Male Idol V12c58

Volume 12 Chapter 58 Shirogane Kanon, Friends Are Important, Absolutely

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 It has been three days since Aqua embarked on his journey on Stars.

 Even though it hasn’t even been a week, the house without Aqua feels a little lonely, and I find myself restless on his bed at night…

 ”Seriously, what are you making me say!”

 I pout my cheeks and glare at Pegonia, who whispers into my ear without my consent.

 ”Aren’t you feeling lonely, Miss? Emily-sama, who seems to enjoy all the commotion, is not here, and Pegonia is a little worried about you.”

 ”If you ask me whether I feel lonely or not, I do feel lonely. But you know, Pegonia, Kaede-senpai, Ruuna-senpai, Miyamochi-sensei, Yui-san, Nee-san are here, and even Hakuryuu-sensei comes to check on me. Grandmother is nearby, and Kokona-chan, Lisa-chan, and Urucha-chan come to visit. So, it’s alright.”

 To be honest, it’s lonely without Aqua.

 But Aqua has added more people around me so that I don’t feel lonely.

 Kohina-senpai, Ayana-chan, Lapis-chan, everyone from the Shirogane family, and my little sister Hermie, they all worry about me and come to see how I’m doing. So I can confidently say that I’m fine.

 ”Hehe, Miss is loved, isn’t she?”


 To be loved… I wonder.

 When I was at Stars, I was still a child, so I didn’t know that being loved could turn into poison.

 Before I knew it, my relationship with my big sister became strained, and when I realized it, it was already too late.

 Even though I married Aqua and left the royal family, I left Stars, my relationship with my big sister remains the same as that day.

 When I got pregnant, I didn’t know what to do, so I could only send cold emails…

 ”Miss, is something the matter?”

 I am startled when Pegonia calls my name.

 Oh no, I mustn’t let Pegonia worry. I quickly switch my emotions and compose myself.

 ”Hehe, it’s nothing. I was just reminiscing about the past and got a bit sentimental, that’s all.”

 I put on a smile for Pegonia, disguising my true emotions.

 ”Well then, for lunch today, would you like to have some udon and reminisce about Master?”

 ”Yes, that sounds like a good idea.”

 Udon, huh? I gaze into the distance for a moment.

 Even in the faraway Stars, everyone was in shock when Aqua caused the Udon Impact news.

 Kaede-senpai mentioned it on the morning news program, but it seems that there is now an unprecedented udon boom in Stars. It’s been so long since I last felt flustered, and I can’t believe how quickly things can change, even in just one day, despite the advancements in social media.

 ”Alright, shall we go to the living room? I don’t want to keep you waiting for too long.”


 Together with Pegonia, I leave my room and head towards the living room.

 As we enter the living room, we see Lapis-chan and Ayana-chan sitting on the sofa, munching on rice crackers.

 ”Oh, Kanon sister-in-law. Are you okay?”


 ”I wiped up the spilled drink, just in case.”

 ”Thank you both. I’m sorry for making you wait because I spilled the drink on my clothes.”

 ”It’s no big deal. Compared to our two, it’s nothing…haha.”

 Ayana-chan says this with a distant look in her eyes.

 Aqua has been gone for three days, I wonder if something happened to Ayana-chan too?

 ”Oh, it looks like it’s about time.”

 ”Already? I’m so excited.”


 Today is the day of Corolle’s runway show.

 I invited the two of them to my house to watch Aqua’s show together.

 ’Well, the Corolle runway show is about to begin. Well, I’m looking forward to it, announcer Morikawa-san.’

 ’Yes! Actually, I wanted to go there too, but I realized that I had forgotten my passport at the airport. Ahaha…. Announcer Onidzuka, who had come with me to see me off, flew to Stars instead of me.’

 When me, Lapis-chan, and Ayana-chan looked at each other, we had indescribably sad expressions on our faces.

 Onizuka-san, I couldn’t help but think that she must have taken her passport with herm to the airport just in case. National Broadcaster should give a special bonus not only to Kaede-senpai, but also to Onidzuka-san. Yeah…



 Announcer Onidzuka’s voice caused Kaede-senpai to disappear from the screen.

 What are you doing?

 ’You fool, I’m not angry. If anything, this time I feel like I’m getting a special treatment.’


 ’Nevertheless, the fact remains that you messed up and I covered for you, so when you get back, you owe me a bowl of Gyudon!’

 ’Onidzuka-senpai, thank you so much!’

 Wow, what a great senpai to forgive her with just a bowl of Gyudon.

 Onidzuka-san, I’m really sorry. And it’s not okay to say that during a live broadcast, Kaede-senpai!

 ’So, I’m currently at the venue where Corolle’s runway show is taking place! It’s about to start, so please enjoy the scene when Shirogane Aqua-san appears on stage a little later.’

 The screen switched, and Aqua walking the red carpet after getting out of the car was displayed.

 He looks energetic. Seeing Aqua, I breathe a sigh of relief.

 ’Kya! It’s here! ‘

 ’Aqua-sama! Look this way! ‘

 ’Please, marry me! ‘

 ’Hold me just once! ‘

 Aqua passed through the fans on both sides of the red carpet and headed towards the venue.

 It’s unusual for Aqua, who cares about his fans, not to support his fans. Some media outlets have reported that he did not perform fanservice at the hotel due to security issues, but I wonder if he were asked to stop due to security issues this time as well.

 Aqua steps into the entrance of the venue and turns around.

 ’Oh my god, that’s a lie’

 The crowd of fans cheered as Aqua stuck out his tongue.

 Hmm, he does something like Toa-chan.

 It made me relaxed. People around me gave me the dishonorable name of being a Ponami, but I won’t be a Ponami forever either. As expected. “I’m used to it,” I say, picking up the teacup with an elegant gesture.

 ’Or… was it a reward for you guys to ignore it like last time?’


 Ayana-chan and I saw Aqua with a mischievous grin, and Lapis-chan dropped what she was holding. That was close! We were about to get into a situation where we’d have to change our clothes again.

 Geez, Aqua! Sometimes, he shows a new side like that and messes with our preferences. It’s tough for those of us who aren’t on guard, you know!

 Especially for Stars’ girl, since many of them are still inexperienced and easily get flustered, so I think it’s tough for all the young girls.

 ’Th-this is…!’

 ’Are you toying with us!?

 ’I see, so this is what they call teasing play.’

 ’Ugh… I’m being trained by a man!?

 Aqua is really good at this kind of thing.

 By using what happened last time to his advantage, he turned it into fan service.

 Even though Aqua might not have wanted to do that kind of fan service, I think he said it for all the fans who couldn’t do anything at that time.

 By now, all the fans who were crowded last time might be having a tough time with the idea of being ignored as fan service. Lapis-chan, who interacts with Aqua more than anyone, completely froze.

 Now, Aqua goes back to the starting point and shakes hands with the fans, signs autographs, and takes pictures.

 ’Well, it was the same as always, huh?’

 ’Unlike us, the Stars folks still aren’t used to Shirogane Aqua-san.’

 ’Well, even if they get used to it, there’s no way to prepare for it, and they won’t develop any immunity.’

 ’Hahaha, that’s so relatable, right?’

 Hahaha… dry laughter echoed inside and outside the TV.

 I was going to make a retort like “Don’t worry, marriage won’t change anything,” but I felt like it would make me incredibly empty inside, and it seemed like people around me would look at me with sad eyes, so I decided not to.

 ’Oh, there’s an announcement. Looks like it’s about to start.’

 ’Yes. Well then, everyone, please enjoy the show footage for a while.’

 As the footage switched to the front camera and the music started playing, the runway show began.

 Who will come out first? Aqua, maybe? Or perhaps Charlie-kun who appeared last time?

 Everyone’s anticipation was building.

 Among them, I widened my eyes when I saw the person who took the lead.


 I was so surprised that I got up from the couch.


 I was surprised that Emily-senpai appeared on the runway, but she was wearing a men’s suit.

 Emily-senpai looked so beautiful in a men’s suit that she looked like a prince.

 ””Emily-san is so cool…””

 Ayana-chan and Lapis-chan stare at the screen with blank faces.

 Yes, I understand exactly how you two feel. Even I, who am used to seeing Emily-senpai on a regular basis, was surprised.

 ”I mean, why is Emily-senpai here!?”

 What could have happened to make that happen?

 ”Did she get scouted locally?”

 ”It seems possible for Emily-san.”

 ”I predicted this would happen from the moment Miss asked Emily-sama to accompany Master.”

 Then stop it!! No, I didn’t do anything wrong this time, so there’s no need to stop…

 I’ve been too quick to assume that Emily-senpai is up to no good. I need to reflect on that.

 ”Oh, there’s Kuga Reira-san. She gives off a beautiful, mature older sister vibe.”

 ”Yeah, she’s tall, has a good figure, and it’s no wonder she looks good in action scenes.”


 By the way, I heard that this time’s movie will co-star with Reira-san.

 Reira-san, like Emily-senpai, was cross-dressing, and it really suited her.

 Following that, famous models, influencers, and actresses from Stars will also show off their splendid cross-dressing appearance.

 ”Aqua is not showing up much.”

 ”Is there some trouble with Nii-sama?”

 ”Actually, it’s more likely that Master is causing trouble, isn’t it?”

 Hmm, I think it’ll be alright, but I’m getting a little worried.

 And Pegonia. Everyone is thinking that, but you shouldn’t say it out loud. Geez!

 ”Oh, everyone’s coming out.”

 ”Huh? Is it over already?”

 ”What about Aqua!?”

 As we opened our mouths and stared in disbelief, the models who were part of the show came out, splitting into left and right.

 They turned their backs to the audience and kneeled down. Ah… Aqua is coming out.

 Me, Lapis, and Ayana-chan all felt Aqua’s presence and leaned forward.




 The moment Aqua came out, all of us who were staring at the screen let out a silly voice in unison.

 It’s no wonder we were surprised.

 It’s because Aqua, instead of being a man, came out wearing a women’s dress for the show.

 We know the greatness of Aqua cross-dressing, but the Stars people don’t have that experience.

 Now, a few people stumbled and nearly fell, but the people nearby supported them to prevent the show from being canceled.

 ”Hehehe… You’re really going for it, huh?”

 Pegonia’s eyes sparkled.

 Come to think of it, Pegonia is the one who sparked Aqua-oneesama’s transformation.

 Pegonia has an extraordinary enthusiasm for making Aqua crossdress, to the point where it’s quite amusing.

 ”N-Nii-sama… I mean, Nee-sama. You look absolutely beautiful.”

 Lapis-chan’s eyes shimmered as she looked at Aqua in his feminine attire.

 No one points it out, but Lapis-chan is still in middle school.

 I wonder if it’s okay to expose her to Aqua during this sensitive time.

 Well, it’s already too late for all that. Namu~.

 ”He looks like a work of art…”

 Ayana-chan sighed as she watched Aqua, who had become a princess, and Emily-senpai, who was escorting him.

 I get it. These two have an incredible synergy, not just in appearance but also in the aura that emanates from within.

 It’s completely different from the two who ogle at my breasts and say, “Guhehe”.

 ”Oh, I see! So, this show is about a gender role reversal, right? Well… it seems like it’s not exactly that. Now, people wearing women’s clothing have appeared.”

 Ah! It’s true!! Led by Reira-san, a group of women wearing dresses appear on the runway.

 And in their place, Aqua and Emily-senpai, along with the male models dressed as women, step back.

 ”Oh, the women who were just dressed as men are now wearing women’s clothes.”

 ”Does this mean there are both men’s Corolle Homme and women’s Corolle on stage?”

 ”Maybe that’s not the case?”

 Ah, now Emily-senpai, wearing a dress, is coming out.

 The dress emphasizes her feminine body lines, and even as a woman, it makes my heart race with its allure.

 ”Phew… she stands out even among the foreign models.”

 ”Emily-oneesan, you’re beautiful… like a real princess.”

 It’s really beautiful when she doesn’t say unnecessary things and remain silent like a doll, isn’t it?

 Well, she’s Emily-senpai because she doesn’t shut up and does unnecessary things…




 And now, from behind, Aqua appears in men’s clothing.

 I see, now it’s the opposite.

 Aqua walks slowly on the runway, escorting Emily-senpai.

 Meanwhile, the models who have appeared so far form pairs, with one dressed in men’s clothing and the other in women’s clothing, splitting to the left and right.

 ”Oh, the line that was in the center of the runway disappeared.”

 ”I see, so the theme was borderless.”

 Let’s enjoy fashion regardless of gender.

 Perhaps this was the theme of Corolle.

 When we delve into the history of cross-dressing for men, it started as a means of self-defense.

 There is also a history of women turning to men’s clothing because of the scarcity of men.

 I understood that this Corolle show was done because of the deliberate timing of the changing world, with the hope that everyone would enjoy their favorite fashion.

 Ah, John-san is truly a genius, no, he is the understanding person for BERYL and Aqua.

 ”Ah, John-san has appeared!”

 In response to the standing ovation from the audience, John-san showed a bashful face.

 We also applaud John-san through the television.

 ’Oh man, that was amazing. I wonder if Announcer Onidzuka, who was there in person, was also blown away?’

 ’Yeah, I was surprised by Shirogane Aqua-san’s cross-dressing appearance, but I was also shocked by Yukishiro Emily-san’s male disguise. Six months ago, Announcer Morikawa mentioned that the atmosphere was incredible, and now I finally understand what you meant by those words. I was watching from the front, but the atmosphere and pressure were completely different when they approached. It’s like the air was trembling. This is what Shirogane Aqua and Yukishiro Emily are like… I’ve met Yukishiro Mikuni-sama before, and it was exactly the same as that time.’

 Ah, yeah. I’m glad that announcer Onizuka-san went to the scene, or rather, I thought it was a good idea to let Onizuka-san go there from the beginning.

 If this was Kaede-senpai, I feel like she would have just said “amazing”.

 ’Thank you, Announcer Onizuka. Now, let’s watch that scene one more time.’

 The video changes and a scene featuring Emily-senpai, Aqua, and Reira-san appears.

 Onizuka-san was probably on stage during this time.

 Ah, the video is back.

 ’Then I’d like to do an interview with you now. I’m not the announcer Morikawa, so I’m sorry if that’s not possible.’

 While saying such things, announcer Onizuka-san pushes away the Stars media with her power and steps forward.

 Ah, I see, the local grading has already been completed.

 I remember Emily’s mother, Noel-san, revealing that Onizuka-san, who was naughty when she was young, was the same power type as Kaede-senpai, and her face turned red.

 ’Ah, Yukishiro Emily-san!’

 Emily-senpai, who was called out by Announcer Onidzuka, waved her hand with a troubled expression from afar.

 I wonder what’s wrong? She looks so overwhelmed just by standing there.

 Normally, she would come closer without hesitation, but this time she stood still without even a slight movement.

 I hope she’s okay. I’m worried that she might not be feeling well.

 ’Announcer Onidzuka’

 ’Ah, Shirogane Aqua-san. Are you okay for the interview?’


 Oh, Aqua approached Announcer Onidzuka.

 ’How was the runway show? I’d like to hear about your feelings when you were told to cross-dress.’

 ’Haha, I was surprised, but actually, I’ve cross-dressed before when I went on a date with Kanon for the first time, and also during the pre-festival event. So, the experience from those times came in handy. And the show was really fun. It felt like I was doing a musical, there was that kind of atmosphere.’

 Yeah, yeah, I get it.

 John’s outfit has this incredible elegance to it.

 It’s not just avant-garde, it also has this sophisticated and adult feel to it.

 ’And you know, I think everyone in Japan must have been really surprised when Yukishiro Emily-san appeared. I wonder why she ended up being in the show. Was it planned from the beginning?’

 ’No, you know what? I really have no idea either.’

 How can you not understand it either!?

 I thought Aqua would understand things that I don’t.

 ’Apparently, it was when Emily-san was slurping her udon noodles that it clicked for her. For me, she just looked like she was enjoying her udon noodles… John was even saying things like, “Is this our last supper?”‘

 John, you’re being totally deceived by appearances…

 Once you fall into the trap of that gap, there’s no coming back!!

 ’Oh, I see… So, can I get a final comment?’

 ’Hey, can I send a message to Kanon in Japan?’

 ’Of course! I was actually waiting for something like that!!’

 Hold on, hold on! What’s Announcer Onidzuka up to now!

 I’m all flustered, unable to prepare myself as I stare at Aqua’s face on TV.

 ’Kanon, are you doing well? I already miss you a little bit.’

 Ah… Aqua’s words warm my heart.

 Because, Aqua feels the same way as I do. It’s not just me who wants to meet.

 ’Kanon is a bit of a lonely person, so I wonder if she’s crying alone?’

 As expected, Aqua sees right through everything about me.

 ’So, to make sure Kanon doesn’t feel lonely, I sent a super, super speedy gift from Stars! It should arrive by evening, so look forward to it!’

 Wow, I’m so happy. I wonder what you will give me as a gift?

 Maybe some Stars snacks, a Stars book, or some small items?

 Hmm, whatever you give me, I’ll be happy as long as it’s from you.

 ”Congratulations, Kanon-san.”

 ”Congratulations, Kanon sister-in-law.”

 ”Thank you, Ayana-chan. Thank you, Lapis-chan.”

 I told them, “I’ll let you know later what I received,” and we disbanded for the day.

 It seems like both of them have work scheduled after this.

 As if on cue, Nee-san returned.

 ”Nee-san, are you okay? I know you’ve been busy lately, but don’t overdo it.”

 ”Yes. I was even told by the president that overtime is prohibited.”

 As expected of Ako-san, she knows that Nee-san tends to push herself too much, so she gave her a stern warning.

 I watched the recorded runway show together with Nee-san.

 She watched it at work, but she seemed to want to watch and discuss it with me.

 At times like this, when our hobbies align, the conversation really flows.

 Before I knew it, it was already evening.

 ”Oh, that’s the sound of the chime!”

 Maybe it’s a package from Aqua that has arrived.

 Since I wanted to receive it myself, I head to the entrance.

 With an excited feeling, I open the door and see a familiar face standing there.

 ”Hey there, I’m from the national broadcaster. Have you signed up for the reception fee?”

 ”No, I’m fine.”

 I respond with a smile and try to close the door as if nothing happened.

 But then, she forcefully wedge her foot in. Hey, that’s dangerous!

 ”Wait! It’s just a joke!! Don’t close it!”

 Kaede-senpai, there are jokes that make you laugh and jokes that aren’t funny in the world.

 The national broadcaster ensure that they can deliver information to all citizens in case of emergencies like disasters or wars. It’s strange to charge money for that, so they said they would stop collecting reception fees from next month.

 Instead, they will earn profits by selling high-quality runway footage or creating interesting programs and selling them. They will also accept anonymous donations to maintain fairness. It was explained in the powerful news program that even Morikawa Kaede’s gorilla could understand.

 When I explained that, Kaede-senpai had a surprised expression, as if she heard it for the first time. Huh? It was a joke, right? What were you listening to on your news program? Oh, I remember now. There was an unexpected issue, and you weren’t present for that episode.

 ”Starting now, I’ve been thinking…”

 Well, even if that’s the case, why wouldn’t the employee, especially Kaede-senpai, who is now called the ace of the national broadcaster, not know about it!?

 It’s really strange when you think about it normally! Ah, I can understand why Announcer Onidzuka is at a loss.

 ”Well, well, it’s no big deal here, so why not go inside?”

 ”Oh, yeah. Um, you know, I picked up someone downstairs earlier… Was that okay? They seemed hesitant to come in, so I just…”

 Picked up someone? Please don’t pick up people as if you’re picking up a stray cat.

 It’s probably Kohina-senpai or Kohina-senpai or Kohina-senpai, right? I’ll just open the entrance wide.


 I stand frozen as I look at the person standing diagonally behind Kaede-senpai.

 ”Big… sister? (Onee-sama).”

 Why is my sister here…?

 My head is in confusion due to this unexpected situation.

 ”It’s been a while…Kanon. I’m glad to see you’re doing well.”


 As I stand frozen, not knowing what to do, Kaede-senpai gives a forced cough.

 ”For now, what is this place? Shouldn’t both of you come inside?”

 ”Oh, yeah. That’s right.”

 ”I apologize for intruding.”

 Wow, Sister, your Japanese is good!

 When did… Oh, but considering the current situation in Japan, it’s probably better to be able to speak.

 Maybe she studied for when she become a queen in the future.



 The atmosphere is heavy…

 Both of us are frozen, not knowing what to say.

 Unable to bear the heaviness of the atmosphere, Kaede-senpai stood up to perform a skill, but immediately sat down when glared at by Nee-san.


 ”…So you’re pregnant. Congratulations.”

 ”T-thank you very much.”

 The conversation pauses again.

 Since my sister took the initiative to talk to me, I should make an effort this time.

 ”Sister… um, why are you here? Did you come for official business?”

 I wanted to ask her more questions, but I ended up asking something trivial.

 ”Official business. Yes, I had official business.”


 My sister lightly sips from her teacup and compliments the tea she brewed.

 ”Your husband and friend of yours, Aqua and Emily-senpai, made a deal with Mother.”

 Aqua and Emily-senpai?

 I exchange glances with Nee-san and Kaede-senpai.

 ”The two of them, along with Natalia and Kythera, will attend parties, meals, and events on my behalf during my absence. So they asked if I could take a spring break… I didn’t know what to do with three weeks of vacation. But then they told me that there was a charter plane returning to Japan, so I thought… well, I have no official business there anyway, so I might as well come. It’s not like I have anything else to do here.”


 Perhaps Aqua saw through the situation with my sister?

 Emily-senpai too… Both of them are incredibly insensitive, but they’re sensitive in these kinds of situations.

 When I say this, I can’t help but smile, thinking that Emily-senpai would probably say something silly like, “Yes, my n**ples are sensitive.”

 ”…But that’s a lie.”


 ”Half of it is true, but the other half is a lie.”

 My sister sighs as if resigned and gazes at me.

 ”…I wanted to talk to you, so I was selfish. I’m sorry. I must have been a bother.”

 ”That’s not true!”

 I stand up from the sofa.

 They must have noticed and left.

 Before I knew it, Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, and Pegonia had disappeared.

 ”I… I’ve always wanted to talk to my sister. Just the two of us, not in a place like that thorny place.”


 Sister gently embraced me as she stood up.

 ”I’m sorry. If I had been more capable, I wouldn’t have made you feel this way…”

 ”No, it’s not like that! It’s because I ran away and made things even more difficult for you…”

 ”No, it’s not your fault. You’re not at fault at all.”

 As I looked up at my sister’s face, I noticed tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

 ”I had actually planned to apologize to you and talk about the past when I met you, but seeing you now, I don’t really care about that anymore. Hey, tell me about your life now. How has it been since coming to Japan? Are you happy? How’s your health? Are you pushing yourself too hard?”

 ”Sister… I also want to hear about your life. Are you not doing well? Are you pushing yourself too hard?”

 I sat down on the same sofa as my sister.

 In that moment of peaceful time shared between the two of us, we talked a lot about each other.

 Just like when we were young.

 ”Speaking of which, your husband is really reckless. I didn’t know what to do when he cooked udon noodles in such a prestigious palace.”

 ”Haha, I’m really sorry. But it was delicious, right?”

 ”Yes, it was. I thought that someone who can cook such heartwarming dishes would surely make Kanon happy too.”


 In the middle of the conversation, she seemed to remember something and took out an envelope from her bag.

 ”By the way, I brought this letter for you…”

 I received four envelopes from sister.

 The sender is… all Emily-senpai? When I looked closely at the envelopes, it said to open them in alphabetical order.

 I wonder what’s going on? I opened the envelopes and took out the letter inside.

 [Dear Shirogane Kanon-sama, I am currently lying face down on your bed, burying my face in the pillow, and writing this letter while sniffing the scent of you when you were still a pure maiden at the Royal]

 ”Wait a minute!!”

 Can I throw this letter away now? Or rather, should I burn it?

 Why is Emily-senpai sneaking into my room in the first place?

 Eh? Maybe my homeland had monkeys as a security guard?

 ”Kanon… you should think about the friends you make.”


 Damn, I can’t say anything back.

 Actually, that’s not the case. Emily-senpai has a lot of good qualities. That’s what I wanted to say, but I was discouraged by Emily-senpai’s own letter.

 Geez, what is she really doing?

 I regained my composure and looked down at the letter again.

 [How are you feeling? You have a new life in your body, so don’t push yourself too hard.]


 [I also suffered from sudden abdominal pain the other day, and I thought that I might be pregnant, so I was overjoyed, but Aqua-sama and I haven’t done anything like that in the first place, so it’s normal. It was just a stomach ache. Apparently, the expired salad caused a stomach ache. I thought it would be okay if I poured vinegar on it, but organic vegetables have to be properly heat-treated. Ohoho]

 Hey, do you want to talk about this?

 And, there’s no expiration date or anything on the grass growing around here, and besides, just sprinkling vinegar on it won’t sterilize it, you know!!

 [Sorry for getting off track, but your sister seems to want to talk to you, so I’ll send you over there.]

 The important things aren’t written at all. Not a single important thing is written.

 I want to know how it got to be like this, you know, that’s the kind of story I want to hear!

 [By the way, if you’re struggling with the conversation with your sister, use what’s inside envelope B. Between women, when you’re troubled with conversation, this will surely help.]

 Emily-senpai… she really does think about me properly.

 Hehe, feeling happy, I give a slightly embarrassed smile, and open envelope B with a cheerful feeling.

 Huh? A book? I take out a book from the envelope.

 Hmm, let’s see…

 [The History of Stars Art]

 Wow, Emily-senpai, that’s quite a decent choice for you!

 Huh? What’s this sticky note? I flip through the pages with sticky notes.

 Wait, is this a nude painting?! And this sticky note here is of a male sculpture, too! Arghhh! I feel like slapping myself for being impressed just a moment ago.

 ”Kanon, you should think twice about the friends you go out with.”


 Huh? The letter still continues.

 [Also, I found a book that Kanon would like in Stars. I’ll put it in envelope C.]

 I hope it’s not something weird again.

 I cautiously open envelope C and peek inside.

 I hope this one is something normal!

 I slowly take out the book from the envelope while remaining cautious.

 [Pink Rose, Revised Edition]


 This is the revised Starz translation version! And is it the first edition with a obi?

 Yayyy! I’m so happy!!

 If it weren’t for my sister, I would’ve jumped up and shouted “Shumi-chan’s great victory!” with a victory pose.

 Hmm, I wonder where they were selling it. I glance back at Emily-senpai’s letter.

 It said that they found it when they bought that erotic book in the nearly collapsing backstreet bookstore. Did they really need to buy it while risking being crushed?

 Ughhh, Emily-senpai, you should have just gone with this kind of stuff from the beginning. We definitely didn’t need that erotic book…I mean, we didn’t need the art history book!

 [And I happened to find it while I was writing this letter, so I’ll send it along as well.]

 What’s this? Oh, this.

 I open the last envelope and take out the contents.

 [My beloved prince of roses, Kanon Stars Goshenite]

 I freeze as I look at the familiar black history notebook.

 [I found it in your room, so I sent it along. Of course, I wouldn’t send anything strange, so I made sure to check the contents thoroughly before sending it. It had the sweet scent of Royal Loli Kanon. Hehe!]

 Damn it, kill! Please kill me!!

 As I collapse onto the table, my sister looks at me with a wry smile.

 ”Hehe, Kanon, you should think carefully about the friends you keep.”

 Yes, big sister…

 I mutter while hanging my head.

* * *

 Meanwhile, at Stars…

 ”Ouch, my stomach hurts. If I take even one step, I feel like I’m going to leak…! I was an idiot for trying to taste the local grass…”

 There’s a beautiful woman who can’t move because of a stomachache, or so they say.

 ”Oh, my stomach, it hurts, ouch, ouch…”

 There’s someone nearby who’s also in pain, but in a different way, or so they say.

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