Male Idol V12c52

Volume 12 Chapter 52 Shirogane Lapis, Do You Hate Naughty Little Sisters?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On March 14th, White Day, Beryl’s otome game, whose release was postponed, will finally be released!

 ”Well, maybe not yet?”

 Having pre-ordered the software online, I couldn’t hide my nervousness as I looked out the window to see what was going on outside.

 When I checked the delivery status, it was showing that it was being delivered, but maybe the delivery lady was too busy and the delivery was delayed.

 Lately, there seems to be a shortage of delivery ladies, and most importantly, there are probably a lot of people like me who have ordered online. It can’t be helped. To distract myself, I turned on the TV in the room.

 ’Look everyone! It’s been a few hours since the release, but people are still lining up to buy Beryl’s game!!’

 Oh, it’s Morikawa-san.

 Morikawa-san approaches the people in line.

 ’Watch out!’

 ’Don’t push, don’t push!’

 ’You’re not good enough to sell Beryl’s stuff!’

 Wow, I wonder which electronics store this is?

 Why didn’t they take any precautions when selling Beryl’s products?

 The regulation lines are all messed up, and there are no guides. It’s really a tragic situation.

 ’Oh, there are so many people here. And right next to this line, something like this is happening.’

 When the camera directed by Morikawa-san turned in the specified direction, there were people selling Beryl’s otome games on the street.

 People can buy the game normally without reselling, but I guess people who want to play the game as soon as possible will buy it anyway.

 ’Now, you can get the latest suicup game, which is the talk of the town, in a set with this for 5000 yen!’

 ’I’m sorry, but we can’t sell it separately.’

 ’Miss, Miss, if you’re buying that, take a look at this too.’

 ’The set includes the debut work of the author of that suicup game, Fight An*l Fantasy, for 5000 yen!’

 ’And if you buy this, you’ll also get the latest release we announced at midnight today, Dra.. Dramatic Ero Tomania!’

 ’There’s also Super Mary… Female Analyst Sisters by the same author!’

 ’With this one, you can buy it without waiting in line!’

 Huh? It’s not just regular reselling, but a set of two? And on top of that, Beryl’s otome game is priced at 5000 yen, so it seems like the seller is definitely at a loss.

 Moreover, all the games have disappeared from the streaming sites, so for those who couldn’t buy them due to age restrictions or those who couldn’t get their hands on them, they must be desperately wanting them.

 I was also feeling down because I was out of the age range, but kind-hearted Shitori-neesama secretly bought it for me with her credit card, without telling our mother. Thank you, Nee-sama!

 ”Lapis-chuwaan! The delivery person is here! Sorry, but mom can’t come out, so could you go instead?”

 ”Oh, sure!”

 I hurriedly rushed down the stairs and quickly opened the front door.

 ”Hi there. I’m Shironeko Emily’s delivery service.”

 ”Thank you! Wait, Emily-san!?”

 I’m surprised that the delivery lady is Emily-san.

 Why would she be doing a job as a delivery person?

 I have a question mark floating above my head.

 ”Oh well, actually it’s for a game.”

 Huh? A game?

 Ah, so she needed money because Beryl’s otome game is coming out.

 ”Yeah, well, something like that.”

 Emily-san, it seems tough for an adult.

 It’s the first time I’ve heard of someone not having enough money to buy a game.

 I wonder if she’s spending money on unnecessary things. But she doesn’t seem like that kind of person at all. Maybe Emily-san is doing donations or volunteering. That would explain everything.

 She’s probably working part-time to give presents to kids who can’t afford games. Emily-san, you’re too kind!

 I mean, a beautiful and responsible lady like her wouldn’t just spend money recklessly to the point of not being able to buy a game, right?

 ”Ah, can I have your signature?”


 I write my signature where I was instructed.

 ”Thank you so much!”

 Emily-san hurriedly left because she had another delivery to make.

 Oh, she delivers by bicycle. Wait, when I look closely, there’s a little white cat sitting on the carrier. It’s the real Shironeko Delivery Service! How cute! The neighbors passing by were all taking pictures.

 ”Lapis-chan, what was in the package?”

 ”Um, hehe, it’s just…”

 I quickly hide the package behind my back, trying to keep it a secret from my mother.

 Seeing that, my mother gives me a sly smile.

 ”You don’t have to hide it, I already know. Lapis-chan bought Beryl’s otome game, right? You’re at that age too. Your mother doesn’t mind. But remember to play games in moderation. If you stay up late playing, your chest won’t grow, you know?”

 ”Yes, mother.”

 I hurry back to my room with a strained smile on my face.

 Ugh… I lied to my mother…

 I open the delivery box and take out the otome game inside.


 It’s an intense game that only adult big sisters over 18 can play.

 Since Nee-sama asked Lapis what would be a good birthday present, I tried asking and she said OK.

 ’Oh, I see. Lapis is at an age where she’s curious about that kind of thing. Hehehe… I understand because I was like that too. But, you know, it’s not good to get too absorbed in your room. Rubbing too vigorously down there is… well, do it in moderation.’


 I roll around on the carpet.

 ”Lapis! Don’t be too rough!”


 What are you saying, mother!!

 I, I, I, I only do that kind of naughty thing a little bit!!

 ”…By the way, what was the first-time bonus?”

 I recovered from my embarrassment and checked the box again.

 This is… a CD? Maybe it’s an album with an opening or something?

 I squinted at the characters written on the CD.

 Shirogane Aqua’s Goodnight Voice CD.


 I rolled around on the carpet while holding the CD.

 ”Lapis-chan… she’s making good progress, isn’t she?”

 ”Mother, Lapis is also at that age, you know? Hehe.”

 When did you come back, Nee-sama?

 Also, I can hear everything, you know!! The door was open, so I could hear the voices from the lower floor. I need to make sure to close it properly. I securely locked the door.

 ”…There was another bag, but I wonder what was in there.”

 I carefully opened the plastic bag and took out what was inside, spreading it out on the bed.


 I was so shocked that I froze up!

 This is a body pillow cover with a life-sized Nii-sama printed on it!?

 Wow! Huh? Well then, if I use this as a set with Nii-sama’s good night CD…


 My head felt numb and I fell face down on the bed.

 Wow, that’s Beryl, as expected. They’ve included an incredible first-time bonus.

 “Is this something other than Nii-sama?”

 I chose Nii-sama when I bought it, and I feel like that choice had a big influence on me.

 ”At times like this…”

 I check the social media of Tora-uma, aka Awashima-san, who appears on Driver.

 @Awashima Chigiri

 For some reason, when I selected Shintaro-kun, a body pillow cover was included…

 Oh, it’s Mayuzumi’s!

 It seems like the choice I made at that time was just as important as I thought.

 I also check out Kanon’s sister-in-law’s social media.

 @Shirogane Kanon

 For use, for storage, spares for spares and spares for spares and spares for spares!

 Why are you buying 10 of them!? You don’t need that much!!

 Oh, there’s also a bonus for the maids and one for her friend. I wonder who bought it for them.

 Kanon’s sister-in-law and Emily-san, who seems to be working as a volunteer, are both amazing. I hope that someday I can become a wonderful lady who can do such things smartly.

 So, an otome game company is at the top of the trend rankings. What is it?


 Currently preparing to add Beryl Entertainment’s Yamada Maruo-san and Kokuchō Kujaku-san as new content. Stay tuned for more updates!

 Wow, really? That’s cool. It gives me the motivation to work hard too.

 Well then, after taking a little breather, I’ll open up the game.


 I felt a gaze and turned my eyes towards the door.

 ”Oh my, I’ve been caught.”

 ”Geez! Nee-sama, you’ve been caught!”

 *Pouting!* Even though she’s my sister, peeping is a breach of manners!! Peep-peep! If I had a whistle, I would’ve blown it.

 ”Lapis… you’re already in middle school. Since mom finds it difficult to give it to you, I’ll give this to you.”

 What is it?

 I untie the ribbon on the bag I received from neesama and take out the bottle inside.

 Could it be a skincare product that Nee-sama or mom uses? Wow, I’m so happy.

 As I rejoice, Nee-sama points to the writing on the bottle.

 ”Lapis, take a good look at this.”

 Huh? Is it not a skincare product?

 I confirm the writing on the bottle.

 Lovely Lotion, women’s lubricant.

 I almost drop the bottle I was holding.

 Ne-neesama!? Th-th-th-this, could it possibly be!?

 ”I think it’s okay because it’s a product of Saint Sanctuary, but don’t use it too much. Only use it on nights when your body feels hot and restless. Got it? And just gently stroke the surface.”


 With just those words, she closed the door and returned to the living room.

 I turned bright red and this time I made sure to lock the door so that no one could enter my room anymore.

 ”So, is it… okay now?”

 Just to be safe, I checked the window and closed the curtains.

 With this, no one can come in anymore and I won’t be disturbed by anyone.

 ”Well, then…”

 I took out the game disc and started playing on the big screen.

 ”[Please enter your name]”

 Shiro… gane… La… pi… s. I entered my name and proceeded.

 After entering my date of birth, hometown, and Fan Club membership number, I answered some questions and then it was character creation.

 Oh… Even without creating a character, it seems that I have a personalized setting just like Kanon Sister-in-law.

 ’OK, all the necessary documents are here. Alright, then let’s start afresh from today. Lapis-chan’

 Yay! The appearance of “start afresh” before “alright” definitely indicates individual data!

 I’ll just go ahead with the first tutorial as it seemed to be more helpful than the trial version.

 ’Hmm, Lapis-chan, is there anywhere else you’d like to see?’

 Oh, oh, oh!

 Here comes the famous choices!

 [A: Recording Studio]

 [B: Dance Studio]

 [C: Piano Studio]

 [D: Multipurpose Room]

 [E: Screening Room]

 [F: Training Room]

 [G: Meeting Room]

 [H: Streaming Room]

 [I: Cafeteria]

 [J: Break Room]

 [K: None in particular]

 Seeing the number of choices has left me frozen as I look at the screen.

 Um, umm, which one was it? When I think of Nii-sama, I always picture him training. So, I played it safe and chose the Training Room.

 ’This is the training room. Sorry, but I have something urgent to attend to, so I’ll be stepping out for a bit. Feel free to look around. If you have any questions, you can ask the people around you.’

 Oops, I messed up.

 The fact that these words came up means that Wild Morikawa Kaede-san and Wild Kohina Yukari-san will appear.

 Ugh, I have to start over from the first choice… I enter the training room with a gloomy face.


 Oh no, the screen went completely dark. Wait, was that Nii-sama’s voice?

 ’Are you okay?’

 It’s Nii-sama!

 I stand up and eagerly stare at the screen, hoping for the scene to change quickly.

 Then, in the next moment, a hazy view slowly opens up along with the light.

 How frustrating! I was thinking about such things and let my guard down, causing the blurry view to briefly become clear, and I almost dropped the controller I was holding onto the carpet.


 When my vision cleared, my half-naked Nii-sama appeared right in front of me.

 The shock was so intense that I was blown away and tumbled on the floor.

 The impact made me hit my head on the bed, and I writhed in pain.

 ”Lapis-chan, don’t be so rough!”

 Geez, geez! Mother, please leave me alone for now.

 ”Haa, haa…”

 I staggered to my feet and opened social media to calm down for a moment.

 Trending Topics

 1st: Confirmation of Shumi’s death! Related words: Confirmation of our deaths!

 2nd: Sad news, Shumi will die soon. Related words: Bulletin board users die like mobs.

 3rd: As expected of our Shumi, never disappoints. Related words: As expected of Aqua-sama, never disappoints.

 4th: Instant death attack. Related words: Aqua-sama delivers a guaranteed AOE instant death attack.

 5th: A different kind of crappy game. Related words: Most people drop out with the first choice.

 6th: The real hell begins now. Related words: Still in death… the otome game has only just begun.

 7th: Blood donation request. Related words: Government notice. Emergency notice. Not enough blood!

 8th: Let’s play games in a spacious area. Related words: Hit my head. Collapsed. Thought I was going to die.

 9th: Hugging pillow. Related words: Already used. Can’t start the game. Died just from this. Pregnancy test.

 10th: Goodnight CD. Related words: Brain melting. Had an intimate moment with Aqua-sama in a dream. Obstetrics and gynecology is overwhelmed.

 Good. It’s not just me who’s dead, right?

 When I close social media, I pick up the dropped controller again and face the screen.

 Nii-sama’s first appearance half-naked and Z-rated is too much.

 ’Oh, um…’

 Oh, another set of choices has appeared in front of me!

 [A: Say “I’m okay” and get up]

 [B: Apologize for bumping into him]

 [C: Pretend to faint]

 [D: Say “I might be done” and lean in]

 [E: Say “Sorry” and run away]

 [F: Pretend to stumble and do the kunka-kunka dance]

 [G: Take a deep breath. Legally kunka-kunka (sniff, sniff)]

 [H: Hehe, press your breasts against jim]

 There are so many! Even though I made corrections, that part hasn’t changed…

 For now, I’ll exclude the three ridiculous choices F, G, H out of the 8 choices. Only a weird big sister would choose something like this! These are definitely not choices for wonderful big sisters like Kanon-sister, Emily-san, and Ayana-san.

 Out of the remaining five, running away with choice E seems rude. D is too deliberate and out. C is also out for being common sense.

 In that case, it’s either A or B. I thought apologizing was the priority here.

 The moment I decided to choose B, the lines moved on their own.

 ’Hey, Lapis. Are you okay? Everything all right?’

 It seems like there was a time limit for the choices.

 When my brother realized it was me he bumped into, he approached me with a worried look on his face.

 Too close. He’s really getting too close.

 ’Nii-sama, I’m okay. I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking ahead.’

 ’I see, as long as you’re okay. But next time, be more careful when walking, okay?’


 The screen in front of me shakes a little.

 Uwaaaaa! I definitely just got my head patted by Nii-sama in the game.

 I manage to keep myself from squirming.

 ’Oh, and Lapis, the assistant manager starting today is actually you.’

 ’Yes! I’ll do my best from today on, brother.’

 ’Yeah! Counting on you, Lapis!’

 The screen shakes a little again.

 Grr! Isn’t the head patting lasting longer than before!?

 I’m jealous of the other me in the game.

 [Lapis’s favorability rating has increased from Shirogane Aqua-san. However, it has already reached the maximum limit, so it will not be reflected in the game any further. Please understand.]

 Huh? Lapis’s favorability rating reached the maximum limit from the start!?

 But Sayamu-san spent a whole month in hell just to raise it by 0.1%, right!?

 Is, is this okay? It feels like I did something wrong, and I feel sorry about it.

 ’Lapis, I know your work is tough, but hang in there.’

 ’Yes, Nii-sama.’

 After completing the event with Nii-sama, I finish up the remaining tasks and head back home.

 [Unlike the demo version, you can save once a day when you return home. The number of save slots has also been changed from 1 to unlimited.]

 Oh, I see. So even the little details have become more relaxed.

 That’s a relief. If it had the same system as Sayamu-san, I would have been in despair.

 ’Lapis, how is it? If you have any troubles, feel free to tell me anytime.’

 On the second day, without any options, Nii-sama came over to me in a normal way.

 Thinking about the time Sayamu-san took 76 hours to meet Nii-sama, it brings tears to my eyes.

 ’Have you eaten already, Lapis? If not, let’s eat together.’

 ’Shall we go home together today, Lapis?’

 ’How are you feeling, Lapis?’

 ’I heard from Ako-san that you’ve been working hard lately. If there’s something you want, I’ll buy it for you.’

 No, no, no! Nii-sama is more common than wild-something.

 In other words, if the probability of meeting Nii-sama in one day is 100%, then the probability of meeting him twice is 150%, and the probability of meeting him three times is 200%. In other words, it is not an exaggeration to say that you can meet Nii-sama three times in a day for sure.

 Sayamu-san, who couldn’t meet Nii-sama for a week, can no longer look him in the eye.

 ’Lapis, are you nervous?’

 A week later, on the day of the M Stage live, Nii-sama spoke to me.

 [A: I’m a little nervous]

 [B: It’s okay, Nii-sama]

 [C: Nii-sama… Shall we go somewhere where we can be alone?]

 [D: Leaning in while calling him “Nii-sama”]

 [E: Awawawa]

 [F: Rubbing your nonexistent breasts for now]

 Wait a minute!?

 What’s the last option if I let my guard down! Referring to nonexistent breasts is beyond rude!! Uwaaan!!

 Let’s forget about C to E, it’s down to A or B.

 In this case, it might be better to be honest and choose A instead of pretending to be okay.

 I choose A.

 ’It’s okay, Lapis worked hard for the live performance, so it will make sure it’s a success, and Lapis can feel at ease watching from behind.’

 Uwaa uwaa uwaa!

 I gaze intently at my cool Nii-sama’s back.

 From here on, it’s the same scene that Inko-san saw.

 My heart flutters as I watch my cool Nii-sama’s live performance.

 ”Nii-sama, you looked so cool…”

 After the live scene ended, I saved the game and paused for a moment.

 Playing for a long time becomes unbearable for the player in me.


 I gently kissed Nii-sama’s cover pillow.

 Hmm, it’s not very satisfying when it’s so empty and flat.


 As I fidgeted, rubbing my thighs, I noticed the lotion left by Nee-sama.

 Oh, that’s something grown-up ladies use to comfort themselves.

 If I use it to touch a girl’s sensitive area, can I get rid of this painful feeling?

 ”Nii-sama, I’m sorry.”

 I slowly slid my hand into my skirt and pulled down my panties.

 Ah, from now on, I’m going to do naughty things with Nii-sama.

 Just feeling that way, my private area naturally becomes moist.


 With the lotion Nee-sama gave me, I can feel better than usual.

 I slowly reach for the bottle.

 ”Lapis-chan, dinner time!!”

 In a panic at my mother’s voice, I almost dropped the bottle.

 Geez, why does she always have to call out when I’m trying to do something naughty?


 What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing?

 Blushing furiously, I quickly adjusted my pants back to their original position.

 ”Nii-sama… sorry for being a naughty little sister!”

 I gave my talkative Nii-sama’s hug pillow one more little smooch, then headed to the living room where my mother and Nee-sama were.

 Additional Information. May not be necessary for those who follow Twitter.

 - Super Mary Sisters

 A game where you control the main character Hagetoru/sister and Shumi/little sister to help Aqua-oneesama from the great monster Yukari-gon.

 When you clear the game, you can use the hidden character Donkey Gorikawa.

 - Fight An*l Fantasy/also known as “FiFan”

 Beryl, with the full support of all sponsors and the complete cooperation of the Japanese government, established the city of Beryl in Wonderland.

 The Holy Aqua Religion rules the Shirogane Kingdom for Aqua, seeking to eliminate those who do not understand the beliefs of the main god, Shirogane Aqua, from the world.

 The influential big sister faction has expanded to engulf the entire nation of Japan, and the Holy Aqua Religion has built the Shirogane Kingdom to protect Aqua’s purity (butt).

 In other words, while ensuring the purity of Aqua is maintained, the followers themselves dedicate their own purity to Aqua.

 To put it simply, it’s a game where Aqua protects his own purity while protecting the heroines’ purity. Also, the first appearing Gobukawa is incredibly strong.

 - Dramatic Ero Tomania / Commonly Known as Dragon Quest

 It’s a game where you encounter these cheeky and naughty slimes that seem to have a thing for melting clothes.

 If you recruit a slime called Emirin with tentacles extending from below, she will use recovery magic to restore the women’s HP/s*x points and MP/p**sy points! However, every time it heals them, Emirin ends up doing naughty things with its tentacles.

 Because of budget limitations and Hagetoru’s financial situation, the hero BERYL’s group could only create Hero Aqua and those two. Since the budget was low, Toa-chan ended up being a girl, but that’s okay. Yeah, it’s okay.

 When staying at the inn after rescuing the princess/Shumi, Pegonia, the innkeeper, remarks, “Last night must have been enjoyable, wasn’t it?”

 Then, after staying at the inn, when returning the princess to Queen Mary, responsibility is immediately placed on you.

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