Male Idol V12c50

Volume 12 Chapter 50 Shirogane Aqua, This Is The Real White Day!!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Then, let’s start the real White Day.”

 ”The real White Day!?”

 I was summoned by Pegonia-san and came to a certain public institution’s hotel… or rather, a love hotel.

 Apparently, Yui has arranged for the entire love hotel to be reserved for her.

 ”When it comes to White Day, it’s white, and when it comes to white, it’s s**en!! So, please go ahead and imp***ate everyone who is waiting in their respective rooms.”

 ”No, no, no.”

 This leap is too incredible….

 I was at a loss for the unexpected turn of events.

 ”Oh, by the way, we have reserved it for a 2-hour break, so please finish in about 10 minutes per person.”

 ”10 minutes!? That’s way too fast!!”

 Pegonia-san says she doesn’t want to make a fuss about tomorrow.

 Oh come on, I don’t know who you’re talking about, but you’re different when you’re considerate, you know!!

 ”Don’t worry! If it’s Master (Danna-sama), then surely it can be done! Pegonia believes in you!”

 Stop that thumb. Pegonia is a proper girl, so be a little shy!!

 ”Well then, the first room is here.”

 I wonder who’s in there. With an exciting feeling, I open the door, but there’s no one in the room.

 Huh? Did I get tricked, maybe? The pure-hearted Aqua boy inside me feels a bit down.



 I was pushed by Pegonia-san from behind and rolled onto the bed.

 Hey, what are you doing, Pegonia-san!?

 As I turn over and lie on my back, Pegonia-san gets on all fours like a female leopard and covers me.

 ”So, it’s me at first.”

 I couldn’t help but think, “You’re the one who suggested this, huh?” But I hold back my comment.

 The person I’m dealing with is that Pegomon. It’s pointless to take them seriously.

 Above all, in the face of these gigantic P-cups, men are powerless. Yes, they are powerless. It’s an important point, so let me say it twice!!

 ”Oh, of course, everyone, including me, is already prepared. It’s okay to get right into it. You know, nowadays we value efficiency and saving time.”

 Ugh, don’t bring up something as tasteless as being efficient during intimacy!

 I love taking my time to fondle breasts, squeeze them, play with them, and bury my face in them. It’s what gentlemen like me enjoy!!

 ”Now then, Master, I will proceed with the insertion.”

 Ah! Wait, huh!? Y-You mean you’re not going to insert it!?

 Hmhmhm, is this perhaps a teasing play?

 ”Hehe, too bad.”

 Pegonia-san said that and sat on the bed.

 I wonder what’s wrong. Could it be that she’s not feeling well?

 ”Pegonia-san, are you okay? You don’t have to push yourself.”

 ”Thank you, Master. You are truly kind and wonderful, as always.”

 Pegonia-san showed me a gentle smile.

 Huh? She seems somehow calm and different today. Is it just my imagination?

 Pegonia-san, who averted her gaze from me, looked towards the entrance.

 ”Kotono-sama, please come in.”


 Kotono comes into the room and sits in the opposite direction of Pegonia-san.

 I-I wonder what’s wrong? C-Could it be a dream 3P!?

 I almost made a love-struck face, but I managed to restrain myself and put on a stern expression.



 ”Well, the thing is, we’re expecting a baby.”

 ”Thank you both!”

 Without wasting any time, I gently embraced Kotono and Pegonia-san.

 They had both expressed their desire to have a baby before.

 I won’t deny that I had ulterior motives, but thanks to the help of Yui and Ai, we’ve been focusing on intimate relations with Kotono and Pegonia-san for the past three months. And now, the results have finally shown.

 Both of them are happy, but I am also incredibly thrilled.

 ”From now until childbirth, no, even after childbirth, it’s going to be tough. But I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

 ”Oh no, you don’t have to worry about that.”

 Pegonia-san’s immediate response almost made me fall off the bed.

 Huh? Why? I want to help just like any normal person would.

 ”I know Master only has one body. Both I and Kotono-sama understand that we don’t want to burden Master too much. And although Master may have forgotten due to memory loss, it’s only natural for women to support and raise children together. So, if Master can support us in your free time, that’s enough. In fact, I hope you can focus on your work.”

 ”Of course, I’ll work hard, but don’t just say it’s only in my free time. You can rely on me more when things get tough. After all, it’s our child, mine and Pegonia-san’s. I’ll take full responsibility for the sperm I’ve produced.”

 Honestly, I intend to take full responsibility for any woman I have engaged in intimate activities with.

 From Ayana, who let me touch her breasts and kissed me first, to Emily-san, Claire-san, Lisa, Uruha, Kokona, and even Kohina-senpai, I am prepared to take care of them for the rest of my life.

 Well, I say responsibility, but it’s not really a responsibility. It’s only natural.

 After all, I really hate NTR (Netorare). So, once these girls become mine, I hope they won’t even consider becoming someone else’s. In other words, the girls I mentioned earlier are all marked by me, so they should be prepared for that.

 ”Aqua-san, I agree with Pegonia-san. There may be concerns that only pregnant women can share, so I think this will help alleviate Kanon-san’s worries a bit. I might cause you a little trouble, Aqua-san, but please don’t worry. I plan to work until the last minute regarding the company, so I want you to focus on your work.”

 ”Understood. But you must never push yourself too hard. Kotono is strong and hardworking, and Kotono has a strong sense of responsibility, so I’m a little worried about that. That’s why I want you to rely on me properly, and if there’s anything you find difficult to tell me, I want you to talk to someone who is by your side. At least, I don’t intend to keep anyone around who I can’t trust, so you can rely on me with peace of mind.”

 Just now, I suddenly remembered what Kohina-senpai said to me before. She said, “You don’t seem to have a good eye for people, but you’re the type that bad people don’t approach, right?” It’s incomprehensible!!

 At that time, when I asked Kohina-senpai what she meant, she just brushed it off and called me an idiot. But was I the only one who felt like I was being made fun of?

 ”Thank you very much. Thanks to Master, I can raise my own child and the young lady’s child at the same time.”

 Haha, come to think of it, was that Pegonia-san’s intention?

 Oh, wait? Could it be that I was just used as a stallion by Pegomon… No, it must be my imagination. Yeah, yeah, it’s definitely my imagination.

 ”I’m also very… very happy that I can send my child to the same school as Kanon-san’s child.”

 Kotono was so cute that I couldn’t resist hugging her tightly and petting her head.

 I truly felt pure happiness from the bottom of my heart. That’s the kind of face Kotono had.

 ”Thank you both so much.”

 I express my gratitude to the two of them again. Ah, it feels like the erotic mood I was in just a moment ago was a lie.

 I start to feel content and calm inside.

 ”So, since we’ve had you to ourselves until now, please take care of the two wives today and enjoy their company.”


 At Pegonia’s signal, the door to the room opens again, and Ai and Yui enter.

 ”Please do your best, Hakuryuu-sensei.”

 ”Yui-sama, please enjoy yourself to the fullest, even on my behalf.”

 Kotono and Pegonia-san praise Ai and Yui’s efforts, then quietly leave the room.

 ”Ai, and Yui too…”

 Upon closer inspection, both of them are wearing extremely sexy underwear.

 My p*nis starts twitching, despite being flaccid just a moment ago. Ah, this is not good. My calm heart quickly turns into a sensual mood.

 Before I know it, my p*nis has easily become erect. My p*nis is truly the easiest one in the world!

 I’m sorry, the pure Shirogane Aqua from just a moment ago has disappeared in an instant.

 Even if I were to fall into a lake right now, I would honestly answer that it was the naughty Shirogane Aqua that I dropped. In that case, the lake goddess would surely smile at me.

 ”Hakuryuu-sensei, please go ahead.”

 ”Is it okay?”

 ”Yes, I don’t think I can hold back.”

 You can’t hold back!? Oh, this is no good. Yui’s expression is completely strained.

 Despite feeling anxious, I gently pull Ai closer to me.

 ”Ai… Do you want a baby too?”

 ”Yeah. I think it’s difficult given my age, and I know I should prioritize others over myself, but still… if it were possible.”

 ”I see. Well, should I do my best too?”

 Gently pushing Ai onto the bed, I press the tip of my p*nis against Ai’s sensitive area.

 Yeah, just as Pegonia-san said, she’s really wet. She must have loosened herself up.

 Personally, I’d like to see that kind of scene, but the girls in this world are very shy about showing their private areas. Is there a wonderful girl who is into that kind of thing and would show me? Suddenly, Emily-san’s face comes to mind, but I think both Kanon and Emily-san are the least likely women for that.

 I give Ai a gentle kiss and slowly bring my lower body close to hers.


 As always, Ai’s p**sy is so wet and tight.

 The gentle grip and abundant sticky love juices are addictive.

 Thump, thump…

 I softly knock on Ai’s cervix repeatedly.

 It’s to make sure she understands that I want to imp***ate her and have a baby.

 ”Unn, ah, ah…unn”

 I touch her breasts as I follow Ai’s rhythm.

 The sensation of her soft and pliable breasts is amazing.

 Why is her body so soft?

 It’s all so tender and fluffy.

 And when it gets a little sweaty, the texture becomes even more enticing.

 ”Ah…good, unn…”

 I kiss Ai’s lips, which emit seductive sighs and a submissive voice.

 I rub my lips against her moist lips, and our tongues intertwine seamlessly.

 I gradually increase the pace of my movements in sync with hers.


 Thud, thud, thud!

 The sound of flesh meeting flesh and bending excites me even more.

 I repeatedly strike my member against the entrance to Ai’s baby room, as if prying open the cervix.

 ”Ah, no… Stop, ah, it’s not good. Mmm.”


 I feel the intense c*mming sound, indicating the release of a substantial amount.

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 I press against the deepest part of Ai over and over, delivering my s*men repeatedly.

 ”Ai, you did well.”

 I gently kiss Ai’s forehead.

 In response, she smiles kindly at me.

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you for giving me so much of this intense sensation.”

 Next, I kiss Ai’s lips as usual. I love you, Ai.

 ”Haa… haa… now it’s my turn, isn’t it?”

 As I separate from Ai, I’m kissed intensely, as if my mouth is being forcefully violated.

 Ah… the kisses from Yui and Pegonia are so skillful that my brain feels like it’s melting.

 It might be misleading to call it erotic, but girls who are proactive in their s*xuality are skilled even in kissing. Well, for me, there’s a certain charm in both bold and timid kisses, so it’s hard to choose one over the other.

 ”Hmm, huh, hmm, ah… hmm, kiss, slurppp, hmmm.”

 It was all pretty erotic. Just a kiss and I was fully aroused.

 No, it wasn’t just the kiss. Yui-san was subtly stroking my thing without me even realizing.

 ”I’ll make sure to release all that built-up tension.”

 Yui’s eyes sparkled as she put on gloves and took out a condom from a nearby box.

 Oh man, this is serious. I instinctively took three steps back, feeling like I was prey.

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good right away.”

 Yui tore open the packet with the condom in her mouth. Oh, just that action alone is making me feel all hot and bothered.

 She then held my head between her ample I-cup breasts and smoothly covered my thing with the condom.

 ”We can’t keep the next person waiting, so let’s make this efficient, shall we?”

 She vigorously rubbed my p*nis as if teasing it.

 Yui knew exactly where to touch to make me feel good, and she pressed firmly against the most pleasurable spot on my shaft.

 Ah, I might not be able to take it anymore. I couldn’t think of anything else.

 Before I knew it, I found myself desperately thrusting my hips towards the ring Yui had created with her fingers.

 ”Oh, it seems Aa-sama really likes this ring. It’s okay, please continue to pleasure yourself inside this mere piece of rubber, thinking it’s mine.”

 Yui’s words naturally made me imagine the shape of her v*gina, causing me to increase the speed of my thrusts.

 Yui’s soft and tender p**sy, Yui’s soft and tender p**sy, Yui’s soft and tender p**sy…


 Yui let out a cute moan accompanied by intense pleasure.

 Ah… I came so much. My body trembled lightly with the waves of pleasure.

 ”You came a lot. Well done.”

 Yui tied the rubber, hung it on her panties, and dangled it.

 Ah, so here was my ultimate b*tch.

 Just seeing that made me slightly erect, my p*nis twitching upwards.

 ”Thank you. Let’s do it again for the second time, okay?”

 When Yui tore open the second bag containing the condom, she skillfully put it on my dick.

 It really happened in a flash.

 It’s almost too good to be true. Yui then sandwiched my condom-covered dick between her plump thighs.

 ”Hey, Aa-sama, how do you like the feel of my thighs?”

 Oh, it’s amazing!!

 I do like slim thighs like Kanon’s, but when it comes to thighs, I think plump ones are the best.

 Ah, the pressure and the softness are so irresistible that I feel like my dick might be taken over.

 ”Aa-sama, trying to imp***ate someone’s thighs is really cute.”

 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 Ah…suddenly, I got excited and came immediately as Yui showed a gentle smile.

 When it bounced back on the plump thighs, the sensation made me even more excited.

 ”You got a lot out. Thank you.”

 Yui gently removes the condom from my p*nis, just like before, and visually confirms the amount that came out by tying it up.

 Stop it, just by watching that, a man easily gets aroused, you know.

 Yui hangs the condom on the string of her panties. Ah, it’s balanced when hanging it left and right.

 ”Next, I’ll let extract it from your favorite spot, Aa-sama.”

 Of course, I’ll c*m in seconds with this!

 My p*nis is sandwiched between Yui’s soft and sloppy I-cup breasts.

 ”How is it? Does it feel good?”

 Ah, uh… just being lightly rubbed by Yui, I easily came.

 It’s impossible, there’s no way someone like me can beat Yui with her big breasts, Shirogane Aqua. It’s common sense.

 It’s not something to brag about, but I surrender as soon as I see breasts.

 ”Well then, I’m going to have you squeeze it with my mouth next.”

 Yui covers my p*nis with a new condom and opens her mouth wide.

 What a naughty mouth. It’s almost like a v*gina…

 ”Please, feel free to use my mouth as if it were a v*gina.”

 Damn it, I can’t just be on the receiving end.

 I grab Yui’s head and thrust my p*nis deep into her throat.

 ”Thank you.”

 I felt like Yui said that faster than completely shutting her mouth.

 Even though I should be the one in control, I feel like Yui is doing as she pleases.

 It really tickles my masochistic side. I’m both an S and an M.

 ”Ngh, ngh, slurp, gulp, gulp, nn, nnn”

 Oh, I can’t take it anymore. Yui’s mouth is too erotic. Why is she making such lewd sound effects?

 As far as I know, Yui’s mouth is unrivaled in its eroticism. I’ve had many women give me oral, but Yui’s is top-notch.

 She knows exactly how to pleasure my p*nis with her gentle touch and stimulation.

 ”Uh, uh, ah!”

 I grabbed the back of Yui’s head forcefully and thrust into her throat in a pounding motion.

 Of course, even after thrusting, Yui’s head remained fixed for a while, savoring the lingering pleasure throughout her body.

 ”Yui, I’m sorry. It felt really good.”

 ”No, when Aa-sama thrust inside my mouth, my v*gina convulsed with pleasure, and I almost lost consciousness.”

 No, where was the element of climax in that just now?

 Yui may seem like an S at first glance, but she also has a strong masochistic side.

 It can be said that the compatibility between me, who can switch between being an S and an M, and Yui is excellent.

 ”Hehe, I was able to extract a lot today.”

 Yui looked gently and smiled as she saw the four used condoms hanging on the sides of her panties.

 Ah, this is bad. She’s too cute, and it made my p*nis erect again.

 This is a crime of being too cute, so we don’t need a trial. It’s an immediate verdict.

 ”Ah, Aa-sama!?”

 I pushed Yui down and inserted it into her without a condom.

 ”Ah, no, that’s not good. If you’re going to have s*x with me, at least use a condom.”

 Yeah, I want to come inside Yui, appealing with a cool face.

 Kohina-senpai also said it, but I should be able to handle most things with this cool attitude.

 ”Um, I understand. It’s a waste of a shot, but if you’re okay with my v*gina, feel free to use it.”

 Ah, it’s definitely a p**sy. When I whispered to Yui that her p**sy feels the best, Yui blushed and looked embarrassed. After that, Yui showed a slightly embarrassed smile. It seems like she was really happy.

 Honestly, there’s not a single part of Yui’s body that doesn’t feel good. She has a soft body that thoroughly spoils men, and her skin and everything inside it cling to you. To put it crudely, she has a body that seems like it was born to extract s**en from men.

 ”Ah, ah, ah”

 I grabbed Yui’s plump breasts, shaking her whole body with its sexy flesh.

 Yui will take medicine later, but in this moment, I’m thrusting my hips with the intention of imp***ting her.

 If words alone aren’t enough, I’ll show it through my actions. That’s my Shirogane Aqua style!

 I accelerate the movement of my hips with the intention of imp***ting Yui.


 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttt!

 I rubbed my body against Yui’s sweaty body as I ej***lated.

 Imp***ate! imp***ate! imp***ate!! I keep repeating those words in my mind.

 Perhaps due to excitement about the idea of pregnancy, the amount of ej***late naturally increased.

 ”Ah… it’s such a waste to shoot so much in vain…”

 Sorry. Yui, actually, I’ve been shooting loads behind your back.

 Sometimes, I even shoot loads into underwear and such.

 But if I were to say that, Yui would probably turn pale and collapse, so I’ll keep it a secret. Sometimes, a gentle lie is necessary. Besides, there’s a saying that ignorance is bliss in this world.

 ”Thank you both.”

 After imp***ting Ai, I headed to the next room.

 Oh no. I’ve spent not just 10 minutes, but a whole hour in the first room.

 I need to hurry.

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun.”

 The moment I made eye contact with Kaede in the room, I pushed her down.

 Yellow really suits Kaede. That pastel yellow lingerie looks amazing and cute on her.


 While kissing, I used my fingers to check Kaede’s condition.

 Alright! She’s properly prepared!

 ”Hey! That’s too fast! Mmm!”

 I immediately inserted it while still on top of Kaede.

 Yeah, this is definitely not okay. It’s too disrespectful to Kaede.

 Even though Pegonia-san suggested it, I still want to take it slow with s*x.


 I stopped moving for a moment and gently embraced Kaede’s body.


 Me and Kaede gaze at each other in a relaxed time.

 Yeah, s*x is just like this.

 ”Sorry. I have work right after this, so I’d be happy if you could hurry, you know.”

 Darn it. If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do.

 We could do it another time, but neither I nor Kaede can stand not having s*x.


 I hold Kaede tightly and engage in intense s*x with her in the “ekiben” style.

 Kaede isn’t very tall, and her body isn’t that big, but where does she get this power from in her slender body? But she has a well-toned body. Especially her legs are incredibly beautiful.

 ”That’s good! Ah! Aqua-kun, more, there! I’m coming!”

 Yeah, this is more like a sport than s*x.

 If there were a s*x decathlon in a sports competition, I feel like me and Kaede could win. I ended up thinking about such irrelevant things.

 I lower Kaede’s body and thrust into her deep place with one of her legs hooked over my shoulder.

 ”Hey, Aqua-kun!?”

 I bury my face into Kaede’s armpit.

 Why does the smell of a sweaty girl have such a good scent?

 Also, Kaede’s armpit has a really sexy shape, it’s exciting.


 I lick Kaede’s armpit sweat.

 Ah, I wonder if I could lick a girl’s sweat forever…

 Pound! Pound! Pound!

 I quickly move my hips, accelerating the sound of flesh and skin hitting each other.

 ”Nnn, Aqua-kun, Aqua-kun, Aqua-kun, Ahhhhh!”

 Finally, I ej***late deep inside Kaede while pressing her against the wall.

 Before I knew it, I was in an incredibly acrobatic position.

 This would have been a perfect 10 out of 10 in a contest. Too bad there’s no such contest…

 ”Gotta hurry.”

 ”Kaede, do your best.”

 After parting ways with Kaede, I head to the next room.

 Well then, who’s next? My “thing” is ready to go.





 The moment I opened the door to the room, Kokona and Uruha were teasing Lisa’s shy p**sy.

 *Inhale*… please continue, my dear!

 I sat down on the chair and smiled like a gentleman.

 ”It’s embarrassing, so I can’t, desu~wa!”

 Kuuh! That’s too bad!!

 In that case, I pushed Lisa down.

 ”Lisa, can I insert it?”

 ”Y-yes, desu~wa”

 I slowly inserted into Lisa’s p**sy.

 Since Lisa and I became lovers with marriage in mind, it’s only our second time having s*x. I have to be gentle.

 ”I-It’s okay even if you’re rough with me”

 Yes, cutie!

 I opened Lisa’s legs wide and moved my hips in a way to show Uruha and Kokona the insertion.

 First, to get rid of Lisa’s embarrassment, and eventually, to make her show me how she pleasures herself.


 Lisa shook her head from side to side, trying to conceal the fact that she was embarrassed.

 It seems that she’s still embarrassed to be seen in a disheveled state by her two friends.

 Ah, so cute. The blonde girl with the drill style is pure-hearted. I understand.

 ”Why do you dislike it?”

 ”Um, because it’s embarrassing, desu~wa.”

 Ah, I wonder if I should make her speak in a louder voice.

 I increase the speed of my movements and accurately stimulate Lisa’s sensitive areas.

 ”Oh, stop, it’s coming, I’m going to…”

 See, it’s okay to feel even more.

 Each time Lisa almost reaches climax, I stop moving and then resume the motion after she calms down.

 The intention is to make Lisa beg directly from her mouth by repeatedly bringing her close to climax without letting her reach it completely.

 ”Uh, oh, please… forgive me…”

 ”Lisa, what are you asking for forgiveness for? Come on, say it properly from your mouth.”

 I know the truth, but I pretend not to know.

 ”Aqua-sama, you’re being too mean. I can’t possibly say that…”

 I lightly stroke Lisa’s sensitive spot with my p*nis.

 See? You want me to press harder there, right? Well, you need to ask me properly.

 ”A-ah, ah, ah… Please, desu~wa. Press there, press harder, please”


 ”B-because… I want to climax, desu~wa”

 Well said.

 I suddenly accelerate my hip movements and thrust into Lisa’s pleasure spot.

 ”No, stop, stop, you’re hitting the wrong spot! Ahh, I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!”

 At the perfect moment of Lisa’s pleasure, I forcefully enter her submissive, needy depths.

 ”Haa, haa, haa…”

 There’s nothing better than a disheveled young lady. After kissing the exhausted Lisa, I grab Uruha, who was nearby, and forcefully pull her into my embrace.


 As I kissed Uruha deeply, I checked on how she was feeling inside. Alright, it’s all clear for immediate insertion here too.

 ”Oh, no…”

 No? What’s the matter, Uruha-san?

 Just kidding. As I fondled Uruha’s ample bosom from behind, I entered her from behind as well.

 ”Aqua-kun, no… be gentler, please?”

 Sure, I’ll be intense. Being gentle means being intense, too.

 I grabbed Uruha’s large buttocks firmly. Oh, this is not the kind of buttocks a high schooler should touch.

 It’s just too erotic. There’s a limit even to being naughty, you know.

 ”Unh, just touching my butt so much… it’s embarrassing…”

 Well, you know, with a butt like this on a high schooler… it’s definitely had at least one kid.

 It’s such a good butt. Ah, if it’s this firm, I could keep touching it forever.

 Uruha’s not just great in the bosom department, but also in the buttocks department.

 ”Hey, look this way.”

 I stopped massaging Uruha’s buttocks and grabbed her arm, turning her face towards me.

 ”Mmm, ah…”

 While kissing Uruha, I continued to knead her breasts, flexing them.

 Ah, I see. By alternating between massaging her breasts and buttocks, it becomes like a perpetual motion machine.

 ”Aqua-kun, I don’t like it when you only touch those erotic places.”

 ”Why? I want to keep touching Uruha’s breasts and buttocks forever, is that not okay?”

 When I said that, innocent Uruha’s face turned bright red.

 How adorable.

 ”Well, if that’s the case… But, you know, it’s really embarrassing.”

 Uruha’s blushing expression was so high school-like and cute.

 Due to that contrast, my piston movement naturally quickened.

 ”Ahh, no. I’m… I’m going!”

 As I pressed my hands and hips against Uruha’s buttocks, causing them to deform, I thrust deep inside her v*gina.

 After releasing Uruha, I gave her a gentle kiss, reminiscent of a high school student.

 ”Uruha’s body felt incredibly sexy and pleasurable.”

 Uruha’s face turned bright red as she buried her face in the pillow.

 I gently embraced Kokona one last time.

 ”Aqua-kun… will you be gentle with Kokona?”

 I’m not a monster either. I can’t push Kokona too hard, so I hold her gently.

 It’s slow s*x. I move my hips at a slow pace.

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m sorry.”


 It seems that Kokona feels sorry for not being able to engage in intense intimacy.

 I understand, so I suggest she tries to move on her own.

 ”Kokona, why don’t you try moving a little on your own?”


 I switch positions with Kokona and transition to the cowgirl position.

 ”You can move your body at your own pace, Kokona.”

 Perhaps Kokona feels guilty for always letting me take the lead.

 So, to boost her confidence, I concluded that trying the cowgirl position would be best.

 It’s the result generated by the Aqua computer, so it must be right.

 ”Kokona, it feels good.”


 Kokona smiles happily.

 It may seem slow and clumsy to some people, and they may not find it comfortable.

 But for me, it’s different! I get really excited when a girl like Kokona tries her best.

 ”That’s great. Kokona, you’re really good.”

 ”Mm, Aqua-kun, it feels really good for Kokona too.”

 I don’t want to burden Kokona any further.

 I maximize my desire for pleasure inside me.

 ”Let’s go, Kokona…!”

 ”U-um! Okay, Aqua-kun, fill Kokona up!”

 With a force that lifts Kokona’s body, I release a large amount of pleasure inside Kokona’s womb.


 Seeing Kokona’s face turn red with pleasure in that moment, I find it cute.

 Maybe I should hold a contest to see whose riding position is the most exciting.

 While thinking such things, I pat Kokona’s head and thank her for working so hard and making me feel really good.

 Now then, should we go to the next room? I walk through the love hotel corridor, skipping with excitement.

 Here we go…

 With a big smile on my face, I open the door to the next room.

 ”You’re late, aren’t you?”

 Yep, see you later. I confirm Kohina-senpai nibbling on rice crackers on the bed and close the door.

 ”Hey, why are you closing it?”

 ”I don’t have time!”

 But Kohina-senpai obviously wasn’t in the mood for anything naughty!

 We were just playing games, and I’m definitely not getting involved in that. If I did, I’d definitely be stuck with it until the end.

 I narrowly escaped from Kohina-senpai’s clutches and dashed into the next room.

 ”Oh, Aqua.”


 In the last room, there was the archangel Kanon.

 I snuggle up to Kanon and gently kiss her.

 ”Good job, Aqua. You worked hard today. Come here.”

 Oh my god, this is amazing!

 Since getting pregnant, I feel like Kanon’s maternal instincts have been growing day by day.

 I ask Kanon to give me a lap pillow as if it’s the most natural thing to do, even though it’s White Day.

 ”Hehe, for me, this is also a proper reward.”

 Kanon! I love you!

 I put my hand around Kanon’s waist and listen to the beating of her stomach.

 There’s our baby here.

 When I thought about how Kotono and Pegonia-san also have my children in their bellies, I felt motivated to work hard from tomorrow.

 ”I will make everyone happy, for sure.”

 ”Yeah, thank you.”

 Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep on Kanon’s lap.

 ”Aqua, thank you for the wonderful White Day.”

 As my consciousness fades, I feel a soft sensation on my cheek.

 That night, I felt like I had a very happy dream.

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