Male Idol V12c51

Volume 12 Chapter 51 Tsukimachi Ayana, Watching Beryl&Beryl With Everyone

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It’s been a few days since Yukari-senpai, Ako-san, and I started living together.

 I expected from the start that the two of them wouldn’t be able to do household chores, but I never expected them to try washing rice and vegetables with dish soap. I see. It’s no wonder Aqua absolutely refuses to let Yukari-senpai near the kitchen.

 Even in such a situation, we somehow manage because Aqua and Emily-san, who live nearby, occasionally come to check on us. I’m really sorry, even though both of you are really busy.

 ”Come on, Ayana-chan, hurry up! It’s about to start!”

 ”Yes, I’m coming.”

 After quickly finishing the dishes, I took off my apron and sat on the sofa in the living room.

 Yukari-senpai, lying face down in front of the TV, had a sweet and spicy squid skewer from the candy store in her mouth, and was flapping both legs while sitting up.

 Huh? Where’s Ako-san? I turned my gaze in the direction Kohina-senpai pointed. Oh, she fell asleep on the sofa… I covered her with a nearby blanket.

 ”It’s starting!”

 I sit back on the sofa and turn my gaze back to the TV screen.

 Today’s beryl&beryl White Day special is about when everyone stopped by the nearby alley during last month’s live tour. I was also there in the alley at that time, to perform a duet song with Aqua during the tour. Thinking back to that moment, my face turns slightly red.

 ’So, we are now here in the alley near the live venue!!’

 The fans who are watching around us applaud at Toa-chan’s words.

 Huh? Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun are on both sides of Toa-chan, but isn’t someone important missing?

 ’Huh? Where is Aqua?’

 In response to Toa-chan’s words, Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun shake their heads from side to side, pretending not to know anything.

 ”Anyway, I bet he’s somewhere, all lovey-dovey with some random girl, right?”

 Yukari-senpai, sticking her tongue out, reaches for the second skewered squid.

 ’Well, whatever, we don’t have much time, so let’s enjoy it just the three of us!’


 Toa-chan’s group of three approaches the first restaurant.

 There are tables and chairs outside, so maybe it’s a place to eat?

 Upon closer inspection, there is a flag near the seats with “Udon” written on it, so it seems to be an udon restaurant.


 As the camera turns with Toa-chan’s words, the back figure that looks familiar appears on one of the seats.

 Toa-chan presses his index finger against his lips, slowly approaching the person from behind.

 ’What are you doing here?’


 Aqua, who was called out from behind by Toa-chan, turns towards the camera.

 Wait, didn’t he look flustered when eating just now?

 ’The show has already started, you know?’

 ’Sorry, I was hungry.’

 Aqua says this and shows the container of udon he was holding to the camera.

 Looks delicious. Come to think of it, Ise has Aqua’s favorite udon, doesn’t it?

 ’Since you’re here in Ise, you guys should have some udon. It’ll warm you up.’

 Aqua called the waiter over and ordered three more udon.

 Upon closer inspection, Aqua was wearing a sash that read “Honorary President of the All Japan Udon Association, Shirogane Aqua.”

 I wonder when he took on that position.

 ”When I called to say I’d become the Honorary President of the All Japan Soba Association to compete with him, they declined, saying ‘No, thank you, Kohina Yukari-san.’ Unbelievable! Ah, well, maybe I’ll call the All Japan Ramen Association and become their Honorary President next. Then I can eat all the ramen I want!”

 Haha… I’m really sorry to everyone at the All Japan Soba Association and the All Japan Ramen Association!

 And Yukari-senpai, just because you became the Honorary President doesn’t mean ramen is all-you-can-eat!

 But if those two names came up, maybe it’s because udon was made by Aqua recently and ramen was made by him when we moved… He once said he’d feed and tame the great monster Yukari-gon if Aqua became like this, but surely that’s just a coincidence, Ayana. Regardless of Yukari-senpai, Aqua’s actions don’t have any deep meaning, so don’t be fooled by that face!

 ’Ah, it’s fluffy and delicious! I was wondering how the thick noodles would be, but the taste is completely different from Sanuki udon.’

 ’Hmm, could it be because of the thickness? If these noodles were chewy, it might be difficult for older people and children to eat. But with this softness, anyone can enjoy it regardless of age.’

 ’True, boiling the noodles until they become so soft seems to be good for digestion, especially when you’re sick or your stomach isn’t feeling well.’

 I feel like not only Toa-chan but also Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun are getting used to the variety.

 Unlike someone else, the three of them never make risky remarks, so I actually feel more at ease watching them. Am I the only one?

 ’There’s actually a reason why Ise udon is so soft like this!’

 Aqua uses panels to explain the reason.

 Sorry. The handwriting is neat and I can barely understand the explanation, but what is that attached illustration? Is it Aqua’s drawing? Wait, that squiggly creature that gives me the creeps, is that… udon!? You’re kidding, right…

 ’It was delicious.’

 ’Should we come back before going home?’

 After leaving the udon restaurant, BERYL’s group starts strolling around the alley.

 ’A string shop?’

 ’Shintaro, is something wrong?’

 Mayuzumi-kun and Aqua stop in front of a shop selling strings.

 Yukari-senpai mistakenly thought they were selling dried fish with strings and looks disappointed. Maybe she didn’t have enough dinner since she’s been eyeing the grilled squid and watching the boys eat udon with envy?

 ’Oh, they have something like this. It’s cute.’

 ’Iga (the northwestern part of Mie, is famous as the home of ninja)!? My heart skipped a beat for a moment.’

 Toa-chan picks up a belt buckle and gazes at it with sparkling eyes. Hehe, he seems to like these kinds of accessories.

 At the same time, Tenga-senpai also had unusually sparkling eyes. Huh? Ninja? Hehe, Tenga-senpai, even though h’es older than me and Aqua, he still believe in ninjas. They might have existed in the past, but in this modern society with advanced communication devices, they can’t possibly exist, right?

 ’Shintaro, you should buy a belt buckle for Kiyoko-san. I’ll buy one too, because my mother (Kaa-san) likes these things.’

 ’Yeah, sure. I’ll do that.’

 Toa-chan and Tenga-senpai also help with Aqua and Mayuzumi-kun’s belt buckle selection.

 Mayuzumi-kun seems like the type who takes his time choosing, right? On the other hand, Aqua’s decisiveness is abnormal. If he likes something, he doesn’t hesitate.

 ”Anyway, he’s not really thinking about anything. I mean, he’s probably too preoccupied with the busty shop assistant, you know?”

 Yukari-senpai, if you tweet something like that on social media, you’ll definitely stir up trouble, so please refrain from doing so.

 After finishing shopping quickly, Aqua looks around at other items in the store.

 ’How about using these for sneakers or spikes? Wouldn’t that look cool as hell?’

 ’Oh, yeah, definitely.’

 Aqua bought some souvenirs for himself, and also bought some for John-san and Chris-san because he thought they would be happy.

 Hehe, Toa-chan, I haven’t missed the fact that you subtly bought a different color with the same pattern as Aqua.

 As expected, the topic quickly surfaced on social media.

 ’Aqua, what’s wrong?’

 ’Huh? Oh, it’s nothing.’

 Aqua, who had left the store first, froze in front of a shop with a beckoning cat (maneki-neko).

 ’When I saw this cat showing its belly and lying on its back, I was reminded of Kohina-senpai.’

 ”Huh? What part of that is supposed to resemble me?!”

 Pfft! I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

 Hahaha, now that I think about it, I remember that she was lying down and exposing her belly like that before.

 ’Aqua… Kohina-senpai will definitely be watching this show, and if Kohina-senpai is the studio guest for the episode that airs, you’ll definitely get scolded.’

 ’Ah… Please cut that part from the broadcast just now!’

 The caption “We used it properly below the screen” is displayed.

 ’By the way, let’s buy a beckoning cat for the office. Isn’t this one good?’

 Saying that, Aqua strokes the beckoning cat, which is taller than himself.

 ’No, no, it’s way too big. It won’t fit, and how are we going to carry that thing in the first place! Also, this definitely isn’t for sale?!’

 ’I’ll sell it. Or rather, I’ll give it to you.’


 When Toa-chan turns around, a serious-looking store clerk is standing still.

 Oh, this is definitely serious. She’s got a determined look on her face.

 ’No, no, it’s okay. Even if we take it, the company doesn’t have space to put this! So, please take better care of it!!’

 Toa-chan hurries to persuade the store clerk.

 Oh, that was close. I’m glad I didn’t get involved at that time….

 ’Geez, Aqua’s saying weird things, we were just about to have a big problem. If we brought that huge thing home, President Atori would definitely collapse!!’

 ’I’m sorry. Well, if something happens, I could always give it to Kohina-senpai.’

 Stop. If you do that, I won’t be able to enter the house through the entrance!

 ”Well, that’s not a bad idea. Why don’t we leave it in Ayana-chan or Ako’s room? Since there’s no bed, I could let him stay in my room somehow…”

 Yukari-senpai? I’m fine with it, but please don’t come up with strange plans without Ako-san knowing.

 Ako-san actually likes Aqua, but she’s definitely enduring it more than I am.

 ’Look, this size should be just right, don’t you think?’

 ’Sure. Well then, should we buy this and take it home? It kinda resembles Shiro in a way.’

 Yeah, yeah, this size should be just right. By the way, I saw that at Beryl’s reception desk.

 Oh, so Aqua bought that one.

 ’Aqua, wouldn’t it be better to display it in the president’s office over there?’


 Aqua looks in the direction Mayuzumi-kun is pointing.

 ’Certainly. Well then, I’ll leave this at the reception.’

 Ah, the conversation continues

 Aqua heads to the shop that Mayuzumi-kun suggested to buy the beckoning cat figurine.


 ’Excuse me. Do you have a household shrine?’

 I see, so this is a shop that sells Shinto ritual items.

 ’Hmm? If my memory serves me right, there was already a household shrine in the president’s office, wasn’t there?’

 ’I think so too.’

 ’Hmm, now that you mention it… But, was there something like this mirror?’

 ’I don’t remember there being one.’

 ’Yeah, that’s right.’

 ’I don’t recall seeing it either.’

 The shopkeeper explains about the mirror to Aqua and the others.

 It seems that it’s a tool for self-reflection and making vows about one’s own actions.

 ”If you give her something like that, Ako-cchi will become even more stubborn!”

 It seems like Ako-san has been enduring a lot.

 After all, Ako-san is just like me, a girl. I don’t think there’s any woman who wouldn’t fall for Aqua after being by her side for so long.


 ’Tenga-senpai, is something wrong?’

 Aqua, Toa-chan, and Mayuzumi-kun peek at what Tenga-senpai is looking at.

 Wow, they have a pitch-black mirror like this.

 ’Hey, junior, let’s buy this obsidian divine mirror instead. I’ll pay for it!’

 ’Understood. Shall we do that then?’

 Tenga-senpai purchases two obsidian divine mirrors, including one for himself.

 ’Oh, isn’t that a famous shop over there?’

 ’It’s really crowded.’

 ’Shall we take a break?’

 After settling the bill, the four of them leave the shop and enter a nearby famous Japanese sweets store.

 Ah, the zenzai (sweet red bean soup) here was delicious.

 ’Oh, is that you Ayana? What’s up?’

 ’Well, I just came here to have tea… but maybe you’re in the middle of recording?’


 I couldn’t help myself and tried to snatch the remote control from Yukari-senpai to change the TV channel.

 This is my completely private side! Nooo, I’m too embarrassed to watch it normally.

 Ugh, if I knew it would turn out like this, I would have done proper TV makeup and everything.

 ’Wait a minute, not now.’


 ’…Right now, I’m completely relaxed in private at the moment.’

 ’Really? I think Ayana being natural is really cute too. Well, I’m used to seeing that Ayana at school, so it’s easier to talk to her compared to the idol Ayana.’

 As always, Aqua is just too much!

 Don’t look at me with a face like I’ve easily been moved by that one word on TV!!

 ’Hey hey, everyone in front of the TV, you’re precious, you know. This is my classmate Tsukimachi Ayana!’

 ’That’s why it’s embarrassing!’

 Yeah, I think Aqua should experience some hardship at least once.

 ”Good job! Do more!”

 Hmm, so Yukari-senpai doesn’t need breakfast tomorrow. Understood.

 I check social media on the tablet I’m holding.


 Please invite me to Ayana-chan and Aqua-sama’s wedding!!

 Morikawa Kaede

 So, they’re already married.

 Shirogane Kanon

 Sorry, Ayana-chan.

 Jou Maron

 Be happy, Ayana-chan.

 Kurushima Fran

 Congratulations on your marriage, senpai!

 Isshiki Nagisa

 When is the wedding?

 Sugita Mari

 Tsukimachi, be happy!

 Why did it turn out like that in the conversation just now!

 Please don’t joke around, even you, Sugita-sensei!!

 Especially since there are few normal people around Aqua, don’t go to that side, Sugita-sensei!!

 ’Well then, let’s line up too.’

 Despite other customers telling them to go ahead, Aqua and the others wait in line together. Of course, even while in line, Aqua talks to people around him and creates a lively and enjoyable time, entertaining the viewers as well.

 Yeah, I like this about Aqua.

 It’s sincere towards the show and the fans, but that’s because it’s derived from Aqua’s own personality.

 ’The Zenzai is delicious!’

 ’Well, warm food like this is delicious when it’s cold.’

 Next to Toa-chan and Aqua having a fun conversation, Mayuzumi-kun was struggling to cut the stretched mochi with chopsticks.

 In the moment I thought, the stretched mochi suddenly snapped and stuck to Mayuzumi-kun’s glasses with a *snap*.

 ”Ahahaha! Nn, cough, cough- wait, I think the squid I was eating got stuck in my throat.”

 There, there. Yukari-senpai, are you okay?

 I gently pat Yukari-senpai’s back as she struggles.

 ’Shintaro, are you okay?’

 ’Ah, yeah, I was a little surprised but I’m fine.’

 The surrounding customers couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the sight.

 I’m sorry, Mayuzumi-kun. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the miracle too.

 Also, Aqua, even though it looks like he’s really worried, please stop reacting as if the glasses are Mayuzumi-kun himself! Geez, even if Mayuzumi-kun is gentle, he might get angry someday, you know?

 Aqua really spoils people who can be spoiled to the fullest. That just means she trusts that person a lot.

 ’Aqua should get scolded by Shintaro at least once, you know?’

 ’No, it’s okay. I’m actually happy when Aqua jokes around with me like that.’

 Mayuzumi-kun is such a good kid.

 For a moment, Tenga-senpai appears, looking like he wants someone to pay attention to him.

 ’That was delicious. What should we do next?’

 ’I’m thinking of buying souvenirs for the staff. So everyone, feel free to look for something you like.’

 It seems like Tenga-senpai found not only the usual sweet bean paste mochi but also donuts and pudding that girls like, so he’s going to buy those. What a kind person.

 ’Well then, I’ll go get some souvenirs. I’ll just buy a bunch of random things.’

 I can trust Toa-chan’s sense of choosing souvenirs.

 With Aqua, I never know what he’ll pick.

 I went shopping with Aqua before, so I know. I think Kanon-san subtly guided him for White Day gifts, so it wouldn’t be something weird. Of course, Aqua chose them himself, but I’m sure Kanon-san advised him to avoid anything strange while being by his side.

 ’If that’s the case, maybe I should go to the shop that sells cotton. It seems interesting.’

 Oh, I remember!

 The cotton dresses were so cute.

 I was really torn about whether to buy one or not.

 ’Well then, I’ll wander around to satisfy my hunger.’

 Aqua separates from the other three and starts exploring. He is lured by a sign that says “Food Tasting Menu” and enters the first shop.

 ’Hand-rolled temaki sushi looks delicious.’

 Aqua receives a piece of tuna sushi wrapped in seaweed and takes a bite, showing off to us who are watching TV.

 Wow, the sound of the crispy seaweed is really appetizing. I wonder why seaweed makes such a nice sound.

 ’Oh, is this soaked in soy sauce? The tuna is so tender. In addition, the refreshing vinegar rice and the crispy texture of the fresh seaweed are amazing. It’s also great that I can eat it with my hands.’

 Aqua devours two pieces of sushi with enthusiasm.

 ’That was delicious. Oh, there’s something interesting over there.’

 Aqua continues to explore various food stalls and tempura shops, eating one after another.

 Surely, the dishes Aqua tries will become incredibly popular starting tomorrow. Everyone, do your best…

 ’Phew, I’m getting full. Maybe I should try something other than rice dishes.’

 Aqua looks around nervously and enters a nearby shop.

 Oh, this place…

 ’Wow, it’s a pearl shop. Maybe I should buy something for Kanon.’

 Aqua gazes at the pearl accessories displayed in the showcase with a serious expression.

 In the midst of it, Aqua notices my presence again.

 ’Oh, it’s Ayana.’

 ’Huh? Again?’

 ’Haha, we really get along well, don’t we?’

 A series of notifications from my phone keep chiming.

 Yes, yes, they’re probably just some annoying notifications about weddings or something!

 ’What are you up to?’

 ’Remember when we went to the awards ceremony in January? I thought it would be nice to have some more mature accessories, so I could be ready for events like that in the future.’

 ’I see.’

 ’By the way, what about you, Aqua?’

 ’I think I like Kanon… Oh, would you mind helping me choose something?’

 ’Sure, if you want me to.’

 I temporarily turned off my social media notifications because they just won’t stop ringing.

 Everyone must be playing with me!

 ’How about this crown-like one?’

 ’No, no. It would definitely suit Kanon-san, but she can’t wear something like that on a regular day!’

 Seeing Aqua pointing at a crown without a price tag, I groan in my head, like the me on TV.

 Hang in there, past me.

 ’How about something that can be used on regular holidays too?’

 ’Then what about this necklace?’

 ’Ah, this one is cute!’

 Aqua points to a small pearl necklace with angel wings on both sides.

 Oh yeah, that’s the one! It’s fine like that!

 Even though he can choose good things if he chooses seriously, why does Aqua sometimes choose such outrageous things?

 ”Instead of that, isn’t that golden sparkling bear over there better?”

 Ah… I feel overwhelmed realizing that there are people in the same category here too.

 It was cut from the TV, but Aqua tried to choose that too. Yeah. Of course, I did my best to stop her.

 ’So, this is for Kanon, What about Ayana?’

 ’Well, as for me… no, I’m fine!’

 ’Haha, since you’re here, let me give you something. You appeared on the show, so this is my appearance fee.’

 Seriously, Aqua is so clever.

 Normally, he can’t come up with reasons like that so quickly.

 ’This pinky ring, isn’t it nice as a ring for the little finger?’

 ’Oh, it’s cute.’

 I think it’s nice not to be too assertive. When I thought that, Aqua quickly finished paying.

 Ah, he’s really smart in situations like this.

 ’Just now, when we were paying, I asked the clerk. She said that the pinky ring is a lucky charm, and pearls have high protective power. So, with this ring, I hope it will protect Ayana in my place.’

 Saying that, Aqua took my hand and put the ring on my pinky finger.

 Uwaaaaaa! It’s so embarassing, I feel like just rolling around on the sofa.

 Aqua, he really doesn’t get embarrassed about these things, does he?

 And he’s probably not even aware, but this is basically like an engagement ring!

 ”Okay, just get married like that!”

 Yukari-senpai takes a bite of the grilled squid she’s holding in her hand, and hums with her mouth full.

 Senpai, even if you choke on the next piece of grilled squid, I won’t pat your back, you know?

 ’Thank you!’

 Aqua waved goodbye to me.

 When I timidly opened the internet, the Seibaku Newspaper had published a top news article titled “Shirogane Aqua-san, Tsukimachi Ayana-san Marriage,” which turned out to be the biggest false report of the year. Isn’t it too fast for an article to come out!?


 After parting ways with me on TV, Aqua met up with Toa-chan and the others again.

 Then, a video of Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai shopping played.

 Hehe, the three of them look really happy. I’m glad for them.

 ’So, the program has come to an end… but, actually, I’ve been keeping a secret from the staff. Can you give the three of us a little more time?’

 Huh? What could this mean?

 Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun stood next to Aqua. Oh? Could it be that Tenga-senpai is the only one left out again…? Tenga-senpai and us viewers would be sad.

 ’Even though it’s 1 day early… Tenga-senpai, happy birthday!! Here, applause!’

 ’Tenga-senpai, congrats!’

 ’Tenga-senpai, congratulations!!’

 Oh, so Tenga-senpai’s birthday is on February 19th.

 Yukari-senpai, Ako-san, and I clap towards the television.

 Wait, when did Ako-san wake up!?

 ’Thank you, everyone…’

 Tenga-senpai’s face looked like he was about to cry.

 ’Well then, from me. Please wear it if you like.’

 ’I’ll put it on right away! Thank you!!’

 What Mayuzumi-kun bought was a cotton work robe and a towel.

 Ah, that’s nice.

 Tenga-senpai borrowed the restroom at a nearby store and quickly changed clothes.

 Ah, it suits him, it suits him. The towel wrapped around his head like a bandana looks good too.

 ’Well, I guess it’s my turn next. I’d be happy if you use it.’

 ’Thank you!! Of course, I’ll gladly make use of it!’

 Oh, a bag dyed with persimmon juice, huh?

 At first glance, I thought it was wood grain, but this is what persimmon dye looks like.

 As expected of Toa-chan. He knows what Tenga-senpai would like.

 ’Then it’s my turn at last.’

 Aqua stood in front of Tenga-senpai and handed over a long, slender bag.

 ’What’s this…’

 Tenga-senpai reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of sake.

 ’Tenga-senpai, congratulations on your 20th birthday!’

 Ah, I see. Tenga-senpai is a second-year university student, so today he turns 20.

 ’Thanks, junior! I’ll enjoy drinking it slowly when I get home.’

 Tenga-senpai, I’m really happy for you.

 Just as I was thinking that, Aqua brought another bottle of sake.

 ’Junior, what’s this Japanese sake?’

 ’It’s a present from all three of us.’

 Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun briefly exchange glances.

 Maybe neither of them knew anything.

 I thought maybe Aqua prepared it himself and said it was from all of them.

 ’Please hold onto this, Senpai. It may take a while, but when we turn 20, let’s toast with this together!’


 Tenga-senpai hugs the three of them tightly.

 It’s good. It’s really good. We watching nearly cry.

 Or rather, Yukari-senpai wipes Ako-san’s tears.

 ’Let’s drink together when we all become adults!’

 ’Of course!’


 ’I’m looking forward to it!’

 BERYL is really nice, after all.

 There’s something we can only get from these four.

 Even if we set aside the fact that they’re guys, there’s something about wanting to support them, including their ongoing development.

 ”Alright, let’s raise our glasses to lift our spirits!”

 ”No, you can’t. Ayana-chan is still underage.”

 ”Oh, right, I totally forgot about that.”

 ”Haha, don’t worry about me. You two can drink without any concerns since you’re at home.”

 With that, I left the two of them and returned to my room.

 I lay down on the bed and turned my phone’s notification settings back on to check messages and comments.


 By the way, does anyone know the date of Ayana-chan’s wedding?

 Morikawa Kaede

 Well, she’s already pregnant?

 Shirogane Kanon

 Ayana-chan, I’m really sorry.

 Jou Maron

 Wow, congratulations, Ayana-chan!

 Kurushima Fran

 So, Ayana-senpai was giggling while looking at a ring in the dressing room. I see. Oh, really? Is that so?

 Isshiki Nagisa

 Please let me know when you have a baby!

 Sugita Mari

 Tsukimachi… I hope you find happiness!

 I said, Isshiki-san, you’re so impatient! And Fran tweeted the same thing on social media, so you know later, right?

 Geez! Everyone wants to tease me right away!

 So I turned off notifications and buried myself in the futon, embarrassed and writhing alone.

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