Male Idol V12c59

Volume 12 Chapter 59 Yukishiro Emily, Guided By The Light

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Stars War.

 This work is a science fiction story set in space.

 The universe is inhabited by numerous aliens and different races, each facing various problems.

 The Stars Knights, played by Aqua-sama and Kuga Reira-san, are set to mediate between different races in order to maintain peace in such a world.

 In this movie, it seems that the Stars Knights are fighting against a force that seeks to disrupt the system itself and plunge the world into chaos. I heard that many people in Japan are looking forward to its release in the summer, as it reportedly includes flashy action scenes that children and older siblings love, as well as romantic elements that appeal to girls.

 ’Hey, why don’t you ladies try appearing in the movie?’


 While casually eating Yakitori in a corner of the set, I was approached by an auntie eating Yakisoba next to me.

 Oh no, Auntie. It’s not that easy to just appear in a movie, you know!

 Besides, you don’t have the authority to do that, do you?

 ”Emily-san, that’s a bit…”

 Hm? What’s up, Natalia-san?

 Natalia-san, who was eating Egg Napolitan next to me, leans in close to my ear.

 ”This person is the director.”


 ”It’s Director Judy Walton.”

 No way, no way, the director wouldn’t eat a 400 yen Yakisoba, right?

 Huh? Her expression looks serious, but really…?

 ’You ladies just the perfect image that I was looking for. How about giving it a try? Just a little bit, okay? If it doesn’t work, it’s fine. Right?’

 Hey, this director is really pushy!!

 I’m fine with being assertive like Aqua-sama and taking the lead, but I’m weak when someone pushes me too much.

 Before I knew it, Natalia-san and I had stamped our seals on a mysterious contract and were being forced to wear costumes for the shoot.

 Well, if it’s come to this, I’ll do my best. Fortunately, the character I play, Amy Sexturns, doesn’t have that many lines. Natalia-san seems to have a harder time, so I need to support her…

 ’3 minutes later, the shooting will resume.’

 A tense atmosphere runs through the set.

 Looking at Natalia-san next to me, she lowers her eyes to the script, desperately trying to memorize her lines.

 I want to take over for her, but I think nobody else but Natalia-san can handle that role.

 Actually, I think the director asked me to join just to involve Natalia-san as a bonus.

 When it comes to the role in the Stars’ movie, there’s no one more suitable than Natalia-san.

 That’s how popular Kanon still is here at Stars.

 ’Wait, please!!’

 I turn to face Aqua-sama’s voice.

 It seems like the shooting has started.

 Aqua-sama, playing Urs Mayer, runs through the palace in Caserta, the filming location.

 ’Pant… Pant… Master Libra! What is the meaning of this!’

 Kuga Reira-san, who plays the role of Master Libra, turned around and smiled slightly.

 Um, if I remember correctly, Master Libra is the mentor of Urs Mayer, right?

 ’Urs… you’re going to stand on your own. Calm down a bit.’

 ’That’s the thing! Master Libra, there are still many things I want to learn from you. And yet, why…!’

 Every time I hear the name Urs, I can’t help but think of Kohina-paisen and my face becomes indescribable.

 I think this name Urs Mayer comes from the Urs Minor constellation.

 The director, who was moved by watching Kohina-paisen’s movie, Hara o Kiru (Commit Seppuku), took the name of the character she play from Koguma-senpai after learning that Aqua-sama is Kohina-paisen’s disciple. She told me while slurping yakisoba just now.

 ’Urs, I believe I have taught you everything I can.’

 ’But… I am still inexperienced.’

 ’Urs, life is long. I myself am still in the process of learning. From now on, you must think for yourself and become the person who guides.’

 The words of Kuga Reira-san carry a certain power. It’s strangely convincing. And this line, it sounded like she was saying it to herself rather than to Urs.

 Auntie Mikuni has been acting strange since January, so I wonder if something happened to both of them.


 Phew… I let out a sigh of relief.

 Being on set for filming is always nerve-wracking. I tried to lighten the mood with my usual jokes and dirty talk, but I just can’t bring myself to say those things right now.

 ’Now, let’s move on to the next scene. Natalia Rosenesta-san, can you please get ready?’


 Natalia-san is playing the role of Ponnue, the queen’s maid in the fallen kingdom… or so it seems. Actually, she is the real queen.

 I see, the people of this country really want Kanon to be their queen.

 Natalia-san has some similarities to Kanon, and I feel like there are many people on set who are following Kanon’s shadow through her.

 Are you guys sane? Kanon is Shumi the Maiden. She’s that useless (pon) girl! I thought, but wait, the queen’s name is ‘Ponnue’!? Director, could it be… are you in the same fandom (Bulletin board people) as us?

 You people have realized Kanon’s true nature, and yet you still want to make her queen. The citizens of Stars must be out of their minds.

 Well, I feel like Japan, where I’m playing the role of a saint, is just as crazy, but let’s pretend I didn’t see that.

 ’Urs Mayer, forward.’

 Wow, Natalia-san, who is dressed as a queen, looks really elegant.

 Compared to Kanon, Natalia-san has a more poised vibe, so when she does her makeup and dresses like that, she really pulls it off.

 Yeah, Kanon is just not the same. She looks perfect with that love-struck face next to Aqua-sama.

 ’Cut! Natalia-san, from this point on, Ponnue has feelings for Urs that are more than romantic. Please be more conscious of that.’


 Natalia-senpai, who has no acting experience, must be having a hard time.

 Aqua-sama and Kuga Reira-san quickly rush over to give Natalia-san advice.

 ”Like this, if you do it with a dreamy feel, it’ll work.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. If you do it with a fluffy feel, it’ll be okay!”

 ”Dreamy? Fluffy!?”

 Ugh, this is not helpful at all.

 Even from a little distance, I’m puzzled by Aqua-sama and Reira-san’s advice.

 Hey, both of you, look closely at Natalia-san’s face. There’s a question mark above her head, right?

 Ah, now I realize that Kohina-senpai is actually reliable. Help me, Kohina-senpai!

 The performances of the two aces on this set are outstanding, but they are too much of geniuses, and when it comes to teaching others, they are a bit of a mess.

 ’Oh, you don’t have to think too hard.’


 Christante-tan, a veteran actress from Stars, approaches Natalia-san.

 Tina-san plays Master Scorpios, also known as Antares, who was brought into the dark forces, just like Aqua-sama and Natalia-sama.

 She feels like a real lady, and just by approaching her, I feel like I’m being purified.

 ’See, there must have been a time when you also had a crush, right? Let’s imagine that moment.’

 ’Yeah, yeah. Like when you thought, “Hmm, this person seems interesting?”‘

 In the conversation between Natalia-san and Tina-san, a woman interrupts.

 The actress playing Knight Master Cancer, Magus Jackson-san, is a slightly eccentric person. It seems that she lay on the ground and threw a tantrum like a child, saying, “I absolutely hate it if my beam sword, Force Saber, is not purple! If it’s not purple, I’ll quit!”

 Although the Force Saber was originally set to be blue, green, or red, the director told me that because of this person, they had to make a new one in purple.

 ’I see… I kind of understand with the advice from both of you. I’m sorry for the trouble. Thank you very much.’

 ’It’s okay. Natalia-san is not a professional actress, so if there’s anything you don’t understand, just ask.’

 ’Yeah, yeah. It’s the director’s fault, so don’t worry about it.’

 Ah, it’s great that the veteran actress is such a warm and comforting person.

 I’m nothing like those uptight divas you find elsewhere.

 When I was shooting for “Seijo Midara” (Lewd Saint), Kohina-paisen, who sat next to Director Hongou, made me do retakes about a hundred times for my acting! And the reason she gave was, “It’s fun to see you get better with each retake.” Can you believe how ridiculous that is? Ugh!

 ’Urs Mayer… move forward!’

 Oh, this time there are no retakes.

 Aqua-sama steps forward and kneels on the floor.

 This scene is where Urs, played by Aqua-sama, stands on his own with the queen, played by Natalia-san, as the witness.

 Not only Urs, but all the disciples under the master usually have braided hair.

 In this scene, the master cuts off the disciple’s braid with scissors. It seems the director was moved by the hair cutting ceremony in Japanese sumo, where the master uses a pair of scissors to stop the disciple. Can you believe it? She mentioned it while eating yakisoba just now.

 ”Urs Mayer, from today onwards, you are a full-fledged knight. The official commendation will come later, but once this mission is complete, you will be formally bestowed with the title of Master Sagittarius. I am grateful for your guidance as your mentor.”

 ’Oh… Master Libra, I appreciate you guiding me this far, despite my shortcomings.’

 ’Have confidence, for you are an exceptional knight. I guarantee it.’

 Oh, it seems like things went well this time.

 Um… I wonder if it’s my turn in the next scene.

 The script is a bit scattered since we’re shooting in various locations.

 ’Now, let’s move on to shooting the action scene. Cast members, please gather over here!’

 Okay. I’ll go to the place where I was called.

 Oh, Natalia-san also has an action scene. It must be tough.

 There are many people wearing white full-face helmets like samurai helmets.

 I see, I’ll be fighting against these people.

 ’Let’s give it a try for now!’

 OK! I hold the lightsaber I received from the staff.

 Looking at Aqua-sama, I press a small button on the handle.



 Oh, this is amazing. It makes a sound and lights up the moment I activate it.

 Plus, it makes sound even when I swing it around. This is incredible.

 Aqua-sama skillfully snaps his wrist and spins the lightsaber.

 Oh, it seems like something I can do too. Oh, I did it.

 ’Oh, both of you have great muscles.’

 Hehehe, I got complimented.

 Normally, I don’t get complimented much because I get scolded a lot since I was a child, so it makes me happy. Well, I’m the one causing the reasons to get scolded though! Hahaha!

 ’3, 2, 1…’

 As the countdown reaches zero, my switch is turned on.

 Pretending to be a different species with antennas on my head, I make a slashing action towards the enemies by shaking my head vigorously.

 For some reason, since I have antennas, I felt it would be better to emphasize them to the fullest for artistic purposes.

 Fortunately, I don’t have any lines, so I can focus on the action. Moreover, I have confidence in my physical abilities thanks to my well-trained part-time job and a body maintained with organic salads.

 ’There are way too many enemies!’

 ’Instead of complaining, swing your sword!’

 Oops, damn it! I got too carried away and ended up stepping forward too much.

 If I continue like this, I’ll fall and ruin everything.

 In an instant, I extend my hand forward and spin on the spot, landing on the ground with my hands.

 Oof! The antennae on my head were so heavy that I almost touched the ground.

 My experience of doing stunts as a substitute for the injured big sister during a training session to teach the danger of accidents to elementary school children comes in handy here.

 Phew, that was close. I got a bit too carried away. I should stay quiet so that Big Sister, who I found out later, won’t get mad at me… That’s what I thought, but Aqua-sama stands next to me smoothly.

 ’Amy! Let’s defend against the enemy’s attacks together!’

 Huh?! I remember the entire script, but Urs didn’t have that line, did he?

 I look at Aqua-sama, who smiles slyly, and I see the figure of someone who gave me a hundred retakes overlapping with her.

 Without hesitation, I open my mouth.

 ’Got it. I’ll cover!’

 The character Urs, played by Aqua-sama, is a defense-focused knight who protects everyone.

 Despite being known as someone with max attack power but paper-level defense, according to the bulletin board users, it’s quite worrisome that Aqua-sama is playing the role. However, that’s just the kind of character it is.

 As for my character, Amy, I’m also a knight who excels in healing rather than combat.

 So, if these two were to team up, I imagine Aqua-sama’s Urs would take the front line while I, playing Amy, would fight from the back, healing any wounded Urs. That would be our style.

 When I think about it, I believe my improvisation was good.


 A girl suddenly jumps out from behind and swings a force saber in the shape of a large axe, mowing down the enemies.

 She is Master Taurus, played by Liselotte Einhorn-san.

 During the party, she had a gentle aura, but the character she plays is always angry with veins popping on her face. She’s quite skilled at expressing that anger.

 Maybe it’s because she was being escorted by Charlie-kun at the party, so she had to behave.

 Women are indeed incredible. There are only sweet and fluffy girls like cotton candy around me, so I tend to forget.

 ’Yes, cut! Everyone, that was amazing!’

 I was so nervous, thinking I might mess up the ad-lib or make a mistake, but no one said anything.

 Safe! I lightly wiped the sweat off my forehead… Oh wait, I have blue makeup on my skin, so I can’t wipe it off.

 ’Hmm, so that’s Mikuni-sama’s…’

 Liselotte-san, why are you licking your lips with that leopard-like face?

 Just so you know, I can’t be eaten, okay? These plump breasts of mine were grown with grass, not meat, so they don’t taste like meat.

 ’And Aqua-kun, what’s up with Yukishiro Mikuni’s genes?’

 Magus-san twirls the purple lightsaber in her hand.

 Um, could you please stop swinging the weapon around for now? It’s dangerous, you know?

 Let’s just turn off the weapon’s power for now!

 ’Oh my, this movie seems so exciting and full of action!’

 As Tina-san gives me a ladylike smile, she looks at me with eyes that don’t match her smile.

 Huh? Weren’t all three of you just being super nice to Natalia-san earlier?

 U-uh, I-I-I want you to be nice to me too… Ah, by the way, I heard you say it properly just now! And I’m sure I’m not the only one who heard “Yari-kai” as “Yari-kai” instead of “Korori-kai”…



 ’Thank you for going along with my ad-lib earlier!’

 Help me, Aqua-sama! I hide behind Aqua-sama as a diversion.

 I’m sorry for saying your defense power is like paper earlier. Right now, I want you to protect me even with a flimsy paper shield!

 ’Well, I heard from Kohina-senpai that Emily-san has been training, so I couldn’t help but want to test it out during the performance, but this will work just fine! Since there will be a lot of ad-lib in the action scenes, let’s do our best!!’

 Oh nooooo! The person I thought was an ally turned out to be an enemy!!

 And to make matters worse, I heard that Kohina-senpai was the cause of that ad-lib, so I put on a forced smile in front of Aqua-sama.

 Because of that, the actresses of Stars have started seeing me as an equal actress!?

 Dammit! If I had known that, I would have taken it easy during Seijo Midara! No, I guess I can’t slack off in a production that Aqua-sama is in. After all, it’s a work that everyone is working hard on, so there’s no way I can slack off or anything.

 Also, if I did something like that, Kanon probably wouldn’t listen to me anymore, and there’s even a possibility that Nee-san would bury me in the ground. Dammit, either way, it’s hell!

 ’We’ll shoot a few more cuts, individual action scenes! Yukishiro Emily-san, can you please stand by?’


 I dropped my shoulders in disappointment and managed to perform the action scene in an environment where everyone was watching, like a bed of needles.

 I really hope I won’t have many more scenes like this!

 But the next day, I heard from the director that my character was being made a regular and that my scenes would increase, which left me feeling hopeless.

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