
137 Anonymous
I thought there was no such place, but turns out it actually exists! Haha!
139 Anonymous
Emily-sama, Kohina Yukari, Morikawa, Kukuri-sama, and Prime Minister Habu’s mysterious group is about to go somewhere
However, Emily-sama seems to be unable to escape as she’s being held by the neck by Kohina Yukari
141 Anonymous
Emily-sama is done..
142 Anonymous
Huh? What about Ayana-chan? Maybe she ran away?
144 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is trying to go somewhere with Kanon-sama, Nee-san, and a group of maids. She said she wanted to eat something sweet
At first it seemed like they were split into 3 groups, but it seems like Aqu-tan decided to go out to eat green onion noodles by himself too early and that’s why they broke up
146 Anonymous
Sorry. I’m a fan of eau de Cologne
What happened to the two people other than Ayana-chan?
148 Anonymous
Fran-chan and Fii-chan were trying to go together, but since there were no adults around, Kato-san seemed to be going with them
Actually, leader Maron-san wanted to go with her, but Kato-san said she would take care of her instead, so she said she would go eat Ramen with the actresses
150 Anonymous
Kato Iria is quite a kind person. She’s like a power-type pretending to be cute
153 Anonymous
Power-type pretending to be cute, lol
154 Anonymous
There are also power-type announcers, you know
157 Anonymous
I analyzed the seating chart on the train based on social media
/ Seat divisions
– L : R
•Maid-san / Maid-san / Maid-san: Security personnel / Security personnel
•Finus / Aqua-sama / Hermie: Nekoyama Subaru / Toa-chan
•Jou Maron / Kurushima Fran / Kato Iria: Shirogane Lapis / Sabato Miyako
•President Atori / Tsukimachi Ayana / Kohina Yukari: Nobu-san / Moja-san
•Yukishiro Emily / Shirogane Kanon / Hogekawa Kaede: Announcer Onidzuka / Nee-san
•Pink-haired person / Vacant seat / Pegonia-san: Doctor? / Doctor?
•Natsuki Sana / Prime Minister Habu / Sumeragi Kukuri-sama: Inori Hisui / Ichise-sensei
•Awashima Chigiri / Kobayakawa Yuki / Kuga Reira: Mutsumiya Seijuu / Abe Akiko
•Yukishiro Mikuni / Shirogane Marin / Shirogane Shitori: Ayafuji Midori / Kanade Ichika
•Hakuryuu-sensei / Lady Mary / Director Hongou: Tsuwabuki-san / Kamonohashi-san
•Yamada Maruo / Akami Hajime / Tenga-senpai: Kokuchou Kujaku / Mayuzumi Shintaro
•Hoshikawa Mio / Kirihara Karen / Nanase Nino: Tsushima Kouko / Kayano Serika
•Uryuu Anko / Amamiya Kotori / Fujibayashi Misono: Tomoe Setsuna
—Baggage Area—
159 Anonymous
This is capable
160 Anonymous
They’re doing well from the Verification Team!!
162 Anonymous
163 Anonymous
They’re comedians, that’s why
165 Anonymous
Regarding the issue of Laz-sama being alone
There’s an empty seat next to Tomoe-san!!
167 Anonymous
I thought I could go there too, but Tomoe-san was lying down
Seems like she got motion sickness on the train
Probably ran out of places to sit and ended up alone behind..
170 Anonymous
One of the doctors is Miyamochi Tamamo-sensei
She’s Kanon-sama’s personal physician, as reported in tabloids and weekly magazines
The other one is the world-renowned doctor, Maria Lowry McLean-senei
I think both of them are accompanying her because she’s pregnant
172 Anonymous
That’s a good setup
When Kohina Yukari starts going out of control, Morikawa holds her back from behind, and when Morikawa seems like she’s about to go out of control, Announcer Onidzuka stops her. It’s an ironclad formation
174 Anonymous
175 Anonymous
The structure is complete with Kato Iria and Morikawa, who have power, cushioning Kohina Yukari from the front and back, and stopping her with all their might
177 Anonymous
When I was looking at social media, I noticed that Aqu-tan was sitting next to Fii-sama and Haa-sama
He was strict during the audition, but he’s being a good big brother
179 Anonymous
I wonder who the person with pink hair is?
181 Anonymous
I was curious about that too!
183 Anonymous
Isn’t that the person who used to be Emperor Sport’s s*men extractor for Aa-sama?
I saw her at the station, and she was wearing matching rings, so she’s probably secretly married to Aa-sama
185 Anonymous
186 Anonymous
187 Anonymous
189 Anonymous
Wow, a big news just came out of nowhere!
191 Anonymous
How can someone become a wife from being a s*men extractor?
Even just becoming Aqua-sama’s assistant is already a miracle, but to become Aqua-sama’s wife from there, it’s like a plot from a shoujo manga, right?
If that were the case, it would be unrealistic and cause a controversy like Hakuryuu-sensei
194 Anonymous
Now, I wonder how many wives Aqua-sama has?
196 Anonymous
Only Kanon-sama, Nee-san, and that person are wearing the same wedding ring
Hakuryuu-sensei and Morikawa are also wearing rings, so it feels like it’s about time
199 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is great!!
201 Anonymous
As expected of Aa-sama
As fast as Kenzaki
203 Anonymous
If he is marrying Morikawa-san, is there a chance for a regular person like me?
205 Anonymous
Don’t underestimate Morikawa Kaede. She’s cute, slender, and beautiful when you see her in person
If you compare her to Kanon-sama or Emily-sama who are standing next to her, then we’re all chimpanzee level
208 Anonymous
Exactly. When you go to the studio recording, you realize that her face is actually small, and you’ve been deceived by preconceptions
211 Anonymous
When I was having dinner, Aqua-sama showed up
213 Anonymous
Lucky you!
214 Anonymous
216 Anonymous
I got surprised and almost choked, but someone checked if I was okay..
218 Anonymous
That’s great, right!!
220 Anonymous
Lucky you. Seems like it’s fun over there
223 Anonymous
I didn’t expect them to come this much, and everyone’s just wandering around normally, so I got surprised
225 Anonymous
It’s like a sightseeing trip
Just seeing Kanon-sama and Mikuni-sama walking around in my town is already surprising
228 Anonymous
I get it. Even encountering Kohina Yukari or Morikawa was simply delightful
231 Anonymous
Everyone is wandering around hoping to encounter someone, lol
234 Anonymous
That can’t be helped
237 Anonymous
Aqua-sama has started a meal livestream!!
238 Anonymous
Aqu-tan will only stream for 10 minutes!!
240 Anonymous
Hurry, hurry!
241 Anonymous
It’s a festival, a festival!!!
243 Anonymous
And suddenly, everyone disappeared..
244 Anonymous
That happens, lol
247 Anonymous
So, everyone is going to perform in today’s live, right?
249 Anonymous
Except for the staff and the prime minister, probably
251 Anonymous
How much money are they spending…
253 Anonymous
Wasn’t the setlist completely different in Chiba and Mie?
255 Anonymous
Yes! Maybe it will be completely different this time
257 Anonymous
I have a feeling that this time the actors/actress will also be there, and they’ll be doing something
260 Anonymous
According to Tsuwabuki-san’s social media, he mentioned that he will be there a little bit, but it will mostly be like a trip
He wrote that he is looking forward to enjoying the live with everyone
262 Anonymous
Ayafuji-san also wrote something similar
266 Anonymous
I’m really grateful that it will be broadcasted on national TV this time. Thank you, Fuji
269 Anonymous
By the way, there is also a paid premium streaming on video streaming sites
272 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
•Terrestrial TV / Fuji TV: Free broadcast
•Online streaming / Various video sites: Free or 980 yen. With 980 yen, you can get high-quality and limited edition stamps as bonuses
•Online streaming / Beryl Official Streaming: We offer various plans ranging from 3000 yen to 50000 yen
Details are as follows:
-3000 yen: 24-hour unlimited viewing, with a lucky bag of exclusive live goods
-5000 yen: Set of 3000 yen + additional 48 hours, a total of 72 hours of unlimited viewing, with a choice of limited edition towel muffler
-8000 yen: Set of 5000 yen + additional 4 days, a total of 1 week of unlimited viewing, with a choice of limited edition live T-shirt
-10000 yen: Set of 8000 yen + unlimited rewatch, with an upgrade to the lucky bag and member designation
-20000 yen: Set of 10000 yen + live BD set with initial benefits, further upgrade of the lucky bag
-30000 yen: Set of 20000 yen + signed items used in the live, selection from other than BERYL
-50000 yen: Set of 20000 yen + signed items used in the live, selection from BERYL
Furthermore, all the revenue will be allocated to the preparation fund for disaster recovery and the funds for disaster prevention, with the full cooperation of the government, when support for disaster recovery is needed in various parts of Japan
The operating funds for the live event are split between Fuji and Beryl, and everyone else, except Beryl, actually participates as volunteers. Also, all the expenses for this sightseeing trip are covered by Aqua-san
By the way, Sayamu Inko-san and Hizume Sayaka-san will also be joining, so please look forward to it
274 Anonymous
Thank you for summarizing, Nee-san
275 Anonymous
Thank you, Nee-san
277 Anonymous
Inko and Sayaka-sama are also expressing their intention to participate one after another
Although the main focus is on BERYL, it seems that the guests this time will participate in various related events in the area
280 Anonymous
It’s nice to have a trip funded by Aqua-sama’s money
283 Anonymous
This trip is completely like an event, or rather, a fun concert
285 Anonymous
Aqua-kun said he was going to buy frozen tofu and radish yuzu rolls as souvenirs, so I might go to the shopping district or something
288 Anonymous
This isn’t the time to be surfing the internet. I’m leaving now!!
290 Anonymous
Unless you’re in a really close area, by the time you arrive everyone will probably have already gone to their accommodation
293 Anonymous
Don’t underestimate me!!
294 Anonymous
If I can smell the lingering scent, that’s fine!!
296 Anonymous
The residual scent…!
298 Anonymous
Sniff, sniff!
301 Anonymous
Too many Kunkakunker lol lol
303 Anonymous
As usual, there are only perverts here!!
306 Anonymous
I’m going to sleep in preparation for the live event
309 Anonymous
I’m getting myself in the best condition starting now too
312 Anonymous
Lucky you. I’ve got regular work. It’s a weekday after all..
314 Anonymous
It’s a weekday, but is everyone okay with school?
316 Anonymous
It’s likely because it’s recognized as an extracurricular activity due to being a volunteer
Besides, Otomezaki is a school that places importance on what you did and how you worked hard towards it
It’s tough at Otomezaki without a clear goal. Only students with clear goals end up passing
318 Anonymous
That’s true
For example, this one post by Aqua-kun, maybe it’s not out yet?
Anyway, this is Otomezaki students reflect on the first year and post their goals for the next year in March
When I eventually find myself in a position to communicate something to others in the entertainment industry, I would like to utilize my experiences in school, extracurricular activities, and academic studies to enhance my communication skills and relationships with others. In order to do so, I will make efforts to improve my ability to convey messages to others and listen actively
As for extracurricular activities, through idol activities, I hope to contribute to society and increase interactions between individuals, ultimately creating a happier society where everyone can find happiness
While it is true that people can hurt others, it is also true that people can save others. Personally, I have lost my memory and have been helped by many people throughout the past year to get to where I am now. During difficult, painful, and sad times, there was always someone by my side. During joyful moments and moments when I can smile, my family and friends who always shared those moments were beside me. Just as everyone has done for me, I want to become a strong person who can support others through my school life
So, everyone, thank you for your support this year! If I end up having to repeat a year, I’m really sorry, everyone!!
You will be able to advance to the next grade! I hope to see you again next year! ※Aqua-kun’s homeroom teacher
321 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, congrats on moving up a grade!
323 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is saying serious stuff!?
324 Anonymous
Is he okay? Need a breast massage?
327 Verification Team *07218KADO6
My breasts are available for him!
330 Anonymous
Back off!
331 Anonymous
Learn a little from Aa-sama, will you!!
333 Anonymous
When Aqua-kun starts saying serious stuff, everyone throws their breasts out and laughs, lol. Thanks for the info
>>318 Thank you
335 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, you’re actually doing a good job being a serious student
I think it’s a pretty good goal, honestly
337 Anonymous
I’m still in high school, but I genuinely respect that
It’s cool to see someone working hard with a clear goal, and even if you’re not a guy, I can totally support them!
340 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I think you’re more reliable than me, a college student!
341 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
You’re definitely more reliable than me, a working adult
344 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
345 Anonymous
I totally agree, LOL
348 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu, lol
350 Anonymous
From Prime Minister Habu’s social media
Isn’t she more reliable than me as a prime minister?
352 Anonymous
353 Anonymous
She should be more reliable!!
356 Anonymous
All jokes aside, I think she has had a lot of experience in school education
It’s important to have a school education that prepares you for when you enter society
With the taboo-free institutional reforms, they have been able to teach various things in school, such as how to pay taxes, about money, about life, and even about s*xual matters
The education reform that allows for a multi-perspective view and encourages individuals to think for themselves has been beneficial
359 Anonymous
That, the draft and the decision were all made by Prime Minister Habu, but it was Agewa-san from the opposition party who skillfully put it into shape
I really want Agewa-san to come back. The Prime Minister also seems a bit lonely without comrades
363 Anonymous
Here they come
The live hasn’t even started yet, you guys are too fast lol
365 Anonymous
Virgins are always impatient, it can’t be helped
366 Anonymous
It’s impossible to tell a virgin to wait
370 Anonymous
I’m going to sleep for a bit too. See you all at the next live!!
372 Anonymous
I’m going to sleep too!!
373 Anonymous
Let’s meet again at the live!!
[Safely Finished!] BERYL Nationwide Live Tour [Next stop is Hokkaido!!]
857 Anonymous
It was good this time too
859 Anonymous
The satisfaction is amazing
Every time, I think this time is the best
862 Anonymous
I understand!!
864 Anonymous
•Chiba Prefecture… I am satisfied with the many live performances and collaborations with the park
•Mie Prefecture… The dedication of songs to match the ceremonies was mystical and wonderful. The collaboration projects with everyone in traditional Japanese clothing and onmyoji were also good
•Fukushima Prefecture… It was fun that Beryl and their group appeared in various places for three days, and the city was lively
866 Anonymous
To summarize, this. Fukushima itself became very lively
When they carried the mikoshi into the sea with the boys from Beryl, I cried
869 Anonymous
That was great, right?
872 Verification Team *010meTA473
It was really exciting when everyone from eau de Cologne and BERYL sang together, and the collaboration of Aqua-sama, Ayana-chan, and Iria-san was really thrilling!
Even though it was just one song, I think it was great that they sang with Yamada-kun and Kokucho-kun, making it a group of six
Surprisingly, the back band of kinetik STAR has a high contribution, so it seems to be a big plus for future tours
Hoshikawa-san’s beautiful and clear voice is cool, and it surprisingly fits well as Aqua’s backing vocals!
Not only the live performances, but also the talks and the production using the cast members were really great
875 Anonymous
Oh, yeah. You must be tired too
877 anonymous
You’re still full of energy, huh?
878 anonymous
Personally, I thought Kanon-sama’s message and prayers were nice
I don’t think there’s anyone on this board who wasn’t moved by that
880 Anonymous
Yeah, exactly. The messages from the Prime Minister and Mary-sama were also good
883 anonymous
The mid-concert parent-child talk between Mikuni-sama and Aqua-sama was really good
885 Anonymous
During the talk, it started getting chaotic and Kohina Yukari barged in, it was hilarious lol
By the way, did Aqua-sama and Mikuni-sama really go eat Nabe just the two of them?
888 Anonymous
Yeah. Kohina Yukari took out her wallet on stage and said, “With this, you two should go have Nabe for lunch,” so we went to eat ankou Nabe lol
890 Anonymous
As a result, the next day, Kohina Yukari forgot her wallet and ended up with no money. She was blessed with an organic salad from Emily-sama and the two of them ate it on a bench in the park
893 Anonymous
895 Anonymous
Seriously, LOLOLOL
896 Anonymous
LOLOLOL, she’s eating grass too!
899 Anonymous
I think I’ll start eating organic salad from tomorrow, just like Emily-sama!
901 Anonymous
Me too!!
903 Anonymous
I wonder where Emily-sama gets her organic salad
It’s not store-bought, it’s definitely homemade
905 Anonymous
906 Anonymous
It may look like plain old grass growing around, but it’s definitely not
I think it’s the kind of vegetables sold in high-end supermarkets in the city center
909 Anonymous
I get it. It had a fancy vibe
But if we were to eat it, it would just be some random weed growing around LOL
912 Anonymous
The talk by the Heaven’s Sword team and the talk by the Zandam team were both good
Everyone said they were nervous every time they were handed a script, wondering if they were still alive LOL
915 Anonymous
Some director said, “No one knows if they will be alive tomorrow. I want the voice actors to act while realizing that they are always on the brink of death.”
918 Anonymous
Then why are they so full of murderous intent!
920 Anonymous
This director, seriously…
924 Anonymous
The collaboration live between V was also great
They used the latest technology and even though it was virtual, when they sang in front of me, I was really excited
If they did that normally, I would become a fan
926 Anonymous
Inko is a really good singer. Everyone makes fun of her because of her game streams, but her singing is seriously good!
929 Anonymous
The performance where she flew out in front of the audience and sang was amazing
I was whispered to, and it really made me feel excited and nervous
931 Anonymous
Aqua-sama said, “This Fukushima performance will be like a thrilling live show as if a child had overturned a toy box throughout the three days.”
It was really like that
933 Anonymous
Everyone on stage seemed to be having so much fun, it actually made me cry
935 Anonymous
I understand
937 Anonymous
I thought I’d feel lonely without Aqua-kun and the others from tomorrow, but I had so much fun these past three days that I’m already satisfied just with that
940 Anonymous
That’s it!
943 Anonymous
When they went there, everyone came by train, but what were they going to do on the way back?
946 Anonymous
It seems like they’re holding off on returning home, and anyone who wants to go home is welcome to do so
Of course, some people seem to be taking it easy and going home
Tsuwabuki-san and Kamonohashi-san are not students, so I was happy when they said they would stay one more night before heading home
948 Anonymous
Aqu-tan and his friends wanted to stay one more night, but they said they had 14 days to go so they had to go home
951 Anonymous
Is that so
953 Anonymous
The next White Day event?
956 Anonymous
After this, Morikawa will be doing power news from the national broadcaster station in Fukushima
958 Anonymous
Today, some irrelevant talk came up!
960 Anonymous
Everyone, be careful on your way home
Thank you so much!!
963 Anonymous
Thank you!!
965 Anonymous
The official broadcast also includes behind-the-scenes footage after the live ends!
967 Anonymous
968 Anonymous
971 Anonymous
As expected, Aqu-tan has the closing words after the live
974 Anonymous
After that, President Atori usually simply says “Thank you for your hard work,” and Nee-san reports only the necessary matters
977 Anonymous
Aa-sama is really passionate
Always working hard, truly impressive
979 Anonymous
I hope the ladies (wives) to be pampered as much as possible in their private lives
Even though there were many guests this time, ultimately it’s mainly about interactions with Aqua-sama, so he can’t take a break
It must have been quite tough for the guests to try to give Aqua-sama a break by inviting them. There seems to be room for improvement here for the next time
982 Anonymous
It feels like Beryl is also experimenting and trying different things
984 Anonymous
Aqua-sama had breaks during the time when Kohina Yukari was hosting and when Toa-chan and Kanon-sama were mainly having a girls’ talk, right?
And in the live performances, there were Tenga-senpai’s band songs, Mayuzumi-kun’s interludes, and also Toa-chan’s collaborations, and each of them had their own solo songs, I guess
987 Anonymous
After doing three performances, I feel like Toa-chan is the most promising and capable right from the start
If Aqua-sama is going to have this live tour for a year
989 Anonymous
I think so too
992 Anonymous
I hope everyone doesn’t push themselves too hard
994 Anonymous
997 Anonymous
I don’t want them to push theirselves too hard
It’s the first live tour, so it’s okay to take breaks when it gets tough
999 Anonymous
They could even invite the laid-back KY person. Limited to MC. It’s a bit… no, quite annoying, but LOL
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope Aqua-kun and the others can successfully finish the live tour!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hey everyone, great job with the live show!
Those attending the live and everyone from BERYL, take care on your way home!
As ladies says, the journey home is part of the excursion!!

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