Male Idol V12c49

Volume 12 Chapter 49 Isshiki Nagisa, White Day In My Class

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 March 14th, today is White Day.

 White Day is an event that follows Valentine’s Day, thought up by Aqua-san.

 It seems that those who received presents on Valentine’s Day have to give a return present on this day.

 ”Huh? Does that mean Aqua-kun is going to do something for us!?”

 ”No way!? Is it okay to have such a wonderful day as a reward to close out the year!?”

 The girls of Class 1A have been feeling excited ever since they found out about this wonderful event.

 Looking around, everyone seems to be putting a lot of effort into their hair and appearance today.

 In fact, except for some students, everyone from Class 1A has been at school for two hours already, and I heard that some even came to school on the first train.

 I wonder if the students who came on the first train are okay. Will they make it through the first period without falling asleep? Judging from their appearance, they definitely haven’t slept since yesterday, right? I’m worried that they might reach their limit after receiving their White Day presents and end up dropping out.

 ”By the way, why is it called ‘White’?”

 ”Is it because it’s white like Shirogane?”

 Well, that’s what everyone says on the surface, but there are quite a few people like my classmate Iku-chan, who say it’s called White Day because the color of s*men is white.

 Iku-chan, a member of the bulletin board community, said it with a serious face, and Hagetoru from the Verification Team confirmed it, so it must be true. But I wonder if that source is really reliable. Even within the Verification Team, there’s Nee-san in Beryl and Chin… Mmm?! If Kanon-san, Aqua-san’s wife, says it, then there might be some room for consideration, but it’s Hagetoru we’re talking about. I feel like their credibility as a source is the lowest.

 That Iku-chan was talking to Claire-san, who was nearby.

 ”Hey, hey. What do you think, Claire-san? I think there might be a chance if it’s Hagetoru…”

 ”Huh? I-I don’t know. Haha, I really don’t understand.”

 Huh? Did I hear that “click, click,” like someone pressing a button just now?

 Hmm… Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 ”Good morning!”


 ”Good morning”

 Oh, Aqua-san and the others are here!

 It’s definitely more lively when the three of them come to school together.

 Aqua-san stands in front of the class and smiles at us.

 ”Thanks for the Valentine’s gifts, everyone! If you’d like, we have something for you from the three of us.”

 They each give a present and words of thanks to everyone.

 Wow, I was a bit skeptical at first, but there really are return gifts…

 I patiently wait for my turn.

 ”Isshiki-san, thanks for the Valentine’s gift. Would you like to accept this?”

 ”Y-yes! Thank you very much.”

 Wow, Mayuzumi-san’s slightly embarrassed expression as se hands me the gift makes me blush too.

 The return gift from Mayuzumi-san is a set of assorted baked goods.

 So cute! Oh, it even has a ribbon with a glasses pattern!! It’s so Mayuzumi-san!

 ”Nagisa-chan, can I give you something? Yes, it’s my White Day gift to you!”

 ”Toa-chan, thank you!”

 Aaaaa! Toa-chan gave me a set that includes tea and coffee tea bags.

 I see, just as expected from Toa-chan. It’s nice that it comes with Mayuzumi-san too.

 And the cat pattern on the packaging is so cute! As expected of Toa-chan. He knows what makes girls excited!

 ”Isshiki-san, can I talk to you right now?”

 ”Yes, of course!”

 Here it comes! I straighten up and prepare myself in front of Aqua-san.

 I have to be ready for anything, otherwise, I might faint.

 ”You always wear a ponytail, Isshiki-san. So, I hope you’ll be happy with this.”

 Saying that, Aqua-san hands me a gift box.

 I wonder what it is?

 ”Open it and see.”

 ”Uh, okay.”

 When I untied the ribbon and opened the box, there was a ribbon barrette inside.

 And it wasn’t a childish one, but a sophisticated, stylish one that an adult sister would wear!

 ”What do you think?”

 ”Huh, I’m just happy. I’m so happy that I can only come up with simple words to express it.”

 ”Oh, I see. That’s good then.”

 I vowed in my heart to save up my allowance from my part-time job and buy a sister-like dress that would go well with this.

 ”Aqua-san, thank you!”

 ”No, thank you too. Thanks for the Valentine’s gift. The selfie stick that Isshiki-san gave me became incredibly useful when I was doing an outdoor livestream during the Fukushima tour.”

 Ah… This, this definitely feels like Shirogane Aqua.

 It’s cool overall. Aqua-kun who gave me this present is so thoughtful, remembering the present I gave and even using it. If I hear things like that, it feels like I’m being overwhelmed. It’s like someone is telling me not to fall in love with anyone other than me. It’s like my mind is being overwhelmed with a self-indulgent interpretation. Truly, there’s no one else who can make a woman go from sweet climax to wild climax with just words.

 Honestly, I start to believe in what Iku-chan said about Hagetoru’s theory. Ah, I want Aqua-san’s child. Probably, not just me, but all the girls who received presents are feeling their wombs fluttering.

 ”Iku-chan, I believe in Hagetoru’s theory too.”

 ”Me too…!”

 ”Thanks, everyone!!”

 See, everyone’s so simple. Well, I am too, but…

 ”Haha, hahaha…”

 Huh? I hear that clicking sound again.

 Hmm, maybe I should go to the hospital once.

 While I’m thinking about that, Nanami-chan hugged me from behind.

 ”What did Nagisa-chan get?”

 Nanami-chan started fondling my breasts as a form of greeting.

 Well, that’s just how it is. I show Nanami-chan the present I got from Aqua-san.

 ”Wow! That’s nice. It would look good with a cute coat, too.”

 ”Exactly! Show me yours, Nanami-chan.”


 Oh, it’s not a cheap nail polish, it’s from a slightly more expensive place!!

 And the bottle design looks like a perfume bottle, plus the color is a beautiful pink that’s easy to use every day, and it smells really good!

 ”Using it when there’s no club activities.”

 Nanami-chan smiled happily.

 It’s nice to see a gal genuinely happy. Personally, it’s quite touching.

 ”Take your seats, everyone! Let’s start a short homeroom!”

 Oh, Sugita-sensei entered the classroom.

 Everyone hurried to tidy up their presents in their bags.

 It’s not like they’ll be confiscated, but we need to switch to class mode.

 ”Oh, sorry. I’m late.”

 ”Tsukimachi, it’s just in time. Come on, take your seat.”


 Come to think of it, Ayana-chan has been coming to school at the last minute often lately. I wonder if she’s busy with work.

 It might be unnecessary meddling, but as a classmate, I’m worried.

 After SHR and the first period class, Aqua-san approaches Ayana-chan.

 ”Ayana, how are you?”

 ”Uh, I’m managing for now. Thanks.”

 Wow, as expected of Aqua-sama.

 He immediately noticed something was wrong with Ayana-chan and called out to her. That’s just the kind of person he is!

 ”If anything happens, you can rely on me.”

 ”Yeah, thank you.”

 Huh? Are they dating?

 I blinked my eyes at the atmosphere between the two and glanced at Tsu-chan and the others who were nearby.

 ”Hey, did you see that just now?”

 ”Yeah, I saw it.”

 Ayana-chan blushed slightly and returned a gentle smile, while Aqua-kun responded by patting her head. It made us, who were around them, feel excited.

 ”Oh, they’re ‘dating’. No, maybe they’re already ‘dating’!” (TL: 1st dating is 付き合って (literally date), 2nd dating is 突き合って (thrust))

 Iku-chan!? I don’t know why she changed her words, but am I the only one who feels like the second “dating” is different from the first one?

 ”I actually thought so.”

 ”Me too, me too.”

 ”Top idols of both genders…having worries and conflicts that only they understand…being rivals and comrades as idols, singers, and actors…classmates, duet songs, Zandam, and a common senpai whose names must not be mentioned, there’s definitely something going on. Most likely, that senpai whose names must not be mentioned is the key.”

 Sorane-chan from the astronomy club, who loves mystery novels, crossed her arms and flashed a glint in her eyes.

 She’s saying something that seems like it, but is it really true?

 ”First of all, the only ones who can tease Ayana-chan are Kohina Yukari-san and Aqua-kun, and if it’s not Aqua-kun, then it’s normal to think that it’s only Kohina Yukari-san…”

 Oh, that’s true…

 Everyone nodded at Class Rep Tokiko-chan’s words.

 After the second period class, I headed to the staff room to submit the handouts.

 On the way back, I saw the student council president Natalia and Aqua-kun together.

 ”Thank you for the Valentine’s, Natalia-san! Kanon also really enjoyed that bath salt.”

 ”Hehe, I knew Kanon would definitely like it. Hey, did you two use it together?”

 ”Of course! When Natalia-san gave it to me, she said to use it with Kanon, so I did as she said.”

 Aqua-kun always remembers the presents everyone gives him.

 I like that about him…! Also, I like how close he is with Kanon-san even after getting married!

 I mean, usually guys just stop being affectionate after getting married, but Aqua-kun is the only one who’s all lovey-dovey even in the classroom, making me feel so embarrassed just watching.

 ”By the way, this is my White Day return gift, will you accept it?”


 Should I not be looking? But, this is the hallway, and there’s no other way out… I’ll just have to tell myself that it’s unavoidable like force majeure.

 ”Oh… it’s a tippet with a ribbon!”

 ”Natalia-san, you mentioned before that your throat gets dry in the winter, so if you warm up, it’s good for your throat too, so I’d be happy if you used it.”

 ”Thank you! I’m really happy. I’ll use it from today.”

 Ah, it’s a mature-looking item that seems perfect for President Natalia!

 Hey hey, look, the usually cool President Natalia is blushing and turning into Kanon-san. Aqua-san, are you noticing this!?

 ”Natalia-san, I think Kanon will be happy too, so please come visit me again if you like.”

 ”Okay. But… won’t Aqua-kun be happy?”

 ”Of course I’m happy too. There’s no man who wouldn’t be happy to have the beautiful Natalia-san come to his house.”

 Wow~! This guy is something else! He just spouts those kinds of things without a second thought!!

 It’s like Hagetoru who can’t say anything without it being a dirty word!!

 Maybe it’s because I was watching Inko-san’s otome game stream followed by the sui-cup game stream yesterday, but I’ve unconsciously adopted that way of speaking.

 Honestly, with such a low resistance to Aqua, it wouldn’t be surprising if girls got the wrong idea.

 Look, that cool Natalia president is already making a face like a love-struck maiden. That’s definitely going to be a thrilling… no, I mean it’s like Shumi! It’s definitely Shumi. It’s as exciting as the erotic stuff.

 I see, even the president Natalia would indulge in it… I started to get incredibly excited, even though I’m the same gender, at the thought of beautiful people like Kanon-san and the Natalia president engaging in mas***ion.

 Ugh, with this, I can’t make fun of Hakana-sama. Ah, so I guess I’m also a naughty girl. Namo namo…”

 ”Isshiki, are you listening?”

 Sorry, sensei. My mind is blank and I haven’t heard anything.

 After the uninspiring third period class, Aqua-san gets up from his seat and heads towards Claire-san.

 ”Claire-san, thanks for Valentine’s.”

 Aqua-san, unusually showing signs of vigilance around him, whispers something softly in Claire-san’s ear.

 I envy her. Aqua-san and his whispered conversations.

 ”Um, the poster of the saint I asked for. It was really good. I won’t say which part, but, well, the transparency of the outfit and the lines of the body were really amazing…!”

 ”No… If you’re okay with something like that, I can make as many as you want. Are you really okay with that?”

 ”Yes, it was amazing. And Claire-san, who was reflected in the background, with her nun uniform all disheveled, it was great. And there are only ecchi nuns with such indecent body shapes in this… um, I mean, it’s nothing.”

 Claire’s face quickly turns red. Eh, wait a minute, I’m really curious about what kind of conversation they’re having!!

 Well, it’s not like they’re secretly having some naughty talk, right!? Aqua-sama’s teasing words, s*xual harassment talk… Could this be a scoop? Just kidding. I don’t think our Aqua-sama would do that.

 ”Well, the conversation got off track, but Claire-san, this is my White Day present for you. If you’d like, please accept it.”

 ”Thank you! Oh… is this a belly warmer? And it even comes with knitted panties!?”

 ”Yeah. I overheard you talking to Emily-san before… and I thought maybe you have a weak stomach. It might have been unnecessary meddling, but Kanon also uses something like this, and I think it’s good for keeping your belly warm.”

 The entire class turns to look at Claire-san all at once.

 Huh? Wait, is that a store-bought item?

 It has Shiro-kun’s design, but it definitely looks like Nene Nene-san’s design, right? But I didn’t know that such a product existed… Could it be a pre-release new goods or something!?

 ”Um, um, well, maybe, but…”

 ”Hehe, it’s embarrassing, but actually, I made it myself. I was practicing for when I have a child, and I made a bellyband for Kohina-senpai in practice before and she was happy with it. But Kanon and Pegonia-san said that only Kohina-senpai would be happy with that design. So I got permission from Nene-cho-san and remade it with Nene-cho-san’s design.”

 H-Handmade!? Huh!? And it’s Aqua’s!?

 All the sitting students stood up at once.

 ”It’s a relic, huh?”


 ”Well, this is definitely a confirmed relic. With just this, a war could break out… And yet I have two of them, along with a bellyband and knitted pants.”

 ”What’s wrong, Claire-san? Are you feeling sick?”

 Claire-san, you look really pale. Are you okay?

 If it’s your period or something, it’s better not to push yourself.

 But, as a woman, I understand that it’s not that. I think she completely exceeded her capacity.

 As expected, Aqua-san is the kill leader. Even when he was doing game streaming with the boys from BERYL, Aqua-san was always the Kill Leader. In FPS games too, he’s the type who aggressively enters and fights with a high level of aggression, pushing everyone forward.

 ”Claire-san, should we go to the infirmary together?”

 ”Oh, thank you, Kanon-san.”

 Just when everyone was about to lend a helping hand to Claire-san, Kanon-san, who acted faster than anyone else, called out to Claire-san.

 Hey! As expected of the main wife!! Have you seen those people on the internet saying things like “Ponnami (Useless Wife)” on the internet?

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you so much.”

 ”Oh no, more importantly, I’m sorry for when you weren’t feeling well. If you’re having a hard time going back, you can ride in my car. I’m fine with taking the train.”

 I wonder if it’s just my imagination that Claire-san’s complexion seems to be getting worse.

 Supported by Pegonia-san, Claire-san headed towards the health room with Kanon-san.

 Claire-san, we will never forget your courageous figure. The entire class saluted Claire-san’s back in their hearts.

 ”Oh, everyone, the fourth period is in the Home Economics room. We should start moving soon.”

 That’s right. Everyone remembered about the move and hurriedly started moving.

 Today’s Home Economics is a cooking class, huh? I see…

 I rolled up my sleeves and checked my surroundings before swinging my arms around. It seems like the girls around me are also focused on their warm-up exercises.

 The warm and fuzzy atmosphere from earlier suddenly changed to a tense one.

 The grouping for the Home Economics practical class in 1-A is decided by drawing lots. In other words, if I end up in the same group as Aqua-kun, Toa-chan, and Mayuzumi-kun, I’ll be able to taste their delicious food.

 Well, it’s probably because we’re all teenagers who only think about such naughty things. I guess all the nutrients go to our chests.

 ”Hehe, no hard feelings whichever way it turns out!”

 ”Yeah, of course, that’s right, desu~wa!”

 As the powerful aura of Ajimu Kiyoka-san and Onodera Satoko-san was released, they casually drew lots and ended up in different groups.

 Wow, they’re both in the same group! They’re really good friends! I applauded their efforts with a smile, then got caught between Kiyoka-san and Satoko-san’s big chests. I’m not trying to provoke anything, I swear!

 ”Ugh… do that to me.”

 Aqua-san, are you okay? You look like a princess knight before being tormented by goblins or orcs, what’s wrong?



 I accidentally drew a winning lot while looking away. Yayyyyy! I’m in the same group as Aqua-san.

 Yesssss! I secretly cheered inside.

 I do a fist pump in my heart.

 ”Oh, Ayana is in the same group too.”

 ”Yeah, please take care of me.”

 Group A consisted of Aqua-san, Ayana-chan, Nonoka-chan, and me.

 Hmm, so what’s the cooking practice about… Yes! It’s crepes!

 Alright, alright, I can eat Aqua-san’s handmade crepes!

 ”Ayana, could you get the milk?”


 Just as Aqua-kun reaches out, Ayana-chan hands over the milk pack.

 ”Ayana, could you melt the butter in the microwave?”

 ”OK! Got it”

 I exchange glances with Nonoka-chan beside me.

 ”This, this looks like a married couple.”

 ”Huh? Were they married?”

 They must be keeping it a secret because they’re celebrities. Yeah, that must be it.

 They must be living together in secret, doing naughty things at night.

 If not, that vibe can’t be explained.

 They were emitting a vibe of a married couple, not just lovers.

 There’s no way that vibe would be there unless they had been intimate 4 or 5 times.

 So, Nonoka-chan, let’s pretend not to notice and quietly watch over them.



 Nonoka-chan and I are savoring the crepes made by Aqua-san.

 Although we did the inside fillings ourselves, Aqua-san handled all the difficult crepe-making.

 ”Ahh, so happy…”

 What should we have for lunch? I already gobbled up the crepe, so maybe I’ll go for the trendy organic wild salad.

 As I head to the cafeteria to buy salad with everyone from the class, Aqua-kun and the others show up.

 Toa-chan orders a mini lunch, Mayuzumi-san goes for simple udon, and Aqua-san orders a hearty tonkatsu set.

 ”Kuh…! Aqua-kun eating so much is adorable!”

 ”I just want to feed him forever with ‘Aah’ while he eats!!”

 Watching Aqua-san eat heartily, Momiji-chan and Nodoka-chan writhe in agony.

 Aqua-san moves around so much, I bet his calorie burn is incredible.

 He always goes all out in PE class too.

 Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-san, who finished eating first, seem to have something to do, so they went somewhere.

 ”Ah, it’s Natsu King.”

 ”Aqua-kun, it’s been a while.”

 Wow, it’s the former student council president, Natsuki.

 Until recently, she was our student council president, but now she’s an idol for Beryl.

 And not just any idol, but a solo idol with outstanding comprehensive abilities. Amazing, right?

 ”Seeing Aqua-kun eating at the cafeteria today makes me a little sad, knowing it’s the last time.”

 ”Haha, in that case, let’s just have a regular meal. I’ll treat you to dinner as a graduation celebration.”

 Whoa, as expected of Aqua-san.

 Inviting her to a dinner date so smoothly.

 Even former president Natsuki, who’s usually clueless, looks a bit surprised and self-conscious. Amazing, right? In front of Aqua-kun, any girl becomes a maiden in an instant.

 ”Oh, that’s right. Thanks for the Valentine’s gift, Natsu King. I’ve been using the gloves you gave me when riding my bike.”

 ”Oh, I’m actually thinking of buying a bike too. During the recent trip to Fukushima, I talked to Reira-san and Kobayakawa-san about going on a tour together.”

 ”Sounds great. I’d love to go too. Maybe we could even go together to check out bikes.”

 ”Really!? I-Is that okay?”

 ”Of course.”

 Are they really heading straight to a naughty hotel like this?

 As expected of Aqua-san, the aggressive one. His defense is as thin as a single breast, but his attack power is off the charts. He really comes on strong, huh?

 ”Oh! And besides, it’s White Day. I was thinking that I might meet Natsu King at the cafeteria, so I brought this.”

 ”Oh, thank you! Wow! It’s a portable humidifier!”

 ”For idols, the throat is important, so please use it a lot if you like.”

 ”I’m so happy! Aqua-kun, thank you!”

 Just as I thought. Aqua-san really thinks about everyone and chooses carefully.

 After the lunch break, we attend the afternoon classes.

 ”It’s over…”

 Usually, when school is over, it’s exciting, but about half of the class becomes less energetic.

 It’s not because they’re tired from class, but because they have to say goodbye to Aqua-san and the others.


 ”What’s wrong, Aqua?”

 It’s finally here!

 The classmates who seemed lifeless just a moment ago stood up with lively expressions.

 Everyone was curious about what Aqua-san would give to Ayana-chan after all.


 ”Thank you.”

 I looked at the girls around me and let out a sigh while making eye contact.

 Did you hear that just now? Phew, this is beyond the dimension of dating or being married.

 ”Please let me know when you decide on the wedding date.”

 Minori-chan, that’s a bit too early!

 But everyone around me and I nodded as if it was normal.

 ”Oh, this is…”

 ”You said you might buy new loungewear when you move. You said Kanon’s loungewear was cute before, so I bought the new one from the same brand.”

 Ugh, this guy is really…!

 He didn’t say much earlier, but he’s listening to everything and remembering it.

 ”Thank you.”

 ”No problem. I’ll go home later.”

 Will they see each other again later?

 Everyone in the class looks at each other.

 ”Please let me know when you know your due date.”

 Minori-chan, you’re so impatient!

 While saying that, we all nodded normally.

 ”Thank you for today’s photos.”

 I hand over the photo data of today to the newspaper club and head towards the school gate to go home.

 On the way, I encountered Sugita-sensei and Aqua-san.

 ”Shirogane, what’s up? Are you in a club today?”


 Oh, wait! Sensei, is this a secret meeting?

 The relationship between teacher and student is exciting, isn’t it? Although I know I shouldn’t watch, I can’t move from here, so I become a wall.

 ”Thank you for the Valentine’s gift, sensei.”

 ”Haha, it’s just cheap snacks. I think events like that are nice for teachers.”

 By the way, did Sugita-sensei bring a box of chocolates with cheap candies for everyone in the class? Oh, that was nice. It had various chocolate candies, and we all ate them happily.

 It seems like it would be forbidden in strict schools, but Otomezaki is pretty lenient, so it’s fine.

 ”Well, this is not exactly a return gift, but it’s my White Day gift to you.”

 ”Oh, ah…thank you. But, Shirogane, I’m your teacher, you know. It’s the same for other students too…”

 Ah, Sugita-sensei pays attention to those things too, huh?

 While we support her normally, Sugita-sensei is serious, so she probably thinks it’s just a way to skip class.

 ”I thought so, that’s why I came at this time.”


 Aqua-san shows Sugita-sensei his smartphone screen. It probably shows the time.

 ”During this time, sensei is probably off duty, right? In that case, we’re not teacher and student right now, but just Shirogane Aqua and Sugita Mari, aren’t we?”

 ”Haha, Shirogane, you’re really something. But… that’s a bit of a far-fetched argument. Even if it’s outside of working hours, or even after you graduate, I’ll always be your teacher, and you’ll always be my dear students.”

 Phew, Sugita-sensei is unfazed by Aqua-san’s technique, strong!

 Truly, she’s our 1st-year Class A homeroom teacher. And I’m happy to have her as our teacher even after we graduate. Ehehe…

 ”However, it’s not good for a teacher to disregard their students’ feelings. I’ll accept this with gratitude. Thank you. By the way, may I take a look inside?”

 ”Of course.”

 When Sugita-sensei opened the gift bag, a box containing what seemed to be a branded accessory came out.

 ”Is this… an earring?”

 ”Yes. At that time, the earring that sensei was wearing got broken because of that guy. So, if you want, you can use it.”

 Hey, what are they talking about!?

 I don’t know what they’re talking about, but Sugita-sensei’s face instantly turned into that of a maiden!!

 Sigh, as expected, our Aqua-san is the strongest.

 No matter what kind of wall it is, he can break through it head-on with his power.

 Just as Announcer Morikawa said in her power news, the world runs on power. It seems like it’s true that if you raise your level and physically attack, you can usually handle things. Maybe I should join Announcer Morikawa’s power teachings from tomorrow too.

 ”Thank you, Shirogane…”

 Sensei seems really happy. I’m glad for her.

 I quietly move away from the scene by myself.

 Although it’s a big scoop, of course, I’ll keep this a secret. Aqua-san probably chose this time to approach Sugita-sensei so as not to cause any trouble.

 ”Alright, time to head home!

 The next day, Aqua-san approached me discreetly and thanked me for keeping quiet about yesterday’s events, making me like him even more, but at that time, I didn’t know that yet.

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