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Volume 12 Chapter 53 Natsuki Sana, The Best Graduation Ceremony

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 The day of the graduation ceremony has arrived.

 As I think that the enjoyable high school life will come to an end today, various memories come to mind and I feel sentimental.

 These three years have been truly eventful, but among them, the last year was a very intense time.

 Shirogane Aqua.

 It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of this country has changed significantly since he appeared.

 Men who were influenced by idol Shirogane Aqua showed a willingness to approach women, accelerating social progress. On the other hand, women also reevaluated their own actions and behaviors, leading to a significant decrease in s*xual crime incidents involving men.

 Additionally, thanks to Beryl’s activities, the Japanese economy has accelerated significantly, and thanks to Kokucho Agewa-san’s strategy and Kukuri-chan’s surprising declaration, the corruption in this country has been completely eradicated. As a result, there are no obstacles to Prime Minister Habu’s political activities and the accompanying major reforms. Undoubtedly, this country is evolving in the present tense.

 Whether that’s right or wrong is up to the people who come after.

 So, whether this action is correct or not, no one knows yet. Nevertheless, everyone feels that now is the time.

 Many adults, including my mother, feel a strong sense of anticipation for the future that this country is aiming for. So, well, my mother worked hard enough for Sana-chan to proudly say that it was good to be born in this country when she has children and grandchildren.

 That’s what my mom said with a smile.

 ”Is Sana-chan nervous?”

 I turn in the direction where I was called.

 ”No way. I’m actually excited for the final event of high school.”

 ”Hehe, I see.”

 Ui, as always, had a calm smile on her face as she looked at me.

 Sakura Ui. She will be attending the same university in Otomezaki as me even after graduating from high school.

 I will join the Faculty of Policy Management to effectively convey what my mom did to future children who will be able to do it someday, but I heard that Ui will join the Faculty of Literature.

 While many people, like Ui and me, choose university internally, there are also others, like another friend of mine, who choose not to pursue university internally.

 ”Ruuna, your head is wobbling.”


 Was she sleeping while standing?

 I heard Ruuna will become a maid in the Shirogane family after graduating.

 It seems Ruuna is already working as a trainee in the Shirogane family, but to sleep at a time like this, the work must be really tough. Looking at how busy Aqua-kun is, being a maid in the Shirogane family must be a challenging work environment.

 ”Yesterday, I was customizing ‘Variant (Valoran)’ with Mikoto-chan and Rin-chan until late at night, so I’m sleepy…”

 I almost fell over at Ruuna’s words.

 Variant is a popular tactical FPS game where you fight in teams of 5v5. According to Ruuna, last night they had an intense match until late at night with Kanon-san’s team and Pegonia-san’s maid team.

 ”Ruuna was on the same team as Rin-chan, Mikoto-chan, Rinon-san, and Pegonia-san, and the opponents were Kanon-san, Emily-san, Kotono-san, Yui-san, and Hakuryuu-sensei.”

 Wow, really?

 Huh? So Kanon-san and Kotono-san were incredibly strong, and Emily-san was really intimidating, but thanks to Pegonia-san, who completely traced Kanon-san’s thinking, and Rinon-san, who excelled as a sniper, and Rin-chan’s Jet Stream character combo attack, and Mikoto-chan’s super precise shooting skills like a cheetah, they managed to fight on equal terms?

 Hmm, well, it sounds interesting to us outsiders, so she’d love for it to be streamed.

 ”Wasn’t that just playing around?”

 ”No. It was like Pegonia-san and Kanon-san were discussing whether to dress up the super-sized Aqua-kun doll in the living room in a maid outfit or a sailor uniform during Aqua-kun’s absence for spring break, and it ended up being settled through a game. The rest of us, including me, just got caught up in it.”

 Ridicilous! It’s silly, but I thought Aqua-kun’s house always seemed fun.

 ”Oh, but I remember Emily-san saying something about being n*ked and getting grabbed by Kotono-san… Maybe it was just my imagination?”

 ”Yes, that was just Ruuna being half-asleep.”

 ”Yeah, yeah, I was probably just sleepy and feeling groggy.”

 As we exchanged glances, Ui and I chuckled awkwardly.

 No way, right? There’s no chance that Emily-san would be n*ked and say something weird like that.

 ”Hey, you guys, it’s about to start! Please quiet down and line up!”


 Oh, is it already that time?

 We hurriedly lined up again.

 ’Graduating students, please enter!’

 After the opening remarks, I entered the graduation ceremony venue with my fellow classmates whom I had studied with all this time.

 On the way, I briefly glanced towards the parents’ seats.

 Yeah, they didn’t come after all.

 Well, that makes sense. Both of them are currently abroad, so it’s normal that they’re not here.

 My mom, one of them, Habu Chiyoko, is the Prime Minister of this country, and the other one, Natsuki Meika, is a doctor.

 I heard that Prime Minister Habu is in the Nordic Federation Republic for diplomatic reasons, and Meika is in the Eastern European Republic Federation where the political situation is unstable. So, it’s natural that neither of them can come to today’s graduation ceremony. But for me, it’s always like this.

 If I say I’m not lonely, it would be a lie, but as a daughter, I’m very proud of the work both of them are doing.

 ’National Anthem’

 While singing the national anthem with a loud voice, I think of my mother.

 She used to say that she wants to create a country that as many citizens as possible can love, a country that they can be proud of.

 Mom, even if what you’re trying to do is wrong, I’m really proud of you for taking action to make it better.

 There may be many people who say whatever they want around me, but it’s always the ones who have the courage to take a step forward that achieve something. Aqua-kun taught me that.

 When Aqua-kun sang the national anthem at the World Soccer Tournament, I cried because I felt that what mom was doing was connected to that moment. Because I had that experience, I sang the national anthem with my thoughts and pride.

 ’School Song’

 Otomezaki consistently adopts the same school song. In other words, students from elementary, middle, high school, and university all sing the same school song.

 This is also the case for Mary, St. Claris, and the troubled Hinomoto.

 Among them, Mary’s school song singing is remarkable. It has become a tradition for alumni to participate in the graduation ceremony and sing the school song together. Moreover, it seems that alumni discreetly bring their children and grandchildren to the graduation ceremony to show them the scenery and subtly encourage them to enroll in Mary as well.

 I have never participated because I can’t let my relationship with the future heir to Mom, be revealed, but I’ve always wanted to see it at least once.

 ’Speech from the Principal’

 When the principal climbs up to the stage, we slowly gaze at everyone’s faces.

 ’Congratulations to all the graduates. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for choosing our school, enrolling, and graduating from it. Although there are many things I want to say, I hope you will allow me to say just a few words.’

 The principal cleared her throat and looked at our faces intently as she spoke with increasing intensity.

 ’If you get lost, don’t hesitate to come to school! It’s not something that can be resolved with just words like determination and responsibility. We’ve spent so much time together, experiencing the same moments. What would you do if you had a friend in trouble? It’s the same thing. So when you’re in trouble, please never hesitate to seek help. Even adults face many situations where they can’t handle things on their own. Yet somehow, we manage to get through them. But I truly believe that if we can come together and support each other even more, our country will become a better place. So please allow me to be there for you when you’re struggling. That’s all from me. Congratulations once again to all the graduates!’

 I thought she was still a hot person. Our principal is a Mary graduate, and there are a lot of passionate people among Mary graduates.

 Otomezaki is similar to Mary in that regard, but it’s a school that is not afraid of change, more forward-thinking.

 I considered going to Mary like my mom, but I was drawn to Otomezaki because of that aspect.

 ’Now, next up, we have a congratulatory message from one of our current students.’


 Huh!? The whole venue erupts with his voice.

 Normally, the farewell speech is given by the student council president. So, I thought Natalia would do it, and everyone else thought the same. But why Aqua-kun…? When I shift my gaze towards Natalia, she has a triumphant look on her face.

 Well, this is unexpected. Everyone’s cheeks loosen up with joy, a pleasant surprise indeed.

 ’I was about to say that it’s still chilly… but today, it’s warmer than I thought.’

 Hahaha! Everyone bursts into laughter at Aqua-kun’s speech.

 If it were Otomezaki or Mary, the teachers might scold him, but in Otomezaki’s graduation ceremony, the focus is on the graduates themselves. As long as the graduates don’t complain, anything goes.

 Therefore, the curriculum for Otomezaki’s graduation day is also decided through discussions between current students and graduates selected as representatives. This freedom, unbound by conventions, is one of the great aspects of this school.

 ’Congratulations to all the graduates. On behalf of all the current students, we sincerely congratulate you.’

 Aqua-kun looked around at all of us and folded the farewell speech he was holding, putting it back in his pocket.

 Oh well, you didn’t have to do that. I mean, none of us were really listening from the beginning.

 ’Now, enough with the formal greetings. I have one final question for all senpais. How was your high school life?’

 ”It was fun!”

 I immediately raised my voice. And everyone else followed with “It was fun” as well. Voices expressing relief that we were able to graduate filled the air.

 ”I was stressed until the very end because my grades were borderline!”

 ’Don’t worry. I was also pretty close to the edge!’


 Hahaha, everyone burst into laughter at Sugita-sensei’s retort.

 Aqua-kun says things like that, but I think he’s fine because he usually scores around 80% on tests.

 However, Otomezaki’s grades are the average, so Mayuzumi-kun might be in a bit of a pinch.

 Well, as long as it’s not below 50 points, it’s not a failing grade, and Mayuzumi-kun is averaging around 70%, so I think he’ll be fine.

 Well…come to think of it, there’s no such thing as repeating a year for boys, so they should be fine. When I consider that, BERYL’s three members, who attend classes and take tests seriously, are amazing, but because they act so normal, it’s easy for our common sense to get distorted.

 ’I am glad that I entered this school. It’s not just because I met good friends, classmates, and my homeroom teacher, Sugita-sensei. It’s also thanks to all senpais who have already graduated from Otomezaki, the upperclassmen in the third and second years, and the local community and teachers who support them, all of whom have helped create a wonderful school called Otomezaki.’

 As Aqua-kun speaks, the guest graduates shed tears.

 Otomezaki has recently become known as the New Three Noble Families (Gosanke) schools. There must have been many hardships that cannot be expressed in words until then. And now, Aqua-kun is giving a farewell speech, with Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun attending the graduation ceremony.

 Moreover, today all the other boys are attending the graduation ceremony.

 I look at the two male students in the same class and the boys in Class 2A.

 They were absent from school for a long time, but they started coming to school from December. It seems that they wanted to go to school after seeing the boys, the three of them from BERYL, enjoying theirselves on the cultural festival of Otomezaki, which was broadcasted on TV by Morikawa-san.

 Otomezaki actively accepts male students with special circ*mstances, such as boys with emotional scars like Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun who studied abroad to escape from the Kokucho main family, and Aqua-kun who lost his memory.

 Because of that, the teachers who had been patiently discussing with the male students for three years and preparing for their arrival were greatly delighted. I am also happy that it was rewarded in this way.

 ’To the student council president Natalia, I was asked to give a farewell speech, but to be honest, I don’t really like the word “farewell”. Sure, everyone might be leaving this school after graduation. But even after graduation, the seniors will always be irreplaceable to us at Otomezaki. So I won’t say goodbye on purpose. Let’s continue to learn, live, and work together under the same sky!! We will always be together under the name of Otomezaki!!’

 Hahaha! As expected of Aqua-kun.

 All the gloominess just disappeared somewhere.

 ”That’s great!”

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you!”

 ”Aqua-sama, don’t forget about us!”

 ”Shirogane, why do you talk so much and yet you have the lowest score in Japanese!”

 Hahahahaha! With the final comment from Sugita-sensei, everyone in the venue burst into laughter.

 Hey, isn’t graduation supposed to be more sentimental? Why are they making us laugh so much at the very end?

 ’Whoa, Sugita-sensei says it’s a no-go. Let me look cool here!’

 Aqua-kun let out a deliberate cough and smiled at us.

 ’With these words, I’d like to conclude my words of appreciation and encouragement! Once again, to all the graduates, congratulations on your graduation!! Representing the current students, Class 1A, Shirogane Aqua.’

 The entire venue erupted with loud applause.

 I stood up from my seat and slowly made my way to the stage.

 It’s my turn next. I passed by Aqua-kun at the stairs.

 ”Summer King. Look over there.”


 I turned around to look where Aqua-kun was pointing.

 And there, my two moms were sitting.

 Huh? Why? I was surprised and stood frozen in place.

 ”Actually, I was told by the Prime Minister to buy time because she’s bringing her wife back on a charter flight.”

 Oh… Mom, are you really okay with this?

 If they come to a place like this, they might find out that I’m their hidden child. Why would they do that?

 Aqua-kun, who was next to me, whispered in my ear and answered my question.

 ”Because there’s no need to hide anymore.”

 I see, since the Kokucho main family and the aristocracy have been dismantled, and I also entered Beryl after graduating from high school, it has become more difficult for others to interfere with me. So Mom doesn’t have to hide me anymore.

 If that’s the case, does it mean that from now on, we can go out and have fun together as mothers and daughter, go shopping, and things like that? I know Moms are busy, so I think it might be difficult, but just knowing that there’s a possibility like that makes me really happy.

 ”Thank you, Aqua-kun.”

 ”No, I didn’t do anything this time, so it’s fine.”

 That’s not true. Back then, you solved the problem with the Kokucho family, and that’s why they’re here now.

 Of course, that’s not the only reason. You could have condemned the Kokucho family, but you reached out to Agewa-san and said thank you. There’s probably no one else in this world who can do something like that.

 That’s why everyone has been saved by you. Including me…

 ”Ah, and also, you really suit the short hair style of Summer King.”

 ”Geez, you shouldn’t say things like that here!”

 After giving Aqua-kun a retort, I touch my own shorter hair, feeling a bit embarrassed.

 When I appeared as a guest on the first episode of Mayuzumi-kun’s drama, the character I played had a scene where the culprit cut her hair.

 The director said it would be fine with a wig or something, but I thought it would be more realistic to actually cut my hair, so I suggested it myself.

 ”Haha, did it help you switch your feelings a bit?”

 ”Ah… yeah”

 Just a moment ago, I was so happy that I was about to cry, but before I knew it, the tears had receded and a smile was overflowing.

 Ahhhh! Really! That’s the kind of person Aqua-kun is. Yeah. I… I like that about Aqua-kun.

 ”Good luck.”


 I put the prepared manuscript in my pocket and stepped up to the stage alone.

 I don’t need this anymore.

 ’Graduation Speech, Class 3A, Former Student Council President, Natsuki Sana.’


 I raised and lowered my hand, then stood in front of the microphone and looked at everyone’s faces.

 ’Thank you.’

 The first words that came out were words of gratitude.

 ’To all of my classmates who have shared school life with me, and to the second and first-year students, the teachers who guided us, the parents who watched over us, the community members, and to all the graduating students who have built this wonderful school, I want to express my gratitude. Thank you.’

 Mom Chiyoko, who is easily moved to tears, had already taken out a handkerchief and was crying.

 Stop it. If I see that, my tears that had just receded will come back.

 ’And thank you for the three years I was able to enjoy learning here. Thank you for the safe journey. Thank you to the current students who planned today’s graduation ceremony, the representative group of graduating students. Thank you to everyone who attended today, including the boys. I had a lot of things I wanted to say, but from the moment I stepped up here, I have nothing but gratitude. So, thank you.’

 Ah, I was really thinking about a lot of things, but now it’s all mixed up.

 Because of Mom’s fuss, I ended up crying too, geez! I can’t stop now, can I?

 What should I do about this?

 ”Natsuki-san, don’t cry!”

 ”Senpai, do your best!”

 ”Former president, thank you too!”

 ”I had fun too. Thank you!”

 Don’t cry, but they’re definitely trying to make me cry!!

 ”Even though it was brief, we had a lot of fun. I wish we could have come earlier!”

 A male classmate who gathered his courage raised his voice.

 ”I had fun meeting you guys too! Thank you!”

 The teachers followed the homeroom teacher’s words.

 ”Thank you for showing us this wonderful graduation ceremony!”

 ”Thank you for being alive until now!”

 Words of gratitude also came from the guests and parents.

 Ah, how warm it is. I’m really glad I came to Otomezaki.

 At the same time, thinking that I’m graduating today, tears are about to fall again.

 ”Smile. Summer King!”

 Everyone turned their gaze to Aqua-kun’s voice.

 ”Because the cutest thing about Summer King is her smile. Show us a bright and cheerful smile like the summer sun!”

 Ah, I get it. If I’m told that, there’s no choice but to smile, right?

 Because when the coolest boy in the world, no, the boy I love the most in the world tells me that, there’s no other option but to smile. So keep your eyes wide open and look closely, Summer King.

 With this smile of mine, I will definitely capture his heart. Not as a game, but as the real Shirogane Aqua.

 ’With this, I would like to conclude my words. Thank you everyone! Representing the graduating class, 3rd year Class A, Natsuki Sana.’

 A big round of applause and cheers echoed back.

 I walked through the crowd and returned to my seat.

 ’Now, let’s move on to the presentation of graduation certificates. Please come up to the stage in the order your names are called and respond.’

 Principal handed out graduation certificates to each person one by one.

 Ruuna, Ui… and then it was my turn.

 ”Congratulations on your graduation. Natsuki-san, as my final words of gratitude, I was truly happy. Thank you.”

 I smiled awkwardly at Principal-san and took my graduation certificate, then returned to my seat.

 The distribution of graduation certificates continued smoothly.

 Now, it’s time for the closing remarks and the ceremony will come to an end.

 Many of us, including myself, thought so.

 ”Now, we would like to present a graduation song by three current students, Shirogane Aqua-san, Nekoyama Toa-san, and Mayuzumi Shintaro-san!”

 Wow! The entire venue was filled with excitement for Aqua-kun and the others’ surprise live performance.

 Students, teachers, guests, and parents, everyone was caught up in the lively performance.

 Especially the final song, “Shikiori (Season by Season)” sung by everyone, was incredibly thrilling.



 After the graduation ceremony, I hugged Natalia with a big smile.

 ”Thanks for the awesome graduation ceremony!”

 ”No, thank you for taking care of me, Natsuki-senpai.”

 I hugged the other student council members with joy.

 Thanks so much, everyone!!

 ”Natsuki-senpai, I’m really sorry about Aqua.”

 Kanon-san approached me with an apologetic look.

 It’s okay, don’t worry so much. It’s always like this for Aqua-kun, right?


 ”Thanks for coming, Mommy Chiyoko.”

 ”You looked great, Sana”

 ”Thanks for coming, Mommy Meika!”

 I hugged my parents with joy.

 It was a little embarrassing, but even more than that, it was so happy.

 ”All right! Let’s all go to the celebration together!!”

 Aqua-kun, wearing a sash with the words “Today’s Party Chief,” called out to everyone in a loud voice.

 Apparently, everyone with free time is going to the hotel’s banquet hall.

 Looking towards the schoolyard, I saw several buses parked there.

 Huh? Aqua-kun’s treat? As bold as ever, doing things.

 ”Yay! It’s Aqua-kun’s treat!”

 ”Why are you more excited than your daughter?”

 Hehe, Mommy Meika is right.

 If you get too excited, you’ll end up apologizing again!

 I boarded the bus with my two moms, laughing, and headed to the venue.

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